Labor Day Weekend // When You Meet Jesus


Everybody. This is Keith Roy. I'm the founding senior pastor of celebrate church in Sioux Falls South Dakota, and this is our podcast I just WanNa say thank you for joining us and it is my prayer that this week's message would truly encourage you enjoy. Well. Hello celebrate it is great to be together. We have just finished an amazing series called growing your faith walk into the book of James. I'll tell you I've always loved books as but man, it came alive even that much more for me I. Don't know about the rest of it. It had a deep impact on my life I hope that it did for you as well. Now, next weekend pastor Keith is going to lead us in a new series is called the greatness of God looking at Psalm twenty three well, today passer Keith is allowed me. I'm incredibly humbled to open God's word with you. If you would open up your bibles to Luke Chapter Nineteen Luke Chapter Nineteen. The while you're doing that. Everyone of us has maybe a piece of Trivia. That's kind of a fun trivia fact that probably most people don't know about as well I'm sure one of those that of my trivia facts with you today. I have met one of the presence of the United States. House that Trivia is that? Okay one thing now I had a chance to meet President Ronald? Reagan. Now, anybody who are under thirty years old you're going who and thank you for making me feel that old but in nineteen eighty-six President Ronald Reagan came to Sioux falls actually and he spoke at the Sioux falls arena and and the tickets already been sold out I didn't know if I could go but then last night I had a chance to but couldn't get inside so I went outside hoping that let's be able to see him kind of thing well, sure enough motorcade pulls up he comes out and he starts shaking hands and he's coming down the line A few people back? Okay. But people are saying he's shake hands and it comes right in front is. I reach over the top and I touched his hand like that. I know it changed his life. But. I met Ronald Reagan. Or did I really I mean, if they can be honest about it, I knew about president. Reagan. I had read about him. I had actually seen him on television different things like that. Actually. Touched him. But throughout is I didn't meet him. I say that because I think that's true with a lot of people in the church today in the world. They have heard a Jesus. They've known about Jesus. They've read about Jesus they've seen Jesus two things in the lives of the people they might have been been touched a little bit by Jesus themselves, but they've never. Met. and. So we want to talk today about what does it mean to really meet Jesus because because the vision of celebrate is helping people meet Jesus because here's what we believe that when you really meet Jesus. Everything changes would you that? Everything changes so. What happens when you really meet Jesus how you know if someone has made it well, today we're GonNa read a story of someone who did me cheese and that will give us the impact and the evidence of what that means. It's store, but we little man. Luke nineteen starting in verse one I'm reading. Out. The new living translation. Jesus entered Jericho and made his way through the town. There was a man there named, Zaccheus? He was the chief tax collector in the region and he had become very rich. He tried to get a look at Jesus, but he was too short to see over the crowd. So he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore fig tree beside the road for Jesus going to pass that way. When Jesus came by he looked up at Zaccheus and called him by name. Zakia he said quick come down. I must be a guest in your home today. Sack he has quickly climbdown. It took Jesus to his house in crate excitement and joy. But the people were displeased. He gone to be the guests of into Torius. Center. They grumbled. Meanwhile at Kia stood before the Lord said I will give half my wealth to the poor Lord and if I've cheated people on their taxes, I will give them back four times as much. Jesus responded salvation has come to this home today for this man has shown himself to be a true son of Abraham. For the son of man came to seek and save those who are lost. Great Story. Let's understand a little bit of the history in store. But now we start off right away in verse one and verse two. Here's what it said. Jesus enter Jericho and made his way through the town. There was a man there named Zaccheus. He was the chief tax collector in the region and had become very rich. Let's get a little history. Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem in fact, a few versus later in the same chapter, you'll see that he enters Jerusalem where they proclaim him as the King Hosanna and they do palm brands and proud of them. We recognize that his palm Sunday. And within a few days, he'll be crucified. So literally Jesus in the last days of his life. On the way to do some, he stops at a town called Jericho. Now, that name be familiar for people because in the Old Testament. There was the city of Jericho that when the Israelites came into the Promised Land, the first city they conquered was. Jericho and they conquered it because they march around the city seven times and what happened to the walls. Came tumbling down absolutely well, just outside that city, a new Jerusalem was built and it actually became kind of a trade center and a very rich center. Well, there is a man in that town name sexiest from what we've read what we know about Zaccheus. He was wealthy. What else about him? Short short absolutely, and what was his occupation today? Not, just a tax you're. Off The chief tax collector. Okay. Absolutely. Now, that job meant that he was popular with everybody. No, no I mean, let's be honest. There's probably none of you right now that have invited Iran agent to your house for Christmas. Let's be honest about it. Okay. But in that day even more. So he was hated why? Because the Romans had come in taken the land over so they're the conquers of land, and now they're imposing a tax on the people obviously to profit off of that conquest. But what they do instead of having almost to it, they have their own Jewish people do it. Zaccheus was one of those people. So not only was a cheater, he's a traitor. That's a double hate. In that way in the promise he'd become very wealthy how because when he collected the taxes, he collected more than was actually requested and he profited came off the top. So that is very wealthy. But it was also very lonely. Everyone. Knew Him and everyone. Hated him he was a religious outcast obviously, he didn't go to church. The fact thing about what's the worst thing you could think of that somebody would make money on that would be just you would be a a drug lord. would be a someone who sold children to sex slavery. Would it be some who sold illegal weapons? That's In that day. Katie, give you an idea. But something was missing for Zaccheus maybe some of you today are realizing something's missing for you. So. Is that kiss runs to tree ahead of him to get a glimpse of this man named Jesus now in the Mid East? TAP, any man run and climb up a tree would be undignified. But especially a wealthy. Prominent Man I think about this. For Mark Cuban. Okay of Shark tank to run up and climb up on a tree to get a glimpse of. Can you imagine that happening now? Not at all? But Zaccheus didn't care about his reputation. He didn't care if he literally potentially exposed himself. To everybody below. Because, he had a need and he wanted to see, Jesus? There was something he was looking for. In that way, see I found. That when you're willing to exhausted, even expose yourself. You'll experience Jesus. You will. Now, before we jump into what happens when you Jesus I want us to look at three things that will happen that when you that Jesus actually will do when you meet him. These are three things Jesus will do. Okay. Here's the first thing. Jesus will see you. He'll see you. Gay It's an versus three through five. Here's what it says He. Tried to get a look at Jesus, but he was too short to see over the crowd. So he ran ahead inclined Sycamore fig tree beside the road for Jesus was going to pass that way when Jesus came by he looked up at Zaccheus. Jesus will see you know we. We've always limited time where people are isolated sometimes feel lonely especially in this covert season. Can we agree that's more than that than after? You know no-one invited Zaccheus to their home. No one put him on their Christmas list. No one ever said he's acquiesce. What are you doing Friday night when hang out? Now What I find is this when people are lonely and isolated, there's kind of two extremes. ONE IS THEY WANNA be seen they. They want everybody to see him. Okay. Two month old grandson that's in the stage of of Papa Watch Me Papa look at me poppy. Kids, they want you to see everything they want to notice everything about them I. Sometimes look at what people post on social media. What they post on facebook and what are they saying? SEAMY seamy. They WANNA be seen because they feel isolated. They feel like they're lonely they want they want to be seen. They WanNa be noticed by then the the other extreme though I see that sometimes people will hide. When they feel lonely I. Say they hide. That's especially maybe if they feel shame on a thing as well. Maybe, some of you who've either been through or maybe going through an addiction, you know what it means to hide in that way. People hide themselves in a lot of different ways. They can hide themselves into a tree. Okay. But they can tie themselves in their work. Write they hide themselves in the relationship some hide themselves behind Cova did. I find that. Do you want to see have Jesus? Jesus does see you even if you're hiding. In fact here's what it says in Jeremiah Twenty three. Can anyone hide from me in a secret place? This is God's saying this. I love this can anyone hide from me in a secret place? Am I not everywhere in all the heavens and the Earth says the Lord here's a reality. Jesus sees you. He sees you right now exactly where you are even though you might be very lonely, very isolated. Here's a second thing though that Jesus. Will do when you meet him he will call you by your name. We read this in verse five. Came by he looked like he called him by name. That's important. Zach Ese quick comedown. I must be a guest in your home today. Can. We agree it's huge. Have Your name called. Remember growing up as a kid on the playground they're picking sides to play game. What do you want to hear? You want to hear your name and the longer. You don't hear your name what happens inside you. Mad Please please and then you don't want to be the last one. That's for sure you WanNa hear anymore let's say that you're an you walk into a room and somebody says, Hey, gala I came here or they say your name what does that? It makes you feel good. Doesn't it? Versus if you walk in a room and nobody says your name. 'cause nobody even recognizes your there. Man Jesus calls you by name about this. Why did Jesus go through Jericho I? Mean where's he headed to worse? His Goal Jerusalem Jerusalem? That's his goal. Why did he go through Jericho? Could it be? To meet. Zaccheus. Do, you think that potentially people area new who was Yeah because he was the chief tax collector avenues. Could it be that Jesus went through? Just to meet this little guy in this little tree. Could that be the case I think. So here's a rowdy wherever yet right now, whatever's going on in your life whatever situation you're in? Jesus is calling your name. He does he knows where you're at he sees you but he called you by name I love how salt says isn't Psalm one, thousand nine. Award you've examined my heart and you know everything about me. You know when I sit down or stand up you know my thoughts even when I'm far away. You see me when I travel arrested home. You know everything I. Do you know what I'm GonNa say even before I say it Lord. Hugo before me and you follow me, you place your hand a blessing on my head. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me too great for me to understand. I can never escape from your spirit. I can never get away from your presence. Jesus calls us by name and here's the third thing that Jesus will do Jesus will come into your home. Jesus will come into your home and read this and I five quick come down. This is Jesus talking to quick come down. I must be a guest in your home today. Addressing. Jesus didn't say he's kiss come down I'll meet you at the synagogue. We didn't. He said I WANNA. Wear. To your home he said, he didn't tell them how he didn't say Zach you need to repent. You didn't say that he didn't make a picket sign. In, hold it up. He didn't go on social media in blasts kiss for what a rotten guy he was. He wanted to come to his home. I wonder how many Jews it ever done that before gone to Zaccheus his home. when how many religious leaders ever had? That numbers zero. Jesus does in fact, in book revelation, he says this here I am I stand at the door and what knock if anyone here's my voice and opens the door I will come in I will eat with him and he with me. You know what I fear. I think there's a lot of people that would rather be Jesus Church that happened come to their home. Because at Church was Jesus. Great to be with Ya see again. Next. Sunday. Have a great week buddy. See that. Wow. Because Jesus, came to our house. He might see what's on my computer. He might see it's my iphone. He might see and hear the things that I, say, the tone I. Say. He might see what I'm really spending money on. The rail is this. We think that we want hurry up and clean the house up before Jesus Jesus no outcome your house I want to clean it up. Here's a rowdy see when you make. Jesus Jesus will see you. He'll call you by name and he'll come to your house. Let's talk for a moment. What things go through your mind right now when we talk what we've been so far to me just POPs in my head is. Just, just the greatness of God in the love and mercy of got. You said the The first thing Jesus. Says I want I want to be you I. Want to spend time with you in your place. in knowing that Jesus once for each and every one of us. that he wants to meet US where where he loves us so much that he'll meet us where we're at but he loves so much that he'll make sure we don't stay. And I see that was the key is Jesus. Love Him so much. He wanted to meet them where he's at in his own, but he love him so much that I wanNA. Help you clean. You know what? I mean. Get you through this. And just paints a beautiful picture of who he is. Because of his love, His grace for us. It's amazing to sit back and think that our God there's no limits. Snow Valley too low. There's no mountain too high. That he won't go out and seek you. He Won't receive you where you're at meet you where you're at, but also impact you. And God way? One of my favorite versus from a song is I don't need my name in lights. I'm famous and my father's eyes make no mistake. He knows my name and that's something as an athlete. You know it's really easy to focus on you want to having your name out there. But at the end of the day, we're here to serve God and to have his name be known through our works. Now, Our Name be known for works. It's throughly truly God working through us. Well, we've been talking about this. We've been looking at this. Oh, Jesus will do when we meet him not sir around. What will happen to you when you truly be cheeses Were truly because again. Here about him not read about him not knowing some things about another that when you truly meet him and say, well, how can you judge it? Well, it's called fruit. So for example, how do you know if a trees and apple tree? There's apples on it. Okay. Exactly. There are four fruit. We're GONNA see out of the life is that kiosks that are evidence of someone who's truly met Jesus and as we walk through these, I'm encouraged all we get personal eight. Wow. Where am I add that really have I. Truly. Met Him according to that okay. Here's the first one. When you truly meet Jesus, you will do what Jesus says. You'll do what Jesus says we see it in I six because Jesus said Zaccheus come down quickly. APP House here's out says it's zaccheus quickly climbed down. And took Jesus to his house. Quickly came, down. quickly. Means immediate. Obedience. Here's a phrase that I think is has been challenging for me. The longer it takes to obey God. Is the distance I am from. God Let me say it again, the longer it takes me to obey God or be his word. That's the distance I am from God. Because how long did it take him to come down from the tree? Quickly immediate. Obedience. So, for example. I know I've heard about tithing giving ten percent guide but but you know it just isn't our budget right now and Here's a reality. You haven't truly met, Jesus. You had you haven't. Because, there's immediate obedience to. Or person I'd say I I. Know I know I know I should read the Bible I I i. know that I know Jesus talks about that. I know that man. Just, hardware able to get into it kind of get. It just means you you haven't truly met Jesus out. It's what it just means. Sometimes couples that are. Looking getting married but they're living together and I know what? God's word says about sex for marriage I know what God says about living together I know. But we're we're we're planning on getting married in. A love you. You haven't met Jesus Shat. Truly. Because when you truly meet Jesus. You will do what he says. Delayed obedience is. Disobedience. Those who have children understand that if you told your child to do something. And they did a week later is that obedience? No, it's disobedience delayed. Obedience is disobedience. Here's how Jesus said it. Himself John Fourteen says if you love me, you'll obey me. Now, I've been very open the fact that for six years I had an addiction pornography addiction. Okay. There's been a number of years ago, but in that span. Here's a reality. I knew about Jesus and I could even say that. I thought loved him but I had never surrendered totally surrendered. To Jesus. Here's his crazy. I was on staff at a church. And that area was still not obedience to me I wasn't obeying in. My Life. I can say well. I'm struggling with some things. I knew what the right thing was to do. That I, continue to choose it and I did seek help for it to get out of it. It was delayed. Obedience does I I hadn't met Jesus yet. The route is this when you meet Jesus everything changes in. You'll obey and do what he says. That's how you know you met Jesus because everything will change. Here's a second thing that will happen when you truly meet. Jesus. You will have great excitement and joy. You have great excitement and joy. Here's what it said. Zach has climbed down and took Jesus to his house with what? Great Excitement and. Joy Man you can almost pick your. Bam He's on the ground must a little guy for him to be that way and he's Young fired upcoming. Now I don't know what his life was before that I can't see. zacchaeus being isolated. For all that and hated everybody having great excitement enjoy. But here he does. If I said, what are the things that give great excitement enjoy would be very different people for me kissing my wife. Okay that's one great excitement gradually absolutely. Being, with my children grandchildren great excitement. Great Joy for other people might be different things for some people hunting Craig site McGraw, Golf. Okay. In fact, it might be a relationship. You've heard people say this you go. Wow. Why are you so happy? I. Met Someone. Have you heard of that? Does I think? Yeah, I bet you met somebody didn't you? I got somebody Yup that gives me great excitement. Great Joy. How about opening God's word. And worshipping him. Does that give you great excitement and great joy Here's what it says in Psalm One, twenty, two, I rejoice with those who said to me let us go to the house Lord I rejoiced with those who said to me great excitement and great joy. Was that you today when you got up, had a chance to open the Bible. Had a chance to be with other people in worship. When you truly meet Jesus. You'll have excitement joy. No matter what your circumstances are. Because, had any of that his circumstances changed. None. But. He met Jesus. Seat what I find it says. The. Under circumstances all the time and that determines have excitement or joy how things are things are going great. things are going great. WHOA wait wait wait did Jesus Change. When you meet? Jesus. It doesn't matter what the circumstance our here's what Philippians four says. May You always be joyful? Always. Be Joyful in your union with the Lord Not in your circumstances in your union with the Lord I'd say it again rejoice he repeats himself in fact, repeat this after me locate. Circumstances don't give you joy. Concerning Christ does. Make. Sense. See when you truly meet Jesus he gives you join excitement not your circumstance it doesn't matter what circumstances are. Have a dear person that just passed away this past month to cancer. Heart heart but you know what? Every time I talk this person there was great excitement. Great Joy. Because that was found in Christ not in the circumstances question. When people see you and I? At work at school, do they see someone has great excitement in? Great Joy? Because they've truly met Jesus. You met Jesus to they. See that do we have great excitement joy when we have the chance to come together and worship together and church when you open up God's word seat if you've really meant Jesus Everything changes. You'll have great excitement and great joy. Let's talk about those two things what what's going through your mind on those two thoughts You can choose. To wake up in the morning and And be be he didn't get enough sleep I gotta go to my job. Don't like my job, my bosses Jerick, whatever you can choose all those things. Or you can make the mental decision. I'm alive I woke up today Jesus is in done in my life. Let's go out and do that. You know that's the way that I get my days like Kinda. It might even bug Morgan a little bit because like I wake up I'm like Whoa let's go and she is not a morning person. And she wouldn't mind me tell you that but. Is. Just one of those things like I'm excited because my day started and I'm in I I start my day here. Right here WanNa see what the Lord has for me today at the beginning of my day rather than it when I go home at work and I'm tired mentally drained I don't want to. Because good chances whatever I'm going to read in that the morning is going to help me through my day whereas if I and my day come here. Wow, I wish I. would have known that this morning. You know so. They. Just, waking up with that joy. Sets. The tone for the rest of your day. I think the reality is the majority of US delay our obedience on a lot of different things. I mean I. I it happens in it's about accepting, identifying, correcting a moving forward and when when you said that I was like, oh I feel like. I feel like that's something we've all struggled with. And when we get to the point where we are having this one on one relationship. With Jesus and were, we feel like we're all in but we're truly not in. I mean I feel like thatched be a breaking point but people get stuck right there. That's where they get stuck and they. Okay. I'm going to church Hey I I. I've corrected this habit or this behavior and now I I'm doing what I'm supposed to do but they don't take that leap from where they are to truly be obedient. We don't. We don't totally surrender because we want to have control. Remember you using this analogy once his pen okay. Got I'm gonNA give you this. I'm going to give you this GonNa give you this. Maybe, this this. I can't. I. Can't let go and we're clinging on because we still want to control. But if we know if we let go, we have no control but we know who's in control. In when we come to that point of leap of faith got I'm scared. I don't know what's going to happen whatever it may be when we let go. You have this freedom in that starts working in. Because we want to be complete control because of easing control what regardless of what the outcome or my situation my circumstance I know that I'm in good hands. So, total surrenderance comes when we completely let go when I think a lot to there's times. Mean you can look at it the opposite side right when you sit back and say, well, what's the worst thing that could come from it? Right? It's like even idea like, okay, I'm right here if you decide to let go and totally surrender take that leap of faith. What could truly be the worst outcome of it? Right and I mean, you could say like, Oh, I could die. Is that really that bad of an outcome and I I don't say like jokingly people ask me all the time realistically once you're dead, you probably don't care anymore. In terms of where you're at unless you don't know before where you're going. But if you know where you're going because you've already totally surrendered at that point in time but truly is the worst thing that can happen you know. See. When you truly meet Jesus everything changes. It changes because of Jesus. Okay. Not Rebound not here bottom. You know hear about from other people when you truly meet him. So we talked about the fact that when you meet him okay you'll obey and do what he says immediate obedience and then we said Greg Simon Joy. Here's the third thing that you do. YOU WILL GIVE You'll give here we go. Verse Eight. Meanwhile, Zaccheus stood before the Lord and said I will give half my wealth to the poor Lord and if I've cheated people on their taxes, I will give them back four times as much. while. I think one of the struggles that I find that people have is a difference between two words and they chase the wrong word. They chase. Passion They. Chased Passion I. See this especially with a lot of young people. Now they they say I want to I'm trying to find what my passion is. GonNa Chase. My passion I want to do something that I'm passionate about and then man I'm I'm excited I wanNA marry the got my passionate about that person. Okay. Now that's okay. But what happens to passion? It fades and it changes because passion is emotion. They chased the wrong thing. Instead of tasing passion, they should chase priorities. Priorities now what I mean by that is that in fact, come back to passion. Passion needed okay. In a marriage you need passion in a marriage. Marriage conference one time and remember the one speaker Sane for the man he said man here's some ways to keep passion in your marriage. Any list off a fifteen different things for the husbands to do. Things like texture wife or call her during the day leaving note that says that you love her cleanup do dishes. Friday little things all throughout the day that show that that helps great passion. Then he turned to the women he said wives. Two things. Bring food come naked. That's what he said. Fashioned could've been. But the reality is chase the wrong that we chase passionate. We should be chasing priorities. See you determine your priorities. And they become your passion. So let me be example. Okay. My wife Cindy. Is, not my passion. You will. We'll. We'll. What's that about? No, she's not. She's not my passion. She's my priority. Goddess I. She's right there. Because he's my party I'm passionate about her. Is that make sense? Okay Reading. The Bible getting up early in the morning reading the Bible. About I'm not passionate about that getting up. Early. But it's my priority. And because it's my party, I'm passionate about working out. Passionate about working I'd have fly boy donate my word but because it's a priority mind guess what. I'm passionate about it makes sense. See Priorities Converse passions come next? Here's a question though. Is Giving priority to God. Well, think about the verse for God. So love the world that he what. gave. Giving is a priority to God. See the reality is this. That's a case when you make Jesus God's priorities become our passion. That make sense God party become are passionate. You will want to give out of your time into resources. Interesting. If you know what he says Jesus has right after. Verse. Nine. Jesus responded salvation has come to this home today for this man has shown himself. Keyword shown himself to be a true son of Abraham. Salvation is not based on belief. Mega Whoa Whoa, Whoa, I thought about. Jesus said, even the demons believe. You can believe and not have met Jesus. Kate. The Demons? Believe. They had not Jesus and submitted themselves to it. Kind of thing. It says this he says, no here does say sexiest prayed a sinner's prayer. He showed himself action. He showed himself by his passion was because God's priority guys parties give an immediate. What was his response I give how much? Half. Thing about that half of everything in for those if I've cheated anybody how much in return. Four Times as much. See. We live in a world right now where we live by intent in words. Not by actions. I'm not gonna read the whole passage. In Matthew Twenty. Five. Jesus talking this Jesus and he's talking about the final judgment. Method twin paces this. But when the son of man comes in his glory and all the angels with him, he will sit upon his glorious throne in all the nations will be gathered in his presence and he will separate the people. A shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. So now's final Judgment Heaven Hell. Remember it. He's going to say to those people says the people to have his has come you've inherited I was hungry. You Fed me I was thirsty. You gave me something to drink. I was a stranger. You invited me and I was naked you cold mail a sick care for me I was in prison. You've is me it was what they did not what they said. It wasn't their profession of faith. It was our acts of faith makes sense what they gave. then. The other half comes and says we're wait when did we see that he said? When you've done it to the Lisa these you've done it to me. He says I tell you the truth when you refuse to help the least of these my brothers sisters you refusing to help me in other words. He's saying this judgment according to g says is going be based on was his party's are. Passion. His priorities to give do we give of our resources in time here's rowdy if we don't give of our resources time. You haven't met Jesus. Because when you've met Jesus you WANNA. Give. Up. Time effort you WANNA serve. You Wanna be able to do that. Here's the last thing. The fourth thing that will happen when you truly meet Jesus. The mission of Jesus? Will become your mission. The mission cheese will become your mission. Here's how he says in verse ten for the Son of man came to seek and save those who are lost. Game Afraid, too many times people in the church are so busy telling people what they're doing wrong that they themselves don't do what's right. Just a chapter earlier in Luke Luke, eighteen, Jesus talking, and he's given the story illustrates this the Pharisee stood by himself and he prayed he talked about prayer and this is what the way the pharisee religious man was praying God. I thank you that I'm not like these other people needless snuff sinners thing about this robbers, evildoers, adulterers or even he's GonNa get the worst of the worst this. Tax Collector. Think about that. I mean the worst of the worst center he labels him separate even this tax collector. Jesus mission was to seek and save who. The loss. I've never met anybody who's life has been changed because someone told them they were center. Who somebody blasted on social media who pick them at an event? Never. Met Him. Jesus mind was always on his mission. Where was he headed to ultimately what city through Rousselin he was going to die? He was going to the cross to save mankind and to be honest many of us would have said Jesus come on we we gotta get. We're on the way to Jerusalem we don't have time to stop at Gerry Cole. Have time for this you you're saving the world come on. Let's stay focused on what's important. What was important Jesus seeking and saving the One? The one. The we little man in the wee little tree called Zaccheus. It was about the one. What what do you think? Change Zaccheus? What was it the sermon? Jesus, gave. Does it say Jesus gave us It was his love. His love and acceptance of Zaccheus changed him. Were called to help people meet Jesus. That means that seeking saving the loss of twenty, four seven that's why I say the Church never closed. WHO'S A church? We are. Worthy Church in the world's actually one of the things that you're going to hear US anytime that we have a chance to talk with you for a long time we're GONNA ask you a question who are you deciphering right now? We're start asking you that. Are. You decide right now who are you building a relationship with that to help them meet Jesus? In fact. Would you? Be Willing to meet and reach the next Zaccheus. WHO's probably the person that we oppose in hate the most. Think about that or a society hates the most. In a politically or what if Europe one party and Zach Kia's is a candidate for the other party. And God says. I love him. I created them. They're special in my sight. You don't have a right to judge them. You go loved them. Wow. How that'd be? Enact to read and a nice. Saul an Anna's told by God. Go anoint him. He goes what he's killing us. He's got says. He's mind I create a Ugo. How far would we go to reach the next sack? He is that we would be them. We would support them. We would come alongside them protect them would we do it? You know it's interesting. David Platt. Passer Pizza and talking about a book I've read the book. Wahdat that's. Hard in my heart. Breaking. My heart still is because it's asking the question what am I really doing really to reach the lost really kind of thing and he's right. Something has to change some. That's eight. France, we cannot go on thinking that come to church singing a couple songs hearing a message and going home and come. Next week is following Jesus. It's not it's not at all. If it's not twenty, four, seven US seeking out the next Zaccheus. Seen him calling my name come into their home, inviting them at our home and build a relationship. What would it be for us to have a broken? Truly Mijas have broken heart. Even collectively think about this wells in Liberia we've been supporting that obviously right now eighteen wells that we've been as a church have been part of digging new wells in. Liberia. Each well on an average between one thousand, two thousand people that have clean water for health obviously against disease obvious against bias at. But when they gathered in the well ability build churches there. Okay. So so far right now eighteen wells means we've connected and help twenty, five, thousand people. What if collectively we met Jesus with excitement joy we gave we gave generously to reach the loss. What if we did one hundred wells? And reach quarter of a million people. Why not. You. Couple of kids go. that. Sponsoring children through world. Hope in Liberia was important to get them out of sex sex trafficking trafficking to be able to get them education and give them hope right with seventy two that have been sponsored gay. What if we did seven hundred? Seven hundred. What would that be like? Your Church we've been giving in wanting to multiply. So we've been doing church plants, and now we have a whole group of of home church is that starting as well we have thirty three right now church plan home churches, Caleb. You're part of one in park. Very excited about that. We're part of that and it's impacting people. But what if you're the one who's called? Delete. Home Church. Out of your comfort zone to reach the Zaccheus that lives right next door to you or we collectively gave and we had one hundred. Churches. Church plants. See. That's what it's about see when Jesus asks us to die. Ourselves just what you said that's what it is but deliver his priorities. That our passions become him now can just make this quick. nope. Before we talk more and that is when you do that, don't expect to others around you Claudia. Did you catch what happened in the story did you catch it? It's in verse seven. But. The people were displeased. He's gone to be the guest dettori center that grumbled. There's a lot of religious people. That had never met Jesus. And when you go out and meet Zaccheus. Don't expect everybody who's religious to support you that. Okay. See not everybody in life has that they're chit their life has changed overnight we know that but there's a progression of change. There's okay God what what what else do you see in me? What else do I need to address? There's always a growing in the I'm growing more adjoining statement I'm growing giving I'm I'm moving those directions. My thought is this. What if the answer to when people talk to us about things are answer was? I met somebody. So, for example you. Says what's going on with you you you don't go out and drink with us in party you with us and you know. On Friday night for used to. Why don't you want to drink anymore I met some money. Jesus. You. What is it about you? You have such do you smile time in yet I know what's going on in your life you just lost your job. How can you be smiling? I I met somebody. I've met Jesus. You, you living together not living yards you get married or yeah. No, we're getting married. Well. Why did you move out? I met somebody. Jesus and I want to do what he says is right in my life. What would that be if we can? We truly meet cheeses and people see that. Before it closed off. Process. Last couple things you talked about giving. and. His mission becomes mission what's going through your mind? Versus pop into my head but one of them being the from the bundles of my heart or my mouth who speak if I really if I really come to a place where I've met Jesus that will come and show. Not on the weekends but every day of my life. You know we we have a saying with with our wishes he was on when we come to do on the weekends, it's just just a reflection of our relationship with God throughout the week five met, Jesus. That will show that that will come out. That's what I speak. That's why. In, and that's what comes to my mind is challenging myself in that is. In my doing that what's in my heart is that what's coming out? You know what I mean when people when I'm talking with. My family whatever may be what's coming out of my heart. Because, and that's what I've met because like you said when when you met someone you WanNa talk about it all the time and you know and this and that and. I truly Jesus. I WanNa talk about him all the time I wanNA live it out. Something, you said earlier keeps playing over my head and actions speak louder than words by his mission is becomes your mission and you know you're it's reflection and. It really pulls me back to when I was a younger and my Auntie. Would be. Coaching US children, and developing us in teaching us when we were doing things wrong and she never really got harsh with us. But she she always used the phrase actions speak louder than words. You know what you're supposed to be doing. I'M NOT GONNA. Tell you what to do. You know where you're supposed to be right now she smart woman very smart woman and that really Kinda hit a nerve with me today because they think bow where are. Where world is where a country is with a lot of different things and it. It. It's obvious that. People. Aren't. Taking. Action And they're not following through with what they know they're supposed to be doing. They know. They know in their hearts now and they just continue to do whatever they wanna do for whatever reason. And so I. I feel like. It's more important than ever that we come together and we allow our actions. To be so bold and vibrant and out there even if they're small things, I feel like the small things are going to build up, they're going to be bigger and better, and it's going to hopefully cause a tidal wave of changes. person by person by person. Thank. You just hit it on the head. You know you said, Jesus love can change people. And not everyone is willing to see that or come to church or open up the Bible, and so it's truly how our love Jesus's love through. US can change those around us. Absolutely. God's Church had truly met Jesus and the evidence of that just talk about that actions speak louder than words were these things. With, that change. Culture absolutely. Absolutely would. And you're right this one by one because. There are millions of Zakia says out there. Billions executives is out there. So Nice about it. I'd like to see a miracle can I can encourage you can. Look in the mirror. You're the miracle for the Zaccheus. You're the miracle. If we truly met Jesus and these things are there. Things we've talked about that man we obey. We obey what he says excitement and joy we give and his mission becomes our mission. Mandolin. You're what happens. Then one by one we see people. We call them by name. We build a relationship in their home, our home, and they meet the person that changed our life. and. That's how we change it one person time. Absolutely. Well. I encourage this week maybe continue to walk through this story and say, God. Would you talk to me about this? Hamas Zaccheus. How do I need to be you in these if we do that? We will see God work in ways that we've only dreamed about. Let's pray. Father Thank you for your word. Your word is alive to his thank that this is not a story that something to happen two thousand years ago. Got This is us. This is our story got worse at Kiss. Got Forgive me for the Times that I've hid from you. God for the things that I've done yet got craze it is you see me I can never hide from you always see me you copy my dame. Guide you. WanNa come into our home. You want you can have a relationship and then got in that relationship. You change everything. So God I. Pray For for every person that's listened. God is an area we've not surrendered. Cod, given it up that we're holding onto just as the Australian that Jonathan had. That were still holding onto something that we'd let it go. We just let it go and give you everything. God, we'd obey you immediately on everything. God that we have. Great Excitement. Great joy as we come into every situation especially when we get a chance to come into your word. Is We come into worship. God that we'd have an understanding of what it means to give and give generously of our time of resources that guide your priorities would come are passionate your mission become our mission. Got and doing so that we would see thousands and tens of thousands of others, meats, cheeses as well and their lives change forever. We love you. We thank you for all you do we ask your name? A man. Thanks again for listening to hear more messages like this one. Make sure to subscribe in check out our podcast Jennifer pass messages, and if you like what you're hearing considering evening, sharing it with your friends helped so much. You can click the share button, take a screen shot and shared on your social stories and tag at Celery Church. For more content from celebrating to connect with us go to celebrate Dot Church we love you and we believe in you. God. Bless.

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