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Ep. 42: RECAP Brewers vs. Cubs Aug. 30-Sept. 1, 2019


Woah to welcome to the new best rivalry in baseball doc hello again ninety miles baseball podcast fans. It's jesse my microphone is live this time unlike last time where you heard me through the wonders of the internet my laptop microphone and we have managed to fix it make it okay but yeah we're coming at you. Post brewers cubs. Aren't we ryan yeah. We are and cubs of the better team burs guy lucky blah. Ah blah have fun early winter this year and napa not being in the playoffs on like the cubs and blah blah so bad the brewers are so bad that they shut the cubs out and back to back games in christian yelich absolutely one hundred ten percent craig campbell's father. He's his daddy. I'm sure he's probably just intimidated by the photos of christian yellow that might then again now that but i think about it they might be at either because what two for two with two home runs against them this year it's pretty small sample size pretty lucky sample size but but anyways his <hes> <hes> you know i get the feeling is not the only one getting lucky against kimberlin his five point six eight era. You know it doesn't matter now because it's still the you know he's still getting again kind of back into it here and he's not he's not good in non save situations so i put that on joe madden okay so that's that's fine and good <hes>. Okay you wanna you wanna try make that argument. Crispy yellow also homered off of them in a safe situation in which <hes> early in the game to win. It was what a what a what appearance kimbro was okay so what excuses save situation. He's not good into non. Save situation the other excuses. He just sucked when he came back acquiesced theory he training. He's forty five million dollars of wasted chicago cubs toilet money. That's what he was. The whole brewers team is a complete waste of payroll because they're not gonna make the playoffs and it's a waste of a total waste all the way around. It's been a struggle you now. When do you have like eight or nine of the best pitchers on your socket. You lock down go ahead down dislike the angels lockdown trout trout. You know you'll sit milwaukee without a championship but whatever now one game from the series last year and this year nothing nothing has gone right in the pitching staff and there's a mere excuse what's the cubs excuse for their underperformance this season and more specifically this weekend because that's really what this rap episodes supposed to be about. I know you're trying to service. Weren't that good runners in scoring position either so you know oh no they. Weren't you know that they weren't that's excellent excellent runners in scoring position uh-huh in twenty six innings and scored four runs against the cubs in his split the series at one game apiece after inning twenty-seven facing craig kimbrell they had scored seven runs total scored three runs in one inning and it was against kimbrel which is not surprising so hey did you notice how good josh haider was this weekend. Yeah i mean he got lucky to yeah. That's slider. That slider editor was getting over for strikes. Rizzo did have a hard hit ball off of them. That are made a fantastic play on yeah so i don't know if you wanna say he got lucky because our c._e._o. Got lucky because is blah. Blah blah whatever lucky now i think that might have been a base it but it would have been locked down from there anyway. Hater looks good. I think we have the old josh hader later back and that's very bad news for the chicago cubs because haters on is the realize they got four more games. It doesn't really matter the only games i'm thinking about is the cubs and cardinals <hes> and as should you <hes> but <hes> you know that seven games the cubs avocats cardinals that that definitely at this point matters more. I'm not worried about the birds that much anymore. I think the brewers are probably not gonna make the playoffs at all <hes> and and <hes> there's a reason i did mental reset you know i wanted to be realistic about my team's chances. I think you need to take reset. Realistic about the cubs is chances here. They might be season. Make the postseason but which team is going anywhere neither one that's the answer no answer. They might make the final four you know they might win that wildcard game. What have you but really unless saint louis absolutely blows up down. The strategy are it's going to be either. The cubs the brewers or the phillies or the mets somebody that gets that second wildcard and there's a real good chance if the cubs and brewers beat up on each other neither one makes the postseason so again back to my mental reset just destroying the cubs season would be kind of success in its own after all the struggles they've had this year while there's this former games. You know <hes> this weekend. We're gonna do another big couple episodes. It's going to be good yeah. I know i can tell how much you like it already. He okay well well. You know <hes> yeah then really you know got. Oh no it's it's the ryan crash and burn or an episode or whatever you want to say. Hey if the bruise had been show two games in a row against the cubs. I would have been pretty really depressed too. <hes> yeah albert shuttle the cubs like three times this year. That's really weird <hes> well so you know that's weird to <hes> yeah yeah well. Do we want to get into any of these particular games or do. We just want to crapper a couple of minutes. Then call it friday i mean the cops kamov's sweeping the mets come in friday and they they looked great and <hes> yeah to some weird. You know just then burs guy lucky. There's bad calls there. Was you know shenanigans and cheating probably and things but you know oh later sure yeah there. It is cheating christy. Ellis doesn't hit home runs and you know on the road except for that four hundred forty three foot what bomb third game lucky you know if if it wasn't for chase anderson the cubs would have scored two runs that whole that whole series chase anderson absolutely got lit up chase anderson does this from time to time where he just has a blowout <hes> his ear as up to four point five eight <hes> the cubs the cubs got got lucky against anderson is what i would say <hes> but if you wanna look at it from a different perspective they knocked anderson around a bit sure <hes> that was a rough game that was also the game where the bruce canton hero to injury on the dirty dirty slide of karl schwab who softball with jose canseco now and yeah that was a pretty late slide. I don't think it was an intentionally dirty slide. <hes> here isn't as quick on his feet he does he could be a lot of second baseman. Get out of the way of that but that was intentionally. That slide was taken out. There's no doubt looking at it. I'm not sure that it was dirty. Per se it. It was a little late though that's not what got casten hurt necessarily either that was running up the line pulling a hammy but yeah <hes> <hes> dirty shore cubs cubs. Fans were mostly okay with the shorebridge slide brewers fans. Were mostly not okay. Which is what you'd expect. That sounds about right. You really don't have a lot to say today to this. Is kinda disappointing yeah even when the even when the brewers got swept even when they got swept. I hug him with you. As as much as i could yeah yeah well yeah i mean well. We'll save both save some more of this for the episode this <hes> this friday the brewers and the cubs have another weekend series thursday through sunday this tweak this one could go a very very long way in determining exactly who if anybody in the central comes out of this division with the wildcard huge huge serious yeah i mean well i mean the cubs will at least in fact i'm so soon for the division they they got seven games against the cardinals who are gonna falter here so <hes> not should be fine suspect. The cardinals would cool off. There's you know i i need to look into some numbers before the next episode assoc- if i can't figure out how they're doing this it every time i look at the season statistics. It says one thing i need to see some of the more recent month month and a half two months on the cardinals because something is something's fishy there. I don't get it yeah. I think so too. I think they're getting lucky <hes> <hes> yeah well now. We want to talk about <hes> the gory unlock we've already gone a million times group unlucky run differential is clearly pointless now i it serves over-prescriptive career wins. I thought the the brewers scored seven runs. The cubs scored seven runs. The brewers won two games. The cubs won one <hes> that was yeah so the brewers win games like this all the time. They also lose twelve the four once in a while. That's why they look terrible on on the pythagorean luck yeah they're calling it. The gory and luck is the is one of the most bizarre things i've seen a longtime. That's a really weird statement really really weird name for a statistic. What is no it's not. It's just been lucky. Somebody's math formula that says if you score with this many more runs than your opponent. You should win this many games. That's not really birds should be in four threads should be in third <hes> mhm yup cubs in cardinals are tied. That's bad the gory and went off well. There's something something that happens. When your team scores zero runs against against an opponent they lose and that's what the cubs did back to back games to finish that series. I spent all seven and one on mostly because mostly because the chase anderson anderson really the cubs were lucky they got the face chase anderson or that first game the mighty close one to anyway yeah and what was wrong with you right forearm tightness. Yes you know too bad that too bad that you didn't pitch in that third game because then the cubs with oh yeah that's right. They still would've lost because they didn't score darning. I was trying to find an angle for you. Well we're going to move. We decided we're gonna move those predictions with <hes> you if they <hes> there's they face each other here this next season. If you listen to the <hes> yep yeah if you listened to the <hes> jesse on laptop episode where i totally screwed up really bad yeah well you know it's still sounds okay the contents good right <hes> this'll sound better but yeah yeah we'll take those predictions so it's a you predicted a ten strikeout game for yu darvish. I predicted five earned runs against him. We'll see which one if not both of us is right could be fun. Yeah can't wait. That's of course that's of course if he's feeling good enough to play you know if he's not too scared of the mighty brewers now yelling kill cow come on come on now well kimbrough's daddy. He does own them so far this year you know just to hang onto this feeling as long as you can and you held onto that sweep feeling for an awful long time. Even then you got swept afterwards. It didn't matter you're still swept the boroughs as well. Guess what the brewer shutout the cubs back to back games and it was only comes. We're closer to sleep in the brewers series. Though then the brewers were at a souvenir the cubs if they've the governor sorta would ahead labatt. Do you hear yourself when you talk us even before and it made no sense this time it still kinda makes sense if you think about it in a certain way so yeah it away that you think when you're on drugs i know it doesn't make any sense. No alive or is held the cubs scoreless twice and you think the cubs are close to sweeping no. You're you're out of your mind. Comes almost swept yeah they face. She s anderson in all three games. They might have had a chance to sweep there you go. That's the the closest. I can come up with well. In any case you know burs what six back cubs are three back back to the cubs at this point yeah three back. Cardinals are gonna get a swept twice by the cubs brewers who cares because they're <unk> out of it <hes> now so there. I guess on that note. We'll let it will let it go to bed and rest and we'll pick it back up again on friday again. This is the ninety miles podcast nothing but cubs and brewers trying to talk some smack back and forth <hes> you can follow me at bruce crew winning. You can fall ryan at something about the cubs. I don't remember what is it again. <hes> <hes> wraps is cubs win. <hes> you know we should talk about something. <hes> something i'm here to talk about is that there's how good josh ater looks right now. He's got turned around. He's back down to a two point seven four. He's looking good. No we got <hes>. We got a fan in <hes> doing doing some things in the racine area. Oh yeah that's right. Yes yeah yeah yeah. I thought about that. I saw part of that yeah. I haven't read the whole e mail so what we got working here. Let's let's get into it a little bit yeah yeah so hold up gametime blitz gametime blitz dot com right live live sports sports. I've sports prediction game. It's a an app you can get on <hes> <hes> for your iphone and for <hes> for google play eh she got <hes> android and it's a it's a quiz prediction prediction game so <hes> it's it's. It's pretty sweet. You can win win some money. <hes> should check it out. You play from home play at the bar. Whatever with friends you know and it's you know now. It's like all kinds of little predictions mid game so on so forth <hes> so yeah. There's <hes> they way they have. They have participating meeting locations so there's a number of <hes> places mostly centered around racine wisconsin very cool so it looks like they're actually going to have a <hes>. If i'm not mistaken they're going to have a pretty big prize pool this week actually for participation so if you're in the racine gene area and you just want to get the app and participate they're going to be sharing a thousand dollar prize pool and it looks like that's happening this week. <hes> we want to clear that up with the guys for sure make sure but ah yeah thousand dollar prize pool. They're offering that every thursday so people need to get to the bars in play <hes> about two fifty two. I one fifty two second one hundred third just by making engaged predictions there you go there is show everybody how much you know and then by knowing so much about sports you get one hundred hundred two hundred and fifty three hundred fifty bucks yeah awesome awesome idea and those guys are running that like you said in the racine wisconsin area rate in the middle of ninety eight ninety miles in the heart of it so go to game mm time blitz dot com you can go to locations and i'll show you all the different <hes> participating bars in that area so check it out and and <hes> yeah and i i would not recommend jesse play this game at all because he's not very good at predictions so actually a lot better than i look like. I am on this show holy cow. Do i suck the season good <hes> so yeah well. I predict your heart will be broken once again this coming weekend. That's a pretty easy prediction to make. Though you're a cub fan you guys have your hearts broken ninety nine times out of one hundred well. I think you got yeah. Well you darvish the push that i think <hes> brewers or go seven four the next eleven games where he add on that. Thank you got the three still alive three. I think it's still alive. We gotta go back and look at exactly when that was made but i met three losses three in august twenty six okay then i need to go back and take a peek at that but we will definitely be covering more of the predictions stuff on this friday's friday's episode yeah the brewers cup series starts on thursday so we'll have a game under our belt by the time we're chatting on friday morning releasing another podcast for your enjoyment you you <hes> make sure you're ready and watching for it. <hes> get it in during the weekend. Of course you can always come. Make fun of me because that's usually what happens. After i say something it usually goes completely haywire immediately see hater not giving up any runs through the cubs series. He did it on the first day and then didn't give up another run. That's that's. I guess i'd rather have go that way than having to give up the run against the cubs that works but still yeah yeah well. You know that's <hes> you know the way it goes and <hes> yeah so so yeah anyways. It was a lovely weekend. <hes> lots of luck fell in your lap and <hes> it is what it is and it's not going to really matter and and plus <hes> <hes> yeah other than that <hes> ninety miles podcasts at com <hes> go to it also gametime blitz dot com check those guys out. That's a grand prize big cash prizes. They're they're on twitter too. Will we'll get that out on our social media but <hes> <hes> yeah <hes> <hes>. I guess that that does it. I hope you enjoyed yourself <hes> jesse and and hang on to that feeling like i said the the last bit of joy good you're going to have for the remainder of the year in fact for longer than yard actually for years to come is my i i. You're wishing me no joy for years to come. That's that's i mean. It's just in game man. Come on the line. Do you mean no sports. Joy like i can have other enjoyed. Is that okay whatever okay awful this weekend but they are awful both ways so respond when they're bad cubs suckers goodbye the.

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