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By from news eddie. Eight seven houston. I'm geared water harris county. health officials. Say they don't know if the current spike in cova cases is because of people gathering during the holidays or a new and more contagious co variant. The health departments doctors sherry on yego says have to do more genetic testing difficult to say that it's based on a new variant. We just aren't doing enough of that. Specific type of testing on yego says close to eighteen percent of cova test in harris county are now coming back positive. The union representing houston area Store-workers is asking kroger to improve. Its safety measures. Flurry and martin tells us it comes after nearly one hundred croker employees got the corona virus in one week following the christmas holiday. United food and commercial workers local 455 once kroger two more stringently enforced mass requirements limit. The number of customers in store an increase access to protect equipment and testing the union accuses kroger of minimizing the threat to its employees in an emailed statement. Kroger pointed out that with more than eighteen thousand employees in the region. The infection rate is relatively small. The company says it's taken numerous steps to protect both customers and workers since dependent started including personal protective equipment for employees plexiglass at checkout lanes and pickup and delivery options. I florida martin in houston when lawmakers are sworn in tomorrow and allston to north texas representatives. Say they won't be there because of covid concerns. Richardson democrat ana maria. Romo's says she's skipping the event it is a superspreader event in my opinion and we know that our republican counterparts. Don't take it seriously. That i do and we are going to not be there. Didn't kennedy democrat michelle. Beckley says it will be irresponsible to have lawmakers and their families in the house chamber for an extended period. We're expecting partly cloudy skies and colder temperatures tonight. Shikha down to about thirty. Three degrees mostly sunny skies on tuesday with our high going up to about fifty right now. It's cloudy forty five on the u h campus. I'm guilty eddie. Eight seven support for npr comes from npr stations. Other contributors include i-drive with remo pc.

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