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Coming up on this week's mini episode of the broken bring podcast sleep apnea is the most. Severe form of this condition airway and oxygen deprivation. Mets when we posed during Ten to twenty, second the You Count Ten to twenty seconds in you on your hand. That's what people are doing upper thirty to forty times from not and that's your brain in deep distress and so this is how we increase the risk of out Tom if the dementia and mental decline hide one droop road here host of the Brooke. Marine podcasts do you know one of the most important nutrients you need for healthy teeth and a healthy body? Well, when you hear nutrient, you're probably not thinking of oxygen but oxygen is by far our bodies most precious commodity you simply can't live without it and. Any kid in grade school can tell you that. But we all know that even though oxygen is important. What we don't know is many of us are not getting enough of it especially at nighttime and that's primarily due to our poor breathing habits who would have thought that human beings would have had to be taught how to breathe but actually we do and I'm not talking about Yoga breathing or meditation breathing which those things are important to I'm talking about. Learning to correctly breathe through your nose. So you properly create nitric oxide, which is crucial in the oxygenation of our bodies. In this mini episode, I speak with Friends of Mine and dentist Dr Steven Lin, and Dr Mark Per Henna about how the bad habit of mouth breathing where you literally are breeding through your mouth night. especially instead of through your nose reduces the quality of your sleep disrupts the balance of our oral microbiome end makes you more prone to. Decay all from breathing from your mouth instead of your nose crazy. We discuss sleep apnea and Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome. It's a thing and how it impacts our brain health. All the stuff actually literally impacts our brain because our brain thrives on oxygen. When we don't get enough of it, our brains going to be impacted. We also talk about the benefits of mouth taping a process where you literally are training your body to now start breathing through your nose instead. Of your mouth, it sounds creepy but I've done it and it actually works. So we discuss about Mao taping more. You're really GonNa love this mini episode. So let's listen in starting with my interview with dentist Dr Steven Lin a world leading functional dentists base in Australia Tax Speaker and author of the International Number One bestselling book the Dental Diet is so let's talk about nighttime breathing during sleep and what the differences of breathing through your nose versus breathing your mouth. And what that has to do with our our oral health. Right. Yeah it ends. The same of this talk we've been having his. Teacher important will take taught me something very important about what we need, how fade our bodies and that the crucial nutrients your body will tell you when you're missing the critical factors. Bottom and nutrient needs the thirst in the mail and the first nutrient that your body needs. You can only go minute without it is oxygen and so. In mouth, we can see when not breeding with delivering enough oxygen to our our body and how this translate to add dental health is that as we mentioned before when agile is done developed promptly when we have been narrow up gloomy have risen, tasted done fit that's the back of the magazine and mandible the upper low joel the done developed that is by definition airway space, and so what that does is it pushes us into. What I like to call survival braiding, and what happens is that we are designed to break through the nose and there's some very deep. Raisins for that. In that in the nose, we released nitric oxide which mixes with the air goes into our lung and increases blood flow and pushes auction right throughout the body. Now, when we have crooked up-to-date and the hi pal, we have nasal sinuses that have a low of volume and we don't breath around knows as well as we would when we have nice and central wide jaws. Lovely Watch faces. So what happens is that we learned to break through Mao and this is delivering coal unfiltered there. That's alert air immune system gives us things, Swanson's and Adenoids but what happens is we don't deliver so oxygen and the most crucial part of this is that the mice hungry that the patio body requires auction is the brain and so when you're a breathing correctly, you're starving your brain of oxygen. And so this can happen through the day. You'll bring me through the mail seventy, five percent of the time. Your brain isn't getting enough oxygen. But when you go to sleep, there's one thing you have to do, and that's brief and deliver your brain oxygen and the reason for this is that when you go into deep levels of sweep, your brain is depending on your breathing pattern to take your nervous system into his. Level sleep that then allows himself to clean now and so oxygen and braving patents or what control that. So if you have the small crowded mouth with and you not comfortable with Nicer braiding, you'll then pushing your brain into survival mode during during slate and so as you mentioned, sleep apnea sleep apnea is the most the most severe form of this condition of airway and oxygen deprivation, and that's when we posed. During slave to ten to twenty seconds, the You Count Ten to twenty seconds in you on your hand. That's what people are doing up to thirty or forty times the not, and that's your brain in deep distress, and so this is how we increase the risk of Alzheimer's Disease Dementia and mental decline because we're not giving us a brain opportunity to regenerate and to replenish itself with the the crucial nutrient on. And where I was sharing earlier in the interview is that we typically think of like the you know if anybody has a family member or know somebody diagnosed with sleep apnea we typically think of somebody as. Being usually quite overweight. The one of the things you started noticing and hearing about from some of your colleagues is that there's a whole group of younger. Men But especially women that were coming in. With sort of these symptoms of anxiety like waking up in the morning with anxiety and Tell us how that also relates to this breathing through the nose versus breathing through the mouth. Absolutely. So when we started to talk about the spectrum sleep disorders, now we see obstructive sleep apnea is at the very very severe and but what they found in the nineties at Stanford, a Research Co. Christian. Gilmer found that there was a group who've is patients that's showed positive results for a mandibular advancement splint, which is a dental sleep device. That didn't that were diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and what he did was he called it. New. Syndrome called Airway Resistance Syndrome and it's not a recognized medical term yet. But there are many many studies and lots of research out there showing that people with upper airway resistance, syndrome, which is exactly what it sounds like. It's an airway that has more resistance. So Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome is characterized by an increased pressure in the airways and. How this happens in the body is that when we sleep your muscles relax and that increased pressure is detected by the Brian is receptive at the back you threatening the Airways the tell the brain what the pressure is. Now we have a small bone structure and the muscles relax. What happens is the brain is constantly being sick these precious signals and it relates to a choking response. So the brain has been sent into fight of what? Response, and so this is a survivor when these wackle survivals sleep, and so what happens is that your brain will respond by pushing the Joel Ford and so the most common sign of Airway resistance in Jeremy Teeth grinding and we say this in the Dental practice busy look. But what happens is that people may not even notice that they have the syndrome. You know they slave they wake that I feel that rested. It's because your body doesn't get to reach date levels of slate and so when the brain is in part of its sympathetic mode, it doesn't get to relax in slave should be going to date para sympathetic mode to go into rem. Sleep, which then helps the brand Clinton self out. There's like a dishwashing effect happening in the brain with cerebrospinal fluid washes through the whole brain cleese at all the toxins and they sound the happens day rem sleep. So you'll know braiding property the brain doesn't get that opportunity to go through that self cleaning process. So what happens is you wake up, you don't feel rested you feel a bit anxious. Because you're sympathetic notice in has been activated when it should be deeply rested, you'll digestive system doesn't work because the vagus nerve in the Paris empathetic nervous system doesn't get activated as it should and you digest what you get the justice issues. So all of a sudden we see people with these chronic digestive problems sometimes the Jesse paralysis, we see them with anxiety depression we see them with teeth grinding. We headaches we see them with aches and pains in joints, and this is all people that will go to have a sleep study. They'll say Dr, I'm not sleeping very well, they'll get an say well, we'll give you a sleep sightedness and the results come back and say they don't have obstructive sleep apnea that's a policeman, the growth. But what they do have is that they'll have respiratory effort arousal. Periods Mesa. Cold R. E. R., S. rearers, and so the result will show that they have these arouse appears that are characteristic of upper, Airway Resistance Syndrome, and the people risk of the syndrome as anyone that doesn't have a Joel that's developed very to taste. So if you've had braces. Previously. In Your Life if you had your wisdom teeth out Ibi sleep on your stomach. You've had any kind of In kids, we seek his mouth breathing through the day and mouth breathing it not rec- bed wedding. We see anyone that's a little bit anxious and don't sleep well. The. Big thing to watch the kids other shadowing the odds sleep. Well, that's a big on this is happening and this is all assigned through that we're not sleeping well and the brains. In really distress balk surgeon and so we need to get back to one diagnose the problem then get us back to breathing properly and so it's there's a whole area of dentistry call my functional therapy where we learn to use the tongue in break through the nose and The principles of Yoga where we breed into the diaphragm and something about the tongue. which is hoping itself but. When your tongue is hosted to the roof of the Palette, it actually sends Paris pathetic nervous system messages back to the brain and so if you don't have your tongue posture to the Palette. Than you don't get those misses from the start and these contributes to this whole oil dysfunction braving dysfunction that flows on to a brain that is at risk of Alzheimer's disease as we now have literature that shows that obstructive sleep apnea significantly increases both outside disease dementia and the mechanism is is quite simple. If you deprive people of oxygen, what do you think's GonNa Happen to the neurosurgeon going to degenerate, and so where we now have a population of paypal the raiders? And it's old sated jaws and we can fix it. The good news is we can fix now that we understand it we just need to take the mouth and breathing and the whole body into a can't. Everyone it's true I wanNA. Give a quick shot out to my new venture pharmacy and our latest product launch the P. Shake how you start your morning sets the tone for the day. I'm a huge fan of morning routines because I think they can transform your ability to focus sleep well and get the most out of your day. 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That's why Dr Hammond and I created the pagan shake in our latest venture pharmacy it's nutritionally packed morning blend that's designed to support healthy blood sugar energy and brainpower if he's your similar most favorite brain boosting like mcat and avocado oil, it also features organic Keisha Fiber for healthy gut function grass-fed college in an organic pumpkin and pea protein to support muscle synthesis there's never been a shake like this on the market That's literally why we created it because we couldn't find anything like it I think you're gonNA love it check it out at get pharmacy dot com. That's GATT pharmacy with an F. F. ARM AC y dot com slash vegan shake. Now let's get back to today's episode. Have you heard of mouth taping if you're like most people that idea of taking your mouth shut while you sleep sounds well alarming or something out of a horror movie but as it turns out, mouth taping might just be the key to a restful night of sleep and so much more. Dr Mark Henna a practicing sleep medicine dentists. In Sunnyvale California and author of the Number One bestselling book that eight hour sleep paradox talks to us about now taping as a solution to mouth breathing and how can improve our sleep our overall health, and especially our brain health when you're talking about people mouth breathing. So imagine you're sleeping at night, you're talking to somebody who has their mouth open and is just breathing through there. So now let's talk about the sort of solution side of it, which is you are somebody who is a big encourage her of mouth Daping. So tell us exactly what is mouth taping sounds pretty crazy. Doesn't it l.? You know it is. Presented differently now, I would just tell patients listen you've got mouths for these reasons and half of them will take that advice and the ones that do are typically very please but the other half would just won't do it I use it in my practice as a diagnostic tool. Firstly, I want to know if the patient can can no spree and you actually breathe through your Nose or rising clogged as the does the tape stay on they text me back in a few days and the tape stays on all night long and they're off in the morning. Then I know what I'm dealing with when it comes to treating for sleep apnea and other other things. So but in general, the concept amount taping it's it's a reminder it's not creating this impermeable seal that. Could frighten people and maybe. You know they would stop breathing at night. It's not about that. It's a reminder. It is a gentle reminder to keep your lips closed and there are a lot of people out there that can do that on their own, and that's the way it was meant to be when we go to sleep and we're relaxed all the air coming through our nose and out of her nose should be enough and there are a lot of advantages of doing that breathing through your mouth though a lot of us cannot do that. But a lot of us because we mouth tape are better at it and. And and what I tell people that you may not be good at it at first reading through your nose right breathing through your nose and mouth taping but pushed through it, work on it, and at some point because you start using her nose again there some borderline there are a lot of borderline cases I would say most of us are borderline Then you know you're pushing warm air past the nasal sinuses again, the Mucosal you're building a biomass, a nasal buy ohm you are. Creating less a Dima, you're going to get less of a historic response when you come across an hour like. Takes time but if we stop using our nose to breathe while we're not getting the nitric oxide were not production were not getting a filtration humidifier of the air There's a a temperature gradient between breathing air in through the nose as opposed to the mouth for the lungs and I would think that we would wanNA, keep that you know I mean. At a healthy level right I mean. You don't WanNa, and also we dehydrate more often we can lose up to a leader of water by mouth breathing. So if you're feeling dehydrated, I would look at if your mouth is open. Now, of course, I'm not talking about talking and eating all that. But but at nighttime, the mouth should be closed and the tape is a great reminder and you're not talking about packing tape or anything that there's actually specific smell at tate no duct tape duct tape, right so people who get scared when they first started idea like, oh my gosh like dying my slave, it's not anything. Like that, it's strong enough to maintain a closure in the mouth, but it's weak enough that if you force it, you could just force it off very easily even if you were sleeping, it would come off in just an associate with just an opening of the mouth would come off the fundamentally first and foremost I think it's just important thing to say again is that it's a tool to see. Can you breed the way that we were evolutionary evolutionary designed to bring us and if you can't now it's digging a little bit deeper I had a dear friend of mine who? Was Waking up in the morning, which is severe heart palpitations hued wake up in the morning she had severe heart palpitations there all the things Zaidi shoot text me in the morning sometimes in say like I just feel super anxious everything that and it's right around that time. My dear friend Steven Lynn semi bunch of resources including some of your resources and other stuff and said. Great you know because we happen to be talking. He's a past guest on the podcast and he said, you know you should just really overheard you talking about that. We at a conference together. You should really look into this area like does she breathe at night with her mouth open? I. Know this sounds crazy. 'cause she eats healthy she's fed everything like that. But this severe anxiety could be that when oxygen is not properly regulated night and she's breathing through her mouth. It basically never lets her nervous system feel like she's fully at rest. So she's in fire flight the whole night wakes up. And immediately feels this sort of extreme anxiety. Have you heard that example from people? I have many patients that are that way and they do wake up in a panic and their blood pressure's elevated, not just from the fighter flight. But from the acidosis from in the bloodstream from you know mouth breathing means you're going to store more often I'm you're pulling a lot more air past the small airway. If it comes to the knows it's baffled that slows down it's warmed and as it gets pulled past the airway less of it's coming through at that one time and that's less likely to pull it close. That's the burly principle essentially So there yes, absolutely it's it's it's an an an in kids is. Even more phenomenal add adhd cavity rates that are just sky high And they're the ones that are developing and growing. So breathing through your mouth while you're faces developing that's a big deal because that is what you're upset with for life in terms of your facial type. If you don't grow properly here for up to eight ten, the the the box I called the box, the nasal box, the airway box, those all tend to be squashed and made to be much smaller. And remember kids don't develop their sinuses until each four can you imagine being mouth breathing all those years and then the sinus comes online while it's not gonNa feel needed. So why developed with full potential because the kid is breathing through their mouths? It's almost like. Them, being in a wheelchair, not using their legs and their legs develop some level of atrophy don't end up being used and that's happening from breathing standpoint, and that continues the rest of their life that can lead to all sorts of challenges as we were sharing earlier. speaking of kids we have a mutual friend, Mike Muscle. Guess on this podcast. We talked about Kito and other things like that. And recently shared how you know. You've been a big inspiration by by him deciding to Ma tape their daughter. Yes. and he's been pretty open about that on social media and everything like that. So I don't think we're sharing any information that he wouldn't want to be shared, but you know when apparent is thinking about. How to support the muscle of breathing for their child, what are some of the signs that they should be looking for? Is it as simple as? Hey. Is My you know go into my kid's room at night they bring them out and they do their nose right? That's exactly at. That's the first thing. I'll say you have to kind of sneak into your kid's room when they're asleep. and find out whether that mouth is open or closed. Most parents know it's one of the first things I ask even before see the child or the oral cavity I mean there are all site all sorts of signs that the child is mouth breathing other than the fact of seeing their mouth open all the time I mean you can watch them while they're watching TV or studying certainly is doable You know I mean boogers lots not coming out of the knows I mean you know if they can't breathe through their nose if they have allergies all the time that's dead giveaway posture is a big thing a the difference between nasal breathing and mouth breathing has an effect on on all these cervical bones and pulling an air. For example, past the the the knows the pituitary gland, the the hypothalamus is there the the organs probably see light that would affect the circadian rhythm of the Child is the is the child's spinning and bed I mean it's it's a lot of it's related to sleep apnea or they snoring. It's this one big multifactoral package you have to look at and mouth breathing is part of it but the number one way to do that is exactly what you said. You got a sneak in and sit there. So I recommend. That parents take their kindle and they're not their phone because it's blue light may wake up the kit and just sit there for fifteen twenty minutes. There's a chair in the room. That's great. If you're leaning up against the back of the bed, you can hear it. You even have to see it and I would do that often Now obviously, if they have a cold, that's a different story. But when they're not sick and they don't have a cold make sure your child is is breathing through their nose at all opportune moments that would not be during exercise not if they had a cold and eating and talking and that would be it mouth as an emergency state we mouth breathe because we just need to bring in more air. Our normal state is breathing exhaling inhaling through the nose. and. When it comes to actually getting mouth Tabin, let's say with kids keeping down that story line and we want to implement it and start using them. Just walk us through what type of are all mouth tapes, equal people on Amazon exactly when they get it. So they began and do you have any tips on sort of explaining it to King Right I don't hesitate telling parents to mouth tape but most parents will hesitate mouth taping their children. There's something called vertical taping where you can just tape in vertical mode where the you know the sides of the mouth open there's a special tape that I recommend which mention but I do have a lot of patients that tape between the ages of one and a half to eight or nine and. the story I like to tell was this one kid who started at age to have these nightmares and the mother maybe about two years later year and a half. Later of the mother said Johnny you know his name is Johnny tell them what you told me and he turned to me and he told me the story. It was not just a comment was a long story about his dreams. Were getting better and he loves MOUTH TAPING AND HE GETS upset when his mom doesn't have it for him and so I hear a lot of stories like that. From improvement of dreams I'm not sure how that works but fewer cavities is a big one I have a lot of kids that have a high rate of decay. We've identified that they are mouth breathing and we tell the parents listen. You can spend two to three to four thousand dollars fixing just baby teeth deciduous teeth which I hesitate to do because that's a traumatic experience for child typically stressful or you can just let's stop this right now until there's some diet management counseling going on but mouth taping is the big one that is a big factor in decay I've seen it firsthand was a relationship between cavities and or breathing through mouth. So you know the the mouth is this. Has this incredible by on just like the gut right in the matter exactly. It's it's finally come online. I'm very excited to read about it now and and it's basically just the headwaters of the first stop on this long train line with many stations and a bacteria in the mouth of course, was a little different than the gut but. You know there's a sensitive population of bacteria in the mouth and one of the things that will turn it into a despotic kind of environment. Which you've heard that term before the gut, it can happen in the mouth There are many ways of doing that. One of the major ways is by just as the is by changing the Ph when you mouth ruth and your mouth becomes dry in the saliva is not present the Ph drops that is easily measurable measured. We we've known this for a long time, but what it does in the mouth is it allows the decay rate to increase for variety of reasons it's like us eleven the buffering. Of the saliva but the saliva has phosphorus in it and calcium and and hydroxy appetite. It has all these ingredients that are required to keep the tooth remain realizing faster than it's demoralizing teeth or like bones they just have a shiny outer shell, but they are dynamic. They're always changing and a few nights of few weeks of very dry mouth that equal urban wool switch over to the demonization side, and then you'll start seeing the case that the decay and the caries lesions forming on the teeth and. No dentist no parent should ever underestimate what that's gonNa cost you in terms of just just talking about cavities not about airway development or official development just that alone. So here's the thing the truth is. Yes exercise is important and yes, our diet is important but if we're not getting the fundamental benefits of sleep every night through breathing right then our physical and mental health are going to suffer our oral health really is the gateway to our overall health and I. Hope you got that big idea from listening to today's episode. Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Broken Rain Podcast I. Hope you enjoyed it. I'll see you again. As always, if you enjoy this episode share with a friend or leave a review I, read a lot of them and I'd love to see yours whether you love it or hate it. Please leave a review. See you next week.

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