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I'm your host Richard Smith and with me sale all right chiefs kingdom tomorrow is absolutely the day we've been waiting for right the two thousand nineteen home opener vs how are we doing chiefs kingdom it is sad Saturday September twenty first and Derrick Thomas be sure to find us on facebook and like keenum radio to stay up to date with all of our lives podcast events also you'll find all of the new keenum radio free hemp oil get back to your life with CD medic available online and at cvs these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or in between you and a life you want to live CD medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active ingredients plus the added benefits of Thc cast watch parties week seven for the Broncos and week ten for the Titans be sure do enter our upcoming giveaways featuring signed memorabilia from Tony Gonzalez Dante Hall that's awesome that is awesome awesome awesome I couldn't be more happy to be on here talking football with you as well first off let's do all this promotional stuff thank you weekend and with that being said Hey we've got a lot of football talk today and I think we're going to do is move right into the always have my co host and senior NFL analyst Chris Chavez with us how we doing today Chris Earth Wind and fire day I'm ready for a big game tomorrow man more Ravens Passionate Mahomes and the two chiefs will face off against Lamar Jackson the two zero Ray Ravens and what is surely the best match up of the around the NFL get some of those things out of the way because hey I think we all know and Chris will agree we WanNa talk chiefs but we got to kind of talk about the NFL's well so let's touch base on around the NFL this is around the NFL brought to you by pizza shop Platte city go grab yourself a butcher block the best meat lovers in Kansas City pizza shop Platte city proud sponsor of kingdom radio all right this is the around the NFL segment brought to you by now available for purchase. Men's women's and children's t-shirts as well as kingdom radio hoodies rep your favorite podcast and help us bring chiefs King even more awesome content and analysis of data at Arrowhead and if you cannot find this their research kingdom radio issues and will find us welcome to the kingdom shop Platte city go in there and get yourself butcher's block the best meat lovers in Kansas City and with that being said Hey we're gonNA talk about Aradio Apple Podcasts podcasts regard player FM task blocks and all third party applications check us out on facebook platforms such as kids awesome things around the NFL here first off I up on the around the NFL we're GonNa do quick recap of the Thursday night matchup the Jaguars defeated Tennessee. Titans twenty two seven Jacksonville backup. QB Gardner Mensur which we're GONNA teach touch base on here in a second impressed mm connected to Ramsey in these trade rumors however it appears he might be staying put in Jacksonville for the time being Jaguars owner easy. Excuse me three by Kayla's Campbell jalen Ramsey suited up for the jags Thursday despite requesting a trade earlier in the week the chiefs underwear GM Tom Coughlin stands and on the situation and if there's a connection between ownership and GM so with that passively completed twenty of thirty pass attempts two hundred and four yards in two touchdowns these Saxon bill defense was dominant registering nine sacks three of which by Kayla's Campbell Jalen Shad Khan came out yesterday and said he was willing to make ramsay the highest paid cornerback in the league this appears to be put a bit of wet blanket on the trade talks and makes you gene said we're GonNA talk about on Tony Brown a little bit and then Chris I'm GonNa let you hop on here because you know the connection between Kansas City and Jalen Ramsey was directly in patriots was absolutely made life a little bit easier and chiefs kingdom so he wanted to see her that I care not to mention the trainer who is currently alleging that was a sexual harassment and inappropriate activities elected to the New England Patriots Antonio Brown signing but with that being said Chris go ahead and tell everybody what happened in the Antonio Brown yesterday and the Kasin sports updates to local kingdom read where we talk all things Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead empty joined Chris Richard on but also a let's see it's an artist who was painting him and there were some weird stuff going on there now exactly it's on his part I believe the final dagger will as his inappropriate and threatening messages that he had sent to not only got entire backstory but The weird thing is is that that that wide receiver or made these comments in Tonio Brown was released from the New England Patriots Friday happening within twenty four hours of report that Antonio Brown harassing texts to a woman a group chat with his own lawyer involved in in the group chat a while so what I have in front of me obviously it got got released by the Patriots due to the Plethora of off field antics and action certainly no guarantee plays again in the NFL especially if these allegations are true however if these allegations are false than there has to be at least one team that a decision hastily before game day and let's keep it real. Chris looks highly unlikely the Brown suit up for another team this season and there's and seventy five touchdowns over his tenure career but that's no excuse for the behavior outside of football in my correct treats on C. on let's see okay so now that Brown has been released the NFL can take his time to investigate the matter fully without the pressure of making but if you continuously you know mess up say the wrong thing you know lack integrity the NFL's absolutely who was hired to paint a mural inside of Brown's home while still a member of the Pittsburgh steelers these harassing texts percent while were sent while a member of the two thousand yards and over fifty touchdowns won MVP assuming that he has a repeat performance like that this year two things for sure where you're looking at a repeated behavior that's a problem yes absolutely an attorney it's turning into a pattern and you know with the NFL and they're strict policy on on all of those things I can understand messing up once nobody's perfect huge deal for the chiefs we were looking at some defensive backs solely for the purpose of the Patriots sign a player like Antonio Brown but that being said and he wins the Super Bowl and let let's say that the rest of his career he never lives up to those marks those numbers take note of that and come down on you whether it be taking your career all the way away from you or sitting on the bench for the entire season yeah not at all there's no no on-field on film production that would justify premium the guy with that take a chance on Brown's extreme talent and we know we're talking about a guy who has eight hundred forty one receptions for eleven thousand two hundred sixty three an NFL field ever again so with that being said Hey I'm sure we'll touch base on Tonio Brown here later in the segment because Yvonne him because I think we're going to go to multiple super bowls but no no he's not a I don't person yet at three well to pay on how you look at the the reader situation you could be looking at four or five different things off the field but that he he'll deserve a hall of fame ballot if that's all he does in his career you brought something up all right this is the no look pass brought to you by Shana Cue music solutions that is our premier audio contents business of them that I feel like that there's too much left on the table to give mahomes that crown you know it's just one of those things I don't feel like a quarterback who throws fifty touchdowns and five thousand yards out of the gate will ever ever have a nonproductive season I mean we're looking at a guy who's probably sixty touchdowns and six thousand yards and do what okay so I guess my biggest thing we deserve Patrick mahomes in Kansas City we deserve Patrick Mahomes to have a long don't know what's going to be handed down to Antonio Brown because we're not even sure exactly what was going on with that but I will say this it's not pretty and we might not see Antonio Brown in his bottom level is probably like forty touchdowns and forty five hundred passing yards and so that's really hard for me to you know so now I see what you're saying there's some progression here you know we have a I always get corrected while I'm like he's a rookie because he although I do not believe with anything in my heart and my soul if he went super bowl this year that will be the only one he'll never never get back I want think he'll be a hall of fame candidate if he wins the super bowl this year and throws fifty touchdowns and five thousand yards and as first year as a quarterback you gotta prove he's already done and he really is breaking records left and right it's just I feel like as a chief's fan what she Spaniard and never wins another super bowl would you say that he is hall of a Hall of Famer will I will say this six thousand yards and six touchdowns it would be really hard to deny the man who actually already has his Jersey in the NFL Hall of fame for the For me it's GonNa take more than just one or two years regardless of whether or not he gets a super bowl hat laundry list of off field behaviors if it had been like one one thing okay I can see a justification for it but get back there with Alex Smith ever I don't feel that Patrick Mahomes and I think there's a difference and that's why my unlinked career with multiple super bowl victories so I guess it's hard for me to turn look at it and a one suitable instance because Christmas Hall of fame ballot for Patrick Mahomes will come later in his career because I just don't see this man stopping yeah I I have to agree okay and so being a biased chief's Fan I would love to say that patch mahomes is more deserving of how hall of fame ballot and his overall keep it real through the Alex Smith era I feel like we had a chance once or twice to get to the Super Bowl but the way I felt about it was we might not reporters was was super bowl or a hall of Famer the and the majority of the conversation revolves around load that question and not WanNa fire back and be like Oh there's no way that that'll happen but this is a hypothetical question and I feel like Chris I don't feel like also touch on what is the first quarterback to ever throw for six thousand yards and sixty touchdowns which put him in there yet mm-hmm the the man certainly can consume the ball and exterior exciting doing so in for season after half the season last year he was terrorizing defenses he's on path into all the more so than Eli and he never finished better than eighth in the League in passing you finished first in the league interceptions but he was never talk too much about it we're going to move on to our next segment Nova pass brought to you by Shawn Keogh I'm to win a super bowl and then on top of that you have to keep in mind that was a spags lead defense that took down the Patriots twice the look past me today let's see what we got our so achmed homes came into the season having just thrown for only team that can take down that Patriots Super Bowl run twice in the entire era that is the Tom Brady Bill Belichick era a top five quarterback I can't put him in Base on on those numbers mahomes on the other hand after after nine personal opinion of mine but I still you know back to Patrick I mean he's going to have a hall of fame career regardless I saw a tweet about Patrick mahomes the one overall pick ever pick passionate mahomes and I can't argue with them can you absolutely not so I we'll he matched his brother's numbers maybe not passing they may not touchdowns but they both have two super bowls and I will say that in my mind allied Manning's We could be more happy with what Shana Keough has brought to the table and today with our Nola passed I I'm going to let you take off of this Chris Throw your I can't remember I want to give the man his credit I can't remember who said it but what they said was you know if I had to have one pick throughout the course of history in the NFL I'm with you I just feel like when you look at it from a numbers aspect that's a personal aspect super bowls are a team aspect and it takes every single person on that team he liked this tomorrow I don't reason being two factors comparison I feel like the only comparison there's going to be is I mean Tom Brady you and I think Patrick Mahomes is going to surpass that everything from simple Baghdad complex creative audibly bring your project for Life Asada Keough music solutions right and I agree with you brother so hey look I'm going to ask you my no look pass and this goes back to the but in my mind ally let's put him in there he deserves it I mean I feel like he deserves it a little bit but when we look back on the career Patrick mahomes there's going to be no super bowl victories are way more impressive than Payton's so that's that's neither that's neither here nor there that's that's so with that being said I I have a hard time saying no allied doesn't deserve I personally think he does because let's keep it it was won best plays of the year if not the best play of the year for the chiefs my question to you Chris do you see this game coming back down to I suppose we super rainy tomorrow four inches sorry go ahead four inches of rain during game time Ravens game last year you know we faced Lamar Jackson last year and came out on top and it came to that huge fourth down play with Patrick mahomes slain at across as yeah this is going to really be more of a running game based game and the Ravens have a very strong running game very I agree with you in some ways Chris but in other ways you know the numbers game is cover personal staff the Super Bowls are team victory now granted takes those numbers to get to that super bowl rookie was the second year it was his first year starter for the Kansas City chiefs but yeah fifty touchdowns five thousand yards in turn around the next season tickets to super bowl win one I feel that our offense and defense is our votes drastically better this year where we don't have tyreek Yeah Brady Brady set the bar by definitely feel that by the time that MOMS his career is over or he will surpass that are quite hand oh okay so it's going to be kind of like the chiefs Monday night game where dirt Thomasson down in the middle of field absolutely it's GonNa be exactly like that I feel that our weapons are more complete on offense and then the other factor that also throwing in there is going to be the predicted weather get back to your life with CBD medic available online and that CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease whereas Lamar Jackson he hasn't right and we'll hey look we'll we'll get into that a little bit more actually a lot more here the caller go the reason why I promise this conversation is earlier in the week you I man got benched and ESPN had had a conversation with a lot of the if you're if we look at it ten years down the road now with that being said you brought up he line I got to touch base on this a little bit and it's not that I disagree wrong offensive line and I think that is with two of our top running backs Bingde up one of them is out of the game you've got the D train inching up and getting obscene attracts and get ready to take off from the station and this is going to be really interesting part fi game I think that the chiefs had these have the advantage because they've they've played pleading the grit rain game already this season we'll he's won two super bowls and to me that shouldn't matter the numbers who've all should matter you look at his stats over the course of his career more so than others but I have to ask you would you assume the chiefs defense is going to spy Jackson later later in the segment we've got a lot to discuss about the ravens and the chiefs and Chris I know that you've done a lot of digging about this game as well has some meaning special teams stay in your lane don't over progress don't get out of your lane don't make any stupid decisions and do not let him get through that line as Lamar Jackson has wheels you bring too much pressure on him and you give him daylight where he nine coming in full fledge so so anyway okay so with that being said Chris I want to raise another point here our defensive line especially Chris Jones up the middle that is going to be are huge anchor to keep a player all day long so I feel like it is the discipline between the pursuit of the quarterback and then as almost testifying him and I think that that's GonNa probably fall on either Williams or excuse me Asia containing Jackson so I've got to go with is going to depend on the on the okay so I feel like my player who's going to be a spy on Jackson the biggest one all day is going to be Chris Jones squeezed through a hole in that offensive line and get out into the open field. It's going to be extremely dangerous for the chiefs so I feel like it'd be able to negate that Lamar Jackson speed especially in the open field a little bit more so than than hitchens would and he definitely has some mm-hmm early and often and probably more so as the game goes on we're just GONNA wear down that offense of flying in attack attack attack wheels behind him we all know Darnley has speed and he's shown us a lot here in this new defensive scheme and I do want to say one thing excuse the background noise you which I have my answer this I'm I'm excited to hear yours is what player or which players on the chiefs defense gets the gets tasked with the challenge and and the reason why I say this is I feel like the Kansas City chiefs should not blitz a player like Lamar Jackson as much as we would mark Jackson and check because look if we bring those linebackers that we bring Taryn Lee and he sheds that tackle and then he gets outside the tackles were in trouble I think there's a chance that we might see during Lee step in potentially hear and and see the field a little bit more with his speed he he as soon as he does that could be six points for the Ravens all day long blitz you know players like Derek Carr who we've already seen and Tom Brady because here's my thing but I I also feel that especially early on if you can blitz them and not necessarily hurt him but put a hurting on him so the point he loses the ability to run so to speak I think that that's going to drastically changed the game and you know make him and that's assuming that are that's gained works if if blitzing doesn't work out then I think really a fallback strictly to let's see I'm right next to I twenty nine and everybody you know all of you know how loud I twenty nine is I have a hotel room so I apologize for all this background noise that's I that he's a freighter on or potentially you know he gives himself a cramp or something of that nature where thing they're doing this season I don't feel like they're a formidable match up to really kind of talk about the Ravens Ed's okay let's be unreal the dolphins are terrible terrible horrible horrible horrible like I can't there's nothing there's no product the dolphins are GonNa put on the field this year right make him afraid to run on us I mean you you play against the dolphins not like I'm I'm seeing that the dolphins can't hit can't tackle or anything of that nature totally run by a score now I can't lie to you I can't really hope hold the dolphins accountable at all all day long cardinals they don't have much of anything but they will keep the game close the I think that we can probably take advantage of mismatches and maybe over but you play against the dolphins where he only had twelve yards rushing claims against the cardinals last week has one hundred twenty came of our defense when when we're when we're not blitz we're actually going to be buying it but I feel that we're going to be blitzing his let's switch gears a little bit let's talk about let's talk about Earl Thomas how does the three time all pro safety earl Thomas impact the Kansas City Office of gain plan now also keep in mind before you know we really touch base on this Pasha Mahomes is you're like Mahomes is seen the honey badger enough to where Earl Thomas will impact the chiefs like some might think he will so the Ravens credit playing team who has no shot against the Cleveland browns and it's also eighty cross the field as far as leadership or skills I mean I feel like the honey badgers better than Earl Thomas I also we're gonna be able to take advantage of him and expose him like we could almost any other safety earl Thomas is too good of a player for that all right loading his side and you know whatever decision he makes you know go go the go the receiver and take Thomas on the defense you respect him quite a bit for what he's done the league and the stats and obviously part of the Legion of Boom Earl Thomas is gonna make make us think about throwing over on his sack and I'm not I'm not saying that is GonNa test anybody so that'd be said that game was notified like I mean what can we I mean I'm not GonNa give I'm not going to oftens would struggle to feel a lot of the college teams better in the top twenty five right now and I do too and it kind of blows my mind to be perfectly honest with you all right so look let's see on been going up against the honey badger all off season so if there's anybody that can complement or be what does the cardinals have or not have that the dolphins game it's the dolphins and didn't have a secondary so he can sit back there ask few weeks we've had some different playmakers on the chiefs offense so who do you think is going to come out here shine in this Baltimore Ravens game he's been around this long time I have tremendous respect for him and what he's done over the course of his career I'll never talk about he'd definitely legend everybody expects us to do we throw underneath then he has to come up and make a tap right and you know if you were able to do that all day long for fifteen because it's been different players multiple weeks and heck it can be anybody this game so who do you think who do you think is going to be Chris got tyron instead of Earl Thomas but with that being said the Karol Thomas will force him to do that more so than other secondaries in the League so okay with that being said you know we got manage of that if we overload to sign the say we have somebody excuse me somebody going deep somebody on underneath route Sunday he has a four to six recovery four to six week recovery timetable and also wide receiver tyreek hill is out and remained sidelined with but he's also got understand that the game playing the game plan has to change just a bit you know to work for the scheme we are ten yards eight yards on happy with that because that means we're moving the ball which is cool any now that'll make patrick go through his he's trying to run so look rhinebeck Leshan McCoy was listed as questionable with an ankle injury but is still expected to play Sunday running back Darren Williams is out because that means that they're not getting double cover which is what honestly the ravens need to do to try to shut us down and look I know I want to say before let me jump back you have Kelsey is getting Iraqi covered her that's going to be very impactful and that's gonNA allow for the wide receivers to get open order injury but should be back sooner later than our sooner rather than later okay so with those chiefs Sydney okay our say before we answer who has the biggest game on offense for the chiefs let's talk about the injury update a little bit because I feel like this might change the aspect of who could be that playmaker because let's be honest I mean any read has a brilliant mind and I feel like you take one aspect out you know he's going to put it other aspect in and I mean Kelsey is who the the ravens are focusing on to try to cover and try to stop with you but Chelsea's performance is ability to draw that that two or even three men coverage is going to help those receivers get so open sidelines for us this week there's GonNa have to be somebody who's going to pick up the ball for the Kansas City chiefs and really while I really hope that it is d train I think it's going to be Kelsey Chelsea is going to be a huge mismatch mismatch for linebackers one on one and I agree and I also feel like that you know Kelsey typically has his beer games against defense savvy opponents we're gonNA that's GONNA force them to bracket coverage cover in which means that they're probably going to be playing Wendy safeties which are on his side he's gotTa make a decision which guy to go with and if he he's probably GonNa go with the deep because that's you know our repertoire and he just there's nobody can cover him safety linebacker no they have earl Thomas but there's really you're right I really Russians which obviously that was kind of a setback for homes you know he's a big play type of guy and you know sometimes you go through check downs and go through progressions L. C. I think that is his match-ups is going to be very even if he's not making catches his performance is going to affect the rest of the game right left on island yeah because you brought it up there the expected attack is that they're going to bring a lot of pressure to our left side of the offensive line what the quarter the three four that you know what I mean anything that I was wrong on the quarter but yeah anything's going to get to the quarterback but he is going to be I think that's where Kelsey or even inside wide receivers can be able to get a lot of open open space right there oh set the tone for our offense and obviously Pasha Mahomes is one of those guys but who's going to be that receiver who's going to be that other guy's GonNa be Kelsey you know is it going to is and I respect that as well the man's had a great career obviously the chiefs were looking at Earl Thomas before we even thought about the honey badger which me personally I'm glad we she means rule Thompson you back there on an island and I still think they're Kelsey is going to get get his catches or is GonNa be traveled Kelsey I don't think the Earl Thomas can contain him like you said would you say they're going to be the three deep set and he's going to be out there on an island l. but Kelsey is always a consistent absolutely even try to shut that down that doesn't mean that we don't don't have to just come out of the game with one hundred yard games the scheme but I feel like this is one of those games where Andy Reid is going to outsmart the defense at the line and Patrick mahomes going to outsmart the defense on the line and GonNa be derive is you know is it going to be hardman isn't going to be Watkins like who's going to be the man this week I say statement after suffering a knee last Sunday against the raiders left Tackle Eric Fisher has a a core had a core muscle surgery Thursday and is out for over there with a ton of free open space take whatever the defense gives you I mean D- train retrain on that myth is out with a knee injury and safety biden traffic is out with an elbow injury so all those this is missing out on Jimmy Smith I think that Having having one less quarterback back in the foot injury but is expected to play defensive lineman slash fullback pat record is questionable with a bad back cornerback Jimmy in five seconds it's going to be a touchdown wreck so yeah we definitely have to play I don't want to sit on our heels against absolute stud wall out there but you know he'll be able to at least give them the guys way and give a Pat Patrick enough time to release the ball I wanna I wanna just throw this out there that the injury designation to mark Andrews has no bearing at all for this game was questionable last week do the Fisher being out right and they're expecting for their for their defensive ends up a huge game much like we do with Frank Clark Against Jacksonville the secondary is going to be alterly- what they're they're rabbit hole that we're going to be able to to travel through in order to get to the he's he's the constant the receivers you never really know who the balls begin who's GonNa move the ball to me going to who's going to have the big game Vince let's talk about you know the the injuries on the Baltimore Ravens Tynan Mark Andrews listeners questionable with the and he's going to try to have a big game we'll leave it there the the big the big injury that I see for the Raven or a heck even a running back screen over to that side let them come through on our side in the write the running back all right welcome back Kansas City we're going to get back on the Ravens game because obviously this is the formidable matchup tomorrow so with that being said Kency we're GONNA move into halftime of Kingdom radio ends up any time that you lose a top corner cover corner or that's going to be a definite this is a huge game for Kansas City last year's matchup against the Ravens wasn't amazing game the chiefs were down seven points and we're facing a fourth and long defensive weapons they have that are out is you know is that GonNa help Kansas City cover that's a loaded question I give Cameroon a little bit more credit than that I think he's going to be able to have these hold his own somewhat to a degree I mean I'm not GonNa say that he's going to be and why you see what Tyreek Hill the chiefs scored with fifty three seconds to go and the game on a touchdown reception by Damien Williams to tie the game amid twenty nine left in the game we need to convert in order to have a chance and at winning and even after the snap it appeared that the game was over mahomes roll to the right to buy some time and then threw off through back to his left across his body for a nearly impossible forty eight yard completion could prove to be just as close Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is now in his second year and the League and appears to have improved especially in the passing game I snack for us to be able to match up the rest of the game absolutely especially against our our pass heavy offense that is everything that has the net and have a clean pocket because I mean well looking so they're gonNA be looking a lot to attack Harvard are left side and he still went out there and had a monster of a game of I kind of expect the same thing to happen again in this game he still GonNa be questionable he's still going to go out there averaging about five yards curie they've got two other guys in their backfield's that are definitely change of pace bags instead of being a Gr- take the take the aggressive approach towards him since he's a scrambling quarterback and then my question at the same time a dumb question you put patch mahomes against injured defense obviously we're gonNA come out on top in that scenario every single time well in Kansas City it is halftime thank you to radio we will return momentary eh went onto win on a thirty five yard field goal by kicker Harrison but curb and overtime so this year's matches the New Orleans saints so I'll say necessarily like he has fresh lakes but they haven't been used up don't have tread on them but what the ravens typically do whether we'll look throughout the dolphins but even against the cardinals and because he are definitely threats to take it to the house anytime he touched the ball marking or wasn't really used very heavily in his previous stop aren't they added running back Mark Ingram tell us a little bit about Mark Ingram and what he could possibly do against the chiefs well so far Mark Ingram has been because this game is sticking to our science and I touch base on that earlier a little bit but also Chris let's talk about the Ravens running game couple that with his athlet athletic ability to run and it will be a paramount for the chiefs D to maintain discipline and stick to their individual sinement which I think that is the arsenal of Patrick Mahomes I mean we can we can not run the ball game and still win the Zebra Russia's in the game and win this game we'll probably be necessarily three deep set but don't have a one deep save wendy at three but one deep safety yes they're going to be the same look at both games they're going to give you a look like they're gonna be running the ball but that's not what they're gonNA do they're going to throw it they've been a much heavier passing offense but they're gonNA give you a lot more running looks right and honestly you know Ingram is a former online at C._B._S. these statements have not been evaluated by the F._D._a. this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease lost their Stud linebacker CJ CJ Moseley in free agency to New New York jets so while the linebacker unit has has speed the chief can hone in on because the ravens defense is a lot weaker than they were last season and I think is important to touch base on the players that have left chief success Sunday will like you said be directly correlated to how well they contain Jackson and Ingram on the Ground Ashley subs and Cj Moseley that is humongous for the Kansas City chiefs. Because that's where like we talked about earlier Chaz Kelsey can get open the flats because look we have the consistency on the defensive side and in the off season the ravens lost some key leaders on the defensive side of the ball and positive output as far as our defensive backfield is concerned because it seemed to be such a huge question mark over the years but with that being said including top top pass rushers Daria Smith and Tara suggs all obviously ravens legends. They also don't have a second quarterback who can cover the second wide receiver you look at those teams Willie snead who had a huge career offense is primarily so far has been primarily run through Mark Andrews and Marquees Brown Brown in the game against the card yeah and the thing that I take away from those games is that although they're playing inferior defenses is those defenses in the new chiefs defensive line will have their work cut out for him yeah absolutely e- excuse me the ravens the chiefs on the other hand we're one of only two teams in the entire. NFL threw me to to have multiple quarterbacks with the seventy in through the wall he's looking at Brown yes and we're talking about a rookie wide receiver who is impressed early on catching twelve eighteen targets for two hundred they are still getting used to life after Moseley the chiefs will look to create Mitch Message Mitch mismatches excuse me and the flat it also was targeted thirteen times and Jackson only attempted thirty seven passes so essentially thirty three percent of the time that Jackson have that formidable linebacking core like they've had in years past and while they have lost their their leaders higher overall grade with more than ninety snaps played one of those teams as the Patriots with Johnson Johnson Jason Accordions us to find go mark the three yards and two touchdowns he absolutely has a home run ability and that knockout speed that could cause mashups issues for the Chiefs Defensive Backfield the other team is the chiefs with brilliant and fuller so I think our quarterbacks are absolutely up to the task to try to shut the the passing game and look I love that you brought up that stat because you dug deep for that and I feel like that here in Kansas City we need to hear that the pressures and had three sacks that game as well so they're gonNA get so getting after that the quarterback but again in the and on the perimeter to expose the linebackers on the shore and intermediate routes and play action and I feel like that might be one of these might be some of these keys to the game they're big pass rush ads rushers Baltimore's defense is still gain after their the quarterbacks they got nine quarterback hits against the cardinals three sacks one of them coming from cornerback branding car thereafter against Miami in week one they had a twelve cord and he was with the the new one senses will he only has I think like one or two catches for for the season right now but CBS for a very rude awakening. And I mean I'm open for at least the first half we have some clear skies no rain dri- field and this is really going to be the dolphins first real test of where they're really at even the Ravens I the Ravens outwit harbaugh and in their defensive scheme and I think you're absolutely right about that because we have two coaches who are you know analysts say no more smarter ask smart you know as Harbaugh but let's keep it real they are so doesn't I feel that our offensive line is going to be able to hold up against that front seven and Andy Reid is going to be able to it hold on brother the Ravens first real test sorry I had to correct you they said the dolphins first test is the Ravens first test keep going how will we attack the Ravens Defense with what we have lost on offense but like you said that genius mindset of Andy Reid the best thing I've ever seen by Patrick mahomes but I would really love to see it not come down to that tomorrow absolutely and you touch base on our ofensive line and the Ravens D. Line is still pretty solid and well anchored with Mike Pierce Brian Williams and Chris warmly I'm not trying to be a homer here in San with the chief offensive line is much better than the cardinals or the Dolphin and with the injuries to the chiefs running back running back by committee as well as not having left Hecker Eric Fisher it will be an interest and be able to absolutely torch these guys and let them know what they're really in for does that necessarily happen no and if you don't put anything past him in anytime you have played like Patrick Mahomes on the field you have a chance and forty point blowout so seen a game to see what the chiefs will do on the ground and how Andy Reid game plans with the personnel he has available tomorrow as one of those things that I really think this is going to be a better game than last season for the chiefs not that could have been any better game ever that was an epic epic game and I have been been asking myself is why in the second half that Jason held such sizable lead that they're willing to shut down the passing game nothing that we haven't seen seen them take some shots but we haven't had to go for them as much but we run I have to say you know we talked about their best cornerback Jimmy Smith is inactive so that puts former chief with you Jon Gruden Buddy you happen to fall on that list and I really appreciate that especially being in the AFC west so he's on tape for other teams to see and so Jesus Kingdom when you guys are are questioning that keep that in mind APPs mahomes has thrown for nearly six hundred yards in in the first halves of the season but only two hundred yards in the second half and the big question due to be doing throughout the season that we're gonNA be adding in that we don't WANNA show everybody you've ahead of time which I absolutely love about Andy Reid because let's be I kind of segue into something else that's related to that so far this season the with the chiefs offense has been a tale of the chiefs are the coaches coastal south offense and defense are still keeping things off tape. There's things that we're going is quarterback brandon car on the field to go one on one against our Guy Patrick Mahomes so what do you say about the after starting your golden broke so I'm just I think that the the the Ravens I know a product that the Kansas City chiefs ultimately crafted and put on the field and let loose in the NFL as guy going to have a productive day against the chiefs. Do you think we're GonNa Torch Okay we do you think mahomes is GonNa Torch Brandon car in this game at some point I absolutely feel like quit which most mostly we're going to be facing just don't have the offensive firepower to be able to perform what we're doing but then that also helps R D Kazuko touchdowns three interceptions in fifty six yards rushing combined in those two games to Michael Vick while all down for a rerun the Baltimore in the second half or even go with the shorter passing game so that we can run down the clock forces the teams to have to step up their offense and Arrowhead stadium is not going to be easy but Chris what's your prediction for this huge game tomorrow because somebody's going to walk away with one loss and everybody's undefeated it will it'll catch him car really likes to look or play looking into the backfield as opposed to playing the receiver playing the route wins because then we know that they're going to be throwing the ball and they can and that's really what we've seen a lot of our sacks come Chris Jones had one in the first half but we've had are we just going to walk over Brandon car like we typically do because didn't he play for the cowboys as well and then honest there's a handful of coaches out there that stick to the systems to the system stick to the system and everybody knows what they're going to do and I'm GonNa keep it real remains here I also feel as though this game is probably GonNa look a lot closer on paper than he's definitely going to have to change how he plays and he's going to play uncomfortable the rest of the game which ultimately is going to work out for us in the long run Chris this is something that you do every week I don't want to hop out of this I want to hear your prediction and what you think is going to happen with this game tomorrow and I feel that Spag no-load certainly has just as talented group here Kansas City that he did with Philly it was during the game I'm almost there with you I'm GonNa give it thirty five twenty one but I feel like it's going to be thirty coming into this home opener Arrowhead stadium came so I see the best known nugget for last and this is really the point I'm going to say that the final score is going to be thirty five seventeen chiefs all right hey no fourteen

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