# 101 - Dragged Across Concrete / Greta / Dirty Harry


This week on truth and movies. It's the passionate device. Mel Gibson is a violent cop in S Craig's L is dragged across concrete. Puran's raced cooperate is value pan clubby grace play the stalking game in Neil Jordan's thriller. Greta everybody's lonely and film club. He doesn't just write medications smashes them. Clint Eastwood and Desi Harry. You could ask yourself question. Life. You lucky all coming up in truth movies? Little white lies podcast. Hello podcast listeners. It's Michael michelina here in the host chair sitting across from at mode would Hello. And so few months councilman. Hi, how are you doing today is very well? Yeah. Literally. Well, we feeling on the good the bad cop side of the spectrum this morning. I'm feeling pretty good positive cop. Yeah. Optimistic. Well, we've got the films for you. So. Maybe the then no big US enough me. I think in total we have four or five hours of I'm thank you cop dramas to get through today. Should we crackle them? Yes. Mel gibson. Vince Vaughn, two cops suspended from the force after footage. If they were off the docks tactics is leaked to the media now without a badge out of work and facing financial troubles at home. They descend into the criminal underworld using their contacts and stronger methods for self gain, keep your wrist cooperate. If you make any sudden moves he will be executed if the police, and we won't will be executed. Do not prioritize money over having a heartbeat. Ill you understand. Yes. Resort minton. Are there any employers in the back if so? Right now, you have twenty seconds. No, there's no one in the back. Everyone is here in the front and clip from dragged across concrete there. And this is as Craig's L third long genre exercise in a row after bone Tomahawk embroil in cellblock ninety-nine where we excited for Mel Gibson invincible doing a police brutality drama. Yeah. I know. I was I'm going to do my usual thing claiming that we saw this together the Venezuelan for digital. We did. Okay. Great. I think it was the last thing I actually saw festival so it's a little bit fatigued at that point. And I don't remember it Griffey me arresting me in the way. I wanted it to base one of those films that is a real slow burn. And actually, I've been thinking about a lot more sense. And would love to see revisit didn't get chance to for this. But I thought there was a lot going on. There's a lot of subtext on the surface is this of Harpo procedural you. Got these cops who are basically going. Off the little bit and submerging themselves. This criminal underworld the parts of the movie, I enjoyed the most when you go kipps in on in kind of stakeout mode, and they're in this car just kind of chatting and passing the time and those bits may already where solace script comes into its own. He's dealing with a lot of like contemporary social issues that the film Otley. I mean, there is elements of it which route in the present day by feels like a kind of film, which is definitely harking back to the seventies. In particular, maybe echoing or Mirroring some of the kind of social anxieties issues of that time, which obviously most are still relevant today. It's really kind of cynical quite kind of up price film in some ways. But yeah, it's it's I think it's a step up for him. As it Terry. Really personally. I thought don't Tomahawk which Simmons as Simmons for years like five six hours, and then explodes towards the end bronze block ninety-nine halfway through. Aches turn I was expecting something in this film. And we don't want to spoil territory or talk too much about about half of the film. But that didn't happen for me. And instead we have much more cynical trawling provocative aspects in this not least the casting if Mel Gibson, and we have to ask we happy with seeing not Mel in these roles trolling is doing disservices a little bit. The talk is the Vince Vaughn who is acting under mocassins stewardship in Seoul ridge was the one that kind of turned keeps it on his screenplay and commits him it might be us or go for him. He's ugly well suited to this kind of character of his background his own cinematic by playing you know in lethal weapon in it's not the first time he's played kinda Harpo calm. But obviously there is the offscreen side to Gibson, which the film doesn't address. But I think you go in with any pre existing knowledge of that it does at a certain shade of greater. His character has performance. But I think I think you say about Gibson. And this is just he's an extraordinary actor, and you know, whatever you think of him as a person or his politics or anything else, I think he just really shines through in this as a as a strong, very masculine slight throwback, actually. But as as just a really compelling central prison command the screen in a way that we have similar leading men. Now, do we have in the way that he could in the eighties and still counting on that? Magic. Sophie, we've in the pocket for Craig's all of his previous films. Well, I have voided have specifically. So. Like the vibe around him the word around his previous two phones. And indeed around this one is that get I actually thought about it. But giving my expectations which were quite low and given that this was my entry point. I was a bit more surprised to see that. He's actually very good filmmaker because the word that leaks is more around the ultra violence lie. I had about the guy who got caught. It is in buddy PA as you know, I'm provoked enough in my daily life. I don't need to provoke myself. They weren't ching scenes of this nature. And so it wasn't. It was like going out my way to boycott. It was more late. There are many many films from past and present heirs cheese men. Men never chose him until this week. So yes, this was my this is my entry point to the film, vast S Craig's Allah, surprised pleased, very mixed. I was impressed because when we review films like from a specific angle boil them down to the politics and message, we don't spend a lot of time talking about the way films are actually assembled and create it, and he knows how to craft a scene. He knows how to cross the sequence doesn't extraordinary character women. He's returning from maternity leave to about to hedge a Bank and her the way spun from getting to end is just so on the one hand imaginative and on the other hand hopely. I was just there for those touches as for the whole enterprise the whole two hours, forty minutes. I wasn't Neff. And to speak to the word you use my trolling. Yes, this forgive. My French ton of troubling in this movie in the costing passe the and the way that these cups speak these racist ups and the way that they're racist is is presented in a way is missed froing Gordon to the audience like daring them to be offended aspects. I think felt a bit over pronounced. And there's a really great article. I'd like to direct people to buy chaos in Collins Vanity Fair, which points out the the way that the film is on even racially is the character treatment, in addition to even swollen. And Mel Gibson the black character played by Tony Kato's, and he and his other black friend biscuit. They Michael J white. They are getaway drivers. And the way that these character the tree it is just less nuance. Like, Vince Vaughn and milk. Gibson's characters they get to be really chewy have so many angles and size to them. And these let characters especially Coney Kittles. He's just got this kind of unrealistic -ly like angelic motifs for what he's saying. It's just he's just far less substantial in this article by chaos Cullens, really goes deepen t the character work. And what it does doesn't mean. But yeah, I just there was a lot moti that's than I ever anticipate that would be and I'm not here for a little bit. But I am some of it all as an interesting Koto interviewed him for his previous film. Bruins ninety nine which I think that unborn Tomahawk a much tighter genre exercises. Feels like he's flexing certainly like creatively technically bass, but to his filmmaking craft and here, he's go for something with a bit more of a narrative and a bit more of a kind of mission statement, I think, but yeah, he's an interesting character. He he's oversee very self conscious and knows exactly. What kind of buttons to push his audience, and he spoke very eloquently at the time about the film advice craft and his influences, and where then went off on a tangent and Stipe rating, I think it was the around the time that moonlight and LA La Land Burr vying for the Oscar and out nowhere quite critical of those films, which took me back a little bit. But seems like someone who has a very clear idea of the kind of filmmaker he is and the kind of statements he wants to make this film, and whether you agree with that or not is I guess you can I think away today. Harry what you bring into it and your own background will probably influence color. How you with the film? Do you think he's making this one? This is a statement on nyc film making as much as anything else like those obviously that the social elements of the story we should say that the set up is that these two cops mocassins characters is filmed. Being very heavy handed with a with a suspect and during arrest and had entered the metal fire escape. Yes. And Latino guy. Yes. Latino guy more, partly and this soon becomes a viral video and Don Johnson who is their superior says. I don't disagree with your methods necessarily. But this is out there in the public. We've basically got put your gardening leaf seen that plays out between Don Johnson and Vincent in Mel Gibson that feels so on the nice they're like oh. And this current PC Climat, we can say it feels very heavy handed the dialogue. I think it started really pushing through his own script and saying directly to the audience. This is kind of my statement. He's my words, I think is is a comment on filmmaking in his far as I don't know a lot of movies. These days into have to be about like need to have a social edge or socially conscious, skew and movies into be about like, educating and informing and enlightening, and this I think relishes those gray areas and those that morally ambiguous moments where you're not sure yourself kind of how how you even think about at the time. I think it's a comment on maybe a loss of a certain type of motor filmmaking. Interesting, I suppose, you're experience the film will really land on whether you feel that they're all these gray areas, that's hall. Relevance hall interesting to pick through whether it's his empty provocation. One thing I think we should say as well as all it became known both in his previous two films at having maybe. A key scene. Tomahawk has one if the goriest payoffs is a western for two hours, and then becomes very gory horror film for final minutes and bones. Ninety nine has seen web and swollen pretty much stages. The bonus stage from street fighter two beats up a car. There isn't a similar key cheap. Thrills scene in this film with you saying. Seend with some N trials, but in an enjoyable way these films, I saw Berlin up nine at midnight madness in Toronto film festival, and that's the scene where people were throwing the pump cone in the air. When Vince Vaughn beats up a car, this is much less. Pop. Contrast sort of film that was the thing with his previous films. They felt like they fit that midnight Matlin slow along with something like Monday, or where it's, you know, on a Bishop esthetic level doing something very interesting, very distinctive. But it giving you that gratifying pure Shawki entertainment, and this I think it shows a bit more restraint. And there is there are very violent moments in this. We should say when they come. It's it's almost as will puch because you'll maybe no expecting them. You've been loaded into this. You know, this slow burn rhythm of the film, continuing the literal nature of his titles. You do see someone being dragged cost concrete as I say, I think it's just one it's a film which benefits greatly from the director show. Knowing more restraint restraint is no word. I would use in connection with this two hour, forty minute restraint in terms of not fading. Like he needs to live with this big. Like, you say the gratifying pale, right? Right. Because I'd say it would benefit from being more straightened. I would love to see what he would date if he would stay in his lane somewhat and just make the type of old fashioned Germer film. He wants to make without shoehorning in me is empty provocation. Well, we'll have to disagree on them to creation thing. This to me is like, so we'll come into thirty Harry. But that's the kind of film, which people would sell, and I think Clinton Eastwood himself has said will you you'd never make this day. I think drugs cost concrete is film that people don't make anymore. Whether that's a good thing or bad thing, or whether that's there's a reason for that. You know, it's a sore film, which he show you can't make it today and this property could merit to make it today. Let's put some schools on. This comes first Netease, a patient enjoyments in retrospect, I think front is a patient is as much enjoyed his previous two films. I didn't come away from them thinking that this is a guy who's going to. You know, who's writing search next step up narrative -ly, so possibly three four anticipation. I think maybe again three full enjoyment as we said, it's a real slow burn. And at the time. I wasn't really sure where it was put that I'm going to go five in just bet. Sophie, well to anticipation for reasons that I have covered earlier on and it's very puff. Enjoyment? I'm dithering between three and a four. 'cause I did find myself Rudy enjoying sense stretches of it once go out of its own way once the heist element begins. I really enjoyed it. So I'm gonna give it three point five. It would have had a four if it hadn't been food that extra nonsense at the beginning. And in retrospect, yeah, I think the extra stuff leaves a bit of about taste of outside to to free point five to three point five them. Just for you. So. Could. I just ask a question. If you guys true, okay? Say S Craig's Ella. And I mentioned K Austin Collins, should I become s monks Calvin, but monks is. Yeah. But say what's your middle name Jason Rebecca, so you could be s Patricia amongst the isn't that what was up to you? Yeah. S P R M K. What about counter sound like? Asian commits Republican. That's was dragged across concrete some little bits of mixed response here on the table. But let's see if our take on Greta is better. A young woman finds a handbag on the subway and returns it to its owner. A French piano teacher cold, Greta relationship starts to form. But as soon starts to seem that this mysterious and lonely widow has something to hide. One from me. Talk talk to your daughter. You can't. She does not understand. What what doesn't she understand? I'm only credit. Everybody's lonely. That does not mean you get to follow people around and terrorize them. Everybody needs a friend. You have your care. No, no, you leave Erica out of this. You said you always stick around like train them. Are you insane place? Try and start again. View. Even know me belly and Chloe grace Marantz the in Greta, so we love is about repair. Don't we we do. We we excited about taking an English language. Turn. Okay. Yes. But the film my Lord. That's a an anguished. My lewis. Tell us what you really think. Yeah. Is about of course is untouchable. She is great wonderful is about he does know fill make I didn't mean to say that in rhyming couplets. I'm content Geragos. Do you think she's wonderful in this? I think she's quite bad. She's having fun. She realizes that. She's in a ski pit fell and hamming it up, and what would have made the film would be everything was hummed up that much the film doesn't realize it stupid until it's too late. Yeah. But she knows the phones cheap it from the very beginning lead us through this. So how quickly does it pop off into being of this potboiler bunny boiler Thrilla role? Does it shows hand early or it doesn't away it starts off and Chloe Christmases car discovers a handbag on the subway and funds is a hoop has Curtis ID card inside and tracks down and gives it back and they start this. So of unlikely friendship, and you discovered that this each of these women is something an absence in their lives. They're hoping to fill and they connect on that basis. But the phone Connor shows it's early. There's a moment basically work Lee Christmas discovers something in the woman's apartment in the trailer. I won't give it away here. But she just. Something which in any normal scenario, you would run a mile, and and she does. But then it takes a long time before the true nature of is hope it's character comes to the surface of teasing out and quite unnecessary. Exposition? I think and this this back and forth about oh. Well, maybe this rational reason for for this thing that has been discovered which clearly isn't and for me that I just thought it was preposterous to have this big review, and then not really follow it through in the way that you would expect the name them with the film is entirely div Wade of tension and tension development, what will happen in my men where something terrifying. Your veiled is character would just be that khloe greats merits usually then show night, something amiss, and then examine machine is that they'll be like dramatic me's it and like maybe a crash sumo something. And that's it. Good thrillers. Run is tension voting. Attention esscalation of tension deescalation playing with these things this is just really flat. And then something increasingly outlandish will happen. But it was comes out of no way is signalled with the equivalent of the psyche needs it. I mean these of music. But it's not the same strings. It's his money. Something. Oh, bob. But you don't have time to get scam already happened site. It's just all devoid of tension. And if it wasn't the new Jordan's cue of having these two great actors that it would just be a straight to video Zad, maybe type business on the tension. Bizarre bit where so Chloe. To works part time in a restaurant recently, moved to New York, and he's living in a friend's quite one key loft apartment and Hooper begins to stalk her tracks down at this restaurant. And there's a bit where she just appears outside the restaurant, and it's meant to be the kind of big tension building moment what's going to happen. And then she just stands there. And this whole same play that were rats is unable to basically get on with her job. She's distracted the police want help all of her colleagues. Just saying oh, just ignore her in the background is about who pair way in is ridiculous and completely drains any tension from from that same and it's not enjoyable as camp. So it's the sort of movie that it starts, and you're laughing expectantly. Yes. But by the end, July laughing wehrley, and wait the death. Yeah. Initially, it seems like it could go in that direction. And it's a pal Hupa like to take a moment away from trashing. This film is appel he passed it just makes you wish you watching better as it Pagliuca. Maybe in a way if it was like what she's doing is. She's sending up who the code bizarre female characters that she's played back hats of which have been many. I was thinking the teacher thinking L, and if it was a bit lighter satirizing own choices, and that isn't drubel to a point. But very much like she is out there on her. And but having a lovely time. So I didn't feel sorry really having a great time. You know, there's. Scenes in this film are now forever. Plays into my memory think things that she does little dots that she does particular moment. She's mesmerizing that is a pleasure the film and she gets camp. But the rest of the film is just is to Bolivia to the that is not an actually functioning Thrilla to function as count and at the same time. I think we've camping's actually sincere. This is kind of of hand is just seems to be phoned in like, I don't know. I know there's just not much to it really is Neil Jordan across his long filmography. He's been a master of outlandish cinema from all the way back to come wolves to see the vampire, his most recent film for this was buys onto him, which was vampires in Hastings very much pushing this metaphors vampires drinking blood being a mess sexuality. I'm really work with this one. Mona lisa. It's just one of oh fantastic. My favorite films of the bison team as a three star. But that's a three star you can laugh with and it's been every. Seven years. Yeah. It feels like he's going through the motions a little bit as a filmmaking. Now as you say so fee is about who pays his great weapon his disposal. And I think the point in which he just let's go off is where the film finally just something about it works, and it does get kind of silly towards the end and enjoyable so I think I mean, you mentioned the piano teacher, and there's there was the same way she is forcibly teaching Klay Christmas. How to play the piano, which raised if you rice malls in the screening opposite. But you know, she's oversee tipping a hot there or berry to those earlier roles. It's it's a shame. I think Jordan, and I think the screenwriter who's done a few kind of middling TV geeks and a couple of films before they're trying to cross this. You say this brillo without realizing that actually what they've got is the psycho-sexual drama more in the vein or something like L them, whom Hoven film, which obviously has a lot more nuance to it and his more on big uses a story. I think what they've always is a fairly kind of boilerplate Thrilla, which they already for three. You mentioned the screenwriter that I let you ask him about finding the the names for the characters simply because this is a story at least the face of. It's about a young woman making her way New York called Francis. And the character is Greta which to me brings to mind Francis. How written by Greta gerwig, starring go Francis sets in New York. It sounds almost like don't get some names from that's a look at this list of films and grab the two K to me. That's just a subliminal thing. He must just be because I guess there's no relation here. No dancing around David Bowie in that same. She is some tacit music is around to list. She she put some classical music. Oh, well was a classic film. Sophie, what's your girl's three hyping fists and a meaty psychological thriller, which I is something that I really enjoy. I love a psychological for that. And then I was horrendously disappoint et. But I enjoyed it's about Pat enjoyment to then in retrospect, I got really annoyed. I think some of my notes may have matched to this cost. I'm sorry. By my gut jerus- cream L year on in retrospect, one I'm warning people not to go and see it going what you'd better is pal. Maybe like, please go and see the piano teacher. Please watch it. Oh, yeah. Good noise to end, don't so. One's a little bit harsh. But if you go with low expectations, and you just there for the silliness at the end, sorry, maybe. Maybe. Would say three front pation public to for enjoyment and two in retrospect, I think no Jordan's prove he's no Bryant palm with this one is. Who she gives something I think and Chloe grace Meraz off the back of I think probably her best performance last year's miseducation of Cameron post. We'd love to see her working with more interesting directors actually wanna write roles for. Well, that's a shame. But Greta and dragged cost concretes are in cinemas this weekend of next. We have film club thing. Back to the nineteen seventies. The dirty Harry. Now, don't see goals. Classic realty. Harry. Clint Eastwood is Harry Callahan. A no-nonsense renegade on the trail of a killer. Who goes by the name Scorpio Scorpio's campaign. It's Harris sweeps through San Francisco how violent methods conflicts with liberal politics C periods. The mayor and the district attorney a huge hits at the time. Does he respond a five film franchise continues to inspire many urban crime thrillers? Today's including drought cost concrete's. But it's blunt political themes continues coast debates. What you're thinking? You're thinking fire. Six shots only five. Now tell you the truth every myself and all this excitement. But being the forty four bagging the most powerful handgun the world, and we'll blow your head clean off. You could ask yourself question. Do I feel lucky? Do you talk? So we asked the Twitter RT, whether this was Clint Eastwood's most iconic role. Kevin office suggested may be outlawed Josey Wales a million dollar baby. Instead, we've been so many stunning body of work Steve craze thinks clint's best performances in white Ensor, black hearts, and Alex Nicholson hair. I decided to give us a visual aid said he said it was not even close Clinton's best performance. And Adam describe what this pictures, it's the infamous picture from. I think the Republican pie conference from decades ago Clint shouting an empty chair. Old now kneels at. Yeah. Thank you, very much those comments. Let's talk about Jesse Harry, then this is one of those films. That's is such an unalloyed classic in some people's minds. What is it like Rivas today is definitely an alloy d- classic in my mind. Yeah. Yeah. It's great. I think it's amazing. How visceral is films in the seventies? Tended to have this slightly low fi criti- of an aesthetic it fits the Neo Noir. Like Harpo template, so many ways, but I mean compared to something like point blank, which I think is my favorite film of that. I think it came out feud six. Yeah. It's slice academic feel to it. And places, and obviously very very much tapping into political concerns of the day and just at the center is this amazing performance from Clinton as the the vigilante, cotton stalking. This psychopathic killer. The second killer. We should say based on zodiac killer ripped from the headlines. And there's that interesting almost closing the loop where years later when fincher made zodiac the movie, they go and see this film does he Harry, and it's Margaret flows character who's sitting through this film, whilst he's trying to cash there's a nice in this where Clinton is just walking down the street, and I think play misty for me is on the picture that was came out the same year. Actually, another Clinton flick reminds me of silly the recent Clinton film, which is set in. I think the early two thousands. And is it would it be all like all of time Squires bedecked in Clinton movie posters is going on? And. Early morning jock. Sully I think is two thousand one the actual incident at the end. Yeah. Something. So yeah. So fi. What's your take on? This was my first time what Chan. I have not seen the classic line. I'm sure yourself. Do you feel lucky? Well, do you. Tuck thing now the rest of the film for me. This is a movie star vehicle. I very much enjoyed what she in Clint in his heyday and another film from nineteen seventy-one the guy owed by Duns eagle is sexiest Clint ever. So quite excited to watch sexiest Clint ever say, yes. This. He's a sexiness reason these become blow your head clean off. And so I was impressed to see him at this vintage doing his thing in his whispered gravelly voice. I was very into that the rest of the film. I was somewhat underwhelmed by I must say, I probably didn't watch in the best conditions. I was watching a home at night and quite conscious that my house makes trying to sleep while. I was basically imploded a gunfight everytime. Had a gunfight Housley lots. Keep it down at one point my housemate, very politely text me to keep it down. I was quietly wishing they were less. Come Feis, noticing, Matic reasons, domestic comedy reason. When you need to crank up. I think. Down on Harry d. Yeah. I think it's significant he says it twice in the film because it seems to me so my st- it feels like something the character himself has rehearsed. And you know, use these moments when we cycle weapon against these assailants. And that's been interpreted in many different ways. And you know, people have taken it, quite literally as as endorsement of the film's posted conservative politics. And yeah, just wanted to one you store for me hawks backs at the way that there's muscular nineteen seventy screenplays would be written think about Goldman's screenplays similar period way that all hinge on a single line that would become quotable and crabs I guys. And that's exactly what line does. He Harry is is nice that ties back together the end. But it's also completely ridiculous. Police work to that count. Believe he can have the paperwork after something like his police work is very suspect around. That's. A major plot point. Then of course, it became a theme for the series. Was it the fourth or fifth one had make my day? They tried to make that into their clinic line, whether they was successful as this one of the debate. So fi fan of that. I mean, you you recreate that just a few minutes ago, but your fun of that line. Creation was equally impactful as I was trembling. I couldn't tell I lost track and all the excitement whether you five or six. Lucky very rally. But do you think it has a conservative skew the politics back off? I don't see you always associated himself as being liberal necessarily. He's contradict that is challenging film that is tapping into it was Mirroring stuff that was going on at the time. I think it's very telling this of panic or fear about certainly oven society, and this decay, and also, you know, in this lace post hippie era and the killer actually, very lingering shot. The fact is pace Seinfeld. And he's this kind of deranged psychopathic like possibly just tripped on too much less deal. In fact, his performance. Andy Robinson is is just so wonderfully to range, scary terrifying. I'd love to have been onset and see him getting into that mode. Every every time they really to shoot and oversee as. Perfect for you Clinton. Who was just so laser focused and cold and get the job. And also, he's obviously railing against the bureaucracy and overreaching authorities above him. Whether it's fair to just put it in like one box or the other sell. This is a conservative film, or this is a left-wing phone. I think that grows out of the fact that this is almost like part spin on the Pope, John you have these very exaggerated characters, and you know, supposed to draw a social message as you say, we don't this film, making a political statement. Because if it was it seems to be suggesting that why should we have human rights because a psycho could exploit them in lie and go out and kill more kids. But what you do have is just as over abundance of style, and then form experimentation in what is very straightforward street level thriller. I love the way that Seagal can transition from immaculate. Composed shots with cinematography like the scene on the rooftop with the red and blue. The lights just washing over Clinton. Hell. Slow put out from the stadium those aerial shots. At the end the factor film can work on three or four former levels at once as opposed to be one thing. And then you also have Lalo schifrin's music, which at this point is so cutting edge in its use of funk, raw kind of great. And and it's just so lean we talked Jack trust increase in our longer than this. This really makes statement and gets out and enjoyable as thriller so few of making millions. It was lean it felt like it caught tune the reasons he was saying that I found the pl- actually somewhat unsatisfying in. Permutations? We discuss it as a film about this quivalent to the at killer Scorpio. Called scoop the damn hippie nothing. We do. It sounds cool. I think it just sounds cool. And here is to the press light Zayyat kill the did the the the way that Vos is quite scrappy actually for me. Lean means is got this and place never thinks emphasize this unfairly because F L before the scoop cakes into play some stabling stuff around clint's police work, which as we've said is under for drugs, and then if os into this then the scope here Kayla does this he does that. And then he does this. And meanwhile, you've got these other elements of how clint's please work is going down hate key. And I don't think it's a conservative foam because Bill into the film of these questions like people questioning the way he's upper there on D consequences for him, very bad consequences days, saying, I didn't food Lena fell Cayo. Weirdly on synthesized and somewhat at lived in a way. Interesting. What struck me watching? It's again, this time was how often they would use a simple coats to traverse time and space often across a single line of dialogue conversation would move the plots on very quickly. So maybe it doesn't Ravel maybe not in a way that you'd want. But this film moves along a great clip. I don't think there's ever ways sacks. So satisfying compelling film on that level is chase move, isn't it? Yeah. And I think the ending is when my reading of is post to be unsatisfying, he gets this, redemption, I suppose over the criminal that he's chasing. And it's quite hollow feeling it's anticlimactic in a way, it's not speak bombastic triumphant climax to the film. You're left thinking. Well, he kind of got the job dumb. But not maybe how he wanted on really Justice hasn't been served in a way. So yeah, I think it's intended to be quite an it's an unambiguous. Sending away. But I think it's supposed to be quite and satisfying. Interesting. Do we agree or to think that this is clint's finest hour you'd mentioned the goal? I think high plains drifter is one of my and and another slightly contentious politically. But yeah, just not is I think one of his best films and best performances me. He's a major blinds part. I've seen some of those big hitters Leoni films, which think of fantastic and the jetty higher franchise unforgiven. But every time I speak to our friend David Jenkins who's very much Clinton fan. It seems that the wealth goes div. Maybe that's a a marathon waiting to happen. Yeah. He's he's a big Clint boost I was listening to last week's absurd just on the way in hair and of David saying that Clinton is a director of acting back in the day. But I think this this shows that really he was at that time working with some of the best in the business and people now that don't Siegel with was a pretty big name at the time and much earlier in his career directed invasion of body snatchers. As a film called riot in sob- look for something which is obviously Zala tips to as well with. Born sober up ninety nine e someone who I think maybe doesn't get as much always talked about as much as some of his peers from his contemporaries, but Clinton was learning from the best back in those days and channeling of what he learned making these kind of films into his own what in famously the unforgiven is dedicated to both Leoneans sequel isn't that seen by many as cleanse finest. Our biggest statement, I I really wanna see the meal. His most recent film ahead. That's I really liked the meal. Top tier Clin negree. Yeah. Did you get? Should we got together? Anyway, see Harry, film clip this week. Let us know what you think if he do rewatch it after this up next week see Pero back. It's only couple of weeks ago we had to Lassie pair films but back in the marvels in about the universe. For avengers end game. The end of everything that's been brewing for over decade. Now following that. We have eighth grade coming of age film, teen movie directed by burn and then film club. We're looking back at may be the fan favorites of the mouse in invest franchise today is counting America the winter soldier. Let's not think about that film at the usual channels at truth and movies on Twitter comment section elderly dot com slash podcast or by Email at truth and movies at TC. Oh, London dot com. Adam so fee. Thank you so much for joining me today. I've been my alita. There's always this has been a seven digital production.

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