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Atheist nomads episode three sixty one. SPECIAL NOT SESSIONS? podcast your about to listen to includes cursing and talking about who has please be advised. Welcome to another episode of atheists, nomads I am Dustin and joining us, Lauren below and I'm going to go for as close as possible to live the tape with this. Because it is late and I am sorry about the episode being late. I spent. Seventy six hours as Schrodinger cat. Pretty sure I didn't have covid, but didn't have the test result yeah! At first you. Thought you did so there was very stressful. There was the out of the seventy six hours between getting swabbed and getting the test result there was. Probably thirty six hours of that. I was growing in certainty. That I didn't have it yeah. And then finally got the result of. Not detected. And started to. psychosomatically think that he had symptoms that maybe he didn't. Or attributing them to something that wasn't the case. Do that if You look at the symptoms for Covid, nineteen and pretty generic. And, like you buddy who suffers from allergies or having this summer cold. Can feel like they're going to die. That's scary and there's plenty of information out there on. How you shouldn't thank you have it for some of these other things like a cold or allergies and equal amount of information, or equal amounts of information out there about people who were actually positive and misinterpreting it as a cold or allergies. And individual, then allergy season like serious allergy. Season is pretty much over. And shed June itself. Yeah, it's pretty hard So. Yeah, it was a pretty simple process though you. Did we did one of those driving. swabs. We were so lucky. Apparently they had been packed and we got there during a break so fast with an hour, while other people were waiting up to three hours in their cars. Can you imagine doing that with two and a half year old in the backseat? We got so lucky. She use fine entertained herself. She Sang. She got a little checkup and she was thrilled Oh my gosh yeah. Doc Nick Stephens really prepping her for. A career as a CNA. Or better or better. Start with the CNN. Yeah, that's always a good place to start with anything medical, yes. But we're we're in like. Much of the country Idaho's a place where cove is coming back with a vengeance. Because when you reopen things bars, people think oh, that means it's done. We can get back to normal. That was not supposed to be the message. And that was the message until that last stage. And they reopened. What was the bars? Gems they. All. Those were earlier. Those were staged three Oh. We got moved back to stage three. MINUS BARS because of how bad the uptick was. Yeah, because when you're going with two week. Reevaluation. Everything you're seeing is two weeks behind. Yeah, so if you make a change, it's going to take about a month for that. Changes Affect to really start. percolating through everything. And it could take up to six weeks to actually know what effect that had. But what if you keep moving now? Covering thanks. That was quick. Apparently, people swamped. Downtown just drank themselves into a disease. And like even with with all the recommendations on unmasking in places that are mandating masking which Idaho is not. It's masking win practical. Eating and drinking. You can't do wearing a mask, no and the bars. Put Up, plastic. They separated the bartenders, but That doesn't that doesn't stop people from crowding a bar to get to get bruce if it's be if you're being waited on, that's one thing. But if you have to go up to the bar to get something, yeah, you're going to get. You're going to be touching people. You're going to be running into people. Asymmetric people will spread it Good old Ada County and today I had a negative test. Result that I got. Two hundred seventeen people in Idaho did not ouch. We have broken the records. Dan Days like breaking a new record and of the things that is interesting look at. I know because of working in a lab and seeing. Errors and Stuff flowing across interfaces. I know the labs get backed up especially if it's outpatient stuff and it's being sent to reference laboratories somewhere else. Those get backed up and so you can get multiple days results all at the same time. So the fourteen day average really helps seven averages as well really helped balance that out. It's guy. Chia! Yeah, it's not a good graph to look at. Know very uncomfortable. If it turns around. We are in a second wave. If, it doesn't slow down which there is no indication that it will. Then! That first thing that happened back in in the beginning of April, wasn't even a wave that was the foothill that was that was a bump. Platinum curve was the goal not. Just delay it. Every state has been trying to work through reopening plans. Two weeks ago. I who went to phase four I like to call it Defcon four out of four phases. interestingly bars were supposed to be in phase for. But they allowed dining rooms restaurants to open up and phase two and they quickly figured out that most restaurants bars. And there wasn't. They were able to figure out a meaningful way to distinguish between a restaurant and a bar, so they moved bars up to face three. Which is why Ada county which is Boise Meridian Cuna Eagle. which has presently two thirds of all new cases of Covid in the State of Idaho? has moved back to face three with all bars in Ada County being closed including the bars in restaurants. Is that if people are going up to a to a central area to get something. That's going to expose anybody who goes into that area. And if the goal is an organized setup where you have spacing that is controlled and run and managed by staff is the only way you can try to do that safely. You need people to go where they're supposed to go and stay there. Sit. So. Now, you can go to a place and get drinks if you are sitting at a table. and. Somebody who works, there is bringing the drink to you. Classy while wearing a mask, classy shit yeah. difference between a restaurant and a bar is their food involved is food and option. Now in some states that smirke. Organ Organ Wash. Food all bars have food. So that's that's meaningless, but an Idaho. Know, a bar is a place where it's usually a dance club or Tom Greenies, just a gross gathering place where people just drink booze. There's no food involved yeah a restaurant. They will have a bar, but they will have sit down areas, and that's good. A lot of bars do have seating. But they're just going with. If it's a bar, it's closed. and. If it's in a restaurant, the bars closed. So yeah. The rest of Idaho was. Apparently possibly today, going to be going to just business as usual. And Governor little. said that he's tapping the brakes. Yes slamming on the brakes tapping the brakes. Yeah? Things were not going according to plan. Nine counties in Idaho have still have no cases of covid nineteen. Some of those counties have literally hundreds of people in them. Yes, population is. Not Huge, but it looks good on paper, so those teeny tiny counties with. Okay! I'm sure even the smallest have at least a thousand people, but not by not much more than that. A lot of those some of those don't have any cases at all. So being too draconian might be crazy. None of those counties are tourist destinations. Because all the tourist spots all have it. They're mostly mountain. Or desert or desert. Wait I is mountain more desert looking yeah. Are you north or south of the Snake River Plain? Idaho jokes. He wouldn't get it yeah yeah. All right so. This all of course was coincided with A. Group of. The furthest right Republicans in Idaho. Idaho state, legislature and foundation. At least aligned with the Freedom Foundation, yes. Centers. Plus each whatever they call themselves now tea party when it used to be. The Tea Party is turned into some kind of weird. Racists Colt. Okay, so there was. Three percenters. Led by Ammon Bundy. To provide protection. Or the gathering ammon and Bundy the guy who took over the Malheur, county that out here National Wildlife Refuge for forty one days and didn't die. Surprisingly, he's still acts up every once in a while. Is encourages people to bring their guns to. Quote Unquote protect. Yeah, no, they're not intimidating. They're just protecting the people there. Earlier in the pandemic Ammon Bundy has been getting groups together to like. Do Armed protest outside of police officers poems, yeah. We've talked about a lot this year. Arresting people, he was calling for Easter services to not be cancelled and held one and held one. He's been doing some. Protests? Armed protests outside of the governor's house. They both live in Emmett so. It's not hard for him to drive down the street. Go to somebody's personal address and harass them, yeah. Harassing that cop was not cool now. And so they're. They! They along with a group called freedom man. Which is a political action committee somewhat associated with e Idaho Freedom Foundation not officially, though, but it's not registered with anybody Stern, so they're not. No. They're not. It's just a group of people who are. Pulling money to give to politicians without? And they won't register. They said straight out. They're not gonNA do that ever. They think filing the paperwork to be able to do unlimited dark money. Would infringe on their freedom too much. So. Like wearing a mask or being a decent person. Yeah. So, they wanted. Hundreds or thousands of people to show up for this. They're hoping to get as many members of the legislature there. The Lieutenant Governor who. Is Fat Shit Insane one of them. Was Ready to show up if any senators were there to. Gavel in a Senate session. This was all under. A! Got Two lawyers in Arizona. To dig through. They finally found a lawyer somewhere in the united. Take their money and find some obscure law to make this from the tense Cold War. Cold War Loss Yep because I. Love Him, so this is a Cold War Law that said that in the event. Of a foreign attack like a nuclear strike. The. Legislature could meet in a special session. Without the governor calling it. And without needing a full quorum. Assuming that Ha-. You know everybody's dead. But the first part of that is. A major foreign attack, so they then said that covid nineteen is a Chinese military attack upon the United States. That was that was? That was imaginative, very creative. I think they earned their money for coming up with. Shit. So, then lawyers ban no offense lawyers out there, but you know you know so then they took took that to all right. We're going to form a session. We need as many people from the legislature to show up. So! Fifteen members of the House representatives showed up. Fifteen out of seventy, yeah, yeah! Not a corum you need to have a majority of the members show up for quorum. No session was called. They adjourned for the year. Two months ago. And the governor is the only one allowed to call a special session. So there! This was just debacle. It's literally in the Idaho State Constitution. Took a conference room and try to call it some big political move, but It wasn't so they met and. Gathered in as close as they could nobody wearing any masks. With a crowd of more than two hundred people. Many of whom were armed. Filling the public galleries on the fourth floor. To Watch and cheer also tightly packed together. And the only people in the entire space, wearing masks or the media, yeah. A little bit of natural selection. A little bit of A. Hope there that? The disease will just these people? No, I wouldn't say that's terrible. Yeah, Yeah, that's. Just, it's asked you know as many times, people have done stupid shit on surprise. Something worse hasn't happened right? How is it that well? It has all those Easter services that in pastors and people getting really sick. Oh, the the church has been gathering unfettered for a while now in Union county. Like an enterprise in northeastern Oregon. If had over two hundred cases because basically everybody in the church DOT covid yeah. Some. People are okay with that. They're like well. We'll let it just go through the community. And those who live will live on and those who die well okay. Except most of the people are going to die are. Old and okay well, that might help clean up the electorate a little bit. They're gonNA die soon anyway. If you're talking about people in their eighties there, the most likely to die. And for younger people. It's more likely that if it does anything, it's going to leave them crippled. yeah, we're learning more and more about post. Covid Syndrome. Is there an official name or it. No, it's just symptoms that linger in people who've gotten Cova D-, so there's a lot of respiratory problems. Oregon issues. Liver and Kidney Kinda stuff -firmative smelling possibly permanent smelling loss imagine losing smell. Because you didn't WanNa wear a mask? Yeah tick. In Texas you allergic to meet. Yeah just. Little things like that man's crazy so this this gathering they. Met To issue a proclamation. Calling for a special session. So the initial. Media attention this was getting was that no, this was a special session. This was going to be an illegal special session and I think they actually leaked that out to get the media to show up. Yeah, and then they're like well. Of course, it's only fifteen of us, so this isn't a session, but we should have won, so they issued a proclamation fifteen members of the house. Representatives are calling on governor to issue a proclamation. Or to call a special session so that? They can stop him from being a dictator. Yes he's going to call a special session so that you guys can undermine him. During out an emergency, yeah! Oh, my God. How's everybody else's states doing? The mess ours is a tire fire right now. Texas is worse on so sorry Houston. Texas is running out of ice. You beds have run out. Houston's run out. There are still three percent of ICU beds in Texas are still available. Houston's just out. Arizona's in horrible horrible shape. South Carolina Georgia basically the whole sunbelt. Could also call the Bible belt. Coen's yeah, now that's. It's an age thing probably. Much. Thing actually. From the Office of National Statistics for the United Kingdom. A survey of deaths by religious group in England and Wales. Bound that. People who reported having no religion. Were the least likely to die. Of covid! By like twenty percent it because they're not cramming into small buildings. And are also more likely to listen to experts. Nonreligious experts Christians were the. Next least likely to die. Muslims were the most likely to die with Jews and Sikhs. Falling somewhere between Christians and Muslims. Jewish males had quite twice the risk of Christian males for one one example of it. But no religion. Like we're talking a difference of. Eighty seven deaths per one hundred thousand males or eighty point seven deaths per one hundred thousand miles. And forty seven point nine deaths per one hundred thousand females for no religion. For Muslims. It's a hundred ninety eight point nine deaths per one hundred thousand males. And Ninety eight point two deaths per one hundred thousand females. So. Can happy linked directly to the types of gatherings that are associated. Or is it more to do with communities? It's. They tried to to. Account for as much as they could. Nonreligious people are yes the least likely to routinely gather with large groups of people. In Britain. Or. Elsewhere the exception would be bars. Everybody gathers in bars pubs in in Britain. except for some of these other groups for the religious ones. So But they accounted for socio economics. They counted for age, and they found that none of those were significant. Distinctions Would be a fair distinction is that Muslims are more likely to live in? insular communities. They're more likely to be recent emigrants. They are most likely to be in poverty. And they are most likely to not trust the government. Get that so. They're most likely to die, because of those reasons and most likely to go ahead and gather. Regardless of of the public. Pronouncements. And as a result they are. Four Times more. Likely, to DIE THAN People who are not religious at sucks? I mean for not being for being non religious, but. That's sucks. Now there are probably other. Other factors at play because of. Like when you're talking about Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs in Britain you're talking about. Specific groups. And everybody else being in different ethnic groups like religion and ethnicity. Line up a lot more than they do in a lot of other countries. Yeah, and if you look at the US. Black people or the most likely to die of covid nineteen. Hispanics are second most likely to die. Actually Native Americans are second most likely to die. Hispanics Wall in a little bit. To the native Americans is so funny. The talking about was how many. We'll see how many how many black people are killed by police. versus Hispanics Services Whites. And what about the native Americans how many what what group population has women disappearing? For unexplained murders like. Nobody ever mentions with native Americas all. There is statistic do guys but white people are the least likely to die in the US. And if you look at those numbers in Britain, one of the things that are saying is that white people are less likely to die than not white people. There's definitely some. Systemic racism that is a big fat, and it's not because our immune systems are better. No, no, no, no and he kind of biological supremacy here. It's yeah. It's poverty and access to medicine. As a big one, and how much you trust the healthcare system that's true. If you don't trust the healthcare system, then, of course you're not. GonNa go. Go into the hospital. I went in to get tested because. I had a couple of weird symptoms that came up at the same time and when the? Urgent Care called back to check up on my. When the urgent care called the checkup on how my hand was doing from that nasty cut that I should've gotten stitches. I as a I mentioned. To symptoms that I was having. You should go get tested. To Mild? Seemingly, not relevant symptoms like you should get tested. As an employee, I then figured okay. I'm not allowed in the building right now at work which I can work from home. Maybe I should call the hotline. Sorry did. Yes. Go get tested Oh my God. He waffled on that so. Then, as soon as decides to go tested all of a sudden. You it's not that he imagines things going wrong things go wrong I. Mean you start to get headaches or joint pain? But he was getting back pain, not because of a disease, but because he been resting in a couch for too long, and a headache was probably due to I mean who knows what I. It's just. Little things you started Oh my gosh. Is this a symptom or my gosh? Is this a symptom? Oh, my Gosh! Look at this checklist and says I have fifteen out of twenty symptoms. Just Chill Just Shell. That's not possible though you. Not during a global pandemic, no, no I I know I understand why you reacted. The way he did is just funny that that is human nature. And also. I used to watch a lot of those. Now looking back, and I'm kind of stupid medical dramas and comedies that were on TV scrubs scrubs house. Grey's anatomy. And there's always the big thing on. Lump the symptoms together don't split them. So if you have a bunch of things happening, put everything together. What does that paint? Even though it is perfectly plausible to have allergies causing some things and side effects to your antibiotics causing something else. And a two year old causing fatigue. I. Mean this is what okay so we had we had A. Stomach bug. Go through probably cold, yeah! And then so covert nineties scare there. We get a slice hand. With problem with probable infection Yep, and then we had what was before that. Oh. You want to go back that far. There was hand foot, mouth, disease, hand, foot and mouth disease there. Apparently sometimes. Testicles just get inflamed and Suck, they hurt. Yeah, I'm an happened. Dust is actually I. think cost us more money medically than you had surgery. Oh! I forgot the surgery. You're right. No. Definitely cost more, but you're actually pulling your weight this year. You you've finally Here deductible? which actually means that Kylie doesn't have one room. because. We've actually filled up the family deductible. That sucks. Yeah, yeah, all right In. UTAH? At Brigham Young University. Someone. Vandalized the Brigham Young Statue. Spray painting the word racist across the base of it. Okay on Point Yup. and. Brigham Young University is saying that this caused a thousand dollars in damage. Right they're trying to make it A. Felony Yup Misdemeanor and if you can claim. Is doesn't take much. Two do thousand dollars worth damaged because it's so expensive to cleaned that stuff up. Now Why is it that they think that Brigham Young was a racist? Do well, he wants, said quote, inasmuch as we believe in the Bible. We must believe in slavery. This colored race has been subjected to severe curses which they have brought upon themselves. In quote. Yeah, no total. The whole religion was based on the street. And it still is. It's just insane. So yeah, so that's. Like I said that's on point. Really is. Planned parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho. Is. Suing. A church. They are suing the church because of how loud their protests are. Outside of the clinic in Spokane, man so. They like breaking the decibel rule for. What they're doing is they show up and have loud religious services outside of the clinic. Interfering with treatment and intimidating patients and staff. So they are seeking a injunction. To Stop the church from holding gatherings of several hundred people. Outside of the clinic. While Yeah. That's insane. Do they have a permit for that? I highly doubt it. Yeah, the city. Just let that slide. This is spokane we're talking about. Yeah, it's not easy. Being Planned parenthood in. Spokane. Gathered antiabortion people are just. Such a jerk Oh. Yeah, so loud and yeah. The Tennessean a newspaper in Nashville Tennessee. Ran a full page ad that the editor. is now. Saying was horrific. that. He's feeling really bad about that. Being run in his newspaper. But it was a full page ad. Predicting that on. July eighteen. Thousand Nine, hundred twenty. Actually I'll just read you the quote. We are under conviction to not only tell you, but to provide evidence that July eighteen twenty twenty. Islam is going to detonate a nuclear device in Nashville Tennessee. Yes. Islam. With, a link to a Bible study by style Oh, my Gosh. Islam. Never mind a grammatical error. Islam is just a thought or idea is going to drop a nuke, yeah? But these people something about July. Making people go nuts. So this particular group. Is. A bunch of now former adventists. They got kicked. They got kicked out of the church for being too crazy. With their prophecies act. When you're, you're in an apocalyptic death. Cult like the adventist church, is you? Oh God. Yeah, you have to be. You really have to push it. You have to really push it to actually get kicked out for it. It happens. The. Yeah, the. Islam is. Going to detonate a nuclear device. What's what's crazy with that is? They have a date. There a specific. event. In a specific place. But not a specific organization. You know what that leaves that leaves any terrorist attack that happens in the month of July. Like they could get away with murder and blame it on quote. Unquote Islam because they prophesized it, but you would have to. They went. They made the mistake of going to specific on the other parts. Yeah, that's true, so it would only be accurate if it was. Isis a Muslim of some kind with a nuclear device. And it would have to be in Nashville on that day in the library with the CANDLESTICK, yeah! But know. Instead somebody else can set up a bomb CEO. It was Islam is like no. You guys are just trying to budget so that your prophecy comes. True can't do that man. And hide be keeping an eye on them is what I'm yeah yeah. Man It's. It's crazy. As a general rule of thumb. Any. Anybody who's a? was kicked out of a group like this. Is kind of way way out there. and. Laurie our. Is Back in the news. Yeah, unfortunately. This was the lady whose. Husband. No brother brother died. Oh God, what was she? She divorced her husband, and then he died, and then he died mysteriously. The she got married to this Chad Guy who bill whose wife had also mysteriously died dip there too kit lorries to kids hadn't been seen in a while Yep. Brother died her then her brother died. And then they booked it to Hawaii after a judge ordered them to present the children. Yeah, so they're like present the children they're like no. Going, white how that happened I. Don't know about flight. Risk the hell. So was it last week two weeks ago. They find they were using Saturdays at June twenty so yeah, in the last week, they used cell phone information on the brother that had died. Found out where he was why he was visiting a field in the middle of the night, the field happened to coincide with Chad the. The demands residents. So yeah, definitely Definitely bad, he they threatened. Yeah, they found the kids he visited in the the field. He visited that property four times in September. And two of those. Visits were all of the night. A. Days after each of the children was last seen yeah. So. Specific? Kind of looks like scoping out the site, and then maybe that's where the kids are. Yeah, so they finally got enough evidence to go in. They found the kids. one was pretty badly mutilated. And the of course, the rest of the families devastated. Distefano they're going to have to zoom the ex wife and ex husband. Of the two. And reexamined their deaths. 'cause. That's pretty an pretty sure. Pretty sure those are not of natural causes. These guys are probably on. Death row. For killing three adults and two children. All in the name of some crazy fringe Mormon. Apocalyptic death cult thought in July, The world is GONNA end July. And there was this particular belief within this group that. People, see people's souls can be lost, and a devil can then or a demon can then. Be In that the person's body. And, it's the only way to get rid of this quote. Unquote Zombie is to kill it so apparently. This lady thought her kids on B.'s. mentioned that to a friend who then reported that to the media so. She probably thought that they were zombies probably because they were standing up for themselves. They're of that age Yeah! It's sucks. It really does everybody's been waiting for the waiting for the kids to be found. They knew it was going to end badly. At least grandparents get some closure. One of the interesting things that they. They found in the. The records when they're looking at Cox's phone. Was a text message. To his wife. About. His then wife because nobody in this story. He'd married to whoever they were married to know. Yeah. That he shot a raccoon and buried it in the pet cemetery. Yeah Oh. What a crazy afternoon I've had! You'll never believe it. Cover story alibi, not very good. So she probably figured something out and. Knows, the the investigator looking at it was like. Wait a minute. You said he shot a raccoon that morning. And RACCOONS ARE NOCTURNAL YEP. So, what was he burying? In the middle of the night. Yeah. What was he doing in the middle of the night that he shot that morning and it was. Kids. Yeah Oh, and he also had debris, he was burning out in the field or in the backyard or something. And one of the bodies was burned. God, ills messed up. This is going to be a movie or Netflix Special Oh! Yeah Yeah. This will get its own. Fifty Truecar to true crime podcast Oh yeah. If! It doesn't have any yeah. Gruesome stuff. And gap be the the the guy is. A, he self published a bunch of books about. This religious ideology. It's this is. This is the kind of stuff that makes religion dangerous is when people who are unstable. Go with it and. Just Murderer Cup half dozen people. Well, they had to find God's hundred and forty four thousand. Oh is that it yeah now wasn't their kids. Apparently, nope, those zombies. Or they finding them in Hawaii, they probably were going to try to find some in Hawaii. I honestly surprised that they stayed in Hawaii I figure that she was gonNA run. Chile would have been her Peru Argentina Ecuador. Ecuador Ecuador. Doesn't extradite Yeah there. We go They also could have gone to us. which would not have extradited them because of the chance of getting capital charges? In a state that does do executions yeah. And what's weird? Okay, so so the Woman Lori? She she got arrested because she didn't produce the children. The guy that she's married to didn't get arrested. He sat outside his property in his car and watched the police as soon as they found. A human remain. He took off. where do you think you're running to? Its firkin was it. Rigby bribery something like riggins. Doughnut Regan's No. What are those are towns? I think as Riley. But there's nowhere to run to. Of course. He got pulled over right away. Quote quote traffic. Stop God. Can you imagine what was going through his mind? As he sat in his car and they're poking around in the place that you know those kids are buried. What! Just. Messed up. Yeah, it's GonNa make a great netflix special go. I just feel really really bad for the grandparents we tried. They really did. For our final story. A. New report from. humanists international. Looked at. The? Life of nonreligious people in Colombia India Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. Cool okay. And they found they face. Discrimination and persecution and all of those countries right. How's it going to see? That's a list of countries that are very well known for religious persecution. If you're not religious. The countries where if you're listening to us from those countries, please use a incognito browser, or was that one called or Yeah. because. We don't want you getting killed by your government. Like there's there's Mubarak Bala from the Humanist Association Daria who is. Probably dead already probably gone. If not he will be executed for blasphemy soon, yeah. lers. A case in Pakistan where? A couple split up. And the. Still Islamic husband was able to easily get. Custody of the children from his. Atheists ex wife. WHO had to flee the country and seek asylum in Europe. Avoid death. Yeah. Because just getting custody wasn't enough for him. They have found in. Most if not all of the countries they looked at that. The. Discrimination and persecution is particularly bad for women. Well I mean you could you could. Sense onto anything. Really Jan But yeah, we're going to go and leave the news there. All right. And I WANNA. Thank our newest patron. Mark for your support. Or GonNA. Leave it there as a reminder. I am taking next week off. So. There will be no episode next week. It's fourth of July. Do. Happy things or protests or Escape. But stay safe. Wash your hands where Goddamn face mask. And remember not all those who wander are loss. 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