Dragalia Lost


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I can't wait to hear your podcast. Hello, gamers and welcome to budget. Arcade. A free to play gaming podcast to help. You navigate through the growing realm of free to play games. I'm scott. I'm Cody, and I'm TJ DJ's the new and welcome to our. Yeah. TJ is filling in for Jim trust a good job Jeff pass away. And this is our. Does getting permanent. I thought it was a heart attack for the screaming. He does I was about say wouldn't a heroin overdose. Be an upgrade for him. Actually. I mean, that's, you know, it's okay, heart attack hair when those same. I don't think a heroin overdose. Fiji though. Drugs kids. Yes. That brings us to our next point. Don't do crack. We're off to a great start. Everybody got that reference. Thank you. I appreciate that. Anyway. All right now, we are in our episode now, and what game are we going to be introducing this day, Cody today, we're going to be reviewing to Galea lost. It is a action RPG on Android and Iowa's so mobile, and it was released on September twenty seven twenty eighteen it's a single player game. But it does have some aspects of multiplayer. Which is kind of interesting, but it was released by Nintendo, and it's done really well for it self for mobile game. You know, it's it's only been out like I'll just say since October just to make it easy. Was that to Bob months? It's it's gotten over fifty million dollars. Just in this Justice. It's been released that was just twenty eight teen yet, I was just in two thousand eighteen fifty million so three full months of gaping released. So I mean, it's it's doing well for itself on the crazy thing is that that was just coming out in North America, Japan and a few of those regions, then actually only recently came out in the United Kingdom in like late January. That was part of the reason I suggest that this game was because it's kind of popped up in the news few times again recently with the game, you know, just somewhat recently coming out in the UK and also because the developer side games actually been pretty critical of Nintendo. Oh recently. Can look at the exact quotes they gave out on your favorite news site. But they basically said that they could have made a lot more money of Nintendo didn't use this more like a an advertisement tool than actual money revenue device. So yeah, it's it's been popping up in the news a little bit. Yeah. See here that you're right. It released on January twenty sixth in the UK Ireland, Australia, Canada, Singapore in New Zealand weird bunch of places that released later on whatever. All right. So I guess go ahead and jump to the game play of it. Now the game play this Ferdie straightforward for a mobile game. You basically you drag your finger across to make your character walk around you tap the screen to make your fighters attack. And if you need a job to a quick dodge, just do a quick swipe left. So you can avoid those roles. Yeah. And then there's also we we didn't get super far into the game. Because apparently it is fairly lengthy. But there is a button down to the bottom where if you tap that you'll do a special ability. I think the guy that I used just had like a giant like circular slash interested a ton of damage. Yeah. It seems like the special abilities or like what really, you know, dictate a characters kind of rarity because this is a Gotcha game. So, of course, your characters have stars. And I got to us because you can like assist by grabbing some someone else's character for mission. And I got to use some of the more powerful characters and their little special moves are pretty pretty impressive. So those abilities they believe they changed with each character. And you can also update those the abilities for each character different the way, they attack is also different. I've got one character that had like a Lance almost. And it was it was like a straight line attack. But I use my best. Character was I got free of some Samra, and he had like this wad slashing pattern in front of decimated. Everything. But the the real big thing on this one is after you collect some crystals by defeating enemies, and there's also like some crates and stuff laying around that you can attack to get them. Once you clicked enough crystals. You can actually transform into a dragon. Spoiler alert little bit labor for the game. And that's one of the key points. You know, you can just do a ton of damage when you're in that form. But really that's about it. I mean, it's it's pretty simplistic. What is it a team of four you go in there with or is it seem three I can't remember team of four and you can actually switch characters by clicking on the portrait's of each character in your team. Yeah. I'm pretty sure for like the endgame stuff for the really hard stuff. Switching characters in maximizing. Their abilities is probably a big Kita staying on top of the you know, getting through the hardest stuff in the game and staying on top of it. And you know, you can actually earn a lot of a lot of new K. Characters by using. I can't even remember the name of thing at this point. But it's like where my own my. And that's it. And essentially you throw these into a you you can earn them or you can buy them. I believe and you basically go into a shop you have a random role to summon a character, and it can be anywhere from one to five stars. Obviously the five stars are much stronger and much better abilities. But the chances to get those as I was reading up a little bit on it is like super super slim. It's like point zero point zero zero one something, but there's also like it seemed like there was hundreds of things that you can unlock every time. You summon something? Yeah. And that's actually one of my biggest complaints about like this game. Actually is that you know with other mobile gosh games. You know, where the system is. You can get random stuff usually one. They have multiple banners. And at the time we. He played this game. The only banner that was out was the cursor archive. And would really kind of put me off is the fact that whenever you make these polls, you wouldn't just get a character. But you could get a dragon, and you could get something else called a direct lift which is something that can picture that just upgrade your character gives them special skills of which kind of turned me off a little bit as far as wanting to make polls because it's like not only do I have a slim chance to get who I want. But on top of that. I'm not even guaranteed characters in some sense. I could get you know, dragons, which you confuse if you get the same type over and over again to make them stronger or drac lists with which they worked the exact same way. So you know, that when when your main premise is Gotcha. And they start muddling kind of the field like that. It didn't do a lot for me personally. And you can actually those cars you're talking about. And the dragons they all can be clipped to each character. Or to increase their abilities. You can also pole weapons from fighting on the levels and those weapons can be equipped to your characters as well to increase their stats and everything like that. Yeah. And I'll I'll touch a little bit of what TJ said, you know, if there was several like, okay? So let's say say right now, there's just one thing, and you go in there, and you have a chance to get all the stuff. We just mentioned I would have liked to have seen. You know, if they're going to do Gajah Gitai game. You know have store for the cars. That dragon lists have the store for the dragons have or have. I wouldn't be reminded the dragons if they would have been in with the characters, but the dragon list, that's what you're more than likely going to pull out of liked to have seen a couple of different types of shops. Just to make easier to pull something that you think was Cole or give you better chance of getting an actual new character. Instead. Right. Well, and then on top of it, again, you know, other mobile games have multiple banners. And the fact that you had one banner that you apparently had a higher chance to get a few things on that banner, but one banner and then everything in. The game thrown into that one banner means that I can see why side games is like, oh, yeah. We could've made a lot more money because. Yeah. That's that's a deep pool to be pulling from speaking of them making money. Let's let's go over what that you get whenever you pay for stuff in this game. You can buy the war mites. And you can roll the dice and hope for the hope for one of like seventy million items. Also by some sort of diamond looking thing, and those also will count as a currency within the game that you can purchase your polls for your characters as well. Yes, is this is definitely a paid a win. Ms definitely paid a win. That's find somebody most mobile games are the Gotcha system is is what makes these games thrive. And what makes them such a such, you know, money generating machine. But I'll tell you what this this formula in this game. I had no desire to even spend one red cent in this game. And so when you purchase stuff in this game a lot of times you can use it either. Like, we were saying with full you can, you know, use it to purchase more characters or items or whatever you get with each poll, but as your playing the game, you have stamina as you do a level, your stamina goes down dependent on how much stamina that level. Takes once you get zero. You have to either a refill the stamina with an item or you have to use your currency to refill that stamina. And you know, if you're low on currency, you're gonna have to buy it to be able to continue with this. There's multiple modes of gameplay in this not only is there the single player campaign. There's also events and there's also like a multiplayer function as well. But it's more of long lines of you play with characters of other people who have played the game to help boost your ability to do whatever the quest is. And that section of the game. Yeah. So it's not it's not like a a lot of Saad. Saad multiplayer thing. It's your characters in the game. Once you make them you level up a little bit, you know, you step away. And then somebody, you know, when you start a mission, you have the option to to like at a friend or something like that. And it just. Pulls. They're the main character that they use and throw them in your game. And and I didn't mention that either. The all the other people in your party, even if you have four people, you only control one, you cannot control what anybody else does is just impis running around and tacking things. Well, one out of time. So you can switch within your party care. But you know, as you're playing the one character, you're the computers playing the other characters. And honestly that they're not that good. They don't get out of the way whenever enemies are attacking them. It's a little ridiculous, especially when you get the balls. I have some really large attacks. They're sitting there beating the crap out of its feet, and it just starts stomping on them. All right. Affect attack and Mike knock hall. Away, and what really stinks about that. It was there's there's as you're beating each level. You get these little symbols almost like chievements that you get for each level. And I believe one of them's like, you know, you don't lose anybody in your party, and you don't continue in one other one. But you know, if any of your party dies, you don't get that completion of that like complete one hundred percent of that level, and you have to go back and replay it to get one hundred percent. I had actually lost one character in the first chapter of one of the levels. So when I was playing the second chapter was like looking at the Mike completion of each low of each chapter and my chapter one wasn't at one hundred percent because of that one level where I had a character died. Well, and actually that kind of leads me into a few points because there's some there's some key things we really need to talk about what this game. So first off being a mobile. Will game, you know, you should be able to play this anywhere. So actually kind of want to check with you. I got where did you play? Yeah. Where did you play the majority of your time with this game because you know, being a mobile game. You should be able to play it in the bed right for you. Go to sleep maybe on a break at work. You know, if you're the restroom you're there for a minute where did you get the majority of your playtime from this game? Mostly on my break at work while I was connected to wifi. Okay. All right. What about you, Cody? I gotta know where you played it really the only time I've had a chance to play. It was on Fridays. I actually have like a big break in between my classes, and if I was not busy with working on our project. You know, I would go into the live where it's kinda quiet and sit down and knock out knock out a couple of chapters while I was or a couple of levels while I was waiting for my next classes start. But that's really the only time I had a chance to play because I mean once you sit down, it's it's going to take you minute. And that's really my biggest problem with this game. Like this game. I don't feel like respect your time because I actually had to put away like actual game the play this. And by that what I mean is I couldn't really just played at work because one, you know, you need wifi connection, which where I work at. We don't have one and two. If you're doing the story, some of these cut scenes are along and this story, this is where anime happens. I mean, this is definitely friendship and stereotypes and and long winded. You know, just cut scenes, and I think my biggest problem with the cut scenes actually is not only are they long winded and just very stereotypical the ones, by the way, if they actually talk you can't right? It's so bad. And that's the thing. It's not all of them. Right. And this is one of you know, like one of my biggest problem. First off spoiler alert stories. Not that good. You'll predict things coming from a mile away. Don't even it's even more anime than anime. And I don't know if that makes sense. But to me it does because you know. All right. Spoiler alert, for example, right at the beginning. All right. Your sister. The main character is a guy named udon which you can change his name. But you know, I think that's the default names that the default name y'all got for that is I don't ever change the names on those usually. Yes. So I I wasn't going to change the name because I didn't know if I was going to stick with this game, and you can change it later pantley, but right off the bat Zada and not which is your sister in nonsol- fairy that you know, comes to help they show up right and help you out which the heels you so you can get through the first part of the game. Even if you're not very good. And then shortly after a girl who looks suspiciously legs out, the your sister. But only wearing purple and has a math shows up and within the first thirty minutes, you find out it's her from like the future something, and it's almost like somebody. He was playing firemen awakening. And we're like, hey, remember that scene where Lucy gets mass chopped off. And it turns out to be hurt. And you know, she's from the it's almost like they took that exact thing and copied it and put it in this game. And it's just this this story, man. I don't know that you will want to you'll play fire. We'll my problem. It's funny that you mentioned fire emblem because I've actually played the mobile firearm bloom the free to play as well in the system not the way like plays. But like, you know, how you have stamina and each time you do a level it takes down, your stamina. And then you have to replenish, your stamina. And all these other things it's it's exactly like that in that fire emblem game. Like, it has no different whatsoever. So this I mean, honestly, they're both done by Nintendo. So there's gonna be a lot of simulate similarities because of that. But I mean, it was like it was so reminiscent of it. I was just like, okay. This is supposed to be like a cop. Of that game. Well in most mobile games do that. So for example, one of the mobile games, I play final fantasy opera Omnia and upper Almeida's, you know, actually did away with stamina system because by then everybody was complaining about them. But, you know, even then it's like you still like if you do certain events there is like a bar says, okay. You can only do this for so long before you have to wait, you know. So I mean mobile games, usually have those stamina bars and Gotcha system because it's been proven to work. You know? I mean, you look at candy crush, for example. It's like, oh, you only have so many moves to beat this puzzle. You know, and that really kind of started that whole, you know, man, you can only play for so long. We want you to get off. But it's funny. Because again, you're gay lost doesn't seem to respect that at all though. Like, they will take your time with those cut scenes for sure. Oh, yeah. That's that's problem with like like you said it's not a game that you can just pay. Let me got five minutes for meeting or you know, I've got hidden. Minutes before I need to go somewhere. Ain't really nothing. Do let's play a game real fast in some people like that. I do kind of a pre sheet what they're trying to do here. They're trying to bring a big single player experience to mobile, but the way they set this up like if I won't to play through a story game. And I really wanna get you know, sold into the story. I don't wanna have to come out between nations and then go back in. I would honestly I would rather just pay the money. I would get like fantasy sever final fantasy non and I'm start playing through it. And I pay the money. There's no there's no waiting. There's no nothing. I just start playing the game and start earning things. And I just keep running through it. You can't do that with this. It's. I think every time I tried to play. I ended up at least spending like fifteen twenty minutes on every single, Tom. Oh, yeah. And that kind of also brings me to another problem. I had with the game. Which is you know, a lot of those cut scenes aren't voiced. And it wouldn't be a big deal to me. But when you're on the menu there are times, you'll just leave your game on and they'll be playing this very, you know, like cutesy Japanese song, which will get on your nerves after a while. And there'll be tons of your characters will just say random things like the one guy that you get the mercenary with the acts. He's just like Benner and you're like, oh my God. Dude. I don't know what forces evil la- worry about food later just call now. And you know. Just take that out. Exactly, why couldn't you take that out invoice the cut scene. So at least I'm somewhat interested instead of going cross eyed wondering when I can actually play the game. I mean. This is one of those games. You know, a good story can enhance a game. This is not that game. And by the way, if a Snickers wants to support us there that was. If we if we spoke about this. I would freak out of like I said if they were if they wanted to do an actual big RPG game on mobile outta rather? Just made it pay just pay for once in an urn everything. After that where you know, there's not all this micro. Transaction be is it is what it is. Yeah. But that's not my biggest problem. My biggest problem was starting up the dang thing. Because. So we're going to go now. So we actually finished up class. Oh Friday early. And it was probably about nine o'clock. I don't have class 'til twelve. I was like sweet this gives me Tom to go ahead and download everything I can sink couple hours into it. I was not able to start actually playing the game to whole light almost ten thirty eleven because one you done the game. All right downloaded the app store on good to go. Might have taken two minutes in then the initial download started, and it is large. And you're not gonna go through just one you're gonna go through about three huge downloads before you even get into the game. So this down you download the game. After you. Download the game you load the game up and immediately down then you run through the prequel for the game. And then you have another download after that, you have a level you have to download that level. Then you have a cut scene. You have to download the cut seeing. And then you have another level you have to download that level and vice versa. Vice versa over and over. Again. There was so many downloads for this game. It's it's going to get to the point where your phone is going to be full would just this came alone. And that is ridiculous in my mind. Absolutely. Into. Yeah. Like, you know, there's the usual stuff pictures, you know, okay, other apps, you know, things like that for me podcasts. I was still allowed podcast. So I had to delete all the podcasts that I had. And I was like re download them later, but I had to delete five dragon quest games because I'm a huge square annex nerd play final fancy opera Omnia record. Keeper downloaded dragon quest one through six and I had to delete five of those dragon quest games. Just download this thing. And when I finally got through with download I checked it. It's three gigs before you eating get any of the in game updates. So as soon as I hoped sweet, I've got a download let me go ahead and start it up. It's like all right to to'real by the way, download another four hundred megabytes. I'm like what? Like now. Into like after you get past like the dose or second. I guess you call them episodes because chapters, and there's things inside the chapters. I don't know what you wanna call. Anyway, I'm gonna call it an episode to make it easy. So once you once you get past the first two episodes, you're still going to have to download your download every time before you jump in. But those downloads when you get farther in our really quick it takes like five seconds to download them. But still it's just the fact that you have to sit there and download something over and over and over and over again. And what I would be is once on a hard mode. I would wonder if you'd have to re download those because it's a changes up, the the difficulty DEA part of the thing that would be easy. If you. But then you had to pay for the cut scene. The end of the game. Gross gross. Don't mean to suggest that you're a sick man, Maury sick, man. Well, I think part of the thing that made this so big was that like there's so many extra little things in here. Like, the Hallam, for example, you know, once you get to certain part in the story, you get to make your own little castle. And I didn't feel like one that was necessary. I'm sure like Dragila loss fans are listen to this. And be like, whoa. Whoa. Hold up a hell of them, actually, one of the most important probably is. But for a newer person when you first get it. You're like, I'm not here to play Ville tiny town or something. Yeah. I'm here to play blow light, you know. But, but you know, it's like the little things like that. Like another big problem. I had with this game. Is that when you first open this game? If you are not offended by the menu. Just how cluttered it is than kudos to you. Because when I was like, what's all this stuff is locked I can't touch. Oh, that's how I felt was Smyth. I can understand by the way on the governor likes might. I'm sorry TJ was the one that he was the one that he really knows it. I'm a novice compared to him. And then jevon Jeff Scott were the newbies. But I will say even uses the this is up there with smites menu. It's raw the is bad. This is all. Much worse than smy. Anyway. I digress. So Scott, what do you want to? You know downloads are killed me. I'm just like what the heck is this crap? Just download after down. I do want to say though, like, you know, TJ mentioned the music and the music throughout the game is actually pretty decent. I'm not normally use it guy when it comes to view games. I've actually just recently started getting more of an appreciation for it. Because some of the other podcasts I've listened to. But the music in this pretty decent. Do you know why? I was just telling me we do. That's what it is your call. I was I was just before we started recording. I just I was telling Cody just before we started recording. I was like, you know, the main song started playing during the Dallas Nells link. Oh, man. This is just goof. This is this is Japanese and as going. Playing more. I was like you know, what I kind of liked the song. And then when I realized I started liking I was like I need to get rid of this game. It was it was just one of those things where it's like, it's a nice little song. You know? It's catchy. And when I found myself, Bob, my head to it when I was playing like a Lord, Anita. Need to get rid of this game. It's a Ono. He's become one of their we abuse. So I got I got to ask though, I gotta ask like we're sitting here kind of ragging on the game little bit though. But if there's one thing to nose known for its quality. It's fun games. It's games. That are just you know, they're they're very almost wholesome. Did you feel the Nintendo magic from this game? Scott, you feel like this is one game where it's like, you know, what when I think of, you know, lesser known intendo games that maybe just didn't get a fair shake, do you think of Rigali lost? It definitely feels like Nintendo. The graphics for one or very crisp, very clean. It was you know, it was a head of friendly feel to it definitely felt like Nintendo of Japan. And I did enjoy that much of it. But it did it did feel like Nintendo. Okay. And I don't know Cody are you in the fan at all of you played any experiences wouldn't send us systems? Honestly, the last last Nintendo system, the my own was a was a super Nintendo, but I do. Oh, absolutely. But you know, I played we played we played switch played all that. And I am a fan of Nintendo. I love the stuff that they do put out. I will say you can definitely tell that. There was a big money that went in behind this game because for a mobile game. The graphics were fantastic the music, really good. I won't say it's the best. I've heard it. It's very fitting. And it's pleasant on the ears. I'd say the controls were good too. Yeah. That's what I was gonna say. The controls are fantastic for a mobile game. Because normally when you hear mobile of action country. Yeah. It's like oh God. No, please. Please. No. But like controlled fairly. Well, there was a couple of times where you know. Because of where I put my thumb initially, my character kind of freak out, and I couldn't I could had let up in do like hadn't running at a certain direction again. But other than that like e control vary whale, any rain really Smoot, which was surprising with a lot of enemies onscreen. So what would you guys what would you rate this TJ? And remember it's one out of five stars no half stars. According to Jeff. Released by he can sneak as many half stars. He wants to because Jeffs not here. And you can't fuss about it. But if that's the case, we might as well make it a ten point system. Logical me come on now. Well, I'm gonna give it three stars with a caveat. And I'm gonna have caveat for this. And when one of our other categories, and the caveat is Gotcha games. It's all about what you pull. If you're just one of those unlucky people that just gets a terrible pool. I can understand why you know, this game just won't have the legs for you. That might for somebody else. So I'm gonna give it three stars though. Because at the end of the day, I think it's quality game. I think that the music's good voice acting not terrible. There's some characters that, you know, aren't that? Great. But overall the fact they even bothered to put an English voices. Because a lot of the times with these Japanese inspire mobile games. They don't even bother putting an English voices. So all of that combines to make a quality product. And I did enjoy my time with it. But you know, when it comes to these games it really is all about do you enjoy the game play. And did you get good polls? So I'll say three stars. All right. What about you goaty? You know, what I think I'm gonna give it three stars as well. Just with simple fact that one runs on a runs really wail on a mobile device, again, you're not going to be able to sit down and start banging out levels left. And right. You know, a five minute break you're going to have to invest in Tom into it. But it controls very well. And looks pretty good. The music's good. I enjoyed it. I didn't really enjoy the voice acting, but bashes me, but it was fun. What little I got the plan? It was fun. Do I see myself picking it up and playing it nonstop? No. I do not. Don't see myself sinking tons and tons of hours into this. But I can't see I can see what they were going for. I think they kind of flat on their face with the with the micro transactions and being paid a wing because that's always a negative in my book, even though this isn't multiplayer any type of pay to win as I got a at some points there. But. For mobile game. Really, not bad. All right. I'm gonna go and give it a three star rating as well. The graphics are amazing. It really enjoyed the music. My big drawback again is the download sizes in how often they were that. That's you know, if it wasn't for that. I probably give it four stars. Because it was a really solid game. It was a good play like how how to play it again. Storyline was a little bit. Yeah. Whatever I started skipping stuff in the story because of, but you know, other than that was pretty good. So yeah, I give it three stars left is seal of approval. Oh, you know, what we didn't even go over the replay ability of oh, we didn't. While we are rookies. Yeah. There's re-. I'm the new guy get excuse in this. In this. You should know this by now on the podcast. You're the hosing you forgot it. Them. Not only hosts and forgot it. But I'm looking directly at my nine lineup sheet of what talk about next don't even have that in probably top of my head come on now. Anyway. Cody's going to dragon form right now. Knock out mocking slowly. Here's not growing. It's not turning yellow us screaming. So these fire comes from end. Anyways does. Poop joke. Far joke but semantics so. Honestly, there's not a whole lot of replay ability with this game. It is fairly. I have to disagree with you on that. Really? I mean, this whole week that we've been playing the actually brought out an update within that time that were playing so they're definitely doing updates. They're doing events on a regular basis. So there is a fair amount of replay ability as far as that's concerned. Well, but here's my thing. Is that the reason I say that it doesn't have a ton of replay ability is because I obviously we did not beat the game. But I did look into it. And apparently at least for the campaign you play through the main campaign six chapters. I don't know how many how many levels or any chapter. But once you get through all six chapters. You basically get the restarted again on hard mode, and I think there might be an expert mode. I'm not I never could confirm that or not I looked around. I think might be just like a the events and like some like special dungeons and stuff, but. You know, you play through the main if you're just looking to play through the main campaign it you play through at once you're done. I mean, you can go back through with some different characters and stuff, and you know, obviously, there's a hard mode. But and I don't know how many Vince they put into, but if they don't like just talking just constantly pumping invents it's going to be the same thing over and over again. So I mean there is some replay ability there, but it's not it's not super super high opinion. We'll even seem to be extended story time as well as like side stories as well. Yeah, I'm going to split the uprights on this one and say that they're a mobile game. There's going to be updates. There's there is a ton of replay ability. But this one doesn't seem to be as deep as some other games. I've played. You know, I think the biggest problem is that from what we've heard, you know, as far as like, you know, looking at you know, looking for things that how the community feels about it. What what kind of the end game is right now, it doesn't seem like the updates come fast enough. And when it comes to mobile games like these they constantly need to be updated. They caused because there's people who will literally as soon as the new stuff comes out they burnt through it they're done. And they're basically just sitting there waiting for the next the next big event. So. You know, there's a lot of replay ability. But when you compare it to the competition then to the peers of of this game. Basically, there's probably not as much as you would think. All right, Cody seal of approval. May personally. No, it's like I said, it's I can see what they were going for. They they lost me with all the the the you is God awful. And the story didn't keep me interested enough to like jump in one play more and more and more. By like, a like, a TJ said, I forgot your name. Wow. Thank you, man. My name's union. It is late and I have not. Forgive me. Africa where I was going with this now. Oh, in TJ's words. It's a well. It's very anime. It's very predictable. But it didn't draw me in the game was fun. When I got to play it. And but between the downloads having to wait sitting through cut scenes, I lost interest in it. So me personally, not get muscle. Brutal. All right TJ. What about you? I'm gonna go ahead and give it my seal of approval. But again caveats I'm pretty sure that that the mobile game crowd probably was interested in this game because it wasn't intendo. And it wasn't Super Mario run or fire emblem. He rose or pocket camp. But it's if you're an antenna fan coming to it and trying it out. Maybe you're not very, you know, maybe don't play a lot of mobile games. Then this'll probably be a new experience for the caveats. Are you get into this game? One this game does not respect your time. As far as mobile games, go. There is no quick getting in and out of a lot of game sessions early on and to the file size is humongous for a mobile game. I mean, I've played games that that seem to have more content and they're less than half the size. So but with all that said, I think everything else makes this equality game. At least try out if you have the space again graphics game play music, even the voice, I can tell. Lesser extent. The only thing that I really didn't like, you know, outside of the Gotcha system was was the just. I just want to call that out. I I am. Well, the thing is I do like this game. I liked this game. And I think it does a lot of good. But you know, at the end of the day, it, it doesn't respect your time. And the story the story is just without being too on the nose is. So just anime. And I know that probably sounds bad. But if you try this game, and I don't wanna spoil anything past what spoiled earlier, but if you try this game, and you get up into chapter two you'll see what we mean. It's pretty bad. I just to. I just wanna go ahead. And if we do have some listeners out there there's going to be if any of them watch anime, you are going to catch so much flak. Oh, oh, yeah. May two I think that's why we're able to because we know this. I mean, there is literally align I think it's at the end of chapter one. There's literally line where he was facing a bad guy. And he says something along the lines of all be okay. Because I've got my friends with edge. Exactly what he says. It is it is the power of brench ship. So. That's what you want the seal of approval, there's the seal of approval, this is Anna majors. One of those like all right anyway. Rule. It's not going to get it for me. As nice and Christmas the game play. It's not here for me. I'm sorry. Yeah. I can I can understand why I'm not I'm not gonna challenge that at all in the whole in. If you if if nobody quite if nobody's listened before. This our seal of approval is our personal how we felt about it. The the star system is like overall for the game. You can pick it other way drop is it the other way around. Yes. The rule is more based on you know, whether we believe it's going to enrich your life. As far as free to play game is concerned this one. Like, I love learning, and I've been on this is my fifth episode and this. It's a learning experience for everybody. Okay. It is. It is. Yeah. I just I don't see like there's just takes too much time for me. So it's. We had a couple of people who wrote in their commentary, but unfortunately, I can't get into my discord right now. So I'm not going to be able to do that at all for me. Okay. Go ahead next week. So next week game. We're going to be covering brawl Khawla. Oh, yes. They're going to have an update they just announced that hell boys going to be in. Yeah. Yeah. They just had announcements today because another game that is kind of a smash brothers inspired game called brawl out. Just added the character from dead cells and like shortly after that brawl halls like, oh, yeah, we got help boy common. It's like. Nice. Did not know that thanks for the update on that. Yeah. This is a I don't see TJ new. Yeah. I've never played the game. So I have nothing about it. All I know is that it's a beat him up or like a fighter game kinda like smash grows. So yeah, I really don't. I don't see anything in here. So I see you. It's under the commentary. Or game of the week commentary. The week. So this comes from Tom are former editor at this game was on switch. I'd be addicted to it and spend tons of money. But it's all mobile I played it for two hours and never touched. It again praying doesn't get released on it doesn't get released on switch. Guy all snidey. That is the guys from. So Bush splits. Yes, push. Yeah. You guys are also up guy. So guy also mighty says, I feel the same as Tom Tate. I don't like mobile games. I don't know why I played this. When it first came out for a few hours, and then got tired of it. Tired of it would play if it weren't mobile. And then oh, we have Jeffrey in here. J queasy year. I rarely keep mobile games on my phone would always prefer controller. So apparently a lot of people felt like. Felt like us on that. You know, it wasn't if if maybe if you cut down the Tom or something you get a little bit more into, but if it was like a mainland game. But if free to play and trying to squeeze money out of it. I mean, if they retooled this game is kind of like Diablo clone. Switch you know, where it was a little less story a little bit more just going in and fighting and having fun. I could see the series becoming something. But as a stands right now. Yeah, I mean, this is this is not Nintendo's finest hour. We to thank you for listening to the podcast. And if you're listening on apple I tunes, we would ask that you would leave us a four and a half star review. No, really just making five star review. No more. No more half stars thought. We talked about that. Yeah. Exactly. That's this joke. Man, come on. I'm Joe now have star joke to the to the brink in horse repeatedly to the absolute limit. Wars type of people. Budget our budget dot arcada gmaiLcom if you have any suggestions for the for what games you'd like us play. You can follow us on Twitter at budget. Arcade. I did switch it this week. Thank you from there. You can join our discord service server, kid, talk and music by stem, and you can download his music at metro metal dot com all of our links in the show notes. Here listening on. Youtube please leave us a like and a subscription, and we will get to. Actually, I know what you got. Okay. Real quick. We did get our first request for the first play, and maybe streaming these. So let us know kind of what works best for you guys. I know pretty much Monday through Wednesday. We would have to do it maybe on the weekend. And let me know what type of obviously, we're on XBox. But let us know what type. What streaming service you guys used because no magic though it all mixer, but I know a lot of people don't use that. So I could I do have a Twitter account that I could stream too. But yeah, just let us know. We'll try to get into a game, and I can show how God all fighting games. I am. Now right now you may in next week game on.

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