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NPR News: 03-18-2020 10AM ET


Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman. Stocks opened sharply lower this morning as investors respond to the economic fallout from the corona virus. Npr's Scott horsely reports. The Dow Jones dropped more than twelve hundred points at the open both now and the broader s and p five hundred index fell more than five percent in the first few minutes of trading reversing most of the gains. They made on Tuesday aggressive efforts to limit. The spread of the corona virus are playing havoc with large chunks the US economy widespread layoffs are beginning to take effect and new claims for unemployment insurance temporarily crash computer systems in several states. The trump administration's asking congress to quickly approve a trillion dollar stimulus bill in hopes of filling at least part of the economical with direct payments to virtually all Americans. Meanwhile the Federal Reserve is using emergency tools last tap during the financial crisis in an effort to keep credit flow into struggling businesses Scott horsely. Npr News Washington separately. The trump administration is asking Congress for an additional forty five point eight billion dollars in funding. This would include resources for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention so we can continue to respond to the pandemic vice president. Pence is again reminding Americans that the trump administration is advising strict social distancing for fifteen days. They've suggested that Americans avoid groups of ten people or more pence spoke to NPR's morning edition. I don't want your listeners. To be confused at all the fifteen days is about measures we believe can impact the growth and expansion of the virus in the United States but we fully expect that we will be dealing with the corona virus in the United States for months. President trump says he'll hold a news conference today to discuss news about the virus primarily results from three states on Tuesday have widened former vice president. Joe Biden's lead over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary. Npr's Scott detro- says now sanders is assessing what comes next for his campaign. Sanders won or tied three of the I four president contests but ever since Biden's big win. In South Carolina Biden has run the table amassing a large delegate lead and holding more than half of all the delegates awarded the morning after a string of three more losses sanders campaign manager. Fast Shakir released a statement saying sanders is now having conversations with supporters to assess his campaign shaquir indicator decision to drop out or stay in. May Not come right away pointing out the next primary contests or at least three weeks away. In the meantime secure says Sanders will be concentrating his efforts on the corona virus crisis not the campaign on Tuesday sanders called for a wide range of actions including pain. Every American two thousand dollars a month until the pandemic passes Scott detro-. Npr News Washington on Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrials are down. Nine hundred fifty five points for about four and a half percent. The Nasdaq is down. Two hundred twenty five points or more than three percent you're listening to. Npr officials. In Austin Texas have shut down all bars for six weeks because of the pandemic. Npr's John Burnett reports after south by South West canceled. Its annual music conference. Some enterprising artists are finding a way to keep the music playing the Skylark Lounge shutdown last night along with many of Austin's famous music than us to help out. Her Musicians Co owner. Mary Lou Tooth is broadcasting nightly performances online and the musicians still get paid. Artists are performing either in the club at that is empty or on their front porch living room and through facebook live anyone listening can make a digital donation directly to the musicians through then. Ma or other digital sources last night soul singer. Brian Scotty took the stage of the deserted. Skylar in play to an online audience of five thousand plus. They filled his digital tip jar to help. Keep live music alive. Live John Burnett. Npr News Austin Musher from Norway. Thomas Werner has won this years. I did Rod sled dog race in Alaska. The trail is a thousand miles long. The I did ride continues to draw heavy criticism from animal rights activists. The people for the ethical treatment of animals issued a blistering statement calling for the quote despicable race to end pita executive Vice President Tracy Raymond. Alleges one hundred. Eighty dogs have been pulled from this year's race for ailments. Some of them life threatening. I'm Korva Coleman. Npr News in Washington.

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