Jessica Simpson, Michael Polansky & Natalie?


Today's episode of WHO weekly is brought to you by the w Katy keene premiers Thursday February six that eight seven central or stream free the next day on the CW APP. Are you saying that Lucy Hale is back at it again. Of course. That's exactly what I'm saying. She's always back at it. They WANNA know. We'll be weekly the podcast wheeler and everything you need to know about the celebrities. You don't I'm Bobby Finger. I'm Lindsey Weber Pam Anderson Split from her husband John Peters twelve days after a secret wedding. She said life is a journey. Love is a process without universal. Truth in mind. We have mutually Charlie decided to put off the formalization of our marriage certificate and put our faith in the process. Thank you for respecting privacy at so many words saying like never mind. You don't get to like if you're just never mind if you're GONNA do it. What's the what's the out of wedding the oats? I was drunk wedding. The shotgun wedding known and announce the one Goldman annulment. And if you're GONNA do like an annulment or if if that's like the concept of what you don't get to like have a released like this you'll get to make it like spiritual get to say like we're Romantic Elliot for your support your support as we take some time apart like you didn't even have time together. Also you don't need our support and I don't really think you had it. I mean I don't think anyone who was supporting. I don't think anyone had enough time to even to agree to support. What's funny is this guy was like I hope she doesn't find voted for trump and I guess she found out he voted for trump is like what I think maybe happened? How could do not like you? Look at that guy in your neck. I voted for trump. I feel like they spent I like. They spent longer on their like wedding statements and they did on deciding to actually get married. Yeah this is. This is the result of several drafts. And at least one editor at least the wedding statement was poem his was like ridiculous hers was upon. Also I'm saying I'm sad. I'm sad that it wasn't a poem again. Yeah should at least be a Haiku at this point like you really dragged us through this. I feel dragged and we're not going to hear about I mean maybe we'll hear about this again. She'll tell someone why this happened. And will you know. Watch this space. I mean if it has something to do do with like Julian assange are like whatever I just cannot. I'm not tuning in for this. It has to do with something he did. She added that he's much more despicable than she realized or. Something took twelve days. How long was Kim Kardashian married famously? Like the first one twenty eight days or something yeah Interesting and and Britney Spears was once married for like twelve hours ones. Guess Kim and Kris marriage length seventy two days seven days. It's like a magic number like fans. Now I just I forgot seventy two sounds like an eternity. Compared to twelve seventy two is like a lifetime of marriage. I'm looking back at that wedding. Being linked good for Kim and Kris give it a shot really tried these two. Didn't you gave him the Sun. Even as long as vacation should be twelve days. Their honeymoon should have been longer Lindsey. Did you watch superbowl. If Tyler Super Bowl lived in in a commercial. There is an amazing tree back here which has just all these amazing kind of wonky branches. It's a actually a magnolia tree and once a year at blossoms in the bedroom so all the flowers turn white and it's really really beautiful because it was live every super bowl tweet. That was like Super Bowl. Live laugh love like live then less next year is left one super bowl live. Tyler is funny. What's that was it fourteen? Did you not watch it. How was it there? Haven't been it. Just fourteen super bowls that fourteen. How many one hundred fourteen tickets fifty? Four WHOA and the reason I think that is because I. I'm pretty pretty sure because I did watch lady Gaga halftime performance. This morning and she ends by going Super Bowl fifty one and then she catches the ball. Your bad romance I like Lady Gaga. I said ladies better now lip sync like she's like an evil witch. Shut up the night before to warn them not to lip sing. It's kind of great. We'll get back into lady Gaga. But I did her halftime show. What's incredible time? Show you keep calling it. Her halftime show. She wasn't at halftime. Or after I'm saying Lady Gaga Halftime show from three years ago was incredible. All we watched. That's what I'm saying that you were talking about her Super Saturday performance which was like no I did not watch essentially `Nigma without stupid love in which he threatened the girls not to lip sync better here. No Lip synching two mile. What's I don't know what you're talking Avin? Okay I love this headline my favorite headline post Super Bowl really not. It's really not one of my favorite headlines from suitable Taylor is one of them. Shakir Super Bowl outfit was the same as Zootopia characters outfit and was you. Click it and look at it. It's exact same I wow I said Oh my god God. She was a singing Gazelle but she did not sing the song from Zootopia exactly. She didn't try everything. I thought her. Own solter Coltart. I thought it was great. Like it kept me the funniest thing I said after to someone I was like. I was so riveted the whole time that I didn't even think about whether J.. Lo was singing live vocals which is huge huge. Because that's usually the number one thing that I personally would be like. She's alive uncles. But I think I was thinking about but I didn't care of you were thinking about it. You know I wasn't even about does it often because it often just sounded too good. Well she's really good. We'll Shakira's onto the good. When they cut the roles you uh-huh? She could play the drums when they cut to her on the drums when they when they revealed her daughters singing. J.LO's daughter singing. Let God bless America. Well let's get loud. It was good it was it was a great medley I was I was looking through the past super bowl shows and I had forgotten what the past two were and it was like five. Was One of them. Justin Timberlake was one of them and I was like no wonder I forgot them like sure. No they were Jaylo. I think I think the J. Lo I don't know I think they're exciting. Could have been more interesting but it was still just exciting because it was the two of them. I'm not GonNa Forget Secure and J. Lo dip this. Do you know what I mean like. That's I think my ultimate compliment to this. This is a memorable a little moment. Nothing was groundbreaking Shaquille going La. La La La. Maybe I think this I think the poll the moment was groundbreaking. I'm no one's ever danced on a pole. Four Super Bowl before that is groundbreaking. That's the same as your feeling and and I don't know I feel like they had enough surprises. There were like you know bad. Bunny and J Galvin showed up like there were moments they six years. Thanks so much of it in Spanish Spanish which was amazing. There is so much Spanish for like that rules. No pit bull shocking shocking no pinball I wonder where he was and I don't know I don't even know if he was there. You can't have a Mayan. There wasn't even Miami and there was no pit bull. Let's not beat around the Bush all right. Are you in the halftime show. Am I in halftime. Tim Show I'm involved with a lot of things to do with the Super Bowl. I just leave it at that. Are you in the halftime show. I plead the fifth under under the right. That this question might incriminate me. I understand that I guess my point. Is that what I have learned about myself self is that I just always wanted to be a diva. A woman like a halftime performer. Should be like a woman diva and it should be a career retrospective and I don't really wanted any other way you know and I'm going to be disappointed. I still think this is like we're still talking. We're talking about them here. I don't even know why we're we really should not be talking about this. But it I still think in this wrote about in the newsletter which is departed now but the rip newsletter was basically like Jaylo should have had the whole all thing which I thought was amazing and now I look back and I'm like okay. That was great. I get it but I still kind of in my mind widened. Jaylo just get the full show. She has enough. You know it felt vaguely. It would feel more disrespectful. If Shakira weren't also deserving of it you know like who can re I mean I I guess who can really complain about Shakira. Getting a moment deserve the whole thing. CHIQUITA's definitely as worthy of it. Now looking back at what they did did. But in the lead-up instill something. I'm like you know it's not like Jaylo could've carried offer it to Katy. Perry gets the whole show Gog against the whole show so if you know Justin timberlake gets the whole show like speaking of live vocals. Katy Perry canton right like it doesn't. The live vocals are relevant to the show. This is the most Jaylo show there is which is live vocals are irrelevant. She just did Vegas for however long. That's a perfect type of show that could translate into which I think some of her sh- some of her super bowl was from her show or like had been adapted from her. Show the weed for tonight part. I just think that it was kind of weird to have them both. Why is it? Why is it Jennifer Lopez? Good got enough on her own. Yeah Yeah Yeah well. Whatever it was good I mean it's a relevant relevant because it was good? Yeah totally okay. Did you see Sierras maturity maturity. Where I was like? You're a genius. She wear like she wore football jersey. And that's why I believe. It said Russel Wilson on it. Yeah and did she wear like there was the seahawks football in her belly. Like painted on her belly. Am I supposed to know. I'm just saying she just wore. She wore a like a Fashion Football Jersey. That's what a perfect. Yeah we've talked about too much recently. I think she's on the marine. She's on the brain which of these celebrities did not attend the CASA migos Super Bowl party. Okay so weedy Joey fatone Lil Jon. Dj Marshmallow Elon. Musk taboo the baby. The Entertainer Paul McCartney or Jonathan Shelvin. Jonathan Shelvin they were all there that was true. We Paul McCartney and the baby like like hung out. They didn't hang out but all of y'all evidence that sideshows wild it's like. Oh there's baby oh there's Sweetie Oh there's Paul McCartney and cedric. The entertainer ball weekend for celebrities is kind of who it's like. It is people like show Weirdos show up and celebrities love Miami. Miami's a great place to party. So right and so they show up to like go to all these like great places to party at the Ellensburg the the MCM ex rolling pre super bowl event or at the. Where's the other one that was really funny Rachel Lindsay and La La Anthony Indulgent fast food treats at Buzi on the Water Party with McDonald's and Post Malone Buzi on the water with McDonald's and Post Malone like the two brands of equal weight with McDonald's and postpones photos of like you know Rachel Lindsay from the Bachelor and La La Anthony like eating quote unquote McDonald's posing with French fry in mouth or okay mouth. I will tell you something Rachel Lindsay and look the photo Rachel. NC In the photo of Lala Holding. McDonald's little the iconic red curtain with the stripes and the the franchise. And that's fine that the McDonald's fries a great prop. Yeah whatever Lala Anthony is holding in the second vote is not chicken. Is that chicken sandwich. Because she has the waxed paper wrapper just like crumpled rumpled under the right shape proof that she might eat it because it is like a real sandwich versus like a prop. It looks terrible the freising the fries are like Sheikh. Yeah right right some little thing and they were like Lola have this and then. She like unwrapped. Somebody from McDonald's. HQ is like. I can't believe that's in like I'm so angry. Someone's getting fired over that that like terrible sandwich being held with crumpled trash around. No one's getting fired at McDonald's the once upon a time people get fired at McDonald's all the time okay the once upon the ones the ones of my God the one of a kind pop of experience which was put by the H.. Would group in the know experiences green says and the network advisory featured luxury offerings. Remind you this is at McDonalds party unique brand activation immersive guest experiences. Which I assume it's just eating? McDonald's food along side top-flight hospitality. I feel like I'm at McDonalds. immersive experience they also got to indulge in liquid. IV hydration at the eye catching catching photo installation and ballpit wait. You had to get an IV in a ball pit or you were like you ball painted before the boom cups featured cups and drink recipes. Defiance fueled drinks as well as rowdy energy and zen products. So we're eating McDonalds. were drinking defiance fuel drinks. Were going going into ballpit. And we'RE GETTING IV I we're getting IV hydration discussed. You know. Honestly they'll my dream is eating McDonalds while getting an IV hydration. It's it's gross. I mean it reminds me of the Iranian that whatever it was was it for the Super Bowl. The trump photo where he's like posing with all the fast food and everyone's making fun. Of course I know so but the thing about this is that like I love the idea of just having as many negatives I wanted as many as I want but the thing about McDonald's is that it needs to be hot like there's no way this stuff was not room temperature which is really disgusting. Everyone's posing with these fries. That are no longer good. Maybe they had them under like have fancy heat lamp. You never know they. They're being they're being carried around by those like cop like cigarettes like cigars. McDonald's Freidel trays. Yeah yeah maybe I don't know I think they may be thought of this. Maybe they were too busy thinking about. IV hydration other other things that happens. Emily Radicati flaunted her taught. Aw Tommy and a crop top and makes Kurdish. She joined Michael Rubens Fanatic Super Bowl party. Olivia couple flaunted her rock hard APPS and under boob in a pink crop top and matching miniskirt for a day at the beach and Miami so just like the stars were caught out and the new stars are the Super Bowl wives. Will Israel funny like when I was looking for content the night of the Super Bowl like the day of the Super Bowl earlier in the day. Just jared really fricken had a run of people I'd never heard of until I realized that what they were doing was just being like. Who is this football player? Who's playing the Super Bowl's wife or girlfriend friends? Who is Sammy? Watkins wife Meet Tala Watkins. Patrick mahomes girlfriend meet Brittany Matthews. His high school sweetheart. Who is George George? Kettles wife meet Claire. Kill meet her. And there's nothing really to know about these women either. No I mean because they're not really their wives and girlfriends like it's not like they are people who are actively trying to become more famous. You know what I mean like. It's not like there's like. Oh and they're launching this thing and they're doing this thing like such which is usually the case with a lot of these. Meet this person things there. It's not like they're not inherently interesting. Like I'm sure sure. These women are interesting. But the setup for them is that because their spouse or partner wins the superbowl but then they're relevant to be who are they but like it's not like the Super Bowl involves your spouse or partner at all in any way you know Like the it's not like Eddie Mathews getting most of the headlines because she's the MVP's girlfriend and their high school sweethearts. They went to high school in Texas together. Right it's like. That's kind of not started a fitness site. The fitness is down because I guess it has never had this much activity before so I came out about her fitness site overloaded with Super Bowl the Traffic Brittany Lynn fitness dot com. She was everywhere on like she was on us and people just charity was on everywhere. Oh yeah because she did a lot of instagram. Like kinda behind the scenes won. Mvp Patrick Mahomes Mahomes Mahoney. Yeah No. It's all moments it's mahomes. I looked this up. I wasn't sure I was literally a thousand times yesterday and none of we did not pick the halftime show. Yeah I I only watch the halftime show and I saw the I watched the ads. I saw one accidentally because I was watching it Ah Promo for the final episode of Homeland. Season thousand seven which. I'm just now catching up on and during the Super Bowl I was like gotTa Watch the Promo for homeland season seven episode twelve and. They showed the groundhog day ad before that they were like on Youtube was on it. I mean they've been they've been passing out around all day. The thing about the ads now is that they release them the the week before for a lot of them so they're not really surprises prizes anymore because they want them to go viral like at the same time as a super bowl but also be on this bowl. You'll get these troublemakers johnny towers. I knew Oh yeah to Sinatra. Let me back. You're not thinking carbon. They're studying matic. This look who's got smack. Pack Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend and he has been revealed as investor. Michael Polanski. She would she wait. Explain she would would have a boyfriend named Michael Polanski whose he's like some kind of investor who's like curing cancer. I don't know she would. He sought curing cancer. He's working for Sean. Parker has be F- F- Made famous by Justin Timberlake. I agree with that. It's cynical like Sean Parker. Like not great but this guy seems like he's doing in good and is smart from non cynical point of view like maybe he's taking Sean Parker's like dirty bad money but maybe he's using it to cure cancer okay. He works for. He's like the CO founder of this place called the Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. But it's the Parker Institute for commit for cancer immunotherapy and and he's been working for Sean Parker for a long time. They were co investors and all these weird startups that I'd never heard of one of them was called airtime which still exists which is basically facetime but not I love this quote from an anonymous source. Michael is a really smart Guy Ak smart love a very serious guy who has always been low key. People are saying Gaga would have met him through events. Sean Parker has hosted at his house including the launch and other events on the foundation. Sean also had a big party hardy for his birthday in L. A. in December and both Gaga and Michael Were there so we don't know how they met but it sort of threw Sean Parker probably and they were seen making out on a balcony Albany and she showed her Thong and Daily Mail said leg lady Gaga puts on cheeky display and Black Thong with mystery man. Michael in Miami. This says in two doesn't sixteen. Fortune reported that John Parker gave two hundred fifty million dollars through his foundation to launch Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. A collaboration between some of nations since top cancer research institutes that aims to accelerate the development of breakthrough immune therapies and that. If you search it it's like he's working with Dana Farber he's working working with like UCSF SF like he's working with actual real hospitals that are doing cancer research. Like I know that I don't just the moment like the same people who are awful like Taylor also involved in all this crap too so it's just like the. Yeah but this feels a little bit less like Peter thiel trying to like turn himself into a vampire and more like a rich each person doing very basic but somewhat good charity like you know goggles charity charities like her number one thing too so I get how these two were. Ah probably like Johann. Travelers is not a chair. I mean wait. Is it not a chair like is it not a charity already. We've been I've been there. Have you been there. It's looks like they're to get Lala that shirt that one there is Joanne Trump Toria. I I walked in and I was like hi I need to buy. Do you have any other Joanne. Pride shirts left and she was like we only have largest and there's only five of them left and I was like well l.. I only need one. Well good for you and I was like I'll take the one great. And she was like okay so I paid for it and there were these like women and this is full. Elite would as a Sunday afternoon maybe a shade afternoon like twelve thirty or one and there are these women at the bar. And they're all drinking like pink drinks and it's like twelve thirty and Sunday. They're all drinking drinks and they heard me say one Joanne bright shirt and she was like yeah. I think there's there's five so she comes back with mine and then one of the women goes. Can I have one of those two. Because she saw mine and then the other two were like actually bring three of them. All was amazed sold. More shirts shirts sold more shirts. Yo Enter Toria. Yeah no I was talking about the born this way foundation and yeah I know what you were talking about Gog. As great she gets back. We want to talk about Ariana Grande as new boyfriend. Now the funniest thing about misty is boring but this is the actual good. Oh I know you would point. I knew you were gonNA pull this out the friends we act. I don't think we said this part. Yeah Frankie wasn't like there was like never mind. It's vaguely official. Like she hasn't said anything but they were holding. Hands ends at Disneyland. And what else could that mean and there are photos of this Frankie Lorraine Lebron days i WanNa talk about actually always at Disneyland. I don't want to talk about heck. So Frankie here's the headline. Frankie grant talks double dates with sister. Arianna and really sweet collaborator. Mickey Foster. mikey foster. Mickey Foster Nike so in September in September of last year Frankie ground a win around and was saying that he was on a podcast or something on the US weekly podcast that he had just gone on on a double date with his boyfriend and Arianna and her boyfriend and it was like we love double dates believable. He goes off about how it's double double double date the hint a day day later. Reo people make him. Rescind all of that insane. He said and he said are this is his explanation. He had to give plus weekly imagine being punished by your sister. One of the most famous people in the world Ariana Grande and having to get on your knees and go to US weekly and say Arianna and Mickey Foster are not in relationship Shia sing. Mikey my comments. mikey foster are are not no relationship. She is single and my comments about our recent hang as friends were not meant to be taken can literally hale and I were on a date which is why I refer to it as an double date when we had plans with them without realizing what the term insinuated about their relationship outside of my own it was literally four people meaning up as friends and I would never comment on something so personal about her life anyway statement exactly. That's what you do that. It's literally do that as a career. He called it a double date the other night. It's a lot of fun. What's so funny? Is that like at first. I was like you said. Oh you know and he he had to go to us. We can give a statement. I was like he never. He didn't go. They just sent one on his behalf. But then you read it and I was like oh no he wrote this like this is like written by a person in their life. You Frankie Rinke. She's like I'm trying to keep this relationship with Mikey. Foster from what a social house a secret Social House I. What is that a song with her? She did a song with them. I know that and that's the only thing I know she did. It's on with them but then he co wrote a lot of her songs so they have been collaborating and also probably dating since last okay. Great so boring. Why live curtain? Whatever whatever's me when she started just want to keep all of your call me when shirt stating like a chain smoker like? I'm not concerned about this person. Fine you know. We're not concerned about this person. Zach braff you know for concerned about Jessica Simpson her memoirs out. Everyone's everyone's talking about Simpson. We kind of declared like them to who situation we did. We did. Yeah kind of kind of this book doesn't help help because I don't like this book came out and the WHO he is thinking about this book. Is that Nicholas has not read it and he will not read it right. He's like they didn't even send me a copy. which is this kind of poor form? Maybe he's not telling the truth but I think he is. He was like he said well. No I have not read a single word. He told us we on Saturday night at Michael Michael Rubens fanatics bash at Lowe's Pammy beach delegate. We don't need that information. He then referred to his wife. Vanessa La- Shea. Both of us have not read the book and no should not reach out before was was published. I feel like she should reached out before his published. What should happen? Yeah that's what you should do. That's etiquette. I have not read the book and I honestly don't plan due based off like how boring it seems and I don't really have a vested interest in in Jessica Simpson. You know yeah I mean the this celebrity memoirs that matter celebrities who are older so they have a long life that you don't necessarily know about so it's like you wanna read about someone who's background. You don't really know about the ads that's long yeah great. Their friends are dead so they can like talk shit about them without getting into exactly or you have someone who went through like a very specific like if not traumatic like character defining moment that you want more context about that you never got. But then it's like Jessica's one too young to she's been famous forever. We already pretty much know everything about her. The only suffered here. That's really getting people talking. Is this stuff about her addiction. And it's like that's such a bleak reason to pick up book like I. I know everything about this woman. Essentially like I don't need to read about her tragedy. That's sad of thinking about this because they just put out another Justin Bieber Docu series to basically promote his album like the Taylor swift documentary that came on the Justin Bieber Docu series on Youtube. I'm I'm just thinking about how these because of the interest that we have and the popularity of these like nonfiction series four celebrities to like that celebrities are like get a ton of money to put out these memoirs they are like maybe going to write in the future. Never GonNA write become so less valuable because they're just repeating the same stories like Justin Bieber has said so much base. Maybe all there is. He's basically said it all about like what he's gone through and he's not a writer so I don't you want to read anything he's written anyways or even anyone's ghost written like with him or about him. Because I already know all of these things like you run out of trauma to to did you know right about you. Know so it's interesting because it's like because of the popularity of kind of Docu series and documentaries humidity's right now because of Netflix. Whatever I don't I think a lot of these memoirs or like cannot be written this early basically you know and Mimi Mimi Jessica Simpson's memo should have been a Docu series at this point because this is not interesting? No you know I was just thinking about recent memoirs that I've read and I have not read. I don't really read a a lot of celebrity memoirs but it's like I wanna read the Demi Moore one still and it's like what is one of the resort read that it's because she had a good ghostwriter remember was like Ariel Levy Ri- ri-. Yeah she was. She had things to say she had stuff to say and like Gabrielle. And then Gabriel unions memoir was really good but it was like because because we don't know it's it's fun to read about about all that much about Lake Gabrielle. Union was like is I kind of a Private Person Jessica Simpson has been everywhere forever forever. You know like it's very strange to me that everyone is talking about this Yes It's tragic and maybe that explains all of it. I'm not sure anyone's reading it. I think people talking about it like no you know got it got a lot of good coverage it's obviously got to you. got a people cover. She Got New York Times profile. But I don't think anyone's actually talking about it. Yeah so what's the what started this. So it's it's strange to me like okay so Jessica Simpson. If we know one thing about Jessica Simpson is that. She doesn't need the money. Just because Simpson is so fucking looking rich Jessica. Simpson is fine. That wouldn't be like a a reason to do this or like a really big deciding factor and so it's like maybe she wants to. You know. Reveal some sort of sad truths about herself. As a way of like rehabilitating her image because she has been sort of a joke lately especially since the Ellen thing which he writes she was wrong drunk she she was drunk three years ago and Ellen. Yeah so it's sort of like Y if that's all it was if you were just trying to sort of do some minor rehabilitation listen to your image or provide people some context. Why wouldn't you just try to seek out a cover story or profile or like a New York Times magazine thing so maybe it sort of it? Is it unfair of me to assume that. Maybe that's something that they tried and no one was interested really and so they were like. We're just going to do it ourselves. I'm just saying think think it's weird that this even happened. It's a weird memoir. It's a weird clamoring revealed in. It was dark because she reveals like childhood abuse. She talks about like addiction. You know she talks about the public perception of her. which was that she was a stoop? Issue is stupid in in her past relationship that was like idealized or whatever that there is stuff there you know I just feel like is it. Maybe she's using this as the foundation for some other things she's going to be doing in the future. Maybe where it's like okay. Now I have this book now. I'm going to start this sort of. I don't know this this foundation where I help. She's victims of abuse or some. She's still singing like that was another thing it's like did. She believes the song to go with this leg. No right she did it so it sounds like she's saying let me show. I WANNA sing like I want my singing career back. Here's this Thing to promote won't music. That's not what's happening all and she. Maybe it's maybe it is stage one of like a new five year plan or something. Maybe maybe I just you're right like I wonder who came to her like it's time to write the memoir you know or maybe whenever you get sober though. That's kind of what you I think to do. Maybe that's just part of her experiences seeing it hanging. It came like right after she you know got sober. I mean maybe I'm thinking too much about it and not even thinking all that hard about it I just find it very strange that this memoirs coming up especially because I think our most recent precedent Senate with memoirs is Demi Moore's and it made so much sense like that memoir made so much sense excited but that was the first memoir that made sense in so long to I mean that was a rarity like in the CEO of like memoirs where you're like who cares five things from like who cares you know. That was the one that you actually wanted to read. That felt like it was thought through and had some real bombshell revelations that five things to know from who cares e leg. Whatever the whatever the summary is of the book or Something Jessica Jessica Simpson? Maybe a WHO I don't know. TV you better than you shake. His whole from beyond those Cobra will income in Ohio With the DOT is another cheap. Thrill if you put them in your way the talk of the town. He may not like blenders. But he's not averse to mixing up his love. Life Gavin Russell spotted with Mr Blonde. After splitting with Russian playboy model girlfriend over one thousand pound blender as the price not the weight. You know. What's funny what what is because I didn't click IT IN I? I don't know what to say to me is less sad than what Gwen Stefani's up to whenever I see the grabbing roster and I'm like what's you know like what his life went a different direction but I always think compared to Gwen Stefani. Obviously because I'm petty but like what she's doing so so much bleaker than him splitting up his girlfriend over a blender. No that's literally what it is. A A Gavin pills not dating Blake Shelton saying so if you click on that link. It's just you know talk of the town. They just do like little blips of gossip. It's not like a fully reported article. This one just reads the Bush singer has been dating. Nellie for eight months but when she demanded a one thousand pound money not pounds weight Thermo Mixed blender. Recently it sparked an argument that led to the end of the romance quote. She is very demanding. said a friend of Natalie. twenty-six Natalie does not have a last name. I guess she has always been asking for things. We joke that. The straw that broke the camel's back was a blender. We joke joke. The straw that broke the camel's back was a blender which might break a camels black bag. If it's so heavy will it's that blender that does everything in your essentially it's and they have to look to it. Has This really big base and it like blends things that also makes next ice cream these things. It looks almost like you. You combined an instant pot with the thermometer even though it's not a pressure cooker it's just like a very weird looking conditional breaking camel's most baggage huge is really heavy really heavy and it's huge. Of course it come way job. Grind grade steam whisk mixon boil. But for the first this time ever knew cooking modes more old to your cuisine giving you more wild yomas attendance. They'd effortless and Gavin Rossio. Didn't buy for his his Russian girlfriend Russian model girlfriend and she broke up with him. You know what sometimes you gotTa have a line. WHAT ELSE IS I? Don't know about this about this woman Natalie. Nothing which is the title of the episode adult even ever last name. I couldn't Gubler Russian playboy model girlfriend. Natalie she's not even in the headline what's weird. Is that the quote that says like He. She broke up with him because the blender is from her friend. Is Your friend named Jessica like Oh I don't know but one of these days you should look at their moments. It's very it's like it's very cool. It's one of those things that like. Just looked it up. Now it's crazy it's one of the first too far it's a device. It's a device. That reminds me of the heyday of you. Know UH OF RONCO and watching infomercials because you watch it and you're like I need this thing for not like when you watch the demonstrations you're like God I can't live without this. Oh my life is over like Mom Dad. Can we please RONCO electric food dehydrate or because I need to make my own jerky and Rondo rotisserie chicken in your house window. I'll set it. And so I just love the the what was the actual spinning Rotisserie thingy and then he had set it in forget it. which was this woman? Dated Gavin Rosedale for eight months to try and get this vitamix inch or thermex and she finally built up the lake courage to be like be what I really want. Is this thermo mix blender sent him a link and then he was like no and she was like well moving on you know who will buy me a thermo mix. I feel bad now Natalie reach out. I don't feel bad. Bi Weekly will get you a thermo Komo mix I feel bad about this You do actually want fucking blender she did date Gavin Rockdale for eight months no blender her name is Natalie Golda. Well did you see. She has the blender did she get it. I'm I'm actually on her on her trying to see if the blenders anywhere because that would be so funny. Oh my God. She has a kitchen poor thing. She doesn't have. It only has a kitchen. A that's basic she posed with kitchenaid blender in some sponge. She only as a kitchenaid poor thing. Will someone please this. Russian model Natalie blender blender. She needs it. I know Natalie was born in Russia to parents who are both surgeons and her grandmother was a pianist and as a child. She took piano lessons in general she was quite off. Oh my God. This is so boring as Natalie had an aptitude for mathematics. Her parents really want want her to go in that direction so she ended up at the economics but our soul however was always asking for something else. Thermo Mix wait I copy. So here's my coffee. My favorite brain now you may occur and of other her true passion nowadays is cooking and this is what she intends to focus on works as a commercial she she needed Thermo Mixed Z.. Needs to focus on our gang Gavin's rouge a she's got a Daily Mail article is Gavin. fifty-three seems unperturbed. As that's my picture of him far right taken in La last week shows. He appears to have made a new friend. A mystery blonde. He may not like blenders. But he's not adverse to mixing up his love life. Get it mixing mixing up as we have to keep tabs on this woman because I need to follow her on instagram. Keep seeing her. She's cushy. Coaching beeps this fucking blender. Sure hello my difference. 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ZAC EFRON is dating Halston stage after ending relationship with cerebral. When I see a name no he was dating either the unnamed? That like I've said before out loud on this podcast but have no clue who it is like a blue out of my mouth and into this well like last night when page six wrote Demi Levato is partying with like Dave. Oh like party. Planner Dave Oh and I was like fuck. I know who that is. We talked talked about him. That Dave Oh philly guy. WHO's like definitely a celebrity fixer? Like whatever he does he's basically like a the I don't WanNa think about might all I don't need to think about about them but my point is is that I saw this name. I saw Halston sage. I was like fuck. I've said this before but I don't know it's a model but I don't know who I don't know what I've said about. Got Her in the past. Who is she? Who is this woman? Halston Halston stolen wholesome verge. You gotTa Keep Your Mouth Open. Halston Sung he can't haul so when you say when you say you can close your mouth wholesome so now. She's an actress. No she's an actress. She's not she's not a model but she's pretty. She's in the show at mom she's in the show were Ville and she was also a name. Oroville ooh up the segment Mug the segment. That's Joe Seth McLean McLaren was his Orville. Yes that show McFarland land. She's done she's done with Sarah but Sarah Sarah Broza perfect mattress ZAC Efron. Because she's a fucking Olympian. But do you remember what event Ski Different Water Different Form of what you deal sack Ephron waking up every morning next to an Olympian like Bro. That's perfect for him. That's a perfect match. It is. He loves sports. are like Halston sage. So I don't know why it's so hard for me to say this didn't sage Tae. Hey everyone you are vaca. ACA Clever TV. I'm Jane Award Joslin Davis Today in the studio we have for the first time. Halston say thank thank you. I know. I've never actually been. Here's please welcome Halston sage. Let's hear. Hey Hi thanks so much for being here. Thanks for having me. Is that how. You're actually really saying that naturally Halston sharing like you were playing in you. Sound like he was playing it up really funny so I wanna read her early life. America pedia sage sage was born and raised in Los Angeles California. BOOP surprise she has a younger brother and a younger sister. Not Interesting sages. Jewish cou he wrote his name. uh-huh pulls up seat Zach. Here's what you should date. Also she rode horses competitively and was the editor of her high school's newspaper. That's it that's early life that the girl the girl who grew up in La rode horses and was the editor for high school's newspaper. Zafran I take it back. I don't think they should be together. This girl finds a minority according to access Hollywood. He has rekindled his romance meaning they dated before she also did before for because of neighbors because Oh and she also dated Charlie booth at one point according to some unreliable source. Maybe the song. La Girls is about Talso. Sage with these GEICO also also I thought I was clicking on a profile of her but it was just a it was just a slide show of her red carpet looks but it made. It looked like it was. I was looking for some information but it just gave me you know the game is just gave. You actually sang a lot. That's very telling you know. So here's the thing so it says we always fuck up like not look up who someone has dated did in the past because usually you will find something interesting and sometimes we forget to do this. I just found something really upsetting about who she dated and she date this. Rancor story says that she date at Seth Macfarlane Creator Powerful. Now come on. That's what rancor says that's what rancor says it says the Orville co-stars Halsall As Seth McFarland started dating in September two thousand seventeen they have a twenty year age difference. They broke up in two thousand eighteen. Stop wait that's what it says. It sucks is useful search. I think they're gonNA come up together because he created the show that she acted on. They went on a lot of little one on one dates. Together Lindsey hulce's and someone Marlin don't that's it's really Seth Macfarlane Daily Mail Star spotted having dinner. Maybe giving her no. They went to select. They went to Lebron Hotspot Sushi Park in West. Hollywood they want it to be seen own Now is I thought something was married. He hasn't been in a relationship since breaking up. With game of thrones actress. Amelia Clarkin twenty thirteen. After six months together so click for six six months according to the Daily Mail and no no although there were no uh-huh PDA's the couple looked very happy together. This is really funny because the the the description of the date. Just sort of veers until it changes lanes like whenever you're changing lanes and because you look look at your phone and then you accidentally veer into the other lane that his. What's happening in this story? It says Halston plays the devoted lieutenant. Laura Keeton the chief of security. She's a member of the zillion race which inhabits inhabits a high gravity planet giving her greater than human strength. So if I were accidentally reading this and thinking I was reading about Holson stage I would say oh well you didn't know. She's a member of the ZILLION race. What's happened to high gravity planet? ALANTIC giving her greater than human strength honestly. That's like more information about our than we have currently so I'd take it. I have one tweet of hers that I think you would like that would make you fall in love with her. Legs Ephron Ready. You think I would like it when you saw pete you'll be like wow. I love Halston sage. It's a Soloviev her in bed holding a Mug of coffee with milk in it and it says my favorite drink and my favorite city. What city is she in? Where is her favorite city? I think just assume assume it's New York it's fine. What one person did you have on your wall when you were in high school? Oh no kidding. Tara banks just IRA purple bathing suit. Because in other relationships like plow through these but we clearly can't plow through anything. This happened a while ago but we mentioned it on the on. Her billionaire. Boyfriend broke up Hassan Asandra meal. They broke up after three years of dating from you. Nothing about him except for aside from the fact that he dated Riana big kept this quiet. Very Riana keeps things private Ronald Rana's glitter and that came out which I was surprised about. Yeah so when that's of happens and you assume rightly wrongly that it's because like really wanted us to know. This wanted us to know that the officially over otherwise. I don't think that that would be everywhere you know. Single and ready to Fuck uh-huh release the album or I'm single ready okay. Who else? What else happened here is the album where is stupid love that I've never heard where Israeli donnas album which is finished by the way she said it was not a podcast for that? This is a podcast. We're talking about princess love and rage who are not together we. They've been back and forth but they are not together either. I don't remember this. This is cry Wolf Riana and Hassan. You'll keep things quiet. They don't make announcements Princess Levin Ray j all they do is defined defined the relationship publicly. That's all they do is yes we are no. We're not we're not. I don't believe this that's true. That's true just because they are not together right now doesn't mean they will be together tomorrow. Okay fine who is not the reason I put this here so this was on Boston. Yesterday's Super Bowl Buddha up low Wayne Latisha make their first outing as a couple Louis. Wain Latisha our grading the reason why I put this here was because Latte last last night a Cyberman. The Super Bowl was the premiere premiere of Massingir season. Three which is now on. Apparently all the time it's just on all year which is distressful. It's just on twenty four seven until either we run celebrities or we stop watching which I hope people stop watching. Because I can't bear to guess these people anymore. The point is is that just when I'd made these brought brought you know these big claims like no one famous ever beyond mass celebrity actually famous. Contemporary relief is begging superstars. Water itself the last night. The first person kicked off was the robot and it was low wayne looming celebrity. And here's my thing. Mass celebrity is what you call it you write about this and you singer singer. The mass celebrity sounds like. Here's what I'm saying about Massingir. A singer is it's being ruined because I think I think the little thing was rigged. I think he was like I'll algal to promote my album. which if you knock me out I always cry Bismillah leaving again? We must say gain rearrange enter or so I mean that's well that's that was always the rumor about the dancing with the stars were. It's like you can go on and just kicked off early if you want to do one thing and make get the press xactly Ackley. 'cause he 'cause we. We had caller we had reality producers like assistance and producers. Call in and say that absolutely happens that as a thing that happens you make agreements for certain certain amounts of we right so we just so. I was like when I saw that happening. I was like Oh. Is this a turning point for the mass singer where they have actually famous people on it and then I realized no. It's just just like low wing. Had AN ALBUM DOT com. That came out. He's promoting it. He's at the Super Bowl with his new girlfriend. He's like doing stuff and he's on the mass thing or which which premiered right after after the episode. That happened right after the Super Bowl. So that's the biggest is opportunity for this show and he got revealing the biggest is. I'm sorry the kangaroo might be Jordan Woods. I'm now it might be. I think it is Jordan Woods. Why do you think it's Dorothy clues are like they're S- they're one hundred percent Jordan Woods? Oh like most of you watching survivor recently. Lost a person who together then by my own admission. I found myself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Because and she's calls uh-huh go. I won't like fall prey to bullying. There's also like a tree with a gramophone. Her her father who died was A. He's a sound engineer. Like they try and trick you by making her like an Australian kangaroo but it's just a misdirect but the thing is when she sang she's like a good singer that was what fucked me up. I spent like an hour looking through tweets being like I was reading about Latisha who I've never heard of. But apparently she's she's a model. She's a plus size model. Oh that's our claim to fame. So she's like I guess. I think she appears to be like one of the most famous and prolific plus size models. Okay some reading about our. But one of the headlines of you know fourteen photos photos of low Wayne's maybe bay. I guess they've been rumored to have been dating for several months now. Since the headline is thick colon fourteen photos of Lil weights. Maybe on Cassius DOT COM there. She is looking back to my channel. My name is a t-shirt anaemia today. I want to have a conversation. You this is about the Diet and the industry. Hey guys welcome back to my channel. My name is Latisha. If you're new here today I WANNA have a conversation with you guys about shopping shopping in store and what your experiences are as a plus size woman or full of woman. Hey guys welcome back to my channel. My name is Latisha if you knew yet. I'm so I haven't really had a chance to sit down and talk to you guys since my lost body positively video so tonight to actually talk about some things such as stretch month sting pools and various Vania. So she's a model. I thought there'd be more about her. So that's that was just my lead into tak about low a wing getting unmasked on celebrity and it was like kind of a media turning point for the show but I also don't think it's a turning point for the show at all maybe it's not or as the as the messing expert sort are. Do you know anything about like our ratings. Good I think so yeah. They rushed a third season. I mean the second season was barely cold. You Know Yeah Yeah. They rushed the third season. I think that they're just like this. Is Our love island. We gotta keep moving until the wheels fall off. You must dream of landing spot like this blake where you're not really an actress anymore. You really are just a host your personal the judge the dream job. This must be being judge on these shows because there are so many of them now and maybe maybe I don't know I feel like these shows have higher hit rate than like a Sitcom or ceiling lego masters hosted by Wheel Arnett. I saw the ads where but I didn't know what it finally premiered. Yeah no it didn't premiere. They're just putting. The ads are everywhere. Now because Fox's pushing push because they used to win maybe three months ago I was all of my promoted tweets on my twitter are feed. Were like Lego will Arnett and it was like Lego masters coming sooner and I thought it was right. No it's well because he's on the Lego. He's in the lego movie. That's why I think he got it. Sure but also like. He's like Lego Batman Right. I mean that's also write these also like available you know will Arnett is not. He's in the movie to. There are a lot of other people in that movie. Oh my God and you know what else the show has going for it. I'm looking at photos of the set. It's home edit aesthetic. The entire show was homemade aesthetic. Static look at the photos of Legos like organized by color. They organize bipolar in clear. Shit I mean literally looks like I wouldn't be surprised if the home at all nautical back on what I said about the home edit but the only thing that can be organized by color and clear boxes ease legos. That makes sense to me. Like legos goes like can be or you can organize them like that. Did you see Brad Pitt. Won The BAFTA and he made another joke about being single. Brad you gotTA get new writers. This is just not interesting anymore but I guess that's what we love. We love the CATNIP of Brad. Pitt's we're like well we're he knows we're horny for him. This is his big moment. Like let him rock. You know it's fine. Did you see the photo of Angelina Jolie walking her dog recently. It was like all these photos all these things. Everything was Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt. And Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston touching aunts. Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston when he accepts another award for once in a pond two time in Hollywood once the once upon a time in Hollywood and then in the middle of all of this Angelina Jolie gets some prep press press coverage because she's out walking her dog and this is what the photo looks like. Let me see. Oh God can we move on to Rita to Rita data. was she wearing where wishy scene she posted. Why on Instagram? She's a WHO clean K.. Eh What's Rita Ora up to. Who is this woman? Okay what is Riva Up. What is read up to you? Yawned Rena or is on the cover love magazine. She's actually on the. This is actually a an issue that has many different covers not to me. Like not to reduce. Rita's you're reducing reducing reducing it but but the issue called chaos and control and there's so many different people on the cover of love magazine. Love magazine comes out place navy. One year must come out once a year. You're like I barely wants. This magazine is does not come out. That often comes out when people are like when people remember that love me love has no schedule has knows catch. Love love barely exists. It's clearly run like some rich person's dime they can release winnebago right. She doesn't look like herself solve. I gotta say this is a new look for Rita to quote aura. The new look crooner is wearing a new look. This is new. I mean it looks great. She she has a light go where they. They gave her a wig. I mean it's just like a whole luck. The lighting is good. It's golden hour in the desert so it's like to love you know what I love about. Love magazine is like they assume everyone knows everyone. Everyone just says Rita could just as Rita I mean we know who it is but like she she can do that. She could not miss wig. If you're looking at a love magazine Zine you know who Rita Ora s if you have access to a like if you're if you're in the UK and you have access to a love magazine reorts. It's true also on the different covers the most important. Then you die But what else was on it. Bella Day come on. She's Salma Hayek Wrath Law on my gun Sienna. Hannah Miller ever who's ever got who's ever I search. Ever get ever Lane Sean Ever Lane. I Love Rita's new tattoos. You mean you love Tzong Doc Zog. Because I didn't know what her mom called her dog. Her mom calls her dog. She got the word Zog Sie. Og tattooed under her ear. Her left ear just as Zog dog on her neck. Apparently that's hall's Zog. That's so cute as a kid. It means on her neck but she also got two little birds. She got two little baby birds on her arm. I get it the cute the little birds I would like the Tattoo. Lindsey just got a tattoo I tattoo ever away like this who it's big. Ju You would like this. You would like to for looks like it takes up the whole. Its Sir Conference of the or like with of the arm. I know after I got one tattoo like I'm attached to our love. Tattoos like tattoos or my passion. My culture now I need to get a tattoo. I love my two but I want another one now now that I'm passionate about tattoos. I'm just like always on lookout. I'm like what's that. What does this headline? I'm old amassing our Jonathan Kevin. Ross insists Natalie Cole. Gap was genuine mistake as he jokes. Fella Judge Rita Ora is quote like working with the Child. This is too much together. Basically this one of the Rita's cool. Will he thought he guest. One of the massacres was Natalie Cole. But she's dead so it couldn't be Natalie Cole so he was like the Natalie Cole and everyone's like whole doggone dead not alive but I do love this. Daily Daily Mail smushed together with calls reader or a child working with the child reader or is definitely the most professional person on that panel. Let's be fucking real. I WanNa want to hear. He's specifically just being ages because there's no way read or is not a professional. She's more professional than anyone on that show than Jonathan jobs than anyone. I know you don't get as many jobs as read aura unless you are good at those jobs. That's unless you are reliable. Okay that's I think that's I think maybe read Auras number one quality Elodie also. Do you want to know who the person who was revealed to be non Natalie Cole. No who was Oh right Khalil. Was Khalil talking about that because I was kind kind of surprised. That Kelly's was on the mass singer but maybe I'm not surprised. Police was on the mass singer. At this point I don't know the Messinger. UK by when asked singers fucking with my who's in them scale like it. Just it really like fuck with me you know. I'm just making sure that read aura. Hasn't done anything else since Last night. Let's look at our instagram really fast. And make sure this was posted. You really never now. It's a photo of her getting her glam on backstage at mass singer in in her like cute dress and it says at mass singer. UK Day six with guest judges. You don't WanNa miss the surprises semioli guesses so and she's still plugging away the massingir my favorite thing before we end this she. She also loves J.. Lo She instagram the super bowl halftime show which was cute women supporting women but a thing. That's really funny about this Massingir Rollout which is really great for Rita. Is that the way she's revealing this host thing. She's like messing day six day. Whatever they shot the show like ago? You're right they shut the whole thing thirty years ago in one week. It's been years right. It's been one hundred years since this was filmed and she is doing such a good job rolling this stuff out. You know like saving or her people are you know. That's another great thing about Rita. She's so good she's so she's on the ball. When it comes to social media we need a social media? We need to read a social media person. Can we do you think there. Could you think they want extra extra Gig does yours do. Yeah still my dream my dream getting every now and then we've ever talked about on a spreadsheet whether or not every celebrity don't don't delegating them as a categorized as other who were them and then making a single serve website. Were you just type in the name and it says who were them whenever you click enter. If you say that the someone's GonNa try and do that we could actually make that spreadsheet like the CSV file pretty easily. I bet just like sit there. One day like type in every celebrities make appropriateness subscribe to our Patriot. Not Making a promise on these. I'm not vocalizing a dream I have. That will require a lot of work doc. On our end it will require so much work. Okay let's end this episode speaking of doing work for listening to who weekly thank you for watching Katie keen on CW CDW for being a true patriot. If you WANNA be a patron as well should weekly. You'll get weekly. Bonus episodes not monthly anymore. They are weekly bonus episodes. Oh my God isn't that great and then That's great patron accomplish weekly follows on instagram twitter and facebook. That is where the good stuff happens and please most importantly rating reviews on apple podcast. Because that's how people find out about our show and when they're like should I listen to this and then you click on it and you're like Oh look at all these reviews. The hooligans great reviews so keep doing that. Thank you so much have a great week. We'll see you on Friday on an episode of WHO's there called six one nine who them to leave a question comment or concern and we might address your show on on one of the future episodes by everyone by by. AH THEY WANNA know com. Today's episode of WHO weekly is brought to you by the C._W.. Katy keene premiers. Thursday February sixth at eight seven central or stream. Free the next day on the C._W. APP.

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