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From Device Troubles Ladies and gentlemen. It is no coincidence that I'm not one of those people who think there's no such thing as coincidences but the in this incredibly early part. Art of twenty twenty. I'm going to suggest that maybe the most undercover D- story of the year came out this week. This past week when a website obtained and published emails between personnel at the Office of Management and budget which is in the White House and officials at the Pentagon these emails had been already published as the result of a freedom of Information Act request except that the original publication was riddled with reductions actions by the Justice Department the so called Justice Department and this website had obtained and now published unredacted versions which revealed revealed that the reductions were all about people saying things like the president ordered the withholding of military auditory aid to Ukraine. For no reason that anybody could explain. That story broke while it. It kind of tumbled out got started getting some coverage on Wednesday and then Thursday happened and it's disappeared from public. I think from public memory by now as I say I. I don't think it's necessarily not a coincidence anyway. This is southern California where is located a little city that once a year is the new year's Day capital of the western United States and we pay tribute to it now on. Hello welcome to the show city of succes fell in restaurants. Never Burke to there's Jason why her name love each read all every got got. Clean a wear nice clothes in in L. A. Miles from C.. Every year every year we thank. You dresses me well. Well well you we know what I mean horrid of rose and who knows are pressed against the safety net no green uh land of spades and who she's From Santa Monica the home of the homeless and just way the heck on the other side of southern California. I'm Harry Shearer. Welcome you to this edition of show. Happy Twenty twenty everybody. Now let's get back to The real world news of Godly can't get more real enact can you yes you can. But we won't right now. A A carnival across cardinal as did from the Roman Catholic Church paid dozens of clerics some of them were involved in evaluating claims of his sexual. Oh misconduct he paid them more than six hundred thousand dollars over nearly two decades. According to Washington Post Feodor McCarrick he was Archbishop of the archdiocese diocese of Washington from two thousand one. Three thousand six sent money donated to the church by wealthy donors to more than hundred Catholic officials including two popes. nope not the movie. The pope's that's according to financial records obtained by the post more the MO- among the more than one hundred recipients. Pope John Paul the second second he received ninety thousand dollars and benedict the XVII who received two hundred ninety one thousand dollars according to the Post. Not The pope the post the spokesman for Karnal. Leonardo sundry he only got sixty five hundred from Carrick told the Post the money quote never had any effect on the cardinals decision making is an official the holy. See Unquote maybe it was just you know the fact that was chump change. Compared clerics who received checks characterize it drives the money from the characters Christmas gifts it said it was spent on charity or other services. McCarrick Attorney declined to comment on the latest report but McCarrick Now Eighty Nine said last year in a statement. He had absolutely no recollection of the abuse involving the teenager. Church officials say the Vatican's go released an official report in two thousand twenty the talk the pockets clicking earlier this year The Washington Post published report that showed owed Bishop Michael Brands field. The leader of the Catholic Church in West Virginia gave about three hundred fifty thousand dollars to clergyman before he was ousted for sexual misconduct. Among the recipients of those cash gifts were young priests who had accused him of allegations of sexual misconduct and at least a dozen cardinals. He took the money out out of a personal account over a period of a decade. It's gotta be some really happy donors out there. Richard J poster served time for possessing child pornography violated his probation by having contact with children admitted masturbating in the bushes near Church school and in two thousand five put on a a sex offender registry yet. The former Catholic priest was only just last month added to a list of clergy members. Credibly accused of child sexual abuse use after the Associated Press asked why he wasn't included. Despite the diocese names of nearly the release release of nearly fifty three hundred names most in the last two years critics say the list of critically credibly accused priests. I'll get it right are far from complete need an AP analysis found more than nine hundred clergy members accused of child sexual abuse. who were missing from lists released by the dioceses and religious orders where they served the reached that number by matching those public Dioscese enlists against a database of accused priests track by the group Bishop Accountability Dot Org more than one hundred of the former clergy members not listed by dioceses or religious orders had been charged with sexual crimes including rape solicitation and receiving or viewing child pornography? AP also found another nearly four hundred priests and clergy members who accused of abuse while serving in dioceses that have not released yet. Any names Church officials say absent admission of guilt after way releasing name. I'm against harming the reputation of priests who may have been falsely accused. Some dice have excluded entire classes of clergy clergy members from their lists priests and religious orders. Deceased priests not the predeceased who had only one allegation against them priests ordained in foreign countries and sometimes deacons or ousted before they were ordained poster was excluded because of technicalities name was on included when the Davenport. I would dialysis. Its first list of two dozen credibly accused priests more than a decade ago. The dies said his crime of possessing more than two hundred and seventy videos and images of child pornography on his work laptop was not originally a qualifying offense because there wasn't a direct victim. MM after he was released from prison. The dice has found. Poke stir a job as a maintenance man at its office you know where. He had the work laptop but he was fired less than a year later after meeting masturbating in the bushes on the property which holds a butts. Excuse me a Catholic high school then went onto violate the terms of his probation. Had Been in contact with minors bookstore. Well at least there's a bookstore and near elementary school. Judge sent him back to jail. Sale Church child pornography was added to the Church's Child Abuse Charter in two thousand eleven. Though the Church said it would update its list of perpetrators but traders as required under a court approved bankruptcy. Plan it never included poster said a spokesman for the diocese. It was an oversight. I A new federal lawsuit claims the archdiocese of New Orleans and the diocese of Lafayette covered up a decades old confession of child sex abuse by the late. Reverend Kenneth Moore vent. He's accused of repeatedly abusing adolescent boys in the rectory of a church and Saint Martin Ville. The church is called Saint Martin. It's it's he's not in the field however the abuse claims in the lawsuit filed. This week are similar to those found in different last year. In Saint Martin Parish Ledge victims in both crimes as PLO sued say more event ply them with alcohol before abusing them in some cases on a weekly basis over several years. The number of alleged victims in the claims against Moore vent is between eleven and sixteen a lawyer representing the federal plaintiffs declined. Comment the dialysis said it would address the matter with full consideration of the facts and the duty to defend father more vents reputation as there have been no previous allegations involving him. It did not identify him on. Its list of credibly accused abusers in April but the new Federal Lawsuit Claims Church officials in Lafayette and Lou Orleans convenience secret church preceding in late one thousand nine hundred wherein he testified under oath but the details of his crimes but church officials did not notify law enforcement or the public. The federal said the abuse occurred at weekend sleepovers in the clergyman's residents the Saint Martin parish display of plaintiff's say more vent stalked his victims after choir practice and a confirmation ceremony one of the plaintiffs recalled Morvan telling him that quote. God put me here to serve the people God puts you here to serve Me Unquote Moran died in two thousand and three. He's buried at the church. which got a couple of the victims advocates mad? Again and Raleigh Dennis Carolina Catholic athleticism North Carolina. This week published a list of fourteen clergy. Who it says have been credibly accused of child sexual abuse? There should be a an acronym for that phrase by now in the nearly fifty years since the dice was established the diocese charlet also listed six clergy members who serve the area before the diocese was formed way back nineteen seventy two and twenty three clergy members from the diocese who are accused of misconduct while working for the church in other places Douala swallow been victimized by Catholic clergy. I apologize on behalf of the dice. Hasn't expressed you personally my heartfelt sorrow for the physical emotional and spiritual pain. You have suffered said the archbishop. No sorry the Bishop Not Archie. No active clergy and the dice has have credible allegations of child abuse against them. News of the Godly. Ladies and gentlemen a copyrighted feature this broadcast now news of the warm more than half breath of earth's rivers. You've heard of earth freeze over every year. Her these frozen river support important transportation tation networks for communities and industries located at high altitudes ice cover also regulates the amount of greenhouse gases released from rivers into the nearest atmosphere now. A new study from researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that annual river ice cover is is going to decline by about six days for every one degree Celsius increase in global temperatures. That's only four or five. This decline will have economic an environmental consequences. The study was published. I this New Year's Day in the journal Nature. It is the first study to look the future of river ice on a global scale. Whole Thing Ladies and gentlemen get the handbasket and now news of the Olympic movement produced by? Hi Jim ever sold the third I and guess what they found at the Olympic Stadium. All these actually one of the Olympic facilities in Tokyo to be used for the twenty twenty Olympic Games. Estes for that come from the Tokyo metropolitan government says it will take urgent measures at Brest. bestest with discovered in the structure of a swimming centre to be used for water polo at the two thousand twenty Olympics. The material considered a health risk. According to Kyodo News Agency was found in fire resistant coating being used the two locations on a pillar supporting the roof of the Tokyo International Swimming Center which opened way back in nineteen ninety-three. They weren't using US were they. The material was sprayed on a steel frame in an area usually inaccessible to the public. Will there that explains that with the entire tire structure covered by a panel so there was no possibility of it. Being touched cornea Tokyo government. Guess they know but what can be touched. The metropolitan spawned government has installed handrails stairs and conducted other renovation work since Fall era go in preparation for the Games. The presence of vest bestest was confirmed during an inspection in two thousand seventeen before the renovation work began but the metropolitan government originally decided that no immediate measures were required based on the materials location and condition by nobody would ever know but the Tokyo government reviewed the assessment and has now decided to implement as best as containment measures. One of the reasons may be because it plans to turn the swimming centre into an ice skating eating rank following the Olympics. And I guess as best as don't freeze the Olympics Ladies Gentlemen it is a movement and we all need one every day and now following following as night the day. The apologies of the week is so sorry a British media pundit and former arsenal soccer player has apologized for saying during a live radio. Show that a soccer player was having quote. Oh holocaust of a game on the talksport. Show the warm up Perry groves with discussing Sheffield United's win over Brighton. The previous day. We're talking about the Goalkeeper's Oh keepers performance. He said the player had a holocaust of the game shortly after he made the comment groves. Apologized live on air. Saying I just like to sincerely apologize from misuse this use of words early. I didn't mean to offend anybody if I fended anybody. I'm truly genuinely Sinus for my heart despite his apology outrage listeners quickly took to twitter where else to call out gross disgusting use of words describing the comparison unbelievably offensive. A fast food restaurant restaurant. Texas is apologizing after an employee was asked to leave because she was wearing a hijab. Stephanie Coleman told told. CBS News that she felt disrespected when her manager and Co workers at the Chicken Express Restaurant in Fort Worth asked her to take it off. You shouldn't you have to retrain people to respect people's religion because that's something people should already have knowledge of. She said she converted to Islam. In August was hired by chicken express in October. She said she she told her coworkers. She would start wearing a hijab soon but when she came in on Monday of this week she said she was not welcomed by her co workers. Hey congratulations regulations on the thing. She said her manager told her she could only wear chicken express branded clothing. I gotTa get me some of that. She said she took her jacket and purse but manager called her into his office office and told her the Hijab did not follow the company dress. Code your job. Is Your job manager. told her in the widely shared video. If you didn't take her to off the job should have to leave not the job the Hijab but she said I was saying what you're doing is wrong. You're sending me home and the the reason is invalid. She uploaded the video to twitter statement. Rhett warrener an attorney for the chicken express franchise owners said they'd apologized to calm. Almond managers. Comments were due to a lack of training. He was using a strict interpretation of the company policy that does not allow derivation from the standard of play uniform perform to quote and he unfortunately did not take rigid religious liberty into consideration. These spokesperson said chicken. Express we'll be offering more training and let's check. No sorry and manager has been reprimanded for the incident. Coleman was paid for the day your job. Your job organizers for Team Tennis Championship in Australia have apologized to the visiting Moldovan team after inadvertently playing the Romanian national anthem to open the tournament. This is this year's wrong national anthem. Apology latest Germany's at least one. Every year. The blunder took place prior to the opening singles match. Gotcha Sydney well. He couldn't see the smoke of the ATP Cup between Moldova and a player from Belgium at the start of Moldova versus Belgium. Dramatically mistakenly played the wrong national anthem. From said the organizers were sincerely sorry and apologized. Personally to T- Moldova Bova. Romanians get nothing a journalist from Harper's magazine and another from Vanity. Fair apologize this week after they were slammed for publicly mocking Blue Ivy Carter the seven year old daughter of beyonce and Jay. Z Z Bayezid. The Rapper Megan the stallion posted to black and white photos of herself with Blue Ivy and beyond say on her instagram twitter accounts Vanity Fair film critic. Kate austen Collins responded. I have a feeling the Jay Z.. Face genes are about to really it Blue Ivy. I feel so sorry for her violet. Luca a web editor for Harper's replied. They haven't already Luca added or she'll just get plastic surgery sixteen highly general all have to pretend she always look that that way. There's nothing harmless about insulting a child's features regardless of whether or not that child has famous parents are not said a twitter user Sir Luca and Collins issued apologies and their tweets were deleted. I'm sorry about the Blue Ivy tweet. Bad joke and black girls in particular deserve better collins tweeted after twitter user. told him some tweets should be left in drafts collins. Responded you're right perform on my end. Thanks for calling it out. Luca responded in a series of tweets Wednesday and Thursday quote. Sorry I was cleaning my apartment while this blew up. Children are famous to be off limits but time and again they haven't been so I said thumping heading hadn't been called ugly old and a racist that tweet drew claims of racism and she replied. I'm not playing the victim. I'm sorry that I insulted beyonce as daughter by suggesting that she might get plastic surgery someday like many children of famous people do unquote who you looking at. Why G he is bringing in the New Year by apologizing to the LGBTQ community? The rapper took to twitter to express his sincerest apologies for his ignorance. He tweeted quote. It's been brought to my attention that my old views on life was ignorant. I apologize to the LGBTQ community for ever coming across like I was anything but respectful and accepting live. Love Your Life Gang. There's no word on what the rapper specifically said. This is according to revolt TV or did that caused this apology. Many fans replied to the tweet saying that he's only apologizing because he's dating Kahlani and she's openly bisexual. Kahlani recently tweeted that. The parents split more information available somewhere or else. Pope Francis Francis the talking Pope Apologize New Year's day after losing his cool the night before and slapping the hand of a woman who grabbed his Own Hand and yanked him toward her while the pontiff was greeting pilgrims in Saint Peter's Square during the internet which happened after the pokes New Year's Eve vespers vespers liturgy he'd been walking visit the Vatican's and the tippety seen greeting pilgrims along the way after reaching out to touch child turned away from the crowd but as he did so a woman reached out and grasped grasp his hand yanking him back towards her Francis who stumbled appear to be in pain visibly upset when the woman would not let go. He slapped her to free himself. Slapped Trahan it's unclear what the woman had made the sign of the Cross before grabbing his hand was trying to say as she took the pope towards her in his Angelus address which coincides with the Catholic Churches Celebration of the solemnity of Mary. The pope apologized for the incident. The mention of patients during his address. Pant Francis said I apologize as for the poor example yesterday likely reference to the incident with the woman during Monday's broadcast of CBS. Evening News Network. Miss identified representative John Lewis while reporting on his recent cancer diagnosis. CBS News showed a picture of deceased. Congressman Elijah Cummings. Why they're both African American? It's not the first time news outlets have conflicted. The two congressmen past June and Fox News issued an apology after showing a clip of Representative Lewis while doing historian representative comp. Cummings blaming it on a technical SNAFU. CBS producers issued a statement on twitter expressing regret for the mistake a tweet from President Donald Trump that identified an intelligence analyst as the alleged whistle blower. Who will help spark as impeachment? That tweet was temporarily blocked last weekend. Twitter blamed an outage that affected a number of user accounts due to an an outage with one of our systems tweets on account profiles visible to some but not others. Twitter support said. It's not a person we're still working on fixing this and apologize for any confusion Asians period any. Wow that's a blanket apology. If I've ever heard one. I use rail the railway in Ireland pence. The name has apologized to a married lesbian couple. After they were asked for proof of their marriage or civil partnership to buy tickets Mary McNally who qualifies for Free Free Travelers pensioner and her wife Karen Underwood looking to get a train in Dublin. To Cork while they were at the ticket booth McNally was asked to prove that they were recognized by the state as a couple. Underwood whose originally American and soul singer said. She was angry about the request and it would not have been asked of heterosexual married couple coming from goes she says I refuse to live life of oppression for anybody couple have been together for more than two decades. Irish rail has issued an apology after the issue was aired on a Cork radio station or radio station. Cork it said. The incident was an isolated. One entered not have happened. Note is not standard practice. We apologize that the customer both ask this are bugging office. Staff required issue tickets. According to the free travel pass validity which in this instance was to tickets in. No circumstances should customer be asked for proof of marriage or civil partnership that settled Sir Rod Stewart has been charged by police after allegedly angelique punching a security guard at a hotel in Florida. Police report said that Ceron and his family approached the check in table to try to gain access to an event like a VIP Kinda New Year's Eve thing for their children. It's for the children and according to the affidavits Toronto Police after the family were denied access. The security guard a Mister Dixon became argumentative with them causing his family to become agitated. Sir Rod Seventy four apologized to for his role in the incident according to the officers report but he has been charged by the police. Ace Jesse Dixon is the security in question. The operator of Commerce City Colorado oil refinery says it's not get ready to reopen one of the facilities refining units following a malfunction that spewed yellow ash over the surrounding area earlier this month. It's a sure in the community that when it does reopen the facility. That thing won't happen again. Canadian oil giant Sun Gore Energy. Once again apologize for the refineries operational national upset in a statement said it won't restart before conducts additional safety tests. The yellowish materialists identified side-by-side. Core is a clay like substance known as catalyst. It drifted into the air above the refinery and file on parts of Commerce City to nearby schools replaced on lockdown down when staff noticed unusually poor air quality and a layer of dust coating cars and other outdoor surfaces in its initial statement on the incidents. encore Said said the admitted catalyst was classified as non hazardous but additional documentation released by the company indicated. The materialist rated essay slight health hazard under the National Fire Protection Association. Asian Hazard Identification System Son core later acknowledged the airborne catalyst may have caused short-term discomfort to eyes and coughing. Can we sing. They offered free car washes. We sincerely apologize for the release of catalyst from our fluid is Cadillac catalytic cracker on December eleventh. They said we know. This incident created significant concern among our neighbors and the broader community. This incident does not reflect. The level of caring concerned. Learned that we have for the community around us. We know that you expect more from us. We want you to know that we expect more from ourselves. So we're giving ourselves a free car wash to this. This uncork facilities Colorado's only oil refinery one of the state's largest stationary sources of air pollution. I think they got an award for that. After the recent death of twenty one year old rapper juice. Wrol de Juicy J has joined the many fans and artists that are confronting themselves for the role they play in the glorification of Drugs Juicy J took to twitter. You know who he is. Jewish juicy J took a twitter to express his regret for promoting drug use throughout throughout his according to hip hop wired dot com illustrious career. He apologized for his role in the promotion of the lifestyle. If I inspired anybody to do do drugs he said I apologize. The wave of anti-drug posts has been sparked by the number of high profile rappers that have lost their lives. Due to suspected elected or confirmed drug overdoses although juicy J has a few songs promoting the use of drugs his fans noticed a slight change in two thousand seventeen after the death of Lil peep on his appearance on the track. POWER GLIDE JUICY J speaks about the death before admitting he needed to cut back on the prescriptions options xanax as he said our Ip Lil peep. I got to slow down on his hands on a social media post by Mobile Alabama Obama police officers featuring a photo and text that some say mock homeless people. No I'm saying there are mock homeless people. Some say the post mocks homeless homeless. People has resulted in an apology by mobile police. Chief Lawrence Batiste the photo which is posted private facebook book page To Mobile Police Officers in uniform holding up cardboard quilt of taped together signs apparently confiscated from panhandlers colors. Text reads WanNa wish everybody in fourth precinct. Merry Christmas especially our captain. Hope you'll enjoy our homeless quilt sincerely panhandler handler patrol. Batiste made the following statement after the post drew wide criticism as a police department trusted with serving and protecting serving and protecting our community community. We offer our sincerest apology for the insensitive gesture of a facebook post. By two of our officers where they're holding up a homeless quilt made a panhandling science. We do not condone panhandling. It never our intention. Desire is a police department to make light of those who find themselves in a homeless state and then California would be a homeless pretty soon. They didn't mean that. The United Kingdom government apologized last week after it published a list of one thousand celebrities liberties and notables that included some personal information such as addresses the new year honours list recognizes achievements and contributions is more than a thousand honorees with terms including knighthood for some and no day hood. There is no day who had the twenty twenty list of recipients Japan's included Olivia Newton. John She got a damehood director Sam Mendes a knighthood and Sirotkin John Companion of honour the apologies. That weeklies copyrighted feature is broadcast. uh-huh mm-hmm the album think Merger Marina Taber lack luster off the rails for hours Dan Burn aww and we Woodley. You could miss The windows prayer fan the Oh it would took the job cramps offerings abandoned fit took ARENA EH In this show ladies gentlemen this week in the the affairs of President trump sorry Well all the aforementioned new story mentioned at the top of the show the emails the unredacted versions of which showed he went much farther than previous guess evidence in public to show that the withholding of aid military aid from the Ukrainians was directly an order from and the White House from the Oval Office as a matter of fact That hit the Senate. Just it was coming back into session. Senator Mitch. McConnell Republican head of the Senate noted that the stalemate between him and Democratic Minority Leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer had continued through the holiday period. They never actually Talk to each other during the holiday period. I guess they didn't exchange gifts either either. Maybe they weren't embarrassed. They hadn't bought gifts. You know you don't know what to get for the leader of the other party. You really don't anyway. The discussion of what's GonNa Happen how are the rules of the supposedly pending Senate trial to be set by the Senate. Will the articles of impeachment ever be sent over by the House to the Senate who has the leverage who's losing by the delays. He's who's winning all this talk of Washington right up to the time when the announcement filtered out the United States had drone killed the head of the Iranian could force to force for goods And much discussion in the ensuing hours and days has centered on. Well he's a bad guy. Okay from especially from the United States point of view I think the folks in Iran who knows what they think a lot of lot of morning in Baghdad where Iran has had major influence ever since the United States overthrew Saddam Hussein but a lot of the discussion has been about whether this was legal legal. Legal Scharnagl thing and what. They administrations process was like in arriving at this decision. But we're looking forward this week for the first time. The dogs of war chasing the cats of peace and uh-huh for the businessman turned chief executive. It's never too late to start wondering which of these teams is up to the job. And what is the the job anyway. Mitch Robe you got some relaxing time and over the holidays or ain't kidding relaxing time coming out of I use case you haven't noticed Mitch. I'm not that much into relaxing even on a golf course. I'm always thinking about the next deal. That's why I'm so hard to beat. Also bring the pencils. Yes we're we're we're pretty much where we were at before. The holidays managed to hang. Chuck Schumer out to dry like okay. Grandma macy's quilts layment. Did you really have a grand busy. Figures speaks wow thank goodness for Minnesota channel bone on the Grand Ole opry itself. Anyway like you said in your statement. Let's work hand in the glove on this hoax of an impeachment hoax. Folks call pretty much freeze dried into a trial with no witnesses. No Nothing Mitch. Is it asking too much. My Senate team team leader that you spend like a whole half second actually thinking about this no sir I ever going to get another chance to get Joe Biden at that. No good son of is under oath if not a my senate trial that kid of his just wishes he could be done junior. He so pathetic even wishes he could be eric get by on the witness stand in the Senate and he's looking at a jury pool of the hundred of his buddies. Nobody in my lifetime worked harder the lubrication of senatorial orifices. The Mitch will have half a dozen presidential candidate stuck in their Senate seats. This will have sleepy. Joe Stuck in the witness chair. It's like we put their whole primary thing on pause. Who cares what he says? It'll be a tune out the likes of which even NBC's She's never seen and they've had some doozy's remember super train. Continue this survey once. We opened the door to witnesses. The Democrats will want to trade one one of our for one bears. Great even more boring. If you wait another month spring training starts in the big award shows. Come on Mitch this stuff stuff. I know believe me and as far as witness lists Rudy's got one that would make your friggin ice fallout a CPA from burris. MMA right Estonian Hooker. Kerr okay hooters. From here next week as I'm saying I'll do whatever you want. Long him my best advice but in the okay his in the end is your task for this week meet with crooked Chuck Schumer Start stringing him along. This is what I used to do with the bankruptcy lawyers by the way every retirement from my own personal sense of what the heck I'm doing what's our end game here. Acquittal mistrial. What Mitch did you get the license number of the turnip truck? You fell off of the end game here is like it always is more this right. You General Milley. Yes Sir when you said a meeting in the boardroom. I guess I didn't realize you wish the eighteenth hole boardroom. Right problem generally do my best thinking in two places and I wasn't going to invite you to the other one believe me. I'm very appreciative sir. I'm told that President Johnson wasn't quite so solicit as feelings of his now. Hey and maybe the motionlessly solicitous person you ever met `specially with women anyway. So how does Mr Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff feel about Iran now sir without without prep time I think we carried out the mission of operation get the bad guy without a hitch at the same time at the same time I got a bunker. Concha deal here can take elegant Annette. I think all of us in the building are concerned with decision trees for all the possible responses by the Iranian regime. Gene except for the ones that are out of our bailiwick link cyber attack and twitter. Insult listen general. There are no to battlefields. I'd rather be on with Iran more than a nuclear and two twin it. But I seem to recall you saying something about follow-up plans after the killing yes sir and I believe the notes will reflect it. You said. We'll deal with that. If and win. Who That frigging FRAC is still picking notes around here? WHOA you're on that little pan that's the score? You never play golf. Reading is my hobbies are good good to know somebody around. You is reading so look look general new task this week not really readiness posture for another killing killing. I mean we're not trying to start a war even when I said that I heard one of my briefings that my friend Vladimir says his country's gotTA hypersonic missile. Yes sir. That's been reported. uh-huh faster than supersonic right for five times faster so what's faster than that hydrocyanic mega sonic humongous. Sonic while I'm not personally familiar. Yeah well whatever. It's called the star research thing on it or at least leak that were doing it. It'll be a message to the Iranian and the Russians get kick out of team new tasks and Save Bishen. We're GONNA make witnesses great again now the world is is bordered the president is this week. Watch from a safe distance Mhm Kim Bagels Dulken Bagel Duck inveigled in in the coffee Belkin Belkin bagels Dunkin bagels fashion. toffee about illegal. Harry Duncan during hiring Dunkin bagels scratch copy Dunkin bagels Duncan Bagel. Nagel Duncan big cold food. I wondering just listening just micro-plastics do you think about. Guess what will she said. Well maybe not. Nothing seems safe from plastic contamination. The Nation it is pulled from the nostrils of sea turtles found in Antarctic waters and buried in the fossil record as well not the nostrils the plastics but a new study by researchers scripts institution of Oceanography Greek at the University of California San. Diego suggests there could be a million times more pieces of plastic in the ocean than previously estimated. We're better than we thought. Biological Oceanographer Jennifer Brandon and found some of the tiniest countable micro-plastics in surface seawater at much higher concentrations than previously measured. Her method unveiled unveiled that the traditional way of counting Marine micro-plastics is likely missing the smallest particles suggesting the number of measured micro-plastics in the ocean is off five five to seven orders of magnitude. I'm ordering magnitude right now. Share some with you. On average brandon estimates the ocean is contaminated by eight point. Three million pieces of so-called many micro-plastics per Cuban meter of water previous studies measuring larger pieces found only ten pieces per cubic meter under her discoveries completed while a Grad student scripts was published in November and a special issue of limb -nology and oceanography letters devoted it to research on micro-plastics and micro fibers quote for years we've been doing micro-plastics studies the same way by using a nit to collect samples. She says but anything anything smaller than that net mesh has been escaping. Brennan said. Yeah it's it's it's the department and now news of our friend the atom say to me see to gain to me key to to to me Japan has just revised the roadmap for decommissioning. The CRIPPLED CRIPPLED PHUC nuclear plant further delaying removal of thousands of used fuel assemblies. They've been held in. Cooling pools pooling cools since the two thousand eleven. The thing this is the fifth revision of the roadmap by the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry. While it's complicated by high radiation that other risks the government and Tepco are still any for completion within thirty to forty years. It's a very difficult process. It's hard to know what to expect. Most important thing as the safety of the workers and the surrounding area according to industry minister here row sheet Kajiyama. The Japanese government decided to delay the removal of used fuel from units. It's one and two by up to five years. The process had previously been slated to begin fiscal. Twenty twenty three more than forty seven hundred used fuel rods remain remain at three reactors. They pose a high risk as their storage pools are uncovered in a loss of water in the event of another major thing could cause the fuel rods to release massive radiation fuel. Removal is now postponed by up to ten years from the initial target of two thousand eighteen fuel. Rod Removal will begin sometime time after debris cleared away in a rooftop cover is installed to contain radioactive dust that go has already emptied the pool at number the number four which was offline at the time of the accident only suffered building damage. The all remaining rods are expected to be removed by twenty thirty one for safer. Storage in dry casks depth also faces problems with dealing with that one point two million tonnes of treated water which still contains radioactive radioactive. Tritium kept in almost thousand tanks at the plant plans to release the water into the sea. Have not been implemented implemented because a possible public repercussions and the impact packed on fishing and agriculture. The amount of water that's used to cool the melted fuel inside the reactors is increasing by one hundred seventy cubic meters daily Lee. The removal of melted fuel will begin with justice spoonful. It'll be carefully measured and analyzed under international Mullahs Tomic Energy Agency. Instructions government hopes to gradually expand the scale removal. Because they're going to run out of spoons. No this depends on better expertise and further other robotic development fuel removal from units one and three percent of more complex problem because of high radiation and water levels respectively and require more investigation but could news Jan Japan has no plans as yet for the disposal of the melted fuel and other debris the come out out of the reactors managing the waste will require new technologies to reduce its volume and toxicity. All right. We'll be standing by for that and the US Congress has demanded an investigation to a concrete dome full of nuclear waste threatened by rising sea levels in the Marshall Islands. Marshall Islands dubbed the Tomb it holds tons of radioactive debris from dozens of. US a-bomb tests during the Cold War. Congress wants the Department of Energy to report back on the state of the aging Dune within six months. Maureen more than forty nuclear weapons tests took place on or near the took a tall in the Pacific late forties and early fifties. The crater from one blast was used from the nineteen seventies to store nuclear waste later covered in thick concrete slabs to form the dome. There are concerns that the structure is deteriorating and could be vulnerable to sea level rise caused by climate change condition of the Dome was highlighted in a recent Los Angeles Times. What Los Angeles? What Times investigation which? Also unearth evidence of a biological weapons tests really and the shipping of one hundred thirty tonnes of soil from nuclear testing grounds in the data to the Marshall Islands the This was all called for the investigation by an amendment to the big defense appropriation. Bill that amendment was was introduced by Democratic Congresswoman. TULSI GABBARD CLEAN SHAPE too safe to clean up our friend the Atom uh-huh In it come on come on in what uh-huh yeah and Yeah it well ladies and gentlemen that's going to conclude this very addition wish. The program returns next week on the radio at the same time. Same station all the Volvos Wealth and the on your audio device of choice whenever flint ever you want it. You don't have to ask anybody anybody or check with anybody or look up anything you're the boss and it'll be just like you've been the boss if you agree to join with the then when you thank you very much A typical Shosha poed in San Diego desk for its contributions to the broadcast and to Pam holstead and Thomas Walter. WWF New Orleans for help with this broadcast the email address for this program. Chance is to get Karzai. Talk t shirts time for Valentine's Day and the players to music her here. All at Harry Shearer Dot Com. And I'm on twitter in the Harry. Sheriff the show comes from century. 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