Chili's 2 with Joey Janela


This is a head gum podcast. In January of Nineteen, eighty nine in the middle of the fourteenth season of Saturday night live a new feature player joined the cast. A Toronto raised in Chicago trained sketch comedian named Mike Myers. Even among famously strong cast meyers character work made a mistake quick standout, especially, his Wayne Campbell Iraq obsessed slacker with the public access talk show filmed in his parent's basement. The recurring Wayne's world sketches starring Myers Dana Carvey is as Beta sidekick. garth would become as much snl staple as weekend update and in nineteen. Ninety two, the duo starred in the feature film. Version of Wayne's world directed by penelope spirits. Myers had successfully graduated from snl player to movie star, and after following it with Wayne's world to offbeat ROM com so I married an axe murderer in nineteen, eighty seven, he co wrote and starred in Austin powers. Man of mystery, playing both tischler frozen time British agent Horn and the film's antagonised Accu- ball. Super Villain named Dr Evil purportedly based on. Kingpin Lorne Michaels. With a laundry list of catchphrases that would be endlessly repeated by knowing kids at school and annoying adults at work. The film became a cult hit and had a second life as a big seller on the new home video format of DVD. In one, thousand, nine, thousand nine, the same summer is the much anticipated star wars episode one the Phantom, Menace Myers released, Austin powers episode to the spy who shagged me a mega hit that would become the third highest grossing film of the year outpacing toy story, two and the Matrix. The now franchise added more outrageous characters including pint-sized Dr. Evil Clone mini me played by the late Verne. Troyer and grotesque Scotsman Fat Bastard played. Played by Myers himself in clump style prosthetics, and as the gluttonous bastard, Myers would make theaters erupting laughs of recognition by seeing a beloved chain restaurant Jangle, expressing his craving for baby back ribs, the media, earworm and use, since the early nineties by the Dallas founded tex-mex eatery would lead to a surge rib sales when deployed by its marketing team, in addition to the fat bastard cover was also sung by boy, Band 'n sync. While the song much like Myers has been less prominent in recent years, it's status like Wayne's world and Austin powers is entrenched in American pop culture history. As for the restaurant itself today forty five years after its first location, open diners across America, still respond like fat bastard himself, saying to its offerings quote, get in my belly. This week on boys, we return once again to Chilis. Could. Welcome to go boys the podcast about chain restaurants I'm nick wider along with my co-host a man with a head so big. He needs to cameras for zoom. Call the Spoon Man Mike Mitchell. All right I mean. That's usually cameras. This is supposed to be like A. Yeah I know, we know this. We talk about it on the show. He saying the reason you're using cameras is not your shoddy Internet. It's that you have a head. That's too big. Be captured by maybe I. Just don't like it today because my head looks especially big. Yeah you do have a little bit of a jack-o-lanterns thing going on today in particular. What happened? Slot assault. I got hit by the fuck in honey. I blew up. The kids ray this weekend, my head up. You fucking Dick head. Tim Sullivan sent that in row. Spoon manage. If. You have an insult. You like me US on Mitch of the tablet show Tim. Sullivan sounds like he's from my neck of the woods. You mean Irish. Yeah. Have you better watch his fucking back. Wow, if anyone from the Quincy. Sends in a row so I don't like my quincy. Boys are GonNa Fuck and beat the shit out. Wow Quincy on, notice. That's right. Unless it's my quincy boys who send the roast and then you know, what can I do? Yeah, they send in a lot actually. Most of the email. Nick how from Spoon Nation? And you know what people are going mad that we don't play the drops live. There's a reason we don't. It's technical. Yes, it's because also the Internet is. A little bit shoddy, yes. And so. We're going to try to play. Live from here on out I'm just telling people that now I'm Gonna I'm GonNa. Try to I'm going to try to do it. Do you mean today or do you mean after today? No, not today. So for one last time, NICK Here's a drop from tone, Daddy, who writes hi, first time making a drop ever enjoy spoon nation with an exclamation point. I like it and look. This is too long, but. You know more we're going to do. I'm recording these separately so here it is. It's a minute long, and it's a nice beat enjoy. Wow, wow, what a what a drop that was, so you said here's a drop from and left room for their name and then writes leaving a name space for their email at no point. Did you say like? Let's hear that drop. Its Columbia I dropped it in somewhere. Okay Hey. Hey, nick! Yeah, let's hear that drop. Okay I guess. They dropped it in right here. Mass Freezer Grandma's freezer. Grandma's free. GRANDMA'S FREEZER GRANDMA's Fraser. That's a good grandma freeze-dried. Frozen hotel. Frozen hopes frozen first frozen to. But the. Freezer frozen ocean. Avenue? For, frozen coach. Alain Donovan the Pentagram freeze-dried. was, a, saint. Grandma's freezer frozen. Grandma's freezer. Grandma's. Wow and if you have a drop, you'd like to submit for the show Senate into that email address which you know is boom. Man Drops at That's right one more time than email addresses spoon and drops at all right. Nick, ll you open your mouth. Scrape commitment to that bit. I told you I'm hoping food flies in there. We have a very exciting guest today. You can see him Wednesday nights on all elite wrestling dynamite on TNT. He is the bad boy joey. Vanilla Hi Joey Ed guys. Thanks for having me. It's been a long time coming. People want me to do this podcast for a long time, I. Don't know maybe because I'm Chubby. I. I have no idea. Man If. You're if you're the standard for. Chubby Chubby Mian and Mitch are in trouble. Wrestling Standard for Chubby. Oh, got it. Yeah, that's like a because. That is the thing having to have your shirt off all the time which I think I can say you do now. On the soon call is. Got To be a thing that the gets in your head, right core or you just you don't even care about it. No, it gets in your head especially when you go from a any wrestlers, people like all right. He's East Chubby we don't give a shit. Shitty falls off things, and it's kind of cool, but yeah, go on TV. They're like why the fuck would you hire this guy but? like like me at a bar with shirt on. I looked like a normal skinny guy. You know, right. In wrestling standards I duNno, I look like. I have no idea. I little beasts to them. You're so you're so beyond. Like a goal, weight, for Nick and or even to be used as as as built as you are, you're you're you're? And so to us the that ideas crazy, but only scenario in which I could look like you with my shirt off is if I find some sort of? Artifacts that grants me a wish. So I think you're doing all right. Yeah. You know what I do if I got that Arafat Nick. Nick, what's maybe I? Don't know if you WANNA. Take a guess. I thought you were GONNA. Say something that you're GonNa. Say something about me. No you know what I would do I've on the artifact, I. What I was GONNA wish for a bigger head, so it had the biggest ought. To be a walking lollipop some Ripley's believe it or not in the book. Shop in greatest showman director's cuts. Joey. I wanted to ask You A. You are in Florida right now. You're living in working there. What is the food scene like a around where you where you live? I'm still in Jersey, actually, in Jersey Yeah I live in Jersey. I'm here in Florida I just Kinda just go with the flow. You know. Oh, got it, but the food here over the last few weeks me being here. The food is actually pretty good here, of course they don't have like the the great pizza. We have in Jersey I'm York or some of a pork, roll, egg and cheese I. don't know if you guys know about that. That's a big. Big. Big Deal in New Jersey, but yeah, the food here is not too bad Ericsson Some TACO joint last night. I was pretty damn good Capital TACO. Bell TACO. There's. Florida has has changed a plenty right. There's just there's any chain. You could shake a stick at basically. There's a lot of chains actually. I went on the menu for. Capital Taco yesterday, looking at what I wanted to eat, and for some reason they just had a pitcher gender Mahal on there I have no idea why guess he really. Wow Yeah caught me off guard so. That's. Where we're trying to get. We're trying to get some sort of menu item. We're in the process right now. Of maybe getting an ice, an egg sandwich, but Possibly in the works we'll say we're afraid that it's GONNA BE! It's GONNA taste bad, and it will be appropriate for the for the menu item, but it would it would be a bummer. But that's the American dream. So you're from New Jersey. You mentioned the pizza there. What? What is this pork, roll, egg and cheese? This is a sandwich I'm unfamiliar with. You can look it up on Youtube. It's kind of like the gold standard in New Jersey. Record sandwiches. You know. Have a bacon, egg, and cheese, sandwich and a lot of. Work role is kind of A. It's also called. Taylor. Ham In some parts New Jersey okay. It's kind of a A. Fried I'd say a Fried Baloney. Kind of I to compare it to. Someone compared to Bologna the other day. Now it's been second my Ed but it's kind of like A. Grilled Fried Bologna Bega Cheese and it's just. It's delicious. This is usually thing you can pick up at like like a like a deli or like a place where you get coffee and stuff, right? They're pretty other pretty widely available I think. They anywhere. You can get Barack class. You get a cheese it's it's really it's like that's what New Jersey is known for his work Rogin. Cheese, which is weird. I've gone on kind of a deep dive with this wagon because I heard of it, an I You know there's something with in the name I. Don't know about I googled it for about three hours. It's kind of like a stick ham. I got it. Yeah, it's good. It's great. Is that your Go-to? If you're going to get like an unhealthy breakfast, is that your Go-to? Yeah, that's that's a good one. It's good quick one and. Little eat a pork. Roy Cheese real quick and you go on with your day. So. I was going to share the screen and show you one, but you disabled sharing okay. What are you afraid? I'M GONNA. Show something during the fucking record. Hold on, I, B I don't even know how to use the advanced sharing options. Oh my God. Why are you in charge of the? Get while you're in charge much. It should be Emma. She's got enough to do Yeah, I don't know it see. I don't see anything about it. Being Disabled I was doing Quincy Trivia I, was I can I can I get the zoom signing because like I only have the forty five minute limit, and you're like actually I signed up for the zoom under my own personal email, and my question to you is how many times have you used zoom to connect with family and friends? Great Question. Hasn't happened allowed. I did have a did have zoo. I do have a periodic zoom call with my parents and my brother and sister-in-law. And their kids. But that is like you know. That that's it. That's I. Think Zoom for me has become such a thing about it, so work lake related that it feels like it's an Emma's nodding along that it does not feel relaxing. If I'm having zoom, hang with somebody in the early days did but now I'm just like it doesn't feel. I don't feel like I'm connecting with someone I feel like I'm in the office. Tim Joe. I'm jealous of your of your Florida. Background seems fucking Nice over there. Nice, Very nice the weather's great. See employee freeze. Blue Sky, Mitch issue, and now we're seeing a screen full of pork. Mitch's successfully shared his pork, roll, egg and cheese Google nick actually. This is just this is just my computer. Background told them. That is a toothsome looking chunk of meat that big that big old Vic Ham! It's thick. It's very thick. There's a sandwich. Miami one of the most pork roll, egg and cheese sandwiches in all New Jersey about ten minutes away from me where they think there's about. Fourteen slices of roll on the the sandwich. Wow is a mammoth mammoth sandwich. That one looks good. Yeah, these are these. Are these look really great? We're going to get one wags. I'm curious to try it. I also like the name Taylor Ham. Taylor Ham like that's feels that feels like that you would. You would hear about Taylor Ham, and then find out. She's like on TIC TAC in on Tiktok, with one point, eight million followers, and now this is a name I have to know for some reason. Let's see if there's any any people who come up in a Taylor Ham. Search I believe it's the guy's name was. His last name was Taylor the Guy who brought it to the forefront of the breakfast I gotTa. Show you call it? Some people call it Taylor Ham, and then the other half the state calls it pork roll, and they argue with each other like idiots on which is. Here's here's a Taylor, PORCO, also like. There's a lot of. Like t shirt merchandising for for pork. You gotTa love new. Jersey's you'd was there. There's a t shirt that says pork, roll versus Taylor Ham I had no idea this was like A. Ironically a beef over pork I. think that's a t shirt. You can get up to North Airport I think I've seen that before it's. A gift shot over there so. It's in North Jersey versus south. Jersey thing so I have to assume that you are a south. Jersey is where you're from. I'm for Mike. Central I'm Mike from central between Philly and New York City got. I'm kind of like. The beginning of the shore, so I don't know some people call it pork roll. Some people call a Taylor Hand I. Call Pork Roll because that's what what I've come to know. Zero read on the Jersey equivalent of the Mason Dixon Line. That's it I'm right I'm right there other pork-barrel. Pokhrel Taylor Ham divide I I'm curious you mentioned pizza earlier. The New Jersey Pizza. Like what are you? What's the what is new? Jersey style, pizzas and adjacent to New York and what what kinds do you like to get out there? New Jersey style pizzas, basically a New York. City style pizza got so you're getting good. Quality sliced even that sliced spots in New York City are better than most of the pizza in the United States right. Jersey has. Really Good Pizza I think I top three states. The United States with the best service. New Jersey New York and Connecticut, so wow shots fired at. Illinois Chicago will not be happy about that. I'd like to. I like the deep dish. Don't get me wrong. I'm in Chicago I do I do go to the deep and. You know much down on that but I. Think as far as stopping into a pizza shop and getting a couple of slices. I think New York New Jersey Connecticut equality that Chicago. Deep dish is kind of a a task, right? It is the that's that's a that's A. It's a day runar for sure I, I, the I. Look, it's become, too. It's becoming really popular especially here in L. A. But. Nick and you you love it yourself. That Detroit Pan Sal is really great at the Triton. Trite style. L. A.. It's becoming a thing in l. a. where were Detroit Style Pan Pizza which calling La Style and I'll just write. It was of course we're stealing. Pizza Ella to to be honest. If? You go to the right spots. In somewhere like Jersey you can just. Any I'm sure in just any neighborhood or any block. You can get really happy to. More the there's more of sort of like the artisan you know. Chefs who are kind of in that Gastro pub category making pizzas out here. It's a little bit more of a little bit more pricey verse. There is like the the pizza culture that I think is such a big thing in the east coast, but you mentioned Connecticut what Mitch of You had much Connecticut Pizza. That's where all the pizza places are nick. That's why. I try to take you down there to do a little pizza tour, but. But you know you, don't. You don't WanNa don't WanNA. Do you don't want to do anything you don't WANNA do? You WanNA spend extra time with. Kidding me. I've done that. I've done that I've I went to Hartford into the pizza triangle. You know I stopped at a place you. is every time on driving in Burma Massachusetts back. The Jersey doing a show I would stop Meta. Hartford, Connecticut Pizza Place. Those are those are light, the critically acclaimed the. Bucket heavily reviewed got rated. Pizza places over there. What do you think of it? I think it's good. It's not like. They're famous for their white clam pizza. That's a big deal. Continue their like always ranked number one on on like a the like ranked pizza. West's or whatever is. Is that place in Connecticut? which I should know, the name of an can't think of it right now, but that that white clam pizza specifically have you had it. I mean no I haven't no fuck Connecticut. I've had. It's great actually and wow in Austin News. Here's a spot down the street. Air which this is weird. We stopped their way over show right down the street from that Pizza Triangle those critically acclaimed pizza places. There's a burger joint which is the oldest Burger joint and first burger joint in America. Yes yeah. Yeah I've heard of this place. Has. The cast iron things that they cook the Burgers and right the. On? Yet it just comes on white bread and they're pretty good. You know they're open to lie to am is that's why we stopped there? We didn't to stop at like. McDonald's since let's go here is pretty good. They come in those cast iron ovens for Mike the nine early nineteen hundreds so frank pepys frank map as this was called, but it's almost like a steamed inside like a like a steam Tam. All right fucking Simpson's reference man. Just saying it's the thing that was on the show, and it's how the actual authentic preparation was also. Do you think that like it's like thing like? Steamed Hams become is like the biggest thing amongst millennials. They're fucking eaten each other's asses and putting on steamed the steam. Steamed, Ham vapor wave. After an Lingus, maybe maybe maybe it's because Steve Hamm sounds like a fucking codeword. Maybe it is. Joe Joey I was I was GONNA. Say quickly. Just. A big upside to you I mean I know we and we know from doing this in probably one one hundredth of what you've done or even probably less but traveling the country. It seems like you've been able to eat out a lot of places that seems like a good upside. Even though I know that traveling is exhausting, especially with what you do, but is that. Is that a sort of thing of like when you're going from from state to state? Do pick out a spot that you think is kind of like Oh. This place is well known for this or that and you try to stop in there. Yeah, I'm a I'm a big Weirdo when it comes to that. I'm cooling going out by myself. Just finding a a well reviewed well talked about restaurant on the Internet after a show and go just sitting at the Bar, and having a few drinks and eating a good meal I fucking hate like all the guys. They just WANNA. Denny's every fucking time or while. I I WANNA eat something good I'm. I have the gift of traveling the world on someone. Else's dime might as well make the best out of it instead of bucking, go into Denny's every single time when we wgn California. That's the thing everyone wants to go to. Denny's and I fucking ate denny's. Denny's is not I mean I. I would say the only thing to to support that is that we when Nick and I are traveling will often give up, and it will be like a place that's openly. You're just for any place that you can actually sit down and get food, but I'm with you one hundred percent of trying to find like Oh. This place is known to be good here, and it's a local place, and you get drinks and something we try. We try to do better than Denny's, but sometimes you just end up at fucking, Denny's and it Kinda does suck I. Agree with you. Tell the guys I told the guys at what time I two doors down from the hotel. There's a well reviewed Mexican restaurant. That's hoping to am go there. Let's have Margaritas. Let's have fucking these great I. I went there afternoon when I had off. It was great I said. Let's go there and they're like what's go to Danny's. I. I've I understand the comfort of your traveling, and you want something predictable, but if there is just another option right there, I don't know we've really. We lucked out with some of the spots. We've hit up Mitch and door. We've had a little research and advances has helped. Guide us, but here's joey juice hop on yelp like how do you find these places when you're traveling somewhere? Sometimes beforehand by seat on food, network or something are I'll go online and read read about it and go there, but usually is just on the road, going on Google and then just kind of Just comparing everything else in seeing you know going on Google and seeing how many stars it has been going on the Alpin seem. Right yeah and you just find somewhere. Like, it's it's it's made. Made my road trips a lot longer than they should have been so but. I think. Do you have any obviously? Travel is a very different thing right now it but it did you have for the past you know the past year when you guys were traveling more. You're doing a either on the indy circuit or when you're doing. A W shows across the nation. Do you have any recent favorites from any particular city? Not really because at. An A W. Catering is great. You know so. You have catering all day. And an afterwards, you're getting more free food, so it's really not like an. There's usually an after party somewhere so now to go in that. Like I did on the Independent Guy I. Do the show and get some need by myself. It's really that's not the case anymore so. Having it in a while yet, it's catering is interesting, because obviously that's the thing me in me and Mitchell. RUN INTO ON. Working on TV shows and and and movie shoots and the the thing is like. A lot of times. It's just at least on the shows I've worked on. It's Shitty and that sucks because you WANNA get like it's free, so it's essentially part of your compensation, so you WanNa. Take it, but then it's like this sucks, and you get so exhausted by it that at some point, you're going out of pocket. Just to like eat something. That's not the SLOP that you're getting fed on that if you can even if even have the time to do that, but that's the. That's like that's read that aws good catering. Yeah, they're catering's in Grand Slam every week as something. Everyone looks forward to and then afterwards Tony Kahn. Where always go back to the hotel? He throws a party. This happens every week and eventually after an hour or two who order about. Hundred. Walker sandwiches for no reason and we'll probably. Eat thirty of them in the hotel. Staff will give him out to the rest of tell staff. Whoever's, but it's always an excessive amount of food with him. It's like. Like I, it's just excessive. There's be like eighteen people partying order three hundred talk some. We'll be all right whatever. That rules that's always. We've talked about this before wire, but if you go to a party and you bring like to McDonald's cheeseburgers, you're the king of a party it. It's awesome. Yeah, if you had to Tony, Kahn, party, or getting three hundred McDonald's cheeseburgers for thirty. Are you get into one of these Tony Kahn Parties Damn. So joy I want to ask as you're. As, you're traveling and as your door, or even if you're not traveling as a as a pro wrestler, what is your your eating regimen before a match or like like do you have to? Because I would always get like a like a nervous stomach, if I was going to do a show or something like that, so for a long time I couldn't eat anything, but obviously like what what I'm doing. What me and Mitch are doing or is not even like a physical activity. How you filling yourself up before you wrestle I kind of Ever since I started doing TV wrestling and I lost a bunch of weight and get in better shape. I've Kinda gotten a grasp of out to eat before show. Not a lot of carbs nothing with cheese or not just piece of meat, maybe some rice and vegetables. Sometimes. just approaching a couple of protein ball are. Back in the day when I was when indies I didn't give a shit. Going to wd I at in and out. In the afternoon before I wrestling didn't care, but now it's kind of like. You realize that. If you eat in and out before a match is GonNa look like Shit. You're going to be bloated on TV, so you don't want to do that right we do. We do the same thing before doboy live shows. We make sure that we're not bloated before we go on. I can't imagine doing a show and not feeling like Shit. That's like. Time. Joe Is is is there is there? Is there post shows? I mean just just you know you're working out your burn tons of calories and everything like that. Is that where you then turn it on? Can you eat anything you want? Are you in? You're starving to I. Just remember this from from what I actually did. Intense workouts which I haven't done in like a fifteen or so years close to twenty years. But just being able to fucking. Eat A shitload and just go at it after like after a big long day of working out or something, but is, is that kind? Do People Feast? Nuts. I think everyone just goes. Nuts said I even the even the body guys. If like I said Tony Kahn is going wild up from the show ordering. He's not only so he'll order. Uber eats, and then who order door dash grub hub. He'll order from three different restaurants. We'll just get bombarded with food and we'll all be. Trashed, so everyone's eat it. Like a Brian Cage you have your meals in. Your Cooler is around your old time, so. Brian or people who don't follow wrestling just a huge Jack Dude just super-duper shredded. It looks like everyone how everyone is supposed to look as a professional wrestler enough this. Vanilla. Wrestling hybridise that it's be. Brank edge has like the body that I. would if I when I was a kid? And I like draw just like drawing big muscles that was like the kind of guy withdraw. Deemed, being someday having that body calm nick. Be Honest you still draw. I've been working at it. Man I wish I could draw. Save myself some Google searches. You mentioned Jelly Joey I, know also that you are a white claw enthusiast. Yes, I actually have Joey Giannella. White cloth themed shirt in my in my possession in my view was well joy. From when we used to see in the PWG days. And I don't want to say to the world. When I just saw you. Drinking and I won't even say it. I put it out there i. put it out there. I said these are great I'm object clause do. I hate truly I. Hate Truly, is I? I hate them I think they're syrupy shit, but the they came out with the lemonade variety pack, and it's just incredible, and it tastes like lemonade. Wow, we were. We, we we we did. We did a double where reviewed a few of them, and we had a bunch of 'em leftover. And I didn't love him when we first had them and then I as I was drinking my during these Quincy Trivia nights that I do is. I also agree with you there. They're very very good especially after you've had a couple of them, they taste great. It tastes great. It tastes like Mike's hard lemonade, but without sugar, and and the only one hundred calories, so I go wrong with that. The white 'cause I I love him still, but I've I've dragged them so much. So much that it's just like. You know you WANNA. Switch it up once in a while. One hundred percent. Do, you have a a like a favorite white cloth flavor a Goto. I used to like Black Cherry that I got into the lime, but then I started drinking the new variety, pack the watermelon and the Lemon. They're all pretty good. I think the watermelons pretty damn good and I hate watermelon flavored shit so. You know they got me with that one so right? I think it's good I. I like White. Claw the reason I started drinking white clause 'CAUSE I. was. Drinking too much craft beer and Yeah, you know how that is. This. Like drinking a loaf of bread. Yeah, one hundred percent I put mean I. Put on so much weight when I used to drink more beer and it's it's crazy. What Ki-? What subtracting that can do because it's just so many rock calories, but so that's the white clause. The all the varietals of of you know these these carbonated sweetened. Like Lacroix variance, those of others have been kind of a godsend for you, it seems. Are Think Yeah Great. And that's. Like I was the first one that drink them and. I think I went on a date with a girl that she started a white claws ill. That's gross. I had one the. It's not too bad in it. I started drink. And, then and then I started posting about me. Drake, NAM and I started showing up in these shows, and I would pull up to the each show in. Fans outside early in the afternoon with coolers, white clawed string. Joe, you WanNa White, claw, and then I realized that I did something. Joy You I've stayed away from the from beer cutting I've cut out beer quite a bit which i. feel like is big thing, but then nick at the end of the night. I'm blended up a loaf of bread and I'm drinking like. Yeah. It was still white claws, and then and then and then. I got Tony Kahn into the white and he. He. He got really into it so now. He carries around the Duffel bag. Will white cost so even? Party we go to a restaurant and don't have white clause. You know there's Duffel bag. White closed underneath the table, and that's what everyone in so. That's official. The official unofficial drink of aws white call your rarely at the after party. You'll have to bring the beer yourself if you want drink beer. You're drinking club because I even I pitched truly laminated Tony. Kahn and he's like we can't do that. We have to drink Whitehall. Wow how. Tony. Kahn, we should mention anyone who doesn't who may not follow wrestling. Billy, the billionaire like it. Just let it like and when you talk about stuff like like ordering three hundred walkers or Carry around a Duffel bag full of white claw. That's like the kind of rich guy opulence that I can get behind 'cause you know when when it's like the guy who's like fucking. I don't know like someone who like I really just super intellect, marble, or like you know like eating like fucking hot like caviar and shit like that's always or collecting ten thousand dollars bottles of wine. That's always just like man that just seems so wasteful, but if it's just like I can just get a bunch of stuff for to to hand to people that Seems Fun with Warren. Buffett doesn't have a Duffel bag fucking white claw. Warren Buffet Actually is an ex Warren. Buffett is a guy who lives in Omaha and like drinks, Cherry Cokes. He's he is another kind of every man. You Know God. Damn super-rich. You. The one example that. Contradicts your premise all right? Give me some bad GIMme a bad billionaire man Elon, Musk. Fuck La, Mosca I don't even WanNa talk about. He's he's eating. Metal is any metal. SPACEX had that launched. Nick it the there was a launch. Just just recently. Yeah in rocket. I couldn't it felt dystopia and for me to even take in we? We've talked about this, but Tom. Cruise is going to. is going to work with Elon Musk for a movie where he's in space. And you and I are very scared, because we think that you must is GonNa fuck up and kill Tom Cruise. I'm scared on cruises behalf. I love cruise and yeah. I would I mean that's the kind of I think the death that he would deserve in the in the line of duty, if you will making a film doing a stunt so perilous that finally at fells him, but It's man I don't want it. I don't the data come? I love me neither. Joey Want to say congrats on double or nothing. Happened happened a few weeks ago now. At this point but. You are great in that that big ladder match there it was, it was it was. It was an awesome match. Something that did just consistent moves that that that scare the Shit Outta me and I. I can't even flip and you. You Make Fun of yourself for being a being a Chubby Guy, but you're just doing insane. Acrobatic stuff were known the way Mike Carlson when when we went to PWG, you were introduced to us as a guy who would who took extreme. Extreme bumps and I don't I. Don't I don't WanNa talk like like I know the business that well because I. don't I sound like a fool, but? Do you. Do you still to this day Ju Ju at you? Have this thing where you feel like you've gotta take it to that next level or now that you're you're you're with a double? A. W. Doesn't feel like a thing where you're like. I don't have to do as. craziest things is I used to do or how? How do you feel about that? Now. It's more when the time is right back in the day. It was just do it every show. I didn't know why did it. Just, did it? Now it's like. Pick your pick and choose your Your. Poison and you know I. Bring it out. I did a couple. Couple, crazy things in the ladder match, but if you follow me during my independent run, you know that was nothing compared to what I used to do. Some of the crazy shit gins building sir. No money or Falling off ladders, eighteen times in one match and house, getting up and walking around, and then wrestling the next three days, but now it's pick and choose your poison. You know I'm thirty now and I need a quarrel on my body I'm feeling it I'm feeling it I. Never felt it like I'm invisible. No now feel it sucks. Yeah! There's a great documentary on on Youtube about you, Joey. That's that was the first one I was introduced you and a it and I the exact name of it. I can can figure it out and we'll. We'll lease. Please died. Please don't die. Please don't die. That's right, yes. And it's it's it's it's wild. It's a great doc. It's it's it really shows you putting yourself out there for your for your art, and it's really cool. L. Yeah. Is As school as hell on? Please don't die. They chant that wrestling shows they chant that doboy shows. This chant, please do die. People who have it out for us while you buy a ticket? So you're like. Is there a stunt? That is there anything you mentioned? You mentioned you know falling off a ladder eighteen times like. Is there something that stands out in your head is like man. This is one I really regret, or this is one. That was like maybe I. Took it a notch too far. Well the the one the roof, one that right viral, of course, but if that never happened, who knows where I'd be right now, So so it's Kinda if I went back to the past that. If I had the choice again. Yeah, I would do it again because it's kind of made me who I am right for those who don't know is it was a spot where we're joey basically. You've you fell off a how how how how how big was that building? Joey? It was a it was what? It was what. Thirty five feet three be Christ, and the it's it's. It's really it's really something else, and it's in the end. It's featured in that that documentary. The please don't Die Doc. But that led to that led to that lead to good things for you as far as the indie world correct. That was sort of that. That's what that's. What a boom! My wrestling career for sure was that because it was so ridiculous and. especially at that time, when all the concussion knowledge was coming out and and whatnot, they're like. Why would someone do something like this? Right Joe Euro Guy. Who Promotes Kinda young in new wrestlers, which is really awesome. That's the that's the thing that Nick and I are the opposite. When we hear of a new funny person, we we saying you're they get a lifetime ban from every morning on the pod. Finding us. Unfortunately everyone always does. Yeah, no matter who is on air, but that's a. that's a really cool thing. Is that it was that just something that was always important to you? Is it something that you came up with and you kind of you know guys did the same thing for you or what's the deal? Is People really didn't. Help me coming up. You know like that. Just, give it just. An a big thing when me is, you know building the future of. Dependency in because now with the WWe in aws new Japan and Everything that goes on UK. run-up up to TV a lot faster than they would say twenty years ago when you heard, someone got signs on the independence. Fifteen years ago like a honker. A Daniel Bryan you're like. Wow, they got signed. Now it's like if you make it to a certain level. You know that person's GonNa. Get signed no matter what. So, so now it's I think for me. It's my job. As someone who? Who loves the independence is to. Push out new guy new faces to keep things going independent so the independent wrestling she does die. You know but So it's it's. It's pretty cool in that's. It's been happening just organically. You know so I really don't have to go out of my way to sign someone. I just had the one shot on one big show and I know in that moment. Don't make a name for himself. The nobody a new. A new name on. The wrestling scene. That's awesome. Yeah, that's right that is great, and also it is. It is seems very different from the comedy world where there is I feel so much bitterness and jealousy. With people I take you know this is true. I feel like that is the case with A. New a new person comes in. The wake of a person's funny. They're funny and you're like. Oh, great. This is great that this person's Newark, but there is a lot of people will get jealous and. And be like fuck this person you know what I mean. But there there is that is that is a cycle of like like. Wow, this new person's great, and then, and then that shifts into resentment of this person having a what appears to be rapid success. However long they'd worked at beforehand and then that's yeah. That's I think a common pattern I it's. It's interesting I mean I'm sure that happened. I'm sure that's universal that. To everything though I'm sure that that happens a lot. You know you see someone coming up quickly and everyone's all. Of some inherent jealousy comes out of some people, and he just depends on the wrestling. Like warren, Buffett seems the new billionaire. Buffets fucking stewing over thirty. Wrestling as well. Yeah, it happens. People get jealous of someone that's rising pretty fast, and that's why I feel like I helped a lot of guys out so Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah, that's that's that's that's. That's really cool you, that's A. Big thumbs up for that. That's cool wall. We're on this topic so. We've been the benefit of it, too. Is just from. We've been the beneficiary. I've seen some of the shows that you. What would you say that you produce the promote like Joey Geneva's escape from L. A. I was at. A. Lot of the young talent gets in the ring and shows her fucking great. Yeah, jungle boy was made in L. A. for one of my shows, and when I hit up jungle boy, originally for those that don't know jungle boy. They're listening lot bands jungle boy. Is the son of Luke, Perry from nine Oh. Two one. Oh, and he was wrestling since he was like thirteen years old right, but he was just a local California indie guy and we started getting We started seeing him Really improve at Houston cool stuff that we decided to throw him on. The Ellen Show and Before that he had no social media had big flat out. Tell him listen. You'RE GONNA blow up after this match need to sign up for twitter right now. Right? And he was like okay, and then he signed up for twitter and. The rest is history now. He's on TV every week so awesome. His recipe his his Dad Luke Perry. Would we saw him at a few pay? WG shows and things like that he would, he would come and watch jungle boy, which is really cool a cool dude. Out. Juggle boy R.I.P, paren- At jungle boy fucking is fucking roles I. Did think I do think I saw him for the first time. A one year shows the thing about like. He's very athletic, but he's hit just an amazing head of hair. I'm not saying that's his main asset or anything, but you just like that has got a fucking main. Joey Joe. You gotTA. You got a good head of hair to yourself. As it were the hair Boyce. We're snatching. All the women are hair. While they hear boys would beat the shit out of the boys. We're. Why are you challenging? Why don't challenge the hair boys? Doing not at all a heroin, we got challenge to a hair off. We don't. Grow it out. The most hair wagon I have her is probably on our face, and then the rest of our bodies pretty much looks like a Ken doll yes. Pretty smooth man, my body below the waist looks like a Ken doll to by the way. We'll be back with more dobos. Hey out there. You struggling to think of the perfect father's Day gift. Don't get your dad in TUI-. Or. Have you tried Cologne shopping for your life had no idea where to start your totally lost in the colonial. You know what they'll like. Well here's the thing. Hawthorne. Is a great product that makes a great gift. It smells great. It's personalized as premium quality ingredients convenient easy to buy online. You take a quiz. I took the quiz I got some great products. I'm sitting pretty and the packaging is elegant. And arrives ready to make your. Body not smell like your body. Mitch. You have some Hawthorne Products I particularly. 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It's like pringles I feel like now you know. pringles just started coming out with like a thousand flavors, and they'll have like a fucking you know. Like a pizza flavor whatever they'll have all these weird concoctions, and and some of them hit and some of them. Don't I feel like that's there's too many of those. Oh, I fully agree with you. I saw I saw pig come. Yeah that seems like a miscalculation. Son Who's GONNA WANNA eat that I got him. And you know we'll see, but you saw pig. Come on the label when you bottom. What they're pretty good. Honestly well, then there you go. You answered your own question to be honest. They probably have something only data. Japan, we had when we went. Japan and he had an APP on your phone to scan items that we couldn't read and it would translate it, and there was some some of them like a pig, calm and whatnot that we were like Fox. Jesus Do you have a when you were in Japan. Where do you have any like a favorite food spots you to hit up? Or any great meals? This all gets pretty good. If you walk out the seven eleven in Japan, it's like walkie. A walking in a gourmet restaurant. Wow, it's pretty cool. We gotTA DO JAPAN WIDER WE'RE GONNA do dope boys and Japan Yeah. I've never crossed an ocean, so it's always fascinating for me to try to talk to. Someone well travelled out of no idea what to do with myself. You never cross the ocean. I've lived my whole life in North America landlocked. Yeah I guess I'm Kinda landlocked. Let's discuss Let's discuss Chili's so joey wanted to have you on the show for a while were thrown. We can. We can have you here, but why, in this specific moment is chilies chain that you WanNa? Cover chilies favorite chain to be honest and. Route? And I think it all stems from. Going to the wrestling showed the kid like the ager. The show that it'd be like we're basing their permit in. New Jersey at that time and going to those shows, my dad, taking me the chilies. That's the first place I. And I think what I was a baby I'm good. Chili's a lot Austin so Yeah, just like Chili's. Chili's I like. are like the food I like Margaritas. Yeah, just Kinda came to light lately as Rumors spread. That means Cornet. Enjoyed our time, Chile's together at a little mandates so. Now for our for our listeners, who maybe don't know a how who is? Jim Cornet a gym. Cornet is an eighties and nineties wrestling personality. He was a manager mainly. He came to light in the eighties as a big manager in the NBA and. He just hates the rest later today he hits the wrestlers today. And as far as his list I gotta be in the top five of public enemy's that fucking guy. So I went someone asked me about Jim Cornet. On one of my instagram lives and I told everyone said now mid. It's a work where we're cool. We just give each other publicity. We're actually Chili's meet. and. We had a good time, and then someone asked him on twitter. Did you really meet up with Joey? Chilies and JEB cornered said rather get corona virus than meet up with Joey chilies. Jesus I'm pretty sure he wouldn't survive. Corona virus so I'm pretty sure. I wish he would walk into a Supermarket York City without a mask. Be Honest at this point, but. As fucked up as it sounds but anyways. So then chilies involved and Chile started messing with Cornet. Saying Yeah, you guys at Chili's. You know and it right teasing Cornet resetting him. CHECKER DMC. Jim We sent you a free a coupon for a Margarita to the point that he blocked everyone in went on a tear. All the dirt sheets picked it up on wrestling dirty. Pick it up as a top story. That Chile's confirmed showy. Jamila enter Cornet had a great time at Chili's and. Man I got I got. That's probably the coolest. Like a chain restaurant, social social media move, I've ever seen I like that more than than Wendy's being kind of like a hip funny twitter account that's not cheeky or Denny's mentioned earlier. Denny's has always recycling memes like that was just kind of like all right. It's kind of an eye rolling, but yet. Chili's is Tilles seems like that they're they're managing. Their brand will pretty well on social. There's someone cool who did that. That's great. Yeah, this went on for like five days to so it's not like they just put out one tweet every time he wrote us. And we would team up against Jim till the point that me block Chile's blocked everywhere. It blocked me for a third time. It's just funny like this like this sixty year, old man or fifty year old man, blocking chilies is just a very funny thing. Jake. That's such a like that feels like you've just snapped at that point. If you're blocking Chili's on social media, something has gone very wrong. He's actually blocked me three times. He's blocked me to unblock me to talk shit about me. The block me again. And then he unblocked me for about maybe a year only to block me again when men chilly started double teaming. If, my if my mom was like I like she called me up and I was like I blocked Chile's. They're. They're lying to me I. I would I would be pretty nervous. Looking to assisted living facilities, mom. The Joey so so you actually have normally eaten advanced, but you have your meal in arrived as we started recording, and you're going to be eating some of this live I guess so you're saying it's kind of an Asmar version of of the pod. We're GONNA. Get a little bit of that. Yeah! I didn't know I didn't know the rules I. Didn't know if I ate it during or or before the podcast you guys at your food yesterday but I had some gentle eighty five year. Old Woman Papa. The passenger seat the amnesty from door dash just went on air so allow. Well, let's get into what we ordered a so I I will say that I ordered online and I went to pick mine up and the from the Manhattan. Beach Location here in the La area. I will say they're text. Messaging System for picking up is very slick because they they send you a taxed, and then you text here when you're in the curbside area I, just literally taxed them, and then they'll bring your food out as very convenient and the the worker there was was very kind and conscious of of you know what? A p. e. and social distancing I got a patrol. Margarita which comes. This is the this is patrolled silver Tequila La. Big, road soda their. Roger. Well this is the thing so they. They make a point of it being shaken twenty five times. And then they put it in Sira Foam, Cup but you have to put it in your trunk Oh. Wow, 'cause. Know can't yeah. There's the open carry laws, so let me guess some things in your trunk that they couldn't see. It is a thing where you have to like. You really have to kind of wedge it in there like it's like a trunk is not a great place for a beverage. Yeah, so that was a little bit of a it. It it it. It worked out fine because they had the dope. That's that should be. The Boys Epitaph. Trunk is not a great place for beverage. I'm so. It's a little bit inconvenient. Also got a site house salad with their Avocado ranch dressing, which is their unique dressing original Chili, which they describe as yeah. Chile is our thing. He's always forget. The chiles has chilly, but it's not their thing. That's not true. It's not their thing well I mean that's they're claiming that. It is I think. They began as a chilly restaurant when their original Texas locations began. That was there were they were selling? And I also got the boss Burger which is described as the Burger. All other burgers report to. It's got brisket rib meat Jalapeno. Gender Smoked Sausage Bacon and Cheddar on that. And then a cheeky, cheeky, blue sandwich, crispy, chicken, lettuce, tomato, red, onion, avocado, bacon, and blue cheese crumbles on a Brioche Bun out of Boston, these bad bad boys. It's like the Asshole boss that that that people don't WanNa like he's. Everyone has to report to this guy. Yes, this burgers a fucking Dick so taskmaster. And I got an order of Texas Cheese fries, which is a which is fries with cheese Bacon Jalapenos and green onions. And it comes a little bit of Ranch Mitch. How you let's run through your roster of of what you ordered all right. Might. Take a couple of minutes. I also did the curbside pickup. I I ordered online, and then a I got the text message. Drove to Encino. Drove up there two, NCA, no and my order, and they say the staff was great. They did a really really really great job. They you're saying Nick socially distanced. They came out to my car. Even, before, because I texted that I was here. Just say you're here in your your your vehicle. Make basically and they right just come out and know your car. And, even before that guy came, and he said what's the name on the order and I said Mike Mitchell, and he went off, and I got it probably within five minutes or so I. Don't think it was i. don't think it was done when I got there, but I got it pretty quickly. I ordered some southwestern egg rolls neck the the classic from there. which came with Avocado ranch dressing I got extra on. That mine wasn't to green was your Avocado ranch dressing green? Not Particularly Green, in fact I wonder if I got the right dressing even I wondered as well. Maybe there's some sort of avocado, shortage or something right now or i. don't know what the deal is, but it wasn't as green as I thought it would be I got chips and salsa. Nick a bag of chips and salsa. I did the boneless wings with buffalo sauce. Blue Cheese extra blue cheese and extra ranch. southwestern smoke smoke house burger was my my entree. And no pink. That's what it said on the order. No Pink, which wouldn't fly in the nineties. But. It worked pretty well. What? What do you mean in in the nineties you? You Want Pink. The singer pink was great. That's what you're referring to okay. Pinkas? Things, I didn't realize to specifically subscribe describing the singer pink of saying as a statement. No Pink wouldn't of flown in the nineties got it. Yes, people were people were hungry for pink back. Then I think it was more. Thousands wasn't more the two thousands, God, Damnit Joey you know what you're right. All right great. Joe is a better wrestler and comedian than me. I guess. The wrestling wasn't really a question. I, rest. I wrestled my freshman year of high school and then. And then I I did it for one day. My junior year of high school and I and I was done. They pair me up, you. Not You, Joey how you do those those exercise where he put like a guy on your back. And you like and then like we, you'd run upstairs. The guy in your back wrestling so intense it's. Like A. High School in in in in college just I. Mean The sport as a whole is just so intense. And the guy who was the guy who is the closest and wait to me? was this guy named tugboat? and. He weighed like D. weighed like three hundred pounds when we were, and he was a big big dude, and so I couldn't carry you know what I mean. I couldn't get that guy. My back I was a little. I was weak he was. But? He was way heavier than you is. What? I'm big, but I'm week. That's the thing with me. And then I got some boneless. Some boneless blowing buffalo sauce extra already said that Smoke House Burger and then nick. I got a dessert I got the molten chocolate cake for dessert. And also I got to see Coca Cola's because it was Sunday. My Cheat Day and I drink sodas on much day Anyways, that was my full order. The molten chocolate cake, the ice cream payment a separate container. Yes, and it melted a little bit, but it actually kind of worked out pretty well, but I'll get to that when we're when we're when we're breaking down the food a little bit more. Yes, as you mentioned, desserts did I also got a Paradise Pie, which is a chocolate chip, walnut and coconut bar at comes with also a little a little mode. Mode on the side, a little vanilla ice cream on the side that I put in the freezer immediately, and it stayed pretty pretty well does time and stayed pretty well. Put together until it was time the meal eat. It also had some hot fudge and caramel drizzle over is actually kind of had to assemble it. There was a lot of work to do to put that together, but I worked I was like caramel sauce with the with the. Cake to that you had a poor on. But I think actually more like a chocolate sauce, but still. It was like as many steps assembling like a fucking Nike a bookshelf like I had to do so many things to make this desert ready Joanna at a doboy live show. Would you ever come out and super-quick wagon I in the face absolutely. Hell Yeah. Absolutely I didn't agree to this. It's on. Thank you, Joey. It's happening Oh. Yeah, Oh, yeah. Nick. How don't worry about it? It will happen. It will be a surprise to you. So Joe you're nibbling on some things. As we were talking through our our roster venue Adams what? What did you order today, so? I ordered the appetizer. The triple differ usually get. It's probably the best appetizer sampler at of all the at of all the chain restaurants. Wow, it's really. Because, they have such a great selection of stuff. You can get on there, but I went with the the chicken. Wings regular. Probably the first chicken naive. My life was from Chile's, so it Kinda brings me back. I got to south Western aid rolls. Watch weird. Thing is when you order. South West eight-year-olds roads that go there not slice like they are in the restaurant. They look like actual April not sliced. And I got the chicken. Christopher's but I got them in the original batter. Not The new better new better sucks. I Hate I'm not a big fan of chicken brisard. smut with the original better. It's kind of like unal cake batter. I really like them. I like honey mustard. Ring out this and I got the. The chips Chili's the biggest bottomless. Yes at if you go in and eat, you can get as much as you want. Be Fat, Fuck. So. I got those as well. Yeah they give you. They give you a good portion of those chips and they. They put them in a bag. And basically it says toss in the microwave for forty five seconds. It says it right on the side of the bag. I put I put some of mine in the air. Fryer. Nick and I'm also Mike. I microwave some of them it works. Better than you think it, would they. They really really feels like you're at a restaurant and you got. A bag of these kind of hot fresh chips ranks well. Is that they work in the Air Fryer. They work in the Air Fryer yeah. Oh Wow I'm going to try. I kept my eye on them and I. Just like and I did like you know like a minute and was kind of looking at them, and yet they. It worked really well so joe. You have an Air Fryer right now where I'm at, we do have an Air Fryer, your? To whip up in that bad boy. I never went up anything in it'd be honest. But I'm going to have to buck with it. Chips chips chips are work really well in it. Anything like that that like it doesn't matter for tries it out too much. I think that's the thing that I've come. Like. I've learned from the Air Friars. Basically it can dry some stuff out I. I ate some pizza yesterday neck for for on Sunday, for for for another show and. I put a slice, and they're kind of dry it out a little bit a little bit dash, but it does a really great job. With a lot of things, trade it out. It's kind of like Adobo with a sexual partner. I don't think it to be a sexual partner. I think just to. Just be in someone's presence. So I'll say that. The patrol Margarita was good travel. It home was a bit of a pain in the ass because of the trunk reason, but that's Chile's fault, but the had a lot of ice in there and it it. It tasted pretty good I mean it tasted like Chili's Margarita and I feel like a of the restaurants. Chili's has has pretty cocktails. Nick didn't make it from your car to the House or was already gone by the time. They actually have. It has like a piece of tape over it like a piece of caution tape that lets you know that it sealed that you have to remove. I guess in case you get pulled over Jay. We should get Chili's to fucking do that to everyone of your drinks. Sky Spills a lot. Joey I am a spill. Her I did not spill this quality. Drink the site. How solid I felt like there was no reason for me to get this I mean I I think it was. I the Avocado ranch dressing is the issue like I thought that this was going to give me give it a little bit of something over just like a generic dinner salad, but it didn't, and the produce wasn't anything. Particularly Special I do like the presence of cucumbers, but overall didn't blow me away. The. Ranch is such is such. Is Such a dip dip? Like to me just because it comes with southwest, egg rolls it just such a dipper, so it's interesting to put it on, and I know. Ranch goes on addressing on a salad. Whatever is a good dressing for the avocado. Oh, just almost feels like more like a dip to me so I'm. An interesting choice wags well I'll say that it just that I didn't get much avocado from at anyway like it's just like it to me, it was it might as well have just been ranch. In fact, they might have just given me ranch, but that's what I selected on the APP. The the Chili I will say. Very good and honestly maybe maybe the highlight of this meal it like Chili's Chili's good, and I haven't had it in a while I. Don't think maybe the last time we reviewed it or maybe the first time we reviewed it, which was our very first episode. I had the Chili from chilis and remember it, and and and it. It kind of jogged my members like Oh. Yeah, this is fucking great. There's a reason this is their name. Wow, yeah, in this was our first episode Tam. This is our first episode. And then we went to Chili's to which is the airport version for two hundred fiftieth episode. Now here we are Joey. This is going to Chili's just reminds us that we shouldn't have started this show, yeah. Five years of our lives wasted. I didn't know that. was you guys I episodes children's. We've and then we flew. We flew to Vegas for Chile's too, and we didn't leave the airport. We just sat in the airport in Vegas maybe first. People ever do that in Vegas. Just visited the Vegas airport, but okay, so flew back. Yeah, but the. The I will say of the of these the drink and starter. The Chili was the standout. In fact, even time the boss Burger I think just looks like own Gotcha at too much going on. They just like so many. The so many of the meats just turned into Lake A. It because it the way it's presented, it sounds like it's ground up with the beef, but it's not. It's just kind of layered on there, so it's just this mushy. The texture is all is all you know God. We gooey so soft and Chewy. Bad Way. It's not what you want in a burger, and it's just got to too much going on the chair. The tricky Blue Sandwich was pretty good, but I think. The blue cheese was like. It it just was. It just wasn't enough of a presence. I feel like I wanted more of it. You sound like such a child you just. So soft and Chewy Cheeky Sandwich. You sound like a fucking fool. It's called cheeky, Cheeky Blue Sandwich when the name of the menu item I know I'm just telling you. All the other stuff you combine with, you sounded like a fool. What do you want me to say? I don't know. Maybe don't insult me. I'm doing my best. You're mad at me. No, it's fine. I flew over time. I think that's why people listen. They just want to hear a sound like idiots. Is Pretty Cool. That's what I say. Nick I I'M GONNA. Say this. Joey pointed this out, yes! The southwestern egg rolls like Joey came come as a big full egg roll. In, the travel is also a part of this travel travel traveling with this food for like twenty minutes closest. Chili's is about twenty to twenty five minutes basically until I got the food back to my place. Yes, what when it comes as a full egg roll I think there might be something where it's just not crispy and heated up as much as it would be with if when it's cut in half the restaurant I don't know if they cook it a little bit more after it's cut in two on what the deal is, but it just felt a little bit more and I ate. I ate one. I ate all of them just as as kind of a big. Agrawal. And I put one of my air fryer a little later like the next day or whatever that actually helps a little bit because it it crisp that up a little bit more. But one is a big role. It's just kind of there's a lot. needs to be cut in to those are those. It's a good it turns out. It's a good restaurant. It's a good to have in restaurant right. Yeah I can see that with a lot of deep fried things. Just don't travel all that well. That's one reason I got the cheese fries over. Just the regular fries 'cause those fries would probably get soggy, but having all those toppings on there I actually helped quite a bit, and I liked that comes with the ranch by default, because that helps it from from being dry as well. you know again it. It's it's a I could maybe use get rid of one element among the cheese Bacon Jalapenos and green onions I could maybe lose one of those they are, but they're good cheese fries. So Joe you've been I've been watching you eat. eat wings shirtlessly like a king. I'm curious. How is your? How is your house? Your food holding up? How's your meal? It's pretty good. You know of course when like I said. When you order it to go, it's it's kind of soggy. It's not like the inhouse chilly meal that you would have. Not Too bad, if I was, if I was absolutely hammered right now our stone off my ass I would be an absolute, saying this the greatest food I ever in my life. Right now. Being. It's still pretty good to be honest. Even as a little soggy mcchicken crisper. Juicy the original battery ones I don't know what it is. You can eat those cold. We'll be great. Diplomat honey mustard so. You specified the original batter or like. Is that a thing? You just tell the employees and they know what you're talking about. At first when they changed the better. It was kind of like a secret menu item but I. Guess It's the original batter the person so popular that. They had it. Added to the menu as well. God bless America where? Like appeal, the batter can change in so many people by the batter's different in the back. It's a great. It's a great thing, Nick. Yeah, that's the. That's the outrage. That will be address. The I'm curious that the. But like why do they even have the new batter? If people want the original batter, it's like coca-cola still selling new coq. It's people have rejected your innovation. Just make the original the default. You don't make an option. The new batteries on it just tastes like. Chicken figures you can get on. A boardwalk somewhere like for for overprice you know value. Yeah, but the original batter tastes like. Probably the best chicken chicken finger fan, let's chilies sticking fingers, and I our love, the chicken fingers, yet it's a bold move getting both wings and chicken fingers I. Love It, but they kind of do different things. Nick I. I agree with Joey. There's the the food when when when you travel it kind of become stratified. It's swampy. It's got a swamp thing going on with it. And that was Kinda issue I had with a few of my things southwest Western eggrolls for sure more so the boneless Buffalo Wings which I love Y'all love him, but they they were. They were soggy out Shrek Af- I'd. The battery the battery was basically fallen off of them. In the in the the the actual meat was kind of tough, and they were. That was one. That was one of the worst and I and I love those I mean. That's that's what kind of made me fall in love with chilies, those boneless wings when I was in college we go and get chips and salsa, the bottomless chips and salsa, some strawberry, frozen strawberry Margaritas, and then you go out that night and be too afraid to talk to any woman that was kind of. The deal. And and the the wings were just a real real downside. Th the chips and salsa were great, and when I came up a worked great, that was really great. They give you they give you some extra salsa would. You! If you want you, just order a little bit extra, and they give you a good amount of it. Because they really I would say I suggest to doing it because they just give you a ton of chips Ram. My my southern Smoke House Burger Of come feel like it's coming from a bog. You know what I mean it felt. In on that southern smokehouse Burger you got Bacon. Cheddar. Pickles awesome blossom petals, lettuce tomato garlic. Served with the side of original barbecue sauce I didn't get the original barbecue sauce. which you know, what can you do? And the awesome blossom pedals were that was Kinda issue with it they were. STRELKA FIDE swamped out. And so the Burger itself it was still decent, but it was nice what it would be in store and look. We know what's gone on pandemic. It's crazy right now. and honestly the service was really really good. Yes, but for me. The the bite of the night spoons by the night nick was that molten chocolate cake, man. It Wow, fucking ruled. It was so good I put it in the microwave and I a. he leopard like For, like thirty forty seconds put the ice cream in the freezer took that out. It was fantastic an honestly, if anyone. During during the pandemic wants to just pick up a surprise, dessert or something, you can't go wrong with this budget. Molten chocolate cake, yes. Country your experience. My Paradise Pie was not a particularly exciting desserts, and I did I did warm it up a little bit in the microwave I mentioned all the different steps of assembly that required I. Think I made it. You know pretty well pretty good presentation, considering my my resources at home and my skill in the kitchen. About the. It just like it. It just didn't that bar just didn't have a lot of flavor, and that was like the core of it, but it just felt like I was eating something. It was just this kind of inert like just sort of generally sweet with a little bit of coconut. You know thing with the texture of a FIG Newton. It just wasn't particularly exciting. And I think if I if I gone that? Lava. Cake I would have had a better experience. Joey any other any other notable things from your observations from the the meal eaten in front of you. The beyond is not too bad because I. before I started eating, I was sitting here. Talking to you guys about what a good forty five minutes to an hour. Yeah, and it was. I was just sitting there in the buccaneers and the artist is not too bad. The chips are still Christie. Didn't have to eat them up. No. There is good Wow, wow, but the south western egg rolls. You know they're my favorite chilies item I dig and a little soggy, a little bit of a letdown, but you can't beat the southwestern eight roles. In Chile. In the sliced in half way, they're supposed to be Christie and whatnot. Yup. Joey Florida working as kind of like a natural diner. Heat lamp for your food. You're right to be honest, right? That rules. You mentioned Shrek of occasion, but being in the swamp seems to help this. Wow. Shrove Shrek showed me there Nick I'm. Surprised you didn't. Have a similar desert as to what Alana Mosca prefers. The Michalek Joey said the micro metal on. Metal because I'm just how it on because I'm a robot. That's right some sort of android. Entering tungsten for nutrition, you eat tungsten. I have a little tungsten. Tungsten is tungsten has shanks to tungsten has Jenkins cousin. That is. Professor. FUCKING PROFESSORS Well? It's come to the time our show where we should give our final thoughts on this week this week's. Chiles, who hopefully we ought to give a review of this week. Show we have. We ever had a review shows. Oh, Jesus Christ zero's for for five years all around the of utensils with no prongs her. So. Joey, we will go around. Give are closing thoughts on chilies, and then give it a rating from zero to five forks you our guest. We'll begin with you okay zero to five forks. If it was in the Tokyo Dome, I would give it five forks. I'm in Landau Lakes Florida. I give it three or Wow three forks right down the middle I can't bash in is chilies Staubach to bash for me but right. I also the food. Sit out there for a good hour, so I add to give a fair review because it could be on on me. Go Joey. I I like Chili's a lot like I said I went there in college. It's a in and I like the idea of if as far as like those kind of like. In the TGI Fridays world in I I actually enjoy Chili's I I like it a bit quite a bit. When I was telling people I was going to. Everyone was like man I want some chilies right now is telling my coins Trivia. My Quincy Trivia friends. On our Tom Cruise Sunday because we watch Tom, cruise movies on Sunday. Nick, Wow, you're. We were watching risky business. I believe the day that I got a Chili's. Early, not necessarily an action movie. You're just watching a Tom cruise movie changing to watch risky business, we watched. We watched oblivion the other day, which by the way for the last ten years it's like I. Think it's like one of the top ten underrated movies in the last year's People's amount oblivion. means good risky business I think was Tom Cruise breakout role, and that movie is fucking Horny as Shit? It's way. Worn it is nick. You know you know that we were. We're trying to put an end to Horny nece us. It's. The the movie is is is way too horny and also it's kind of like the origin stories of a Yuppie like a Shitty shitty right shitty eighties. Yuppie man like like his character sucks yeah. Anyway. My. Friends are all excited that I was getting chilies that rules and I was like yeah. I'm excited to. and. I got it and look. The travel was an issue when it wasn't great. But I still think that Chile's is pretty good in I'm with I'm with Joey. For this for this visit. I'm GonNa go just a little bit hiring and to go three and a quarter forks. Because I. DO I do I. DO ENJOY IT and holds a place in my heart to joey and and and. But. The quality. This time around was just not good. You know when the country's open backup naked it would be. It would be fun to go and sit in the Chili's again. I'm looking forward to it because I think a lot of things would benefit from that I will say the highlights for me. That molten lava cake is great. Pick it up. If you got a chance, honestly go pick up some chips and salsa yourself an APP and pick up the molten lava cake and you're good to go. It's you got. You got an APP and you gotTA. Desert for for fun family night so. But but but overall not the greatest outing by Chile's. They're doing their best. Their their staff was great. Yes, but but the food just kinda suffered a little bit so. Yes I will say and I think my you know my thoughts parallel your guises, because we all had a similar experience of the food sitting for some amount of time whether it was. You know a inured in your possession or being transported. I. Think it it. Doesn't travel great. Doesn't you know it? It suffers a little bit from that, and it's much better in the restaurant. And also that's a big part of the Chili's experiences, just like sitting in there, and being there and hanging out and having the Margarita and the big Dumb Cup like that's that to me is a lot of the fun of it, so you're. Evaluating the product that you're getting. And what I would say, it's a it's A. It's like my buddy. Nick, NICK! It's not well traveled. Thanks true. The the I will say that to you know to talk and wrestling terms I. think my issue with my meal is the main event did not deliver the boss Burger and the cheeky blue sandwich were just not all that great. They were not particularly exciting entrees, but all the APPs overall were good everything else I got the cheese fries the Chili. The Margaret the margin was great. Solid I mentioned wasn't particularly noteworthy, but it was functional. The Paradise Park different dessert, but overall. I think this was a good meal. I really liked how easy it was as far as getting to go food from a chain restaurant. This was the easiest slickest system I'd experienced in terms of. Interfacing directly with chain. And, the service was good. And I think it did make me much like you mentioned. Did make me crave the actual dining. Chilies experience so I think. Evaluating in those terms. I think this was also right down the middle. This is this is this is three forks is a three forks chilly, experienced Tilles, Naggar, it's yes. Why don't I just put it in a fucking? A three four experience and we got, we got a hand holding club with our in the hand holding cloud. HOW EXCITING! And that was our view of Chile's. It's time for a segment. Mitch has A. He's going to taste test solo. It's another edition of Spoon, man's treat or skeet. Mitch what you have with us today. Nick, I got to treats here I got skittles dips, which can only be described as kind of like. I mean look. We use come too much on the show, but there's no other way to describe these things. They're coming skittles. They're. And then I got off these mountain dew game fuel some game fuel nick, charged Berry blast. Alertness accuracy vitamins in beef for two to enhance your gaming. Which should I do? Both of them are so i. just try one. What do you think while I think? The teased them both now I. Think you have to do them both. Combo let's. The skittles. Joey you a as candy go or you skills man. skittles alright. Irma's come overseas. She's She's interested in the in the Comey, skittles, for whatever reason like. Raising Nets, but they're skittles. Basically. Yes, they're covered in this covered in this creamy yogurt flavored coating. That's by the way that is exactly what's on the package. Has Creamy yogurt flavored. Coating You can't tell you can see it right there a little bit. Oh, I see the less on it. You can't yet, they still. They still managed up on there. You can't tell. What color is. Can I think this is a green? Let's see. So. This is part of the the eating experience of these. You don't know what you're going to bite until you. Get in and tell you trumpet. Man This? Is Shaking his head vigorously. Disagree you can kind of see the color. But Not really. A Man, the yogurt that to me seems like a deficiency that you're a moving knowing in advance. What skill you're going to eat! I mean had like. That's the first of all you'd like to eat a bunch of them at once. which maybe I should try the Yogurt Flavor the Yogurt Creamy yogurt flavored coating. Is A bit. It's a bit too much. It's also kind of like dry in the. Inside or kind of hard. Okay. That was that was a yellow. Wow, nick, yes. Not only does it look like skittles with skied on them? It's a big time skeets itself. Can. Wow. This is not a treat. This is a ski. Fling into the air and and shoot with a Shotgun Mitch. What's the what's? The game fuel to your. You're wincing. You're actively wincing I. Did like a bunch of once? But there's so much yogurt coating in my mouth. God. It sucks. Jesus Christ, Who Wants Yogurt on skittles? Who Wanted Yogurt on skittles? I mean it seems like a product that no one was asking for I'm with you there. No one wanted that yeah. I'm opening up this mountain. Dew Game fuel escape from the spoon man. He's opening up. The and I should mention it's a it's a big can. This is a tall boy. Is. It's also very hard to open. Now. How much of that is the cancer design? And how much of that is your oven mid sized hands? Just fumbling with something small. If you didn't notice that there's. A Very Futuristic opening, can this. Shit, you can actually close it for later. Here's. What happened I got game fueled. My fucking is Jesus. Upon, apart over here, wags! A. Mountain Dew guy. Big Mountain new guy. New. Do you like the regular g like any of the variants? Id Code Red yesterday. Yeah, that one in ten years is great. I lived the Bob. Last Gorse. TACO bell. Excuse made a lot of Taco bell. I? I'd like all the mountain news to be honest I. Mike warranted the drink of Mike Warranties besides. Alcohol has been mountain new zero. Wow. How is do zero? We haven't tried it yet. It's great days like. Bob Mary. They have regular sounds great. Wow, this whole can only ninety calories, nick, which is surprising. It seems like it would be. Three hundred calories. Sugar, bomb. So you can reclosed this guy, my eyes and I. Don't know if my I think. I. Think my eyes are turning green from the do. I'm going to try sip of this right now. Nick, let's out is. That was a big chug. It's good to go big old SWIG. What are you tasting? It's good. It's like it's got a very. It is like a blue berry taste almost like. an icy, blue icy flavor. Wow! And it is an energy drink. And Yeah you pull up the TAB and you slide it back. It's it's. It's basically made so that you can. When you're gaming and you want to close it up. You know so you don't spill everywhere. You know what I mean if you're. If. You're I duNno. Took? Classic Gamer accident. In last two. If you're in a boss battle, you close up. The CAN, and you're good to go. You get along frantic. Yeah exactly this I'm going to drank. Nick! It's good game fuel also give the origins of this. This was shipped to my house and I. Don't know who gave it to me or why. Smart smart drink that. Good judgment. DOOFUS MIDST! You feel like you're better at gaming now. I think I actually do better a gaming right now, wow! I think that I would can pawn your ass. You fucking new BH. He talks the talk. The stuff really works. Wow so a split decision, a skeet on the snack a drank on the drink. That was that was spoons Oh. Yes, a treat. I'm sorry. A treat on the drink that was spoon, man, street or skeet like. I will I will say this terrible Combo. Don't have them together. Don't have the skills ever. I think the issue is the yogurt skills. The Yogurt skittles paired with. Anything would have been awful. Yeah. You know what I'm Gonna I'M GONNA I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Take All the yogurt off the skittles. And then I'm going to have it for breakfast tomorrow. No you guys have to try. If you haven't yet. The Kit Kat Birthday. Cake Cats. Nick! Legs Birthday Flavor. I love birthday flavor. That sounds fantastic I got to seek that out pretty incredible. Wow, wow! Hey, just like a restaurant Uvira feedback. Let's open up the feed. Today's email comes from Mitch F- Mitch Right. When I was a kid, my mom used to accidentally burn chocolate chip cookies in the oven. Almost every time she cooked them as a result, I came to love those slightly burnt cookies, and even now like hooked suites at the opposite end of the spectrum I like when my little caesars Pepperoni, pizzas, undercooked and doughy. That's probably a health hazard, but I enjoy the texture and flavor. What technically wrong preparations do you personally enjoy? PS, that by claiming part of his last name as a first name, he is stealing Real Mitch Valor so there you go fuck out Mitch. Joey, I'm going to say this first name. Mitch's are villains. Wow they're not your al. I think they'd be your natural allies. fucking there, my natural enemy Jeez this guy and Mitch McConnell. Hate them both. Are there any I mean? Do you know any Mitch any other? Mitchell's last name Mitchell who go by Mitch because I'm the only one. Not, that I can think of nine not that I. Don't know anyone else. Who might the rest of my family so this? That's right. Your your mom goes by Mitch your sister. Confusing, it's like a George. Foreman Situation Eissa wrestle with Mike Mitchell. Really Wow. Wow, was it? Was it was pretty tough. It was a huge nude your school. He was in pretty good shape. He was pretty A. Pretty jacked up. While yeah, that's kind of a common thing amongst us Mike Mitchell's. I'm joey. Is there anything any any wrong preparation of something that that that tickles your fancy that you personally enjoy? I can't I can't even tell you i. don't even know. Yeah, it's. It's a great question. I'm trying to think of one I have one nine is. Yeah Mine is burnt, hot dogs hot dog that just burnt this shit I think can be on the grill, or or in the in like a Saute Pan, even I can be great when casing really really Chris Up. Are you talking about spawn after he goes to the hill I, mean. That wasn't what I was wasn't my mental image I wasn't thinking of eating spawns charred flesh. Tormented in the devil's domain, but I did but I kind of look like it gets really that that read leathery texture. But. I think burnt hot dog is great. I feel like I have one, and I can't and I'm not. It's not coming to me nick. Another one. A lot of people like is is burnt toast. monacell toast. I Don I. DON'T I don't burnt? What about burnt cheese? Some. LASAGNA or something? Yeah, yeah, that absolutely works, or if you're like you're making like a like an Omelet Burger or something like that and then some cheese just like comes off of it and. It's really really. Yeah I'm into. There's some there's some stuff that I like. It's like undercooked him. We'll be like a little bit dough year, and I can't think of what it is, but. Like I feel like with chocolate chip cookies. I like them like kind of like less. Like I, want him to be doughy and kind of like less cooked. Does that make sense yeah I. Know what you mean. But but I can't think of anything. That's a great question. I'm going to think on it more, but I can't think of. I like I like I like my I. Like My skittles Dips on yogurt did. By mentioned this before on the on the PODCAST, but I worked on a skittles ad years ago. And the they call an individual skittle. The cut skittles the company individual skill a skittles lentil. You have said that before and I think it's. Weird. It's makes me think makes me think of skittles as gross. Do Yeah that's. But I think because the brand is skills plural they need. They need a term for one skill. That isn't skittle. So skills lent the lentil lentil. Yeah. fucking I don't like it. It's fucking weird. Hey, if your question or comment with the world of chain restaurants, Dobos podcasts at Jamila calmer leaves a voicemail eight three zero goto that's eight, three, zero, four, six, three, six, eight, four, four, and to get the W. W. Weekly bonuses episode during the Golden or Platinum Plate Club at patriotair dot com slash dough. Boys Joey, Vanilla. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you so generous with your time. Anything you'd like to plug at this point I'm glad we can finally make it happen. Guys Tell Ya oh yeah, oh, yeah, Twitter and Instagram twitter is Janata and then baby like the word baby like a little crying. My instagram is the bad boy Joey Jamila. Soon as you click on it, you'll know it's me. You'll see a bunch of sexy pitchers may with my hair down looking like a queen sex God. Besides that, check me out on a TV. Wednesday nights eight PM on TNT all wrestling dynamite. Thank you guys. Thank you, Joey. And Hey, that'll do for the substance of dope the next for the Spoon Mike Mitchell I'm nick weicker happy. Zia. Want more dough boys. CHECK US OUT ON. Patriots joined the Golden Play Club for an extra episode. Every Tuesday the doboy double would you can listen on your favorite podcast, APP or join the Platinum play club and get access to our discord server that does scored to connect with fellow fans and me and Mitch subscriber the price of a Combo meal, only Patriot dot com slash dobos. That's P. A. T. R. E.. Dot Com slash doboy. WanNa. See the sources for this week's intro. Check the episode description. That was a hit gum podcast. smartphones have made it easier than ever to capture the moments that matter most in our lives, but all too often those memories and up stuck on our devices or in the cloud. Fracture Prince your digital photos directly onto glass. Making your favorite moments come alive in vivid color. Hand assembled in the USA in our solar power facility fracture glass prints are a unique and beautiful way to display and share your favorite moments. They also make thoughtful gifts. Simply Upload Your photo at fracture me, dot, com, select your size and your glass print will be shipped to you ready to hang with just one screw. US Code pod fifteen in your cart to get fifteen percent off your order focus on moments that matter with fracture glass prints.

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