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Atalay themes. The potty that defines a city. Welcome to Adelaide fringe podcast where we take you behind the curtain of the largest arts vista in the southern hemisphere to help you navigate your best friend experience fringe brings together. A huge range of towns at artists to highlight what's Hoti tweak at late from the United States weekly woodwinds and today's so we sit down with four of this week sensational. Winning axe for more great shows you can access a complete list of our award winners by the Lincoln show nights to book, your friends tickets head to the Adelaide fringe website at live fringe concerts recorded on the traditional lands of the Ghana people with big thanks to Adelaide fringe principal partner. Bank say. The wake full winners of the bankers Cy bist circus and physical theatre award was shared by you and on and casting off. And here's Deborah Sharon and Spencer to talk about their award winning showers high wit costing off and we are on in the Yukio at gluttony from six PM every night until Sunday the seventeenth fantastic. Well, congratulations. You are winner. These wig for the bist sick act. How does that feel where delighted it's great? Yes. Fabulous full news, and you are a multi generational act. Is that right? Have we got three generations here? Yes. We have. But we're not related, but we kind of come from three different life stage is so to speak so get with thirty forty two and all my sixty fantastic. So tell us about that in the description of you'll shar it's United generations of gutsy women talking and tumbling and flying tell. Us a little bit about why you think that multigenerational aspect is a really important element of your show. I think that in sick as we often think of circus as being a youthful foam, and it certainly is dominated by the younger person. But we wanted to sort of take Circassian to a new realm where where reaching different audiences by the fact that we are different ages. And we also really wanted to sort of talk about how different ages can talk to each other and do talk to each other. And we can share knowledge across the generations. We actually made the show initially for the sod salt. Experimental circus festival in Melbourne. And then we decided to go straight to Edinburgh with the show while we were there, we won the title Fisher award for circus. But I we actually felt most allotted by the conversation that was around the show because it was really understanding what we were doing with the show. Oh, fantastic. Will could you expand? A little bit about that. Then how are you extending the art form women will making the show initially when we were looking at how to experiment with the foam of circus. We decided to remove all soundtrack or music from the show, and we've created a soundscape without voices at acoustically across the whole show. So rather than a show that's driven by the music. It's driven by out on voices and say, I'm will it was also women making it was very much the time of the maitre movement and women's voices were were something would resonating it was hearing women speak about their experiences. And so that was that was kind of coming into our conversation when making and the third thing that was also coming into our conversation was the fact that we talked too much and pulled out a quote from Jack hawk toe, which is whatever they crucify you. For intensify. It so we decided to just intensify talking while we were working on the show. So it was a kind of a coming together all of these different elements. Well, I can certainly relate. I love talking on storytelling and conversation. But I also really love that fact that you have gone. Well, it's it's circuits because I think circus in itself is often considered very entertaining. But probably lot hotted, but you've gone. Okay. Well, there's the me too movement, which is definitely not lot hearted. And you've incorporated those sort of elements in conversations into your act. And so, you know, in how does that synergy work the thing that I find engaging about it is that what it does is it connects the voice as another pot of bodies. So when you're watching us do the acrobat IX and moving around on the stage, out breath and our voices. Become just another layer of physical movement, essentially often people have said they haven't even noticed that. There isn't any soundtrack actually, and what has your experience pain here at Adelaide fringe how. Do you know you being received by audiences and what's the experience Bain we've received several standing ovations at the end of the show which have been quite spontaneous. And just gorgeous. We certainly have some people who are little bit perplexed that this is not what they were expecting because they've come to say a circus show and would not expecting something that maybe asks you to think little bit as well as the entertainment, we want them to feel like they're part of the conversation. And that they're part of the world the world with us, and there's no separation, and so what has your experience of fringe Bain and lying coming into Adelaide. We've really enjoyed being in an amongst the fringe we really enjoy going and seeing new work and seeing what else is around. And it's a lot to be in the gluttony garden at such a beautiful place to be and there's so many shows on and also there's an incredible camaraderie around sharing knowledge sharing contexts. Just kind of feel that people are very very generous. And that's one of the great reasons to be at the fringes just to really enjoy that generosity and to give back as much as you can. And where to next for you guys, you know, we're just kind of going to Cape bearing away and hype that we will get to do some touring not just internationally, but nationally as well, we'd love to sort of get the show touring around a strategy. We just think at some it's got a lot to offer audiences not just audiences love circus, but audiences that love theater as well. And so, yeah, we'd love to we'd love love it to have a big life. Well, I hope to say that that big live and awards at Edinburgh. Now at laid fringe, you know there you're obviously got a winning formula. So congratulations on thank you so much the week. Fall winners of the bankers say bisque cabaret award was shared by singing in the pain, a disability and chronic illness. Cabaret Lucy grants Bree drama, and just desserts. Adult only tasting and he is Michelle to talk about her award winning shy. Hi there. Thank you so much having me my shy. Just as it is a desert cooking cabaret that I guess explores a bit of female empowerment body image pressures of society, and we kind of delete that three music and Zet and that has just finished and we did five shows is that debut season and they oh soda out. And we had a great run, and I've also been doing Shaikh code comfort food cabaret for threes now, and that's a cooking, and that's much more family friendly a lot more wholesome, and that has also finished we did five shades of that see that's two to Edinburgh in Copenhagen already. And that's been really cool. But if you do want to catch me, and my band and the cooking have ri- can come to comfort food, Cabrera Tyson Australia on the thirteenth, the bike pro and. Stick wo-. Congratulations. So just desert is one of our weekly award winners for bisque Habra. Yeah. That's awesome. As you said, this was an adults only Shari, we desert and music. Can you explain the concept for us? Yes show. So because of comfy Cabrera of always lied to a delivering the cooking cabaret thing. I like that as part of my brand now to be able to do that. Because I am a cook. And a caterer, and I'm also a singer. So I like to kind of mold them together. So I started thinking about just as it so in Edinburgh, and I thought oh side compound feed cabarets, Ray, Saif, it's very wholesome very family friendly, and I thought it wouldn't be good to kind of explore a little bit more six you -ality get a little bit more sensual beat nausea and do something with desert just for me desert and adults only just go really well together is he can be a little bit naughty with desert and think of whipped cream and chocolate and bringing all of that kind of buddy pipe style. Oh, back chilly and things like that. Yeah. Look for major. It's all about pleasure. So I guess it. Connect. Absolutely. How do you? Then bring these elements together and create a show from that. You know, you've got you've got the food music, and you wanted to have more of a conversation. How did this shape that into this show? I think I work in vignettes of different things. So let's say, you know, body image and social pressures to be thin and beautiful and have the latest fashion things like that. And then there's also the pressures of getting married and having kids and being in relationships, and we all same really obsessed with that. And then I wanted to challenge what does it is debatable? So we started off fairly Saif. We like a buck, lavar. But I wanted a lion dessert because I wanted to talk about, you know, teen to an how everybody is just like swat left swiped right and trying to like pick the future destiny, which gives you like a two second impression. And I know any of the one that I've dated in the past. If I had two seconds to decide if I was going to be with the Mona. I probably wouldn't have been with them because it's the personality and and their lies that I've gotten to ni- that I that has actually really attracted me to them. And so we've kind of matched the desert to the theme. So we kinda talk about personality and getting to know people we talk about, you know, six and being confident and body image and trying to shut out that negative self talk. And then we kind of add a little bit of spice to a brownie or something like that and easily a lot of fun unites on that you really love do. Yeah. Yeah. It is. I loved doing just as good today saying you as well because we've been doing comfort food Cabrera for three now, I think, so it's pain soy fun. I've loved this as best fringe over. I would say offense. So then tell us a bit about the music, element toys. So we've talked a lot about the food. Yeah. What about the musical side of of Yorkshire? Yes. Sure. Sorry. The musical side was I guessed created by myself. And I've got a musical director called Curie Anderson who he's an incredible percussionist he in Adelaide, but she chose around the world ustralia. She mice recently played with pussy riot the other night. So she's really cool. And I think like because we have similar issues in the industry, and we often talk about the same things, and we really agree on on that on that path for the show coming out with the music was really easy. I wanted to make it a lot popular. So the music is much more modern. It's got so many different pop songs, and there's lots and lots of mashups. So we kind of try to I guess kind of create a bit of a message through music, but we've used different song. So good example would be wild world by cat Stevens. When we regionally listening to the song little. May by little mix. And I was like God these songs sound sorry much. It's a real body image anthem. And I was thinking God is sound the songs and soy much like another song. And we just couldn't figure it out. And it was like, I bet you it's wild world cat Stevens. Listen to it. And then you can actually join them together. They're exactly the same called progression. So we actually like mashed them up together to send a bit of a message about the contradictions of of those two songs as well. So there's a few things like that in just as it and this much music that we wanted to add, but we actually had to just cut go night doesn't feet we have time get get rid of it. So hopefully that will just Kate refreshing. And we'll just keep adding Nissan's to it. I would give us a bit of a song or I can do the little little mix thing. A taylor. Speak up Attila. Shoutout took been louder be be prouder tiller. She's beautiful wonderful. Liberty thing. She doesn't see you gotta speak up. You gotta shout out and know, the right here right now, you can be beautiful wonderful, everything you want to be so that so that's one of our songs that we had in the shy. And we did that we Wildwood as well. All right. So just like as an overall perception, what are you hoping for audiences to experience by coming Josiah, something really unique? So you want people to be surprised, but also I want them to have a few takeaways, and I want them to actually think about some of the some of the themes, and I think, yeah, I just want people to have fun. I wanted it to be a little bit raunchy a little bit naughty. I wanted people to be playful. That's what we had a nine thirty pm slot. So people. Felt a little bit more fun and light hot 'age. So. Yeah. Hopefully, hopefully, we would shave that. And congratulations to be rewarded Thang award and recognized for their spring very excited. John congratulating key. The week four winners at the Bank is say best visual art and design award was shared by into the sea you and me and four thousand stories, and he is Rebecca to tell us about her award-winning exhibition. Hi, I'm Rebecca McEwen. I'm a visual artist from South Australia, and my show four thousand stories is showing at felt space until the twenty third much and say, well, you are want this week's weekly award winners for the best visual arts category. How does that feel pretty exciting? Yeah. It was very unexpected. So tell us a little bit about your exhibition. It's connected with bays is that raw meat is in his that's Spain the basis of my practice for a couple of years looking at the connection of humans and bays history. And this week is a chandelier made out of the out of Honey from about four thousand base, and that's the center of the exhibition. There's the sound Skype that goes with which I've worked with sound artist. And. Composed the tristen Louth ribbons whose we've recorded a couple of Bremmer apron Yama breathing sessions, which is humming. Baber the gate breathing technique and Lyod that up and that's pot. It was quite a small intimate exhibition in a really small spice. But it's a quite a visceral. The idea is to get a really reserve response from the viewer. Now, you send the chandeliers made from Honey. Yes, our guys are how does that work? So it's not dripping down Notre feeing about it's in tiny vial. So there's over a thousand tiny vials of Honey and h file contains about two to three bays lifetimes with of work, and that's all constructed into into chandelier shape. So what is it about bees? And Honey, and what is this message? You're trying to convey through this on exhibition a lot of my practices Bain. We ease over the last few years looking at that human nights, you connection the that really visceral response that we have to the natural world that we've kind of lost. Over the last few decades. And it's about looking at a way of trying to reengage us and stimulate that real intrinsic response to tonight show and try and make that connection again is is the idea behind my practice. I'm also bay Kepa Cy I've got a direct response to the stories of base. It's something I've been looking into in the folklore and mythology of bay capping over the centuries. Is there a mean particular stories around bays are really all they grab your attention? There is so many how there's a couple that. I really like one especially as cold the telling if the bays which is a European tradition. Where behinds were meant to be told by the family of bay Cape is when the bay caper died because Beza thought to come from other worlds and had magical POWs, and if you didn't communicate the goings on in your family to the bays than they they would leave behind some putting into mourning a black shroud was placed over them and member of the household. Have to go until H individual behind that the bay caper died, and that that we're going to be kid for and supported and that was dumb by easing the cave the house and tapping on the side of the behind straight times. So this is some there's some really really beautiful stories. So if you communication of messages through OTT, what is it that you're trying to communicate through the site having something multifaceted like a like these exhibition particular with the chandelier hanging in the middle of the rain, which has its own intrigue. But having that light sound Skype with it as well. The idea behind the sound Skype is that there's a lot of connections between humans and vibration and bays and bays. Vibrate. Hum at around middle say, which is also known as the human night, which is currently around the frequency that the human body resonance. But also, the average time of the human voice. So there's all these connections between bays and humans and vibration, and it was trying to put all of those elements in together to create something that. Elicited their response in the viewer. And of what has your Adelaide fringe experience? You'll solo ad lied. Fringe experience been law yet Spain. Excellent it's been a a great way to get a different audience three the gallery. Spices this to other exhibitions on it felt spice at the same time net penny in India kidding. Have also got working different spices. So I guess it's bringing a different audience to gallery spice that doesn't always get that exposure. That's great to be after Jay then be part of that. Well, thank you so much for joining us and congratulate thank you so much the week. Full winners of the bankers say bis children's event was shed by opera mouse and inside the walls Ajan pop up book ghost story, and he is Theresa and Billy to tell us about their award-winning shirt. Hello. My name's Teresa from Sultan, puppet theater. And this is Billy. We have come from Melbourne to do show. Oh called inside the walls. A giant Papa book. Go story full kids, and they're grown ups. You can find it at the ukiyo at gluttony this coming weekend Saturday and Sunday at eleven AM. Well, congratulations, your one of these weeks award winners for best children's Shari. Very exciting. Can you give us a little bit of a history about the creation of your show and wear your ideas for it have come from up -solutely about five years ago? I was lucky enough to receive the children's literature fellowship at the state library of Victoria and throughout that time. I spent the entire year delving deep into the collection of pop up books, and I taught myself how to make a giant pop up book, which today becomes the set of the show. You said this is John Papa. Yes. And then you've incorporated that into stories ghost stories. How does that come about? How do you make that work? Well, another type of story books that I was reading at the library were kids stories about ghosts, and ghouls and monsters and all the things that kids love and then throughout the time. I remembered an experience a head in Tasmania where I'm originally from where I. Helped my dad knock down a house that hey owned was really old house, and he was going to rebuild again. And as we knocked down we found this tiny little shoe underneath the front doorstep which got me thinking because it looked like it had been planted there. So I researched and I found out that it was actually superstition coming from the UK where people would hide little shoes from members of the family in places where they thought was weak in the house as like a good luck charm to keep all the ghosts out. So I took that idea that superstition, and then just embellish it into the story of inside the wolves what sort of reactions have you been having from audiences at French. Yeah. Throughout the show L the kids just seem to do lots of whispering and chattering because I think they're trying to work out. What's going on? There are a whole heap of spooks that through happened throughout the show and the do they're just. There quietly chatting to the next person going look at the shoes on tricks that keep them guessing. How's that done? Yes. And then at the end of HR we have a little question and answer as well with. I can find out how it's done. So the haven't worked it out themselves. Then they get a little injury into the tricks of the trade scary can see. It's not scary. It's just paper and puppet. And you said some of the big kids getting involved as well. Oh, definitely all the older people. Just love the fact that I can then say that their kids can go home and Mike it, and I can help them with it. And how does add light fringe compare? You know, you're being Edinburgh and other fringe festivals. How does Adelaide fringe compare those better? This is not the works. Really? Well, for fringes got some great venues, I think people in the city are really receptive. And they really get into the spirit of it. What what has been your journey? Then that's brought you to show. It's a raising. We brought it to Adelaide. Was you get a real sense of what works, and what doesn't when you're presenting it to an audience. So then yeah, you really can evaluate the work and kids are genuine. They're the best critics. Yes. What is it like working with children as an audience, very truthful that genuine they'll tell you whether they lack it or not that's for sure. And so then what to next you know, what are the next? I think just getting it out there getting it said a field. Hopefully, pick up a tool with it. It fits really well with workshops two years ago. When I was here, I did go to a few schools and do some incursion what shops in shadow puppetry and pipe engineering. So when I say piper engineering just think pop up cards, but yet packages really well with workshops, I did one in a fringe mall to seal the day on the fringe stage. People loved it. Yeah. The whole family's got involved. Not just the kids. All right. Well, thank you so much and congratulations. Once again. Thank you, very exciting. The full list of Bank say weekly fringe award winners hit the link in the Shino. It's be sure to subscribe to the Adelaide fringe podcasts. And never miss an episode to get the most out of your Adelaide fringe experience. Visit WWW dot Adelaide fringe dot com. Dodi you where you can browse shows by genre and location access fringed deals and a whole lot. More for regular fringe updates. Follow out social media channels all subscribe to a newsletter. Adelaide fringe podcast is produced by narrative marketing who'd believe that stories connect individuals and that storytelling compulsively impact the world.

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