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Several still missing also a second emergency on the runway new images of the charter flight that skidded into the water in Florida survivors, balancing, all the wings in the rain and the grim news about pets on board. Plus the death toll rising after that factory explosion near Chicago. The building too dangerous to be searched race for twenty twenty the Democratic Front runners campaigning hard in early. Primary states Senator Bernie Sanders telling us the key issues that separate him from Joe Biden and that ugly moment at one rally that is uniting to candidates kidnapping mystery. The amber alert for the missing five year old her stepfather telling police he was attacked and knocked out and when he woke up. Up the little girl was gone and the derby uproar the finish. And then the historic reversal the first horse over the line stripped of the title because of a foul will show you frame by frame. What happened eating sees? This is ABC news tonight and good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Sunday. I'm Tom yomas. And we begin with two different era accidents on opposite sides of the globe. New images of the rescue of a military charter flight in Florida in a moment. But first the horrifying images of a passenger jet. Inflames look at that making an emergency landing at the busy international airport in Moscow. The flame seemed just outside the window captured from inside the burning plane by a passenger and other passengers rushing down emergency slides than running away. There were seventy eight people on board or than half of them have died the Russian-Made plane had just taken off from that very same airport when the pilot declared an emergency anti. Investigators are looking for answers ABC's. Julia McFarland starts us off tonight. These horrifying images of a commercial passenger jet carrying nearly eighty people engulfed in flames as it barrels down a Moscow runway on look his capturing these shocking images columns of black smoke rising from the aircraft this surveillance video showing the plane appearing to bounce as it tries to land then catching fire passengers leaping from the front of the Bunning across onto an inflatable slide. Staggering as they made their way to safety the problem in this crash was that the back end of the airplane was on fire. And so the scape shoots the escape doors in the back of the airplane were not usable the era flawed Sukhoi superjet one hundred took off from Moscow heading for the northern city of Mamani when according to the airline. It was forced to turn back due to technical reasons. The plane attempting an emergency landing at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. Seventy-three passengers on five crew on board the aircraft, which is may. Made in Russian flown almost exclusively in Russia has a very poor safety record in a very poor reliability record tonight at least forty one believed to be dead including two children. Julia McFarland joins us live. Julia the images and the news just Jeb dating from this accident and Russian authorities now launching a criminal investigation, Tom. That's right tonight. The Russian Prime Minister has ordered a criminal investigation into wall caused this plane's accent. Meanwhile, dozens of passengers remain at the port that currently receiving psychological and medical attention from emergency services that Tom no doubt, they will need both of those. All right. Julia. Thank you and out of the other era accident that military charter flight that skidded off the runway in Jacksonville, Florida, the plane landing in the river, the fuselage cracking open and tonight new video showing passengers see them. They're standing on the wing waiting to be rescued in the rain with lightning in the air. Crews are now trying to lift the plane to recover. The cockpit voice recorder ABC's, Victor oquendo is. On the scene. Jacksonville again tonight. Tonight. The stunning images. Hus- injures standing on the wings in the middle of a storm. Waiting to be rescued from that plane that overran a Jacksonville runway sliding into a river. It just seems like America seemed surreal I keep replaying. The the bang the sound the crushing down the collision in my head and just being out until that wing and seeing that we're surrounded by water, which is something that freaked me out. We're now learning the aircraft carrying one hundred and forty-three people took on water when it made the terrifying landing Friday night. It's pretty chaotic people were head were bouncing around the head thrown around quite a bit. Some unfortunate people had forgot to secure their seatbelts. So they were flying over the seats in front of them those on board. Tell us the top of the plane cracked on impact passenger door wing Silva recording these images as he was being rescued. We got women and children first on the wrath, and what the rat was the paramedic, go direct ashore. And then we did that about maybe three times twenty two people were sent to hospitals but miraculously everyone survived sadly, the pets on board or feared dead. Said the base commander said divers were in the water today. Trying to retrieve them from the cargo hold the Boeing seven thirty-seven was tortured by the department of defense carrying military and civilians from cantata Moby Cuba to the naval air station. Jacksonville. NTSB investigators back on the scene Sunday trying to determine a cause seen here. Examining the ground marks made by the landing gear. Weather is being looked at as a possible contributing factor and Victor joins us again tonight from a boat on the Saint John's river, we can see the plane bear in the distance investigators making progress today already retrieving the flight data recorder. But the cockpit voice reporter is still in the plane. That's right, Tom, and it's a critical piece of evidence. It's located in the tail of the plane as you take a look behind me, you can actually see some investigators on the wing right now. But the tail of the plane is still underwater, and they can't get to it until the plane is removed, and they're still looking at options on how to do that Tom Victor oquendo on the water again for us tonight right at the scene of the accident. Victor thank you next to the painful, wait for the family of a worker missing. After a factory explosion outside of Chicago. The explosion caught on surveillance video you see it there. The shell of the building so dangerous. They're having trouble searching inside three people are now confirmed dead and officials just reporting some of them died trying to save others ABC's Acura quiche with the investigation. Tonight officials are trying to uncover the cause of that deadly chemical. Explosion. But the area is still too dangerous. Officials say tonight that one person has died in the hospital they have removed another body from the building. And a second body has been located. They're still searching for one more person. That's unaccounted for. Surveillance cameras caught the explosion in that trembling aftershock the blast bent still beams and blew out, doors and windows of businesses blocks away blue in all the windows on the front of our building and all along the side of the buildings, but it even blew in all our garage doors and there. Workers could be seen beginning the long cleanup. It happened around nine thirty Friday night, the blast igniting massive fireballs shooting into the sky. The death toll at the Joaquin Illinois silicon plant could have been worse a cleaning crew had just left the individuals at Parast in this incident. Worked just trying to say they actually saved the lives of the colour. Tom the blast could be felt twenty miles away. Officials say they've worked through about half of that building. But are still waiting for special equipment? They need to get the job done. Tom. Just too dangerous to search inside. All right Zachary. Thank you next to politics. The race for twenty twenty is heating up tonight. The two Democratic Front runners campaigning hard in early. Primary states Senator Bernie Sanders telling us the key issues that separate him from former vice president Joe Biden who jumped in little over a week ago and the ugly moment at one political rally that is uniting to candidates. Here's ABC White House. Correspondent Tara Palmeri tonight. Democrats are campaigning hard in key primary states trying to stand out in a crowded field. Senator Bernie Sanders on a two day swing through Iowa. Making the case to our Jonathan Karl that he's a stronger candidate than Joe Biden. I'm sure you saw Joe Biden say that he is the most progressive candidate in this race. Joe is a good friend of mine and not to attack show. I think if you look at Joe's record, and you look at my record. I don't think there's much question about who's more progressive and then taking a swing at the front runner, but saving most of his firepower for President Trump. We are all going to come together to defeat the most dangerous president in modern American history. And that is Donald Trump. Biden taking that message to South Carolina and extending an olive branch to Republicans saying President Trump doesn't represent their party. We really are at a place where literally our democracy is the steak right now, the former vice president highlighting his years of foreign policy experience, claiming at least fourteen heads of state have contacted him. Since Trump became president, the White House acting chief of staff says Trump isn't feeling threatened. I think he's just the latest flavor of the day. I think you know, next week it'll be somebody else with the Democrats. The mayor of some town was on time magazine yesterday. Former Texas congressman beta war coming to that mayor Pete Buddha. Judges defense after he was heckled by protesters in his home state for being openly gay the hatred directed towards people judge last night was not reflective Representative of my state or of this country. Let's turn to the president. Now, Tara Palmeri joins us from the. White House in Tara. We heard in your piece there that the president isn't threatened by potential twenty twenty opponents. But in Washington he is still trying to manage fallout from the mullahs report now saying he no longer supports the special counsel, Robert Muller testifying before congress. That's right. Tom, President Trump is making a clear tweeting Robert Muller should not testify. Meanwhile, Democrats are putting increasing pressure on special counsel, Robert Muller to appear before congress. We know the House Judiciary committee has reached out to him, and they are still trying to finalize a hearing date. But nothing is set. Tom. Kiro Palmeri for us Tara. Thank you and President Trump's former lawyer and fix Michael Cohen is going to prison tomorrow. He was seen enjoying his last hours of freedom here in Manhattan this weekend. And he's suggesting he will have something to say before going behind bars. Are you going to have a press conference before you leave on Monday? Again, what do you plan to say at the press conference? Cohen is sent to serve three years for tax evasion line to congress and campaign finance crimes involving hush money payments to stormy Daniels on behalf of the president and from overseas. North Korea's state media releasing new images of its latest test launch leader Kim Jong UN observing live fire drills of long range, multiple rocket launchers and unspecified tactical guided weapons the move seen as a provocation after talks between the US and North Korea. Stalled after President Trump and Kim met in Hanoi in February next to that stunning reversal at the Kentucky Derby, the undefeated horse maximum security finishing first and declared the winner twenty minutes later stripped of the title judges say he ran in front of other horses the victory going to the longshot country house. So how is this? We never saw a call like that before ABC's Diane Macedo with the answers. It's being called the most controversial Kentucky Derby ever for the first time in the racist. One hundred and forty four year history. The first horse to cross the finish line is not the winner. Second-place finisher country house named derby champion. It all centers on this moment at the end of the final turn watch as the undefeated favorite maximum security shifts to his right coming out of his lane and interfering with a nearby horse maximum securities rear heels, come very close if not actually clipping the front heels of war of will. And so there was clearly interference here if there is any interference that in any way affect the outcome. The offending horse has to be taken down. You can hear Jackie lease. I s mentioned right after the race the young horse. Got scared by the crowd noise, the grown was screaming. And he's a baby, you know, while Sayas was celebrating to other jockeys were filing objections. Arguing the champion horse made a foul and should be disqualified and then the wait for nearly twenty two minutes. The crowd was in suspense, the jockeys on the phone with the judges waiting for information. And then the verdict. History. The horse crossed the line. First has been disqualified the favorite disqualified and replaced by a sixty five to one longshot. But ESPN's berry Abram says the result, isn't that rare. What happens every day in this sport all across the country. Just not in the Kentucky Derby, even maximum securities trainer later alluded to the foul. Could you describe what you just saw as you watch the replay? It looked like he'll came out a little bit on the one horse country house. The first derby champion to win by objection. The owner of maximum security is reportedly planning an appeal and possible legal action. But for now country house is the derby winner and headed to the Preakness. It's unclear if maximum security will run that race as well. Tom an incredible moment in sports, right? Diane. Thank you next to the rough weather stretching from the Gulf up to the northeast this weekend, ominous, clouds and forty five mile per hour. Wind gusts in Marianna, Florida treacherous driving in blinding rain. Your Montgomery Alabama were down trees were tangled up in fallen power lines. And tonight, a new severe weather threat of shaping up for another potentially violent week across the country. ABC senior meteorologist, rob Marciano. Tracking it on rob. It's already coming down where you are. Yeah. This storm just won't quit on. We'll get rid of the next several hours, but it's going to rain heavily until then here it is on the radar scope there center is just off the coast of Atlantic City. This will clear by morning, but wet until then you mentioned the severe weather. We've got several watch boxes up tonight from Oma back to the Oklahoma panhandle into the Rio Grande big hail and big win with this and no rumble through midnight. This sets the stage for the next system. That's gonna come in and set up shop for the entire week much light last week. And this is a classic tornadoes setup. So we'll look for the potential for that across the high plains on Tuesday across the Mississippi valley on Wednesday and the Ohio valley and the Great Lakes on Thursday, so huge wealth and potential damaging storms this week. And on top of that some heavy rain over areas that do not need any more moisture, Tom. Alright, rob. Thank you much. More head hero world news tonight. This Sunday the wild chase caught on dash Cam. The runaway pickup losing control police hauling in thousands of drugs cash and weapons plus the desperate search for missing five year old girl possibly abducted police asking for your help tonight and the intense brush with death for college students in choir. Cotton his fiery highway crash what they did. Right after it happened. Stay with us. Simply safe is award winning home security that knows it feels good to feel secure in your home blizzards blackout burglars. Simply safe protects you through it all twenty four seven try simply safe with free shipping and free returns. You'll get a sixty day risk-free trial to order now and have your home protected within a week. Go to SimpliSafe dot com slash now. To get started today that simply safe dot com slash now. Be sure to visit the site. So they know we sent you get cash back for shopping. You were already going to do racket in is a free member base. Loyalty program that lets you earn cashback on shopping it over twenty five hundred stores like Macy's best buy Nike and more. Shop online and earn a percentage of every purchase. You make up to forty percent cashback every three months members are paid the pay pal or another method. Sign up today at racketed dot com. That's our A K U T E N dot com. Back now with that deadly. Chain reaction crash involving a bus carrying university choir taking to the stage for an emotional performance. Just hours later, here's ABC's MARCY Gonzales, flames, tearing through a tour bus along a California freeway part of a multi vehicle pile up. Rescuers desperately trying to pull people from the wreckage. The driver of this SUV killed on board that bus the world renowned alien choir traveling from oakwood university in Alabama. It was like a nightmare. We were hit so hard. My glasses flew off of my face, some rushing to help as the fire spread to other vehicles. We could air shouts outside. That were trying to open doors of the other vehicle incredibly the eighteenth students in two staff members walking away without serious injuries. Whatever you seen right now is worse and just hours later. Stepping onto the stage in San Francisco, wearing the emotion of what they survived and the only clothing they were left with until tonight this couple donating new suits and shoes. What do you think? Yes. Preparing this resilient group for another perspective filled performance this evening. We take this thing called life for granted. And this has really taught me that that life can be gone in an instant and more donations are coming in for that choir tonight. They are so appreciative of the generosity and how fortunate they are to be okay. One member Tom says the songs they perform have more meaning than ever now. Horrific crash, truly. Alright marcy. Thank you'll time. Now for the index and the amber alert issued for a little girl possibly kidnapped Houston. Police say me Davis is five years old suffering from brain trauma. Her stepfather says she was in the car when he was attacked by two men in route to the airport. He says she was missing when he came to police are asking for the public's help tonight to help solve this case. Also tonight, a wild police chase in South Carolina, just north of Charleston, look at this visuals just releasing this dramatic dash Cam video showing that suspect on the run but losing control of his pickup flipping it over then as an officer approaches with gun drawn the suspect taking off on foot. Police eventually have him saying they ceased tens of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine cash and several guns at Michigan State University some anxious moments at the graduation ceremonies the schools acting president collapsing on stage as students were getting their diplomas rushed to the hospital. University officials calling an incident they say he's now at home with family recovering from that fall. And a sheriff's deputy in Texas may be charged with a crime for this exchange. Houston. Prosecutors determining whether to charge the officer for inviting the sixty one eight a slap then knocking him to the ground in arresting him this all happening outside of an I hop last fall charges against the man had been dropped the deputy reportedly on active duty ever since filing tonight America, strong, the donation by nursing school student Thisiis all about the power of friendship. Here's ABC's every Russia these images of too carefree, childhood friends. Deanna wrecked and walled, Geno. Mayes Japan lived in the neighborhood. And we kind of grew up together, then Jenna moved away. But the two stayed in touch mom limited fast forward more than a decade later to a Facebook post from Diana's family. The now nineteen year old diagnosed with outposts syndrome in stage five kidney failure, desperate to find a donor for a transplant at I twenty one year old Jenna just about to graduate nursing school says she didn't give it too much thought until what she calls a little divine intervention. I just felt the voice, I don't know just. Unique felt application when Jenna flew in for testing. The two reunited as Deanna lay on dialysis in her hospital bed tapped her shoulder, and she turned around, and she just started sobbing, then an emotional FaceTime conversation confirming the news that would change both of their lives. They wanna say something Jenna was a match. Bond built on history. And now a brighter future. I'm just incredibly blessed to have such an amazing brand light genita- actually donate to me area. Rush. Chef ABC news that transplant set for June. Twentieth. We think real for that report. We thank you for watching. I'm Tom Jameson York. G may first thing in the morning, David Muir, right back here. Tomorrow night have a great evening. Good night alarm panic, there are dozens of words for fear, but just one for exceptional home security to stop beer at your door. Simply safe. Simply safe is twenty four seven protection for your home with no contract. No hidden fees and fair, honest pricing. Simply safe is offering a sixty day risk-free trial that includes free shipping and free returns. Go to SimpliSafe dot com slash now. To get started today.

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