Episode 64: Annual Bee Ceremony


Hey, what's going on to be honeycomb? Paul and pouch. And I'm here with my bumble buddies be earned in Salo, Brandon? Hey, what's up. Sand, alex. What happens me has. One to review is a little podcast, Ray review movies and the simplest scale possible we give it a one didn't like it. Give it to. We did rate review movies until we get twenty points. We call it a ding, ding donkey day. We're swarming with these today more on that later. Kick the intro. Folks, we saw Coyote, ugly to Coyote meet. This is a two thousand eighteen Phil much anticipated directed by Ted layer, starring Zach, Ephron, Dave Franko Tyler, the creator. This thing is jam packed with amazing performances amazing direction by Ted layer, and they're Richard elders in their solely Ernest Williams. Heidi duet Darlene horn gives an excellent performance. What did you guys think of Coyote, ugly to Coyote meat while while while what can I say about IOT ugly to that other people haven't said this movie was incredible. Here's the thing when some when I saw Coyote, ugly, twos trailer sent to myself. That's strange. The rebooting Coyote, ugly, but they're calling Coyote, ugly to assume they're already was a sequel. It turns out, no, this is the sequel, the singular sequel to Coyote ugly, and they really knocked it out of the park singular sequel for now. Yeah, yeah. For the time being. They definitely knocked it out of the park. Of course, this one is more for the ladies Coyote ugly. The original version was for heterosexual guys. Just went for heterosexual ladies. Who you know, they eat it up Zac Ephron of course, he's like the hot new thing and Hollywood day Franko and Tyler, the creator, they just they're, they're hilarious there. A lot of fun. And you know if maybe if I was in the kissing guys, I would, I would think there were sexy to their sex. Yeah. I mean, that's gonna come on. Can't say they're Texas. These guys have worked their asses off to. You can tell this might see a lot of what was the Channing Tatum stripper movie that came out, you know, it's it's clearly like that. But but at the same time we're always gonna every boots of of this kind of film. I think it's necessary to drop a little bit of this in the pool of art that exists in the world right now at certainly sexy, lots of dancing. I like dance. I like to move. I don't do this kind of dancing, but after watching this I might, you know, definitely going to take some of those moves. There's some really cool. There's some cool shit. They do some cool shares barstools using the ball. I mean, bub-bubba I personally enjoy Tyler. The creator's more prank base. Dance moves where he would psych people out a lot and do like a shuffles kind of move to get out of the get out of the people. I don't know. It was really very dodgy and yeah. Yeah. The Pringle can Jack off saying, well, yeah. Incredible. Incredible. That's kind of pulled me out of a little bit felt like it was like for me because here's the thing because it was Pringles like paint sponsor fell. I can add it felt like an Pringle's ultimate. Anyone was really aroused by that scene, but it did make. There's a big shot though of the Pringles logo going up and down or whatever. That's like, it's just too much product placement free again, if it was like if that was different face and it was a different kind of chip would have no problem with that scene, you know is on board as I wanna be with this movie, bringing the fun and and the good times associated with male strippers. This movie is pretty heavy handed and deals with a lot of dark social issues, like human trafficking. We find out that day. Franco's character doesn't even speak English and he's. And sort of like enslaved by these by the owners of the second Coyote, ugly. Which was expecting, but I pretty it. I mean, you hit them hard with humor and then he hit him hard with impactful stuff. So go out there. Changed the world, take some clothes off. Yeah, yeah. This movie is not just meet even though it's called Cody. Well, you guys ready to review it. Sure. A resounding Scher. Well, as the tagline SEB's sometimes trip to the stars is one long, hard detour. I gotta give this thing. Two points. Coyote, meet, Coyote, ugly to. We've been waiting for this forever and it just barely delivered the goods. Two points. Yeah, for something that could so easily be just a straight to DVD piece of junk. This movie was great, two points, good job. All right. That is six points for Coyote ugly to KAI ODI Mead each week. I'm one to review. We take the points from the movies that we score. We add them together until we get to twenty and call it a day. We often have a different way of keeping score keeping track those twenty points in this week is no different as I'm sure you can hear buzzing in the background is our high Lucan. I have a large hive here on our porch out in LA and as you may or may not know every year, Brandon comes down for our, our bicoastal be ceremony where we add, some of his bees are hive, and he takes him of our bees back to his high in New York for some cross pollination there. So we're adding twenty b.'s to our high. So we're going to add six of these little guys right now. All right. Put on your. Suits. Apor VCX Anyar smokers get your smokers out. Okay. Got some got some rowdy ones this year age, a look at this looking how you brought them out here. That's such a nice box. At there. It is an ornate knocks. They tend to travel better. Sherry would scuttle carving of the tree, any guy we've got little guys in their own little kind of Penn here. So open up this little door here this this is the cream of the crop guys. These are the bees that proves themselves. The strongest. Little guy here. Four. Look so healthy gentle though, and he's. Here's an number six years. Six. Discuss how here we go. Senate in number six, there we go. Six new these in the high. Thank you. Yeah, that last one, basically, Kansas to he's huge, huge l. Bino. Yeah. Great. Well, let's kick it to a sponsor. We can get these other little acclimated and get ready to introduce them into the hive. Yeah. All right. Kick the sponsor. Too much too cluttered over involved in complicated in complex ways. This is probably your life. 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Your dishes of UD l. t. c. w. at home in any closet under your bed and inadequate or wherever it fits. Remember less is more with UD l. t. c. w. magazine order now. Fills good to be here. Guys. The sun is shining, but you know, it's not too hot. So this was just the right time to do are you know nothing fancy, but we do this every year and it's becoming quite a tradition where we combine are behind. So I'm glad to make down here. Again, this is the year we've been doing this and I think this is the first year we've actually been able to collect a little Honey. Interesting. I mean, we just to our listeners, we've got a tiny, tiny, hive. I don't know, probably fifteen thousand bees or something. Most of them aren't producing Honey, like enough Honey for us to collect so get little tastes here and there. But the cool thing is we get to taste Honey from individual bees, and we sort of track. Our special bees, and they're very personal, special hall Honey cells. So for instance, like the alpine OB, have you guys had a chance to dip your finger in that. It's like a a chocolate Honey. It's interesting now it is expecting, but delicious. It's delicious. Real subtle, but compared to the other notes. In a little bit Browner than the other honeys. Yeah, the color. Oh, hold up to the light there. Look at it in the sun. And makes little rainbows. Beautiful honeys. Have you shoot out any of this extra wax? That's fun wax in. Yeah, that's one of my favorite hobbies to do with all the spare hives brand. You love to do that on the subway. You know what? It's not only good for me. People around me joy to what are you trying on. I say e. Cassen wax around the subway. Just been so nice to have Honey around using it to get out glitter. I go to a lot of nightclubs and dance a lot. I will come home just covered in glitter. And I find that if I love Honey across the glitter and shower right outs, excellent for getting rid of has, that's something you don't. You're about on the internet. People are talking about that. That's cool. So many uses for hunting that people don't know about, you know, what do you guys like? Movies. I do. I kinda do and other people do too and what they do in their free time is they call us at phone number Luke, what's phone number. It's around ten digits is one three, four, seven, six nine nine zero zero six yahtzee confidently. One three four, seven six nine nine zero zero six. Yep, that's right. You can call anytime day or night. Just go straight to voicemail. You're not disturbing anybody. And if you're in the know tell us about a movie on us to review or product or anything, really and we'll flip it around and use it on the show. Just like this guy called in. That message one eight cost on it. Who for you to have a review and movie. Gabrielle thank you for calling in man. Absolutely. We would love to review a movie for you. We do that every week. We do that multiple times a week. So, yeah, thanks for just telling us to do what we do best. Kind of encouragement that we actually we need from time to time. That's true. We don't have a lot of fans. So if you reach out there and tell us a review movie, you trust us, whatever movie want us to review. It makes us feel great. I feel good right now. I feel good about this movie that you guys caught with me Dalia. Talk about doll. Yeah, yeah. That was an interesting movie. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it was great. Excellent film, a mermaid movie. I haven't seen a mermaid movie since maybe beaches back in the day. And then before that the little mermaid I think it's a light topic is as strong and prevalent as they are in fantasy. Think it's only it's hurt to write about, you know, it's hard to have characters that live under the ocean limits of the plot. I guess it's a young Dalia falls in love with a Merman off the coast of Rhode Island. Does she want to leave for life on the land for love underwater when might call it a bit of a reverse little mermaid. What did you guys think of Dahlia. Yeah, this was a two thousand seventeen film directed by Neil young. What I find interesting is that the scenes under the sea seemed way more believable than the scenes above ground. It's it's like they've the actors were truly natural underwater. And I want to say that that contributed a big part to y like the movie so much. They didn't feel as if they were underwater in those scenes. I think that's a director choice. I think he had them acting a little off when they were. Yeah, outside of the water. Made you go to makes you think you know. Fish probably think were crazy in theaters, this movie. I mean, the audio work was incredible. Every time the scene transitioned from inside the ocean to back on the coast might years were popping involuntarily. Yeah. I mean, I think Santa's I in right. That's got to be something to do with the sound or the pressure. 'cause I felt that too. I mean, I don't know if my pops every time, but I definitely felt like a change in the environment or whatever during the film or maybe just maybe it's very good film making. I don't know be interesting. Maybe there's blasting similar frequencies that are popping ears, so you can. That's what I'm wondering. Wondering if that's thinking center. I'm thinking that might be it because my dad got a buddy knows. We got sitting close to speaker though that might be your fault. Oh yeah. We always sit close to the speakers. I wanna get my money's worth. This movie was. Yeah, like you said, this movie was very realistic underwater, very fantastical and and sort of warped out of the water. And I think a lot of that had to do with the practical effects they were using. You know, we see a lot of special effects. Let of CGI. But this movie, they used a lot of old school film techniques, like tying weights to the waiters feet for underwater scenes using all that restaurant scene is amazing. Just using just jellyfish jellyfish looking like garbage bags instead of air tanks. And I think that really kind of a well. I definitely believe that the force the actors too. To to really get their lines right to really get the scenes. Right? Because they're under a lot of pressure. Literal pressure. Yeah, cast is great to quite a few French actors. Kathleen belong Claudia Sonia fight yet destined Thomas pitchy elite Lokossa really, actually predominantly French cast, which I don't know why that is. I don't know why young chose all can hold their breslin longer studies. I think I read somewhere that. The French can definitely hold their breath longer. Just weird fact. But yeah, read that one of those YouTube fifty top facts or whatever the blow your mind was on. Crazy. Well, either way, I mean it it serves the film in integrate because the Cass works together very well. They Joe excellently and for me, I don't know. I mean, maybe because they're all French, you know the most of them portray mermaids Catherine, of course plays Dalia, but the rest of them were mostly mermaids. And so there is a sense of foreign this to all the mermaid characters in the film. I would say, I don't know if you felt the same way. No, not just that they're have fish, but there was something about they're just way they carry themselves someone if that's Frenchness of the actors. Yeah, you talked about. You mentioned togetherness of this. It's a tradition to do a three day 'isolation camping trip before any any of these movies directed by. Who was Neil young? Yeah. Director by Neil young. They go on these these three day expeditions where I don't know from from all concerts like a a three day orgy. From all the accounts? Yeah. I don't know if I believe that could just be pressed and PR, but. Well, I don't know about that. What you guys ready to review w Johnson puntas put those numerous. What'd you think. What did I think about this movie. Ultimately, I'm gonna give it to points. I mean is better than most one point movies, but it's it's not my favorite movie by any means of two points. I'm gonna have to give it one. I do feel if I'm gonna watch a mermaid tail. I'm gonna watch the little mermaid. And mermen manner, just not as attractive for women to me, that's my personal taste. So two points. I mean, yeah, I met one point, but I said two points. Those final thing to point Damon. You guys are absolutely insane would obviously didn't see the same movie, sound design, practical effects. The the beautiful contrast of the land world and the ocean world. All coalescing with a very tight acting very tight knit cast believable that these people are actually in love with these people in mermen are actually in love with each other. I mean, all this comes together in a very artful way in Dalia and I give it to points because our Chris. I get it to point. Yeah, I give it two points as well. Six points. Guys. Your turn gimme some of your bees, please. I'm also ended up and ready to go. We got the smoke. We've really hot boxes, small apartment. All right. So here we're gonna give you. Got some bees in here that we want to unload onto. You give you a couple of here. You six Bs transcribe some others. These are called sonoma's silver-hair beads and they are straw ni. But when you see them collecting pollen, they can re- they, they're, they're, they're wiry. They can really load it on their legs and a lot stronger than you think. This is going to do great for that Brooklyn gene pool, which we heard being tainted with cockroach d. I don't know about that. I've heard those rumors. I hear, you know, the forums are abreast with nasty trolls. I don't believe half the things I read about the LA vs, but I don't know. I mean that was a classic beam in two thousand twelve. If it reaches memes status, you know, there's some truth to it. I don't wanna talk crap about New York Speiss and we're not talking crab them saying these aren't scrawny their effective part of the ceremony, a little light. Roasting of one another's bees. I've got this group of questionable bees. If we're going to be talking about questionable b.'s, these are red bumblers a lot of and Tamala gist dispute over whether these are true or not. What is they argue. They, they don't produce Honey. They don't collect pollen, and but here's the thing, they don't eat other insects or plants. So it's a big mystery where they get their nutrients from to become such big, beautiful, red Bs, and you compare them to. That's like a little mouse. It's like a little cat. Yeah, cute. I'll take one of those. You can have a mall, take the whole box. All right. Well, we should probably get to an advertisement and we can continue our ceremony. Hey, does your dog to pet cat find a companion for your buddy on pet pets dot net? My dog has been a lot. More Chipper more cheerful more willing to go potty now that I got him a pet cat. And what's nice is teaches some arms about civility exac exactly. Yeah, he's got a care. Yeah, he's got a care for the cat. Licks the cats for keeps it clean. You know, cats getting into the trash barks at the cat. Simple stuff like that gives the dog and activity. Gives the cat arrival. Speaking, arrivals, did a new movie arrive as right new movie arrived in our review inbox actually submitted to us by mail. So this is cool. This arrived volley were hanging outlet late last night. So we popped it in this movie called ugly me. It's by Victor im- bigs. This documentary actually takes a look at beautiful people that are absolutely sick of their beauty and what it brings upon them, and they decide to get plastic surgery to make themselves gli. This was a movie that was hard to watch, but I'm glad we watched it and thanks, thanks for sending it in. Whoever sent it in. This was so gross so much plastic surgery in this film and then not a we. All right. So normally plastic surgery is like gross to watch, and there's like the line dots on people's faces and then they get cut up and then it cuts to them. Beautiful. And so like there's the tiniest saddest cheery at the end that they at least look pretty kind of sometimes at the end sometimes plastic anyway point is this is grow surgeries, and then the people look hideous after an it's it's the whole thing was just disturbing and how much people hate themselves in their bodies. And, oh my goodness, I could talk about this for hours. They did hate themselves in their bodies after the surgery, they seem to get a real boost of confidence. Sure, they did. I mean, think about it, Alex. You're not a great looking guy, but you know if you were better. Looking, you'd be valued for just your looks. Just your ABS, you know your shoulders your ass. Everyone would just wanna use you as an object. This is what these people go through. Yeah, every day they're not saying for their inner beauty there. Just seeing as a like a human toy almost as someone who is often objectified and you know, software clam to human toy. I will say this movie, I think was a little creepy. I don't know why we got sent to us in the mail. I don't know why can't find any information about it online. You got sent in the mail. It was addressed to us to one to view, but care of you care of me. But it was at the Elliott dress shirt and I'm not often there. You don't have any idea why someone would send you this. You don't have any haters have any stockers. No, I don't know. I don't know. It was a little way thinks you don't have many fan. There's no return address. I will say that much you do for sure fans. That's a fact. You've got people that that follow you around just for your your looks and your beautiful. Sure, of course. Don't you deny you don't. There's at least I've met a couple of people. Yeah, maybe they're trying to send me a message. I don't know. I don't know. And you know what? Brandon, we support you, whatever you wanna do, man, we know you've been through some ugly firing phases. I know you've never went so far as to actually get body modifications to get pasta surgery, but you've talked about a little. I used to wear any clothing. Yeah, the, yeah, exactly used to wear those. Baggy corduroy shorts to soccer record on. You would put on that orange lipstick that was horrible. I couldn't even look at you and it got all of your teeth. And you know, would that even that's, I would argue wasn't working because the guys and the girls that were attracted, you would totally pass or if anything, it turned him on even more the, you know, they were like, who's this guy that doesn't care attracted some some real characters. And I mean, Alex you through in girls there to be nice. It was all guys. Once you started saying like, no, there was a couple of girls in there. Let me doesn't matter either way, but I'm saying that he's whatever Brandon's doing is like a lean crosses all the line, whatever I did, I don't do that any any monger. All right, I disagree. I, I think you still have that about you think people still celebrate your beauty? Well, I'm trying out this new t I have that shave. It looks great. Honestly, like I wanna say it looks bad because it's a bad team. I'm going for a bad look. I grew mullet out for a while. You know, I gotta get people to stop looking at my face. So I guess I mean shit. So this either way, whoever sent it to us. It seems to fit you pretty well. Interesting. I mean, just say, get where you moved by this and anyway, did give you ideas to move you in one direction towards or away from this kind of surgery for yourself? I'm going to say, surgery freaks me out, so there's no way I'm getting surgery, but it did definitely make me self exam myself and the choice. The guy that shakes everyday chocolate shakes like two or three, six day, whatever to gain all that way. Would you do like that I would consider or not consider a fun way to in a classic way, make you less desire. That's a long surgery, long fun, yeah, delicious one. If they're shakes, delicious surgery. Well, did you send this to me? Was this like intervene. No way. No, I did not like watching this movie at all. You know. You know, we've reviewed so many movies, something was going to cross our path that really hits close to home. So it's just a matter of time. I don't think you should look in a conspiracy of this too much. Let us stepping said that being said, this movie does uncover. An interesting thing of the human psyche where the, you know the the grass is greener on the other side. Syndrome. Yeah, where you always think that there's a better way you know you're not with with these people? Really at the core of their problem is just a lack of gratitude because me, I wish I was pretty, and I'm sure Alex does too. Everyday, but that's I can't change that I refuse to. I'm not going to get plastic surgery for the world, but you could try harder. You don't have to wear sweatpants all the time. I am trying harder. All right. I don't have the chocolate shakes anymore from eating too much chocolate. That's good. Yeah, those are bad. This wake me up, you have no idea loser having these talk shakes the middle of the night and like his bed hits my wall and would wake me up. They were so loud. You know, you know, the secret is just take like two or three fiber pills before you got a bed. That did help. And so did the mind pills five changing, hey, we're getting a little way from topic. Should we review ugly me before we get to far away from Victor Biggs is plastic surgery documentary house, cow some points. All right. I'm gonna give this thing. One point, two gross. If you don't like surgery or scowls stay away from ugly me. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of realistic gore and guts. I like the fakes phony stuff, but when I'm watching a surgery. I'll tell you what it is, a good appetite suppressant so if you're looking at cuts pounds watch every day. But yeah, one point for ugly. I wanna give this movie one point, but. I can't can't get it out of my mind. Two points. Be careful because they are actually turn this into a TV show on TLC. I'd watch. Would you be in it. Maybe that's why they sent. All right. Well, was that a four points? Four points for ugly me. Well, that's a very special b that named Brandon that I'm gonna release. We're just going to let it go into the wild. This is one of a kind be seems to have are more like armor plating. It's always stuck to its own little tiny corner of the hive and sort of like a basement, a second level basement to the high. You get a magic hives of flat plane that to cells down below on the other bees. Just for this, this little Brandon, be decided to start building his a wax. On, we had special little guy. We're going to let him out into while always tradition. We do give one of our bees away to mother nature so it can sowed seed in the wild Alex. You traditionally give one b to nature for each ex-girlfriend you've had, or are you going to be continuing that tradition. I don't have enough peace. Well, all right. Just give away a couple. I can't keep. Alex. Have four Bs. Okay. I will be giving away to Bs actually, this time, symbolic. Each of weddings I will be having. Two Bs to. I'm not going to both your weddings. I don't expect it to. Already bought you a nice chick kitchen accessory. I'm not gonna tell you what it is. They were quite a few kitchen accessories on our registry. So knowing Luke, I know it's the spatula. Some aren't gonna think you. Yeah. It is out of silicon silica. The. The best, the silliest of all the cones. You know what guys we should hit her here at. Okay. Let's go. Caleb Herschel for city council. I'm Caleb Herschel and I love pizza. I enjoy going out to eat pizza and making it at home. Let big spaghetti know that LA is a pizza town, both for me and vote, no proposition parmesan, December. Paid for by the local committee killer city. Hey, guys, fun fact delivery is the number to cause of eating pizza at home. I knew that I knew that. Yep. Delivery is a number number two. 'cause repeats at home. It's cool though. Dude. I don't know about Caleb Herschel. I'm still on the fence. I'm not sure if he has. You know if his crest got stuffed by big pizza whose pocket he's and he just seems like one of these big smile politicians that just watch pepperoni vote. I just from me ciders perspective. Yeah, it's pretty obvious. He's not legitimate pizza. Don't hate him more of a pita. Boy. He looks like a pita boy. That's what I you put your finger right on it. He looks like a pita boy. He looks like either way better than Dan Calderone. I don't wanna pizza. You know, hater in their strew somebody that hates Pete system or a Meatball lady. I mean, she's like a Meatball lady, right? Yeah, that's true. And she's blatant. I mean, she's blatantly been outed for being a Meatball Subir and she's pushing the Parme prop to you guys voted right those recently, those robbers parmesan, miss California proposition, lowering the legal allowable age of parmesan down to thirty five days. So no, that's ridiculous. That's not nearly eight months I mailed in my ballot, so it didn't count right away, but it will count rest assured. God help me get. So I don't like me, they're, I'm, you know, I'm on the fence base certainly up shin my book. Anyway, this is not a political podcast, so we should not be talking about the politics. That about does it though. I we should do. We should close the be ceremony, right? Let's finally. Say goodbye to each other's bees k. hands hands up. Yeah. Later. Great, great job this year. Feels even better than last year. So. It gets better every year. Surprisingly. Nice to see you again. So you can make the trip down here to see us this. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Next time you come out, Brad, we'll show you this cool New York style hamburger place. We got. Oh, yeah. Talk of a local secret. Yeah, no new style burgers. All right. Before we get out of here, we do have to think our patriots donors. We've got two of them clearly gonna shout out the name of our first donor. That is RAB. Thank you RAB so much for supporting us, and I'm going to clearly mumble out the name of our second sponsor, and that is row right. And we appreciate your donation as well Bridget at so much. Actually, thank you so much and for listening to us every week on two year. Yeah, thanks for listening means a lot. It's cool to know the people listen to us. What are we going to do next week? Alex. Who's in charge here. Can I speak to your manager. Oh, you're the manager. Oh, well, then I'd like the number for your corporate office. What do you mean? You're the corporate office. All right. Next week on one to review. We're gonna be reviewing nice ass lips on the baby Cornwall Macab ready manager to Lazarus, sixteen and chemical DOE. It's been a pleasure. We didn't get stung once great job.

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