Chelsea Handler, Megan Mullally, Hasan Minhaj, Greyson Chance


Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go. Chelsea handler opens up about her attraction to Robert Muller, Meghan Malala. Gives us a brief history of kissing Hossan. Min Hodge teaches us all the right way to say his name, Grayson chance shares his inspiring story about coming out and Ellen and twitched plan. Epic game of survey says what I'm Mary Connolly Howdy. I'm coming Olah, Ed glavin, and I'm Andy last ner hostal and the and friends. Welcome everybody. Happy thursday. Happy thursday. So I just have to say that my daughter my daughter, Katie. Yeah. Seven years old is out on spring break in his here today at the show, right? Very big deal for very excited, and we had a nice time. She's run around at a great time and often sometimes I have to put some things way in my office before one of my kids comes it. Just like if there's things around that. I don't have to get into it. And I thought I was good. I didn't think there is any problem. So Katie had to use the bathroom. I'm lucky enough to have a bathroom. Where's this Jason to my office? And there's a closet in my bathroom. Oh boy. She opened the closet and finds three really good gifts that I had been storing there for her wrapped. Wow. And did she get like mom a mystery Hatchimal mum a rainbow something? LL? She I said we're going to have to find a way for you to earn these you you can have one today. So she opened up one. But we're at the end day God at the end of our day. And she just. So cute, though, she's cute. She's pretty she led me to emoji stickers that. I put her to work. Of course. I understand. That's good. She likes she needed to deliver. This Tracey gold. She goes, I don't know who that is. I said, well, I'm going to explain who she hasn't. She goes. I don't know where she is. You're gonna find her. She goes this morning. She said I'm excited to go to the Ellen generous show. And I go great. It's d- generous. And she said, we'll I like just saying Ellen generous show. And I said, well, that's like if somebody called you Katie on ily, she didn't like that. All right, Mary. Yes, sir. Let's talk about Chelsea handler and her Chelsea handler longing for Robert Chelsea Chelsea handler told our producer that she had an affection a sexual attraction to special prosecutor. Yes, Robert Muller's, and when being serious about well, that's what Ellen wasn't sure. Ellen Ellen sort of heard. This wasn't sure. And then asked Chelsea on the air, if in fact that was real or just sort of a joke, and we all learn together that it in fact was very real. She really wants to deflowered him. To a level. I wasn't expect. Well, you know, look, the the truth is the truth. She's she can't get over it. She says she has daddy issues. Right. She she has a new book out in the title made me laugh. The title was life will be the death of me, and you too, and it's she has a really interesting conversation with Ellen Taylor. Right. And here she is talking about about Ellen and David Letterman, and the chemistry that they had when they're on the show, very, very honest. Rudely honest relationship, we do we do have a good relationship. I think which I think all relationship should be brutally honest. I agree. Yeah. A lot of people don't like that though. They don't like your honesty. So you have to make sure you save it for the people who actually are interested in hearing it just stranger. I don't I don't save it for it. I do it with everyone. I just feel like you just why do you want to guess how I'm feeling you know, how feeling if I'm honest with you. So right. Sure. That was not I'm so let's talk about your love life right now. You're in influx. I read the book, it's a great book, and it's very very revealing. And but you you were looking forward to the mullahs report. And now, what's I'm sexually attracted to Robert Muller and Alex plane why I have a daddy issue. Because I talk about that in my book, I've been attracted to older men for quite some time the problems as I get older, then they get really. So you have to kind of condense that margin and slimmed-down and just thin the herd, but I was willing to make an exception for Robert Muller because he's in his early seventies. From what I can tell underneath his business attire. There is a six to eight pack still so any man in their seventies. He was a marine if you can keep your act together for that long. I wanna talk about penetration. I mean, what you just did felt very judgy. You know what I mean? Not at all. But you know, what I have to be honest when I was reading it. I didn't know if you were being sarcastic. Or if you really meant it just like when you texted me when Letterman was on you said, you could see you could feel the sexual chemistry. And I didn't know if that was sarcasm or you really thought that me and Letterman had sexual chemistry. Was that sarcasm where do you think? Well, now, I think it was sarcasm. Why said the sexual chemistry between you David Letterman was palpable. Yeah. I watch you at the nail salon. Yeah. Yeah. I worked there now. Yeah. Yeah. But really I so so you're attracted to more. And now, what do you feel? I'm not gonna give up on him. I have to read the report to give my report on Bob Muller. So I am still hoping I know he's married, and I respect that. But that doesn't mean I don't have the feelings. I have. And and I just wanna communicate you know, what I mean. Right him, preferably. But if I can't communicate to him directly. I'll do this on TV until he contacts me. Okay. I doubt he will. I mean, this could push him away. Dave's. Oh, I saw a big picture of him. Go up there. Yes. Yes. See, and I also Google Tim one night. I was with my best friend Mary McCormack. And sometimes we size about what he drinks when he gets home at night. How many ice cubes is got Hugh? Yes. Scotch one ice cube ID whitey's or boxers? But and and she also has those feelings for him. So we're not alone. There's a whole community. I think of Mullah lovers. It's just you too. I mean, you could say that, but you're not attracted to men anyway. That's that's not true. I'm tracked into man manual. Tractor to God a lot Ryan Gosling. Justin timberlake. I mean, Andy. Good point the element in that clip. You can't tell tone in text. It's caused several fights with me and my best friends. Oh, yeah. They need to fix that. Texting is texting. I think in my opinion. That's what emojis are for emojis are to give put at the end. Remember, what we text a context to what you're remember? When I talk to each other on the phone know. Yes, my kids twelve years old. I hand the phone to Slyke. Hey, say hi to your grandmother, say hi, my mother, and he grabs the phone, and he like looks at it and starts talking. He doesn't know how to use a phone. They would rather. He when I Hello. He's staring at the phone. I go put it to your ear their twelve years old, right? But it's all texting with them. And it's all face timing. They do a lot of the face with my parents when the phone rings. It's like a national emergency. They have to get it. Right. Yeah. Mike, you don't get the phone my life when the phone rings. I do not move on the home phone. Rings, because I know it's not for me. I don't have time, but we have to loan. I have to go with the gay of games. I just heard say with a gauge. Either house. The new layer layer, I have a home phone, and I don't gate I have a gate, and it's all on my cellphone could listening. Make you a better parent a better leader. Even a better person. 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The most compelling stories the best place to listen get started with a thirty day trial. When you go to audible dot com slash Ellen or text Ellen to five hundred five hundred and listen for a change for crying out loud. Listen dot com slash Ellen or text E L L E N to five hundred five hundred. Have a question here from listener. Oh listener. Yeah. We've seen shows. My question is about the bit. When Ellen is talking to celebrities earpieces, and they have to do and say, whatever she tells them it really offensive. It is hilarious by far one of my favorite bits. Will that is a question and Kev with you this show executive producer of the show? Why don't you answer that question? I would love to member. Well, first of all, it's so funny. How you in the question she had a describe the entire bit. We've tried several times to aim that bit. Yes. No name sticks. You're supposed to be called Eleanor your I think is what we finally ended on right? No one ever calls that every time we had on the show network primetime show featuring that bit and we had a figure out a name for the show. And then we also had hard time. Yeah. So that's one problem with the other problem is we love it. Also, the only thing we want to put it up all the time. But it's just you know, with the getting the celebrities to location that's close enough to the studio that we can complete it within the hour is difficult. So when we do it we. Do it. Right. And it is also I think what of all of our favorite bits. And and it's an Ellen loves it like the pure joy that Ellen has when she gets someone to save really awkward stuff in an environment full of strangers who are like what in the hell is going on. It's just so fun when it works when it works. It is fantastic. And when it doesn't work it doesn't work very quickly. We actually had only had one that really like knows dove into the ground and the day we shot that answer. One of our writers goes Kevin you've been here. A long time have any of these ever just like not work like right away. They went bad like, Nope. That was one here on stage. We just did. No. We've had we've had another one that also didn't work. Well that one worked the latest got pissed. Oh, you'll yoga lady. Yes, yoga, she just like thought he was crazy and wasting your time. So she bullshit stormed out. And then Derek. The one we just did at my. Yes. Yes. My totally were he he was. So he was so gracious with bender who is trying to get in his room, and he s like moved his body and gently pushed out the door and close the door. He was so he was he'll ask the did it so deftly. Yes. Yes. You know, big words, I don't lasted maybe a minute and a half Andy that something, you know, about and wow. Uh-huh. Humble brag. Very seriously addressing with. The very first wrote the very first one Dennis Quaid is here. Yes. So that your lawn. Those me fantastic. And said like he gets more people yelling Dennis Quaid is here at him than any other project. He's worked on me. So happy to just. Fifth grade kind of coffee. Good. So he's my favorite. Here's a clip from our very first Ellen in your ear. You're just joining us. We have sent Dennis Quaid over to Starbucks here on the one or two brothers. Lot of put an ISP and his ear which did not hurt. And and we have a hidden camera. And he has to say whatever, I tell him to say, and no one there at Starbucks knows that this is happening. He just wandered in. There's a hidden camera and something in his ear. And let's see if this works. We didn't rehearse it. We've never done this before it. Hey, dennis. You can hear me, then I guess I could hear us. Good camera working. I wonder well, that's not the hidden one. All right. Could see too. Yeah. All right. The hidden cameras in your bag. So if it's if it's not aiming and their direction, I'm gonna have to tell you to move it around. Okay. All right. Head on in Starbucks. Let's see hopefully people are in there. Okay. Don't talk to me. Like you're talking to me. You're just you're by yourself. Trotted quite as here. Say it loud. I am nominated for Golden Globe. I was nominated for dole the globe. Dennis Quaid once a coffee played. What kind of coffee? Do. I want spice take decaf I to lock day. One hundred and forty degrees on route forty degrees. Cup. It's fun. What? To this. Now, repeat this back to me day. Oh. You're supposed to tell him that tell him back. Day. The. Come. Can I get some water? Dennis Quaid, water, water, dentist one. One. Hey, dennis. When you get the water take it gargle it and spit it back in. Gargle ad. Good sport. And. Sport. What is your name? And you're actually on the Ellen show. That that does quite thank you, gene. If your question it was a wonderful one calf. Can I tell you something? Yes. Please anything I need you to check out the great courses. Plus, why do you think I'm dumb? 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But to get this fantastic. Offer you need to sign up through our special URL. Start your free Ma. Months now. Trust me people. This is really cool. You can learn so much on this app. And suddenly you've become the most interesting person in a room. Go to the great courses plus dot com slash Ellen. That's the great courses plus dot com slash E, L L, E N and tell them Mandy sent you. All right. So now, let's talk. Let's talk about mega Molly love her. Great. I've been such a fan of will and grace since its first run, and it was so fun to have her back here. It was great. Great show that show has like stayed good. It's still really back and still be funny. That's awesome is really funny. And she got felt like she finally got a chance to say something to Allen has been in her head for a very long. Absolutely. It was such a really touching. We do you think we should play club? I think let's play this moment. I think. It was. I think it meant a lot to Ellen. And I think it meant as Kevin said a lot to Megan to get this offer chest and he hit play. Hello, my pretty friend get to see to see you. I I will say I know this is kind of the first thing you've done in a little while your mom passed away a month ago. And I'm sorry that you for your loss. And are you doing I'm doing, okay? I basically haven't left the house until I'm sitting on national television on your show. Well, that was a great plan. It is it is home and rest up. Yeah. Few and you've been I will I'm I'm Murray Kanda the entire house. What does that mean? It's leaning that you the woman who does the tidy the magic of tidying up. She wrote that bug. Yes. Yes. And she has show called tidying up US. We had her on the show. But I know what that meant. So you fill. I'm I'm Maury Kanda the entire house every closet every drawer everything and we've throughout minimum two hundred pounds. I mean, minimum two hundred pounds of stuff. Still looks exactly the same. See I move a lot. So it's easy for me to get rid of stuff because I really don't like a lot of stuff. I try to keep it minimum. Also. So is that thing where you hold things. And does it give you joy sparking jaw right? Yeah. So I found this. I found something in my cleaning out that was a little pin that says blue velvet on it because I was in the movie blue velvet, but I got cut out of it. And with a little note that said, thanks for your hard work, love, David Lynch. Oh, wow. That's pretty cool. All right. Yeah. Very cool. You got cut out. What did you do it? Well, I was at the beginning of the movie which the whole beginning cut, but I was common Glock loans, kind of not very nice girlfriend in college. And I actually had its in the came out in the DVD extras a couple years ago. I have a whole scene where I not just make out. It's like a French kissing expo. It's like the most intense make out make out a is that is that the place. Yeah. See it in real life. Still a lot of like. And the craziest part is was one of the first things I ever did on film. It was like mowing my first jobs. I don't remember doing that. And I never kissed anybody on film. And you'd think I'd remember. Yeah. You would especially the more. You know in the eighties. They used to do different kissing. It used to be like full like crazy next level Frenching. And now it's like they pulled it back. But there was a period in the eighties where they really went to town. Yeah. No. I know because then before going full cycle, I guess because the before like in the movies in the fifties. They would just like where they kissed. It was just closed mouth bloom that y. Like that. Right. Tight-lipped kissing. Yeah. Yeah. And then now you have to watch the bachelor franchise to get full. Yeah. Yeah. You can actually. Yeah. You hear the saliva on the bachelor. Yeah. You can hear the to live of moving around, Nick. And I watch Nick and watch the whole bachelor franchise and every single time without fail that any people are kissing. He goes oh God. Can't handle. Well, then where does he watch? That's the whole show. I now it's just I don't think he's secretly might be into. That was very sweet. I also I also like she uses condo as a verb. She said, she Marie Conrado. Yes. Yes. That was and Ellen was like, I don't know what you're talking about. And Megan has been going through her house, clearing out our house, seeing what sparks joined keeping it and thanking everything else for service and moving on from it and said, I've been con-going. My house has Debbie has Debbie. Tried Marie condo stuff. She Debbie intends to try it. And then intentions. Yeah. And then something happens. Right. Megan also, a hilarious that kissing noise. You heard was hilarious. You have to watch on your show. It's probably check out Megamall Molly on the on Jenner show. And then we had this is a guy. I just love. I call him Assan Manashe. He claims that his name is Haas on Manhattan. I call them home. He he he hosted the White House correspondents dinner a couple of years ago. I think it was the first White House correspondents dinner when Trump was President Trump declined to attend, and he was brilliant. I I remember listening to it in the car, we were on the way to dinner with my with Emily my daughter, and we could knock it out of the car because he was outrageously funny, and pointed and smart, and it really liked those things he really blew up after that. He now has his own show on Netflix called Patriot Act and it's a series, and it's it's it's politically charged and also smart, and and really funny, and it was his first appearance on our show. And he he told that he confessed to us that it was the thing that his mom had hoped. He would do is get to be on the Ellen show. Yeah. But I really liked him a lot. Here's very likable, dude. Yeah. He's cool. Here's a clip of that. Nice to meet you. I'm a huge fan of you. Thank you Assan Manashe. Yes. No, really. My name is Husselmann hush. Oh, I wanna do this actually want to do this on national television. Please everyone that says your name says Hasan Moniz. Yeah. But the real way you pronounce it. And this is a big deal because my parents are here. It's Husselmann Hodge and people always mispronounce it. They're always like a scene Menasheh Hussein. I'm so sorry, I can't pronounce it. Meet my son Higgs wither throttled third. How do you pronounce house try it? All right. That's on mini ish. No, that's not how I appreciate people trying. I was actually I was doing CNN which is like, it's it's a international drama show where nine people yell at each other. And the host brought me out. He was like he was trying really hard. He was like breathing heavily. And he was just like give it up for how thin mean high. It was like he was casting a spell on me. And I'm just like. You don't have to say it again. So that people hear it again, hus-, cinnamon. Hush house men has. Yes is how yes look when I first started doing comedy people like you should change your name. And I'm like, I'm not going to change my name if you can pronounce Ansel Elgort you can pronounce it doesn't actor named Ansel Elgort, and we all just walk around pronouncing completely normally. Yeah. Well, did generous was hard for people to get for a while. What did they do de generes or degenerate or like? Lots of other things you cited strong. Yeah. And now, it's too generous. But Hossan Menasheh Schmid so emphasis on the H S. And what do they do at Starbucks today at Starbucks? I just go by Timothy shell LeMay. Keep it simple. And they usually do it right with Timothy with to ease. And I'm like, yeah. That's me. Freak out when they say you kind of disappointed. The mega bestseller that has enthralled millions of readers gentlemen in Moscow by a more tolls. Buzzes with the energy of numerous adventures, love affairs and twists of fate raves. The Wall Street Journal Entertainment Weekly calls a gentleman in Moscow gorgeous while o the Oprah magazine calls it irresistible. Now in paperback. This transporting novel tells of count the Rostov a man who has ordered to spend the rest of his life inside a luxury hotel. He can't leave his hotel. You won't want to a gentleman in Moscow now available wherever books are sold. All right, Andy. What are we got your music label? This makes us very happy. Yeah. Chance. So tell the story of Grayson at was sort of first in line on that story. So, you know, we have a department of the show called the human interest department, and they are charged with finding kid talents and people in need and anybody went on celebrity interesting humans, and so and so our friend the wonderful designer who you see on the show. Sometimes if you if you watch it sees a video of this little kid like a fifth grader singing the song. Paparazzi by lady Gaga, lady Gaga and playing the piano at the same time at like, a fifth grade assembly, and he sends it to car HOGAN who is at the time our most senior human interest for so she's still here. And she sends it to me and says, you know, I love this kid. It's nine o'clock in the morning. I don't look at it right away. We go over to the control room at like, eleven o'clock in the morning, noon, and Ellen is rehearsing, and or is getting ready to rehearse and Kara is so it's so important to her that I watched this video that she comes across to the other building to the stage goes on my laptop goes to the video and hits play and says, you have to watch this like I need you to watch this. So I start watching this video and forty five seconds into it. Hit pause pick up the computer and walk into Ellen's dressing room and say to her you've got to see this kid, and I play it for Ellen in the dressing room. While I'm playing for Ellen in the dressing room. Kara is in the production office across the hall calling Grayson chances family in Oklahoma Ellen watches. The video is speechless. Leaves the dressing room walks into the production office takes the phone from car and talks to craisins mom says I need you in Los Angeles tomorrow. Oh, I can't wait. It was really really cool. It was an in that time. He like that video in three or four hours just blew up and the next day. He was on our show, and he did Papa Razzi on our show. And it started a whole it was a sea-change for us having Grayson chance on our that kid we signed him. And and we just we just fell in love with them. And so that was not he was there were other ones. But he to me. Yeah. Was like the first real person who took off Virailio in a way that we had never seen before and was little and he's lived a whole life since then. So he appeared on our show a few times, he performed a number of songs. He had a lot of success as an artist between like twelve and sixteen. Yeah. And then took a break. He started to grow up, and he actually burned out an e decided to go to college, and he was like I'm just going to step away from this, and I'm gonna live my life and in his first year of college. Dj or maybe his second year of college. He he got pursued by a label, and they said we'd like to make a deal with you. And he said, I need six months to think about this. Because if I'm going to do it it has to be on my terms, and I have to know that I can really like, you know, create magic again. And so now, he's twenty one years old. He was back on our show and his new his new record, which is called portraits is beautiful. It's on Spotify. There's like, I don't know. It's it's it's really beautiful. It's like a cross between like choice von and Sam Smith like it's really a good description. Yeah. It's it's it's really good. Great voice. He was such a sweet young boy as a fifth grader. Yep. He's now such a composed and still sweet twenty one year old. Yeah. He was here with his mom when he was twelve he was back here again with his mom at twenty one. He remembered the people who he knew on the on the staff came up gave me a big hug, you know. I know him a little bit back then then he is to. Two feet taller than he was at aged. He's he's so tall. And he talked about getting the call. In math class to come to the show. And we have that clip. Here's Grayson chance on our show. To my roots. I know so really a lot has happened since you were here last, but tell me what has happened. Well, you know, as you guys saw as, you know, better than anyone else from twelve when I first came on the show to eighteen I was working as a musician sort of every side of the industry and. Was I think by the time. I was eighteen years old. I was living out in LA. And I think I was just tired. I think I was creatively exhausted and a bit beat down to. And so I decided to go to university back home in Oklahoma. And I left LA really feeling like I was never gonna come back in that. I really close to chapter, and I was pretty content with that. And obviously, that's that's not really what happened. Right. So what about you back to music will the first year that I was in college, and by the way to been doing online school throughout my entire out of lessons. So the last classroom I had been in was really bright when you called. Yeah. So you get me out of school. What I did. And so I really, you know, the first year didn't even touch piano. I just was you know, being normal college kid and probably doing some things my mom when it beats proud about whatever. And then my sophomore year. I just really I think it was because the pressure was lifted off no one was expecting anything. I was really for the first time in like seven years able to sit down and piano again. And really think. Okay. I have a voice. What do I want to say? How do I wanna say it and got a record deal offered to me? So I said, let's go back, and let's do it. But let's do it on my terms this time. And let's just right. How I feel and that's how portrait's came about. It's really beautiful. Very personal. And you can tell that you wrote it because it's your stories. It's a it's a lot about heartbreak and things that didn't work out for you. And speaking of that, which you I didn't even know that you were gay. So you are you're you would come out to your family sixteen I guess, but. Right. But I and then you publicly came out when you were eighteen nineteen nineteen. Okay. And why did you feel like you waited? And why why was that the right time will preface it by saying, you know, I was so fortunately blessing, you know, my family too. I didn't have any issues coming out to family and friends. It was very very easy. And I think too I really wanted to make sure that it didn't seem like I was trying to profit or you know, sort of promote my sexuality as a means of getting more fame and popularity and so I just I waited I waited until I felt confident and posted up on Instagram message and felt like that was the right thing to do. Yeah. It was beautiful. I read it was really beautiful. And I think we all were so happy to to see that you are happy. And I think it was a fan who actually kind of motivated that. Right. There was this. I mean, I call him a kid who's probably the same interests me. But there was a guy from Arkansas, and obviously being from Oklahoma. I immediately resume with him on that. And and he told me his story, and how he was going to have a much more difficult time than I ever did, you know, coming out to his family, and at the end of the message, she put, you know, I know, you're not gay. But I just want to let you know your music really inspires me. And I looked at myself after that, and I was like come on kid like find that courage to do it. You know, find the confidence in and. Yeah, I wrote that message, and I remember I was a bright about to get on a plane, and I was just like looking down at it. And I was like, and then I shut my phone down went on the plane, and then, you know, landed chaos and all the things. Good chaos that would care. We tried something new this week. Yeah. We did last week. Now that Ellen really enjoyed. It was so fun about it. And actually, the host of this podcast wife was on the audience that day. Yes, she was. And this was an audience thing that the writers and Kevin came up with and Laurie who's obviously fan of the show because she has to be thought it was one of the most fun things she's ever been a part of and she's been in the audience a number of times over the years. We took a segment we do surveys says what we made it into a game under the tutelage of Gil reef one of our writers here. And here's what happened. I know a lot about twitch, obviously, he's my pal. But right now, I want to know more about my audience. So it's time to play. It's a brand new game. It's called survey says. So we're going to play along which an I, and so and guess I you're gonna start and then I'll say up, I think it's lower higher than will do it. And then we'll it'll make sense later. Okay. Okay. Not that. We've rehearsed this or what we're doing. But I think I know what I'm doing. Okay. So the question is we survey the audience here twitch, how many people here have gone streaking or flashed a total stranger? I'm gonna say look how you looking at them to judge them. I'm gonna say. Twenty nine twenty nine people had have either streaked slash as stranger. Yes. I am going to say it's higher. I think you know, there's college days, there's you know, you have to really think back. I'm going to say, okay. Andy. Like we paid for these paddles we need to use. I say it's higher. Let's see by show of hands. How many people have done that? That's a lot higher than twenty nine. Some people not as proud their hands are lower. Sixty four people. Yeah. I know my people, I know. Yeah. They're they're wild has my my people are all right. But really some people were proud. And then some people were barely you, ma'am. All right. Okay. All right. You asked me now Ellen how many people here have ever hooked up with more than one person on spring break. More than one. I don't think they're that wild. I think some people are. But I'm going to say. I'm going to say three. Four people have hooked up with more than one person. Yeah. What do you think higher lower? Actually going higher. Then by themselves, twenty alone. Do I guess it is higher than somebody is okay? How many people have hooked up with more than one person on spring break? So someone was delayed. Okay. I'll be out of and then somebody in the back. So that's four. All right. So four I got it right on the nose. That's crazy. All right. Who who said higher though who you'll note higher because you yelled out higher. How many people ma'am, have you? It was great. It was probably a while ago. A long long time ago, and how many people did you hook up with? Get that Mike bright in front of your face. Three three. Three and a half. Wow. Not gonna ask about that. How? Didn't go. Well, and you just stop in the middle. All right here. Okay. Ellen how many people here are members of the mile high club. Oh. Well, we know she is. That was probably the happen from the and. And then came. This was a super Thursday. For paradise your weekends. Subscribe today on the podcast or Spotify or wherever you're listening right now. And don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays, please let me more Ellen fund. Thank you. Everybody have a great weekend. Thanks everybody on cello. The end. We would so love to know more about to here at L and on the go, please head over to wonder Reebok com slash survey. It's a really short survey that will help make this show better. The wondering dot com slash survey. W O N D E R Y dot com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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