The Secrets of the Self: Letting Go 12/28


Hello friends welcome back to daly. Brett deepak chopra. We've been talking about the sixth secret of the freedom teams to my today. Let's discuss the freedom in letting go how by letting go of each experience you make room for the next. It's a skill and the skill of leading goal can be learned once learned. You will enjoy living much more. Because you're living will be spontaneous. No anticipation no regrets. No resistance what. I call spontaneous creativity. Spontaneous right actions spontaneous thinking or what i just Simple listening to the inner intelligence within you which is the ultimate and supreme genius. So let's practice little letting go and how to choose without getting trapped. Here are some things you need to pay attention to what make the most of every experience these days. There's a buzzword in the consciousness ecosystem it says. Are you enjoying spontaneous. Joy sponge joys without any reason joyfulness without any reason if you look at any object a natural object or even a manmade object like a coffee cup or a natural object like a beautiful rose or a natural scene like a sunset and you make the most of that expense by not interpreting that expense. You will invite spontaneous joy. Eight is your interpretation desire to label the experience that creates a filter and to remove the filters just to obsess over labeling it or describing it or evaluating or judging it and this into step do not obsessing over right and wrong decisions. Why had denies yourself after the fact because most people bag nyse after the fact anyway. If you're aware when you making decisions the new one app to obsess about it in. This is part of our experience because meta cognition being aware of making choices and decisions as you're making them that would be step two step three would be. Stop defending yourself image. Which means basically give up being right and ninety percent of your life will change going beyond risks. What does really does that. Mean what that means. Actually that undestanding that every choice is a risk. There's no such thing as a one hundred percent risk-free joyce okay. Crossing the street in new york city is a risk are opting to go. For a spacewalk is a risk are investing in the stock market is a risk or telling someone i love you and getting a response that didn't affect is a risk so what is going beyond risk means keeps risking otherwise. What's a dream. Par number five would be make no decision. When in doubt pressed the pause button sleepover number. Six would be cpas abilities. Whatever happens which is what happens by the way you can find a possibility in every adversity. That is to your advantage. So anytime you think you're experiencing adverse situations consensus events are scarce of. What's the opportunity here. And so new. Move into the opportunity which is basically what we've been saying. Find the stream of joy in every moment. Think about this reflects a little bit in your own life. There's a stream of joy that is so elemental and so unshakable that when you're experiencing it time place you return to your timeless being that a moment of like that that you've had as a child when you were playing in nature when you looked at the beautiful scene or listening to music or poetry just falling in love You decided to upgrade your outdoor deck. So you ordered the essentials. A power washer a set of patio chairs and a shiny new grill. And you used your bank of america. Cash rewards credit card choosing to earn three percent cashback on online shopping or up to five point two five percent as a preferred rewards member which you put towards the cost of your most essential deck edition a bird feeder apply for yours at bank of america dot com slash more rewarding copyright twenty twenty bank of america corporation pink of these moments and find your stream of. Let's put today.

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