Absolutely Not with Heather McMahan Coming July 3!


The phone rang podcast is a deer media production. Hi I'm Heather McMahon. I'm an actress comedian living at home with my mother. Yes you heard it here first on the absolutely not podcast. If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm an open book and the absolutely not podcast is a safe space for us to honestly keep it real in this day and age where everyone's living their best honey. I'm living my truth and my mom's House on the absolutely not podcast. astle laugh will cry. We'll probably prank phone caller ex-boyfriends because honestly they were the worst the thing that makes our podcast different is I get to hear directly from you. The followers the listeners the engage irs while I may be the host of this. podcast you're the guest every week. I'm going to listen to your phone calls and give my two cents on honestly we'll. We're all doing wrong. In our lives. I will also bring on guests from celebrities Comedians people that truly I just wanted to chat with. This is a fun place for us to be real and just talk a little shit on this podcast. You'll hear me interview a range of people from you know celebrities to other comedians to honestly like the Doorman building because he's a bad ass. I am so excited. Added to hear from each and every one of you you can always pick up the phone and catch us on the absolutely not lying at eight hundred two one three seven five zero three. I'll listen to your voicemails weekly and we will do the most and don't forget to follow me on instagram grandma Heather Kay McMahon for all the behind the scenes action listen at the end of the day if you actually take him my vice that's on you not on me. Don't forget to subscribe rate as an leave a message but of course only it's a nice one. Thanks for listening I absolutely cannot.

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