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And everyone welcome from Nascar America Motormouth US Nate Ryan. That's how Petty Marty Schneider we'll get to your calls shortly on motormouth but will start with the big news of the day from rouch fenway racing the team announced that it will part ways with Ricky stenhouse at the end of the twenty nine thousand nine season and that Chris Butcher will rejoined join the organization and drive the number seventeen Ford Mustang next year stenhouse has been a member of the royal family of drivers for more than a decade earning a pair of extending series. He's titles in two cup. Series Wins Butcher also brought the team and extending series championship in two thousand fifteen and it's currently driving the number thirty seven Chevy for jt not G. Dorothy racing now ricky stenhouse was supposed to be on motormouth with us today but obviously with the news of the day he could not be here. He will be on motormouth in the very very near future so your team owner Jack Roush had to say about Ricky stenhouse junior in a statement today obviously thanking him for his time and his contributions to rouse else fenway racing a long tenure he had aroused fenway many thought that he was a lifer at Ralph Fenway and obviously winning the races and the championships on on the reunion of Chris Bush with row fin way. Here's what Jack Rouse had say certainly excited have Chris back in the folder row way racing. We've always been a big fan of Chris and his racing style while we look forward to having him and the number seventeen is we continue to grow our program next season so there you go. That's the basics of the news today nate tell us more you might know about the situation on the Ricky stenhouse junior piece. I called around talk to people today. This was not a decision that was arrived at lightly Louis for this team. They have a lot invested in Ricky. Stenhouse junior and vice versa seven cup seasons with this team to expand championships. Jack Rowell's took a chance on him when a lot of people did know about them and they stayed with them when you crashing cars earlier in his career so not a decision. The team arrived at lightly and not a decision that was made long ago. This is fairly recent. What I was told was as recently as early to midsummer. The team was still committed to trying to improve the number seventeen and keep rookie in the car but I think when you look at the circumstances says of Ryan Newman joining the team making the playoffs you look at the fact that Ricky stenhouse junior in seven seasons with Rosh Fenway. I think he was only the top driver two times and granted there are some other our names in that mix like Carl Edwards in Kansas but I think all of those factors kind of led to the decision today call you recently spent a lot of time with recap in Mississippi and Tennessee he hanging out with them shooting racing routes I mean does this catch you completely by surprise totally off guard and it it it has to be recent. I believe because ricky at that time. His parents were moving out here moving charlotte. They were closing up and finishing up some of their stuff there. When we took a tour of some of the stuff you know his engine Gin shop that his dad had built and some they close them and selling all that stuff so I I think ricky salt that he had a future here and his dad talked about how close he and Jack were and what their relationship Ricky's father to Jack Russian and how they had both been like that guide or a mentor to to ricky to lead him through some hard times they both knew they had had some hard time zone on the racetrack so totally it does catch me off guard especially this late in the season two totally catch the handful of racist life. You said something interesting. I've seen before the show wh what may be more surprising butcher. You know you know making that move or stenhouse being released because you feel like jt. Jordi is trying to do the right direction. I feel like the the channel ones and Chris Butcher had made great inroads over the last five or six races. Maybe ten races you know they ran up front. They got attract position also calls that trump made Chris got up on the wheel made something happen at a lot of different race tracks and you look at it and you think okay. Here's the little team that Kinda Kinda can and is doing something. They weren't in a position to win a race. I'll I'll give him that but when you take that team run in the top ten when you take that team and run up from running a top five consistently during the day that's a big big statement and I felt like he entrenched had kinda hit their stride so when again this this is a ripple effect okay. Jack makes a call ricky goes one place. Chris comes one place and the people with with the empty seat in the being. JT G The music stopped and that's red and they've got to figure out who goes in that chair. You brought up a fantastic point nate. I want to dive into that for a second. Then the Ryan Newman effect here did that have of an effect because row fenway. Maybe their eyes opened a little bit this year and say hey our chorus can't make I think unquestionably that had an effect. Mardi released and made the playoffs in seventeen. He has made the last year. Seventeen Times made the playoffs with this team. Ryan Newman comes in takes over the number six car and makes the play offs on points and shows Roush Fenway fenway racing that hey you're you're still playoff organization and this also was a team last year took Trevor Bayne out of that car for a little while put Matt Kenseth in Kansas showed significant improvement throughout eighteen to the point where the last couple of races. He was finishing top ten nearly top five with that car so I think Ryan Newman's performance this year Matt Atkins of being plugged into that car last year doing very very well probably open some. Is You know the the narrative. Was You know they brought in Kansas to see if their cars Ross and I think they may have determined yes. The car is definitely. We're off. They said that publicly but they may have also found out that hey our drivers that we have right now. Maybe maybe they're not able to tell us. Our cars are off the way Kenneth Newman and look this is this is a this is a phenomenon that is new to the sport where where we have teams that don't have franchise drivers okay and Steve Letard is always using the term Franchiser Jeff. Gordon was a franchise driver Henri. He drove that development the bus he drove that bus on what works what didn't work everybody else that drove over. There was a beneficiary of Jeff Gordon. When it was turned over to the Jimmy Johnson he didn't drive the bus as fast as Jeff has soaring and now they've got young drivers. Will those young drivers be able to move the needle on this. We see any team that doesn't have output put our CR in this group to Kevin Harvick left. WHO's driving the bus over there. Who is that guy. That's giving them direction to go forward and for me. This is a sign as the sport changes where hey those guys weren't so bad. After all your they understood the cars. They understood what the car needed and yes we. We live in an age of engineering where it's all in a computer but somebody's gotta set there but in that car and hang on to that steering wheel and say. I don't care what that box says. It doesn't work your Maine and somebody has to man up and do that and I think Newman is that driver who has done that at rush racing so that's the rows fenway side of things about the jt Darty side of things. Here's what's TAG team owner had to say today. We were in the final strokes. They contract when learning that. Chris had gone a different direction. Jt Has S. appreciate all the efforts from Chris out the last three seasons and when the dust settles we will begin the process of searching for the next driver for the thirty seven car co owner Brad daugherty. It was on Sirius XM NASCAR already channel ninety this afternoon. Here's what Brad had to say. Yeah totally caught US off guard because we're we were already ready building stuff for next season. Everybody else does and getting ready preparing and we do our business a little bit different than if you have the folks we really drive you know small package saw consumer packaged goods product placement stuff really really hard with our partners at Kroger and so we were in the full throes of trying to put something significant together. I thought we had it done and pretty close to it and things change. It's like this sketches. You're off. You know really by surprise this late in the year especially you know you're trying linked to be as professional as you possibly can. about how you handle these situations I don't ever blame any athlete elitist. He thinks he's putting himself in the situation. It's going to be better for him or his family. Got No no problem with that. It's just for us. It's always the timing and and getting this late into the season. When you have commitments it makes it very difficult to swallow this easily. I Echo Co what tad tried to say in a statement I was with him in Las Vegas Nate and Andy said Yeah. We're really close. We have a couple of sponsorship pieces that need to fall into place. He actually thought that would happen this weekend weekend and he felt like I know Chris Nervous but we're really close to a deal so from that side of things that surprise you that Bush walked away into. I'm going to go back to where I started. So it's a little bit of surprise Mardi although myself and another reporter asked Chris Butcher at Las Vegas Motor speedway Friday of that weekend's availability didn't know we were going to be next year and he did did indicate some uncertainty if I had to then I would have said he's coming back to Jj dougherty but he did kind of leave it open that hey we'll know for certain in the next couple of weeks where things stand so. I think that it's a little bit of a surprise from the team perspective. Certainly I mean we heard what Brad daugherty said. We heard what tech sector is had to say for them them that team now having to change drivers again where they had just added. Ryan priests and taken out. Aj Dinger for this season they probably we're looking forward to having some continuity nudity. We heard Brad daugherty say we're already building cars for next year. The rules remained relatively static for twenty twenty before changing over twenty one so it probably is a lot more upheaval than was expected which leads to kyle. Where do they go. I mean I know you have some thoughts on this. I mean this this said the old guy and I did and listen. I said something to nate and I said something you've if I'm Jay and I'm looking to to stop the bleeding and figure out where I'm at and I'm GonNa go to guy who retired earlier this year. I'm going to David Riggan because I think David Ragan. Is that throwback guy. He's that guy that can lead. You followed understands what a good car is understand. What a bad car is. He's one cup racist. He will bust lost. His book for a sponsor he will move now is he. The future of that team probably not because I think he's at a place where he didn't want to be the future that of eighteen but four hundred eighteen like that to put a rookie driver in that goes out and tears up stuff and wants to win races and thinks he can do this and thinks he can do that. They can pick that team and set them back a year. I set them back a couple of years. I think this has to be an everything that we do. In this sport. Now people a AH a solid business decision it moves the business forward and because we can talk about athletes change in trying to better themselves and go to another team. No you won't do but in the end this is a business decision for Jack Roush. It was a business decision for Chris Butcher and it will be a business decision for J. T. G. racing scene on who they put in that car and the slightly good news is the free agent market. This late in season isn't completely bearing. There's some things that are fluid Daniel stores. We know Daniel Gorkhas out there. We know now ricky. stenhouse junior is out there so there would be a few options. I would think the down might not usually have this late in the obviously a busy day the phone lines are now open at eight four or four NASCAR. NBC But I want to check in with our very own Jeff Burton very familiar with Burton's our dollar actually Carl for the first one yeah. I don't think jeff is in Akron right now in the first time ever someone other than Carl's in the first call on the show Jeff. How're you doing yeah. This is Carl. I love it. I love it may not Burton good job so this this move catch you by surprise. It called me completely by surprise. I think caught a Lotta people by surprise you know in reading between the lines and all he's doing that but in these cases you know that's what we're GONNA do. you know it sounds like a case where according you know listen to what Branson and what what Tad said is that they were working to get a the deal done right it wasn't done. We're working to get a deal done in today's uncertainty. If you're if you are Chris Butcha and you have a positive like yes. This is going to happen overnight able to get this done it. Kinda puts you in a bad spot. You know even if you're trying to be loyal even if you're trying to stay with the team MHM It's very difficult to make that decision when you don't really go. You have a done deal so that's kind of you know when Carlos wait to get all the sponsorships internship lined up before they closed the driver. It exposes them to potentially losing a driver and I don't blame doing right but there's a there's a danger in doing that. From the Rouse Fenway Perspective Jeff we were just talking about Ryan Newman success coming into that team first year in the playoffs and the six car. Do you think that had an an impact on how the team then viewed Ricky stenhouse juniors performance this year I it had to have an impact here's what I think. I think it's a bigger picture. I you you know that the fenway Raskin Way Rakusa now's relationship. There's lasted a long time and unfortunately in the Cup side of things things a lot of it has been under stressful times and it's like a marriage if you were married for six or seven years and you're constantly trying to six something mm-hmm marriage gets old and it gets very difficult and you know you get to the point where you're constantly telling them. Their cars aren't good saying you're constantly in struggle. Aw To get where you want to be competitive and then you know then Ryan comes in has a good year and you know things just Kinda pile up. I completely convinced that Ralston Way. I Know Jack Very well. You know he likes drivers and stay there for a long time. He you know they had a lot invested in Ricki Ricki at had a lot of them but you know it's unfortunately it just wasn't working men and I think Ralph would would would stand up and say hey cars had always been that great great we don't put it all ricky but the combination wasn't able to move the cars for two cows point. You know the combination of people. Bolan wasn't able with crew chief changes and all those things wasn't able to move cars where they needed to be so you know. I don't think it was one incident we didn't. I think it was just time spent with each other for that amount of time and you start to to learn about things and you know it's been. It's been a stressful time for everybody off for a long time. Okay you're in the booth every week and you seen what jt jar has done this year with with. Chris Butcher and with trends joins and how they've that car has moved through the pack and move to a different place in fact. How big a blow is this for that team so I think it's I think it's a really big blow but I think they can overcome it. I think they're going to have to be smart so so when you when you in this is not. I'm not being ugly Louis when I say this but when you go drive that car you have to know that you're in a building process you're not going to you're not going to Joe Gibbs racing right. You're going to accompany that is trying to calm Joe Gibbs racing and they do a great job. They do great. I mean they build their own chassis. You got a lot of stuff going over there. Does a great job of selling sponsorship have a lot of positives but they're not joe gibbs racing. They're not Pinski so they've got to collect themselves and and put somebody in that seat that will embrace the challenge right so you're mealy. We'll try to say well. Let's get God. It's one raises. That's got that. I don't think that's the right thank God for that spot. I think you need to get hungry. Somebody that's really hungry. Somebody wants it really bad somebody. That's going to stand there and fight with you an all situations situations and you know who that is. I don't know if some ideas in my brain but I think you've gotTa have the right mentality right and I thought when Rao in way higher Mac Kansas I thought it was a brilliant move but I also saw is is Matt Kinzer built for this right. Is he built to go drive a car art. That can't win. That's completely different mentality then then when you stop yourself into something that you can win races and it's GonNa take. It's take the right personality to to roll over that car to help. Keep moving that that team forward so you touched on it so if you're tagging scheckter. Where would you go jeff like what direction when you got for a driver so you listen. I what cost about a experience driver makes a Lotta sense to me but there's not many experienced -perienced real hungry drivers right you. I think you gotta find somebody. That's really hungry. chastain is obviously a real hungry guy. He drives like he's hungry. Brett MOFFITT red lava. The Guy hasn't come experience he he. I've I've been team. A sort of a team with Brett wants before like that guy. I doesn't truck series. I would look for somebody that I would say this. I mean this in a positive has had the rug pulled out from under it right that had a really good situation and it got taken away because those people are hungry and if you look at them off at you look at it chastain they had that DNA. That's a really good point by the way you're the Road Jeff. How is your tour of the roble. This afternoon believes crazy. I think that that they now by the way we're looking at your tweet with Harrison you like that. You like to ask you if you get to that. You get to that breaking. You're if you're in trouble that knew that is that. Is that the new carousel ourselves. We we gotta decide where we're going to call care sales would but that news on the back straightaway that is a heavy heavy heavy braking begins own now and I think that's really awesome because it's GonNa create a passage though wraps around around the car and it was around and it's God that's crazy man I i. I don't know that I'd want to do it but we can't wait to get their practice on Friday going to be a lot of fun. Hey thanks for your time Jay. Human guys relate appreciate appreciate shit the insight as always we'll still tons to get to on the show today. Let me get your thoughts on today's news around Fenway Racing God eight four four Nascar. NBC another driver making headlines this week Christopher Bow. You got a cup ride for next year. He joins us to talk about that and we'll play new NASCAR AMERICA game. You guys ready Monday's headlines today. What will we be talking about after the role this weekend. I'm simply pointing talked about their point to talk about on Nascar America Erica. We continue for sure but if you're just joining us rows fenway racing announced today that it will part ways with Ricky stenhouse junior at the end of the year replacing him in the seventeen car will be Chris Butcher it will come over from J. t. AG Dorothy racing breaking news here on a Wednesday welcome back to motormouth everyone we want to head to the phones and get your guys reaction to all of this eight four four NASCAR ASKER NBC in his rightful place whole position even though a segment to from Akron Ohio how you doing Carl. It's really suck on doing what not too big nate near Carl. Okay there. You go all right yeah. You're fine with that uh to go second to future hall of fame the jump Burton out a problem. I can tell you one thing good thing about that. Six train keeps on rolling into question. I was GONNA ask is success led to ricky departure but so go this way for you speed you look for all a year long. All of a sudden newman they found speeding to poor faces. This comes from the old notebooks this come just from a setup dispeat- comfort no idea no idea. I think it's called us all all of us that we're watching this race. by surprise we see. Newman carried Terry this car on his back at a lot of racetracks this year but up there they had speed speed had drop off the corner he could he any head speed down the straightaways and that was unexpected unexpected from me. It reminded me a lot of two thousand fourteen and Richard childress racing Newman's first year at our CR yeah and Dan he makes the playoffs with no warnings and soon as he got in those final ten. I think he had four or five top ten. Seattle ten which he say what you want about Ryan Newman about how difficult the pass and angering other drivers he will his way is really strong finishes and it's funny. I've talked to Scott Graves before Vegas and he said bodily we Kinda went back to some basics so you kind of tried to find some things in the last month back to basics and they've they found some feed. Well set up to Pennsylvania where we hear from cody cody. How're you doing today. Good good guys. How're you doing fine yeah. I was just wondering I have a two part question first. I whether you guys where do you guys think is the most likely place for Ricky stenhouse junior to end up and to to especially session by rows to release them House Ghali. Take that so you know. I don't know obviously we don't know what goes on inside. Rosh racing for their decision making process or were they were at adult. Burton brought up some great points the sometimes after something has gone this long with limited success but it's time to cut bait fishing another horse yeah. It's it has a lot of times it that happens with a lot of people and it happens with a lot of different teams at this later date. I'm not sure we'll end up. Maybe back maybe running some sprint car races for a year or something. I mean I mean I don't see the extended series is trending younger and younger and younger the truck series is what it is so I think when you look at it. It depends on what ricky wants. What what is Ricky won't from his driving career. What is he wanted to do so it's going to be interesting to see how he processes this. I wouldn't characterize it as like carte blanche. I think you're I think stenhouse will have a little bit of autonomy undecided on where he goes if he wants to get back to the minor leagues run dirt again or if he wants to stay in Nascar I would think that he would be on the list at the thirty seven. Yeah I would think that it caught them off guard but I would think I think they're going to assemble a list of candidates and I certainly he certainly feels that Bill Burton was talking about for slighted drivers. He's certainly let's head to Florida where we hear from Anthony Honey. What's happening Anthony. Hey guys. How're you doing today so nothing much really the so busy last week coming call but it's good to be back on motormouth so I just wanted to react to the grape you news you know when I first heard that Chris Butcher. Is Coming back home. Rally Racing Ed had completely we shot was flabbergasted. I mean it was very unexpected news for all of us because I remember back to August I that ricky Sunday to your extension with the the thirteenth team and so now plans have obviously changed and of course this is from the ruling doing sport. It's happened before I actually name one driver for example other event that cancer from last year all the top of my head and remember this one John Andretti because he for the penny everybody's being for a couple of years tim back to to the team to run a race to the forty five cards back in two thousand seven so so Robo I didn't see this one common and I do wish Chris Bush or good luck and I hope that House for two thousand twenty Anthony we appreciate you. Thanks for the call explanation on that was nate that it was a row fenway option and they elected not to pick up that to your option ricky. Stenhouse junior sat right here in this chair on July thirty first on Nascar American motormouth sin told all of us that he had a contract contract through two thousand twenty one he did but as we've seen before that he's in the first driver of this happened to all NASCAR contracts like contracts in general have clauses and some some of those performance clauses and if you don't meet certain performance clauses that gives driver team the option to end void the terms of the deal for the end of the deal so I presume something like that could have happened here. I love next we'll head to Vermont for our fifty states in fifty days tour and we'll give you a sneak peek. A show close goes to jail junior's charts our grassroots racing documenting voiced by junior himself uh-huh and when you ask people Audi St Zimbabwean Edward Teams running people over here want to be here weekend getaway circle the church because there's so many fans that come out there every single me the most important things to give him an opportunity to something. That's really what this is all. There's nothing more important than the small town the grass there's nothing more important. I love racing community is everybody has the same passion and yet they commended for many different to Viva America. I cannot wait for that this weekend so the premise of it is that it was shot on a single day all around the country short tracks everywhere following stories of kids trying to make it guys like Ken Schrader Ladies Raider Yeah. That's Point Kyle L. Is that all all around the that's my point about that is that's. What's so cool can you can you imagine being a young driver and have an and opportunity to race against because he's just a legend. I mean everywhere he and Kenny Wallace. I mean they're still schooling. People man. That's what the whole mitric thing is about their stories. All all around the country like that Nassar happen every Friday Saturday. I mean we simultaneously in all corners of the country. I love documentaries like the whole day in the life. Type can see that's what we tried to capture Dale Earnhardt Jr. certainly behind it. He Boise entire thing over so it's going to be cool to see that this weekend so can't wait for that. It is meanwhile time to continue our fifty states in fifty days tour. We're heading to Vermont's most famous short-track. I'll you've been there. International Speed Ball road is a quarter mile short track that is hosted racing since nineteen sixty. Guess who voted Kenley Squire famer himself is part of the group that built-in. There's a long time owner sell it years ago. This Sunday thunder road hosted signature raced the milk bowl where the winner gets to what Kyle artistic how that was Robert Brown the great little racecar driver. Qiao people delivery rose actually the governor of the state believe even or not Tom. Win of the milk bowl in three time trial champion there. He is going in for the kiss. I WanNa do is the mayor. The governor kissed the counter. Take this kiss your cool with the milk. Would you do this though Kyle would you how would kiss the cow. not sure. I would go back. Catch the rest of that's commitment right there. That is commitment that deserves. Their holy smokes a lot refund. Hey speaking of grassroots racing are very unstable towards Tyler won the outlaw race Saturday night. He's good. I'm not a Grad. He's actually leading the open division standings there rats tyler that same night flying Ryan Montgomery one the between city fifty super late model race at Maryland's Greater Cumberland race track in Tacoma a check for three grand not too bad for that always always good to see that short track racing alive and well they one of NASCAR's young hottest stars also very familiar with grass racing. That's Christopher Bow. We'll talk to him. Next next on motor mounts. Welcome back to motormouth so let's get to some of your calls of course the big news of the day. Ricky stenhouse junior no longer longer. Raushan were racing after twenty nineteen. Chris Butcher will be in the seventeen car starting in twenty twenty. Let's go to Pennsylvania where we hear from Bob. What's happening today. Hey guys how you guys doing tonight on your mind. Hey since Chris Bosh was going to this team next year. my thoughts audits or what what what chance do you think that he can actually get that seventeen in the playoffs next year since two thousand seventeen teen could that'd be a chance you could do it. There's a chance and listen ricky had a chance. This year scored a ton of stage points when we go back and look compared to what Ryan Newman did. They just couldn't put together good finishes. They couldn't put together. A whole race was was there fought. The inconsistency agency of the seventeen in the last segment of the race is really what bit of more than anything else so yeah. I think butcher is as he as he's matured as He's learned the game a little bit more. He can definitely if the car is there. If the car's there and we know for Ryan Newman he can do it in the car has been there so I think that's what the rouch organization is saying. One team can do it. The other team should be able to also representative. Ryan Newman can do it and Chris Bush steady progression at Jd Dorothy the the last three years why now let's go all the way out to New Mexico where we hear from Marie Marie on your mind today we'll get evening guys and I just wanted to say first of all grassroots racing wonderful nineteen sixties. We raised it. ISLIP speedway on Long Island is yes but but anyway my question is I understand that you know ricky. Stenhouse wasn't performing and of course it's a business decision and I understand why I was making that decision but what how long an underperforming driver should be he kept on the payroll at a great point and I think kyle in today's Day and age that leashes a little shorter so for ricky to be be with Russia for what now how many years as a season seven seasons that's pretty Longley shot yeah. I think that yeah I think what determines that is. The patience of the owner an I and all honesty and we see I mean look answer yeah and re. Ricky's not the guy that that that has been. He's been here here for a number of years and now the owner has decided Tom. Daniel Henrik has been here a certain amount of time in the owner has decided time I mean and there's been people in the past where the the owner finally just says enough give and these switch rods and I think ricky has been here long enough. Ricky needs a change to as much as Jack rouch needs to change. Ricky stenhouse needs a change reinvigorate who ricky stenhouse is to get him excited about showing up at the racetrack excited about driving a race car and prove prove what ricky stenhouse can do so. I think in the long term if ricky lands somewhere that's competitive. It'll be good for ricky staff. That's a fantastic point we haven't brought about this actually can be a good thing for house nate. I want good wound up being a good actually had somebody told me that today something can with Rosh say hey we might look back on this and five years in arises as a win win for everybody certainly right now. It doesn't look bad for Stenhouse but I did go to Kyle's point and I feel like stenhouse was was given a long leash for development this team runway racing post Carl Edwards in fifteen sixteen. I think they knew then that hey we're not gonNA post the elite I hear results it might take a few years and then in seventeen he made the playoffs and I think that was exactly what they expected. They thought like he's developing into the star. This superstar are we expected and then the last two seasons again with Ryan Newman's arrival Kansas last year. I think just it did change the game in a way that I think that that discussion was had about like what are we paying this guy versus. How many times does he crashing you know. Can we get somebody better. I think unfortunately this came into play. We love hearing from you. Guys was on the breaking news of the day but coming up next Christopher Bell joins US here on MOTORMOUTH ON NASCAR mirror. Some long awaited news became official yesterday. Christopher Bell will move up to the cup series next season and drive the number ninety. I five Toyota for Levine family. Racing to twenty four year old from Oklahoma has earned fourteen wins in the last two seasons in the NASCAR extending series the most most of any driver. Hey calm by way of facetime. Guess WHO's here with us on the show. Ricky Stenhouse Bell is very. NFL How are you are. You GonNa make you laugh down. Come on right. Sorry we love it. We Love Hey are you. Are you just just relieved that all this has finally official. Christopher man it was it's been a long time coming and a lot of people obviously known known about it or kind of expected it so I feel like it wasn't quite breaking news but I'm glad that it's finally out there well. It wasn't a secret. It's certainly Christopher talk about longtime coming. I thought was interesting what you said yesterday about how really early and this started six or seven years ago. Yes He'd been winning expedia races the last two years but this started way back in like thirteen. Can you take people through that journey yeah. It's it's. It's been pretty crazy to see how it's all come together and I started out the dirt track racer trying to go right by rabbi ride got hired by Keith Tunes motorsports who was fortunately sponsored by Toyota at times and I don't think they really had a driver development program and after after pretty much I replaced Kyle Larson chieftains motor sports and then as Larson took off and became a superstar Toyota racing development started started putting more focus into the dirt track program and luckily for me. I was the next guy in line as as you look and you talk about Toyota how how important has Toyota Ben to your essentially where you are right now well. It's it's been everything if it wasn't for them. I would just be a sprint car racer right now so they're they're the kind of seems like they're the only path from dirt to the NAS car series right now and I'm very fortunate that I'm kind of the founding driver we're of the twitter development program right now so we talk about how this is going to be the next furniture row so how much of Jj our team will this really be next year with a ninety eighty five yeah. It's it's very unique because as you guys know the charter system only allows for full time teams so it's it's definitely. I'm not a gibbs car but we're GONNA have access to information from kids so I think we're going to be able to see kind of what everyone's doing and but we're we're we're going to be our own deal and I'm going to be driving for Lebron family racing and not get very but also having Jason Ratcliffe who of course very familiar with gibbs as your kerchief coming over with you and having Mike Wheeler Competition Directory I I would presume Christopher that makes everything a lot more seamless than coordinate L. A. J. G. R. Yeah. I think that's that's a pretty big piece there just because Jason I already have chemistry. We already have a relationship. He obviously has a ton of cup experience in a ton of Cup wins. with veteran drivers in. Him Atkins clicked really well so I think it's GonNa the best of both worlds for me. Because I understand Jason I trust him. I trusted changes and on the flip side now that he's worked with me on the XFINITY side. He understands how I R. I am as a driver right interstate understands that might have struggles but I feel like because he's worked with me. He's going to be able to support me okay. You talk about Toyota being instrumental instrumental in where you're at this being a separate team we know what Jager has. We know what they can do. You're going to have access to a lot of that. What are your expectations rolling in the next year for this ninety five teen while I think the biggest thing is. How long is it? GonNa take me to get adjusted to the cup cars right now. The rules package between the series in the Cup series is very very different so just getting acclimated to the cup car. I'm not sure how long that's GonNa take but once I get acclimated acclimated. I really hope that I can be competitive with with the Joe Gibbs racing cars and obviously right now they're. They're kind of on top of the game so I. I think that's that's our goal going into next. Year is at some point once I get comfortable in the cars to be able to go toe to toe with my so-called teammates so the Robo was this week talking about the series. I know you said all year long. I'm not a fan of the road courses but that I recall someone in the twenty car. One the most recent road course race in the Trinity Series didn't they was that you yeah so maybe looking more for to the rebel this weekend yeah yeah but I I think it's going to be. It's going to be interesting the new chicane on the back straightaway. It's indeed very very different so our ideal but I'm excited to go. Give it a shot anyway. Hey are you cool. If we take a phone call like fan can ask ask you a question real quick yeah sure awesome Taylor from Texas half Christopher Bell. Oh how are y'all man Wisconsin Christopher's glistening crystals. Are you very excited to be going to cut next year and do you think you'll do very well well. I'm eh obviously extremely excited about going cuff in. I hope I do well. I was just telling these guys. I don't know if you could hear or not but just getting acclimated to the cup cars. I think that's GonNa to be a big a big thing because the rules packages are so different between xfinity cars in the cup cars and then long races are going to be definitely a change for me as well all right. I think we have one more phone call for you brandon from Illinois Brandon. What's on your mind for Christopher today. Hi guys kind of Big Fan Christopher big fan you pretty much showed everybody either way and xfinity to the checkered flag so to speak playing. Everybody else's playing follow the leader. I was curious. Once you get up to cut your challenges would be faced. I know what your expectations are but what kind of challenges be respected. Yeah I think the number one the longer races I have a feeling that's going to be a big adjustment for me. Just because it's kind of an issue my entire career whenever I moved up to the truck series and then they trinity series as well getting longer distance races take some time for me to get I used to and learning how to put it all together so that's number one and number two would obviously be the depth of the field right now. The affinity series we have a couple of cars that are competing waiting for winds weekend and week out whereas next year in the cup series. There's ten twenty plus. Cars are going to be very competitive so eight the length of the races in the depth of field. I think is going to be the two biggest changes. Hey are you. Somebody else's officers that your office the Office somebody whose office coach Gibbs No. We're not not coach kids. They'll give away man. Don't just between us. You can tell me later minutes. You take a tour of a good idea right this as long as you drive a race car. Never have an office man never have an office. I'm just going to take advice right that and you're out petty. You'll get a lot of it over the years. Appreciate you in. Thanks for thanks yeah. I appreciate Christopher Bell Join US here motormouth. I knew you were gonNA. Ask for a time of the artist. I do that coming up next. We'll hear from you. Guys your feedback back on social media at the HASHTAG. Let me say this so that means. It's time for let me say this needs not here. He's GonNa. Redo all these at one time. Like are you. GonNa stop and let's talk about. What's the what the segment was so. Let me say this but we're not saying anything you know. Let me say this. This has turned into the road show and we need eight right now. What happens when nate night or not. There's just rambles through today for the first time yeah. I didn't think we're allowed to do let me say this without you. We're forever and ever ever again restored. Nate Ryan is here. He would say greetings with these on the entire show with your Hashtag. Let me say this feedback a lot of stenhouse house comments. We'll get started with at chassis cat who says Hashtag let me say this wondering if Henrik goes to JT GD or to set up a tweet storm biff will there you go okay yeah. I would bring the great great. Let's start betting the HASHTAG. Let me see this. Bryce says he was not surprised. Longtime coming Ricky has struggled for awhile outside super speedways. Bush might be a better fit with as much talent as he's been able to flash and then let's talk about this when Stacy Hashtag let me see this stenhouse has all the potential in the world but the only places he did his best Daytona Talladega and to further extent Bristol so she also thinks Bush or better fit is that fair is fair to say no statehouse was just a play day risk at the time that he was runs runs really well on the speedway stuff they had really good speedway cars and I think he over outperformed on the speedway. Go back compare him to teammates on the speedways. Yes yes he is a little bit of an ace and you look at it but I don't believe they had the cars on the mile and a half I think they struggled and now they have somebody to gauge of with Ron Newman so it shows shows up a little bit more all right two more we got here. How let me say this. William Bracken also says stenhouse a restrictor plate as under performed every rails newman made the playoffs the expectations increased and it wasn't that surprising so let's hit that let's close out with one more from Dave Hashtag. Let me say this. Joseph new garden will be running an Indycar after qualifying qualifying at the ruble Friday. Dave saw that and he's wondering would Borovo will be a good place for a cup indycar double header. I would say yes yeah. I I agree. Yeah I think it would. I think it'd be a really good place good good this weekend a real quick time for Monday's headlines. Today Nate Eh got. What are we gonNA be talking about after the roble predict the headline on Monday. I'm just going to stay on the Roche fenway racing tip and say Ryan Newman takes the team to the second round of the playoffs offs and ends a very newsworthy week for count. What do you got same thing. I'M GONNA say stenhouse back to route. It's going to be a crash fast man. I can't wait for the they tell it was last year. They've changed. They've got the new breaking zone. We solve Jeff Burton's little emoji there that they have for getting into the chicane down there. A passing zone is crashing zone. Just remember that people I'm GonNa go with true. X. Dominates round one and sweeps wins this weekend yeah and this weekend as well so could happen. Couldn't it into okay cool. We have time for one phone call. I think we have less in a minute. We're going to go for this Marvin blue. How're you doing Marvin. What's going on Marvin. question who you guys are GonNa get divorced. I four out of the playoffs having ooh. I can't remember how pick now I had Ryan Newman out and that's not gonNA happen. I don't think so I think new museum man I think he's kind of making new ones. GonNa make the road court yeah sure that he has pulling for him now. Big Fan of the real I went the other way important got to you got a prediction. All I gotTA essays. I think Eric Jerry Jones out he was did. I did have all right. That'll do it for here on. NBC and we're heading over to the motor sports NBC Youtube Channel for the daybreak. We'll see thanks join us for motormouth.

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