The Gift Of Battle


Trainers welcomed to episode one hundred and forty lured up the podcast retake pokemon. Go Way more seriously than we do. Ourselves lured up as part of the Mont. professor. Network and today is Wednesday July Fifteenth, Two Thousand Twenty I'm your host Ken pescador joined by my co host Adam Tuttle hello. In a hello, what's hey? How are you? I'm doing what's going on great? Yeah, that's fantastic. That's good. It's tubular to Bueller. Is it totally to? Literal associated with. I've got my son shades on and go to the Beach Yeoman. Were almost that go fast and shit is happening in the game at a very quick pace so quick very, it's great. There's a lot going on if you were the flash and I, don't think he'd be able to catch up. Just saying sonic speed. It's like you need to be sonic gotta go fast, but now there's there's a lot so what we're GonNa do today is as per usual. We're going to recap the events of the. The week and we had the go fast weekly challenged battle, which just concluded a little while ago. We have We had the team go rocket takeover. We had the release of Jesse. James we have a bunch of new shadow poker on zoo bat spotlight our. We had cure rate our lot of shit. This week and next week is going to be very busy as well. We've got the go fast weekly challenge for friendship. We've got the summer themed event coming back. We've got gasoline community. Day! It's there's a lot going on on the scheduler. It's a lot, and it makes the days go really really fast, and they've done an amazing job of just ramping ramping and ramping up for go fest. Which is you know? A week and a half away. It's very very exciting cannot wait. Remote rate invites her here like finally I mean. We knew it was coming. We just didn't know when it was coming. It was supposed to come June. If you remember that that was the whole thing like in the beginning of June, there was the announcement saying like Hey, this month. Remote rate invites will be here in A. Couple of days before the end of the month. They said actually there's something still screwed up. You know we're GONNA have to delay this and then kinda nowhere. They just dropped it on us here. They are started rolling out for level forty trainers today, and by the end of day today they got it down to about level thirty two, and they put the Kabosh on it and they said we're gonNA. Let game stabilize, and we'll get back to it, so we'll talk about all that and our experiences with it. I got a raid without Adam today very very excited, and I get to read with Ken Today. This was awesome man. I had an amazing time rating, so we'll get into. That will do a little arlo counter guide now that we have new shadow. Poke Amman and you know a lot more stuff going on with go rocket. Rocket. Our leaders have been refreshed, so we'll go over the next three weeks. We'll talk about a different leader ultimately backed Giovanni again. That's GONNA. Stop that stuff will rotate over time anyway, so, but we'll get into the leaders. Because we have all new pokemon lineup now and they're difficult. They can thinking. Kick your ass. I will make sure you're prepared for that. POLKA miners didn't ap k. of the now rolled out zero point one eight one point zero, and even though that this is live. There's still a lot of stuff that's kind of in the back end Gigi that has not been pushed to the game yet, so we'll talk about all that hidden stuff and. Got Some miscellaneous news. We've got a couple of emails. We'll get into that stuff towards the end of the show but Adam. Why don't you start first with recapping everything that we had going on during the week? We've got a lot here. Oh, you mean the the the battle challenge. The weekly challenge battle us this. This event has to been my favorite by far. The event started on Friday July tenth and wrapped up since we're recording this. If feature darkened poison type pokemon in the wild eggs and raids as well as team go rocket base research tasks. The battle challenge had. You, battling fifteen grunts, five leaders as well as Giovanni Jess Giovanni is back. Lou, yes, yeah, right I. So hype for it I was so excited has very nervous to take him on. But I beat them got it. Everything together. The team go rocket balloons were deployed, and they brought the grunts straight to you, yeah! This was our leaders Giovanni. And in one of the coolest crossovers we've ever seen. We Got Jesse James from the anime flying in south balloon. So so good and I'm like it's so good. It's so good because you get to grunts that defeated, so it's like. You to almost like have to yeah and Atkinson coughing can be shiny, so it's like. Why wouldn't you? Why wouldn't you want that chance? They're Kinda pushovers, though they're Kinda, we really are. They've they, but if you think about it. Ash Even as a ten year old with no experience was able to like. MOP The floor with them from the beginning so and I think I. Think they wanted this that feeling that vibe of wow. They're actually not that tough. Whereas some of the grunts depending on what they bring, they can be challenging yet about the anime where it's like they they run up on Ashen ashes, not like Oh my God, we have to be nervous here. It's more. More like you again like all right so that that's kind of how I feel when I see them, it's like all right cool. We'll just we'll just get through this really quick but I. Just I just I just fucking love that they're here. I wish I just wish that the end meow, jump out, and that's right. That's right, and then you get to battle him. Oh Man. They need to meow event feet s I was really hoping for Vito in general, but the animation is really cool. You see the mouth balloon and they show well first of all. What do you think of the design of Jesse James because they're very localized, yes. Just beautiful like we. We watched the enemy. You know every week. And it's it's refreshing that they get a lot of love. There was no. Expense you know no punches pulled in getting them to look. Like Jesse James I love that they show like different screens in kind. Kinda goes through the motto. Suggest. And it's like I can't help, but read it in their voices exactly exactly. I love that about it, and they just look fricking great and my my favorite detail is in the meal. Th Balloon is. How in the daytime. It's just you know a bright me out balloon, but at nighttime it's got all the shading right. It looks like knowing from the maze and yeah, it's so nice. Yeah, yeah, they this was. This was very welcomed, and I'm not sure if this was something that has always been in the cards, or if this was something with balloons that was kind of in response to the play from home. Stuff that we've had I I don't know, but it's phenomenal. It's absolutely phenomenal. I think I think it's something that they can adjust when the time comes to you know. Get back out there. They can adjust it. You know once a day a comes. You know what just just that. You're not missing out completely, but it's not like there's like four or five a day. You know, yeah, right now. It's once every three hours. If you're in the same spot, it's once every three hours and if you're moving around, you encounter more. You could just be playing from home and you're. You're guaranteed to get balloons, so it's phenomenal. It brings you, yeah! That's the only way I was able to know I mean I did go out a little bit. But I was the only way it was basically able to complete it. I do I have to buy rocket radar. And then all of a sudden. The balloon showed up and they were able to get the last two. Radar and then I was just waiting that the next three hours to get the last one I was like Oh man. I'm so nervous. I'm just I'm just going to go out and get it before I have to deal with anything. I went out. All grunts. I didn't see any leaders. I. Don't understand that went home. The second I pulled in and like open. My Game Boom I got the leader completed. The task was good to go. Buy some also. Up we saw a bunch of new shadow POKEMON, including both Iran's male and female Machado blackguard shackles donkey and a ton of other ones awesome. Enjoy this to no end. Because we also got chop. Yeah, I don't know if that was the. Yeah. It's definitely new. I put it on the list, but the. Shadow Champ E. P. Man. Is it fill? Some holes like I. Have a shadow. Mich Up. That is a one hundred percent as a shadow. That's tight. Never puree that that scientist. That's cool collection collectible. That is really cool. That is really really cool. But like like I was alluding to earlier. We're GONNA put together a little team leader guide over the next few weeks. Just to. Because, they're their lineups have changed, and I wasn't ready for it. I will tell you what I wasn't ready for again as well as not being ready for this is. ARLO! He has a Paiko G. he came at me. He was like Yo Bro. I like my one when Pisa Hair. My face and I was like I got this. A battle them. I got a frigging Shiny Paiko. Ver- Shadow Cheyenne pokemon. Hanko! That's I was like my I was like shaking in the car I was like. Kept PG. But it's IV's are like really good to. Obviously by purified it or not, but it's like it's just so cool. Now that's that's that's awesome anything to. Oh hold on, hold on. Let me just keep talking myself for a second. I caught a an ECHINACEA. If I purify. It's one hundred percent, so I've got a one hundred percent. If I do that, I caught the. The. It's one hundred percent shiny shadow, not not shiny shadow. Just a regular shadow cut the shiny pint go, and then I of shiny low in the south. Yet you were on fire there. That was like rap position event. Oh I got a ninety eight point seven percent shadow, wheezing for VPN Great League. Bom. I am happy as can be happy camper. Yeah, that's That's also I. I ended up getting a non shadow, but I did get a shiny. Atkins in the wild, which was great and I go plus a son. Kern shiny like adding nowhere I feel which was which was really cool. Because I've already had it, you know what I mean, but it's always exciting when you go plus something and then look back in your inventory, and you're like Oh shit fucking Chinese. They're like. How did that happen? So that was that was really cool, but that is. Always an only ever happened realistically with like. Either like the one thing that I go plus and I don't even recognize it. I don't know I mean it's not a problem like a bad problem to have, but it happens had no I. I absolutely love this the battle elite, the elites battle challenge that whole thing was a lot of fun I loved having to like really go out and grind to complete all the stuff with the grunts I love doing the grunt, so I was really excited about this. And I didn't even play for the you know. I'll talk about it and the minute here, but the the battle event where things were kind of really you know. The frequency was coming up a lot more. But. I had my rocket radar. My super rocket radar and I went through fucking twelve grunts decoys before getting. Man You told me about that. I was like no way and. This is what was happening, so I'm I get out there? I'm getting grunt after grunt after run on like fuck. This I'm going out and just doing rocket stops I'm like I'm going to make this happen. I WANNA. Finish this research now. and Go out and I'm not seeing any balloons lake, nothing and everything else. That was like physical stops was grunts. So I'm in the discord, and of course I'm venting and I'm bitching and I'm like man I've been playing for fucking two hours and haven't had a balloon and then add Iraq in the discords like just restart. Your game is like that's what I did and fuck. Giovanni flew right down to the balloon. Share, Shit. He came down on a rope I. Start Looking for me I restarted the. Cologne just for you. The balloon comes on Mike. I swear if this fucking Giovanni I click on it. Bam Giovanni Mother Fucker and dude and it was a tough battle. It was a tough battle. You know and I don't want. We won't get into it now. The lineup. We'll talk about that coming time. But you know even the that he that he starts with was very OPEC like I was fucking me up, so it's they've done a good job of of rebalancing this a little bit and putting a little bit more challenge into it, but let's talk about the takeover so. The the takeover itself they they never officially called it a takeover. They just kind of alluded to it that in that one post where they said. We hope it doesn't take over too much of your time, and then in one of the later post. They said that team go. Rocket is taking over the stops from this time, but they never liked said. Hey, this is a team. Go rocket takeover like they did last time which I thought was a little weird. But this past Sunday from eleven eleven am to two PM. Everything was just higher frequency grunts on the ground balloons south balloons. You also got double stardust for defeating the grunts and balloons, and we have the opportunity to tm away frustration again, which was great, so it was very important for you to defeat. Giovanni prior to that battle event, so if you got your sweet coon, you can t m away frustration and we'll revisit this in a minute. When we go through the the listener emails towards the end of the show we will will will revisit that's. But I made sure I did my an tae and my sweet Kuhn. So now it's like all of the existing shadow legendary is that I have Tim tmz frustration away, which is good yesterday we also had zoo bat spotlight our with double evolution XP, and we had cure them rate our today. This month has been insane Kieran rate. Our was phenomenal because of the remote rate invites. We'll talk about that in a minute, but it's just been. It's been a very very busy two weeks and. Even though this is the the final week leading up to go fast. It's not gonNA. Slow down completely, but we have bigger events because we have our friendship event, but then we have ghastly community day. which remember six hour event? So, let's get you prepped on this last week. So the go fast weekly challenge friendship. It starts this Friday. The seventeenth eight am goes through Wednesday the twenty second ten PM local time we're once again going to have those three sets of times research that will ultimately lead to encounters with a low and right you and the debut of pedal, which is exciting, new pokemon is always good just like the previous challenges, if one million trainers from each team complete that time research during that window, the unlock additional spawns for the go fast weekend. Instinct will amok togue epic. Mystic will unlock your teeny and valor will unlock lit wick all on book one. We need that evolution. These these are all extra X.. Pete Note started extra extra starts. Extra. Start us. We want it. We're GONNA have. We're going to start pieces on all all all day. Every day for both days ago has so. Get it. Give it to us, but like newer players. They want to drag nights so I mean. This is exciting for them. Because they're going to be able to get the teeny and lit, wick is potentially a hold out. Put Him on for a Lotta people and their chandelier has some viability in raids and some viability MPP also against the leaders so lit wick is another one. That's really valuable. So completing all three sets of these will unlock the friendship challenge atom I. I think you called it last week, and we don't know what the elite challenge is going to be like but I bet you. It's going to have something to do with buddy. Hearts earn like a stupid amount of buddy hearts during that window, so I will probably have to Change Your Buddy all twenty times to like Oh. Man Make sure to get in. You'll probably have to get all all the hearts filled. For every single one of those twenty buddies I don't know man that will get you areas Roddy stupidly insane, but I mean it's it's even harder through why now Nissan and your berries ready due to do like five spin new Polka stop like that's a pain in the ass, Romy. It's like the only way I'm able to do that is if I add the stops myself like nothing in my fucking area is has a halo anymore, so it's like that that's really hard to do. But wayfair I know dude. I got a bunch of Shit push through this week and very excited new Jim right by right by my mom's house. Great Anyway. All right so like I said friendship stuff. We don't know what this really means because it's not associated with type but. In addition to the friendship thing, the summer themed event is coming back and I put the word summary. We're going to have summerish summary Type pokemon in the wild in eggs in raids i. don't know what the fuck that means maybe flour based off who knows, but we're also GONNA see the release of Shiny Bell Sprout, which is fantastic, so we have Shiny Bell Spratt and pedal bill coming out during this week a pedal will be in the wild and five k eggs summer style you coming back I mean. It is what it is. It's a it's a chance at getting the shiny, which is rare, so that's always fun and next Tuesday. The twenty-first we have odyssey spotlight our with double catch stardust. You know some people might not necessarily be interested in the Amish, but pretty much. Everybody's going to be interested in double stardust, and then Wednesday will have what will most likely be our final cure rate our, and when we talk about the data mine, we're going to give We have a hint of what Pokemon we might see next in five star AIDS, which is really cool. Oh and then finally ghastly community day is this Sunday which features quarter hatch, distance, three hour incense, gangrene and learn shadow punches, and it's a little anti climactic but there is an optional one dollars story research called the great ghastly, which is a fucking knockout out of a name so again I know dude so fucking good and is currently in the shot for. For dollar or whatever that translates, I'm sitting on a hundred percent haunting right now. So this is going to be okay for me. You've had that forever. Haven't you? Yep Nice 'cause I. I knew they were they were going to have an event at some point at some time. You're like his year hollow. Every Halloween. You're like it's GonNa. Be a ghastly community day! Yeah thanks. Thanks, thanks everyone for voting for gasoline. We could have waited until October. Okay, thank you very much. Though the elite fast, he bundle back in the shop. So that's your thing and you WanNa spend twelve eighty to get that fast. He and some other goodies go for it. It's in the shop, so. I've just been really enjoying these these weekly challenges I hope in some to some degree that this always continues because we've got our daily stuff. We've got our research Stanford the day. We've got her daily box now. We've got our daily Pokemon now. We've got stuff to do daily. We've got stuff to do weekly. I hope these time challenges continue I just think that this is an amazing way to keep. People engaged in the game very very very fricking cool. I. I've really really been enjoying it and I look forward to Ghastly Community Day it's you know communities great, so can't wait. Wait at what we got here eating yet. What are we? What are we waiting for? What are we ready for? Well? The announced that we've been waiting for which seems like forever was the release of remote rate invites. Earlier today. Literally I was watching your stream. T to t media. and. A dropped and. Issuing, the stream at I feel like the stream, just kind of like. We just started talking about. I message them afterwards. I was like yeah, we kinda stopped doing. We did a review party for G TO CELEBRATE GT one year anniversary. CONGRATS guys on the one year, but we ended up just. 'CAUSE I. I knew in the back of my head. It was coming. These guys didn't know so I'm like I'm like Oh. We have to talk about something in a minute. Had happened, and we were like we just stopped reviewing. Stop doing hidden like. I've I swear? My phone was so hot because it was just notifications were just like. It was on. New Does anybody see me, Reno advice me fake news so awesome. I'm so hyped on it man. I just remember Kinda like 'cause. Watching, you guys kind of like. Kind of just stopped reviewing in stop talking ish. You guys were just like. Gaining really. Yeah. Because, you were like I'll let me make oppose and. Like Adam or you're still the chat we raid. Let's go. Crate but yeah so starting with level forty trainers in ending today with trainers level thirty two and up, and I'm sure by the time you hear this that'll be down to level five or something but they did an amazing job at keeping things stable because I haven't seen any too many complaints. Some important stuff to remember is that through the end of the month remote raiders are doing the same amount of damage as in Person Raiders, an impersonator can invite up to five friends and a maximum of ten remote raiders can be rate at the same time which means. At the end of the month. Here your remote rates. Raiders are GONNA. Do half damage, so is it will be. They say a need, or is it just reduced? Reduced. Reduced but I don't I. Don't think they've ever come out and said half damage. I just know it's going to be reduced damage. I don't know how much I'm sure it will be a struggle. You won't be able to do. Oh, this would like your friends now. Twenty I would imagine twenty-five percent less I can't imagine it to and fifty percent less. Yeah. We had an experience today with the remote read passes Elia read abor radar. Yep and you were like. Are you ready and I'm just like Yep, and I know right before that Josh from the Special Conditions podcast. He was like Adam. You want to read. In his partner vowed they they all joined in. We were in where the Tari Alex. And we were able to take down the four of us. So! That was awesome. My ran on me. So! Not, AWESOME And Yeah I? I one ran on me the second one we did. During the? I caught that one, and then the third one ran on me and then all the others I pretty much caught. During our the during the rate our. But, as soon as it had, seven would just kinda like everybody was done, nobody wanted to how how did it go free because I like? Things. Were you know the game was stable? But there were some issues and I think the first two invites. I sent you. You couldn't get in right like the fries 'cause you get into at all. So I then restarted, and then I could get in, but it was just like I. Just didn't recognize that. I was like that it was available so I'll tell you my experiences and I. Think it's the same thing that happened to you so I was out driving, I. Don't know what I was doing, but I got a message from Owens. The Prince and he's in England. And he messages like Yo you WanNa. You WanNa do this like fuck. Yeah, so he sends me the invite. And when I click on the invite. It shows the gym for a second, and then it says walk closer to this gym I'm like the fucking. Jim is in England like interest. Rate Breaks so. It was a little fucked up. He's like alright. LemMe recent so when he sends it. It's the same Jim same raid, but in the request queue. His, old request was still there. The old invite was still there so I see too at the same rate stack top of each other. Try to go in says walk closer faulk. Does it the third time so now I have three invites stacked on top of each other all the same rate and I couldn't get in. I did a restart finally got in completed the rate. It was phenomenal so much fun when you defeat. Wherever the actual rate is you that Pokemon will have that location stamp, so I now have Kiram that's stamped from his hometown, which he thought was really cool, and so what? Then weather like if it's boosted or not again based on the local. and. So we had that that issue with walk closer to the gym. I've seen that a couple of times talking about that. But for me I spent my my read our inviting people to every single rate, I did I did for ended up doing fourteen and inviting people the entire time, so it was definitely a judge an adjustment because when you have a big ASS party like I. Did you know we had twenty something people on foot. What would end up happening is people would start filling lobby i. go in I'd manually searched for the five people I want to add, and I'm doing it I'm doing and I'm pick this person. Take pick this person then I hit submit, and it says you can't do it. The rate is full I'm like motherfucker. I was too slow, so then I go back out. Have to start a second lobby. That's fresh. I mean obviously cure them as pushover, so it's no big deal, but the fact that when the rooms fill up. It, just it kind of it took an adjustment so then what I learned to do. This is probably a good pro. Tip is even if you WANNA invite five people. Invite them one at a time. That way you can get those people in if there's only three spots lefty, get at least three, and you don't have to worry about selecting all five and then getting nobody in because it says the room is full. So. I think when people are invited to a room that ends up filling up. They they'll get an error on their side. That says like there's no more room in the group or you know room not found something like that. But yeah, because that happened to me, okay for a lot of them, too, and I got burned on one of 'em because it's like I thought there was gonna be like thought there was going to be more people in the raid. There's this ongoing bug. And I don't know if you use experienced this where when you're in a lobby, you'll see the number, but you won't see anyone's avatars. Their names nothing says blank. If, you've run across that like. I'd like. The avatars are like discolored or black shadow silhouette yet. This is I was seeing nothing. So it's like I'm inviting people and I'm like fuck. I don't know if they're in ear or not. I was like I didn't WanNa. Keep jumping between two men psych. If there was a fucking endgame Chatterbox Game Changer, so it's like I'm toddling between twitter and discord I'm trying to coordinate all the stuff and it's like I. Come to the realization like fuck now. The lobby seems short. where it's like before the lobby timers like drag great. It's like I'm trying to this. Invite and get the people in in time, and it's people were joining off my invites, and there was like fifteen sixteen seconds left on the clock Yep so. That happened almost every single time. It was clever joined. It was under sixty seconds well. Yeah, it was. It was very close, but. For the first day, and for the first rule out I was fucking astonished at how well it worked, it was it was great and I got to do I. Don't know three or four international rates which was phenomenal. I did a bunch of local rates that were just out of my area. Men I can only imagine how much fucking money Niantic made today with people, buying remote raid passes and the amount of people complaining saying. Please allow us to hold more remote rate passes. We WanNA buy more. Because what kills me? Is if you run into read passes and your interest or you try to accept it. You can't buy it from that screen. All the way back saying, go into the store like little quality life thing that they need to. Thing that I would chant just like the ability to by pass. 'cause like I had to back out I know I did. I bought three at the beginning. I think I purchased three more sets me me too I, that about the same as well so, but it is a little annoying when you have to back all the way out, and then go all the way back in. It's like it'd be nice if you just do it from that same screen where it says like you're at a raid passes. Let me by them right. They're like. Let me by the Bundle, not like take me to the shop or or by one single pass. Like just allow me to do it like that and. I understand they WANNA limit it. They don't want this to be the the main way. People raid, but you know people are fucking hungry for this and I mean it was amazing to see discord just. Popping off like it was just going nuts and everyone was going nuts and I like I was able to put a tweet up. Like Hey, guys are gonna be doing some raids. You know who wants to join in. It's like all these people messaging me and I'm able to pull them in. I rated at Jane Sil-, Bob Secret Stash. I was able to get a bunch of fans in, so they could have that Jim Badge just really really fucking cool so I was. Out I know. House Florida in in my circle I know like my my group. There's a little bit of negativity with. One of the quotes Al onto uses like. Let me know when they change it to Pokemon. Stay at home. ha see that's what that's what Niantic doesn't want. You know what I mean. It's like. You don't WanNa. Get people to use this, but think about people that don't have cars. Don't have gyms near them. Don't have big parties to go out. Rating with I mean this could be the only way to do it so for the people necessary. This is amazing, and then it's the community aspect with you. If you're in red bank all the time and you're like your Adam. I'm going out for two hours. Do you want me to hit you up if you know I find a cure to? Yeah Yeah yes I do I I sent you the picture of my nearby anders twelve eggs. It's like you know it's on. You know what I mean. It's like I most would have like. One or two? You. Know I mean obviously if it's the rate, our you know got like three spaced out here and there but. It never looks like that. Yeah. It's I mean it's like by. My phone is blown up right now. I should answer this call the AR. Fan Raiders is calling as a group chat right now. Should I answer it on the air? I guess go for see who it is. they hung up was probably a dial because I dialed earlier today, too, because it's like that Chad has been just fucking blowing up like JC picks ash. Bobby like all those guys are just going nuts fucking rating together, which is so amazing I! Put together a spreadsheet for them with everyone's friend codes like. The community is mobilising. It's it's pretty. It's pretty amazing. Pretty Awesome I'm I'm I'm? Like this is positive and it's like right now. Yes. People are we just don't know what the future holds. An and I've been battling with like myself like you know. I'm going to work. I'm going back to work. My son's going into daycare. I I don't know what his school's going to be like I. I'm like terrified because I. Just don't know that's like as a as a parent, I just don't know what the right call is I. Don't know what to do, and we don't know what the future is so. Them giving us this ability. To communicate with our friends, who we would normally be out there like hanging out with rating with. You can't be that close anymore, so. You know there's there's that. That that scale like you know, what do we do you know and? When we do have. At the end of the month like? It will adjust. There will be like A. Whoever's rating remotely isn't going to do enough damage, so you're going to need friends with you. Everyone in need people there right right so it will balance itself out. And just right now I understand it just the the hype overload Israel. And yes, we can sit at home, but that's also what. We should be doing right now right right? You know so when the time comes in the in the and the damage you know goes down. It's like, but I mean if I have. Six people in the lobby myself plus five people that I invite, and they're all level. Forty would stacked fucking counters. I, you know it's like every rate is possible. At any time. It's like there's never going to be a raid. And and this is a little selfish, and and you know very. Specific to our situation, but as creators. We have. Shit tons of people that we play with from around the world at any given time, so it's like. We pretty much never have to have a situation where we would miss out an array because there's no one to do it with, and now that you could. When the people are online like I'm getting random fucking raid requests all the time all day today like people are saying if I WANNA, go shiny hunting, and you just find every single timber or shanks, Yup, or clinks. Like you could go shiny hunting with somebody. You can say you go physically your in your area. Go physically in my area will will link up whenever we find something. Like, it's awesome. There's just so much potential in this so like right now. Yes, stay home raid. That's what it's for. In the future. You know what happens in the wintertime. Will you all six? Yeah Yeah Yeah and there's somebody that can see raid, but I'm not going to risk my life driving my car in like I you know the towns like don't go out driving. Your also have to remember, too. That raid passes remote raid passes are discounted right now, so those prices are going up, so you don't get to used to this being the norm because this is. The reason why they can't allow you to have more than three will. They gotTa Gate it somehow they have to control the economy. They have control a lot of different things with this. Because if you just gets you complacently like you said it's going to be. The pokemon stay at home. People don't WanNa. Fuck it leave, but I mean I'm driving home from rate our you know six to seven on the east coast, so the next time zone over Chicago, Time Zone I get an invite from Terry Wolf I jump into the race. It's him legendary Mu and go cast Chris INFLEC- and rate. Aw, that's awesome like. Shit. I'm fucking battling with my friends like it was. It was a may didn't get an invite Terry. Borderline pissed and then like you know we're here. We did our patrons. Zoom call right before recorded this and so two dots sends me a fucking invite, and it's well past when read stop in my area, so it's like the fact that. You can o'clock somewhere right now man. It's so cool like. fucking Kudos antic they they did it like this is this is a game changer and and I look forward to. To wear this goes and no people. regionals will never be raid bosses so. Get over that. That'll never happen but the fact that you know. If you have the money to fucking spend on the passes like I'll do a timber with you. You know it doesn't have to be a legendary, but I'll. I'll tell a timber like i. just think that from the community aspect this amazing as creators. We can really do like. You know a lot more cool stuff with streaming with the community because we can schedule people and say hey. I'm GONNA do right hour from six to seven. You need to be ready from six to six thirty I'll call. I'll call on you. We'll do these reach together like it's just. It's really cool to see I'm really loving it. All right next up. Let's do a little arlo counter. Guide here and we'll what we'll do is every week for the next three weeks will cover a different team leader are low counter guide. Can Get, Ou will start with him because he has imo hair, but as Adema mentioned earlier, we've got a ton a new shadow POKEMON including new shadow, Chinese from the leaders as well as Jesse James and like. I said Jesse James Our total wimps like just. As easy as grunts, if not nj Nice that they call you towards two, they do those small tasks yet, but ex coughing can be shiny and as for the leaders. There's a few combinations of pokemon. That might give you some trouble, so we're going to review the LINEUPS. Talk about the Best Pok Mon a counter them. And this info coming from pokemon go hub dot net. Okay are low will always open with Paiko. So that's a little bit odd. You don't really see that too much, and it's his home. Pok Mon could be chartered blast, toys or steel ix, and he will close with size or dragon or Salomons so quite diverse. and. Like how they did this from a balancing perspective because. You. There's really no safe party. Because one might do well against the first Pokemon, but then could be super fact you know could take super effective damage. The second them on like they really make you think about it, but we'll talk about each individual pokemon here and what we recommend bringing and. I pretty much agree with go hubs recommendations, except for one spot I'll call that out, but to counter pinecone. Just bring fire, Chandelier Dharma Tan Blazer. Can you know any anything with double fire moves and stab is going to be good. Now for the Middle Book on this is when things get a little weird, because depending on what he brings is what is going to dictate what you WANNA bring so. Obviously if you you start your fire pokemon. And he carries over to the second POKEMON and he brings a blast. Always. You're GONNA get wrecked. However if He brings you, so you say okay. I'll bring grasp pokemon for blast toys, but then if he brings a chart, he's GonNa fuck up your grasp Pokemon, so it's like you you. You might have to do a couple bits of trial in every year to figure out what the lineup actually is, but that Hump Pok Mon Char's are blast always. I fucking hate battling steelworks. Seal is a pain in my ass. I cannot stand it but I'd say just that combination alone is a pain in the ass. Of what trying to figure out which one did like. It's trial and error. Because you'll never know. It's like I mean you could bring for chartered in blast. Always you could bring like. Gina from our discord community, she was like bring a fucking electric pokemon like yeah, that's that's a good call brings APP does. Bring a bring a Reiko something like that, but. When comes around like what the fuck you GonNa do it's like you gotta you to think about this now you might be able to bring an electric poke them on, and then put the fire on that you defeated Paiko with off to the side, and bring them back in for steel, IX, or have a standalone fire procam on just to counter ix, so that you're gonNA to have to do trial and error, but I definitely appreciate that rock paper scissors of the lineup, and then for the Final Pok Mon you have Cesar. Dragon Solomon to dragons here size or the bug type. For sizemore, you could bring fire right so again. This could do well if you have your fire Pokemon that you defeated. pinecone with. If he had steel ix, and you had to fire, Pok Mon this my carryover well, if if he has siser, but now for Dragon I, just bring fucking Alga, and for Solomon's go hub says bring a smackdown crunch, Toronto tarn. Okay I could deal with that so. There's a lot of diversity in his lineup. So there really isn't a Goto like would Sierra are cliff? Prior you can say all right. I'm bringing macario Champs, and just fucking plow through it Gigi, but here it seems like you really have to put a little bit more thought and. You know lose a couple of times to figure out what's going on here so that way you can definitely guilty of losing a couple times. Yeah, yeah, I've I've lost many times, and when we get to talking about Giovanni Man I was getting fucking wrecked because he had guard shop. WHO's fucking killing me? unfortunately I'll skip that. So to summarize here, Paiko bring fire like Chandelier Dharma Tan Blazer kin for charge you, WanNa. Bring some rock because it's double week. go hub recommends Reggie Rock and Gholam, but I can't see you going wrong with like a smackdown stone-age Taran the tar, which most people will have so that's the one thing that. I was surprised that inputs around an Atari in there. blast. Always you, WanNa bring grass. They have arisen on top of UNISOURCE. Even work well for stealing the which again total pain in the acid by book. I would bring. He Tran or something with double fire moves. Size or bring some more fire like blazek inner Char's art. Dragon Night Bring Yoga or that smackdown crunch Taran Tar. For Solomon's, but let us know what you're going to bring I think that. This is going to be a little bit of an adjustment, I think the last iteration of the team leaders was pretty fucking easy specially Sierra so these seem to be a little bit tougher and require you to do a little bit more strategizing and team building which I definitely appreciate A. Lot more fun because you don't know like you're just trying to win. You're like I need this for this task. Lynch I. Want the. I think the switch with the task that we had where like we need to defeat five of them like that was just a push like A. That factor that you needed to. Get it done I'll. Push and it was like you knew you needed to get this done so I need to figure this out. Fast I'm thoroughly enjoying the rocket stuff now. There's the balloons just makes it that much more exciting now. They have new. Pok Mon like I'm you know because I'm running a living decks? I'm excited to battle everybody. I'm excited to keep them purify all that stuff it's it's been great. The these like sub mechanics of the main game have really been driving people to stay engaged. Myself included so loving it just absolutely absolutely fucking love and the Shit. All Right Adam, why don't you talk? About Zero Point one eight one point zero data mine from polk on that means just get my my hard hat on coaching. Kazaa, we're going in the minds. With the POLKA minors data mine of zero. Point one eight one point zero as Ken said. before we dive into the UK just a quick reminder that none of the following information is approved by Niantic and can be changed at any time, also data mining is in a direct violation of the terms of service. So, it's like no no naughty naughty. So, while zero point one eight one point zero as rolled out, there are still some hidden gems found in the code. I is of a phenomenal new loading screen, which really show coolest perspective of pokemon being our world. While we were at home, I love this loading screen dude so good. So I really loved that they introduced CAC Leon in it. I'm super stoked. Talked about last week. Do you kick? Leon confirmed six CAC. Leon confirmed and love it. Thank united. We also see some new. Forms in the code like Podesta. Rapid Ash Mister. MIND COURSE LA. Your mask slow poke slow. Bro, so that's exciting. the gophers badge has been added which along with some of the gophers assets like the challenge hub that will be used to track the progress for the go fast global stuff. victims move. Create is in the code as well as a special encounter screened for it Maybe it's going to be something like Selah being ember that where they had that whole musical pokemon singing and all that stuff. Maybe there's some cool. I really hope there's more musical pokemon and singing with teeny. No no I don't I just hope it comes out like flames or something I'd be sick, sh! We are already seeing the souvenir peak achieve visor live in game which I just got earlier. Nice but there was also souvenir confetti added so that's exciting. Grab that Gophers Confetti me that I need that. so new effects were added like different types of Confetti and even fireworks. Yeah, this is just like lines of code. So who the fuck knows with that means yeah. a few other things were added like a city challenge in some good exchanges for shiny pokemon. That's cool. It could be just tiny quality of life updates. the quality of life update has already been added to make raid passes be consumed only when the rain starts, and not when he joined the lobby Kudos, I know. People were waiting for that forever and now with remote rate invites. That's more important than ever. Because you can join the lobby to gauge interest and show people that you're interested, and if the clock is getting down, and no one's joining, you could just fucking bail, and you keep your pass. That's awesome. So I, looted to the top of the show that you know next, Wednesday will probably be the last Kiram rate our. We don't know what's coming next, but is leading right into the gophers weekend. So it wasn't listed in the actual AP. K. Mine of Zero Point one eight one point zero however. Polka miners did find in the traffic assets for shadow mu to. fucking not exciting. What you wanted you want to. You wanted to different shadow mutual with Chris Shiny Mu. I'm GONNA ride that I'll be early, but I'm going to ride clearly rival after Gopher fucking year cheese, Louise, but no shadow mu two is in the code very very freaking. Cool There was also some other kind of tiny stuff. They found with like what was it a new animation or a new something for your buddy? Happiness level? There is like a new happy level of of friendship. It's. It's just. There's a lot happening and I'm excited to see how this shit rolls out, and if it's going to roll out and push prior to go fast because if. Cure goes away on the twenty second and shadow mu two steps in. Maybe they can do something exciting with that for go fast. Who knows who knows? I don't Wanna I WANNA. guesstimate to too much, but. You mean tinfoil hat it. Yes, June, I was rocking the tin foil hat today on the GT G. Stream. No, no, no, no, you had the the sticker I did I had the POKEMON professor network sticker on in the front of it. It was great. It was branded tinfoil hag sell those in the shop. Hook him up professor dot com slash merch all right. Let's take a little break. Really Quick Adam. When we come back, we'll go through some miscellaneous news. We got some listener emails and. Got Some voicemails. Let's just do a brisk walk. Let's not. Set Run through it. Let's just briskly walk through I'm going to. Jog Power we'll. Be Jug. John. We'll be back right after this. A. And we are back from our break. Thank you so much for that. We appreciate you all very very much. All right little housekeeping to get through before the ass of the show Sh-. Remember. This podcast is powered by Patriot. Please check ours out over at Patriot dot com slash pokemon professor where he can support this show for as little as one dollar a month. Now one dollar we'll get you access to our patience. -clusive discord, which is a fantastic place filled. Filled with fantastic people I wanNA. Give huge. Shout out to our show supports here. Patrons Ace trainers. Alex, Andrew, Brian Britney Chad dim views. Be Banging Geese Eighty seven go ranger. Matt griddle seven eighty eight Harry James Jason Jj. mackel Jolt Switzerland Spot Bought Matt Matthew Monica M Pits Paul Poking out by Purple Pancakes Sandwich. While the noise lousy jet, I would was Wolf Shiny Carol Miles S K, T and Chris Thank. You guys so in Credit Nablus get longer. I don't know man. It's the patients that weird thing manage ebbs and flows. It's it's always. Sometimes it gets bigger. Sometimes, it gets smaller. Sometimes it changes it is what it is all good. It's Patriots at interesting thing. also Hugh Chat Out to our gym leader Jamal at our executive producer Paul bought. Thank you and if Patriot hasn't. You're still a couple of ways you can help us out. If you're listening on Youtube, you can subscribe to the Channel Turn on notifications, and if you're listening to a podcast service like apple podcasts, you can take a moment to leave us a review Oh and we're getting really close to a thousand subs on Youtube so. If you haven't sub to a seven youtube, please take a moment to do that. It would really mean a lot. Once he hit thousand subs. You can kind of do some different things. You unlock some different capabilities with your channel, so please help us get. There I realized that you know I. I've had my own personal account forever. which I don't have any videos myself or anything, but I subscribed to the channel I was like what I walk in the other day. Able and I get a notification. Adam, tuttle as subscribe to your channel like Wow, dude! Thanks, thanks for the. Appreciate it only took a several years. All right little bit miscellaneous news to run through NIANTIC has released a print at home, arts and Crafts Kit to help get you in the the spirit of pokemon. Go I. Love this Shit. It is a bunch of crafts and they're very difficult. There's like a paper craft Polka Ball. Who Boy It's hard. You better be like export expert fucking Origami maker in order to create a sort of round ball out of a flat piece paper, nobody. It's very difficult, so just be ready for that. There's also some like life-size cut-out stuff. You could put together of the team leaders to make your own Mike Photo op stuff. If you print out every single page and then glued together just really cool shit, really fun, get into the spirit. Get Your community involved to be great for kids think it's really really cool. Let's take a moment to check in with Professor Willow, I'm wolf with gaming together media and this is. Will as ALMANAC all right quick calendar run through this? Friday July seventeenth go weekly challenge friendship with an also. The summer themed event Sunday the Nineteenth Ghastly Community Day Tuesday the twenty-first off spotlight. Our two times catch stardust Wednesday, the twenty second here and read our and Saturday and Sunday, the twenty fifth and twenty sixth. Go. Whip. Adam. We have some emails while we have an email and. Why don't you read? Re Jason wrote here it right you much, and then I'll talk about the article that he shirt. says. I also thought you might like to see this news link from Victoria Australia where a bunch of fines were handed out in the in his area to Pokemon go players. So this is great. This is I mean not really I. It's great, so there's like article that shows like a interview with like I, guess the police or some kind of authority figure from that area where people were not practicing like staying at home quarantine, and it's like the reasons. They gave her like people were making like midnight runs to KFC to buy food and they're out playing pokemon. Go and it was something like. Like three hundred and fifty fines to poke among go players like people that should not be out on the road, but their out like playing which I thought was when I know, you gotta catch a all Bro. You gotta catch them all, but Jason I love. You and you share shit like this. Thank you so much writing in the article is pretty funny, because one of the tweets in the article between like you know. The the news sector was like it's twenty. People are still playing poker Mongo. Like people just don't fucking. Get it like they just it's. It's funny good shit. All right and we got some We got some voicemails here and there little long so I will edit them down, but the first one from Sarah Manda. Amanda thank you so much for for calling in because she's drunk and it's fucking hilarious here we go. Manda meeting those, but how ones I start talking, I don't shut up. You know how she's calling withdrawn. Please don't. Just mean very well. Or do. Number Anyway. I work layers, rummell a lot Liz model and found out that I forgot. I should any shadows. HAS PNB. And timing. I held another opportunity to teacher, but Oh Amanda! You forgot you forgot the ever. Well to be fair I didn't. Remember that it was the time because I thought it was too. Yeah. You do big time to you. You I blew it. I blew it so hard. It was awful. It was awful. Because, we were supposed to record with with seven. Creator Series on Sunday at two PM. And then you had texted me and said Oh no, like because of the. Takeover? He's not gonNA. Be Available at that time so I was like Oh man. And I was like Oh. It's two o'clock. Now that we're not recording, libby, open the game and I can't. Ventures over at two o'clock, so my frustration level. I was just as high. so Adam Adam missed, too, but she goes on to like explain a couple of different things about You know what she has going on, and it was really fucking hilarious and. I love when you fucking call in because it's great. She talks about like subscribing to the calendar, and she had the calendar and You know it's all purple for her. Because when you share the counter with someone that's not colored in like I, have mine all color coded and Shit? But when you share the counter, it's all purple. You have to go in and manually change the colors, which is a pain in the ass, but We still have our calendar, so if you guys want alerts and things like that, so he could not be like. Yeah Adam. It's in the fucking calendar, so you didn't have Y- guess you didn't get the alert for it. But no check out the Lincoln description. You can download our Google calendar, which is a pain in the ass to get working, but if you get it working, all the shit is up there, so but I. Thank you so much, she yes, she starts talking about like different drinks that she likes long. Island iced tea and Shit it just it's great because it just goes on and on and on fucking rambling drunk voicemail fan. Thank you Amanda. This next one. This one is from Matty G. Ken Autumn how you doing. Eight I was calling about this whole and pavers is sweeping. The reasoning I believe it was. Paths go weakened properly in email, so you know to. Ask for this. I. Can't put a Says will be available. Guess what? It wasn't. Out Wasn't available until the eleven, but you don't completion being. Way 'cause you. GotTa go. No. Did it on the. Calendar. Trying to build a team who fight? A water team when talking at the end of the hey, what do do. Anyway looking. Conversations. Have on the podcast about whether antic may or may not do with what's going on. And how many other people? On us. Oh about! People either be experiencing or As? To who a an our now! This responsible, basically sorry about. There's no chance for two. Weeks in which again super assessor prisoners because know. That whole. Thank you so much for calling in. So this is weird so I I haven't heard too much about this, so if this is. If you've experienced, please let us know. But Ninety support puts out a tweet saying like on July tenth, saying like Hey, if you Giovanni by July tenth, it's going to be entertained, but after the certain time on July, tenth it will be sweet Koon and then sweet, whom will be available through the end of the month? But what ended up happening was I. Guess People were Battling Giovanni when it should have been sweet swoon and they were getting. So. If, they already had say I don't know if he has a second and now, but from what I understood, he's now saying he can't get sweet Kuhn, so he's going to have that whole in his tax for the shadow, speaking my goodness Jeez. Oh! I don't know is a pain in the. I don't know if he if he goes through the leaders again and gets. Will he get another super rocket radar to do Giovanni again and get this week? Tune I? Don't know so managing. Thanks for writing him, but let it let us know. Follow up on on that because our are. You really fucked here like I? I haven't. I gotta go on. Read it. I haven't seen too much about this. But if that's the case, and from the eleventh on when it should've been sweet and people were still getting Tay one. One does that mean that you have to entities and two is a really no way to then get shadow sweet coon like that would fucking sock. That would suck big time. So who've let us know if anyone else experienced that or me? No, Mattie, follow back up with us. Let us know if if you were in fact unable to get that soon, that would that yet. The completion, the completion EST in me would be fucking. Lose it as well because that would. That would just kill me especially if it's like. Because something in the game was broken ib fuck in bidder bitterness. But Adam I think that's a show. That is a wonderful show that was just had next week. Is Go fast man next week is. Next week so excited so excited. It's going to be great. It's going to be great like I. Just WanNa record a record Wednesday, but then I. also run a record on Saturday like after the first day, and then I want to record on Sunday the convey. Record Enough Adam so maybe we should record more. So by the way we did a record this past week with mystic seven, so that episode will be out in a couple of days are POPE DIV creator. Series came out last week. Please check that out on the Lourdes Lourdes. Up. Feed were recording with G to G. that media on Saturday and then next week on Friday. Before go fest, we're recording with Tom. Cruise Holy Shit. There's a lot going on with the show. Thank you everyone for us for for supporting us. It's been a wild ride and we're pushing hard and You make you guys make it all worth it. Thank you so so much for for all your support. It's been phenomenal. But Adam? That's a show anyone. You could email US Info at Lourdes up dot com, you can leave us a voicemail drunk if you'd like seven, three, two, eight, three, five, eight, six, three, nine, also take texts and pictures, and all that good stuff video. Checkout lured up dot com for everything that's going on with the show. Poke him on professor. That's going on for everything that's going on with the network connected with us on social media check out our merge store. Adam that it xenophobe. Yet just have a good morning afternoon night whenever you're listening to this I. Want you to be. Safe. In happy. Is the best training the positive? He training trainers. We'll see you next week.

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