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Needs. God. CAST. Guys. Got podcast. No. and. We're here with Taylor British from the AKA who are back again from last week. What before We even get into the podcast what is going on here? We're literally he they're beating the best thing we've ever had ever, which is the Food God truffle catch up. Now this is not an ad. This is the first tougher smelling and as we speak. So we are having a big group dinner you got. Britney we got Taylor Cielo Who Runs Marketing Aka. West Hollywood. His. Old So sorry. Bernice Beverly Hills. Cop. A career. I know it's Dal. Of Beverly Hills. A. We got big CAM for them from Atlanta Georgia who moved to L., A. to run one of the biggest. Digital marketing agencies called get and. Happy to be here off. Happy thanks for having me. Bro. So what an honor we're having this I've never done a podcast dinner what's on and we have another guy who went downstairs to check on the fries 'cause you can't try the catch up with the fries Taylor. Their duck fries. Big Difference Taylor order the fries and our go. We're ready with the state has a dog named Herbie who's literally sitting. You're begging for food everywhere. I look there's a good boy Herbie boy areas anyway. So how do we feel about murder Murph being on the road and missing We're really sad without murder. He he really honestly not the same thought the same I wish it was different murders on the road would. Business and business things businessman. This is a big week the catch up launch. Lots of people getting it lots of people posting about it. I'm so excited about it. We've sold thousands of bottles. It's so weird actually see bottles going out when they show me from the factory like when people try this, it's a game changer. No one knows and I can't wait for the first couple of thousand miles to get out. So people tell a friend telephone telephone tele friend. Are you. Know for real are you? Really, the best thing I've been saying that. Probably only been talking for three minutes. I. Feel like I'm exhausted already. We've only been talking for three minutes. That is unbelievable world. Here's the thing about the catch it certified organic that's a plus that's a win. It's gluten free, which is another win. Re percent sugar which everybody has a problem catch up because of the sugar index three grams. Tillers all confused the market, a fourth of all kits. Soon, as you smell it battery when you're emptying to tasty. smeller. Smells like trauma frog pro come right away way better. Cause trouble phrases. So, it's a hundred that's here's tailored. Here's Taylor sniffing. I'm sorry. Trader, Joe's three dollars catchup like yell, let's go over the things that people were writing me. You copied trough sauce I go I I will I like trump I even worked with them I did I did some selling stuff for them online or something whatever we did something I don't. I. Didn't know the trump owned truffles an doing anything with truffles. I'm confused how copy trough, which is a Hud Sauce There's been troubles have been ice cream thousand different things. What is what is trump to truffle catch up with real truffles? That's all I'm going to say not truffle oil real truffles and I don't WanNa take shots at trader Joe's a trader Joe's Fan. But what separates the trader Joe's truffle catch up from the food I'll tell you there's something called summer truffle, which is basically Not truffle at all, it's a trouble that doesn't exist the cheapest. crappiest lowest form of truck whole. Barely, any flavor barely any smell it's the one that they throw at you. This is made out of white truffle. So white truffle is like real truffle, the top truffle, the best trouble you know what I mean, and that's fine. If you want to go spend three dollars on one, go ahead smells good for about ten seconds. This one is like. If I leave it here it's almost like a candle it's an aroma of truffles and it won't go away. So I ran my friend said Oh my God trader Joe's house when I don't like okay great. Let me go try it I was in a panic I went to a swear my mother's life when I've ranch of their house with this one and this one drag kids everybody down I go I got to try this right now I literally shaking Oh my God a year of this working and trader Joe's does like a cheap one that's like whatever we opened them up boats good like Oh my God no that smells good to. This is like a decorative candle. Literally three minutes later I spell it again in a panic I'm like wait. Am I smell the other one anymore mine is exploding than we do the taste and I'm like holy rich deep, delicious amazing taste. The other ones starts tasting sour to me and I'm like what is going on so you get what you pay for listen you want to buy Honda, you buy one of my Mercedes Mercedes it's something. Forever don't be like get the one at trader joke you have no idea what you're talking about it. So I go get regular line like a same day. It doesn't matter. Yeah. Go ahead. It's catch up anyway good luck to everybody in their cats upset and we're moving on. This is just how much does that cost? This is Mike Nineteen dollars and the other one is three dollars, but it's like literally. Two different worlds it's like two different things if not comparable non-comparable, you want to try that one down. The bottle is a piece like we're look it's on the table. It's a beautiful color red. Another dish, Gal. You want this on the table because it's like a thing, it's a brand name. And that's what I wanted. I worked so hard I wanted everyone to love it I swear. I kept in such a secret I didn't WanNa talk about it because I really don't like to. You know I don't like to. Talk. About perfect. I let with this idea, and that's why I get so offended because I worked so hard that people right away have to be like when you copied that we didn't copy any. I know there's always haters. And I WANNA thank every person thousands of bottles that have gone out this week, which is so exciting to me to see all the bottles going out I'm so wound up like when I see them packed up and going and you know and Kim. Beautiful. Incredible she and Kim like she have never done that kind of beautiful long seven story post if she didn't love it because like I. Think the bottle is beautiful and like the whole thing. So I'm really excited about it and this is the first thing and we have the truffles steak sauce coming up next on the bottle. Gorgeous of really sick color and you know what I I base these colors on these eighties kind of like. Boats that I saw in in central pay last year I. Saw I said I want these rich eighties like billionaire colors that are really fun and so there was a red one, a green one in a blue one and they're kind of like old aristotle onassis like tug boat type of things and I saw. The steak one is when you guys try steak sauce, you're going to be like. That's the problem you can't. You can't decide guys, but it's not all about me. I don't want to talk about the catch the whole time just clip talk about. Get a gauge. We've got CAM here with us. Cam. Get engaged poll new world going on in La especially during the pandemic big stores or staying home and all of a sudden. There's a new breed of kids called the tiktok taken over and I actually liked them a lot. Most of them are really cool. Here comes our next guest before we get into that Kevin. Meyer. OTOGRAPHER and slash pickup guy today who because I cooked Kevin went and picked up the fries downstairs. It's a nice thing to do. We left to the meal or Kevin hold on your reaction you're the I need to reaction where's the cover I wanted to see what are those humongous fries? Those are potatoes those are is. Sure that's potato. Are you ready to smell it open it up? Man If you're. Kevin doesn't have what you call personality. Sit On. Are. You trying it with? Cam Tell everybody about game celebrated what's going on up there for full service digital marketing. followed. What? opposite. Swimming. Or, Guidance GonNa be back this is a live podcast works. This is really fun. Or. So the dinner ended and we put a brake on the Guy Cam who we're going to do the podcast with literally fell asleep. He's sitting here. He's sitting here. Lang fell asleep. It's really annoying. We're in a food God coma, which is like horrific. The girls since we're all in a circle, we're GONNA talk about Board Games. So it's this amazing game called where we're not really strangers and it's a game based on connection and what's That her then connection to me nothing I actually have the phone case of we're not really strangers because. You. The. I'm just going to see your real big advocate and I would say that somebody that doesn't understand would be a skeptic maybe I would say that I would be a skeptic in the sense of playing again outside of my comfort zone but that's the whole point of the game and I'm obsessed with it. So the game is it's really like playing cards. So you it's it's meant to do for one or two or two people but with Kobe, it opened up to group quarantine in anyway it's it is a game developed to get out of your comfort zone. So there's questions like what was your first impression of me? There's three different categories in the. points it can be as many people as you want, but the idea is to play with me. You don't know that we're like we're not really strangers. Be Ida I we could actually learn a lot of who played together. I haven't done downstairs here. Yeah. We could play and bringing so we could play. Good for Kevin Actually to break through you really. Covered was a really smart kid and he's really he's got a lot you. Lose Sanctuary Komo absolutely. Well, and like. Or on my God it's like. We're GONNA play I'm going to go get it. It's it's basically. So the three categories are perception. Something and then reflection. Team. or ago so she's back with the game. To ask you a question can't have in. What comp you so you have to ask this about me which doesn't really help. Those, let me ask this handlers going back to. Talk do you think I hear them? Should. We know the answer. You come up with the answer. What? Do. You think you're the most. You have a great smile. Embraces. Not. A Good Businesswoman Sale your good saleswoman. ONC- Pick a card. There's no answer. It's not like a right old. Getting? No, it's really getting. WHO Gets an let me ask you something like level to is. Is there a feeling you miss? So this is Kevin Feeling. Of sound just. Here's a better one. This one so far it's turning out through one of the worst games I've ever played I'm not kidding. About. That I wouldn't want to change. March humor. No. Go ahead. Earliest? Recollection Wow probably. Probably. That I don't know. I'm not vulnerable. I'm trying to think of it was a lunchbox or. If it was a frigging chicken nuggets before they turn to all white meat. What else? A nightmare. Keep going this is fun. This is fun just for me to answer every question just plop them off. Boring. Terrible Kevin. Oh. Now Kevin comes through on my on my questions. Are you serious keep going? Last night. Oh, my God I, surprise myself. Is Yeah but I don't WanNa. Make the whole podcast about the delicious Yummy. Vegan. Gluten free low sugar kosher shuffled catch up. I probably surprised myself. I don't have any answer what else. So. Far. The deep. I'm not. I'm actually no I'm just trying to I. Love Haters. So I just love to prove haters nonstop. Haters, motivators Yeah I love haters I. Keep telling me about everything is that I'm GonNa keep going like an animal I can't stop. It's like a problem. My whole life has to like do like folk heaters and leave them in their parents basement. What else? This past year. Two thousand twenty the year in the entire. fucking world. I hate the mayor of New York Bill De Blasio. But the happiest memory. Probably, would have to be Oh Paris fashion week men's fashion week. My first one in Paris was the coolest thing ever. Yeah like I've watched it for my whole life on TV and then get to Paris and I'm like, am I really Paris Fashion Week? That's fucking sick. It's ammonia. Yeah. Yeah. Mutual friends some. Oh Go ahead. This. This chapter. I would call this part three because I'm like I need to four ace APP because this is like this chapter has to end. Ace App just the worst year. No Indoor dining miserable. Yeah for someone like me this is the worst thing. My career is based on dining and everything's closed down and I'm sick of it open the fucking country. Next come for me next. Get to know someone in your life deeper level, who would it be and why? Probably Kevin. Love to know what his voice sounds like. Kevin I would love to hear all here's giggles and smcgaels and actually hear what he's saying. No. No WHO Is Good giggle. Allowed you go. I have an answer for I have a question for Kevin. It would be like what would Kevin never be and I know how to fill in the blank Public Speaker. Never very is. All right keep going with the questions. Left. Silently. My God. We just took a burger king and he's shoved it in his. A serious. Well Cara. Well Out. Cope well Campbell Cup guys. I'm going to see what he did please oh my. God. Please go to my instagram. Now, this is happening on the park has cancer nap woke up and went absolutely crazy. You got to see what he did. Go check out my stories right now my God. What happened To the middle of a stranger danger game and all of a sudden this happened. While guys. So Cam took a burger king that I used today for the filming of a TV show and shoved it in his entire face. He's covered got engaged himself while they got so end many. Guys. Kevin said a word in twenty one years. Kevin's. Giggling on the floor twenty one years. We got. The dog show in crazy. Oh. My God forget your mask. Guys we're in the middle of a game. That was really fun. Great. Well. The marketing director wait? No the sales director is now. What do you think of only fans? Bella Thorne me two million dollars this month. How is that possible? No never tellers a professional salesgirl we're having fun. We're eating at the AKA were had a big shoot here today and everybody's gone ballistic and crazy. Yeah, go ahead asking. Okay. Strangers would describe me as bowling. Only I know that I went. Strangers would describe me as a prick only I know that I. Have a heart of gold and I'm the nicest most fun person. I. Never One thinks I'm a prick and I'm like, you're so nice. I am Nice. I. Don't know why people think that I'm not nice and I'm like the nicest person harder goal and I love to make sure everybody's good I'm sensitive and I tell you. I know. People do go. I can't believe how nice you are why not I don't know why did you not think I was Nice I don't know why I've never let go of a dream ever ever I. Like achieved almost I. have achieved almost every dream because I don't stop until I until I as I said. Is that sick? I'm like crazy until I get my dream this week it's having my own trouble catch up but all the other dreams where that I love being on tv all that stuff because like how would I possibly be on TV I have no idea and I am for ten years. It's pretty fucking awesome. Game. and. The most beautiful thing about her. Okay Kevin Marcy and. she's really going to art. That's why I'm a photographer. Because she does. Thing about my mom. was. For you Kevin. How much. She loved other people I wanted to help other people I'm recovering alcoholic. So she helped a lot of people. Some of the people that are most addicted help the most people. Weird. Definitely. Okay. Guys. We're going to wrap it up. Not you think why do we all think that we met everybody in this room like there's a reason we all met. We're all here to worries. He's good. Work. I think it's just The AK puts together fun people and you guys live and work in two different places and somehow we all still connect it because I'm sure you guys don't have mutual friends that are in these places. It's always like separate people. Right normally it is. So I feel like I'm a connector number you is together and then Kevin just comes in. Just. comes. there. Can. Liz Game is really fun guys go get it. We're not really strict. She's trying to show me the game when she blocks the name how sick that we're not really strangers. Thing. They just put out phone cases and just to give you an idea this it's conversation Cheat Code. One of the things is what's up is what you would typically say you go what title would you give this chapter in your life which we already talked about there's another question. What do you do instead of saying what do you do? What are you passionate about? Right so. How's work? For All, the guys. Take that on dates. Yeah. All, right this is the Fuga part test. It was a potluck dinner we had and has turned into a game night and this is great. Love y'All.

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