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Instant Classic with Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings


You're listening to IOS this racist. We're still alive somehow. Are you a lifetime teeth? I'm like fifty fifty. I feel great. I feel good. I feel great. I'm enjoying springtime. The weather is lovely. I cannot complain I know that you can. I mean I don't have anything new or interesting to complain about I finally finished the Sopranos. So that feels like an accomplishment of some kind. I guess like I feel like I'm done with ask so that's good. It was not fun but at least it's over you didn't enjoy it as one of the great shows of all time. I've never seen it turns out watching six seasons of a TV show. Essentially in one sitting is not great for your brain. Sure I I did something similar so I wanted to watch. Little fires everywhere. On Hulu but then someone told me. Oh you should read the book and I know like book is better than the movie. Twitter is very annoying but I was like well. I have time and I was looking for a new book. I read the book and really really loved it and then was talking to a close friend who said she started the show and found the show to be too stressful. Even though it was very good she was just like stressed me out and I was like Oh. I don't find the book stress at all. Then I watched the show and I consumed all of this within the last four days so I read the book and watch the entire season of the show so for anyone. Who's on the fence? I recommend doing that because the show was kind of stressful. The relationships were very tense and hostile and in the book I feel like they had a little bit more room breathe but but I found both to be very good. So that's my that's my tip. That's good I mean alternately. You could do. We both did. But just don't do it in like a five day span 'cause arguably that's not US throwing that out there any other corentin tips from from you or the gang. I have one Mike Quarantine tip is make yourself a IOS. This racist branded water bottle. Full just chock motherfucking full of in my case Nagoya knees and drive two x producers eggs alleyway and not to drink some fucking cocktails was zig standing outside. So on the PODCAST. That's mostly four and about people of color you're recommending drinking liquor in an alley current current alley specific way. Look for property owners. I what else is there anything else that. Oh and then one other tip one other tip for people. Watch THE SEASON. Finale of mixed ish which should be on your streaming service now. I don't know there's a chance that my name is on it. It doesn't matter. The point is watch the season finale of mixed ish please. Yes I had A. I had some funds. Zoom hangs with some people know. Everyone's doing this so this isn't really like a hot tip that you don't know exists. But I found it nice to talk to like old friends. I didn't talk to in a long time or who don't live here. We had a nice little hang with some friends that I'm like. Oh normally I would just be like wait until I was in their city and then we don't have a drink or something but don't know when that's happening so reached out to old friends. I recommend old friends and you might as well. I mean it is a thing where it's like if if we're just going to be on zoom or the phone or facetime or whatever the fuck with people in your town guess what you can do that with people out of town try that. Shit. Hundreds of Blake. If there's anyone who you have like a you know a relationship where you're like you haven't talked in a while you feel weird about it like this is a great excuse. Just be like hey shits weird. I'm reaching out like I feel like there's a lot of a lot more normalcy an in reaching out even if you haven't talked to somebody I think it's like yeah and if they don't WanNa talk now it means they truly truly hate you and talk very scary. I can't that I'm sorry. Holy Shit well. If you want a we are bringing a special interview not as we've been doing recorded in the before times because our guests have a show that's on right now that they want people to watch and they wanted to talk to us. We assume but learn you loose and Eric. Eddings hosted the nod. Join US in. It was fucking great. Yeah take a listen. What's up it girl Tawny newsome? Hello this is Andrew Our podcast. Yo Is this racist house. The premium bonus episodes coming soon on these bonus episodes we'll be taking additional voicemails that are quotes too high to the main seed. That's right get your extra half hour of roasting racists. Every Friday starting may first. What's that Andrew? Tardy came up with a great name for this already. Ios This raciest. Odd stitcher premium It's just us. It's just a Yo team. It's just me Andrew Matt maybe Jordan Pepper in here who knows maybe Kev. Maybe cavill weigh-in it's going to be bamboo. Absolutely no guest just voicemail someplace meals that are follow ups or things that we wanna drop in the main feed. Because it's not normally what we do. That's what's going to be in the Yo. This raciest cataloged. Oh and if you're a racist that calls in thinking that will give you attention. We might just put you on Ios raciest. So you have to sign up and a money to get your little racist jollies. That's right now. If you don't have your premium a mattel you something you can go to st your premium dot com and use the Promo Code Kiro for a one month free trial. How about that? That is don't e. Oh is this raciest. Premium bonus episodes coming out five one on stitcher premium for a free one-month trial of stitcher premium use code. Yo that's why. Oh for Fremont of stitcher premium. Good enough didn't know Andrew Great enough. That's what I said. Good man give yourself the flowers we did it we did it and what we're about to do is tell you who are here with that's right. It's our second interview in in the locking down Third technically third. If you count the congressman but the second regular regular interview and I feel like these shows are going to become instant favorites. 'cause they're going to be time capsules of what life was like in this. Bizarre Time Andrew. Do you agree. I mean. Of course I love calling instant classic. There's no doubt in my mind this is going to be maybe the most important document of our fucked up times exactly. Yeah so absolutely no pressure. we welcome our guests Co host of the nod got Britney loose and Eric eddings. Welcome guys thank you? Do you feel pressure to make this an incredible Thome of Like a time capsule thing about is no. I would say no. We'll just because I feel like every month is a time capsule of like something that seems insane so yes. This is a time capsule to but next week will be crazier need another time capsule for that. We all know how to make it like six days. Maybe even less. If we get another like a inject yourself with Piero likes conversation at that level like people are GonNa like Pretty America. It okay almost valid for that week. This is like it's it is amazing that like now that we're actually in like real everyone realizes we're in capital. H. History Times. It's just like oh I never every time I've thought like oh. Wouldn't it be interesting to see this or that it's never interesting? Fuck now. It's it's not. It's always worse dot history moments suck like like even I think about the fact that like my fiance the other day he was like you know man he's like we've only been in here almost two months and I'm like right like but we could be here for another year and like my grandchildren's optimistically My grandchildren are going to be like ten months. You're inside every day. Drags on when you're the if I watched one more mask in sync because we don't have Andrei? Y'ALL HAVE LAUNDRY IN LA. Oh I don't mean to gloat L. A. Over New York and I normally never would but one thing we we got here is laundry. Most of the time. Most of the time I see all right. We've got laundry a little bit more and I will say. This is like the real one of the real privileges. I thought I found is like just getting in your car and going for like a pointless drive. You almost feel like it's normal. I've heard yeah was. I went down and looked at the beach for a second. And then turn right around. I was like great. I'm back that must have been so freeing for a really good sound of silence is playing in my mind right right good so not only not only are you guys in quarantine. You did launch a television show daily which is even more crazy. How's that for capital h? History to talk now. Yeah and so April six we watch the nod with Brittany and Eric Kahn. Qube and it's a daily show about black culture Monday through Friday. And you know there's a lot of there's a lot of culture in life happening right now it's it's been it's been Kinda cool. We now shoot the show from home from home. So yeah so we keep it going but It's been awesome. It's been it's been a wild time. Kinda like talking to people show is kind of taken on a little. Bit of a tenor of documenting. Kinda HOW BLACK. People have or are adjusting to this entire. You know madness that were that we lived through every day this pandemic so yeah Shows a lot more fun than that than how that stuff that's like that's like fun and like the funding silly moments that people are finding like within all of this like stress in like conduct drama but also sometimes we do actually talk about in acknowledged the stress that God's drama And then sometimes it's just like Silly Fund distraction like today we had an episode came out. That was about how Eric I basically like met in decided to start working together that featured a lot of photos of drunk in college that nothing. That's nothing to. They had everything to do with my surprising. Love for petroleum which I or say is that You know it's been. I mean we have people. Some people have no choice but to watch the show. It's like you know what maybe you're you know what I'm saying like you can watch us in the Sopranos What I'm saying if you never saw the wire you can do. You don't have to. You don't have to no no choice. They're they're four full ass hours in every day and I don't see signs of that changing right now so now. No no no no. We need all the content we need this content and you you know denied with bringing their exactly. How long are the episodes? They're pretty. There is the benefit. Yeah five to seven minutes. Oh Yeah you can watch one while you're waiting for your oven. Preheat 'cause you know everybody's Bacon Dan Bread all the time all the time he ran for summer summer. Stand Britt some places out of flour here to this is this is anytime shit. I never thought I would say the store is out of flour. I mean everyone has baked too. I think they're actually is enough flour. Mummy clarify I am not a farmer or supply chain manager Those things I still going to hold you to this though. What's still holding you to this. Yeah go ahead. Respect Authority I think I I think this actually could even be worse than La. Though I think so. Many people have like glue analogies but also flake like thin gluten allergies. And just don't WANNA eat bread So they're just sort of like. I can't eat bread and now it's like Yeah Bitch you hungry now. Like good report read starts looking also all the people at the fake gluten allergies. I mean as someone who doesn't have one and has made both gluten free and regular bread. Bread is so hard to bake. Everyone has not good a lot of times. It's bad you have to work to make it good and like before all this. Who had the time so I feel like people now are like well? I want to bake bread because I want to. Put It on the Graham. Because everybody's baking bread. But I got I got a bounce. That gluten allergy that fake allergy because the too hard flowers on the like the pre made bread has gone. Like I've never seen so many a the hot dog buns right now. I'm doing you're talking about I. Guess some potato binds on Amazon order. High I got one heck a potato bonds like I'm live over. It is amazing. You know it's and flat bread. That's what I've been doing. I make it myself. Doesn't take hours of resting the dough and whatnot. You just make a little or shale of flat. Bread have still flow wrap anyway. Oppressed you have a Tortilla press. Because that's like my dream right now. I have a marble rolling pin though that I got it at goodwill for one dollar. It is my prized possession. It is my most prized drifted possession. It's pure marble. It was one dollar the thrift stores in L. A. R. Wild rich people are just like board. So they're like I'm redoing the kitchen and there's just like designer shit at the thrift store all the time that's my house it's just it's just a reminder of all the bad decisions. I made primarily moving to New York. Damn they make you work for. It's just you know I honestly I love New York but Every single thing you have to work about lax at least fifteen percent hard. Oh Yeah College. Yeah New York is your effort like everything and if you survive it you win basic survival. Congratulations yeah like you get to stay. Here is thank you get into limb greatest city in the world. Well Shit should we let? Let's let's roll a voicemail and then we can keep talking See how this goes yeah. Let's do it. Hi Andrew. Tiny guests I'm a freshman in high school and my friends English teacher. My school has a huge black leadership. Advisory Council and they held dislike. Rally thing because there assumes that our school that said the N. Word that were not lack Into they had this whole day for it and then apparently like on Monday Her English teacher was talking about how it seemed unnecessary. And how It really like. It really wasn't important and she was saying some really not great things. He's also said things in the past about like native Americans. I don't know but I've telling her as if you should do something about go off to the AC and She said Oh. I don't think about it and I'm worried she's not going to do anything about it. So what should I do to get her to tell someone or should I just tell them with four hundred like that might be problem because he's not teacher? I Dunno thinks I love show. Oh Man oh the chill dreher high school problems man. Yeah so we ran one listening to this in the future. A school used to be a building for people decided to learn. I don't really know. But they're sometimes they just go there in an adult would tell them that the N. word important bird face for trauma I think. I think that's actually the the better way to put I this. This is not that bad. For where when? I was growing up in high school allowing just complaining about like a assembly that people gathered to say. Hey if you aren't black you should not say the N. Word Nigger like that. That assembly happening alone. That's meet is a low have happened when we learned about Huckleberry Finn. When I was in eighth grade it was like orcher for that book man like I remember like the teachers would say like you know you know. This is a written in a different time. So when you see this word you you it's in the tax you you have to read it and this it's just a different time and I'm like Oh my God you have to can't wait. They're like awful. Can't wait there for path. Worked for Kit Freshman. I think well I think regardless of whether or not you were in that class. I think if you heard it you feel about about it. I mean it's it's it's worth saying. I don't know that I. I wonder who you can act. Who the best person to report a teacher too is. I don't know we had. We had teachers with a confederate licensed by all the time. So it was just like. They're just new by that. That coach you know. We don't engage him in conversation. We had one black in the back of the classroom history. Oh Yeah Yeah I mean. That's the Real Michigan shed. I'm I'm also Michigan and slain are. Yeah from over from how? Yeah Yeah like twenty five hundred doing ahead Pan. No this is this is for TV. Only all our way air. Eric where are you from? I'm from Memphis Memphis Tennessee. And it's like I mean the thing about Memphis It's really nice as like a lot of Like it's a city so it's like a majority black city so there is a lot of stuff that actually like won't fly. You know or at least when I was younger. They like wooden fire. Still have things. Kinda just pop up all right you know right forgot. South still racist struggling. Yeah but no. It's it's actually. It's come a long way it's I. It's very much can see this situation and Kinda happening where you know you would. They would have the assembly now. Still Kinda have the teachers grumbling about it. And that's what you have to push back against. Is there anything? Is there anything to the idea that it's like you know? Let like getting involved in a thing that you know. You didn't maybe didn't have first hand knowledge of or firsthand experience with like the Tim. Either I don't know I I sometimes wonder if like we. By virtue of the show encouraged people to like stress themselves out about shit. That's why do think about or line. You mean yeah you know it's like it doesn't have a tinge of like a hearsay kind of a vibe to it you know it's like my friends teacher said that the teacher said this like. I can't remember in the voicemail of the students said that they were present for it but also but it does sound like the students aware of some other comments. The student the teacher made. So it's Kinda like I I have I. You guys ready for slightly unpopular opinion. Feel free to shoot it down. I just came up with that. I I of think teachers like that are just good training for all the regular. Ask thirty figures you're going to have to encounter in the real world like you're going to have to deal with that person at the bank you're going to have to deal with that person At the post office so learn how to. I don't know deal with them now. This any I mean out pushback on that a little bit. I think it's one of those things like yes. You are GonNa absolutely deal with that. Posted that person at the post office at a at like at surprising places in locations. But I knew I think it's still worth I think. So worth pushing back if you can if you feel if you feel safe something that's not. GonNa get you in trouble or not going to get your friend in trouble and in this case I would say that the yeah the They didn't hear this firsthand. So you can't necessarily be the person at the front of the line you know like week by this person must resigned today or a year like yeah Marching drumbeat but I do think it's worth like even asking around like hey ask another person who might have been like. Did this upset you as much as this seems like. It like the idea that upset me. Yeah I didn't catch is the person who wrote in and their friend are day people of Color or I'm trying I feel like I'm like not I might might miss. I don't I was identified. Yeah Okay Cool. I don't think something I could see is like I Is Maybe Like I don't know 'cause I kept thinking I was like. Oh I wonder if maybe like I've had moments like as a black woman as a black when my fiance says I start every sentence times more sometimes? I felt like maybe unsafe or hesitant to speak up. Because I was worried is going to be some sort of like Like penalty to pay or something like that so I don't know what the situation is with a friend but I wonder if the friend has any reason to feel afraid to speak out and maybe if you are more privileged than your friend in that way then maybe like you could like volunteer to do it with mom or like. Yeah to Eric's point like do some investigating and find out like look is temperature on the topic But yeah if you feel like something that you could safely do. I don't see any reason why not to say something I do. Think where do you think is a good unfortunate hard Useful learning experience is sometimes like you may say something or blow the whistle and maybe some people might care. You might get a great result but You're not always guaranteed like it might go really disappointingly and badly and that in of itself is like a pretty sobering real world lesson that your shirt encounter more times in life. Unfortunately but not like. This guy isn't likely to have to apologize. You know like it's more so they they won't see anything if it happens like It's more of just like the Gaga's called it so they office and it's like you know you can't quite do that and now is probably what happened. But but that's still worth it you know. Yeah yeah it's kind of. It's something that we talked about a lot with these things where it's like correcting their behavior or attempting to correct. Someone's behavior doesn't necessarily change the way they think but it does tell them. They can't do that around me anymore. So that's a small small win. What are you around me into a classroom full of children around all the youth that you're supposed to be setting an example for the other thing I think about too is like any there sometimes. Like never underestimate again. I do not know the background of the young people that we're talking about but speaking from my own experience never under estimate the power of an upset black mother Who like somebody's done something racist to their child at school? My mom there so fast like they're so fast but I mean it might be worth like you know maybe something to talk to a parent about like if there's like an adult outside of the school that you feel like hey. This thing happened Adult outside of school that you trust who like is in a position he to speak to a teacher in a different level than you could as a student. 'cause that is some shut that my mother would love to would have loved to young a. Man. You've gotta hit us with a story what you got to give a story. What she what she come down there about. When I was in the eighth grade. What happening over I liked by teachers. We had this morning. We had to have a conversation about affirmative action. When I was in I think the seventh or eighth grade and there was one girl in the class. Who was like you know? I mean I went to school with mostly children. And she was like my sister She was supposed to get into Harvard and she didn't get it in her best friend. Who's Puerto Rican did get in and that's why affirmative action is bad as her friend because she's four. Rican and this was like a like a classroom conversation that like the teacher was like like how do I put it? He's out of that debt. Like what I call now. Devil's advocate just being devil's advocate typing except with a bunch of like twelve year old and it was just like such A. It was a rough conversation like I was. Maybe one of only one or two kids in the class who is just like this is like meant to like a this is like an adjustment. This is a very tiny adjustment for like four Hundred Years of American history. Like this most drops. I knew that when I was a kid And so like I had a really like. It was just like a really stressful really upsetting conversation of just like a lot of it felt like a lot of kids. Were just sort of talking around me and like a lot of that sort of I don't know what people call a few years ago economic anxiety like a lot of sort just like outright like totally cool in that conversation and I went home and I told my mom that I felt like I have been swallowed up by a confederate flag and so my mom was like not doing that so she like went all she talked to. The teacher said that he did a really bad job of monitoring that conversation. And Yeah just didn't know how to have it appropriately. With kids of that age mom lit a fire. And I got an apology and that was not the only time that happened but that was the time. I think that was the first time that I was old enough to understand. I'm like Oh okay so. My mom has my back like so. The teacher is not the ultimate. Do I'll be all like if I go home and I told my mom. These people are bothering me. She will change. She will change. She'll get them to change course so the yeah race thing in the world to me was win in adult was forced by another adult like our flag. Holy Shit broken she. It's like you're learning about all the webbing of Of How authority works and WHO's in charge of it's it's fascinating fascinating is very fascinating but yeah maybe maybe involving an adult like in your family or your friend to talk to their parents about. It might be a good. Yeah yeah that's that's sort of what I was going to wonder about is like it is there because the other dynamic that we hadn't been talking about is like sometimes students feel powerless or whatever. So yeah whether it's bringing in adult I've wanted to float. Does it feel if you truly feel like the administration? The teachers the adults. Don't have your back on this. What do you guys feel about the idea of like at I guess as minimum or just as damage mitigation? Like at least I mean it feels like sometimes all you can do is just make sure the other people of Color in this case other black people are at least safe. Everyone knows this person in authorities like fucked up asshole racist and like sometimes that's all you can do. Is that like I mean. I guess that's just a whisper campaign. If if nothing else four where I feel like a lot of times you kind of already know like you you going into class and somebody told you I watch out you know. Watch out for Mister. So you know you should get wild But but I think anytime if you are a person who may be presented more privileged in you know sedans happened that is affecting people who don't have that if you're checking in with images like what you like. Is there anything I can do? That will make this a little less shitty. That that's a lot like that in of itself is a lot and sometimes it can help you Sometimes the you know the person who might have been in that class might they might feel like. Oh no actually. Don't want anybody to do anything it. Because that means I'm definitely going to have to deal with You know for a longer period of time in simply get checking in with him to be like. Hey how do you feel about this thing that think that I should do That is a great impulse to have and a foul. Yeah talk to people Amazingly we appear to have given actually useful advice which is not what we do in school. Okay we're not stepping foot in a building for years. Yeah L. Stewart voicemail. Hi Andrew Hi Johnny hijacked so I am a white person. I'm Greek go And I have friends who will consistently tack me. Yeah when they are eating Greek food or a Greek restaurant or whatever it is that a Greek four of the food that they're eating of the dancer and Wondering probably happen to a lot of people of Color So I'm wondering fat not raith against me. 'cause I feel like I mean I know that Greg people are basically why people but I'm wondering just what it happened to other people of Color Yeah love to know what? Your thoughts are Just real quick. This reminds me Andrew. I did make a stir fry last night. I meant. I normally send you a picture of all of Pan Asian. Culinary pursue unrelated. I I will just say actually related but the opposite this text thread toddy Nyerere on. I got included in a conversation about my opinion on Mac and cheese and I was like I'm not It's all Andrew and the person is literally said I need some Negroes away in parentheses and Andrew Space. Yeah I'm not doing any of this Is there is there things to pull together for this? I don't know I don't know man. This is a tough one harder than the school right. Yeah I'm just like I don't know I'm American so like it would. I mean I guess I don't know like like I don't know maybe I if if like I guess like Black American food is still a part of like the dominant Food Culture. So it would be probably outrageous. If every time someone ate some fried chicken they went out of their way to send me a photo that would be. I don't know anyone who would do that. I also don't know here's the his wall was say so denied bringing Eric is. Kinda like are the show after the show. Nah We're not show after the show the show made after the show but we had a podcast called the nod for a couple years and we did a story. We've done stories on A black a Susan of black culture and Kinda with great drink in. We've done a couple of other stories about Specifically about Fried Chicken Barbecue and you know. So there's this is a consistent theme to the responses to that I do get a lot of white people who will tweet me and be like. Hey I'm drinking grape drink. You mentioned in an episode of your show and I'm like congrats awesome. I hope you enjoy as I normally do. You know and somewhat similar or a little less often with the barbecue I think for what it's worth audience was a lot. Maybe this is why the white listeners we had kerr little more understanding that might be. They waiting dark waters per se but But the thing I do appreciate a lot of times other black people will would respond back with like. Hey you should check out this barbecue spot. If you're ever in this place you might like it that I actually always do appreciate and I actually save those in a list so like there. There are times where I'm like You know not in group. Don't do. It grew actually. Maybe I ain't I ain't heard from other people have no. Yeah I guess I never been in that situation before but I would probably be disturbed if people also on like I. Don't I guess like your actual friends wouldn't do that? Airspace probably more people on social media. Maybe but I if like your actual friend is like hitting you up. And it's like one of my actual friends was like hey girl. I'm eating some collard. Greens bigger to you. Black friends be disturbance. Like are we friends? I also would be so afraid of getting dragged like if I I was joking before about Anderson but like if I went to some Wack Lake Sichuan restaurant or something and sent it to edgy. Look where I'm meeting. And he was like dog. That place. doing snow sad so like just just on an embarrassment tip like keep it to yourself right. I think as I do ask a question like does she often talk about Greek food. I was I did think that question. Which is you know maybe like roots but like maybe if Greek food is a is a frequent part of our conversation she might be setting them up for. Maybe head introduced those friends to not that this makes it her fault that these people are now being annoying but I get what you're saying like if she if she was their first entry point to that type of cuisine then they think of her every time they have it and they're just not putting in the filter that says don't maybe they'll send him. Yeah I think Like regardless of the caller experience. I think what it does the people who send those messages. You're telling on yourself that you only have one of extra point. If if all if all you can think of like I had. I had the food. I have to tell a friend that means. He's learning to expand your horizons. That's your problem is what we really want is to have you so many Greek friends than like you don't know who to tax Yeah you're like well don't text anybody. Yeah there you go. And that's the goal. Don't text anybody. Don't take anybody I also. I don't text doesn't really address the the question that she asked. Do you feel like there's a question underneath. She didn't ask Which is I just WANNA say like. If you don't want people sending you stuff anymore. Just tell them like it. Seems like Ask like is this racist but I think she kinda also wants to be like. Can I just tell people to stop doing this? And I don't know if you have not just be like look I I. You actually say like look. I'm glad you're happy but you don't have to let me know every house in a Copa True. Although the one thing that I do the district me has a tiny bit weird about the car is it almost almost feels a little bit like she was and I'm not I if this was not heard. I know you're almost like she's asking. Can I feel as mad about this as people of color like their everyday life and for that I was actually like actually now? You just need to deal it like I mean I. I'm not Greeks. I can't speak experience but it's not the same and also it again. If you don't like it you could just tell people you don't like it Yeah it's really the most that's the easiest part of it is like. This is a low level thing that you can say and really not hurt anybody's feelings. If you say you're right you'll still be friends with all your wack friends. It is an interesting look at the history of Whiteness. Grief People in America for sure white. I feel like it's a little bit conditional in Europe sometimes when you talk about the EU there like Yellow Sea like Germans being like the Greeks. And you're like WHOA. That's crazy people. So Yeah intro white people like whatever you Zena Phobia you know. I guess that that's real. But for American Greek in two thousand twenty. You know you're GonNa you just have to be satisfied with being white just enjoy flights. Yes already one. Yeah yeah all right. Let's let's Let's knock out this final voicemail. Hello Andrew Tony and guest. I am a black woman currently living in Baton Rouge Louisiana. A few months ago I ordered a lift lift driver ended up being a right middle age when I got into vehicle. He had been listening to Larry Skinner so music and he asked me if I had a music preference. I told him no and I didn't care what music he played. He then proceeded to change. The Music Karol busy. This is clearly racially charged. Decision a his racial essentially. Even though I say because I had to ride in the car for another twenty minutes and I didn't even the bad review because he had five stars and could known that I was the one who lowered his breeding and now he knows where I live because he was the one who take my apartment wondering had any suggestions for how could have safely address. This right okay. Is it bad no. I don't experience the harm here now. I is great with that. One time. I got into a cab in I think it might have been memphis. Actually with a white guy and he he started paying Rockhampton. Say WE'RE IN MEMPHIS. It was the same trip and he was like Miguel. Y'All real hip hop like I'd told me that white they played back piece. You guys I feel like you guys get like. You're giving off a a different vibe than I give off so for you. This is a fun exchange whereas I talked about this a lot. Seventy five percent of the ride shares. I get in. There's like a Jill Scott an India me with neo soul a lot and I feel a little. It makes me feel cool. No shave to those artists but I would probably rather listen to hip hop but no one's putting that on when I get in the car so I feel this caller vacation. I mean he also also if he knows like that's a range Leonard. Skinner Lucy like that is a range. This person probably has some amazing musical. Engage him in a tiny bit of conversation else. I wonder to bring up confederate flags for like the eight times. Conversation is that that's part of the Leonard Skinner ICONOGRAPHY. I wonder if the driver and this is like an also. I hate playing devil's advocate. This is just me. I am talking. I'm on your. I wonder if the driver switched up the music because maybe he felt like that like Leonard skittered might make her feel uncomfortable. I have no idea. I'm literally zero idea. Oh my gosh something. I was wondering if I was driving was upgrading. Your I will go. I will forever say simple shit back on. I would be like if I was a driver. I'd be like okay. Get get get littered skittered off like I've got. I've not listened this with a bypass that the car. I'm sorry reimburse spice. Yeah Yeah Yeah I waited on boosie. Don't like it. You're assuming her. Musical tastes are so scattered out of it to the confederate out of like you know what if it's George Harrison or something and you just see a black person get in and you're like Ooh big black dude probably doesn't want to listen to all things must pass let me put on you know but maybe he does like. I just like being boxed in here that I think the other thing that is important in this if I recall correctly she actually stated to him that she didn't have a preference rain right. Yeah yeah so like in that. If you say I don't have a preference and then he kind of goes in I can. I can understand defaulting to now. My question is like this in his catalogue is on Lucy just on the radio you might have defaulted to Kinda like hip hop station Spotify playlist that are like black person arc because then it gets a little messy. Yeah you just. You can't prepare for everything but but no I think. I think that the fact that she didn't stay a preference also to me by give him a tiny bit of leeway here she's like you know I don't have a preference but not necessarily like no hard hip hop or no like look. You know you might see me. But don't assume neo so like I don't know like if the guy the guy play when he played after that moment she could have been like well. No not this. 'cause I'm real quick to. I often experienced a lot of the Fox News. Talk Radio I get in the car and I'm like a very quick to own. Oh no no. Can we turn to hot ninety seven or power one averages something better than this absolutely their best advice for this whole question I think is to just when they when anyone asked you in a rideshare. Just state what you want. Just don't they know whatever because then you might get profiled state to say what you want to hear. Yeah I now that you mentioned it. I frequently frequently Ariana Ground Day. And ooh I know like frequently. And I think you're on my on Mendez who I did know who he was. It's why repeatedly heard him and But Yeah I get free. I most frequently I get pop music more so than anything else. Unless there's like like a new beyond say or something like that Easily get profiled as being a black woman period and I don't believe it But Yeah I think I think that like I hate to say this but I think maybe have to charge it to the game for this specific instance and then going forward you know attorney said just just ask for what you want and like it then you can also state that preference as well as I choose your choice. You got choose your choice. Yeah I think if you're a lift driver just top forty or like old jazz just nothin' honestly some of my favorite lifts will just be playing like some really chill classical. Isn't that so nice to just get into like the most tranquil educated feeling environment peaceful? Well I like the silent ones. I mean because nowadays almost always have my ear buds with me. I'm almost always listening to something. Like his music. A podcast or something so I get in the car. I like it when they're just quiet owner. You don't need to put anything on. I'm good I'm Luna Zone. Apple Talk to me lot I think about. It actually ended up having a lot of conversations getting people's lives one time. I had was playing really good disco and I was like I bought was being profiled than I was like like literally. I don't know what about me would make this man and we are really your conversation. 'cause he used to be at like dance deteriorate and like studio fifty four and all the stores like told me about how he's doing drugs and have group sex. Many guys live together. You got was some people still do things but yeah I have A. He couldn't do that. I maintain the type of healthy lifestyle. He wanted to at the same nine. Mommy yeah actually I think about it. You said silent. I'm like your people are silent with you in these riots. 'cause I ended up like that somebody was trying to recruit me game one time. Where is that happening now? Wants gave me a book on on polygamy in a left. Wow trying to educate me about it. I was like I'm good physical book. Yeah hard hard thing coming. Did this person have a box in the like Hassans received that they were like okay? Just special people. These super super truncated story is that I said goodbye to a friend on the street. Who was a man and I got in the car and the Guy said is that your husband and I said no. Just a friend and he goes. Oh your husband lets you hang out with other men hi you seem very open and then launched into a pitch for polygamy all I did was say goodbye to a male friend and now I'm being attached having to a man area. Have you heard of more men. Say Moore's more last year. So thank Morris more. We'll speaking of wild. We've done a wild thing and talked ourselves to the end of our time together. What am I saying did you did you guys? You guys had good answers to things and you helped people which is something that we don't do a good job of but you elevated this show so for that I thank you for me. Time capsule. We're now the best version of the time capsule this version of this show. You will hear this week. This is hell helpful us. You're like us if we knew what the hell. How can people find your show find you want to be found on the Internet etcetera so our show is called the nod with Britain? Erica comes out brand. Spanking new episode comes out every day. Monday through Friday on a little APP called Qube Q. U. I. B. I. We don't get things out on video audio and My name is Brittany loose and you can find me on twitter and Instagram at IBM loose. Do not look for me anywhere else. I will not speak to you yes I and I'm also twitter at e eddings mine. Mine name doesn't actually read sign. My name doesn't read is my name. Reza's houseplant poppy. I haven't changed it yet. But Yeah E. Eddings on twitter. Check us out with Brittany and Eric. Everyday everyday using watch. That shit awesome. Thanks so much for coming in here. Thanks thank you thank you for having. Yeah thank you okay. Okay we back. They're great It was cool to like. We haven't done a ton of these quarantined tnd interviews and the ones we have done have been with people that I feel like either you or I or both of us know so it was interesting to meet people and see inside their home and in one case like someone is a partner. Yeah Yeah Yeah it's been it's fucking fascinating by Ya. I don't fucking life goes on I guess is the important thing. And you know we're all we're all fucking hanging in there more or less. Yeah Yeah what else. What else do we do? Pots DOT com slash. Go if you WANNA get a IOS. This racist branded cocktail transportation device also makes a good Shaker. Yes perfect Shaker. Let's see. Where do you said the phone number IOS racist? Follow us on twitter and after a technical issue hiatus we're back on a I G and twitter. And that's almost entirely my fault. I lost the passwords What else Training trying to Newman Andrew T. 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