Chaos abounds! Coronavirus; Assange; Financial Markets; Sanders Under Attack


Hello everybody and thank you for tuning into the Liberty report today. We're doing the report just by audio due to shortage of personnel in our studio Will certainly be back full bloom by tomorrow in the studio but anyway there's lots to talk about today and we have our usual co host with his Daniel McAdams Daniel are you there. Yes I am Dr Paul Good Morning. Good Morning No. We certainly have a lot of things to talk about They're all pretty important. You know what I'd like to start off with something Of all the items that we think are important one. That doesn't seem to be getting the attention it deserves and that has to do with the ruthless treatment of Julian assange We've talked about him for a long time did the TSP the report for the week on Assange but Our our president has not been consistent on this issue. But there's a major event going on. He's been in prison for a long time but then he was taken out of prison by the British police. And now they're gonNA have hearing. Which is the it may be going on as we speak and they're going to be talking about How are they going to get? Get the I get a song back to the United States back to United States to the United States. He's not even American citizens but they WANNA come back and put put them in prison for one hundred and seventy five years for breaking the American Law Sure Daniel you've been thinking a bit about the. The extradition hearing opens today. So they're theoretically actually speak the hearing started. You know the. Us has appealed to the UK government. Which is what we know is very independent Over here in this the craziest thing is they want to try him. As you know Dr Paul under the Espionage Act. This'll be the first time that they've used the espionage act against a publisher a journalist. You know they WANNA call him a spy because he publishes things that were embarrassing to the US government. So really this. That's all of us in all. Americans should be concerned but as you point out it's kind of a home in the media right and you know Daniel If we had to rate the several things that we wanted to talk about today and they are in the news and they are significant. I you know and we're starting off with this. I think that's partially because at least I'm of the opinion that this might be the most important events that we're talking on. Oh we're GONNA talk about Corona viruses and the in the financial markets. And things like that but this treatment is something else and of course in doing this we have to deal with the fact that At one time the president was on our side and we encourage them tremendously because You know he was pointing out what they were doing during the campaign but Since that time he changed his tune. It just changed being more neutral. Oil might not been quite bad but he's he could get rid of this in a minute. No you know he's made a statement that This is none of his concern. Well maybe that would be a reasonable positions. No concern shouldn't be a major concern for United States. Interfering on the free speech for somebody from Australia so that to me is a shame that they don't think of that as a solution and you really captured in your call this week because on the one hand they say well he committed treason against the United States. And as you say he's not even an American. He's Australian. So how could he betray his country but then he says so. Yeah you're subject to American laws when it comes to being a traitor but you're not subject to American laws when it comes to freedom of the press you know all of a sudden that doesn't count because you're not an American and that wasn't the intended of famous when they made the The amendments wasn't it and I think this qualifies as being quite arbitrary on the enforcement of law. It's horrible But right now I think there's a greater sentiment building. A few people got out on the streets in London. You know in sympathy her songs so the information hopefully public pressure is still worthwhile. In spite of the fact that the deep state that runs everything but precursor is very important. So we'll be watching that pretty darn closely today. See what happens and see how what's reaction. I can't imagine making the final determination that they called the hearing. But you never tale You can't base your judgement on just logic because we'd lose out to Austin on that and they say that if he does get extradited he will be put in a prison cell. That's about one hundred times worse than the one he's in right. Now it'll be total isolation Which is you know psychological torture You know never see Sunlight. Total isolation You know it's just horrible. And they say that our official position is that we don't torture prisoners and you know it was then people would say no we don't torture you know people We only torture jihadist. You know the people who are terrorists so he Input into that category. And what are they going to get out of them? You know that that to me is is so tragic but you already alluded to it. Basic principles of what the country was founded on the emphasis on freedom of speech making it. The freedom of speech could be the ability to speak out against one's government and in this case if the foreign journalists pointing out some shortcomings that were they never been charged with lying. That he's giving false information. That isn't the point. And you know your state opening statement there. There's a crater hearing the truth which is which is tragic But once again. Don't you think this fits the category of too much bipartisanship in in Washington? Really looks like the deep state might unify the two parties at times. You too much bipartisanship. Newell Chelsea Manning just spent another birthday behind bars because he refuses to testify against Julian assange talk about a miscarriage of justice. Boy That's for sure you know the another item that's high on the news every single day Which we've talked about and I have spoken with the position. The cautiously advising people go go slowly and remember the outy but I do no harm and yet I am not quite as as I guess concerned about about the virus right now the way. I understand it. There's thirteen cases in the United States in desk. And and the other thing concerns me about the whole thing because it's having an effect on the markets right now. My my concern is the comparison. You know We've had Kansas Thousand Americans die from the flu in this flu season. Six hundred and fifty thousand cases of flu and They're they're a already Tens of thousands of people that You know catching this thing and and yet I find one thing Dan you that I think is so ironic because and we've commented on this is Boy This is dangerous. It's going to mess up the economy. What's the Fed going to do about it? Commonsense where but bullard the president of the FE at In in Saint Louis said he had a quote. He was asked this in the quote shows. How Ridiculous Affair Air? So his his key when they ask him about this Federal Reserve. What can they do about The the Corona Laura. He's as well. You know you get a cold and maybe drink more orange juice than you would. Otherwise does that cure the cold. Probably not but it treats some of the symptoms so I think it might help a little bit. Can you think you're saying that they can cure? But they actually believe that they are the The backstop for any any controls getting you know any financial markets getting out of control. Of course today. Things are moving. You know it's it's even enough to move gold significantly but even the stock market down Sir shortly and they are the protector of the financial markets. The last resort. And and you know there are a busy right now but I think I think the odds of solving these problems because I think In one case we're overreacting and other places we're under reacting and and they never suggest What we should be doing like when it comes on. Are they thinking about protecting the first amendment or they think in about You know the monetary policy design in our constitution that You shouldn't have a central bank and only gold and silver should be legal tender. That totally irrelevant. It's just a WHO's going to manage things and yet all we hear now is What we need what the backup will be print money and of course Spend more money and expect that we'll take care of it and And and soon we will find out but right now I think. There's a tremendous overreaction in the markets from the virus but it's under Other estimated because I think the reaction in the market should be due to what the Fed has already done for the past ten twenty thirty years designing the you the biggest bubble ever in the history of maybe the world especially or at least in the United States. It reminds me of that. Famous old saying never let a good crisis go to waste but you know be running when when you said you wanted to talk about the corona virus and. I know you'd mentioned this so I went over to the The CDC website that Centers for Disease Control and they had a new document. They just put out. They put out an estimate for the twenty nineteen twenty twenty police season and these statistics are alarming as you pointed out Worldwide only two point. Four thousand people have died from corona worldwide. Here's what the CDC says about the American flu season. October first nineteen to February. Fifteen twenty twenty twenty nine to forty one million flu illnesses. Thirteen to nineteen million flu. Medical visits to one hundred eighty two five hundred thousand hospitalizations sixteen thousand to forty one thousand debt. This is from the radio rolled American flu and and as you say the headlines are dominated with the corona virus and I know you WanNa be causes because we never know but when you look at the old American flu kind of pills. By comparison they they. Don't remember about that rule. I do no harm also reminds me of my first week in Congress in nineteen seventy six when we had to deal with the swine flu and this was a political stunt because Ford was president and having a difficult time getting reelected after Watergate but The there was big scare politicized and so there was a rapid Row vote brought to the floor. Bill hundred thirty five million dollars to knock everybody in the United States and so they get it passed and the irony of all. This was that there were two doctors in the Congress. At that time I sell and Larry McDonald. Who was A and we were the only two that voted against it. You know and and and our concerns. Of course. There were several reasons. This is not the way to practice medicine. Obviously and sometimes people get sick from shots. It turned out a lot. More people died you know. I don't think anybody died from the flu. And they had like five hundred K. Hase's go in Berar Syndrome And and death from that so that was much more deadly they inoculated forty five million people and after about six months. They got only because it wasn't working so what they did. They finally cancel. Cancel the program. So you've already mentioned the caution that we have to say this with because everything is risky. And you don't want to you let your guard down. But what if what if it is good health that prevents it? Listen I read that children. Don't even essentially don't get as a corona viruses and they they The people who are out in the sunshine and getting the Right Nutrition Are Less likely to get it and When it boils down to it it will probably be that the people who died in this could be true with Slough but I think the biggest discrepancy in all this is You know ten thousand people die from the flu and We're getting really really excited about thirteen case in us. Without any deaths. So I would ask people just to stop and think about it. The marketer come unglued but just think manual one one suspicion I have another I I have expressed. This is that this may turn out to be very very convenient Blame all the correction. Blame the bursting of the puzzle on the virus. Not a policy. Not On policy and spending and You know the movement towards socialism. Now that they're not going to do that. But the virus might be a convenient whipping boy and the administration can always use the the Federal Reserve but not not many people are going to be talking about the monetary policy in the fiscal policies of this country. Yeah and speaking of being in a panic our last topic we were GonNA talk about. Is the Democratic Party in a panic? About derise Bernie Sanders. It's pretty incredible. Isn't it darker ball boy boy? I'll tell you this is something. There was one article I read Simone. He it was. It was unbelievable. How panic the Democrats are and I felt so? Sorry for 'em but but They I think they're you know. They don't like unconventional politician. I trump is you know a little unconventional even though he goes along with them lock. He's unconventional. He doesn't deserve the popularity. So therefore anybody who voted for him as an idiot and know they hate them. And then it spends over to Directing all their hate toward Toward the president and this is this is what they do right now. The Democrats are doing to To Sanders Sanders has some real wild policy. I know some people are concern that this is a sign of the movement of the country that we are going to become social and we are going to be too much involved and I'm not totally convinced of that because it's such a failed system but It's going to be a challenge to counteract The deep state and the media and all that we have to contend with but That is going to be a real challenge so they have to destroy Sanders but I don't think it should be a job. Why don't they just tell the truth about him the idiocy of trillions and trillions of dollars and they never and his answers to this question well? I'm not sure exactly how much it'll be. But it'll cost a lot that we have if modern monetary theory which is just an exaggeration of the old theory. There everybody gets everybody gets free stuff. I and That that we know going to end but when will the people wake up and say hey? It's all a fraud. This is all fake We talk about fake news. What about fake politicians and I wonder if the silver lining of a of a of a scandalous rise might be that the conservative star of rethinking the idea of fiscal conservatism. Remember that but you know you mentioned data and this is the last thing that I'll mention if you don't mind It's interesting the deep state reaction against trump and sanders being the two strongest candidates because over the past week we've seen two reports from unnamed intelligence officials that the Russians are helping sanders and they're helping trump and it seems to me like the deep state is Is is really trying to get in the race. It's pretty interesting when I when I watched this on. Tv The same individuals over and over again in the last three years. They call all the stations and their back catalogue again. After three years approving they will say it was all based on lies all that Russia Gate doesn't and they come up with the same stuff no proof of anything and these announcers on TV MSNBC AND CNN and they say they say with a straight face they they say they have no shame they're either really really able to Bury their Their their any desired all the truth or they don't know any better but they have no shame they say that if they had just discovered the most significant thing in the world the Russians are coming the Russians are coming. We know what that means so anyway. I find it pretty interesting. All that's going on. I often think that I like to keep up with try to make the best assessment I can but here too. It's too bad it's so serious because you know a runaway Bursting financial bubble and overreaction to Karuna viruses and then wars that don't need to be Fraud and then. They civil liberties being undermined by and bipartisan. Deep State That's that's too serious. To say this is a fun. Jayme so Daniel. I'm hoping that we can keep this battle going and we will do our best to expose the truth thing so call. Thank thank you Daniel and I wanNA thank the audience today for tuning into the Liberty Report. Please come back soon.

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