Bonus Episode: The Writers' Room with Jen Statsky, Joe Mande, Dan Schofield & Lizzy Pace


Hi There Hello Janet. Welcome everyone to season four of the good place. Place the PODCAST Janet. Neier thrilled to bring you this new episode psych. It's bad Janet fecal flims guys. Why why do you keep giving me bad Janet for these intros? I really feel like this is more in. Good Janet's wheelhouse guys guys mark their podcast gas producers Michael. They don't care they'll make you do the most humiliating things imaginable as long as they get their sweet sweet downloads. Fine Fine. Let's just keep moving. This episode is brought to you by skidmarks. No no it's not. Let's just start the show. Welcome to the good place the podcast. I'm Mark Levin Jackson. I play Sean Today. We're doing a bonus episode writers panel recorded during the fall hiatus during season four. We'll talk about general themes the writers process answer are some of your questions from twitter and discuss a little bit more about the most recent episode to averred episode four. Oh nine the answer. My guest today are some of the writers. Jen statsky Joe Mandy Ed out Scofield and Lizzy Pace lizzy Dan. Joe and Jen Welcome. Everything is fine. Thanks for being here. Yes thank you. Thanks as we were just discussing we I find ourselves in a bit of a tricky place. The show is done being shot. We wrapped in August or whatever so we all know how the good place ends yet. The final episodes have yet to air. So it's it's sort of tempting right now to be talking retrospectively as the about the series as a whole and we have to be cautious about doing that. How do we do that? A lot of the Internet thought that it ended last episode. That is interesting isn't it. Yeah that was a that I. I didn't realize that that was going to happen. That it was going to be the week before Thanksgiving and then nothing till January. That's kind of crazy. That would have been a very weird series valley but but Dan congrats series finale. Maybe it was misleading because it kept being referred to as a finale. I wish there were other their language that they have any other. There's no other word for for that. To begin do you watch the show when it airs on NBC. Yeah Yeah have you would. Would you have seen any rough cuts or or sneaks before that generally or do you have you seen those and you still watch it live We're live ash. I've seen yeah I had seen like. I've seen rough cuts of like my the episode. These guys you guys probably the same viewers right eight but even like the last time that I saw for nine before it aired it still had some effects and stuff that weren't so it's always interesting to see the final final. And it's it's not that hard to sneak into Mike's House and I know as passcode so you can get rough cuts has on his. TV rolling it all. Yeah Dan you wrote for. Oh nine right answer yeah Thank you for Disco Janet. I guess that wasn't me. I wish I could take credit for that. Where did that come from well? The first reference reference to disco janitors earlier in the season. I believe it's an Andrew Law Joe eroded into the season premiere and then sounds but then you're the one who is like we run with this and put it in right well. There was a lot of back and forth between what would be the end of four zero eight and what would be the beginning of four nine like right here that break between episodes would be what what did it ended up being. It's just before the snap is that right. It's just before the snap and the judge has just mobilized the first Janet. Okay Yeah So. We weren't totally certain where area where that break would come as we were breaking stories for Because of time and edits and that sort of thing yeah I feel like a lot of episodes throughout the season the series have been that way right. Yeah but dead. Had the those two episodes in particular I remember cards shifting back and forth like we were unclear. What would someone would end? Yeah there's a I feel like they freeze Brenton Chidi in Michael's office and then they're frozen but then we go out and it's like well here goes nothing kind of thing right. Yep and then and snap is at the beginning of the of Europe right. Yep Yeah there is even a version of four. Oh nine that was purely the snap that had no introductory scene whatsoever rain so but that might have been the table draft. I think we I think we determined that. That'd be a little tough for people to just two lights up on latch onto if I go going yeah exactly interesting interesting interesting interesting. You can't start a mid season finale like that a strange phrase of art term of whatever like it's what everyone tunes in for season finale. Yeah the Super Bowl. And a shows midseason finale new year series premier season premieres specifically about the heart of the show like Joe The show is obviously full of philosophy and ethics. It's obviously full of jokes and good good comedy and dumb bits and stuff but it's got so much heart and so much heartfelt breath content. How do you in the writer's room go about? How do you discuss it so to keep it from being sacrificed to keep it from being tree and gross like it feels as though you earn things like there is no answer but eleanor is the answer? Like how how do you. How do you talk about that? Well I mean if I think that that works because we talk so much leading up to that but there's no such thing as a soul may or soulmate. Something you work on. So I think like that kind of discussion where you don't just Imply that they're soulmates. In and pre written and they these to love each other they the the the you establish that they made worked on this and they've worked on this you know over eight hundred different iterations like I think those those were conversations we had because we'd like the last thing any any of US wanted I think was to to just feel like it being an on earned sort of familiar love story And it wasn't a a move that we like attempted only in this episode. Oh yeah this is a conversation that we had at intervals for the past several years every time we are in Chidi moments where like what is this you know. What does this mean for them? What does this mean for the idea of soulmates? I think those moments that are like Sweden and could run the risk of being a little saccharin or whatever it if it's organic and it comes comes out of the characters. It seems to always work that way and I think lake. What's cool is that in the Mo- when you're in the room you're not necessarily like pitching those moments? It's kind of coming out of an organic discussion of these characters. And where they're at and stuff and so it's it's interesting. I you posing the question. I'm like Oh yeah that's funny. We never like have moments were like. Oh No we can't do that. That's like way too like that's my. That's my sweet. Never like Oh we can't have to heartfelt moments mm-hmm and the same couple of episodes or maybe maybe there are times when you really That's GonNa seem like high on our own supplier something but pretty i. I think everyone by season four had a pretty good handle on Hoon tone and the things that you'd pitch that would have to like feel right for the characters and if they're organic that way wouldn't it would kind of like seamlessly full. Did I think right does that happen. I mean you put things out there even knowing the cast even seasons in like. Does it still happen. that a t at a table read or onset You'll get a performance you're like oh I didn't intend that but that's kind of cool sometimes. It's even things that you intend or that you know that they'll do well and they do it even better than you could imagine like. We've I think we've talked about this before. Maybe even people have on the podcast but Christians delivery of the line. I'm a LEGIT SNACK DOC. Yeah like there's so many layers to it and it's like so perfectly delivered and we knew that it would be good but like not that good. Yeah that like that is being on set for that scene being filmed is like a career. Highlight for me because while her and will like the like. You're like okay. This is going to be a rough scene and it was so good at the table and stuff but even seen perform that it was just they elevated it to a level that was so impressive and so so cool to say and it happens in table rates to yeah but by Reser to and specifically how how they managed to nail it despite a traffic helicopter helicopter hovering nearby they had to keep night shoot shoot. They had to stop over and over again. Because of this one helicopter kept flying overhead and just maintaining maintaining that focus and keeping it in and still delivering was really impressive and other moment sticking onto me as a table. Read was the forget the exact episode but the scene were Kristen. Breaks down in the bed bath and beyond because of the lake family holder for a toothbrushes like I remember all of these writers like getting choked up to width and we. We didn't like imagine that in the table read even it would be emotional. And it's just like she likes she had of anyone I think on the cast has the ability to like really. We like get me and like in your throat. I think when we were writing that I imagined like Oh this is a comedy. Show me too. And then she performed at NC performed the comedy but she also performed more than I was sort of like realizing was there that was meant to be sort of a throwaway. Cut Away a little bit like it wasn't meant to be a an emotional final thing I mean for a nine has the scene of Michael and Chidi and Janet that's essentially the continuation of the scene from season three that we were talking about that night that night seen and yes yes yes and so the Darcy and will just gave both gave incredible performances. Ted gave an incredible performance. Is the same thing. It was a night show. We had planes planes going overhead. I think Eric talked about it. Some other deadline Darcy gave multiple different levels on her performance. So that you could you could pick exactly what you WANNA wanted to get the exact nuance that you want. And that like the control of the craft that they have to be able to do that while actually I know. Darcy was feeling like genuine emotions about ah things outside the scene for sure. Show me that that will an and teddy. We were killing her that night. Like just there you know will I duNNo. Chidi will will had such a hard performance with that because he had to. He had to perform the emotion of the scene and the lines and he had to fold up a piece of paper and write. It had to take objects that his handwriting was he was asked to. That was as well. I I forget I forget if the actual one that's revealed and the judge's timber at the end is his handwriting but he was. He was writing a real note every every take that he performed in that outdoor scene at night about something so much so much business so much business and and tailing it every time. I could never imagine doing anything like that. I think you guys are all downplaying. You're you're beautiful beautiful word. I think the actors any actor Coulda done. It was that right counter counterpoint reshoot. The whole show with us during the performances and say soon not not yet Let's talk about the writer's room on my goal. Let's talk about the writer's room and and some of your process things. I the amount of time that you spend in the room is what shocking to me. I think that loving you all as I do and loving the show as I do. I don't think I could come in at ten in the morning and stay till six or eight. PM or whenever you do. That's a lot of time. It's it's a long day. The thing is always. I think surprising people inside of this has been covered but like it's really a day where it's like a eight to ten hour meeting like it's not like you're in your offices alone riding it's like you're coming in and you're just like in a room with people sitting around for that entire day with no break from them. So it's that's the part that people are like we'll do like meetings like is it like you're writing these hours and ends like it's very rare in your in your office right. We all have offices and never go in your own the the cowboys in huddling in you know not physically But you're together now. Presumably you have bad day right like there are days that you probably don't want to be there or anywhere or with humans or whatever right yeah so. Do you just wear hoodies. Like economists are good. I mean you get the sense yeah it it it is a thing where like you just consent. Someone's going through something or just doesn't have it and you sort of try to be a little more delicate or those maybe days where you just focus more on Stories stuff rather than hitching jokes. I don't know it's it is like you're with a group of people in there are dynamics that You just have to sense. We're how people are or feeling and and you can't force the big things that you can't force comedy like even like writing for us like in the like current political local climate. There were days where we would just be like well. We're not writing jokes today. We're all so bummed out about what's happening in the world and Yeah Yeah just like. That's that's part of the process. I guess that's probably the most difficult part of it is like coming in and being leg. Okay my job is trade comedy when the outside World World Joe saying enters yes amazing I mean sometimes. Sometimes it's like you know we're very lucky to have the jobs we have. And so it's like a blessing plus Satan in a lot of ways to get to just laugh and be with your friends but yeah it's there are days it's hard to be like okay. Yeah let's jokes. Am I right in the swimming. Ming this that something that I mean the the good places obviously unusual it's It's a show about more than just you know a workplace or what have you But I think what makes the the show able to be so dense. Is this time on task that you guys won't spend results in a gazillion bits and tons hunzas story and really good stuff that then you have to chip away at to get to twenty one minutes twenty nine seconds or whatever right but it's it's a product of not going over. Got A couple of jokes in this thing. It's like and we have a plethora of jokes and now we have to be choosy right. Am I right about that. Yeah Yeah I think so. You don't not as ah yeah and I think specifically for this show more so than other shows I've worked on like because you end up with you know with with such a talented staff you end up with this like abundance of jokes and funny things but when you are so tied to story and having a move on this story at such a fast pace and everything so so intricately plotted it. Also like the jokes need to your very rarely being like super lawn. Walk just for this joke like you have time to do that in other other shows but and and those shows are wonderful. But that's just not the way this show is built and so I think more than others I it it taught us to be like. Okay but how. How is this joke? Serving story character in that way. Let's talk about room bits lizzy. Do you remember favorite room bits. I think the writers room a little bit like the dorms. Like it feels like there are bits recurring comedic Tries at stuff Some successful probably some Ho like annoying to the point that they become successful. I guess I'll certain Oh certainly What Room bits ca d rumor from from the season the good place? Well there's a really good joe. Oh One Where whenever something is mentioned and usually it's inappropriate about a serial killer like? Is there ever somebody who's killed someone and his also you you know a sport. Do you think there's ever been a high ranking politicians also a serial killer or something and Joel say Joe will say Oh honestly say I guarantee it. You'll just guarantee that with no frame of reference. No right knowledge comes up more than you would think. Yeah it's a it's a stellar joke. It it it has a very high hit rate it certainly does and also shy of deployment is already even talked about on this podcast but one time Jen poured water on. Joe gelded him. Joe Doe escalates. Actually she through a full cup of water and before I could say anything she responded Joe. Don't escalate this crazy now. What is the logic there? She immediately he made it worked. It worked Joe's me like oh I shouldn't escalate this. Of course IT I. Do you remember the word why they're throwing water arguing about something. He deserves to have the water throwing arguing in something. You said in preach to the point where I took a cup of water and I threw that yeah which is then immediately. We made me the villa. It was it was great. Yeah that did happen at work. I was doing season one where I brought a Glitter gun into the writer's room at any time we like finished writing as I use that a lot as well. I would just whatever we like accomplished task. I was shoot. This glitter gun point of information defined glitter gun. It's a confetti gun at one would buy from a party store. Or the starters pills US yes shower of capful of Confetti and it was always a it was it was very fun to do. People seemed to be about it and and then like it didn't take me took me until the end of the year before I realized that every night someone had like clean up confetti. I just never. I thought about like what happened. Did they like to this day. Feel so guilty about shooting that gun multiple times a day and then just like as if if my life were like Truman show or whatever I came in the next day and it was all the confetti was gonna never for a moment like Oh what are what happened to that. It's fun to picture the cleaning staff every not coming and going the forest better be good show what they're having fun in other very enjoyable bit is that I don't have. This has has been discussed but the Dan is like an incredible in addition of being like an incredible like chart keeper of all things. Good place related. He's an incredible Internet researcher. Her own it is incredibly fast at so you would like we'd be talking and be like. Oh Yeah I went to school with some girl like Katie Smith really. I wonder what happened to her. And Dan would be silent the land for like a minute and a half and then within a minute half he'd be like Oh she's married with three kids. She's a corporate lawyer. She lives in Delaware. here's her photo. Here's it just like an incredible inner got to be such a funny bit that like Dan would just be able to find the most obscure Internet facts that like no one else could find. How are you so good at it? I worked for many years writing questions for game shows right basically just google things all day long true. Yeah what kind of game shows I refer who wants to be a millionaire the several years in the game show. That's cool with make. Sure his father in law right pure coincidence. Interesting named pure coincidence coincident Biz mostly Meredith Vieira. That's cool but that would like do you consider yourself particularly adept at using. I Dunno concise yet. encyclopedic search term. I wouldn't think so but people say now. Did you ever do it on an iphone five. So he has. The oldest oldest is incredible. It's still to this day my pocket and that's on the floor. Oh Wow I I was obsessed with Lola Bunny this year. What's that buddy who wants that bugs bunny's girlfriend in space base gym and just referencing? Forgive me but I I like to find Mike. Mike is sort of just like this. Serene calm Just sort of unshakable person in my life when I find something that truly annoys him. It's delightful and for whatever reason meet genuine like I would often pitch things. As if they were real pitches and then would drop something about Lola money it would make it comes so mad and he actually told me I wasn't allowed to write or pitch or text. Anything Little Lola Bunny were banned from the writer's room are their favorite Writer's room inside jokes kind of room. Bits that have made their way into the show. No well this is isn't this will be a favourite just for me. No one else will like this and this is the thing but there I was I was trying to get like like a mean going. I thought the mean could be that you utech someone on the blue that you're not in a conversation uh-huh how that booty bouncing the bath and that would be the mean that people would be like. I got this random sex from someone. This was so crazy. I'm sorry do mean somebody the you know a contact. Yeah and and and just out of nowhere would say how that booty bouncing the bat and immediately go this was meant for some way and then you go. Sorry Ron Tech's right says it confirmed I if you recall. That is the name of a song that Jason Jer of course appearance friends. Yeah what's the is bath. People were saying it's back not yeah. We're here to set the record straight up. What's forever for emphases in the bathroom? So that's a huge accomplishment for me. The the Mimi were trying to get going. Yeah I didn't get it going to say was game of texting. We're specifically the word the phrase how that booty bounce in the bath I wanted like she like kicked. Open the door one morning guys like me. It never made any more sense than an. Yeah okay good okay. So I'm not wrong. No okay okay. This is all action. Yeah what did anything else. Other things had gotten show you basic was obviously sure you're basically came from beyond the concert. Yes yes that came from a very strange experience. Start seeing beyond say concert keeping in mind that we you can't spoil. Things are their favourite goodie bag jokes. That never got used do we do. This is a goodie bag but one like curse that we decided. I don't think we ever did it. Because Mike felt it was too Raunchy Dylan pitch like soak my deck We do that Komo but For a time in real life Jamila had taken it on and was using it. She said it to me on many stages that was one. I was sad. I I like like remember like really arguing for that. Even though Dillon wasn't mine and Mike was like I'm just not going to put it in. I don't know what to tell you. It's pretty concise. I love it It's a it's up there with Cork Lurk for me like it's a way I I there. There is a joke. It was a in the demon con. Episode where Sean is giving a speech is demon con Spiel and Michael Jason. Walk in and Jason says this line about you know. He's he's being so facetious about Sean. Michael was facetious. How do you know that word word and he goes? That's not a word. It's a name facetious monroe and we shot that. And then I really wanted to do an add onto a joke I already knew was gonna GonNa get cut which was after that he would say yeah. That's the name facetious Monroe. And he's being so facetious duplicitous and he's like how do you know that word. And he's like like duplicitous that's his sister duplicitous and We I'd halted production and we had to do that. Joke shot it. Yeah Times yeah it took some sometime. I have a question about that episode. You gave me a piece of legal pad that you said we might need some audio sort of in the background right for. We're cutting back and forth of Sean on stage and you had me read I awarded the Golden Romy Award. Yeah was that Rove or had that been the room was that was just rope okay. A lot of times you'll be on said and realize you need something like that to cover covered and then it's just your job as the writer. Yeah to rate quite stressful. Actually because you have to like find a quiet space in just like something that you you just hope. is like satisfactory without making people mad right now. Don't be embarrassing like my bar for those a fan fan on twitter rates on the philosophical background. has there been any debate or disagreement on what direction the show would take debate. Certainly I don't know that whatever I would term it as disagreement like we talked about so many different versions of so many things Yeah certainly very healthy debate over the idea like I think to me. The thing that we had the most discussion over was in. What is it three eleven when it all comes out about like the system being so complicated and Michael realizing like oh the buying an apple? Doesn't I mean today. Would it used to mean like we really kind of grind it and talked out that whole system and what it meant and what it meant that we were saying that for a really long time. Yeah just the implication intended consequence. Yeah Yeah because we you know we wanted to be. We were saying essentially okay. Well this is what the system is now for people in in our world today and so I think we wanted to take care not to be saying something that we didn't meaner gene or that we were saying that. There's no possible way to live in like a capitalist society today and not be good but like I. It's a very complicated. There's not like a clear path to go down always when those conversations come up similar questions Touched on things like Did did in conversations about Greek mythology and some of the you know the Haiti and that sort of thing Come into play and was it difficult. I guess it was deliberate but Was it ever tempting to not have the world view of the show be so secular was attempting to to Look into Judeo-christian or You know Muslim or Hindu were Buddhist or other themes I guess we did. You hit it just remembering now now myself that you did I guess it was a it was demon Michael but he said you know that every religion got about about five percents. That's right. I think that might put that in the pilot and before any of even came on and that that I think in a Lotta ways is like a guiding reading light for that for the show Religious show a giant soap opera religion Fan But but like Mike putting that in. I think kind of set the tone that we were not going to wade into those waters as much And that may be we would be. That was kind of a way to Elude to that without diving into it too much and then from that point on there's like such giant crazy amount of Reading and philosophy. That's been don in in a secular sense that we never ran out of ideas to Explorer talk about without running into religion that way Yeah and like W- what ended up happening sort of organically was that it sort of one sided where like the the concept of the bad place is very very quick cartoon initially hellish even call themselves demons but that sort of that that was less of a problem for us than saying things like angels enjoys and Heaven and all that like right like trying to evoke that with that seemed like a stickier place than just to have like a cartoonish Lee evil level You know counterpoint to the main show interesting are there any elements of the show's universe that you wanted to explore That you didn't didn't really get a chance to work in and some someone else so asked a question along the lines of like did you ever find yourself Boxed in by Canon that you had established rushed memories and removes and that sort of thing where there ever any logic problems in that in that regard Dan. Why didn't you have Chidi speaking French the man people. That's real people are really into that question which I feel has been addressed. It has adequately the whole asked and answered and I I would say that there's even some additional stuff that was in for Oh nine that had ended up having to be cut for time that even further clear the stuff that was in Senegal finger. What just sort of about the structure of his family and what his personal history was? That explains like yes. He speaks English Russian and French. And it's not a terribly difficult concept on the chunk towards him as a fable of the crow and the Fox. That's in English and French. I I remember right. I think there's also some wolf phrases on some of the other ords. What does that mean? That's a language in Senegal is it. Yeah did did you. Is it in the script that you ask for that Fairy Tale to be on the board or is that they are department. That was not called out in the script. Interesting interesting but actually last week's episode four zero nine was something that we felt like needed addressing than sort of worked as a point for the season of like explaining why cheapies. He's the person to come up with this new system and it was we. We don't really know his his family life at all. We've seen everyone else's parents that explains a lot and we all we've only seen him through the scope of his girlfriends. You know so we thought this was like a good time to sort of explain his his family life life a question from the Internet. How did a mench like Glenn never become a demon in the first place? What's Glenn's back story? This is the question. We're Matt Josh. Siegal Segel yes that's correct. That's a great question. I know glenis O kind hearted. How did he become a Daemon? I can't imagine him ever earnestly like torturing someone I think it's like times is the nicest guarantee I mean. I think it's true that like even even like friendly neighbor. She people can be capable of great evil right. Yeah there's no guarantees there's there's like functionaries and middlemen and all sorts of things in big evil enterprises. There was actually take all kinds of and that was a thing we never like really like overtly early hit it but the idea of just someone who lives a very good pious life on earth solely to get a reward in the afterlife afterlife right like to me into a lot of us on staff we that was like a concept of if you're only doing it that kind of person ultimately is their are there Their motivation as we have talked about that a lot but we never like overtly said that sometimes you can be a good person with like a bad motivation so perhaps APPs like Glenn was one of those people to that that representative of that also think and again. We're really taking this Glenn backstory question. I'm running it. Always reflected to me also and we talked about this and this is indicative of when he turns like a person who gets caught in a system and that's like a lot of people a lot of people are like like I gotta go to my job and I just trying to make it through the day and you're maybe not thinking you're just being told this is the right thing this company does the right thing and you may be. Don't in question it at first and you you do listen to orders and and and so I think it's like He. He reflects a type of person that exists that then ideally can can turn against the system here. The show whistle blowers are good. No you got it was right there. The whole How much of your personal beliefs theologies philosophies affected your writing for the show and how is writing the for the show Changed how you go about the world. Now that's interesting. I don't know I I wouldn't say that it's necessarily like changed my mind about anything but it has like given me occasion into like think deeper and and clarify some things about how I how I moved through the world in a way that I maybe wouldn't have done if I was you know writing about a hip young twenty. somethings hanging out. Yeah it did I. I think I felt this way before the show even more so clarified fighting kind of overall belief. I have which is and this is something we hit on like season one and I've talked about it before but the episode where Eleanor's rebelling against the idea the of boycotting a coffee shop owner who sexually harasses his employees in her take is the idea of like why they're so much bad stuff. Why even try like okay okay? You'RE GONNA boycott that while you're doing bad stuff over here and and talking a lot about that idea that is like so ingrained in the fabric of the show kind of made me realize that that's very much so my life philosophy in the sense that you can't you know. Perfect is the enemy of good. Like you you have to try the places you can. And you're you're you're GONNA mess up a million times times on the way to try to be better but it doesn't mean because you can't be perfect uterus wholeheartedly give up And so I think the show kind of crystallized that for me as a way that I very much so operated in life or try to. Yeah it was important for me just to give voice to like what a demon might think and how it just under represented just a couple more a question from the Internet. Do you feel pressure from fans to deliver on anything. Does it affect the writing process in any way these are smart listening fans right there. You can't just SORTA I wouldn't want something over it. It needs to have foundation does not why does CHEDDI. GD Not speak French. which I mean? That's sort of issue aside which was a thing that we heard attempted to address. Because it's you address. It seemed like people really wanted an answer to that. I speaking just for myself I would say that like. I don't feel a pressure about specific subject matter or characters or ideas or anything like that but there is a sort of pressure of knowing that a lot of people care about it very deeply yes and just feeling responsibility to like do a good job work hard heart and and make something that people who really love something. We'll continue to love and maintain a certain level of the humor in quality onto him. Yeah and I think the like the fan base being so into the show is such a lovely lovely thing that we all appreciate a great deal and so we yeah we we want people to be happy with how it ends. Is there anything about the way Mike runs room. That that when you're running your own rooms you'll you'll model. Yeah I mean I think we all kind of she'll if if we are so lucky we will take pretty much everything he does and try to emulate that I I think for me and not to say that other shows don't have this but the thing that I appreciate the most about the show and then I would like to Carry forward on other shows. I work on or Creator. Whatever is like that? It's that it's about something that it's it's answering some kind of question or about a thing. That people struggle with in their lives and that is as an. It's not it's funny and it's it's care a lot about it being funny but that at the end of the day it felt immensely satisfying that I it was about this incredibly large question. How should we treat other each out? There that I think I would like to take forward with me. Mike is not only like an immensely talented writer. He's also like very decisive and has a very clear vision of what he wants to show to be. And that debt makes him very fun to work for interest. I mean because when you talk about you talked earlier about mythology algae and religion and like all these many ideas that we have. In addition to all the philosophy that has ever existed like we could essentially like shotgun endless ideas at Mike and he would would pick the ones that he liked very quickly and very decisively. And that's that's a fun way to work when you feel that. There's a very strong hand on the helm. Does he read it down or does he just have a file system in brain he has insane recall. Really Yeah I mean you've seen I think you've seen him just like pitch out whole stories. Oh I mean he's he's had me down and talked for an hour about what season four was what the finale would be. It's UNCANNY. Yeah I he did it once And you came around the corner Dan you you were your officers right around the corner and I think you could hear him telling me about season four when we got to the answer you came around and leaned on the wall and said I'm working on this right now. Oh I just WanNa see if I'm in the BALLPARK. Yeah the other thing that Mike is also particularly good at anything that maybe you don't realize until you work in TV is like. TV's is weird thing where you're writer and you have an idea and if you are lucky enough that it goes to series all of a sudden you're like the CEO of this Mini Corporation and all of a sudden you're just a writer but then you get put in charge of not only a writing staff but directors and script supervisors and producers and Art Department all these different departments mints. And it's it's not an easy jump for a lot of people to make and that's not their fault. It's a really hard thing to do. especially if you're primarily a creative person and it's not a natural extension of that skill yeah. Most people who are great writers aren't also great managers and I think part of the reason. People love working for Micheals. He's also just a great manager and that way and it's it's that is the thing that is so rare. I think there are a lot of wonderful writers in Hollywood. There may be not so many wonderful writers who can also manage people. It's a different brain pathway for sure I remember when I realised Somebody pointed out I think is in college they were like the natural promotion path for a seasoned schoolteacher is not to become principal. That's a different thing that the different. That's exactly right. Yeah or like Michael. Jordan Gordon sucks at being a GM. Yes I was about to say that very and I'm he knows Lola Bunny you'd love it also comes from the top down. I mean you hear about a lot of shows that are hard to work on and it's because the people the top their attitude the two might be different Expected to work until one. Am right well. That's that was what I was GonNa say is like they still make a good show without working and have devised and and insulting people. Exactly 'cause it's like what you were saying that he's decisive but it's not like my way or the highway he's always open to suggestion. He's always Willing to here alternatives and you know the best idea wins wherever it comes from exactly and then on top of that just like. We're we're usually out by dinner. You know what I mean like. They're like it's not like there's no sense in the room like this is the most important thing in the universe and and we can and certainly like figure stuff out tomorrow you know and there are certain work environments where that is not the case particularly I show like this with its breadth breadth and complexity like allowing people to have lives. Outside of work makes a better show. You'd better people. Have you read things you've do. You have other their experiences. You knew bring it back when you come to work the next day I I've also taken like just into my own writing just that you can have a positive positive uplifting show. That's still funny like I don't think I really like internalized that before working on the show. It's like Oh you don't have to be like mean and punch down like you can have it be life-affirming that's pretty great. Has It hit you yet. But you're not going back. What are you trying to do as mark? uh-huh I think when the finale airs and then you had the realization that there is never another episode again. I think that is one. It'll like headman. I still feel like in. It doesn't quite feel like over There was a speaking of room. Bits rudge Josh. Siegal started doing this Rome bit because he emotionally couldn't handle the idea of the show ending was that he was constantly pitching a spin off. Show where Michael and Janet Solve Offs Space Crimes. wrote that into Ed so So I guess that's sort of that. Joke has really helped hope to me. Not Think about the show because I I do sort of Global Josh will do the space crime show and it will all be together forever. Yeah what's it's next. What are you up to now I'm working on the third season of AP Bio Hey which will soon premiere in twenty twenty on the peacock which she's NBC's streaming network. That's correct excellent. And I am. I'm developing projects. I don't even know what you can or can't say I. I wonder him that. Sounds very very sorry. VESTA terrible question of development and staffing does make me. Think though. What's the latest with the wgn? The you guys are have have planted flags about packaging and reps and With the latest The latest as far as I know is that negotiations are still ongoing. They are the committee is is talking to agencies. There's been a number of like smaller to mid cheer agencies who've signed on and are happily representing writers in that way and then the the big four as they're called them you me CA. Ah I see him. UTA are TVD We'll see what happens. It's it's looking for clients. TBT DT everyone TVD but Yeah it's been interesting. It's been an interest it's been a while now. It's been since April. It's pretty in April two thousand eighteen April nineteen. Yeah yeah who are you seeing more attention as an actor mark. Am I seeing. What more attention as an doctor? You have more time for you literary agent so you are. You're yeah minor league since I mean no. Yes but the the after or not Literary Lizzy Pace. What's next for you? I am available for hire as a writer and I guess podcast or now now European Chester. Now yes I am. I work on a bachelor podcast game of roses and also writing a book. Where can people find how to win the bachelor? It's available wherever you get your podcast. I have a crazy pitch bachelorette be the ooh. How would your boyfriend feel about that? I think it would be supportive. Yeah Yeah that's beautiful. He understands that getting to mine. INSTAGRAM followers is the ultimate goal. So now I'm just doing stand up is going fine. How's it going good? Yeah it's good are the road. Yeah terrible is it terrible. I I don't know what's happening right now. Not your sets the row. Not the material is a terrible. I Okay I am terrible at it and the road is terrible. No It's good. It's very funny. You should come out. Okay you specifically what. I'll do a one show show you. What the Brea Improv? Yeah okay I'll just do like we'll all do it at a coffee shop for you. Love it Joe Mandy what's good. What's good I look I'm just happy. The basketball is in full swing and the NBA. To me is very good. It's one of the few things in the universe I cherish and You are being serious. Yeah Entra I love. Traveling is good in basketball. Yeah they should. They should stop calling calling that as a penalty. I love traveling. I couldn't do this content. Dan has been terrorized for so solon by this exact kind of cowering in his chair rubbing his eyes. Yeah I have so many photos from writers his head buried in his hands. It's just so sad about what's happening with the quote unquote adults and start again in ten or fifteen minutes. Yeah usually what happens. get-back-to-work act work Lizzie Pace. What's good oh I have a ever real one who? La County is voting on the reform L. A. Jails Initiative in March twenty. Twenty money to Develop plan to reduce jail populations and redirect the cost savings into alternatives. To incarceration. We basically spend uh-huh billion dollars a year on the La County jail system. Its largest in the county seventy percent of the people there for addiction mental health struggles and fifty percent of the people are are there. 'cause they haven't been convicted of anything but they can't afford bail so you can learn more at reform Elliott jails dot com very largest in the county demon county our country country sorry. La County Gelson largest in the country. Dan Scofield. What's good I I mean it's a cheat but I'll do it? You asked about like how he would feel once this was all done and because this was four years and because it like gave me opportunity to like read a bunch of academic books like working on this show in a lot of ways felt like college and you're setting as a good thing thing I'm citing is a good thing. Yeah Very Fun and learned a lot and learned a lot about myself and In a similar way to college I think I'll always feel like sort of an alum of this show and I think I will feel a connection to all of these people and It was just from start to finish the best experience that I got could imagine. And so this this show will always be very good Stansky. I I can't talk. Vat Ah what are we doing here. What's good I was GonNa do a longer one? I'll make it quick Jomon. diesels these t shirts that say we live in Hell L.. They're very funny. You should go to his website. Joe Mandy Dot Com. He didn't ask me to do. My husband owns one and every time he wears it around the house. It makes me laugh. It's very funny. Hey so go by. We live in hell t shirt from Joe. Yeah again I speak for the demons. I would personally like to thank those who who attended the total working shirt show Last night here in Los Angeles it supports the Detroit. Creativity project a five zero one C three nonprofit that I co created in twenty any twelve. We offer Improv. Classes free of charge in Detroit middle and high schools I would like to think. NBC as well for their support they come came out and they brought Two giant forks for or photo opportunities one on stage and won the lobby the couch. And the that was your life signed from From season four of the good place backdrops and interviews and all sorts of things. Everyone who attended got a lapel pin the first several hundred people that came in got Brady Bunch sweatshirts. It was incredible support and we are so thankful the attendees to that event last night provided a full year's tuition for one hundred and fifty over one hundred fifty are students in the Improv project. And I am thankful. I'm thankful that you guys well. Thanks for being here John. Stansky Joe Mandy. Dan Scofield was he pays. Thank you thanking. Sorry this has been a good place. The podcast I'm Mark Kevin Jackson. Thank you for listening now. Go do something good well. Good place stands. That's one more episode episode in the book. How you're using the word stand now? I'm hip would a not hit person. Be Shipping Chidi and eleanor. There's hard I told you Michael. Stay away from youth culture. It's not for you but I liked talking like this fan boy you listeners. Can't see him right now but he is definitely dabbing. GotTa go see you next time. Good place the podcast listeners. We stand you back. Wait up the good place. PODCAST is hosted hosted by Marc Evan Jackson produced by grant rudder edited and produced by Trade Booty bitty written and produced by Lizzie. Pace later okay.

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