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Episode #76 Texting After The First Date


We know you love us. But the information on our podcast is provided for educational and entertainment purposes, only I understand, I'm both and PC an element tea. However, this is not intended as a substitute for professional services of any kind of you, or anyone, you know, needs professional help, please seek mental health services. This is Oric and Emma hosts of the day podcast. We are excited to do. Another show is two thousand in the nineteen. Yes, it's been a whirlwind of a month. Yes. Right. It's almost the what's today. It's it's almost the end of the month. And love the mean, that's like Jana areas. Always like the Monday yest- month of the year. January is always the Monday yest- month of the year because Mondays are shitty. Yeah. Yes. I like so far I've had a pleasant and very good January. I have no complaints. Sorry. That's making the team because my foot villa sleep. Yeah. Because is working out. Now, she thinks she's like, Hercules Julie's, smash Foot's asleep. And I was trying to wake it up. Wake up. Should have some of this whiskey? No stop here pressure me. Jack is the best whiskey to record a podcast with honestly, though, like I like, I'm not drinking, but I'm smelling like everyone's drink. I love the smell of alcohol. Man is very Muskie. Do you like that musky smell? Like, all of my candles are never fruity. Like, they're always like, very like Manley like teakwood from bath and body works. Like, it's always like very like Muskie like masculine smell like I hate that. Sweet crap. So you'd rather man where the old spice type like Muskie's like acts old spy for not act who'd you have sex with a gay right after going to the gym. Now. Both y'all just like is what you don't like the most musk for real. But I like ice not right now, I just came from the gym. And I'm like, oh, man shower must let me. Let me stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Okay. So we're gonna talk about. If you haven't heard from someone after the first date, what do you do like, if if someone if you thought you had a good time? But did you reach out usually don't oh, you don't. Okay. Well, that's that's strategy. Well, does it count. If like after the day, you say something. No, it doesn't know the night. Don't okay, we'll we'll figure out the right and wrong way in our recommendation. How you should do it. So so yes, so. How can they find us? Well, we are on IT tunes Google play and we're ever else. Get your podcast if this is your first time listening, go ahead and hit that subscribe button. If you're a longtime listener, please leave us every view saying how amazing and how much you love. Does your like an old guest like tell us that you wanna come back because we love hearing that we're going to start inviting poops again. Yup. You can also leave us an Email. Hello podcast com. And you can find us on Instagram and Twitter at date podcast. Was that bore? The news. Okay. Award season pass started. I think that's why I love January so much because it's like awards are happening. And I love the fanfare like I honestly like anytime that I'm watching an award show. Like, I'll think about like one award speech to be and like who I'm gonna say what was your. Say like. I would be okay with like best supporting actress OK like in or like on my gosh. What is it called a no it's not supporting actress or maybe it is or like best or like best starring celebrity and like a like a variety show music director. No. But like I was loved to get like an award for being honest and now like just for like hosting being funny. That would be like I'd like Lorne Michaels like since my tape, and it's like, hey, we thought was hilarious. And then like I win. Nice. I wouldn't wanna be obviously best leading male in an action movie. Right. That we grade. But you would you would you be an act like a serious actor actress or a combat medic? Actress wannabe funny. Bunnies. Is. Yeah. Like, I don't know if I could be like that serious all the time. I would wanna be like Tom Cruise or like like in taken. I've Lee Everson. We need to do it too. Why I don't see it because I travel to Europe. All I don't wanna know. Oh, okay. It's a great movie you should watch. I know like what's about. And I must line. It's like it's like equalizer. Have you seen that one too? Oh, it's the same premise like someone gets taken. Okay. They find them. But that's then Washington. Yeah. I don't know. I have never seen it. Oh, washington. I liked him in the that titans movie. Remember, the titans that one okay? Okay. So we're season has started. And so, of course this past week. They started announcing who is nominated for Oscar who who's nominated a lot of people. So I just finished marching this movie yesterday. It took me a little longer to kind of watch it because it was so long and I like. I know like horrible like, I'm a horrible Latin person. Like couldn't understand what's happening. What is this who is? The movie trauma, and it's on Netflix or Roma as you know on our speakers tried to watch that. And I just didn't feel like reading the subtitles. And I obviously, I speak Spanish. So I didn't need to put the subtitles on. But I'm like fish person too. So I like reading and listening. Why doing how the people sending you jerk? Gosh jerk. So robe. I'm tired and cranky today is not the day that she just worked out worked out some even more tired and more cranky because they. Like, I was up again on the last one like doing are like what like met Kahn or whatever crap it's called. And like we were doing wall balls today. And I was like the last one. Yes, throw a ball into the wall, but you have to squat and then when you come out like your squatting catching it, and then he like get up and like throw it. And so like I'm squat like, I'm focusing on. Just my frigging squad at that point. I don't care how far or high throwing it and the coach just like. They're at higher, and I'm like, I'm already doing the squad. I can't do both things right now. And that was because I I was like the last person doing my last like set this like older do who's trying to like, be helpful. And I know he's trying to be helpful like comes over. He's just one at a time. And I'm like. I don't need this right now. Like, you need it like people just need to leave me alone. When I work out. Don't encourage me do not encourage me. It has not worked for me. I don't want to encourage when I'm working out. Like, I'm struggling like just tell me. Okay. Cool. Like, all right. Great for like comment on like how doing it don't comment on like what I should be doing. They don't encourage me, maybe because you're not a words of formation type person. No, I want you to tell me I'm pretty what like petted you on the back or something like good job and keep going. No working out either. I'm really weird when I'm working out. Like, I like flip. I'm like don't look at me. Don't tell me. I'm great don't validate me. Leave me alone to do my workout. Does I could see them right now working out with her like main face frowned going? And she's like her. Yeah. It's actually like a lot of I rolling to so wall ball like I'm grunting 'cause I was like. This see you like what? I want to more on how. But look, you're here you made it your one piece. Yeah. I think I like sweat so much to you guys. Like, it's the worst. I hate sweating so much like I miss the days where I would just glisten and it was like fine. No, like, I'm like, five minutes into the first workout. And I'm like sweating like the sweat dripping down my face. And I'm like like my hair's getting curly. Curly the curls are getting Kearlier. And I'm just like, oh my gosh. This is the worst. When I start sweating. I just leave. Do like a leisurely pace on the elliptical. Because I have like another like fifty five minutes left of of orca, you could leave, but you'll be shamed. Shamed. Same and I can't have that. I sit through it a lot of times like today. Like, I did what I was supposed to do because they have a lower weight. And so like, I just basically like would stroll to my phone, and I I was taking my mom, and I go back and like stroll to like get my water brought back my walk scrolling. Winning for this supporting comedic actress. As she walks up. Had wobble. Okay. What else about it yesterday? What else about? Okay. So this is really exciting. Because so so it's a Mexican film. And it's done by. I'm going to say his name wrong because I can't my my mouth just can't say right phone so quad on. Yeah. Okay. Cool. So he's a Mexican director he'll like some Harry Potter films. So just like I like people know who he is. So. So his movie got nominated and both the best picture and the best foreign language, and then the lead actress in the movie Johnny to potty seal also got nominated for best actress, which is like really cool for like just like an Hispanic Latino culture because she's like the first indigenous specic and to be nominated for this award. So it's kind of cool, and then it's like someone else like I'm Nate. And so I finally finish seeing the movie. Like, I got into my MO. That's good. You very unemotional. I'm kidding. You are very much. Do you want me to like very emotional bear, I like to cry? Well, it's like, it's not emotional. But it's what is it spirited? No, empathic, empathic empathetic pathetic. Yeah. No, no. That's not the right one. I can like I bond with characters. So like if I if I'm watching a movie, and I don't bond with the character. I'm just like I'm gonna hate this like I have to bond with you in order to like really like you like to note. Like, I like, yeah. Yeah. So if I don't bond with the movie like or a show or like a play like, I'm not gonna have like it burned with Tyrian, Lancaster. I do bond with a Dingle. I do. I love him. All right. We want you know, then we watching game of thrones. And I'm just like like poor little Tyrian, Lancaster like I get. So just like mad like that that whole family like narrative like just makes me so angry, and then like breaks, my heart crying over here because like pull those tears do is like just he just wants to be loved in accept it and his whole family just like craps on him constantly, and like he like poor little like -tarian, Lancaster, an appalling complex to you know, and he asked like make up his efficiencies like another ways. But no one ever appreciates him. It makes me so angry. This is your phone. Okay. What else about a war season? Okay. So also, really cool because I haven't seen this movie which I wanted to see it because they looked really good. So spike Lee's black klansman got six is with. Dominate actor. It's a great question. I don't how about here. I know the face yet. There's two of them right brothers. Yep. Oh, it's the dude. I know one of the white dudes is. Star wars. Bad guy echo who starting black klansman. Black klansman stars are Adam driver, John David Washington toe for grace and Laura Harrier K Thurgau. It was I think I don't know which one I know I don't know which one either. Okay. So they got suspect got his first directing nomination, which is really cool and Black Panther. Got seven nominations. Isn't that cool? That's pretty good. Yeah. Let's see who else. Sam Elliott got his first Oscar nomination for supporting actor for a star is born except that like stars born like didn't get any nominations, but didn't lady again with something recently. She won what was the other one? And I kinda me award a big. Yeah. That's a big. Yeah. But didn't you think that her co-star should want something? Cooper, Bradley Cooper is actually the director of the movie. And so like, there was a a lot of buzz of the fact that like people he got snug d- too. Yeah. He's really he's really good act. Yeah. He really is. I like him. I'm trying to think of like what else? Big news anything that you got there. That's big. Okay. You guys like you guys should watch Roma. Like, I know that it's. Like, I get like you probably don't want to breed, but it's like really good powerful. I liked it. A lot. Best picture quick. So it's Black Panther black clansmen but human rhapsody the favorite green book, Roma star sport and vice versa. Is really good. I should we should watch that. Yeah. Again, Christian bale things Satan at the Academy Awards, which was hilarious awards. Okay. Okay. All right. Some and move on to this. 'cause I will watch this, someway, somehow. Jersey shore stars jerseys. Sure Polly div Vinnie are getting their own MTV dating show, really sleep again over goes. Yeah. So it's going to be called double shot at love with DJ poly d and then he on if you're interested the MTV will find twenty contestants to try to win the hearts echo parts, play DJ, Pauly D music. I love him. I've seen him in concert. I was like, ooh. Yeah. I can't find I love him by DJ. Do it. Again. I'll go play music by DJ Pauly D. Shuffling songs by DJ Pauly D from Spotify. Come on. Anything good? I like thought him before the backstreet boys concert. And like it pumped me up. Like, I was dancing and my see I was like keel back. Is this? I don't know. He's probably like he's like, he's a DJ. So like just plays. Echo. Stop for injured. You did this. But yes, so isn't it exciting? It's gonna be exciting for them. It's going to be like just hilarity or still easing are still holding on to stardom, aren't they they are. But you know, what though like DJ policy? I gotta give him credit because like he was a DJ before the whole jersey shore thing, and he's continued to make his career out of it. Like, he's the only one that like actually like had something kept it and like teen is on with it. I think MTV has been in the back burner for so long. I think Bravo just kind of took it by storm because of all the housewives same with e because the Kardashians. I think you know, MTV that reminds me of like our childhood, hopefully, they have a comeback in because we were watching MTV thus weekend. Watching Lindsay Lohan as a woman. Okay. Can I not date? Somebody is that. Okay. Saying you can't date. Someone just can't be like and US about it. Oh, well thing somebody. So we're watching MTV, and they still have the same shows like real world issue type shows dating shows too. So there's a show where like they take like like therapist or a matchmaker matches to people up and they record the date. It's kind of interesting too. We should watch some of those episodes and comment on what we thought really like tweeting but Murray like what's it called like posting about game of thrones? All the time. Yeah. Well, it'll come soon. Yeah. Winters coach winters. What else you got? That's all I have. Okay. If you guys are interested, I feel like some of you should addition to win their hearts, can you? Tell better. Party. Yes. We are having an of that you. It is called me mix. Bingo. And Berga host it at the door and Dallas. We're gonna also we're also gonna like life life, everything it we're going to try. Let's see how it goes live live and Sagramola Facebook. And there's a way we can live broadcast it to. But we'll try. Crappy like, we never conversation. Here. I hope Amana comes hang out. Because I I mean, it's cool and kale if we kill comes to mind. How much money does he pay you per Milton? It's love and friendship, bro. Thing. He is paying somehow. Okay. I don't think so. Okay. We'll see when when you're tap comes up. Oh, my cash who ordered all the whisky me drinking by that point which could be very dangerous. I don't be our hosting at door dollars. And you are you can go through that to get tickets. It's completely for you guys. You don't have to worry about anything and everyone should be single. Yep. And we're going to help you meet hope he looked one inference. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. It's better than saying home by yourself. What I'm telling myself. Yeah. I mean, if you don't have come on, hang Flynn for Shannon. All right, cool. A book. You should already know about dating you fucking idiot. And so again, I'm going to read something to and then she's going to tell me what she thinks about it. If you haven't heard any of our episodes. Well, this is just a it's just like a like a book related to tips on how to date. Okay. So this first one is if you're a guy on a date with a girl, you're paying at least for the first date. Right. That's definitely like a southern gentleman thing. Okay. And this is like a scenario here. They have written out girl. But like feminism and stuff guy. I know, but I should pay girl board you guy. I know how about you. Get the next one girl. Okay. Thanks guy, of course, can Aberg fifty bucks. Douche vac. Word. That's like that's like a worst dates right there. So emma. Do you agree that the man should pay for the first date? No matter of the feminism in the matter of the you know, all that stuff should the man pay the I yes why? Let's sit too. You know, like male T militant or serotypes when it comes to like hetero relationships, it's just Justice turf types. Like, let's stick with the whole like the main. It's the day. What if you move make more money than him? Ridiculously like a lot more money than my ex boyfriend, and you didn't pay. Well, I don't know about that. Okay. One more this. The this is chapter. It's called talking and listening. Be real and honest. Don't bullshit someone from the start. That's like so different. Yeah. But I tell you I don't tell people what I do. We've talked about this up that I've told him telling people here's a scene guy. There's no there's no point in making me fall for fake you girl. I'm not being fake guy. So you really love Star Wars girl. Yes. Guy named one character girl. Samuel L Jackson. That doesn't count. He's an everything get everything every anyway, then just movies. So what do you live out? Tell me my job. Why you should just be honest fun. It I like don't like the question. Like, I hate the crap of like are you in LA ally right now? Are you reading my mind? No shut up. I wanna throw an f-bomb there. Shut up. Yeah, we're being real haired. Because if someone lied to me and said that she was a teacher. But then she was really psychot- psychologist or she was a therapist or something else. I'll be like I would that's like cheating that is like cheating. I mean, I told that people like airplanes to like if I'm stuck with you on an airplane or like a long riling against what I do because I don't I don't need. You ask me personal questions? Yourself thing about line. My third cousin mother signing a history. Like what think but my daughter leaving. It's gonna happen to me. No, guess what? I don't care. You're not paying me. I don't care like it. We tell people like if I told you what you can't ask me any personal questions. There were like I have a problem, and I just read so much help me. I'm not a success. So can refer you to want me to but Zoric, I don't know if you would actually consider that a problem. That's not a problem is that a problem to you. What lots of masturbation? I don't care. What people do I had? I was hanging out with a friend yesterday. And he's a Scorpio, and he was saying that scorpios are the best that sex. Is that true? I don't know you have to ask you on that one. Oh, okay. Because Shannon, whatever likes like I used to be really into. What's it called like? Yeah. Like, I. Enough. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. A lot of people believe in that. And it's for for for my sign. It's it's it's pretty close. Mine is very close. What are you? What this new CORUS go crap like it change. And I'm like, no, I'm not changing because Ricky Martin song about me. What's the? So she bangs. Echo place. You bangs by Ricky Martin. Does. She bangs Spanish version by Ricky Martin from spot sauce, fifth vanish version, I love it. Is this really it? Haven't heard his lifetime. Proudly. Okay. All right. So if you haven't heard from someone after I stop. Into. Yeah. Lexus echostar. I call mine. Alexa, felt like it was like New Year's Eve when they play lake songs like that like very poppy. And like YMCA type songs banned for my wedding. Like, I'm not going to do like any like like I'll do some line like songs, but they better be like Hispanic big show full brute it songs that were doing too. I'm not doing any of the other crap. Okay. All right. So here you go. If you haven't heard from someone after a first date. Talking about that this the first day thing right now. Yes. Let me said I. Thirty minutes. And I remember what we're talking about. You know, we didn't talk about cheating. The fact that Texas. Yeah. I'm like what I'm because we were like we've been all over the place today. And I'm on like a glass and something of a natural. Hi, sorry from like working out. I can't drink. Okay. So when you go on a first date. I've had lots of dates lots of dates and lots of socio dates that's beautiful. And to me, if they're, you know from one to ten like six or seven on a dating scale like it was a great experience. Then I typically want to ask for a second date is that right? Is that how you are? Or just depends on the scenario scenario. Yeah. Because. There's a lot to do with. Okay. After you have a date diva. Text after the dates over and say, thank you had a great time. This and that okay. Well, this article here, I didn't have a good time. I'll just be like much like taking me out in spending time with me. Yeah. Thank thank you. And you say. Hope to see you again. Nope. Thank you so much for taking me out and spending time with me something to that extent. Like, I won't allude to a second date. So so yes, so what this articles talking about is. I believe it's from elite daily it sucking about. So after for states, if you haven't heard from them, should you text them, should you call them? Should you ask them? I don't know anything should you friend on Facebook. But the thing is like, you know, how we we don't wanna seem desperate and eager. That's what the article saying. And the expert here says that you shouldn't feel afraid to text you feel it fucking just do it. And like, I really reading this. I was like oh my gosh. Like, Shannon, right. This. I feel like if I were to go like, Shannon. We had a really great birthday, and I wanna want. But he hasn't texted me about like, what should I do shade him would be like don't be afraid girl? Like if you want to go on the second day with him like text him don't be afraid who've. Yes, exactly what she would say. Shin. It's been on this on this podcast before talking about something. Which what does she talk about it? Remember? But yeah, I I agree with that. I agree with everyone. What everyone's saying here that the only person that is making a big deal about it is you and the longer you wait, the more anxiety builds and you keep thinking about is stressing about it. And then instead you have just sent a text or call the person, and you would have gotten your answer. And you know, why? Because if they don't respond to you, I think in like twenty four hours or they don't call you back in twenty four hours. Then I think it's safe to say that it's probably not gonna gonna happen because persons interested for whatever reason, and you know, what? That's okay, right. I think that there's like this conception of like when we're taking that this person could be the one, and we get so attached to the idea. Like, oh my gosh. This is the person I'm supposed to be with even if. You're not attracted to them. Even if you don't really see anything like we just built it up. And unfortunately, because we are so connected through technology like it just kind of hurts more. I feel because I I don't know. I like I don't remember like what I was like in middle school high school when I was barely getting a cell phone. And so. I don't know what it was like dating without a cell phone. So I can't answer. The like how the intensification is. Or if it's like, or if it's just kind of evolved with our technology. I think yeah, you're right. It has sort of volved, and we talked about this. I think months and months and months ago that Makino how when we didn't have phones you would call somebody or you'd wait to see the person to have a conversation. Now, I'm just like texting all day and every day and you're communicating and and you can learn about somebody in less amount of time then seeing somebody week or something. So what the article says what she says here. Lori Davis Edwards left coach and founder of the worthy. One says that communication is Keith relationships on number one. And obviously, she's alluding to just text of frigging person. But she says often watch people wait for the other person to text. I, but if you desire another date, why are you withholding yourself from the process? Put Shannon underneath it. There you kill it. So when you're going through a job interview, do you just have the interview and never check back in and never ask. If I got the job. It depends on the job. Or does it depend on? How the interview went? Yes. See, so it's I wrote I wrote this is similar to job interview. Like, don't you? Check back check back out or know if they were interested in me or not. And it's like when you when you put your when you put bread in the oven. Do you just leave it in the oven? Do you not check on your bed baking? Come on. You gotta you. Gotta check the temperature. Make sure you put some flour in there or whatever cheese or maybe you're making yeast yeast easy. Oh my God. It's also like if you like you take a pregnancy test. It's not gonna look at it for this. Far's Orrick too far do okay anyways? So if you had a date with somebody she says here took them. Yes. Okay. So what if my favorite bits? So I like to listen to country music and one of my events is from ninety six point three case. Yes. And they have the Elma gosh. I'm blanking elegant Brian. How is the great love debate. But I know this. Second. There's a bit like they have they have the bit. And it's like on podcasts there about five minutes. But basically what happens is like people call in. And are like, hey, I like how to great. I state has person has not called me back. Can you guys like call them for me and try to figure out like what happened? And so I love hearing the date from both people's perspective because like one person like the person calling an like pain set like so rosy. And so like florally like, and then the other person's like, no, let me tell you what happened. Thanks to you this past week. I don't think you listen to get a chance. But so that dude was like. Gallic we live really close to each other. So she said like let like I'll just drive and he like agree to let her drive on the date. And so apparently like on the way back sorry. On the way back from the day. He fell asleep in the car o. Why like I guess it was just so tired not drunk or just exhausted. Right. But so fell asleep on the way back, and so she was like. She's like y-you fell asleep, though. Like, no, I'm not going to go on a second date with you like you fell asleep in the end. So he compared it he's he compared it to said. Well, when you watch a movie, you don't hate the movie because of the songs that are being played during the credits do you and I was like. True. That is pretty witty. I give them that. And so she said now, you know because like to her like that was just. That too. Yeah. But like I and then I I like you so exhausted. Like, okay, I get it. Anyways. So just like I'm trying to play a little devil's advocate here because it's like, yes, you may have that you've had a great for state. But on the flip side like what is this other person's perspective? Like was it really that great? Or are you just like focusing on what you think went well, and like creating your story inherited out of that? And like wanting to continue your story and neg- and narrative like based on what you remember it? Also, I think it goes to your point about you said something about being epithets. Not so much being empathetic. But maybe trying to see how they went from another person's perspective because like whenever I'm going going on a date, and at the end, I think about I think it went went great bowl. But maybe maybe I didn't recognize cues or things that she said. And maybe I didn't realize that maybe she didn't have as good as a date as I did because of those cues. So I it's crazy how like guys like we think it's fucking best date of ever on. Usually like what a love about this bit. It's usually guys calling the station and like the girl gets on the phone. I'm like, oh, fuck this guy's worst ever. So I've heard this before on some radio station. I think it's I think maybe if sent me the link or something E send you stuff and you never listen to oh, come on. Then like, you send me stuff, and like have to drop everything for you. To date second date update as Google I remembered update. Date update. Oh my gosh. I'm so happy that my brain remembered things by itself most. Okay. This later. I look it up later anyways. So okay. So a lot of times when I'm having a bad Alison to those because they make me laugh, and I heard of you, and it's just to meet funny. How people like the guy will kind of justify. And I I've heard it episode were a bit where they she said. It was terrible. And he tried to say, no, it wasn't not that it looks like you're having a great time. Oh, it was one about like their want to carry yoki and this and that and he likes karaoke, and she hates karaoke. But he was pulling her up on stage to sing and she just did seem to like make him happy. But then he was like, well, you're laughing and joking around. And it seemed like you had a great time. She was like no fucking hate the karaoke bar. And I told you that already and she was she said she was just doing it just to make you happy. And so it's just funny how these guys especially, but you're on the year two. So you're trying to save face it Frank time. Right. So it'd be like. Oh my gosh. I need to fix the situation. My favorite one. In. What was so funny is that like I was under supervision from a license at that point. So like my supervisor, and I had heard it that same day. And so we were talking like. 'cause we were like doing consultation, and somehow it came up, and he's like did you hear the one about the ice cream? And I was like oh my gosh. It's been like my favorite ones. So basically what happened is dude like on a day, and like took the woman to like McDonald's to get ice cream what? Because apparently, the halacha really good soft serve and like paid with it like with coins. What? It was just a joke. It was probably like us trying to see if she was like like materialistic shallow. He was like that. Really good soft third. What? Hey, what if that's all he can afford? Okay. Okay. All right. So if if you are in the situation where you want to know what the hell's going on because you're confused. What do you text, Emma? What would you say in tex- or message or does? She would. No, I'm asking me, Emma, the experts question. Okay. So you guys don't remember like. Yeah. Usually, she writes might text messages, Marcus. Well, here we go the best way to text after days share gratitude as genuine as as you can, of course, share something specific that you really appreciated about your time together. And you know, what the seltzer minds me of job interview. 'cause sometimes you're supposed to like send an Email. Yep. It says I had, you know, had a great time interviewing and. It was great talking about this topic about your company bubble, and you just bring up something from your date, basically what she's saying here, and that's it so Paul so and she and she says always end with a question. So like in that situation MB like. I think we had a great time at McDonald's getting ice cream. Could you like? Would you like cheeseburger next time? I wish you all the best of luck on your. Yeah. So. At least Chick-fil-A took flays good. So what she says here is also when you send that text don't attach an outcome to it. Yes. I think that's super important is that you cannot be attached to the outcome. Like, I. Always kind of expect to be rejected because it's going to be easier once and does how low expectations. Yes. So here's something fun online. I was looking for like some some questions or things you can text people. About I guess trying to continue the dating process if they haven't texted you yet. So here's one they're not that cool, but that bar restaurant or be museum was so cool. How did you find it? You know, that's not really, you know, it's just kind of beating around the Bush a little bit kinda like throwing a line out there to see if the person bites here. This is what I say sometimes so what are your plans next week? I go ahead. And like talk about the next day. That's one another one here is I really hope you're not a believer in three date rule. I've said that before yes. Because like this student I exchanged numbers on an app, and then it took him like three days. So I gave him I number and it took him three days to respond back. And so I with him. Are you gonna fall are like are you falling three day rule? He like laugh, and he was like, no. And I was like well. And I was like. Yeah. And then like fizzled. Oh, boo. Here's another one. I honestly can't stop thinking about those French fries. It's kind of funny. Right. Don't mind cheesy there. And those are those are some things you can ask I would say if do more than high or hey do something else. But if you can't think of anything, then fine. It's better better to send something nothing. True. Yeah. Can I talk about my aunt disaster of attacks that happened yesterday? Go ahead because of you, what do you gave me some advice? Don't remember. I think I was I was out at a one bar with a couple of friends, and I remember responding to you like, very sporadically, right? So of course, I'm like pay attention to may tell us tell us what happened. Okay. So. This dude. And I like exchanged numbers like maybe like a week ago, and it was like a very like sporadic conversation. And so then. Through Buller, Tinder, or I think it was calling me. It's bagel maybe. And so. So then like over the weekend didn't text because I just got busy. And then on Monday. I was like I am so sorry like for taking so long. And then I forget like, and then I ask them. So they remember what it was so bonds as you're talking can I can I order. Yeah. So it goes do you want? Stick four, stick tacos and one Ricco less guacamole. Sure. Okay. Is this the first time someone's ever ordered overeats over podcast? So as you talk order so then yesterday, so. So four days later this dude texted me, and his his message was so are you interested or dot dot dot books? Weird right. Berman the Sona cool. Let me like this is where I feel kind of jerk. But I was like, no, no like I was right. Then I followed my gut. Until you the conversation on Tuesday because he hadn't responded in twenty four hours sells like he's gonna respond again, like whatever like, I'm not gonna have number. So it deleted his text messages. I don't remember his name 'cause I hadn't saved you said, what was the last thing you said before you. I don't have it is thing. It's gone because I deleted it. Oh, so it was that message that I apologize for not texting him pertaining to long, and then I asked him a question. But I don't remember what it was poker responded to a question. But late. Yeah. Okay. So that would make me little wonder like it'll make me wonder if you're even interested in me or not yes. And give him that. So again, I had to lead. It this text messages. I didn't have his name saved. And so I told us and you said to right? Say this again. And what's wrong with that? Oh, who's this again? And then I was like that sounds like such a jerk thing. And I was like, I didn't save truthful. Yes. Right. And that's. So like really quickly like responded, and he goes, wow. You are not really good at dating. I'm so sorry. Like, I don't know. What else to say ling- holiday is funny? Yes. And then. His loss. Text. I'm not going to go through the whole conversation. Oh, like, he asked me. He's like seriously. How many people are you talking to at once right now? And I was like I got like really annoyed at this. And I sent this to you because I was like, and I sent this to Kaley to because I was like. Who like I'm not asking you. This question, your coffee meets bagel. Like, I know you're getting more than one person like a day. Like, don't even try. Okay. Okay. You know, what a K Lisa? Kaley said get kill you kill. He's a frequent guest, by the way, guys. She's a therapist. We love her. And Kaley unless you said, well, you don't need a wind boyfriend. His little whining. She's like ales. Okay. Because he said hold on me tell you what he said. So he said, here's how would it be to at right now. And I sent that to you. And like I wasn't like I am talking to people like you. And then he goes, and yet you still want the attention ever random strangers sounds like something wrong with your approach of US me. And like I like I like got really angry because I wanted to cuss him out at this point. And I was like no, but don't keep in. But if you think about it, he's the one who wants tension to you. And you're just responding to all of the statements and questions kind of sending you and like, I apologize. I was like I'm so sorry. Like, yes. You know? Like, I'm sorry for the delay. I'm sorry for it. Was it really delayed or were you just busy on interested? Come on. I got busy over the weekend. I don't remember what he looks like that's fixture right now. That me for a picture right after we met like on app. And I was like no, I'm not gonna sit we were matched on the app. Yeah. It's just a weird one. And so I was like I don't need this right now. There's other people that like Dr like, it's fine. So until you get it now, what was the last thing that was said that yet you still want the attention of a random stranger. Sounds like something wrong with your approach of US me. And like I wanted to be like, well like I wanted to be like, well, I know you're not talking to me 'cause you're on a dating app. So I've been asked you how many people you're talking to. I responded. I apologize. Get over yourself. I didn't. Instead, I was knitting a blanket. She really knits blankets, and she'd she'd she'd knitted me something, which is really cool. But anyways, I think you played it. Right. Don't respond because I promise you. He's gonna he's going to text you again. And I don't have as number save. I deleted the Texas. Keep it. No. I Houston phone. You have my laptop at hold on. Yeah. You have other like conversations that are going to be above that message. So I think it's better to keep those messages just in case because I don't remember either those people like we'll we'll resurface. And I'm like who is this. What did I say did I don't care? So they got me in trouble in trouble again. It's fine. Well, that is what who else are you talking to people gosh more than that. Give us more. We want more. Now, just him. No. I'm talking to someone else to what's the I don't know. What does he do? You could be generic about this. He works at an event center in the area, Chucky cheese. Yes, yes. He works at techies. He is Chuck E cheese. You guys he works in event events and beg event center that you and I both know American Airlines bam. What does he do there? I don't know Turk Nowitzki. Oh, he's married. JJ burrito. He's married. What does he do their sound stuff? Okay. Like audio video. That's cool. Okay. How did you meet? I don't like coffee Bigler opening line. I don't know. Like, hey, mama, Sita know, someone did that it'd be like stop like delete block. What did he say? It's not pulling up, and I can't remember that's a great dating. There's another like I'm talking to someone like I'm talking to someone else to who's like, what did he say? He he did. He did what it like an engineer or some kind of like our like I was like what? And he was like trying to explain to me. And I was like, okay, that's just gone over my him. Okay. Any potential dates coming up? Okay. That's your update. I'm saying, yes. More you guys. Okay. Good. Gosh. Like I'm out of my comfort zone. Stop it. Okay. So about this from the outcome. Okay. Please. What else do you have to say about this? The topic. Last words final words great. If you do. And if you're like me, great, if you don't say, you should do because you're just why not if you're interested in the person send the message if if here she's interested if not then move on this is my year of. Yes. Justice chilling get like four tacos total or like four h four tacos total. But I just want one can have the rest of them. So. Scuba each out on the. Turkey sandwich. Okay. But you did cross fit. And all these things people that I'm doing that. Oh, wait. Oh my gosh. Does four stick tacos? One store. One car nita's one barbeque and chips and gawking. It'll rive shortly. A right. So can you take away with that? That's all we have for you guys today. Thank you so much for listening and putting up with all of our randomness today, and we kept it under an hour. So I'm really proud of us. If you have any questions comments or concerns, please Email us at Hello podcasts dot com. You can find us on Instagram and Twitter at Hello at date podcast done this before sippy six times. Now. Something like that. Okay. All right, everyone by. Favorite of band?

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