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Uh-huh. Watch what crap ins would like to think it's premium sponsors Aaron mcnicoll is she don't miss. No trick lists just saying. Okay. Risky roure. Dougherty. Ashley bony. She don't take noble Nonni Kelly Barlow when she goes Barlow, we go. Hi, lo Megan bird. You can't have a burger without the bird and thing like Alison king begging the slayer Taylor Sarah Greenwood, she only uses her power for good hammock got enough that banana Anderson hot dang. It's Jessica dang these Wallin's. Now, that's what I call wanting -ment of Negi la- Weber and are super premium patriot subscribers Suzy go onto been Meena coochie coochie COO, g Kelli grant, the grant master give them. Hell miss. No L. Let's get racy with miss Stacy, Shannon out of a cannon Anthony incredible. Edible Matthews sisters solo que with Wellington DuPree and Lizzy Drucker fine. From we love you guys. Rabbit? Hello. Welcome to watch. What happens the podcast about? All that crap. We just left to talk about on L bribes. I'm Ronnie Ronnie care, you can find me ever other as pricks Basser podcast as well. Get your ass over there do it and with that cool gist. Nice drew, my heart been mantle ker of the kitchen, the real housewares of kitchen island over on the hobby being high knife to your heart or aero happy. Valentine's? Happy Valentine's Day people with Levin their lives. Yeah. Work husband. Yeah. Happy masturbation while you cry day to the rest. Oh, yeah. How you doing? Ronnie good. I'm still over here in Austin just having fun time with my family being with going on over there. Well, it's raining here in Los Angeles. I couldn't be happier. It's been a really wild few days. A lot of people saw on our Instagram story. I was privileged enough to be able to go to the real house. Beverly Hills premiere party and since you're at a town. I brought a brought along Laura from a sexy podcast, and we had just the most hilarious fun time. It was so fun. And I was like all excited to like talk to some people whatever, but I didn't really get to talk to too many of the wives because they were pretty much in and out. They were like there were they showed up around a little bit to the cast Boto. And they all apparently went over to Craig's across the street. But it was still so cool seeing them in person Kyle looked antastic. I was like damn wow, Kyle Richards. She's really like she's doing great. I mean, teddy looked great. I love how like this is. What matters the most how they looked. But honestly, it's like the most that I really got out of any of them. So teddy looked fantastic. They all actually really all. They all great received was on crutches and. Hot on crutches, which I liked. So the only one I talked to people I talked to Renna replay because we met rented before. Hi, hi, how are you? And then. And her hair was like Down's whose during a different look, I loved it. I'm like, this is the this is the Renna look that we need, you know. Of refresh. God that's like the first time in two decades. And they you go bit. Yeah. And then I'm so I didn't I really just I didn't really get to to anyone. But I went up to teddy. As like, I was like, hey, can I get with you just lead? Like, I'm like, I'm gonna get the photo. I before anything else just like down one photo. Some like my hey got a photo. She was like, sure. And I said, I'm Ben afterwards. I was like I'm Ben from watch crap. She was oh my God. Like, she did it with like that like that sound of recognition like she knew. What? What awesome? Yeah. And then I go, I I apologize. Terrible people and she laughed and then like walked away. She's like, well, at least he said it. So I didn't have to exactly, but what was so cool is that when I pose the photo on Instagram yesterday. She tweeted at us and goes, hi, I'm teddy, which was like, I know that was gold. I'm gonna put that on the gold plaque for the Ben Ben hall of fame. That was that was a special moment. So then so Laura, and I and Abby lar- brought her for abbey who doesn't watch any of these shows, but she was just the time. And anyone who watched this on Instagram like ABBIE was like the real breakout star of our Instagram story. So we walked out once it was apparent that. Like all the Beverly Hills housewives had left, and by the way, Lisa Vanderbilt was not there. She apparently was there. Like right in the beginning, the first minute took a picture and then left so we're like the season. Yeah. Exactly. So we were like, you know, what? Like Renan's gone, we we wanted to actually find Renna. So we're like maybe Renna is at like, sir or palm or something like that. So we went to, sir. And no one was there from the house wads, but Tom Sandoval was behind the bar. He was he was like bartending. So he lets us days. Yes. To Tuesdays, and he was like hounded. And like there was like a group of people just ordering from Tom, and they're like literally to other bartenders standing there that no one was wondering drinks from that was that was hilarious still pull tips over there. Yeah. Seriously. So then we were like, well, maybe the next maybe it leases that pump. Of course is at pomp. So he walked up to pomp, and we didn't even go in. I just ask the bartender is Lisa in there. He's like, no she's at tom-tom relic. Yes. So we went over to Tom Tom, and we got a booth basically next to lease. Remember that table that we sat at remember. After my birthday, we went there long table on the outside. So we got the first booth on the inside that was next to that table on the outside. So we had a great view of like Pandora and Ken and Lisa and there was like there was like three different dogs. And so I was like taking these like. I was like taking video because that's that's do in your drunk, and you're in a place like, Tom, Tom, you hidden Pandora video. You should have jumped up like John Stalin cadre doing something. I know what would you do? What would you do? If you've been caught designing cocktails for the bar that we're supposed to be made by the bartenders. So. So then so I was taking these videos and at one point I was like checking my Email, but my phone was up. Look like, I was taking a sneaky video and Lisa walked out. And I was like shit. It looks like I'm doing what I was doing like two minutes ago, but I'm actually not doing it. So I literally just go to her because she looks over like Hello. She like that look like she knows. And I go believe it or not. I'm actually not taking a stocking video of you. And I turned my phone around to show is like an empty screen just and then she squeeze my arm and walked away. Oh, I love it. You got your you've got your arm squeeze from Vander pumps. Yeah. So that was just that the whole story. There was not not a huge amount of fireworks. But I just wanted everyone to know the Bravo liberties that we encounter to end we interact with awkward ways while I was cracking up because I was watching the stories here while I was cutting my thighs and. Head you something like oh. We just ask the gay guy. Like, a West Hollywood gay is. The house wise, and he said, well, some of them are over there. But we saw Kyle leaf crying. You know, this guy on the street when we're doing one of our stories. Thank you, this the biggest piece of of the biggest piece of dirt. So we're walking and we were talking loudly apparently about one defined Renna somewhere. And as gay just walks up. You looking for the housewives. We're like, yeah. He's like, well, they're all like Grassi's module. We know we just came from there. We think that they think that they might be there at pumper at Craig's while they're definitely not at crags like, oh, really. He's like, yeah. And one of them is crying like who's crying, Paris Hilton's? And then he got into a car and drove away like, I'm not even joking. He was just like angry. He was like gossiping in a very angry way. And so for some reason Kyle was crying. But by the way. Desert us in. I'm glad she spent her night cried you earned that Kyle. But the thing is that that they did go to Craig's them means that his Intel was wrong, which means that the crying could be wrong to. But I like the crying I feel like that's a really good piece of Intel. And I think that was true. Yeah. I feel like even if he didn't see it. I feel like how did leave somewhere crying that night because? Yeah. Those ladies really thought that they were going to have them all out war on Lisa Vanda pump the first night. It's like just reading the Twitter the Twitter comments from the next day. People are going crazy on them. And I'm cracking both idiots. They always misfire. You know? Yeah. Well, if Kyle is crying. Here's could be my guess, I I'm not sure about this. But I feel like I heard that Marie show is a producer on Mexican dynasties. Did you hear that? Is that me and my head didn't hear it? Now, if he is here's my theory. It's conditional theory if Maria was a producer, then so the party. Was the part of it is basically a real house Beverly Hills party. But it was also a like welcome to Bravo party for Mexican dynasties. So it was all like there's a lot of like the whole Mexican dynasties cast was there there was like like Marriott, you banned all this stuff. So it was very much like this is for Mexican dynasties. So I wouldn't be surprised if you know, the women they do their vote and everything there, and then they leave. I wouldn't be surprised if Kyle's like, but this is like really important to marine patio, and they like like like, why are they leaving like, you know, I don't know what to do 'cause I wanna be with Mike estimates. But I want to my husband. I imagine that one of those stupid, Betty cries, which I love I'm watching that. She just opened Twitter. What a open saying. By the way. I mean, I know we're gonna talk about real houses New Jersey. But this this is important Bravo's up. And I think I feel like this season Beverly Hills. We're gonna have to be on the pulse of all of this every single day. So we're gonna have a lot to talk about in the next bonus episode next week because there's rumors Vicky was fired the real housewives of New York tag lines came out. What else happened a bunch of stuff happened? So that bonus next week. It's going to be really good. So basically, just horrible things. And then Teddy's blog came out basically saying Lisa it was a big setup and lease. It was pretending that she didn't know she set up her employees to talk about it on camera. But obviously did which I think that obviously she I think it's pretty obvious to town. Yeah. I mean, they didn't just happen to be sitting there with the reits dog. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Which again, I'm fine with it, which we can talk about on that show because did the deed, so fucker but bay. Base. Most of these someone posted on Facebook, just all the nasty comments. Teddy was getting on her blog just on Twitter people saying what I read that blog. I didn't see what was so crazy like offensive and like like anger inducing about it. I was like, okay. I just had to be like daddy. So anyway, talk about that late. We'll talk about. Season came back. Just juicy can't believe everybody's talking about Beverly Hills again. It's not. Yeah. Fire time Centric. Yeah. I actually watched again last night with some friends, and it took us about ninety minutes to get through it because there's so much pausing and discussing and like theory making and like how much at least this part of what Lisa's game plan here. And this is Kyle doing her thing. And it was like it was like the what is that was that famous JFK things yet as uprooted, Phil. That's what it felt like so it's like that was the first episode. So this gets Eason, but we're actually not here to talk about really hills. Where we're here to talk about real house has New Jersey. I must New Hampshire which would have been hilarious. But even before we do that real quickly next week. We are going to just for laughs in Vancouver. So if you're in the Pacific northwest, please come see us. It's going to be a fabulous time. We'll have Patine together. They'll be celebrities. Let's let's just go find Seth Rogan and take a big photo with. Okay, because he will be there at our show. Maybe maybe he will. Go to go to our website watcher crap dot com for that or Jeff L northwest dot com to get your tickets, please get your tickets for that. It's going to be amazing south by south west. We're going to be there in March. We've heard that already like thousand people have signed up. So those would be really when those when those passes tickets, whatever become available. It's that's going to be a hot ticket to get. So keep you be sure to be on top of that one. That's yeah. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Ronnie. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The venue only hills three hundred so it's gonna be that's gonna be hot ticket. And then then we have all our other great shows Cincinnati Portland and Boston promise. Do the song today. We got Sanson Atty. Boston portland. Phoenix, Milwaukee Manasota com. See us will buy you a soda, and that's all of the song to day. Oh, that's pretty good. Very nice. Very well written thanks event. Go get your pop art t shirts over at crap in Smerch dot com. They're only available a couple more weeks. It's Luana as an Andy Warhol painting. And it's amazing, and you can also get leggings which look insane. And I can't wait to get my stand Irvine. Just go back everyone, mentally and insert that into the song. Okay. So today is the real housewives of New Jersey. Yes. New jersey. Congratulations, New Jersey, so good. What a great season. Congratulations. You're back. But you know, the fights and stuff have been really fun. This has been a Superfund should watch and really really extra to cover. But yet, you know, everybody gets to headed themselves. This is the best season of jersey ever. Okay. Guys calmed down because this episode reminded us. No, no what his. Because you see all these storylines season-long storylines of people that amounted to nothing, and they were storylines to begin with. But like Melissa sister storyline and with her taking over the counter lady when he's three and me or something. Yeah. There was a lot of sloppy storytelling that the women just push through their like, we'll make this work. Even though like, I'm stuck on this ridiculous narrative. Jan and Brett like what if you don't know that you have a sister already then don't bring that up as a mystery storyline. Okay. Or at least make an effort to search for your like do something. Okay. Yeah. Destiny put more than sauce. She barely showed up at least he knows she has a father, you know, like, at least that's a tangible person as opposed to like, you know, Francine from like Lodi called up Melissa and said, by the way, there's your dad had another child out there like what you know. That's that's not pretty. Good. So we get a lot of past this past season stuff. Which is why I was like, no, thanks. But we can skip all that. And then it's the ladies getting the kids ready in the morning. Yeah. Classic kids. Waking up Melissa house didn't brush their teeth. Jen. Trying to teach your kids doubled. I mean that her oldest daughter forgot her name. I wrote it down towards the gap. Maybe it's Gabby or something like that. But she is my spirit animal. Okay. There's a lot of kids on Bravo. But I love I think that are really cute. I mean Malania is one of my all time favorites, she's a classic. But this girl is totally me. You put her in the center of the center, the jumping rope and your mom just slaps you in the face with it. Okay. Welcome to my child outside. I was like upset that they were doing double Dutch inside. It's not like they have obviously room for it. But like we like what a great excuse to put the kids outside. I mean, get these kids out in the sunshine for once. Yeah. Those kids are going to have bone disease. Like, they need to go outside. You get going outside. I don't even know I'm making that up. Yes. You do you get like sudden onset parameters bone disease? Welcome to Dr Ronnie, okay. Where I don't really know anything. I just you on the head and send you outside to play. Well, that's New Jersey. So real house with New Jersey, I should say not to make our New Jersey listeners feel like they're crazies. So so then we land onto research going to some boutique that's like off the side of the highway where she meets Danielle, and it's like this old house or whatever and women with big hair. And like a weird frilly white thing on is like let me take you up to the VIP room. And they like go upstairs this like like sitting on chairs like a fenced area next to like sad gallons hanging. Like dry cleaners. This is this is real house New Jersey right here. Very very it's like, here's the attic, you know. Ladies. Her face would be like, I'm not really into this decor. I know leather face would be judging their surgery like. Damn him. They really they really went up me so Daniels like was it to go with that of our Serie bar? They. Inkling, ping, ping. They made us longs about me. It's clogged lady in red is dancing with me. But I'm not the answer with no one. So I don't understand this. Joe's is dancing with the lady and read. Like what? So what who case from federal? So what you won't take what? So regional draft was inmate an orange in made an orange dancing with me in the prison yard. Cheek-to-cheek blue tick tick tick, the Cornall. Okay. So. Angang Daniels, always smells goods and Daniels. Like do. Yeah. That's why he was in case nineteen times. And then you also six at her like, do you think I won't fucking kill you just because no one else will speak to me. We'll not just like I put on my finest Maxwell house perfume. This is how you treat me. Oda maxwell. No. So then Danielle is Danielle is of course, here for the important thing. She's like anything about it last night. Tell base spell it. Tell me what they said about me last night and Mike. Thanks. She's win advances to read vine. She spilled on. Yes. Yeah. Oh spell to throw. And all about you. How? It was a beautiful gown that I got at Filene's basement. Okay. One of a kind. Who's gonna tell tool is that the lady outdoor the lady, thank you. She out the back with him dresses, a like that what it has a slit in it. I need a slit eye. Danielle is like a living slit, you know. She is. Yeah. Hayslett that's very sexist. It sounds sank homes. Slit sounds like really one of those bio things you could say about someone, but it's actually not Georgia. This doesn't even make sense. Yeah. Terrible. It sounds like I can't believe said because honestly, it sounds like three different taboo words mixed into one. There's shit there slot and then Clinton fitness. Yeah. There's a lot. There's a lot going on there. Cut fitness. Yeah. So treats as well. My dad that Shelby cool, and is and I decided to I'm gonna stay France or demise. 'cause she's she ain't done that to me. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly DALE'S well threes. I just want to know that when the shit hits the fan. I wanna know that you have my back because I I'm going to have your back when you hit the shit hits your fan film. Wildly Malani is not gonna be there. No one's could be throwing shit. It thins. She's like, yeah. Somebody says something out of line. I mean having doing. Buckle up on hope. So youth this plastic last? So then over mule if if margin said that about plastic last, isn't it got back to Jennifer? She's like, you know, that's an insult to my has that I wouldn't even be able to have glasses there. It'd be plastic. That's an insult, Jennifer. Jennifer, just having a fit at people. Yeah. So yes, meanwhile, Jackie goes with her mom and to hair, salon to get her hair cut and colored. So they go they meet with a woman in wave who's going to do a transformation on Jackie's mom, God, I need I need people to stop just naming themselves. No, amber, just keep your name, amber gay. We'll probably your sister and her name grain get hit. Like, art. It's like me naming my waves of grape. I'm trying to think of all the words. I'm so un-american you guys. Grand for her mountain demand. Here's. Ample grave ample grain purple majesty mountain. Wave wave is like not I'm sorry. That's not a good name. I'm sorry to everyone named way we listened or to wave herself like wave. We're pretty sure that you either named yourself or your parents were high when they named you. And like, you know, we all have our own name 's, and we all have weird unique names were all special ways, but wave is just not a good name try hard name wave especially if you're a runner. Yeah. So wave wave in the hair lady. So Jackie is doing that. Every time she goes to a stadium. I'm like doing the wave. That's me. She's doing that thing where she thinks she's doing someone a favor by giving them a makeover. But it's really rude and doesn't give a shit like, honestly, my physical appearance never made me feel better about myself. And you can do what you want to my hands look on a library later and Jackie's. Well, you know, my mass never gets a she never cared about it. 'cause she thought the only way that people would think she's smart as this. She was frumpy and that kind of thinking that comes that's a behavior pattern this driven by fear. I'm like, okay. Congratulations on your article. But can you keep your talk to Laurie to yourself, ma'am? Yeah. Thanks for work. Shopping your Bergen record column with us. But let's get back to this. This this makeover, please. So Jackie like, well, mom. I've got great news. She's like what is it? Well, member how I didn't talk to my sister fifteen years. Yeah. Guess what? I said. Hey, what's up to her? Oh, you lying to me seven. I was her mom's reaction with kind of cracks me up to Jackie's like really a compulsive liar. Because that's like my favorite personality profile for a psychiatrist or anyone who considers themself any kind of therapists. Yeah. Yeah. Or give her I don't know if she's a psychiatrist, but she talks what she's trying to be Dr Phil. Yes, she's lying to me. She's like, no MAC. They're making effort to sisters. How? Sounds like it almost sounds like science fiction what science fiction she'd been reading this story. This the manuals demise and met his long lost sister. It's a story about a new invented time machine called telepho-. Two story about one woman who goes back in time to go to her sisters daughters. Bought mitzvah. We're having like VP like the books on tape. Lady back sees going to be in every recapping. Science jersey science fiction event you by Lisa Vanda palm proposed skin. So elliptic and pump do this. This store is called vein, which I thought was really funny because the store that Theresa and Danielle we're end was called so go which cracked skull. No, no the restaurant. The really. It's called so go which is so funny because it's like the worst family of the world is going there. But I it is Margaret and Jill and they're lame storyline with not talking to dad right before we get onto that though two things a that we know have to businesses that are named after the seven deadly sins and the vein I think, and then also we have talk about the actual makeover. Which is that like they were trying so hard to have like a queer eye moment with tears and hogs and everything and they like they give they give in a makeup her hair. Actually looks great. Job. Really nailed it. You know? I mean, they call her way for reason. Okay. They should call her nail as in nailed it. Because she did do that. Like Wade killed. It reaction was like who's that? On the cover of the AARP. Guess what? I look like that. Maybe it. So thanks to that. Like, so mom, you wanna cry or anything the cameras are here. Okay. I'm fine. It's nice to go into panerabread next. I didn't give a crap. But she did look amazing. I mean, that's really good, especially for jersey. 'cause I mean look at to react Theresa looks like a pop tart that got dropped in coconut oil like she looks crazy. Yeah. I thought I thought that an was gonna come out looking like one of Jennifer's gas like weird highlights strange volume and spiky elements, but it was like a very sophisticated waspy haircut. I was like wave. You you're all right. You nailed it. All email. We take it all back way. Okay. So then we get Marge and her lame storyline. Sorry. I can't went to story like call your father. That's her story line for the year. Yeah. It really is. Basically, she enjoy where they've got the takeout. What is like I plan to Joe like what is it just like food? They should call it Chinese Chinese mystery. That's few Joan. That's classic. So Brett comes over. It's like a low. He's he's like the hamburger guy from Popeye. What's his name? His name is Wimpy. And I don't wanna call them Wimpy talking. He gives me a grim vibe like grimace grimace an early bird mixed together. And it's not like making fun of his looks just like the vibe he gives yet. He does give it grimace vibe. But March as. Sorry. What did we do? Can. I be honest with you call you because family together as brothers and sisters talk to we do this with to you said, I am gonna take this paper towel, and I'm gonna I'm gonna squinted it very very hard. Okay. Squint scam. Squint wanting into a paper towel. The whole family separates. Britain's don't talk to me. You know, you're not talking to Jen. All right. Like, I'm not talking to Joe it's just getting sometimes it's just it's it's all like, you know, what he doesn't make me happy and not talking to him makes me happy. Classic. Classic. Classic brat. So yeah, I think that he should just not talk to his dad. Wow soul. So make yourself happy kid. So then Marsh does what she's she really does best which is to impart some advice while having tons of food in her mouth. You gotta talk to John. All right. I mean, like talk Janis like, I'll do it. Go. Do it. Come to that. And to do. I can't with mouth noises. I hate mouth noise. You know, there's a disease. I heard this like like disorder of some kind. It's that you can't stand the sound of mouth noises. I don't know what it is. I don't think it's disease or disorder. I think it's most most common. Most people commonsense. Yes. Most. Yeah. Exactly mouth noises. So speaking of Sogo now, we go over to circa so oh the hour. We are second botchy moment. And Bravo didn't thousand nineteen or eighteen. I don't know. I don't win. The Atlanta botchy moment was either way. So Jennifer and her family arrive at Sogo to terrorize this poor restaurant and Biloxi. Reservation. Jennifer feed. Oh. You can do it. And of course, the kids are monsters as just as us expected to be to grab the sticks and start fighting with each other. And the brother the big brothers like stop it. Because I said, and then the girls like sobbing for no reason and whining about everything. Oh, my one of the boys are it's like doing like drumsticks with chopsticks on the table all and it's just like. And there's a lot of like mom shut up. I'm not doing anything. God is just like. And then you just see like. Quick to Livia the littlest one. And for some reason she has his glasses on and she just scowling like an SAT Proctor who caught cheating. You know? And she's like Honey finish. Okay. If you take targeted by tear things then often my sips like fine, just finish it. And he's like. Like. Is coats boiling June. Ryan sport. Naughty, children hottest spoiled children. You know, I spun him a little bit cmih. I'm like, you will be sued when their privileged asked teenage asses crash their brand new car into someone's yard spoiled and have such entitlement of driving. Just yes, I predict this family. We'll have a lot of DUI's moves feature. Lots of teenage you is. Bill pulls a Gorka. And he's like, the those were job is to work and. So you to be the discipline. Administer many spankings and such. Gems like all right then. But can I bring up an issue when do you have free time? Choose to not spend it with us and spend it with your friends and hurts my feelings and make me sad for my kids. Okay. First of all that is not what you're fighting about right now, ma'am. Okay. The kids still spoils. And also like are you crazy bring this up in front of kids? Like, I don't know like way to put the kids right there in the middle because he's to very to do it on her own. So she's going to make him like she's going to corner him by doing it on camera with the kids like how terrible. He's like, ooh. But. Those don't you feel like dotes? So you feel like adults shouldn't have friends. Ooh rude. But viewed a pity in why we need to bell. And so then the kids start giving advice. Right. So the oldest daughter is like me, she's like family, and then you have friends, and it just that your family should be more important. And that's all he's like. He's like. Thank you. What do you have a Lhasa cross your pain? By rope began out of nowhere. Than than his son. Goes, you know, how like your role model for me? I don't really see it that much because you're not really around bills like, ooh. Well, sorry. I'm not around as much. I can do better about that. I'll I'll be around. Oh, that's all. I'm not in front of everyone. Yeah. Be careful what you wish for because you're about to get spanked old school style. Okay. Yeah. Fuckers you little fuckers. So they talk about how they're going to have their anniversary party. And then the hubbub grill guy tries to start gem on fire, which didn't work. Yeah. Yeah. Didn't work which is shocking because you know, there's a lot of product in that hair. But still everybody send the Sogo hibachi guy. Some tips for try please they had did they were traumatized after that. You know, I feel like that actually when he did like a smiley face of oil and lit it on fire. He was trying to dazzle them. He was trying to express his mental state. Like, my somehow will never come back, and it's been very little flame and destroyed. So. Costa shrimp? It's time for commercial. It's time for crap calmer. I was pretty much. Like, why am I watching this the shows basically wasted my time tonight? And then we get the scene we all need for the end of this Frankie Deloris any story line at the house that they did. They just read it for flipping. Okay. We just want the house here with Loris. Right. We just the house. The house. Flooring in here. There's like a wall pebble tiles. Don't look at the title gets you man. I notice it gets you meant the Lord. Okay. So she comes in Dolores comes in. What I appreciate about her. She's wearing an outfit had like two neck holes. Like there was like the normal neck hole. And then there was like a neck hole on her arm. Did you notice that? Yeah. But not the other arm. Yeah. It was like a it was like an asymmetric dual neck whole situation and look Frank. I'm being modern right now. Do you like it? Yeah. Really good. Really good. You like the flooring the Larsen ID the floor. Really good, look Frank. I ended up getting a hole near where my heart is. Which is basically standing for the hole in my heart. I got when you refuse to get Babbel's member when you fucked me on that one the pebble tiles, and then look at the and by the way, listen to Dolores. Okay, frank. I mean Dolores is wearing a hole on her shoulder. But she still got more tastes in you. He's straight up went and got Home Depot tiles for remodel and it so ugly. It's like the Saint like, the basic standard square gross cheap ass. Tile. Why would you do that? Yeah. Well, look, it's he's not Jeff Lewis. Okay. He's like he's Frank. Now. He's frank. You know, he doesn't have a lot of embarrassing. But he likes the pebble tile. And that's just what it is. And I'm okay with that. You know, now, let me test the dimensions this house. Okay. I'm gonna walk from here. Now, I'm in the kitchen. Now, I'm back way. Again with the I'm back trying to feel vista rated. Let me do another lap. Mm-hmm. Kitchen. I'm back. Yeah. That's good. I I was I was soul searching I found it was between the kitchen into living room. So I found it Frank, right? Listen, I feel like I'm either change of environment. You know, I've been in that house twenty four years by myself or with David kind of maybe a little every two for two hours after working finally, but you know, what Frank decided on moving and he's like, listen, you know? Told me hoping you're back. I asked you if I was walking back, and he said knowing that you're gonna move. So I was holding you back but wars come out. Listen, Frank, you, listen, you can stand the house if you want just makes you don't trip over that that big trough up of maid of walking the kitchen to the living room over the past twenty four years. Okay. Yeah. Go ahead and stay already in natural trail built. Okay. Yeah. You can honestly like you can you can go cross country skiing, and it's like the perfect two lines to stick a feeding. They're just go back and forth. It's like a Nordic track. Basically, frank. She's like now, I'm strong enough and honest enough with myself to go of Frank, and he's whatever you need the Lewis a, right? This particular get whatever you fucking right now. That's what you can get from gimme kiss or do. You wanna go? Do it on the new tile floor. Come on you want to tie. I know you have a bad about Pepple. Top twenty got like if we do it right now. I think really like it a lot. Okay. My god. If he did get the pebble tiles. See we're totally about him right now on the floor. She's like come on Frank emotional conversations drain me and either nap now, and I was like me too. Took when. Okay. So the gore goes. Yeah. So Melissa's kids are fighting Joey is wearing his brother's mouthguard, which is pretty gross. But like on brand for the family, and he's like, oh my God. You're math has a terrible taste like well that mouth is part of this family. So exactly and you're the one you brush your teeth earlier, sir. So so yes. So then Nico the dog starts humping blanket job. It was like funny taught one well. Blake. It's too right? So Melissa like, okay. Joe, look, you know, I'm a woman, and I believe in strong women, and I want my daughter to believe is strong women Antonia comes in and she's going to dance and jobs. Like, hey, what you doing come on? What you doing? How are you going to be there? You're better be back early. Got. All right. Well, that was also after win Melissa was doing her twenty three and me kit, and she had to spit until like thing or something. And so she was like he was like what is that? Like that on your mouth looks like a dildo where something Tony was like stop it that groans looks like Dil low. Of course, it fucking Joe what is wrong with I feel like Joe's one of those guys who's going to eventually get caught just like jerking off in a library. You know, like standing like a gas station or somewhere gross there better be video of it on porn hub. Thank you. So most like Joe, you're really big on gender roles. And you know, what like that's not. Right. You always like men. Do this women do that amended? This than women do that. He's like making that like, I'm not a good person. Like, I'm not a good father. I'm like, this is the problem if I may have a very small rant here. Like, she's saying like you're acting this way like and he is hearing it as a value judgment about him as like, I'm a bad father. And I think that's like a problem with like a lot of. Everyone in society that like when people just like, listen, like you're acting in ways that are like like, you have to break your cycle of behavior rights to like be like to be like a modern person, you know, and people just hear it as you're a bad purse Seine, no no one Babar or San just saying like your need to revise your how you act. Yeah. That was my I tried to make it really sore. So. Yeah. Well, it's like it's like talking to a wall literal intelligence of brick wall. But then he does he's like, you know, what I do. I listen. 'cause that's what a real, man. Does he listens? And he changes to behaviors. Then he fixes thumb Melissa's ass on camera or whatever. Yeah. She's like she has a real bombshell revelation. She's like Joe, you know, what? Most people's childhoods affect how they grow up really is that why they call it a developmental age. So then she's like, I just want you to hold your telling you that. Yeah. I'll tell you what I'm gonna hold my tongue in your vagina. Five times into your Twenty-three Emeka, by the way. Just so, you know, boy Jesus Christ, man. Yeah. The the people like we've got the results, and it turns out your sister is your husband. Funny. Okay. So what's next? So sorry, I'm at home right now. I've mentioned that I'm in Texas. And so it's like. Bling bling uncle where you did. What are you doing ongo went? You're gonna take me to the craft store. Uncle I made some slime glitter. Like, oh my God. Okay. This is where I live thousand miles away people. Oh my goodness. Well, we then go over to Jennifer's house where they're sitting in for the party somehow they make this tacky ass parameters. Mansion look even worse with all this party decorations. Just like shitty red carpets everywhere. I don't know. If you saw there was like an exterior shot because she wanted to have a red carpet on the outside and everything and like you see like the red carpet only extends from the doorway to the top of the stairs. And then like ends. And then there's a little patch of red carpet like like a red carpet. Welcome at thing. I'm the landing and then like what? Brad carpeting, this party was really sad. It looked like a hospital. Yeah. It was it was terrible. And then she's like, okay, I'm gonna go get get get my makeup put on and she already has like a full on magic marker lip liner. And like she has a full beat face. And she's like she's now going to get her real makeup on. Are you ready? Sixteen. Flashback of them planning the party. And I was thinking that we could do a bed party the color of passion. In. So then she starts gossiping, which I'm totally sure is why bills leaving all the time. It's like kids are throwing baseballs at his head or he stuck listening to Jennifer talking about all the women that she's pissed off getting drunk at whatever event, you know. Yeah. I'm interested to see Dan gala Margareta Mecom serving red wine. Maybe we should serve white wine. Only get it because she's red wine, and we don't want. Red wine stains, Bill get it. That's the joke. It's funny. I think it's funny. But I also think you're wrong. So. That's right being not. So Theresa's over getting ready with her ten people and Milania sitting there in my favorite Milania mood ever. It's like Milana's resting mood. Well, she can't wait to grow up. So what are you doing fine Indiana's things? The people do that. Why wouldn't you want to spend that day with your husband because she's very spent sixteen years at home? Says the woman who's like complaining about losing time with her husband. So so then we see you over to Melissa's house joke. Orgasm sense like tight green football kind of shirt, and I was like Gotti so hot. I was like is you have to be so hot and then margin Joe getting dressed, and he's like I want Margaret. I want I want to I'm going to take a marker. So I can Mark eats bathroom and count them. So I could see if this really sixteen bathrooms like I like to Joe's man enough to admit that he needs a marker to do that. Yeah. Yeah. Ecksteen? So. Go with a big pad. Martin. Yeah. I wanna see the gold toilet. So we could make sure that Pete there. Pl of her toilet. Yeah. Laris? So yeah. The general like chitter chat amongst different households. Like, oh, my God like to recess Daniels, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But then we then go to the party now, it's party time. And Jennifer is like look I'm wearing custom gown looks like a summer ticket slice of watermelon. Inflamed in sped around my waist. They have some crazy crazy looking dresses at this party. Yeah. Hers was particularly terrible. It was like, you know, like every action has a reaction. It's like every met ball has Jennifer's party. Yes. And then that Gabby so cute or whatever name is just wrote gab, but my favorite little Ronnie. She's on the only kid here. She's like so happy to be attention from her. Parents her not getting up a rope in her face. There was also like a cake that I believe it was like five different skinny girl logo smashed into one. Boeing does parties into a bath party. Right. Like like red and white with like blacks, and I was like this is skinny girl. It was black silhouettes of the family like the husband throwing the kids up in the air or. Some it looked like a creepy Halloween party, you know, eating children or something. And then it's like leaning over you know, it was about to crush itself. Yeah. It was not a stable cake is appropriate. So. The other parts in the pool house. Speaking with so everyone's hearts to show up. So they're giving us tour and Bill. The pool house apparently spent too much time at apparently I'm in there jerking off to port and not my wife in their living. My best secret live allegedly. Plachy brought that Bill because you know, I want you guys to see that pool house because you know, that's where my husband goes always know where he is. And the Jackie's like, oh, yeah. Always know where my husband is too. He's in the bathroom. He's constantly in the bathroom. Okay. That's the only place he ever is. Yeah. Myself in there. Okay. Yeah. Sounds like a regular reverse. Jan so Margaret shows up and someone motorboats boobs who's who motorboat at her house. Don't even know I think it happens so often that I'm just like, I don't even see it anymore. Yeah. All I know is that someone motorboat it and just your Bill go. So then they're getting the food, and it's all, you know, Middle Eastern food markets like. That's plant mummy. That take you'll like that better. March senior like navigating a buffet. We'll never get old. I mean, I'm Lebanese. But I feel like you don't really have to be Lebanese to have seen this food before. Okay. We've all seen this food before guys. Yeah. I think homeless plant pretty pretty standard food bar. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, everybody's basically gathering around. And then Melissa these ladies are not going to let down yell off the hook which I've Melissa's like STAN yell coming. Good luck with that Lasko. So they're already giving Jen sit for inviting her. Yeah. And so there I lost my place in my nose. Let's see Theresa Rives. So Theresa shows up job looks like he wants to fuck or he just has his his is like. Yeah. Twenty three and me, and my red everyone doesn't even make sense so Amazon Jennifer Levy, necklace sweats up with your necklace is nice as and she's like oh kiss. I bird disciplines brothers jewelry store. Yeah. Yeah. High quality jewels and Long Island go buy some yourself. Okay. That's caught being good friend ticket south. Yeah. This is what melda gets look forward to not a male ODA bribe. She's a lucky order bride. That's what I say. So then then yellow arrives with mardi. And God mardi really is. So gross. Look, he just gets grosser every time she says, I'll put him and he's next to yell, and I still can looking him and think he's Chris, you know, he he really he really is gross. Like, what does he do for work? I feel like he must like so us like he like he has a Pontiac dealership and Pontiacs aren't even sold anymore. Yeah. I'm not sure what he does put. I'm sure he's spending about five times more at the office now because he's got a lot of credit or bills to pay Succha. That's for sure that's for sure. So then what else happens? Let me go through. Okay. So so Laura Daniel shows up and she Margaret have like a fakey fake moment where they kiss on the chiefs. And it's like, oh, we're just act like everything's fine athlete. Everything's fine. Whatever. So then what before you kill bit those godfather movies? If I wake up with a decapitated head by better because it did it did. Yeah. Class sak. Classic. That's the gen that's Jones of classic had said jokes. Yeah. So Marge is like, you know, I thought I was still girls out tonight because they all have their boobs up. And Jack is like, yeah. You know, what I think is weird that gal came in smiling laughing like that. And truthfully, I what. And I said, I'm not taking sides, and she's. She's. Ride Dembele are outside talking. Then. How we doing any awkwardness? Right. The aren't used to it. I mean, I thought getting married would fix it. But you mean awkwardness between me and merge. Yes. Yes. So then the girls inside are still talking to Theresa about it, and Jack is a problem every time she sees Mars. I mean can't you see that? She's talk sick. I'm like she's doing Britney Spears songs in their talks thick. Like. Now, she talks like if you if you talk to has, you know, so. No, no all of them together. Like, no Theresa. You're not getting away with that shit. Yeah. Exactly. So now, meanwhile, Joe Benino is that's his name ripe any no. I don't know. I just call him Joe and the other one Gorka when they're both on. Too many jobs on the show so mustache Joe. He's like, I'm not happy with Marty. I am so mad with Marty. And this is a true feeling that I'm feeling right now, I have had it up to here with Marty and Gorgas like what are you guys going to do? You know, these girls ain't fighting just being girls, you know, the sitting rent drinkin- showing the right if we're gonna keep our just for the next year, which I 'cause I'm going to open another ten business read, I've already got like thirteen field businesses on this or the start to fight the fight wants to fight. Our go fight. Mark. Yeah. Now, I mean, there's I felt like we've had sort of like two big mardi Joe scenes leading up to this. We had that weird bachelor party moment where there was like a drink that was thrown, but it was sort of off camera. But it was on like that felt like that didn't feel like a real moment. And then there was that weird moment at Malania thing where I think it was Milan's thing where they were talking. And then like Joe like Joe gore tried to hold back the other joke and punching mardi but that they were all smiling. So like, this whole thing has always tracked a little fake to me and till today. So I was like damn I can't believe that stuff came out of his mouth so Gorgas trying to get them to go fight each other and Joe's like I can we just play simplex, Jack or whatever and then mardi comes over. 'cause is this when Marty comes over to them. Yeah. He comes to say. Hi. And he's like you don't say Hello to me. You don't say Hello. And. Yeah. And I'm sorry. I'm stuttering because I've got like so many vines of nothing happening that I'm like why we don't need to say that we don't consider the stuttering saving you guys time. Okay. Yeah. Joe say hi to me and Gorgas like you guys with friends, you know, what night can cut the tension with the Nive. And then he tells us when Mahdi said at the party, which is also lovely ripe wasn't very nice. But what do you expect his pull see the? Fucking guy. God. So then Joe is saying something Moseley. Hey, look at me in the eye when you talk and Joe's, judging what a dick whatever. So they have like this simmering thing. We're still feels awkward to me. I don't know. I feel like getting weird vibes. Like they really mad or they play Matt right now. I just could not tell. I think that they don't like each other. But they probably would have just done a normal guy thing Nord each other and everyone's trying to make them five thirty. So he's like, you know, because they're still talking about any. I I understand that. I don't know where as well, Marcus. Here's all sake. We're all together. I don't wanna be around girls. How do you feel like yes? She makes me mad. And you know, this one goes nuts around her. And then this one's over there throwing red wine. It's insanity. Okay. Maybe if we hang out with Danielle we should just do it away from this group of girls and goes, she goes. I don't know what twilight zone they're living in, but that's not happening in this twilight zones. Like, usually when you say someone's twilight zone, you don't then imply that you're living in a separate parallel toilets. That's not how to twilight zone like that's not how it works. It's like you're on earth during the twilights. She's like I'm at twilight zone to the minds of different twilight zones. So then the belly dancers come out. You know, give Joe some fresh meat to sexually harass. He. Yeah. He's like, I love this culture. So. So she's like Jennifer makes the speech goes can I have everyone tension, please can everyone stop looking down at the parameters mall, the most beautiful view in the country better than Oklahoma attention attention. Yo yo anyway, it's been a great sixteen years and years to sixteen or twenty or fifty or a hundred more years and bills lobe sixty more years. Our love my my girlfriends in my wife. Notes funny that was those were actual slip on my part, but they actually work love my wife so much. Sixty years. And he goes, I only for you. We. Queen. Let's get some orders up in this bitch Queen, and then it's like you see we have ups and downs. But at the end of the day, it seems like there's something to set up marriage thing because it works for me. I'm like does it doesn't really if he didn't let me so much. Why would he call me Queen on the time? All the proof. People are in the back. So. So Theresa and Dan yet. So this bunch of people in the kitchen and two recent Daniel, go have a chat outside, and there's there's more mutterings from Marge's, husbands Marta, dick. And he was great until Danielle two-thirds balls and ruined him which I'm like sorry. Like Daniel is a terrible person. But like let's born is a grown man like he did on his own. All right. He knew what he was getting involved with. Let's not put this all Danielle and don't make me stand up for Daniel. But I will in this case. So then yell is out talking to three cents. She's like I've only seen what bathroom so here they sixteen and she gets. Yeah. Yeah. Trinity. Now. Amy, meaning meaning we're in the twilight zones. Okay, I drove a year to visit unions where I like them because the other ones over there is. I thought I was in the twilight zones, but it turns out I was in the no parking zones. Let time show on into twilight zone. So Treasa course mealy tells everything that girls were saying now the Gaels things year like your taxes and stuff and that like, you're always the ones that dramas and stuff and your toxic. And you know, you like specis, whatever that means, you're like, my bestest friend. I don't know. Smell like wet cardboard thing. They were saying staff toxic. Is that is bog writ Joseph's? I was like oh, good one. Hey, the somebody a Meatball Hooker believes in size. Yes, sir. We had a little blurb go say. Yeah. But Daniels like Margaret Joseph's is nothing but a manipulative malicious bitch, and I'm gonna say is extra slowly for you to reserve. She's the toxicity in the group. Got that say it after me, she's that tees taxes cheese. Toxicity in the group in Graham. Okay. If they wanted Drake Kuwait late let but no what tells to reset to. I swat. What read to turn your head? All right, Kurt it back pain. All right. Go. Poetry bits. Who is Margaret Joseph's to dictate? Theresa jude. I so K as markets eight again, I wanna member who is is Margaret Joseph's master jails. Nope. Margaret Joses, Margaret, Joe shifts. Okay. And then she's like, you know, what Theresa history repeating itself. And we see like a flashback to Caroline Manzo telling to recent season one that Danielle's crazy because the book that they found, and you know, like. Like, we are knocking hilarious Danielle's bans saying we are not going to let them manipulate manipulate manipulate you, which of course, is doing a hundred percent to two and Kurt what Caroline said back then with someone that nice. The you've gotta want to why Theresa and here we are with Danielle being so sickly nice to Theresa again. Just doing the exact same thing. Again, you know, getting in my hand. Opinion. So then inside our Gorgas, basically like amping up this fight for the guys. Just do it. I'm just imagine. What it must be like to get into Theresa's head. I feel like it must be like that moment that people discovered. The Tara cotta army. It's like, whoa. We're gonna air recently that had a map center. Did you notice that? No, I didn't could rent a room to just go in and it's like soundproof, and you take an app, I bet that's what it's like walking into recess head like echo echo, a planetarium, and you sit in a chair, and you look up, but the never starts. Gorgas getting this fight ready for the guys and Jo like come on. We should probably go outside into Gus life, Mattie. So then we see the girls, you know, just going on with the party Jackie's telling March, you out of the corner is I see my I see my husband talking some blood, and it's your mother and they start cracking. Gen introduces her interior designer. I can't believe even still lives in this country. Like, you better know this woman like she was conned. She was like, I do not want appear on camera. And yes, I just that down to I just thought it was funny that the interior designer got a moment like the worst job ever. How do you even get clients? I I don't know. I feel like she was hired by like. I can't even come up with a with. I can't even come up with with comparison that expresses how terrible her. Again, I'm just speechless. I was like trying to do something about like one Tahoe bay. No. It was actually perfect. Because March had the best thing to say she gets out. So you went to China with her. Because he got all that furniture in China. And I don't know why that crack so threes is like avenue Danielle attacks. But she's the one stay calm and keeping classy like means, and I'd be like, and I want back into the party like eight pitches here. I am staying. We get the boy fight. So the boys around by the pool and Marty's like you said things to me and bid many that. I added the Fenton my wife. You're Joe if you're Joe you're jealous, you're jealous steering Daniels tits because your wife doesn't have it. Okay. She doesn't have the body that Danielle has jobs goes thank God. Who says that who says you stare at my wife kids because your wife doesn't have any. What does both Steph crazy? You says I I don't know. It was feeling fake to me this whole scene felt very fake to me. I was very disappointed well down if it is fake. God this terrible. This is what you come up with for fake seem Mike. Yeah. Well, the Margaret comes L, and then and then Joe tells them what Marty said, and she says he's who says that about a man's life says that and he goes mardi goes because promoting the beauty of my was already has read likes on Marty's Graham. I'm promoting the beauty. And so then March is like you promote her by Celtic other women. That's great. And because. Yeah, you coming after me you coming after me again and shows like you're saying these get the little thing out of my face get him out. He's to come after you right now, bro. And he's like me little shit. And when you go home tonight she's going to bitch slap here. 'cause you Monette you a magic you laid him and then barked Revie monastic late late him, and then Margaret show both just grabbing them push him into the pool, which is fucking hilarious. I was a good. It was you. It was hilarious by still thought. It was odd because it was like he liked it push him and he's like turning around. And then like the cat like we never get like a full uninterrupted shod like constitutent angles where they're pushing me at one point. He liked falls in different point. And like, I don't know you'll like on the steps because you know, how some of those built in bars so bar going around the pool. So they pushed him I. Onto that step. And then they had to push them all the way to get him into the pool. Yeah. I like it was probably like, oh, we messed it up. Let's do it. Again. They had to cut in between the first take second take to make one big fluid push in. So that's why I was just like I was suspicious. I was like I was suspicious, and I was like a little sad that I felt suspicious because I just wanted to be like present for the moment to me, it wasn't as fluid and as a mazing when Marshall's like through the wine Danielle's face like that was like there, we go this belt. I don't know. I don't know the most the best part. I don't care, but the best part of it was just she throws him in in the walks back inside him passes. Danielle she's like the pool. Yeah. I also like before even that happened after thrown into the pooled Loris goes that's not good. Yeah. Melissa. Oh, no. Listen, you people have thrown glasses thrown punches started Feis in public where you can endanger other people at least this was something semi safe. Okay. A break. And it was something cleansing, which is like the opposite of everything else. You people do exactly who through my husband in the pool. My husband together. And she's like, oh, do you wanna hang out with that Theresa? You wanna hang out with that? And she's like mom. Tdap mob. And while you do that. He said discuss the vile things to be that's what they're buried the book disgusting and she throw line yet throw her and the pool there's a lot of throwing. Yeah. And then at which point Theresa who. Absolutely. Will not be manipulated goes. I know you said, you know, I'm gonna keep bringing Danielle's around, but he's gonna keep coming around. Because no one tells me would bring around not bring round. No on tells me want to do it. Right. The end yells on me. Once do clearly she give about keep you friend. And Jack is like why would you wanna hang out with someone like you ain't got with somebody who throws wine and throw someone in that? Bitch. You went to jail. No kidding. You went to jail, and how many one glasses have you thrown against walls. I think last year through a cake and eat through glass against a brick wall. Okay, bids Lee, you went to jail, you have a suit of armor and your basement for no reason, you have angel wings on your doors to me. That's like ten times worse. Even take out the jail part the doors. Just keep it with angels on the doors ten times worse than throwing a husband and the pool and throwing wine and someone okay angel wings, really second only to murder. And then she tells them I'm bringing have round. So have, you know, not getting union come around, which is basically telling them she's saying on this show fuckers. So with it. I also proved totally so oh God. I just had a flashback. This is awful, you know, when something randomly triggers. Oh my God. I remember my dream from last night. I just remember my dream. It was awful my dream was that I was hanging out with Kinsale Seattle. And she was cool. And I was like, oh, what do I do see is actually really cooling person? How do I reconcile as well as should've talked about her? Thank god. It was just a dream. Kidding? That's fucking terrible tariff. It was terrifying. Terrifying. So anyway, so the Danielle is like mardi is now like lumbered out of the water. Like the swamp thing or whatever. And like just like the phone is ruined. The sued is ruins his faces melted off hippies floated away. Yeah. She's going. She's just going off like nothing this bad as Ebba out by. Live. So then we get the ending cards. Yeah. Because everyone's just like, okay. That was fun. Let's all go home. Yeah. Good season, everyone by so market. Got a facelift finally. Jackie. And her sister went to lunch a couple times. Like, wow. It's time guys Loris is before card because before her car comes up Laura's goes jeez. I'm always standing alone. Everyone after alone this rate it all over again Dolores is looking for an apartment for like her nineteen thousand pets. Yeah. And then. And what I liked about Melissa her DNA results came back, and guess what? She hasn't found his sister. But this is why should like spas so much. It's ninety seven percent Italian and Jennifer's planning a big fat Turkish wedding and Bill hopes that he can spend time with his family and gar the tequila. But I thought was funny. Here's everything is like oh Lord looking for an apartment. Jackie puppets. Margaret face lived. Theresa. Got the devastating news that you'll be deported Italy upon release from prison. Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump. Like, we like if you didn't have you didn't know anything about what was going on this show, you what? So that was it for New Jersey next week. We'll be back with the the reunion. But before we wrap up today show something that we forgot to yesterday's today. Why don't we do a little quicker listener spotlight? Ronnie, shall we go for it mice? Let's let's do it. Let me let me press a button here. Right, right. Perfectly time for me. When I said, let's listen. Okay. Were you able to hear that Ronnie? Okay. I always got check. I always gotta make sure that we're hijackers. So this this week spotlight, by the way, if you wanna do listeners spotlight, go to patriot dot com slash watch more crap ends and sign up at the listener spa level or above and you can send in a little little audio thing. And like two minutes telling us about yourself it cetera et cetera. This one is from alley. I haven't actually listened to it yet. So this is going to be I never listened to them before. I was to be surprised. So this is Allie. Everyone had been Ronnie this Allie from Saint Pete Florida. This is my first time crap in spotlight. I was just that your Charleston show the one on Friday night, and it was such an amazing time. I was sitting right behind Patricia. And I got to meet both of you at the meet and greet. And you both are the most kind loving funny humble people, and it was just such a pleasure to meet you in person. Unfortunately, I got really sick during the show, and I had to leave and go back to my hotel room. But as I was leaving and getting into my Uber. I walked directly into Catherine Dennis. And I wanted so bad to pull myself together and go back in but that just wasn't going to happen. So I ended up missing out on all the fun that night. But still the time that I was there was just amazing. And luckily when I listened to the podcast back. I realized that I didn't miss much of the show as I thought I did. But it was just so awesome to see you guys. And it was so awesome TV in Charleston. Which makes me think that the thing I'm looking forward to most this spring on Bravo is going to be southern charm because it's going to be interesting to see it from a different perspective. Now that I've been there, and I know the area it's also going to be interesting to see how everything plays out with Thomas and Catherine who is just killing it now. And I'm so happy for her. I'm also hoping that now that you have this new found friendship with Patricia and Michael that she might give some silent nod or some sort of sly. Shoutout to watch what crap ins the only us would get. I'm so hoping that she does that. But anyway, I'll go ahead, and I'll wrap this up, but I just wanted to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say, you get us through some really really tough times in life. Whether it be stuff at our job or stuff going on at home. And I just I love you guys. And I'm so proud of you, and I'm proud of your success and just keep on keeping on by. Awesome. I love this on her voice. Very Crispin clear. I like that. I wish my boys crisp clear like that. Thank you so much for that sweet lady that was a really really fun show. I read about the Facebook group read in the Facebook group when you were saying that you were real sick and had to home that sucks. I know I'm sorry. But you're right. You actually do not miss that much. You got you got. And you got the best part which is the beginning. When everyone coming on like with us with the music and everyone's hearing in terms of like the energy at the top of the show is always so great and exciting. So we're so glad you're able to make it. It would be really cool. If you. Patricia included an Easter egg for crap ins, I don't know what that would possibly be. But it would be cool. So who knows but yeah, I'm excited for that to come back. I think it's coming back in like may or June somewhere around there. Probably because clearly like Bravo has a whole bunch of new shows premiering about like two weeks or so two or three weeks like the new turnover. So I feel like the turnover after that will be southern charm. Hopefully can't come back. So everybody we will see you tomorrow for for a little top chef talk to you. Then until then could. Aw.

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