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snowing salmon the World Phelps. Did we listen to the radio listener? Radio radio all right. That's a hint there. Colefax of what's to come later on Friday. We do our our movie review each and every Friday. We're doing something new during this interesting time and everything so we have that coming up a little bit later on. We haven't done a comedy yet. This is our first right. We white man catch up wasn't really a comedy is funny parts in it but this is our first full on combat it is stepping into some new territory. Here it is. It's it's interesting how you. How do you grade comedy compared to epic movies or big box office hits and stuff? I mean obviously dumb. And dumber was box office. Hit but it's different different Different classification tour toward it. So we we give everything a rating like a draft pick type of deal and we'll see what we do. Is that a first rounder. Middle Round or undrafted curious curious to To see it at this hour to talk about it a little bit later. I'm guessing everybody that listens to this show. I will be so shocked if we have a whole text us and say I've never seen dumb and dumber. Everybody seemed dumb and dumber right. I can't imagine anybody not seeing that movie unless you're like one of those mulch comedy only drill. Mus. I don't know who that was three. Yeah unlike Stewart drums rooms. Oh man we were. We were off. Yesterday we played back a few discussions and interviews. I was hosting the UNC bears basketball round ball virtual happy hour. It was actually really good time. Got a chance to Talk Jordan Davis Jona. Radha Bodey Hume. First Time that I've ever had like back to back to back three interviews road just like that. It was a lot of fun coach. Steve Smiley put this together to talk to boosters basically about the state of things with basketball getting a chance to learn more about this program. It was exciting. It was very cool so I was honored to be a part of it and Jordan Davis next step for him. What he's looking to do. I mean they're all kind of a wait and see type mode too where they to see. What's what's going to happen next. Joan boss waiting you know. He signed on with a great agency. He's waiting to see what you know what that looks like for him where he's going to go and of course. Boda whom just getting set for another season with the UNC bears. I event is text. Line three one nine nine six three one nine nine six okay Colefax. Everybody's doing the sports thing and I ve been talking about it a lot. You know I know. In one of our sports reports. Recently it was doing a report on a nathlie playing a video game against someone. It's the World War and don't get me wrong. I Love Video Games. I do I absolutely do. I Love Sports Video Games but we got to thinking about this man. It's crazy. There's not enough to dig up a gas but our power to play sports poll question of the day. What is your favorite sports video game of all time now obviously and I love it. Hogan's never disappoint me on this. I put a list together so I hate poll questions that have a list but you can't escape it. It can't always be yes or no poll questions Colfax so when I put a list together. It's never enough. I always that that wine in your family Manina. It's called other. Are you big Sports Video Game Guy? Now they're the best because they're they're intents but they're also not like nerve wracking. I mean you can be a little nervous online. Makes it because you're playing real people now? That's a little. That's a lot different when I grew up But like I like to play assassin's creed and those kind of video games Colfax but that's intense. It's like the whole time. It's intense especially now like these new games. I'll play like once a week or so. And they're like as you're playing the game bounty hunters or coming after you all the time. So it's like you're constantly on the edge of your seat by wife. GonNa play a game tonight. It's really relaxing. I can work while you play that. I like the music in the background. I'm like I don't think so is my heart gets going and I'm like it's too much I just WanNa play Madden Madden is. It's that game will get your Colfax. That game will get you favorite sports video game of all time. This is coming from a guy. I've played madden my whole life. I don't know that I didn't start buying it every year until I was in College. Probably had a lot. More time wasn't playing sports and College. I was I was going to college. But you're not very hours a day. So yeah I I started getting way more into that but now I mean it's so relevant. Remember the debate. We were having a year ago. Colfax about sports about being able to let her in any sports are boy mark. Knutson just hates the idea of that. Now it's like that's the thing I was on another webinar yesterday. Colfax and I think this is going to be a sponsor. -able item down the road. You Know Fan away connects fans fans connect enter for a chance to play Madden withdrew. Lock played on the big screen at power field. I can never remember what the actual name of the stadium is the name. Oh empower power empower their. Wouldn't that be sweet tours light presents madden one on one with drew? Lock in then you play it on the thing. How sweet with happy. I'm all in that's cool. That's a fun thing. I think they'd sport. Yeah I mean well we. We're talking about Kyle Larson the NASCAR guy that said the no word and was let go by all the sponsors. But what happened there? He's playing online. Everybody's playing online Ronda. Rousey is doing it. She's playing like the the The medieval fighting games the assassin's creed type stuff like I've been fought. She's basically giving fans chances to connect. And then they're on the on their microphones and everything and talking going through that. So what's your favorite sports video game thirty four percent. I agree with thirty four percent mad. I mean every time you fire up mad and you hear this four best thing ever coal. You're missing out. You got to give it a try. You gotta gotTa try Yo. Yeah do you even have? What do you have a console? The xbox three sixty the xbox one you do okay. Do you have a one so I? I have last year's mad and I have this year but I'm not gonNA learn you that man I will loan. I will loan you last year. Cova. I'll give it to you. Don't really have the game really. I've never gonNA go back and play an older man. What's the deal with having a new one? Every year they update the rosters. Okay usually make a tweak or two but for the most part like from one year to the next. It's hard to tell but if you were to like look at a five year span. You could probably see the difference when I was getting that. Ea Sports Clip. It was actually a clip of every. Ea Sports Intro. From like nineteen ninety-five and it's kind of funny to watch the transition. I I remember playing in like two thousand and one and the madden players were slow. It was fun I loved it but they were slow like they were all pretty slow and then. Nfl Two K. Came out and there faster than hell in that game took off like everybody loved that game. I was all about. Nfl Blitz two thousand on the end. Sixty four I remember. Nfl what was the other crazy when they had it was like NFL. Extreme or so it was like five on five. You can hit him after the play. You can knock their helmets off. I mean it was like I was crazy. Video game like to arresting flip. Yes landed on the head. That was that was approved by the. Nfl had their signs all over it. That was when we were like hell. Now it's like no don't hit him in the head with your helmet. That's a No. How are the refs on these? New Madame Games are they. Are they as annoying as they are in Henry Life? You know when you play online. They hardly ever call penalties. So you could almost tackle a wide receiver. I I like playing online. But that's another thing man it gets. It gets my heart pumping because you know you're playing a real person intense and they message sometimes and talk trash. So Yeah Somebody I. I played the other day. My kid just went down for a nap. I didn't know what to do was like I'm going to fire up the Xbox I'm gonNA play online. I fired up. I go to online play to play somebody randomly me up and I lost like twenty one to ten or something like that dude messages me. I don't even know who you are and says dude garbage. What the Hell is that assist? I like what is that about is absolutely crazy and I don't know I'm not going to reply. I don't know who you are. Plus it takes me eight days to reply. 'cause you're like scroll over a that's only one thing that's on Kenny. Is there not a faster way to do that? I don't understand why there's not a keyboard. God I can't do it voice. I just terrible with can't do either like I'll have people message me on there like that. I know what you have my cell phone text messaging me on the xbox saying. Hey WE'LL GAME. Are you playing right now? It's going to take me an hour to text. That too humid playing and I can't do it so just call me or something but it's it's it's nuts so you did play a little bit of sport. You played a few sports games. Yeah I played. Nfl let's but my biggest video games sports wise where like skateboarding like Tony Hawk underground. Tony Hawk Pro Skater. The only game even close. I've played some of those dirt. Dirt bike games stunts. Like those are pretty cool do like they redid one of those from the. What was the old one? That was like an eighty and the arcade. Oh you just had to jump made crazy jobs. And they racist ever. They did one for like the sixty four right and bike. Yeah that's exactly what it was and you could do all these fun. One of you could play soccer with a giant soccer ball and you're a dirt bike and you have to. That was pretty fun. That's fun yeah. I had a good time with that new Game Rocket Rocket League. And you told me about the thing I probably just like you're an RC. Car driving around this huge soccer field. And sometimes your car can fly. And it's actually quite entertaining. I'd be pretty fun. Yeah it'd be into that xbox One yes I have to check that out that'd be don't feed is one now only three percent of of the Hooligans are saying FIFA but that game actually I I. I've I've never owned soccer game ever but I've had friends that have had them and every time I've played them. They're really really fun. Because it's just a wide open field running around that ball hockey's pretty fun on video games to see that. Yeah Hockey's a good time. I just put Nhl because last game that came out was just NHL. Twenty twenty nine percent of whole saying that MLB. The show is second eighteen percent. I've heard I've heard great things. I've never been much into playing baseball video game. I mean I remember like in the Super Nintendo Super Nintendo. You hit the ball. Then you'd have to like tap aid to get to first base and you're tapping and you see it a little dot go up around the screen. It's like I don't know how it is that that's the last time I played but I do play Madden pretty regularly like I get into that. I think that's a that's been what. Nba Two K. Is Great but if you have to have time you have a lot of time because to become halfway good at that game you have to invest a lot of time and playing because there's so many different moves you have to learn lot. I couldn't do I if I'm going to play a video game. I'm looking at maybe an hour a week or two or something just depending and I need to be able to turn it on and just Kinda go and then be done with it much more than that. It takes me a little bit more time and I have to make it like an event. Okay three hours tonight. Locking in son's going to bed my wife decided she's doing her own thing. Okay cool I'm play in this video game and then that's it. You're like after that. I'm never doing that again. I'm so nervous and I can't sleep with you. I'm so far past. The point of looking at video. Games is like a relaxing thing to. It's not anymore. It used to be like stimulates every you have like. It's don't what it is like the older. You are becoming just better or is it. The older we get your. You have so much other stuff going on that video game is like I can't. I can't deal with this seriously. The assassin's creed game it's Odyssey. So Yeah Odyssey. So you're like a Roman Kinda guy you're running around doing stuff and then you just hear a horn blow in your house that and there's a there's a dude coming on a horse chasing you randomly and you're like what do I running around St. Helens treasure and stuff and the next thing. I know I'm running for my life. This is not relaxing to me now. I have done and then you get on a boat and you're happy you're on a boat and stuff because you don't have to do anything like they're singing share signature. Yes so relax and then suddenly you see like eight ships coming your way and it's like under attack sir. What we do. I'm like I don't know I was wanting to like nice little boat ride here. It's going to do some fishing. Maybe but no here we go. Yeah Video Games but again playing online against people like the Sports Games are fun either. I'm running the ball. I have like a Barry Sanders player. Like you could randomly get all these great players on some version of the game and Barry Sanders. I RUN UP THE MIDDLE. I get hit like Bam takes. His head off. Ball falls out a cool cow. These guys will get I do it again. Same the next time I get the ball. Fumble it again. The complain fourteen year olds or something because they don't have anything better to do than to just upgrade they're mad and players like crazy yeah so it's It's overwhelming to me. I literally can't play this game because every time I snap it. Fumbled just drop it. So that's the tough part about playing online. Is there so it yeah like? I think our demographic grew up playing video games. We'll probably GONNA play video games forever. You know like I would imagine when I'm ninety. I'm playing if I make it that. I'm playing a video game. I could see that I could definitely do that. But that's what I'll start to get good again when I'm like you're tired. I started to become awesome video games. Stay back by then. Nobody's GONNA play video games anymore. Nobody wants to sit on the couch and play. Madden with me. Control her GRANDPA. What the control. Well people give me crap you like to play with the. We like to play the wee man. I'm like why because you get exercise. You Get up and you're doing things I'm like. No I actually can go outside and exercise when I play video games like to sit on the couch with a beer in my hand and then lose. I don't WanNa get up and bowl. I can go to a bowling alley. I can't play. Nfl football so I play Madden but bowling. You know Doing Jumping Jacks. I could do that without playing. I don't but I could video game to tell me that the point madden getting most of the votes here rightfully so so the double a football game. The last one they made was two thousand fourteen and that was because of all the lawsuits right. They couldn't do it. They were making bank. They didn't put names on the back of jerseys but we all knew who they were so yeah. They've they've they changed. It may madden's dominating this thing how about this though. Guess what so it'll be the show third place. Pga Tour Two K. Eleven point six percent of golfing relaxing and fun. When you get out like over eating country club but I can't imagine playing it on a video game. Maybe snowing outside and you really itching to go golfing. Yeah maybe maybe that's probably relaxing. You just press a new idea how it works their pro. So that always goes where you wanted to get. That's true now. What I'd I have played Old Golf Games before and like I liked it when it in the sand and stuff. That was cool because it was so realistic at that time. It's like oh we that the sand like splashes that's how good I was at that game twenty two minutes after the hour. There's a lot of video game talk. We thought we have some fun with this one because East sports like it or not. That's a big one too big thing going on right now. I got some big stories though. We're starting to see the cracks in this idea that major league baseball and the players all sing coon by just for the benefit of the fans. Let's talk about what Blake Snell. The Ace for the rays had to say about about a salary reduction. We'll talk about that also. Snip snap just like that the NFL says reviewing pass interference and and really work. And do it. Wow that was fast. Could've told you that last year when I went off on a Colefax. We'll be right back. It's the whole show powered by energy. We're here with you. Keep IT ON K. K. For the latest on Kobe. Nineteen the effect on the sports scene in more thirteen ten. Kfi K. and thirteen ten K. K. dot com get. Your Day started right with up-to-date news weather and sports mornings with Gail six. Am to nine. Am Weekdays on Thirteen Ten KFI K? Hey It's Andrew Bogusch from CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. Kfi A twenty eight minutes after the hour. Welcome back to the whole show powered by energy dumb and dumber. That's that's what we're review so people who have preferred us for referred to us as dumb and dumber. I'm sure who said that. I'm just guessing at some problem. Yeah probably at some point. Colfax We're going to be reviewing that our first full on comedy review we give it a draft rating. That's how we do it here. First Round means one of the best movies you've ever seen middle round okay. Not Bad needs some work undrafted. Stay very very far away from that. So we'll talk about it coming up a little bit later into the second hour doing a think a great sponsor of the program and that's Alliance irrigation there to work on your sprinkler. No matter what color the boxes they'll insure you're ready for farming season. And even make that new sprinkler a reality if and when the time is right Camaro or destiny Gomez incursion nine seven three five three sixteen twenty one first advantage text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six now. This is going to be the next hurdle to get over. I mean you're talking about everything going on with covert nineteen and how we're going to get Get these players together and such. Are they going to be away from their families for more than a month? And that's that's another discussion raise ace. Blake SNELL SAYS. He refuses to play for a reduced. Mlb salary he said it's just not worth it. He went on to talk about. Obviously the fifty fifty revenue split proposal with the players for a corona virus shortened season in a video posted on social media Wednesday. He said he got to understand for me to go for me. To take a pay cut is not happening because the risk is through the roof. It's shorter season less pay. No I gotta get my money. I'm not playing unless I get mine. Okay and that's just the way it is for me like I'm sorry. You guys think differently but the risk is way the hell higher and the amount of money. I'm making is way lower. Why would I think about doing that? This is interesting because I'm usually not one to get picky if you don't want I'm not gonNa tell you how to spend your money. I'm not going to tell you that you should work for less money. I mean if you have the opportunity to make money do it but I mean the only thing I go to Colfax these are. These are interesting times. So are you not willing to work with the situation? Now if you're flat out worried about which there are many I guess it depends on who you ask. There's some people that are like I'm not going outside and if I do. I'm wearing masks. Stay away then. There's the other group that's kind of like I'm just GonNa keep going on my life and doing doing what I can. It is a tough tough discussion to have. I was listening to Clayton Kershaw on the Dan. Patrick show this morning and he says No. I'm ready to go and he's like I don't fault players if they feel unsafe but we all kind of knew this going in. We all agreed on it going in that we would have to take a re. We would be playing games and for that. We're going to get paid less so basically it's Snell if you give his full contract that's where I do disagree. You can't get a full contract. You're playing last games. You're playing half the games that you normally would play so if you come if you start if you're working eight hour day and you start working four hours a day. You'RE GONNA lose. You should probably lose money depending on what you do for a living. That's just how it works now. Here's was an interesting one colfax again. That's his choice. That's what's great about this country right. You have a choice if you think. It's not worth the risk stay home. What if Major League baseball have they have all their official? Say Yup safe to go. We're good to go. You have health officials national health officials say. Yeah we're going to have proper testing. Everything's good to go so it's safe. We're going to do this and if somebody gets it. Will you know then what happens is snell obligated and if he doesn't deserve penalty on his contract because wouldn't it be like anything else in this world? A player refuses to play an honor that in the contract. It says somewhere the lines. You GotTa play unless you get hurt or you have a really good excuse now if health officials and MLB all say yes. This is approved. You can do it. We have great testing. Everything's taken care of again. I still think in the time that we're in at least for this year. You're not going to hold it against a player because you're probably going to get into some trouble but it is interesting. You Know He. He's basically saying. Hey no I'm I'm GONNA get mine. I'm going for mine. That's what I'm risking. My life is what Snell said. What do you mean I should not be? It should not be a thing. It should be one hundred percent thing if I'm GONNA play. I should be getting the money I signed to be getting paid. Well see that's again. I have a problem with that Colfax because Major League Baseball. They always signed up to play one hundred sixty two games. They're not allowed to do that so now they're playing. The proposal is to play less than that so for Snell to personnel to say. Listen I don't WANNA play if can't go a full season. That's just the way too. But he's basically saying no. I need to be paid exactly what I was told. I'm being paid for twenty twenty even though there's half the games that I'm going to be paid for that you're not understanding the situation at hand everybody's being affected by this. So that's like a random again. I hate to make comparisons but in this situation. It kinda works a random worker that decides. I'M NOT GONNA go to work for this month because I'm scared to get corona virus will then and then you turn around and expect to be paid your full salary. That's ridiculous and in this case it works. You should not be getting a hundred percent of what you were promised because you're not delivering one hundred percent of what you promised and it's out of your control. It's not like baseball said we. You know we could play but we're we decided it's a personal choice. We're not going to you. Could you can't win the NBA. Shut down it was a personal choice and then it became you pretty much. Have to at this point so I have A. I have a problem with this. This is a selfish. Maybe yeah probably but it's also a misunder. You're you're misunderstanding. The situation at hand you're wanting to be paid one hundred and get you know you're you're putting yourself out there. You're going to play baseball. And and all that but man. You're that does sound selfish because you have. How many health workers how many how many people out there that are on. The frontlines. Really don't have a choice. That's their job. They have to do this so it is kind of frustrating. It's a bit frustrating and again I am very much. Do what you gotta do. If you think it's unsafe stay home but don't give me the I I'm not playing unless I'm getting a hundred percent of what I owed no. No you're playing half the games because it is. It's a national situation at hand. It's not a major league baseball thing. It's not a sports thing. It's a national crisis. Restaurants are losing employees and then in almost you know threatening to go out of business and so I do have a big issue with this. Phillies Star. Bryce Harper said on on twitch. He ain't lying. He's right Harper said. He's Hey he speaking the truth. Bro. I ain't mad at him. Somebody's gotTa say it at least he manned up and said good for him. I Love Snowman Guy. He's a beast to one of the best left in the game. Players are typically not going to go after each other in a situation like this. If you cheat yes they're gonNA go after you but this one's this one's interesting Snell. Later went on and text the Tampa Bay Times instead. I mean honestly. It's just scary my life to get covert nineteen as well as not knowing spreading it to others. I just want everyone to be healthy and get back to our normal lives because I know I miss my now if he would have just said that and that would have been the whole rhetoric of. I'm royd worried about getting the virus. Okay I I'm not GonNa Fault you for that you know I. I'M NOT GONNA be mad at you. There's a there's a group of people that are willing to go out and work and act like nothing happened. I'm not GonNa Fault you for that. You know I'm I'm asking you don't sneeze and go up and hug people right Then there's another group that's like I don't want to go outside all right. That's your prerogative but just understand if you work for me. You're not going to get paid the same amount if you're not working. That's kind of where I draw that line. You can do whatever you want. In this case you can stay home all day and watch. Everybody loves Raymond episodes until your Heart's content. But don't expect to be paid and that's my biggest problem with Snell in this situation is he's not just saying he scared to risk his life. He's saying I need to be paid one hundred percent in order to do it. You're not going to. It's just not gonNA happen. Finally he says I'm just saying it doesn't make sense for me to lose all that money and then go play and then be on lockdown. Not Around my family now again. I get that if you're if you're reason is I am fearful of the virus. I'm fearful of getting it and bringing it to my family. I'm also fearful of not being around my family now. If you're asked to be away from your family for a month I get that too and I also get you saying if you're asking me to be away from my family for a month I WANNA be. I WANNA be one hundred percent. I understand that reasoning would've worked for me but just the mere idea that I'll play but I need one hundred a guy again. Even the risk of being away from your family. That's that sucks. I hate that I would hate to be away from my family. I hate to be way from for more than eight hours tough when I get home. I'm ready to see everybody so I can imagine it but I can't fairly say. Hey you know what I want to be around my family so I need one hundred percent if you don't WanNa play don't play that your choice but don't don't act like the MLB owes you something. Don't act like they owe you one hundred percent because we're not this is not this is the real world now. This is something new that we're in. I'm not going to do is the new normal. This is the current situation that we're in is. You're going to play half of a baseball season. That's what it is if that. So why would I pay you one hundred percent again? It's like a worker coming to you saying you know what I'm scared the virus I'm GonNa put in twenty hours forty instead of forty but I still want to be paid the same amount. No no you're going to be paid half of that unless you can prove that you're doing forty hours of work and you can't do that with this situation so again I i. There could be players that do this decide to do this. I understand it but don't expect don't act as if the League owes you one hundred percent because of a worldwide crisis that has taken hold of everyone thirty nine minutes after the hour. Let's jump out of here and get the latest on the local sports flash thirteen ten. Kfi Am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage Lou foul former Colorado Buffaloes quarterback and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten ks ks power to play for full question. What's your favorite sports video? Game of all time got a crazy I mean I guess I figured it. Madden is is leading this bad boy by quite a bit. Everything else is is distant second or third thirty two percent of the Hogan's are saying madden whereas seventeen percent. That's next in line saying in. Lv The show. I event text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six when I think on the rocks liquor for providing our game beer of the week just like every week this one's from funk quirks brewing for Collins Raspberry Sour Ale pickup selections from funk works or any other of your favorite at all beverages and use the drive through their open until midnight at on the rocks liquor. Portland Sutton was you know. He's been in a lot of different interviews recently but he has been very excited very outspoken. About how excited he is and how great he thinks offense can really be was on a conference. Call yesterday via Josh. Alpert at Profootballtalk coralline Sutton said the wide receiver. Room is going to be exciting. He knows the influx of talent. That second year quarterback drew lock will have at his disposal. He also went on to talk about what drew lock. Means already to this program to this team saying you know we we really believe our offense can take it to the next level and be in the days of seventeen points per game are going to be long gone by the time we start up. Listen I'm as excited as the next guy you know I I guess I'm I'm cautiously optimistic. I I think that's fair to say I've been very vocal about you. Know my my issues with this team. Not really going to too deep into the defensive side of things this off season But they definitely went into the offense but this is tough. I mean I I was the guy who said. Hey it's time to say drew lock guy for better or worse that does not mean. He can't lose his job next year. But I think you have to commit at some point. I would have said the same thing about Trevor Simian three years ago. You know this whole competition. This whole decision thing it wears out it wears people out whereas the teams out whereas the fan base out. So go all in sedro locks your guy and I want Portland Sutton to be excited. I want him to say those things but it got me thinking again. This is based on five seasons five five seasons. If it was based on five seasons would be okay. Five Games five games for drew lock. Who informed one? I love the sample size that we saw. You know I was excited about that. That was great but it is again. I said this. The pressure on drew lock is is huge. You look at what they did. Last year in their final five games they played. They played the chargers. Houston Kansas City. Detroit Oakland they lost to Kansas City. Badly twenty three to three on a very snowy snowy day they of the first game. The first game that drew lock started was against the chargers. They win twenty three to twenty. The chargers were rough. They weren't great the next game. Which was that was the crazy one. Right THEY BEAT. Houston they were whooping up on Houston to Houston and on the road. And I think that's the game. The six out to a lot of people then get smoked by Kansas City. Kind of get a reality check. You'LL UP ON DETROIT. Who Struggle and you beat Oakland by a point so I know we've had counters to drew lock being the guy and I would just say hey get get around this guy be excited sure but I don't think that you should start thinking this is the second coming of elway slash peyton manning that that is the tough part easy ever going to be a Patrick Mahomes type guy. I'm going to wage your hell. No can he turn around and be a pretty formidable quarterback for the Broncos for the next five ten years. I think I'm going to say I'm leaning towards yes. But they're broncos countryman. I mean you guys are all in on this like there is no going back and my only fear is week seven. If you're struggling which I don't think you're going to. I think the schedule lends itself to you. I really do does that. Mean drew is going to have an MVP type season. No but I think that you're going to be better than more than seventy percent of your opponents. I truly believe that. The broncos get up into that top you know obviously the top fifteen top sixteen as far as the team goes but that elite that makes you know not at all you have still quite a ways to and I think that will be on the defensive side in order to take that next step but I like I like Coralline Sutton. I like players. Being excited about drew lock again. I just said I've said this since day. One you're not gonNA baby this offense along with drew lock. You're not going to give him some opportunity to kind of grow within the offense. No you gave him a jet rather than the old beat up eighty nine Ford pickup. So you're saying you better operate this and if you can't figure this out this two three tight end said maybe three four wide receiver set. Maybe two running backs in the backfield with Lindsay and Gordon. If you can't figure out all these different schemes and all these different looks than your time in. Denver will be very very short and I think that's a lot to put on very young quarterback early on so all I can say is I hope Sutton's ready to have an all pro year. I hope Gordon's ready to be a fifteen hundred yard. Rusher or him and Lindsey between the two of them are close to that. I hope your defense can step up to be great. Even though you didn't necessarily upgrade this offseason there's a lot of players that you'RE GONNA ask Bradley Chubb. You were out a good majority. You're going to ask him to be special next season. And those you're going to need three or four special players here in three or four guys to be top players in the League in order for this team to achieve what they do it to achieve enough greatness for us to say yeah. Drew Lock survives another year. Ten till the top of the hour. We'll we'll come back. Wrap up our number one got a couple of interesting stories that will get to and then. I WanNa talk about the NFL already. Nixing this review of a pass interference hilarious to me. They have dumb and dumber review coming up. I want your review of this. What were you drafted it so much? More coming up on the whole show powered by energy. We'll be right back. You're listening to the hall's show powered by PD energy and thirteen ten KFI K. A. Brady will be back after the break the best. Unc Bears Game Coverage Lives on thirteen ten K. Can Hi this is Terry. Frieden author journalist screenwriter. And you're listening to Brady Hall on the whole show thirteen. Welcome back to the show. The whole show powered by PD energy. Glad you could be with us here today. On this Friday do want to thank a great spots of the program. Sierra four by four at Sierra format for truck outfitters offer top quality parts and accessories steps and running boards toolboxes fuel tanks lift kits leveling kits chrome trim lighting products. Whatever you need and maybe whatever you want you know maybe you just want to. You WanNa you WANNA make this vehicle. Look a little bit more like you do the things that you're more about to their therefore you whether you need it you want it or you just flat out have to have it that. Crp four by four. Their website is CR four by four DOT COM quickly. Here James Harrison says Mike. Tomlin gave him an envelope after his hit on Mohammed Massquoi. I can never get his name. He nailed it man. I mean this was a hit back in two thousand eleven and he basically said. Yeah after that hit I knew I was going to get the most seventy five thousand. It went down to fifty thousand but after that hit Harrison James Harrison said this quote the thing Mike Tomlin ever did. He handed me envelope that I'm not going to say what but he had me an envelope. After that it was a hell of a hit. Tomlin give them some money. Say Hey I know you're gonNA find on this one's on me. That was a huge hit. I don't have a problem with it. We'll be right back.

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