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Hey Guys Justin Sylvester from news here looking for a new way to stream will meet peacock the free streaming service from NBC universal with tons of movies and shows plus a daily dose of news sports and pop culture. There's something for everybody and best of all, you can watch for free or upgrade for more who doesn't like that. So go to Picot TV DOT COM and start streaming. Now personally, I can't wait to get into that law and order as v-vote you know Athene for. To be a working mother you. A I know. I never thought it would ever happen to me. Hi Nina Hunter I. Just wanted to know quickly at. Are you guys excited? I mean. They know you're obviously going to be an honorary auntie and then. Claims Godfather. So those are your guide titled. Now, I'm a big feeling I'm going to shape this child's mind and I want to get excited for it I. Just I can't wait to come up to that school in rough up some kids as messing with my little niece I. Wait it's going to be a lot of situations where I gotta go up there and handle some things on your behalf. Aiming, lose it if one came I will literally stump backhand and be like are you and say I? Up a little bit house yesterday getting all that love and attention. Obviously I mean don't you know me hunter obviously only focused on people that haven't messaged me I get. Like are you busy? Where are you? Or people are liking my photo in not commenting on it? I'm not happy about that. Was a good day. It was it was a good day after posted, but it was it was a strong. Yet now, we know that you're very excited about your little girl and we actually have a nightly pop world exclusive because I Try to keep your pregnancy. US but it kind of slipped. During. Taping. By. Babe my my fiance man Baby Daddy. No. I was going to say boyfriend and then I stopped myself because she's like not my boyfriend but I always say friend. I just WanNa take a moment for I. Detective Skills I was multitasking doing something else but that did not get by me I just wanted to be known as good. A good catch I was playing with friends I'm ninety nine percents sure. I DIDN'T GIVE A. Conversation now it all makes sense. See what you. See, what you can literally I got so many producer comments after being like I can't believe up with Nina like you've you've made it this far. How did you almost blow that and the way I just started to rapidly speak after I was. So Weird I literally was. A little bit because you. Were so it means you've done Morgan over the last like. Month or two where it was so clear that something going on like you'd be like nauseous every single day like I think it's the water that I'm drinking and we're like, all right. She tried to throw us off a few times and said it was nine she's like. I'm having too much wine with dinner. I think I'm nauseous. The beginning at the beginning I tried to say listen I'm I'm taking taking a break from bringing they're not going to believe that it was a rough road. I'm happy that this is all out in the open now we can all do. Together. Later we're GONNA talk about him more. We're GONNA play fiance say what? Say What if whatever. Anyway Morgan Jordan but I Morgan let's go to the show. So as if becoming part of the royal family isn't enough pressure imagine being told you have to get tied up and thrown in the backup of a car is part of a kidnapped training hunters winfrey. New Claims Before Megan married Harry she had to take part in a drill that included being taken by terrorist rescued by officers firing fake guns. I do you guys think the queen or Prince Charles has ever had to do something like this I mean word on the street is that Prince Charles has somebody put his toothpaste on his toothbrush for him. So doubtful that this happened to them. Oh boy, can we just preface this by saying that they had nothing to do with the making of this book? So all of the information from is coming from sources. From the author so we don't even know if this is true at all this is just you know what someone may have told them that being said I think this is phenomenal and amazing and I would love to take part to me I. think it is probably like it's not unrealistic to assume that this might be a training drill that someone has to go through in family. It is just like in what world is one training drill going to make it. So she doesn't crack under pressure and reveal secrets or like one training does nothing we did we've done so many single trainings for e and I still get called in all the time. I say this now we're so. I think that that's a user error I don't think that's the system. That's a good point. So Kelly RIPA posted the new season Promo of live with Kelly and Ryan on social, which showed her and Ryan rolling out of bed and getting ready quarantine style for work and a viewer was not too impressed. She called the hosts out for their lack of personal grooming Kelly responded alright up in the next meeting I mean. People are so dumb. Do you guys think that Kelly was too nice. Oh, boy. No I love the are with this woman like we're in a damn pandemic like if. The woman was criticizing, Mike Their clothing choice basically saying like she has to get dressed up zoom meetings so they should have to get dressed up when they do the show but like everybody needs to chill out like if they want to wear pajamas I could give I could give it also Ryan how does Ryan never age? Is it just really good genes he know why Brian, Scott that baby face and now with this sort of longside part hair it's super hipster Baristas style. It's like real in that. You only missed his horrible pun. I'm not being with this same brain everybody I have to now cater to a living being, and by the way, I, still haven't caught it. So to let me know what it was because I have no clue. What Morgan I don't give you that credit. In fact I think you're working with two brains now and so you it should be you should be double the power. And country singer Cain Brown is getting made fun of by fans or having to call the cops after he got lost in his own backyard. If I did this, you guys would crucify me. He went on facebook to explain he was exploring his new thirty Acre home and got lost in the surrounding forest with two friends. Another grand tried to find them, but then that friend also got so they had to call for help. Kanga lost in the woods on property. The heat freshly just got to doesn't really know that well. He goes out riding and gets lost gets dark. He can't find his way out. Me and my brother and a couple of my friends went there into the woods we've never even been in our life how to GPS even go to his house. we ended up finding him in the woods, but we ran out of gas. We ran out of cell phone service to. We got lost in the woods with him. When you're in pitch black in your eyeballs are open and you can't even see your hand in front of your face and your on thousands of acres that you've never been on before. kind of hard to find your way up. You know listen I love you both but I'm not calling me to come rescue me. SMART. It. I'm the only one. I'm the only one interest love survival wilderness training. I've literally streaming for this. Have you. Graphic give me a topographic map, your business. Now, you've done survival training. BOOT online no I didn't I. I need. I've also done not tying I've learned how to tie not. So if I do find you WANNA get tied up a little bit. I've got you there as well. Ready dealing with morning sickness, I can't get more noxious from these comments is ridiculous. You still not saving me from the woods now? Hot somewhere might call you but from the woods, absolutely not off. The last person ever GonNa Call as Morgan. Why If I put in the trunk of your SUV, it's flying out the back when you forget. Okay. You. Arrive you just need to learn how to fight because you know I got road rage. I'll honestly. Driving is the only thing that I'm kind of. That's the thing this show and. Everything else not that funny. Sensors when you drive and you had whole. Yeah that was because it was low. We now have the right up next time to put my fiance to the test and see how much we really know about each other. Oh. My God. Welcome back to nightly Hobson, we are celebrating Morgan Hinge McGraw's baby girl congratulations. Thank you. You're making your debut. Crazy nightly pop you've already been on daily Papa, not GonNa get into the jealousy fillings I had. Wasn't wasn't my choice not your choice. It's true I'm glad you're on that show and say. Exactly yeah, we are going to we are going to get into it because we still have a lot of questions. So we are about to play fiance what this is the baby. Okay. All right. So first off Morgan, we had an inkling that this was coming because you actually told us that psychic predicted this last year. Take a look. There's no shame in having help with raising children raising children artem told so. We don't know but now we will pregnant in April might psychic told me what but not in Nice where you're getting pregnant April? Though around my birthday. Your you're a nightly baby I am quitting. New. Jordan. Swept off her feet by Prince. Thanks. As the backup backup backup plan kind of thing. Mortgage thoughts on the psychic reading. The psychic was a little on point. She was off point on the dates. She was off point on the engagement. So we guess what a two point five out of five over to know she I thought she said, well, we got pregnant really close to that month. And she also did she. So she got the sex wrong and what she did say was going to get pregnant before I got married. Okay. Okay. So that That's That's at ups. That's your veteran yesterday high school. I'm partial credit so. There you go. I well so far we're not doing so with these predictions, but let's see Jordan please named three characteristics or personality traits. You think your daughter will have we're GONNA start with Oh, man. Hormone are you crying Munich? Whether This as we learn from it so. That you crying does a lot for the show rating so I was saying, I think yeah I. Think she might get a little bit in the drum from. Okay. But I also think she's GonNa be a little quiet to. And? Absolutely hilarious. You think. So I think she's funny right? Everyone's GonNa think she's funny. Yeah Hopefully I. Don't think it's funny. Serious. You think she's funny. You both have to even if he's not yell will laugh at. ME. I'm pretty harsh when people aren't funny. So we'll see how it goes. Like your your mom anyway here's Louis. Jordan. About your baby's personality traits. Jesus. Definitely be a red at and definitely have allergies and stuff. So much. Going to be so smart about your idiot mom. That lives up that lives up Morgan still stand by this I. do there is a little bit of Auburn ended the year at here so i. Think. She does come out a redhead I'm fine with it. I'll be very upset. I'm fine with it, and then I just see doesn't sunburn like you that was really embarrassing. We were outside for ten minutes. He Literally Zach is like a lobster hitting like what kind of Nergal Said this March of two thousand, twenty March fourth like right before we went into quarantine. That's when you said that Oh my God that's true i. do she's going to be really smart and she's not going to experience the difficulties that I did in school she's going to be. I. Think. She's going to be really smart. Maybe a little bit more on the Nerdy side I think Nerdy I. Love Nerdy was Jordan and Mensa, how shit going to be smart like Jordan genius a what's your ideal? Really High Yes. In that in the MENSA club. But can't solve a problem. So the absolute additional streets now and book smart who have the best of Our Greg Combo. Thank you. Into the next question. So Jordan, this is on you. You have to figure out which one of these rich kids rich kids of Beverly Hills quotes Morgan said. Are you. A. Did she say this? I would definitely date an older man, but he's got to be together like really together. Be Your nails. Done can never have chip nails. It looks like you have dirty underwear online. See for every Selfie or photo of yourself. You have to throw in a few landscape photos to make yourself seem interesting thought I. Mean frighteningly none of them are so far fetched but. The. Amount of she gives me for my nails it's to be the nails. Oh my gosh. Yes. She make sure I know. Yeah. Every week after I go. To short I'm like tear own. He's like you say, don't hurt they're not. There you go. Army Brat. All right. Of It, that was impressive Jordan. Picked the last one had I not known the answers I was it was it was supposed choice. I'm just still traumatized. Morgan which one of these song titles is not one of Jordan's songs is that a practice in the mirror be favorite flavor or see too bad which one is not one of Jordan San's because you obviously love two of them but what's the one you've never heard? Tells absorbed. I. See. Yeah Sank. Oh Labor. Doesn't. Sound, good. Yes. The freaking cutest. I can't even make it so. At least. Seven. Joke about it you know each other a little too well unfortunately. So this is the final question and think about it. This is were both of you which one of us Nina or I would you trust more babysitting your precious little girl? I mean. On on. Media Not even one hundred percent it's not. Hard to hear because it sounded like. Yeah. No. Sorry. You can like maybe park on the street and just wait for an update. The I wouldn't leave you alone with her if we walked out of the room are you kidding maybe when she's ten actually maybe but Let Me Tell You Know. This is what I'm gonNA. Do I'm GonNa immediately I'm going to try and get a girl pregnant right now just so are. Heat to see who is better raise even got to do it on my own we're going. Down I'm calling the show. Now they know that I'm a protect that baby the baby is going to be cute. The baby's edges will be done like. Thank you. Mike. You did good. Good job high five pancakes, right can you? Just. So we get it. Kim Big. Space it. You. You, well, his. Back. Next hundreds tortured. Kiss. Another week another chance to torture hunter and we love it you know the deals. To our instagram stories after the show and vote on which of these health packs, you want him to try love won't. Them and say that you want Nina and Morgan to do it. No, no, no no you fall you this. You are the star of the show are Angel Okay get excited. Who is ready for a brand new? courthouses Nina. Okay. Keeping with teeth whitening can get a little costly but this youtubers affordable solution is bananas. One appeal banana you're going to cut it into a slice is going to be comfortable out for your mouth. You're going to run on your T. two minutes on the top and tuna somebody. Timer. So. Once you're done doing all you just you as you go brush your teeth like you normally would. I hate the way my teeth feel after eating a banana don't you like Manana or spinach don't your teeth feel weird. Spinach like this yes. Spinach your teeth feel like a little weird afterwards. No is that just means that the potassium I don't know maybe. Feels weird like you need to brush afterwards. So this to me seems like a small form of torture yeah. I think this is enough torture hundred but I will say unfortunately, I've had to break up with bananas because I did have one last week and one that came back up not fun. This is. Just, not even wellness or. Go get white strips literally. Science that figured album ready. It's not your choice moving on. If you WANNA get your face hold back. Yes. I do but you were worried about going under the knife I'm not. This might be the next best thing mark trainer created a product called facelift tape. ooh Tina tries it gave it a shot on YouTube. So you would take this on the air that you want lifted I'm GonNa like try to lift my eyebrow it's gonNA appeal the tape and place it down here. Then when I put, it gets lifted. This is Hurley. Give me like supermodel cheap foreign. That one I will do for you if you don't want to give me all the lifting and shadow and she. With the lift I'm not GonNa lie you know. Right there did did look good but I would love I can't stress this enough. I would love to see this get lost all on hunter's face and in his hair. My God. Also just face pulled back. I can't wait. What are the odds pick the banana at this point? I'll tell you right now zero percent chance. And season they're not even season. We will find a banana faceless tape though apparently it's ripe right now I mean these are. Flying off the produce shelves I have a feeling. Our audience likes to see me put tape on so that I can rip it off. We can't do it without talking about hair masks peanut butter is great jelly, but supposedly, it works wonders on your to. So the team at refinery twenty nine decided to give it a try. Peanut butter is actually really good for your hair because it's super high in protein. Oh Oh it feels weird kind of Nice. It's like your. Conditioner we just watched all that butter Oliver Hair. Tokens for ever try got through it and started to comment and starting to feel Super Silky soft knocking ally but I did have to like throw out a giant of my hair. Research. I think that's I think. Yeah. I. Can't wait to see what people choose. It's going to be very interesting needed and I will be voting right after we and they show which is right now can't live. Yet of that's even better we are out of time. Not, forget to go to our instagram stories at e nightly pop and vote for which wellness challenge you want hundred to do doing forget. Now we'll see about eleven thirty and don't forget to set your dvr is by.

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