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Episode 44: AFL Round Eleven 2019 Review


Exciting now. True magic words at everybody loves to yell AL's site with me. What maggots? Sean experiments, again, have was as you wait, Jamie Wallace. It was good. Christopher how was your weekend night. It was fantastic with method seconds to go. Tell you what way the soldered the mobile football club again. Arabe nine himselves, the czar not to coal, Sal selves, the demons anymore because. Damon's afi. After the weekends if it's we've decided to call L selves, the Normans. The Melbourne Newman's in celebration of probably the world's greatest Charca Greg Norman. Just suits us a little better. How how actually we should start the show. But yeah. Our we want we might we'll get to that. But yeah, it just welcome everybody. Again, ran the Livin is in the books, we would normally say once again, he with your host, Christophi, the pip three hundred seventy plus guy Ligier, these killed football club and the host with the most the dog, Jamie walls, where he celebrating full lace out the greatest in the world. You now on our. That's listen, if you wait. Plenty. Would say wakes a long time in football. It's been a few days of being alone. Twenty orcas bay news lift wrought and Santa, one of those things has been melons nother choke on the weekend. But we've lost another couch. You purchased hiking is the honeymoon period. Kicking score review is stuffed up again. Jonah really, who gives a shit the j w. Run kit's about China. Well, why be from a political standpoint, but not from sporty standpoint, the GW is-? The sleep is that just teasing again in last, but not least I think the Brisbane lines welcome to the jungle five goals down. What a win. Where do you wanna stop fellow? Okay, where do we want to look, you're not how to chat on Saturday nod, and you would duty dirty you a sad? You're frustrated. Let's start with Melvin. Okay. Where do you wanna go because I'll put it this way. I was at home with the family watching the guy dad mom, brother sister-in-law, rove Maya watching the guy with passionate Melvin supporters way new. Five minutes into that loss quarter what the result was going to be. We knew it. I can't I. I agree at halftime off thinking I reporting on a school he and they're actually doing the why that Marlboro was previously is first quarter really goes second quarter couple of goals go, they go school is basically for thirty minutes. And then you might get a fourth quarter revival at the games done. I went to bed at halftime thinking unattended halftime stopped watching halftime team gyns done. And then I flicked back I've probably maybe three minutes, five minutes into the last quarter, and a soul that adulated kicked a couple of quickies and thought. And I thought. Nari nari. Am I I went to you pits? I'll go. About nights helping nights this all went to you when that role started other week del fishy, we kid bungle lighten net loss, quota. We had non-scoring Schultz didn't have any head, but being the Adelaide crows ahead. Go ahead. I I it's your in shots twelve sorry. Seven scored seven scoring Schultz tomorrow. I wonderful knowing. That doesn't say much. But when you keep one goal eight in the last quarter and many, many gettable 's once points on appalling on, we knew exactly what was gonna happen. Joy faced two thousand nine hundred continued it's a second on three weeks. I did it against west coast. If you exhilarate didn't strike costume tap into game. Yeah, it's, it's a time of season, they play good football at themselves, Dan, when I looked sells dental at us, Dan, while and I'd be very that, that, that, that loss would burn more than the west coast one. I reckon, the problem is pips is how many times can salmon Goodwin side. We're gonna learn from this loss. We're gonna learn from it is. That's how I can still think it's four or five times as it had the same sort of loss. Now, we're learning we're learning to react any had to cope with these losses. Geez. It's tough. It's tough. It was. It was interesting. When you have a bit of a look at it, and I was listening to on the Catholic Rusi laws news saying that, yes. Not bad going after goal off the goal off the goal practice off the practice off the practice having twenty shells ago goal because that's that's reputation what it needs to bay now is because I thought that would have been issue is in goal kicking off, but they might be goalkicking but maybe not under jurists. So doing a four hundred eighty spring going back and having thirty seconds for short Oregon. That's where it is now. Yeah, look, I get what you're saying. But if you look back in the eighties and anonymous with the real. The lost of a good goal. Kickers yen. But I just kicked goals after goes, let's just trying to go in the Christian enduring the eighties and the nineties, Dunstall Lockett. Mudra. Loyd. You actually see them out of the Ford, fifty nine now, of course, not because they didn't have to the that was the guy had a bad found that a bad thing. I think that why if I were tamed Pokka full forward in a fifty that stuff's up the defensive structures as we know it, it's all about defensive structure many Capriccio. It's not a bad kicking winning score anymore. It's actually stopping the other team from scoring which had gone. Let's talk about going. That's where do you wanna staff? Well, I'm gonna talk about I'm not gonna talk about the ninety nine percent of the other stuff, they'd be by sufi dominated junior Rochman, I'm gonna talk about another goal. Another two-day to really seal it for the tame, insure that ladyship begging again, I wouldn't I wouldn't marvette through match. Look, he's not go Kika these not now he was fifty s when he's had a ping, be more worried about Tim Smith worry about Gullit's drop MAC which was virtually on the goal on that was sealed. That would put a six goals up. Wait a minute. Definitely. Illiterate, thirty would have had that he's one of bits shots. So just depress you got through. You had Hobbs swan as well to keep one goal light in that lot one kgo eight in that last quarter. Equivocate through to. All right. So coming out of that in the price mortem, what's, what's happening down. Auburn land. This is what's gonna happen. Go it. And but calling with this because there's no pressure on them. Labour will be back night will be back. Christian silent will be back, so he got three eighty based seeks Backman coming calling guy, I gotta have a why stop us now the Baines is out for weeks because if he's able to win these Ellen win this because there's no pressure on. That's how Melba play night pressure. They'll run to the phone and spoke to games. I'm calling now Melba will miss the falls through games. European I reckon. Just record this this'll be this thing. If this way show, Melbourne will miss the falls by only two games. You watch. Two games. His two games is a chasm these days. Football miss Lott. We've missed the last three years on less than a guy hafa game. You're with three with three wins and losses at the moment. So I'm saying that out of the last living, guys we should wing or recommend up with ten wins win seven out of the last living. That's how comfortable I am a win. Seven of us live in two games out. Pressure on which sheets me and the worst thing that I could do go towards into the and sit there and go, you know what we didn't perform to barely like the hollowness that isn't showed it in the Las g. Can't happen cannot happen. And if I do say, we everything that I get these these where they have to make the hot coals. Jones is virtually virtually gone. Yeah. Lewis has have have to be gone as well too. And then they're going to have to make some make some Kohl's a college. I never thought Thomas Donald Wadey applying. Yeah. The height for full McDonald's. Also mcdonald's. I'm so sorry, more Oscar McDonald's. But did you see the way the Jenkins, it was almost like when you get on those mechanical bulls? Gygi took him to the fall on keep. That was just like he's not a key Backman. Yep. Eric he'll be tried by next. You'll be tried by. Well what about other applies at, like, I don't know it like a Christian Petroca could that be tried by coup? But he was he actually played a role of the weekend thought he was really good to be honest, you have a look at what he was doing rather grand. He he keeps it every week. Okay. Token management, I wanna move on different subjects in my he comes from. But he's far from worst Fafa mine, but just even having something like, wait a minute came in. He wasn't supposed to play. He came into the last month because Christmas Island. Yep. There's plenty of plenty of people that they'll be able to get rid of unite people up. Maybe. Thought about it side of the years, such as Neo Bullen mob, be one that won't be going. The wagons. Mopping other one to go. Wasps. Because crazy site in the moment Diane fell is Goodwin. Saif saif. Oh well for the for the listeners at the you can't say these, Johnny has a Chinese flag in the back of ease. Web view at the moment. This is representing the port. Adelaide Charta extravaganza slash junkets, which will get onto grave. Kinda go that got him to a preliminary fallen a loss g and the course he size is different off. The question to ask a question he Saif. I think that we just need to get some better assistance or any. It's the same it's a group that took us to a premium lachey. Yeah. Not Saif, which is not Cy gone pips, which coach is gone this week. Well, heavy teams lift these icing teams in the toll Zely sixteen coaches lift our recognize another full coaches that will not be safe by the end of the year. Now let's talk about. Fuji's heavy put this personally, personally. What go Ricky's go to be despond kabaddi, but he completely China when you first entered to hurry, exited the charging just completely screwed with you. When you've only had four wings out of the law. Fourteen on fifty times you do have to do have to make change that Sinai. Getting rid of Bolton and keeping virtually everybody else at that club from a bold level recruiting live league Citra on almost side. He's a bit of a scapegoat for some past issues that have occurred because you have look at the loss full coaches, they lost four coaches Retton and they got rid of him after to the falls, which was shoot yet wind Britain as well. And they had two of the best senior coaches of virtually old Hong into GMs of Denis pagan, and make multiples, and they couldn't do anything these club. Britain in Bolton. Yes, he was the figurehead. He was the, you might the Chinese Chitra Stevenson, Viney, was the one who recruited this least. A really good really good twain, when you see it's and you look at it and there's a lot of sheet on Twitter. Let's be Frank, but you get one tweet and you look at it and guy that's gorgeous. Remember the gentleman's name didn't really matter. But he said, so Vanni has brought these ingredients list together. He should be should actually be the one who has to try and make a meal out of it and cook with it at awful. That was perfect. He should be the one who coaches because he's put this list in place, which bolt could only do is based with they've got rid of him. But the prison Stein on sauces, dying on the recruiting staff, a staying on virtually staying on DEA think that's like using the word Fe two weeks ago. I said he was going to stay to light of the him. If I support on hours. Where'd you say? Well, look a couple of points. I wanna Mike on this that press conference yesterday was the most awkward thing. I think anybody could go through liberty by Chris, would you ever sit next to a boss that explains for everyone wanted to defy you in how the decide to fire and as the the lead up to the point that are gonna fi end? Then you have to Chris as they have the fight employees. Give Cowden spiel of a press conference that that was that was a weed. One of that was really strange. Audience, the hall press conference with us to Mito was work at that particular Tom. But it did have a bit of a look after woods did find that constrain as supporting a club that's maybe once or twice in its last ten years sack, the coach say many conferences, where coaches of bailing out. I think the one I with Dane, Bailey was the based what ideas was the club. The club went out and did this statement Dame valley came out, and did he statement and they supported each other if and it was the best one, I'm saying because they both gave almost a Pat on the back to a Gela, but they knew that just wasn't tenable any longer. To sit there and have a guy virtually smack your ass in front of the entire meteor, fell lanes. It just goes to show the way that clubs wrong. Yeah. You can point on going on uncowed if I can go for. The people who think that Britain is. Ev going to return to that club, you a frigging delusional, he was fired by these people who are still working there. What would you ever go back to a situation where they'll let you go, when you had I win loss record that was in the fifties taking him to the phones as you've said, pips, what would ever drive you to go back into that toxic club with that toxic level of bowed and support, would you? We'll he was if he was there for six years. He took over as a K taika think over from when Britain two thousand seven correct hundred twenty games finished with sixty rings had a percentage of fifty point. Full ladder positions fifteen sixteen in six hundred is I for us eleventh. He then took him to seventh fifth and just Mr. in the. He's loss g which was tenth, and I sect. The point I wanna make it back out and pips if I can enough he's. At point they've come out yesterday after second the coached, which they got behind and get the big thing to ago saying we have fully behind human the plan. They've come in and said with sector coach, but we are still committed to this plane. But if you've set the coach and you stick him with the sign plane. You'll. My, your delusional that you'll delusional because it let let, let's face reality. He probably follow sick, maybe seven or nine games this as in just to avoid giving. Atalay the number one peak in the IMF owl draft. That is the greatest, isn't it? So Ed alight could potentially play phones. Yes, they're not going to get a great draft peak vice because of Kelton, solicit stoop guest, UP, and thinking that they were better than they would a going to Hanes, the other club pick number one, and I reckon the goal who's gonna beat number on these better than wall cotton picked up. At allied must be just laughing. Wake out every time that I lose, they might just sit there and go hair goodies we did have to be sheet and we still at number one. Adelaide could do if they were smart. I see a couple of adult kids to bed if they were clearly not split that number one draft pick up until a couple first Randers. Anti-cuban Jerry because the twenty one and teen much of a much to be honest. So what would you want? Would you rather type two parts of that? Cherry oil. The number one who's going to have all the pressure on him. Yep. Yep. Because number three number four point of my column thing they're not going to change the plane. Yet Boten didn't win enough games issue. How many games expecting him to win next for this brand new coach coming into the system ten games? Nobody's eating all look. If you're a coach taking these mobile, you would be sighing all want guaranteed for you contract. None of these year after year role. I've gone. We've yeah. Is who's decided that if other year on year on gonna get the Trump? And if I was David Teague, who's taken IVA. L wouldn't do it. Got another club. Unless unless you someone who's on sackable such as maybe a Ross lawn who's apparently had a meeting with tonight. What, what would you if you're a brain you coach, you are? You'll did name Wilkie, your walk into the Gallos yelling accountant, because what they've done at least is not that good odd thought that I'd be in a better position than with IRA now that you would have as well. Simple easy. I, maybe just provided the least I think there's a lot of clubs at the moment, who think they'd lists Asari much better than they are and showing showing on the lead of the that they not simple. This is a and problem. I got rid of Renton because I go this idea in their head that I were definitely apprenticeship contended, I get rid of him to get a premiership coaching that keeps selling to them members and, and this little devil on the shoulders of the board level, says that the that the list is why more closer to apprenticeships, then what the reality is of that list, an Kate, Mike and as Assyrians by that they think they way more advanced than they actually really are than eight someone in the name. And now he's never going to do it. Almost like a poll rooftop figure, and we get gone back to him as, as the coaching example, someone actually say. You guys have stopped like you guys. You guys now. On the probably one year into your ten year journey, you need to probably look at everything top to bottom, not just the police, but from the CEO down and then start nine eight tonight semes- changes. See because he's only been there for couple years. He was a thinki- started. China little started off. Oaten came aboard. You're deployed football against kinda when he played at Evan lots Keila it was based, absolute based, and hairy base to so he's been getting Samaya waxwork on the rig. He was he was he was losing. The fed is up top when he was applying low, but he was Brad Lloyd another, God all went to school with his well to absolute soup size only being the listen us as the. Now uh g job loss cheat. So he's only been there a small amount. It's the duty shy was the one who hide him. And as far as argon might be the one and the board is well, the board after Google look at themselves. One other thing moving on rubber soles rim rebels supposed to be as an adviser Bolton. Eating in that coaches with him how much influence visa have in chopping was he space diva was there to help Alton? That's coming up. There's leering wished what was his role in all of these. Yeah. Just. Yeah. Anyone I think what you said, I think is Ron Boden seemed like a NAS valley seems like a great bloke maybe just a better assistant coach. And that's absolutely fallen to be an assistant coach and run run a small team as opposed to the whole thing because he's currently walked right into a Richmond job. So I mean he's still Holly regarded at in the industry, having. If you hear it talked about story a little bit tonight. I on the back page before we started today, and it was pretty much walked up off on and say, listen, all coaching gives gives a one way trial to see what a line for wake loved him up getting into Houston role seasons rolling ended up being a couple of permissions. Yeah. That some people just might be coaches, and these days, any catches, just not about moving spin in the magnets, and is the management is so much involved with it. E every Donal. But good luck having a family. Get understand what Brad, Scott Chuck did enough detainees reject cetera. Yes. Where to next? If a couple of things we mentioned, what clubs are in trouble. We know that we know. Countless new couch out the ones that might need a new coach Fremantle Ross there until the end of twenty twenty. Now, if count enough Hema Plum job. Judy judy. If you got through previous history, what he did was killed. You go. Also have a look at your mob. Poor light time became Saif. We know that for certain defendants in Richardson, Cuba. He's not. He's got a couple of bigwigs coming up. Against. He's got the boys wait. So he's gonna win that one. But the way counter tonight, I play the sons in Goa coast, which the sons which of these is, and the heading into ram forty and they've got the lines. Yes, the we one of those two games where he's definitely going to be fearless. And John John Worsfold as well. Isn't it? Things are going down going well down. They re them. Yeah. Yeah. Did on the weekend. But that wasn't exactly guy that you'd wanna watch, you know, that's the guy that you'd want to show the people, you know, when I put when I torture people in those army canes. That's the guy that you show them to torture, the living crap out of Oregon at Calton this guy. Putrid would describe the quality of that game for the mental health. I do hyped it out and get some, some young players get a space to breathe and probably joy there for you again. Exactly. Right. They gonna have the week off. Well, this way, it plying, the play Brisbane and harm. Concer the winning it, but he's come in and show something we saw north. Let's move on north because we at Scotty pool the pull the pin, the wake earlier ratios, coming and once again, honeymoon period, put your house on it. There was a fifty grand on wolf winning on fraud. I and he's laughing all the way to the Bank because once again you coach is going to be a great result. And come in and smashed special on that fraud and on, while the Choon of thirty seven points. And yet. Sorry guy. I don't know if you watched it had a bit of a look at that. And I were that will alive. Luck arash. Yep. That was a. He's not getting rid of that nothing. It just goes to show Richmond. They, they don't travel. Well. At all. No. But I think it also says speaks volumes to win you play the players in their position. Magic can happen. Pips. But doesn't even have to be in the position. Just let imply don't overcomplicate it nothing to gain these days is why overcomplicated you, you, you pay your long just as long as I have only gripe planet amazing joined the superstar guy got. But you know you look at cameras. Aha, living tackles on the way, gin live in disposals eleven tackles. Where'd that come from? Doc miss with Zohar then teachers able, vintage ziebel Polack look free than he's being Cuttington just held them down. Benny brand had the bisque guy move. He's maybe last tool threes easily. It's easily. They just look like go go play forty. Goldstein's going Twenty-eight Goldie had twenty eight and a game. And he was enjoying himself. Yeah. It's been a long time, and you get assigned voice Tolman Toma game for a number of these get style. The Macy's gotta get style. That's just the way it works. But, you know. Apparently ratio just keep it simple. And guys guys, do these these, these rest is virtually up to you. Look what happened. That did go palms imports on the trees. I didn't add that week. I think what they did was that they watched what dial Thomas did the week before on the fraud. I not. That was the benchmark, we're not gonna do that. We'll have a couple of Palmer's a few poets get together as a group and just enjoy each other's company, and at one stage, the look at that school down is that logo on the raw is this is this north while that third corps accelerated. That's a quarter they've kicked the six right? Yes. Dr six strike kicked non in the second half knowing goals to signal. That's good kicking compared to three goals. I've once again points, the best pressure, you could have the school board pressure. Relevant. They're being relevant for longtime wolf on the hype. That's the start of something. But once again, the no matter how big kangaroo is I just can't get the net. Big enough to catch the big fish. So you want to the different coaches. The big fish got to be something that he's looks at do they decide to go. It's this time next week when we come back or us to have his chat about north and Hal. I went in the second week. The only issue with that, though is. Applying this week, which could be like coast at metric on. Yes, that's not easy. So it can be sitting down the honeymoon's already over two weeks for racial. Good Oni good on him. He's just he's pretty hand up on economic do what's in front of him. He's gone it and bathe them, it's great to see. Something popped up was well, let's chat about more Charkhi. We're not gonna go. Different topic Charkhi more about the oxygen and join the who gives a sheet junket, otherwise known as port Adelaide's venture into China is just the fourth year that you've done it now fourth year fourth year massive crowds getting bigger and bigger every year. Apparently, there were no one thousand four hundred twelve at with it. I actually think that was the number of empty seats that are sold at the guy. And what cracks me up? Even more is affected by this saying that the crowd would have been big, if the bus companies are taking a lot of the supporters to the correct stadium. A main heavy into China before. Will not voluntarily note. It's a weird place in terms of I reckon that the bus driver. This is my experience of China. You go anywhere in a bus, and you're tourist, you probably have to stop by some always define or a silk firm and run through the shop to absolute bullshit before they take you to the next place. That's what happened pips all I do this Melvin went to a giant place and then they're going to make their way under the gun. But yeah, now that wasn't good. But this this, this is a point that wanna Mike, no one would even Melbourne would turn up to this game. So what's the difference? Cashman cash. It's all about the cash, that's all of these the cash millions of dollars. Thank you, it of selling that time game, not that I think that members care, because members Don gonna get worse. Thank you. I'll applies done case. What would I? What would I? And in terms of the guy, I mean, that's, that's what port can do when they put it together on they're allowed the spice to do it killed. It just didn't look interested, but a couple of points. Also the photo of Jaren mostly time Jaren Jaren your yet. Post he's gotta yet before the guy that didn't know cared properly owed me run around the China field with that theme running around now. Mike appoint about that Scott. That's what happens when you play brutal team. Whether that's what potentially could happen. So, you know. Maybe maybe we should have baby on board on the back of jump is because we are you hit us. You're in trouble so that and then he broke his ankle, but I mean, the guy was seventy points in the end. Thank you. None of it. That's all I Cuba. There's just crowded. It's not a good day. Just folding cracks me up. About that guy was, so they sold their home dying. This goes to show him much. You've got the I f l and now clubs around your little finger. You'll poor light. They sold their home gyn. It technically was killed time games accurate. Yep. Yet as part of the deal port headlight of the ones who have the full pre pre game host guy mid game entertainment older, trimming. So that's never never have. Harrison prot song before the green was the lead to be because people are on that only happens to put gyns war was applied at Takahashi stadium on the white game. And then I found out when you sell the game you sell everything you get the money and that's it. You don't even get to the white shot at your home game. Lego socted slim sucked in round is in. It's I that was weird how all of the all the fanfare will fun table at the site him did. Now, did you got New York's guy did you know dental possible? You didn't worse than gamma told you because they're going to plan a castle. And I did have seen the castle, I have seen the grand before it is the she'd guy made of it from my aesthetics perspective. Only what's the guy from zooming because that's clear enough to see through the fog when I do the line Skype shot. You can't see you can see this oughta actually love to play the earth. Can be awesome. As to. But you know what? It'd be applying Gold Coast empty stadium. Yeah. It was empty. It was good. Why would you why she told him look on album, I say games up not Weiss, again trying to build a community up their territorial and I wanted on it for money reasons you get that wholeheartedly. And yeah, we don't play to Bailey up, which is okay, but war, would you got all white at Sean Tena was on a plying simple? Kengo peps. It's for the cash as cash and people like Saint cooter imported allied and those teams we don't get a chance to get the big corporate dollars like the Melvin teams do, so we have to finalise doing it. Since you can't put any tops on the light cavalry hills is tops retire. They're gonna come back for heritage brand heritage jump IRA. Teach you need to play with tops everywhere. That'd be awesome promising in the box. Stop a kale. Morton running away from. Jeeze. That'd be guys making up just thinking that. I. Brisbane law. At the point now that they just not surprising anymore. Because I said to you, they're gonna do this. I told you this. Do not hang on. Let me just. It's on. It's on. I told you pips. Going to be very hard to beat up there. I said this five weeks ago. And he didn't believe me. You didn't believe me while ago. I'll be I'll be Frank. O D Bolivia just didn't think that they've been able to do what they've done over the last couple of weeks. Two games on the road with four goals day on. And they've come back. They weren't for goals. Dan, halfway through the fog goals, Dan quotas on. Yep. I have got the what, what failure and Hodge done at that club. I have turned that place around that has been like I say, it's, it's welcome to the jungle Bibey. And the law had fun games all that want to be finding games as we've fly them in a couple of weeks up there, there's been looking forward to it. Because these shivering Victorians God, they're implying the hate and it's the second half of the game with hate really starts to sake into the body and boom, you've got no gonna pitcher tickets left. And here they come Thia just good team. What they call them saying outside of L side of a calling guy that was the biggest crowd that they've had at the Gabba for what a member of you. So that just that just shows that the Queensland market by love, we know. And even the Gulf Coast crowds, even though I haven't been getting the wings as much even they crowds starting to get a little bit more as well too. So that the Brisbane older coins lanes, Queensland groups, I, they do get behind successful progressing teams unlock it a lock it. Now and gets point nor false and Kilda Siberia shit and CD people's guide of the Sydney guys. But once CD turn crap, you watch a more full of, and even people turning up the WGN. So it's good to see these teams. Get traction. But what's the gain at the expense of the Melbourne clubs? Yeah. They've got some Harris Andrews down back. He's got it was lost home of Brazil Owens, Playa my. Almost rallying out sawed of. Dines ohka. Hape spec. Becca nearly three thousand exactly in Dan's but not in the last ten years like could have couple of this. You would you say huge, the next buddy, Franklin nine no, no. Not now. Buddy, buddy. Just buddies toll the gamma pot any second season. And then just done wicked ways as as now. Sign. He's just a love what you a love what these to buddy. Oh, yeah. Stop it. But yeah, he's having an argument with my brother because he was sign that, you know, all buddy doesn't tight, Mark. He doesn't take Pac. Max what, what would he need to you get the ball in his Hanes anyway, within sixty five meters? And if he gets on lifting the foot. Not joking back to the Senate because that's going through Tali. Is probably one of the best plies alive embassy. Nice right on, but he doesn't so often there's, there's a fluke. There's an ice. But when you do at Tom, and Tom again, year after year that serious talent that he's so you know. Good morning or good on him. But Yale Law who might be pushing forward into the either stood quote number games at home and they drew pretty good as well. Why can't I be the next Richmond next west of boobs, there's no reason why not someone has to win it? What kind of be them? I'm the farmers. That's good. I'm happy for that because it had a broad Rutten run the last sort of five years. Yeah. But that's all that I don't think there is a team that they starting to starting to really get some traction really starting to, to along awfully. And that's GWA's our base. I it for a long time. But big getting a good mix of the experience of the team that had quite a number of injuries quad longtemps. It's time to get him back on the park now wakes ride. I disappointed Melbourne, though went up there and dissipated. Back. I'm disembodied goal coast. Table at that is one team. They're going to corker Beguin's, if I bleed that lighting Adelaide this sitting themselves up, not just as top four, but talk to GW is get the play phone at which they will. Yep. Yep. I totally agree. I think that WS now got that perfect age, for file the averaging one hundred giants across the field, which means that had. Three four five seasons. Now together. Yeah. Was what else can you say about his team? I mean they've just got styles in every line. This skills across all the lines are probably unmatched in any of the team, just whether or not they've got that that grid that some of those old traditional clubs to have. That's the only thing holding them back is the Greek. Yep. Yeah. I'll just just think that from an eye from an age demographic. Seating, north at the moment. I acetone Osler it's just it's, it's really nice just to sort of see clubs. Tiger. You want clubs to succeed and really do want these club. I would say GW is win it. Would because I have been a good team, but they're just being too young. On it'd be really for them to be able to, to see. Yeah. What are your now? I'm with you look at the fact that if GW as premature, I mean, you're probably more in the thing, I want to see them win one, I'm on a stool think this was hugely unfair to the team's particularly allied with nitro, they draft concessions into gold is took kids at should have probably gone to those teams that are still languishing now little bit moves. I winced bug about is so whether or not I would not I don't really kid because I still say this team is having a massive unfair advantage to. All over the top four or five teams at that time. Not fair enough. Totally. Yeah, I'm sure. I really do that. They're gonna get close. But from an age perspective like sitting sitting in really also, Jeremy Cameron these also a couple of weeks ago night. Plus go tell community scheme. He is just as a free and then you gotta him we'll bug then Taibbi, green. And then you license who's been less Beckmann who's now going down to the fold on. Yep. More having more avenues in the Melis. Yeah. They're good. You look look at team. Listen you like is not there's not a bad player in that time. And you know what kills me? I don't know if you'll the sign but what kills me more than anything is okay? Us. I can Eli the guy. Gotta get to refers round picks for many white. Papa again. Top heavy top it up just talk. But i'm. It's just a love. I do it just good on them. Good on him. Yeah. Yep. So we have to, I'm actually going to be doing this for I paint some of the fraud paint on. Oh. I want you to add a bit of this, because we're going to the foot early the she. And so I just want just want even want to think, you know, just a closer ause impeach themselves at a game. Seat in the crowd win talking to creative hundred or two hundred people that typical security game. But we're talking thousands of people who if worked hard all week, I've got my eyes closed at the moment on just, you know, I'm just sort of feeling his if worked toddle wake to make a living. Bringing getting shelter from the Rhine, and let's all the stuff. And they're at the guy. The all that frustration and everything that's being paint up inside of the bodies. In that two and a half hour. We know they're given the opportunity just to let it all outs. By signing through magic words that everybody loves to yell als site with me, what maggots why mega, we know we say, what I get with focusing on the employees. Well year could've smacked me over with a feather. When all I heard on the weekend that a Richmond cheese squad member has been banned for three weeks. Now, just wanna put these perspective. Gary Ablett put four I'm through three people's ED's and go one. He got three weeks fee yelling out. And I'll say is in a cheese scored at the end of the week had a hard week on the tools. He's got troubles at home. The kids are annoying him seems getting beaten, there's been another dodgy decision and he's yelled outs. You green maggots. And he's been suspended for three weeks that. More. Got anywhere now where political correctness has just not taking over the world. If you can't yell up, green maggots or green idiots or just idiot, or whatever, because you're talking to the empire, not the person selves. You were in the heat of the moment, you let it out. It's like a psycho is let the client of songs from get smart. The foot you can say what if you won't? But, you know, once you leave you gotta go back to the real world. Three weeks for that. If you if you had a set issues, one. Yeah. Tipping green mega would probably be the cleanest thing to come out of those schools just anywhere on the ground for your cleansing to hear around. I'm more a more ROY here decide that like, really? Demean. That's the thing that strikes me is who told his blogging if it was there, what by going forward, and you club come to Melbourne? We love yelling at you could even yell green maggots in a blue red and blue magazine you wanted to club. You could say can easily. Ken magnet, whatever might be. Come on. Can't we just frigging yell abuse and just know that there's no malice in it? It's just getting off. You just I, I agree. I'm not I'm with you pips. I think that it's probably the least offensive thing. You are ever going to hear knife, our time if you get through each for that, I'll get law for some of the stuff and all of yelled at. Idea. It's just it's in a control. Really? And that's the problem with, like just the problem with the I fell from that perspective. Like this is almost like a pot of the fraud game, so I- correctness ingrained, maggots new, which of these guys are the extreme weeks, you can get stuffed. But the I f l like really can I get tonight? Just stop boop, sheet nece. Like they the one the why people are not enjoying the game as much. He's boo. She'd on little bit. What myself can you believe can you believe that the reason they gave for the two missed school review? Fasces over the weekend was a technical issue. Yeah. I think the issue mortar bayonet, the whoever was checking what went wrong looked at the wrong footage. It's just morn. Boggling either go do three things spend the cash, you taught us. I fell stop. Worrying about. I f LX and I have feel I fell sweeten sale, sourcing China. Get rid of all those types of gyns, and invest money into a bunker like the NRL do and use that every single time. Or get rid of the whole thing altogether. Last, but not least say it's only for the ones that hits the post touched on the lawn that sees if the unpartisan call up from forty five made his out to bed through said, it's Bucci. And so just one of the Bush at the I feel keeps rolling out at week after week. They've got just going to skews for everything on Tuesday, pips on C N. The have. The empire. What's his name? Ri- ri- right rise, a ride that rise right to the heads. Do they still go with Norma were so baby. I came into it as, as riser was talking about a whole bunch of south, and also finally someone who is just talking the language people say that rise, which wanna say that him, but you know what? He's got a brilliant writer. Stay segment with, with, with Jared widely, and it just it just tells it how it is he's like, yeah, we met a mistake at happens. Sorry she'd happens. What why can't more people say that? Because what the bidding PayPal. You can't have a pie out on that. But also the one with wisdom BULLDOGS net game was over did make a difference. Did make a difference? It didn't make a difference. But from the west coast is big from the Fremantle perspective. But that was one kicking the whole game once again, we going dance that tell me that they wouldn't otherwise that, what Catamarca wall to get free. I'd be more worried about that. Not worried about the other goals. Exactly. So it doesn't it does look on our as I as, as a, as birth your ni- passionate supporters of attains when you team about western ago. You do analyze the little, you know, one percents hero. They are. We'll rob the but I mean if you're talking was any good that shouldn't have been that position. Anyway. Yeah. It was. Thank -cribe is Bill, Bill, you could on the day. Perfect example, is this have gone it and kicked? I one dollars in the last quarter. But I can tell you that if we had one of those, we couldn't blind it because we still keep in other seven. Yeah. And you can't it's, it's crap on it. You just to. What are the best quotes watching a little bit of UFC? And it's great when you watch like the ultimate fought. I'm one of the pipe piece of advice that Dina watts is to the falters. When I first getting ios gauze gonna give you one simple place of voice in these don't leave the result in the hands of the judges. Yep. Don't leave it to the to win the game for you. Do it yourself. So that's more for paying these wiggle thought it was pretty good. Green maggots hashtag greed mega rule. Get going back but yeah, fell stop shooting stiffer them all away. The books to me and his. I totally agree. Tell you what other thing lasting. That's a little bit of excuse. The language wake of bullshit. What is check their tipping comp and a certain form wonders three in front of the top of the lenna? Yeah. You want to say on the try on told you this. Yep. Yep. I'm a natural winner winner. If you'll so good at getting getting tips, even thought about becoming a Moyer. What's the Moya the Jewish go? Is that take the foreskin off? Oh. Oh, okay. You'll sitting on a beautiful, sixty four second place with sixty one. Justin credible fifty eight and then a massive one point behind on fifty seven Morton mates. The I it's very tight very tight competition, very time the most exclusive for the tipping comp on this podcast on site at is it is. Hey, I've got some questions or you got some questions. Okay. Let's built these thank you to all believers who do contribute the questions just to let you know next week. We're going live. You'll be able to say these gorgeous vases of the pips, and of joy dog live on Facebook on Facebook page next week. So you'll be interacting Rawda, why we're gonna be doing a live recording the first if a live recording of the lice podcast Sabih equations, as going law. We're gonna have how beats in places that we have to get through. But we're going to interact directly with you. So I can't white on Jamie's packing dockings of gut. The bedrooms, all set up. I the studios, way ready to go. I can't light. It's, it's more end up a lousy experience or as we might site. It could be the next man. I man, we are. I man, I sure it's off. So make sure you tell everyone. Yeah we'll we'll put a few enhancements up during the week, but make sure you get your, your mom's and sister's in your and. Wants to watch us. You know what even get the rigs tool? The we get enough enough law experts are, Jamie. Got some questions from the looseness his. We don't want from from. Lemon Josh having a loyal one of the a loss, Phil. I-it's I- loyalties, not our guys. Sorry from from from Josh ROY mantha. To not on, on the boys chat as a bit a hate going back and forth about about, Jerry Abbott. This is from him poboy has had an impeccable record his whole cre-, anyone remember Ryan Crowley just went up to him a native in the quad. Senna bans pogo, I'd probably put up with every trick in the book when he was the best player in the come for old, as years, I'd say, probably entitled to throw a few elbows out. Now. He's slowed down a bit. It a height, how everyone has jumped on his bandwagon, and you'll get turned into the next Adam goods this, right? Another superstar of the game getting cast Assad. Because some got this cable warriors his me off. Hal, can we celebrate? How about we celebrate how good he has Bain for fifteen years. This was drafted in two thousand one. So he's been around for a long time. It all lists. You sight, easy stop probably one of the best to play the game. It's just probably seen germ. We know that we know that. But on the other saw of the feigns. Chatting to somebody who knows GI blet during the week was trying to someone who knows someone who knows. And he reckons ball. He was up a goal coast. You wanna talk about toll poppy, he felt like he was the only point he'd have training, raging. He wouldn't try with everybody else. You walked around being Kindy and you know talking about being probably taught acid. True. Yeah. So that's off the field stuff. But. You know, it's just the whole Hanes up in the air big into free, Keith onto getting likes. People. Now, he's gone ply. I think he's gonna superstar. He's probably having these based year in probably the last three or four. Yeah. But that's what we do. If everything was kosher body. We wouldn't have a foot channel, this podcast, wouldn't exist. And we wouldn't have any content, so we're gonna make up a story where we can. And when he does something good. We will him on the back. And when he does something that we don't like will slap him on the house. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that our record. Let's, let's we like everyone doesn't matter who you're stuck into now. We stuck in our area until more than anyone. All right. Sorry now the one this is from this is from another, Josh, this is from this just Johnson. He said, what are you guys talk about why they're onto many players wearing long sleeved shirts, bring them back. Also, who the complex who rock them all, so pips where all was messy of long sleeve where I wanna keep. I wanna keep telling the title but I just thought it was one of those things that. A lot to hide. It's like mystique. It's like, yeah you kind of going along. So meeting, soft be noted. He's just hiding everything that's underneath just the messy breeding that we have in the gonna company and then when you wreck when you reckon up twenty five thirty positions again, you've kicked, you will three. The opponent hasn't seen you face all like is always saying the number six on your back because you've been chasing tile IGA, wear jockstrap in paragon boots. Would make difference because the ability will win over. The fact that we're in a long sleeve. And standing L the pause locked to beat of long-sleeve action. I can tell you that. Shall we? Go on show, we go through all prove the amp laws love along sleeve. There's a certain gentleman by the name of bread Hoti, who has been inducted into the whole of fine, who wore our sleeve every game if he's Correa mono- when I do I have to say more than that giant tacky. Taki Jimmy blood, Jimmy Bitel everybody how wine Schwartz. Darned, German der watt der, what's one. Yes sauce, yet and son of Serge as well. Both of them all loans leaves long sleeve, Jackson Vanni Diego. This three sauces that have worn them over the years ratio. We used to wear them reassure short in malware on either. Hey show. Pharma and joins ice Tony Madre. Shoots. Yep. Nick rebel. Where do you want us to stop might if we can shed wing gettin? Poet, brain. Havi just pure Dard. There are lots lots of them who wore the long sleeves, and it was always the bowl bowl magnets, that wore the long sleeves because, you know, I actually think that I would getting. Getting, you know, look when you run really fast and you get cold, you know, when you going fast in a car and you put your hand and you get frozen because you going so fast in the Calway. It's because she so fast that we have to protect ourselves from Winston are than the truth at all. I think that's the facts the gods. The gods with the ordinary rigs willing slaves, and I'm not gonna loyal war on definitely one, but on kitty because Iraq them up delayed, oh, there's another one. Yeah. Actually, a lot of supplies with do it because it's let's go to let's go to Richmond. Jack revolts throwing the long-sleeve sin Qaeda, Russians worn. That's incredibly soft. Let's go to members in breach. We got a west coast. Look at all the guns that will pay. Once he's nine the blonde. The blonde headed guy from west coast played in there. Two flags early run in the Correze. Always not outages. So Josh, I think it's fair to say limb slaves. I'm not a fan Lavin. Pips is a fan, a massive Adamou's. I Cameron Bruce. Hall, David Schwartz. Yes. What was aware as well? You tell me over gun plays that will short sleeves, and I'll match it with the loan slave. Okay. I'll probably get him good. He were long-sleeve I good you wrong slave. Brownlow. Medallists Wolong sleeves, Danny Frawley long sleeves, Paul Roos Ellis. Lynch long sleeves. He's part of only only go to I've only four hundred gig Omaha drive you fell. This podcast has to finish on this week. But what if I rolling Anthes long-sleeve nights? All right. Another question you sort of questions from Aaron wall. Yeah. Go for it. Yeah. Go for it. While more games played on the traditional said I after noontime slot. I'll give to you because you make it quick. Because. You, you love this one. You love you love the scheduling cash. It's all about the cash, it's Betty, I fail scheduling. And the fact of the I f l will put one guy, Matt on other torn. They needs to be more Setai afternoon football. It's a simple as that is no reason why gone can't start one game. Can't start at one one starts at two thirty and three thirty you have one on FOX, one of the first one won't go on Foxtel Sikkim on will be on parole yellow Foxtail channel third one goes to free. Two way which leads into the news Sunday afternoon you played a little bit early. You don't have to do that twilight slot at the end is full of shit. We could even play to fraud. I have a double-header one Email one over imposed, but you know what? It's a cash grab so simple as that it's bullshit, the grand falls played in the sun, that's way football should be plied, not on the ruse not on the lots to thirty Sunday afternoons bring on the gig. That's when the big boys play don't use. Another one from Arizona. Why did a meat pie costs four dollars at the China game. Wasn't forty? Knows what does what is trying? Look, they just comes down to three words to be honest. Mad cow disease. Thought it was going to be put off walks. Kale calculator sales over enjoy after fly everything I've seen. Thank you. Three words. Thank you. We surgeries and cheek of. Of. You're going to tofu. Pause. And had you know that was actually just signed dogs, very missing. Puerto allied being the. On pretty cool. Paypal's could've been design applies. We. We. Louis von twenty s lavar twenties. But forty dollars is a bit rich but you're gonna to charge fifty cents for the souls cyanide. You know what I wouldn't? I wouldn't mind paying for knows the Partha deals, Adowa, all, yeah. It'd be the other way round dancing. Yeah. Dancing economy, we've even wanna get out of the food. You take out a home loan of and just into Stein. Try the bitter, it's law for the second pot I any more questions it. Yeah. Check my comment coal this. Get a public voice pay people wanting to get a law and into the show pips on. I think we won't be able to get something on lawns. Whether it's I ski for. For people that they were doing cost. The gear is, is literally, the most expensive and the hardest thing to get wrought sound to you, listen start giving us donations to afford a proper platform to be able to take holes. Don't complain leave his voice. We're running for people people who who get a bit of what's, what's that inside of baseball? So the thing for you guys. Abhorrent costs marks are probably a couple of hundred dollars H, and where running on bare minimum. Stand. It'd be the pulp villages, and some cables and somewhat not say probably looking at for Pepsi. I Walker fines and stuff all in probably around the five hundred dollar Ma. Oh, yes. Exactly. Yeah. You gotta have the stage. You're gonna have the filter, you go to the mall of got the, the pray and just to get a bit of boost. Then you've got the software to do it all, then Thomas it to get it ready for you lease news. I'll tell you what. It's it takes a massive amount. It's on the wheel of doing it, but it ain't it's like marriage ain't shape, and so, regardless, so long story short to-do lines into do video things, and of soft, that takes gear, and it's really really high for two podcast, starting up to buy the right gear. The first time you do it, so on, I'm birth is coming up in October. And when Jules August actually just ios in August, if you wanna ball is the prison. A couple of road podcast of projects we would be able to take causing straight away. They're only about eight hundred eight so, at least as the yet definitely make donations. We can put a donation maybe donation link up on the Facebook page is weak. And hey. Four H six all look, anything that we need to take it to the next step. But I'll tell you what next week is gonna be epic epic count wise account like knockout, wipe I am might want to say that I have loved what we've got through hell of a lot. We've got through a hell of a lot love the question. I listened so capes wrong three once again with air on the Facebook page there on the Twitter handle malice, like I said, you can't contribute UK Bassam questions. We'll keep answering them caves drowning out the crept into that. We do everyday. But we do it because we love it. We not we might not be factually accurate, but we're accurate now passion for the game. And it's the truth getting away. A good story. No one thing, also do not look for us Austrians because audiences did not. But apple podcasts will still buy. Yes. Our podcast, aggregating you guys years. Yep. Siwei were on Spotify. We'll be on a lot Younes. We'll be on podcast. Sam claire. I'm not saying that's, that's true. When does audience finish dying on the apple equivalence whenever that occurs? But how. But how. Of going to go to bourbon on the shelf with Moneim on it. So real taunt to represent up. So. What about if what ask actually ask you one last question before we finish? Yeah. The put a primacy five in wrought this minute, who would it be? Jilong gelo. Yeah. GW 'Small friend WS the sleeping joins the you know what? When three people disagree that's people who love the footy, and the why that they love football is what I say. Leisa. I have a great way, go days. Threes. Byron.

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