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Ep 149 | 'Al-Baghdadi' Speaks! | Guest: "Glenn Beck"


I have very special guests with me today and several different news stories we want to get action that you have never considered before in your life just here today we're going to get right into it because we have a lot of things to say to I'm just so thankful that you watch I'm so thankful important what's going on in America the banks are failing America's crumbling can't of Chinese land that is arable they have no more natural resources no more coming for American soil their adventures their business but alas I wanNA invite you to my Christmas stories fantastic stories of Christmas we laugh we cry we have an amazing time the Glenn Beck I have sitting here with me today as a special that if they do you feel like you could get back into this race do you feel like you could go Mr Beck first of all I'd like to say it is not an honor to be on your show to go back into the race I've got some stuff I have to work through you're not the favourite two thousand sixteen you worthy favourite if you had a clear path to victory that you would announce I here's what I think you're going to do Hillary I think the Kamala Harris the brought Francis no no he has Alzheimer's we all know the man has one foot in the grave you have Bernie Sanders Yep in when the Democratic National Party knows even as I've got more people to suicide to help in this process app out the path to a Hillary Clinton Victory Clinton that's me when's the W let's dot must die now I'm already working on that are you right are you yes are you are you when now Bernie Sanders You know I didn't Okay Elizabeth Warren Honky Camp Are you friends with Elizabeth Warren you're friends genetic testing right we know doc DNA testing back that she was wanted ten twenty fourth's native American did take it back and this is going to blow the minds of most Americans we go back to two thousand America why is it a rig election because the woman sitting stole the candidacy out from Underneath Bernie Sanders that he had deep ties and in order for Bernie to battle out of the and that you could also manipulate the results of numerous other elections such as oh gosh we'll get into the Biden's momentarily has experienced a lot of living in a very brief instant of dying droid and I need a new bunker this just in I know I can remember back when my hair was falling out and and I had hundreds of millions hey has approved to hair treatment products that help control your and prevent hair loss even keeps that's who I want to talk to you about a company named keeps keeps offers the where did you do I because I'm Glenn Beck with Capes you could save your hair without ever leaving your couch answer a few are you tired of losing your hair I just got a free online Dr Consult and slash loss will advertise moment now Mr al-Baghdadi the president of the United States Donald J trump said that you went out whimpering dog was crying and whimpering when you two genders I landed in America urging yet Sir Darko Darko anything to do anything to do with the tur the to the the the Turks invading the Turds I what have you done this show do not agree with this past of Christmases long ago which I could see my loved ones of passed on I wish I could wake Christmas more see daddy baking ham the pies and cakes she would bake she you should decorate the house with lights which surely shine this is my Christmas prayer after it was revealed that his persistent sinus infections were the result of Marijuana uh-huh I have not an unnamed patient which he showed up as right nostril yeah is that it that they can't wait to get your house and eat some ham he must have some big nostrils yeah it was a three quarter inch rubber capsule containing that's crazy now he says that he has sinus issues so anyway yeah don't shifts things up your nose kids now Sean This Day has been a memory for sure anybody that is Halloween with every intention of I wanted to find a hillary mask by getting fined it is quite maybe prisons doner well you know he's become are they prescription no they're reading glasses and it's really tough to pick out a costume that's are you look like I was thinking Father Tom he looks like a mix between Gregory you look like a young Glenn Beck I am a young Glenn Beck gotta eat is a good look maybe that's what Hillary should consider doing Richard nobody keeps like just saying please never go blonde complexion you know who I was with last night I wish with your mother you can shut it back I've been watching the memes though of all the all the people say and you know Blah Blah names on in it's funny because it messes people up it really messes people up because for it came into existence in fact the original bell which was ordered from England in seventeen fifty two gained I love those things love the power of memes though power means I California right if you haven't heard Katie Hill Katie Hill congresswoman right and so she was bisexual and she was having she and her husband nations with a staff member chur which again she's her power right who knows I mean yeah I mean I'm not saying this

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