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Tony talk here on scooped with danny mac dot com our weekly visits with the hall of famer presented by marie davila's senior living victory men's health triad bank greenville university and the fine folks at be the match and we bring in the hall of famer tony tony larussa and tony question for you. When is it ok whether it's fans or media. I guess maybe different than the team but start when we can start the magic number talk. Is there a time in the room even when it's appropriate or do you guys ever bring that up. I just think it's a personal kind of <hes> decision. There are some that i've talked to whether they're players coaches that you know they. They don't want to be distracted. They want to get onto what the business of that particular day is and there are others like me that felt like it was <hes> an extra incentive. I think we talked about this earlier. Show you know when it got to. It'd be under fifty somewhere in the forties you know i started tracking on my sheet and it was. I thought it was inspiring. You know 'cause it just kept you understanding any of the value of that game and that series so i think it's just a very personal thing i would. I would recommend it but if somebody feels like it's a distraction than america but you you were tracking it but did you like. Did you post in the clubhouse or was it. A how public did you make it. No no solely personal personal for me. I mean if somebody asked me which they did. You know they they knew like hey. What's our magic number. I said twenty two you know and at the top of my head because i was doing i was tracking getting it but no i didn't. I didn't feel like it was something that that you are team. As a whole would benefit from <hes> you know guys say the team is playing. Well you know the why why why bring in something else. It's distracting. I think maybe once or twice you know when we got a little <hes> <hes> we had a a good lead and we started to get careless where part of trying to get their attention was to show them that you know the magic never had been reduced by. You'll always felt you know we always do the way i looked at three-game series this hoping to knock all three numbers. I mean you win your series two out of three and they they went to three but you gain three numbers off. So you know very occasionally ever mentioned. It is as as a way to get them back on track. Cardinal second half surge really led by the young armagh. Jack flared a guy who has ace type stuff but i think people are waiting to see it sort of kick in and it certainly has i liken it to something john tudor in nineteen eighty five this incredible run for the cardinals were basically every time out had nearly no hit stuff or shutout type stuff when you've got a young guy in there carrying around a lot of potential what clicks because we knew flaherty could be good and something just post all-star break because it's like the switch got flipped for him. When young pitcher is there a time when they just sorta figure it all out here again. I think it's individual you know what you have rookie two years and there are some guys as players never had rookie pitcher always position player and they they get it right away. You know the understand the significance uh of getting grinding out every game so in jack's case at some point you know he's evidently learned that as soon as that outstanding appearance is over then the next day he comes to the ballpark and he works on the next start. You know he doesn't sit there. What reading reading the paper and reading is headlines and and say hey man you know i was great and you know kinda cooler for a couple of days. You immediately go to work and there's no doubt my mind at some of the leadership. Even the clubhouse like an adam wainwright would be <hes> would be right there to explain till that you're only as good the next starred as the work you put into getting ready for it so but he's on his festival run so you know the aug pitcher of the year whatever was and now he's back in september and he's doing the same thing. It's what they got going. You know as he pitches once every or five days. I mean they got a team thing going. <hes> i watched it. Back can't play that <hes> goldie made yesterday you know and all that great pickup by by by the third baseman clutch things going on throughout the team. <hes> certainly flaherty deserves a a lot of attention and credit. It's interesting you point out anime wainwright. Who's actually i've said this many times on the radio if you just did the blind resume and his name was bill smith and you put his stats up there and said here's what he agreed to contract wise. You'd say god that's a steal but because he's wainwright and people are comparing him to his past they say well. He's not what it used to be but he's been a hell of a good fourth or fifth starter starter and i would think that if you're a manager you want a guy like that not only to pitch but because you got hudson and flared i mean. I don't know that you verbalize dwayne right but you need them. In there just from a leadership standpoint i would think beyond that he's pitched very well. Well i would never underestimate and i would encourage fans to <hes> always give veterans equality veterans there do <hes> especially if they're still competing and a high level <hes> adam still competing at at a high level now he may not be quite as great as he was when he went twenty but <hes> the fact that he's there and end is showing those young guys what it is to be successful in the league is a tremendous value and you can put dollars cents and had had a lot of extra mehta's contract because <hes> it takes young guys to see what somebody who's arias jeez success how they made it work and believe me. There is a process that works whether you're a hitter or a pitcher. There's a there's a process that you have to work. You just don't show up a game time every every five days or show up in your lineup and start banging out base. It's <hes> a lot of it has to do with the preparation in starters cases four days. He's getting ready for the next one so yeah. We talked about this before. The mentoring situation in in sports is really really important important especially for a big team like football hockey baseball so you get out of wayne right you know. He watched the braves where he lived. When he comes in early on his career. He's he gets expense a little time in spring training around maddix and smoltz and <hes> and glavin well then he comes into into saint louis and sure enough. There's <hes> you know there's kyle. There's more as <hes> you know hentgen and what's it's going to happen. Is that the the mentor puts his arm around the young guy and shows him. You know how to work to keep sustained success but also you know what you do when you're not the ballpark. You know how you take care of yourself. I you know what you eat right. How you make sure you never get enough rest so i mean there's <hes> that mentoring system is invaluable. There's a little bit of a debate in st louis young dylan carlson tore it up a aa did graded did triple. A. and people want to see him here in the cardinals who said he's not coming up in september for the most part roster space which i guess doesn't really matter but playing time. How do you balance that where maybe a young guy could just get a little flavor at the bigly level. See how it's done. Versus is really no value just going to sit there. How do balance that <hes> actually. There's an interesting in between that <hes> that i would be in favor of the first one is do you put him on the roster and you know and and i tell you if you're a fan you wanna have a young men around for a while then you don't want to burn big league time when he's not being a key part part of the club so there's a lot of incentive to just to make sure what he's talented young guys when they're put on the major rosser and they see that clock starts ticking that they're ray to help but at the same time <hes> the most the biggest priority right now the cardinals have the best chance to win down the stretch and if they felt like he could help. I'm sure he'd he'd be on the roster so the in between the dodgers have done it. <hes> actually the p. The red sox are for about a week or two with the young guy named bobby dog aubrac is you can bring a young guy up not put him on the roster and just let them work out and <hes> by just being around you can see see how the process that these guys we talked about you know how it really works and you can start to see the atmosphere in the big leagues especially in september you know with the team in contention you'll start to feel the excitement so you can actually have a guy come up and spend some time and <hes> get a feel for it even if he's not on the roster that makes a ton of percents just to kind of be around in a special team. That's in the hunt. What about september rosters in is it specifically changed for next year. I know it's been debated talked about. Maybe going onto twenty eight instead of adding all these guys for the final month. Is there a final decision from the league. I have not seen that martin <hes> it has long long overdue. I mean that that's been discussed. I can remember way back when there was commissioned. Sealy hit fourteen committee with a bunch of us were on and we were discussing it <hes> and it was necessary then i mean there's just a few arguments against it and there's a whole ton arguments for it. <hes> it just doesn't make sense to play games differently in september then. You did the first five months of the year. A little extra help is important to make sure you protect protect their but not wholesale you know bring in you know ten fifteen guys that populate the bench and and create a little bit of chaos so i have not heard officially that <hes> that they've fixed it. Did the ideas start because they wanted young is is to just get the flavor or was it always got. It's a long year. We need some help. I can remember when i played you. Were hoping if you had had a big minor league season you would be rewarded with a month of september so yeah. It's been going on for four forty years but the <hes> the ideal has always been <hes> guys that come up. Is there a purpose purpose. What's the benefit to the team or to the individual with giving him a september chance and normally it's <hes> it it it. It's got a more of a issue now because that month does count on your big league time but i can remember. I'll tell you real quick. Which is i just talked about the other day. <hes> in nineteen eighty seven my first full year with the as we were in contention early september and the twins are tied for first place. They played better in september. They go they won on the western division ended up winning the world series but in september our shortstop fatal griffin got hurt and we had brought up walter weiss the aa shortstop to protect a little bit of mostly because we had an idea that maybe we could we would trade <hes> and we wanna see how good weiss was but we were in the race so bill griffin was getting most of the time and with about three weeks to go griffin got hurt and walk played and he played so well that <hes> the trade was made during the winter invoice invoice was rookie of the year in nineteen eighty eight. So you know the point i'm making it's gotta be a purpose of why when each and every one of the guys who gets promoted and <hes> just just wholesale filling their rosters it doesn't it isn't good for the game really great example. They're getting a glimpse of the future. What's something like a guy won't wise could do in the future. One of the great aspects of this show <hes> throughout the whole baseball season friends of tony. We hear these connections to <hes> people the names that you know and i thought this would be great fun because is in saint louis. It's a small club coaches managers who've won a championship in this town who have experienced a victory parade through the streets of saint louis and this week my good friend dick for meals going to be back in town because is bruce's. Put together a twentieth reunion for the rams super bowl championship team so we have a championship football coach hall of they manager here coach for meal dick for me a welcome to the conversation. I'll let you say hello to someone you know. Well tony larussa coach. Take it away good morning to both you guys. I took his pleasure the on the on the air with us and i just i mean just start with by saying that for a lot of us <hes> dixie young coach which and his commitment to the work and <hes> the amount of time that he was spending at the <hes> his office getting ready for that game on sunday showed us that the only way to make it was i work hard and then the other part of dick was the <hes> his creativity and the relationships that he built with his coaching staff and the players <hes> he's the guy we tried to follow as far as earn that respect and trust with our team well. I appreciate that only. I i don't know if i agree with you said but i'll accept the nice compliment uh-huh predate it very much you know <hes> as you know you know how feels to be involved with the leader as coach or manager where the same things and those guys around here are the guys that really motivates. You is your responsibility to help them be the best they can be and i learned a long time ago. That hard work was not a form of punishment. You know it was the solution and i never wanted to put myself in a position. I wanna try to outsmart somebody. It's pretty hard to do when you jin against the landry's of the world the joe gibbs and the ourselves and all those kind of guys so hard work was our solution and coach. I'm wondering and tony could speak do it as well when you you've had a great career but when you win a championship ship it celebrated forever every time you're back at the airport people run into you <hes> for both gentlemen dick i. How much does it change your career. When you have that championship inch and and people do talk about it forever will tell you this. No one ever introduced me as the losing super bowl coach soon as i wasn't what every time i met her do somewhere. I'm introduced as a winning super. Bowl coach lost one in nineteen eighty. They forget those and it's so true right. I mean tony what you've lost world series but we never talk about those yeah. I think about them all the time and believe me. I don't know if you'll remind right though wins the the winds are <hes>. What's your dream about. Actually i mean <hes> as a kid. I always wanted to be part of the world series victory as a player and just wasn't good enough to be part of it is on the coaching staff you know has the same kind of of celebration and and warm feeling and you know i. I can't remember dick's team. Yeah it was so much fun to watch and and <hes> come in and generate a world championship there in saint louis with the fans that <hes> that take everything so personal and embraces so much <hes> you you know we all enjoyed it and i think that's the thing in the end that <hes> i get my greatest pleasure for is when you win a championship how many any people really enjoyed throughout the organization and your fans i mean they really embrace it and talk about it and you're forever a part of it so very very special and coach and no question no question tony the one thing i've recognized to having been in two super bowls winning one and losing one to things that get there and loses it does to get there and win in fact my eagle team put in more work more time with less to get there and lose you know so i have every bit as much respect for those guys. They're they are not respected by the public as much for what they accomplished because they didn't win it but i'll tell you data awful lot to get there. These are two of the most youthful people i know. Maybe it's the northern california vibe. Maybe it's the wine that they drink but this is. This is a topic that interests just me because when coach from y'all got the rams job. Everybody said oh my god. He's so oldies over the hill. What are they doing. What are they and you were. What sixty sixty one and you think about about it now that i i just think there's a tony and i talk about bill belichick. He's going to be closed on seventy at some point. He's still at the top of his game. Do you both think that there's maybe it's just society in general but just this ageism that if you're older well he just can't do it anymore. We need a young guy and then that experience sort of dismissed coach. How about you. I well well. I think wisdom is very very important. You know you can't buy it and if you have all the experience and you're still healthy. There's there is no limit to how long you could do it unless it's a health problem or something like that but if you're healthy i think into the seventies i think ability that great if he still has the passion hey that's great. No one has ever done it any better than national football league that he has done it and he'll continue to do it. I think as efficiently maybe eighty better now because even as much experience as he has you keep earn a little things you know and help you do a better job of leading in <hes> evaluating <hes> putting your programs together your practices together your schemes together late in my career. I couldn't do it the same way did it. When i was young coach coach coach my own offense call. My old plays run. Do everything you know <hes>. When i came back i had coordinators. Fortunately i brought mike martz in <hes> my third there and he was a tremendous contributor to opening up our offensive and lightening all of us as coaches and making all better and put us in a championship position and we got it done. You know i agree totally. What dick says i think you know just observing coaches. <hes> and also the players the big as you get older is if you can maintain that desire to compete and your enthusiasm for the job and all the work that goes into <hes> pre-game in an end of the game then you're going to get better and better <hes> especially if you're in coaching because you know your your physical skills aren't evolve. It's only mental and so forth so i think what happens is at some point. You know the <hes> you lose a little edge. As far as how a ah deep you you want to have to dig to get the work done and and you and you know your drive to win is not as important as it was when you were a little younger and that's when you gotta live but if you can maintain your definitely learning all the time success and you have a chance better question. I know i tony i. I felt as i got my last year there. You know i noticed that <hes> she's <hes> when i was tired my mind this didn't work as quickly and and i didn't think as efficiently you know and when you're coaching as you know you live in a constant state of being tired and i recognize that about three quarters through the season that who says you know for meal. It's time for you to come on on from kansas city because your mind just isn't working as good when you're tired and hell. I'm always tired martyrs. There's one thing go to ed dickson listening and and <hes> you're so fortunate to be part of a world championship and there are many times that that i have you know i'm reminded of that because you run across a situation i remember buffalo. You know they had a wonderful coach there and they got away with it three times. They got in coach and they didn't didn't win and it's it's. It's amazing to get in your really successful to get in unless you taste that you know the final the final victory and and you know there are players. Great players are game that have never been on a world championship that are in the hall of fame and it's so to me. It's you know i empathize the ones that missed it and you never wanna take it for granted a lucky we are that we did get the get the win no question no question and i can remember my first recites <hes> in winning in say <hes> i saint louis was my thoughts automatically went back to all my players coach to philadelphia else you right. We're getting to enjoy the feeling of being world champion and i remember i just i hope i said to myself and i i think i even said it publicly hope very much. They can vicariously join in with this team. It'd become part of it because they they certainly deserved an opportunity to with <hes> you know like this and they didn't get it because we didn't get it done. I didn't get it so you know and the other thing you already mentioned this tony share that kind of i'm an experience with the entire community. I remember that prayed like it was last night to look down there and see people that were actually probably living on the st standing next to someone interferred code and i mean all walks of life all wealth wealthy people poor people they were all saint louis louis rams champions that weekend and celebrating that night and that parade and it really touched me to see how much that game meant into the city into all the individual people so many parallels between the two they leave saint louis after winning a championship. That's unbelievable able to walk away. They also voracious readers. I know coach for meal and tony both always reading a book and one of coach for meals favorite one of my favorite quotes from him. I would say people poke you because you're always crying or your emotional. He said you know what general schwarzkopf said. I don't trust a guy who doesn't cry and i thought that was a great quote and i know you guys both read. A ton. Tony's talked a little bit about playing high school football. How about coach for meal. Did you ever play baseball and did you have a guy growing up. I know you're in northern california was there was there. You're a player that you wanted to be as a kid. I remember you know i grew up here. At san francisco seals oakland oaks seattle <hes> seattle mariners. Where's it <hes>. I remember remember that in los angeles teams in oh yeah i remember those guys roy nicely lubar debt <hes> you know it of course we all knew d'amato's their san francisco. I'm in the napa valley. You know i've been in the modules bar. Okay you bet and one of the biggest drills i ever got as an adult is i walked into the rose bowl super bowl game right along with joe maggio holy mackerel the holy grail will he is. I love playing baseball. Yeah i've played my dad was a catcher so i had his old catcher's glove in. I remember getting backyard and calistoga so i'm there and i'm calistoga today here for a couple of weeks. I fly out of here friday a to be there then then i'll fly back here with we start picking actually start picking but i see yeah baseball. We had a distant cousin in our family. My dad's family named joe or go. That was a baseball guy in in the major leagues in management stuff or something like that my dad shoes to brag about it but anyway yeah. I love baseball all of our lessons. I've got a p._s. Uh i got a p._s. Two module real quick in nineteen sixty. When the candidate became the oakland a.'s <hes> i made that club out of spring training and and there's a picture earth day we're all standard and joe module as a coach <hes> and have a picture that in spring training you know i have a bat and and he's talking to me and i've been asked many times you know what did you tell you and he told me start managing because you've got no chances of hitter the coach for meal thanks so much for hopping on and and to all our listeners they need to stop by. There's the storefront napa calistoga spring store front you oftentimes we'll see coach there and it's ver- meal winds dot com award-winning wines. Check them out online or find it at your local distributor coach. Look forward ford to seeing you in town. Hey you both thank you dixie. <hes> that is the super bowl winning coach dick from ill come right back and wrap it up with tony larussa be be the match a great organization now a proud sponsor of tony talk. 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Everybody is really immersed in what they're doing on the campus at all times greenville dot e._d._u. For more information about this great institution solution great fun having coach for meal on and talk it over with tony larussa my job just stay out of the way when you have two great minds on the line at the same time. I'm assuming zooming you. You were busy but you had to have crossed paths a little bit. When you're in saint louis yeah at times yeah you know the problem is you are busy and when it was was our off season and it was their season i would maybe go to practice for a little bit but you don't want to interrupt because they that serious work and dick felt the same way but you know oh. I really appreciate martin. That's a great thought to have dick joined the show and he is a great coach and a great person so that was fun. Thank you art all right our final thought here we always do redbird relent claire tony's other would make it a former coach because the september call up the cardinals includes jose kendo who of course was played for why he played in saint louis but on your staff for many years. Give me a thought on what the secret weapon meant to you as a member of the staff. I think it's the most important point to make martin. Is that for that for a long time now since we've been promoting young pitchers and hitters through the minor league system very quickly the amount of teaching that goes on at the big-league level is absolutely critical jose. Oh kendall is one of the great baseball minds i've ever been around. He loves to coach has a way about them to connect with the kids and whether it's the infield play or just strategical <hes> use of that back because he was a very smart offensive players well those a._o. Can is a is a great baseball mind and again. That's another great move the organization to have him timber. He will be the difference in a couple of three wins between now and the end of the season. It's tony talk on scoops with danny mac dot com. We appreciate our great sponsors. All season long triad bank greenville university be the match victory men's health health and marie davila senior living tony look forward to next week. I don't know what surprise i'll have to worry about. We'll come up with something all right man thank you.

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