Episode 83: Shelbey Thornburgh


We begin with evidence that could breathe new life into a murder investigation. Good evening. i'm bill by asa. And i'm laurin freeman schober shelby. Thornburgh was killed inside her apartment in southwest houston back in november just today. Investigators in the case. Released this surveillance video of a man. They believe the twenty year old may have met with before she was murdered. Charleston's ryan got joining us tonight. Ryan we understand that. Investigators believe this man some answers into the death They believe so. They believe the two were actually texting back and forth have simply that all stopped and they captured these images. Take a good look at this guy houston homicide. Investigators wants to talk to him. He was captured on surveillance video about the time. Twenty year old shelby. Thornburgh was killed last november in the seventy five hundred block of air. It was recorded in the lobby of shelby's apartment building shows the man coming and going at about nine o'clock at night. Her sister desperately wants to find out. Who did this. I don't understand why this happened. And it doesn't matter what a person does with their life. Nobody should take a life from somebody. Investigators said shelby and the man exchanged text messages. Not long before. She was found dead but police were unable to track his phone because it was not registered to his name. They hope someone will recognize him wearing sunglasses. After dark and call crime stoppers. The suspect visited our victim in her apartment. She did let him in and he proceeded to assault her and cut her neck. She died from her injuries. Now a family is looking for answers. Five months after shelby was killed. Her sister offered this emotional plea shows only twenty and didn't deserve to be taken away from her but to the throat. Very sad officers went on to tell us right now. There is no car description they have they also say a lab is actually processing. Some of the evidence relied today ryan korsgaard. Aprc channel tubes. Hello this is mark. I write a weekly newspaper column about true crime unsolved homicides in the paranormal you can find links to my social media accounts and columns on my website. Titled the mark marco dot com. Welcome to the catch. Mike killer podcasts. And thank you for listening. This week's unsolved homicides. Story is about the murder of a twenty year old houston woman named shelby. Thornburgh according to christina sky who has shelby's older sister the sisters both endured a traumatic childhood. They were both sexually molested and neglected. Neither experience any stability as they were shuttled back and forth throughout various foster homes throughout texas. Although shelby had traumatic childhood she wanted to pursue a career in modeling but early on she experienced depression which led her to excessive weight gain. Her weight rose to three hundred pounds but she managed to overcome weight problem and lose over hundred pounds. She used to be very overweight and she had determination to make herself where she wanted to be said. Her sister christina shelby would eventually settle into a houston apartment. She took a job as an escort. She told her family that it didn't involve any sexual relations with clients. Shelby said that she would just go to dinner with clients and spend time with them however christina had her doubts she suspected that her younger sister was engaged in prostitution christina feared for her little sister knowing. Just how dangerous the sex trainers. She believed that her sister had gotten herself into a dangerous situation. perceive lived in alabama. So she wasn't able to visit. Her sister often attempted to convince her younger sister moved. Alabama and give a prostitution. Shelby told her sister that she could because she feared leaving her pimp. Unfortunately shelby's young life would soon end on november fourth. Two thousand fifteen shelby had arranged to meet with a client sometime in the evening hotel. Video surveillance showed the man and her and leave the apartment within thirty minutes christine or season early morning. Phone call that her sister was deceased. She learned that someone had brutally murdered shelby. Her killer had slashed her throat in nearly decapitated her in the process when christina visit her sister at the funeral home. She was horrified by what she saw. The funeral. home had basically sony shelby's head onto the body. Seeing shelby's body gave christina an indication of just how violent her sister was murdered according to houston police. Homicide detective dustin crowder. He called the attack vicious. He said her throat was slashed from left to right with a very sharp knife so sharp than it actually cut into her bone of her neck. Christina has worked with a youtuber named gavin fish. The find out who killed shelby. He has requested information from the eastern pd and reached out to other countries for additional information to find the killer. Now along with the story a shelby. Thornberg is told wire older sister for stena and youtuber. Gavin w was born on august eighteen of nineteen ninety-five. Don't remember exactly what she looks like or anything. Because i was a little when she was born our member for probably five year of it being good mama was always there for a. She may make our our hair dresses up half family portrait done. It wasn't tell us probably about seven or eight years old. When my mom started going downhill more she started relying on pill going in and out of hospitals trying to find that that her father was an out of prison. My biological father was in prison. Show one of us really had that fa father figure first time we got placed in foster care. It was in two thousand hundred or thousand five. I believe it was might have been two thousand and four. How was ten or eleven. I can't remember my exact age but before we got boss care. I was molested by my landlord. We had a friend that was his stepdaughter. Whatever they say the that with turner. I was most of their within. It wasn't probably about two months later so we got a group children. Tell them where you had the children in in the built for four to six in a room and it had a gross home boys hall but the girls and boys good thing and when hall so like in the area. Where are you going. get your lunch or breakfast. You're doing our back and stuff like that and Was blessed yet again in that home. They moved away away. From that whole time. Shelby wasn't shelly was going through things as far as they ripped away from what she knew. And but at that point in time it was harder on me. Shelly always struggled with weight. And as my so she went through that as well but the physical abuse. it wasn't really thank. You got a little bit older when he got out of the children her own way. Replace with my aunt and with my aunt for a few months. And then that's when thanks started turning for shelby like i say shelby always struggled with her weight. Chad has and says she couldn't really. But i soon found out. Two thousand ten that abolishing father. He was doing math and shelby had reported it. And during this whole time show me. And i really didn't have much of a good relationship because we didn't see i Sheepdog she was better than everybody share. Shelby if you weren't her friend she didn't like it and then shelby had wound up pregnant with my nephew so i was placed in foster care. While shelby was at my aunt's house. I've struggled with hills and was in and out of hospitals and actually the reason why the first time we got by some foster cares because the ball just got out of the hospital from having electric-shock therapy and i they can. This is back when i first started using electric shock therapy so she didn't really know who she was. She didn't know who we weren't. She actually did go where she lived. She didn't know anything she didn't know her name and i put her in. A taxing are home a couple of days after she got home. That's when cps come in there and said hey look you've got forty eight hours to get a clean a up where it's not a threat to your children though. Mom said okay. Go ahead with auster care. I can't deal with that. they're gonna give me an attack just trying to get them to clean the house. That's why we're we're actually buy some foster care the first And then when i was placed in foster care with mice shelly was living with my mom. And because my mom had lost custody of us with the fails now that she legally could not have child their age without being supervised show she was fifteen and shares old enough to take care of herself that they left her there but while shelby was there my mom tried committing suicide again. They took show me into foster care. They brought her where. I was living and fort where it was a couple of weeks later. They are taken us to go get checked out because you have to do places they go. Get your tactile like sure everything's okay. Toby had come back and my foster parents. Shelby that me down at the table and told me that shelby was pregnant and had columbia. We weren't really sure exactly who the father was hill k. Was born luckily. Thank gosh my nephew. Come out how slack. Because we do. There wasn't so shelby had my nephew and my son tyrant three. I just turned eighteen six months prior to that. And i said i gotta go because my lawyer had told me look you actually need to get out. Get your own place finish school. Get a job start showing that you support your child on your own after i left saucer care. Shelby had they back behind and she had placed my nephew for adoption. she is dead. I can't do this. i'm so young. I can't give them the lafi nave. I'm also heard options. So she's found a wonderful family for him for then. She rang canton on her words. And she say. I want my son back so they brought her son back to her. Well then after. I left foster care. That's when selby was by into another home because she had gotten her son back and they just didn't have going for him so she goes into another foster home but it was like the first very first one we ever lived in. It was a group children so she ran away from there so to my nephew away from her and they've quite my nephew back. Original adopted people shelby soon. Realize this is what's best for help. He needs to be with that family so she went ahead and find the right over. So that way they could adopt. Jim and shelly was moved from thing. After the foster home together shelby was moved to three different foster homes and the period of a year. Well then when she got out of foster care she went to live with my aunt and all in texas and that's when embark caroline shelby isn't relationship actually started growing. Because we didn't have anybody else we didn't have all we didn't. We just had each other. We needed to have that four on each other so our relationship started girl and and it started gone even more when she got out of foster care i would go see her relationship just grew and kept growing and growing well then when she was with my aunt he was hanging out with this girl and she turned her somewhere. I don't know. I think that the cater. I'm not sure and shelby was arrested. And i'm hearing alabama them at this point i've been in alabama since two thousand twelve. I gotta foster care and my husband and moved out here but she yeah arrested for prostitution the first time and when she got arrested the girl who told me look shelby wasn't doing that as she was just there. It was me. I'm not sure exactly why she got arrested. Not fair and all of a sudden a few months later. I wasn't in quite a few months later as a couple of weeks later. Shelby had got down there in dallas and his name is troy And she started living with troy and he was in sweetheart actually hard. He was taking care. Shelby hey shelby and would do anything for shelving. So shelby said it's not working. I don't wanna be here leaving it kind of threw me for a loop. Because i thought she was happy up until that moment i mean he would even message. Maybe like how show. I just want to check in and see how she's doing. I really care about her even if we're not together. I just wanna know how she's doing so he let it go and i guess that's when she met martin and marketplace strapping apartment. And then that's when everything started really going downhill for her. That's when she was in putting the escorting business and she flat out lied to me on multiple occasions. Saying i'm not having sex with them just going out on dates with them like to formal occasions or out to eat or whatever the case may be. I'm just there on their companion. And i paid for it. I wanted to believe it. But i didn't. I wasn't for sure so it was probably four months later after she had met mark. Jack called me and said hey sister. I need you to get a hold of mark. I'm being arrested and asked her what she separate prostituting. I knew then that's what she was actually doing. So i got a hold of market told mark. Hey left during their for about a week she got out and it was Month or so later. She moved to the apartment that she was living in now when she was killed win then there i thought it might be a better situation not realizing that this situation was going to be worse because originally department that you're she was in was a gated apartment complex you to have a car to get into the gate and most apartment complexes that had the gate and a code. They're going to how this camera right there at the gate. So that way they know. Who's coming and going after shelby was killed. I realize that probably would have been a lot safer other than what she would. Then so when he department it was. You had to walk through one door another door. You could open the first door. But after certain. I think you actually had to put a cut in that second door just to go into the building that i mean that was safe but not when you give to people that you don't really know Only for this part of the story. I spoke to youtuber gavin fish. He's worked with christina to help find out who killed her sister. Wrote my name is gavin fish. And i have a youtube channel called gavin pitch and i work on and off with a lot of different people from lots of different walks of life including warmer detectives and active detectives and i sometimes consult with television shows. I'm not a trained investigator. I have no background in law enforcement or any education in that fact my education all technology. I'm an it guy and a computer scientist at but found from doing that for so many years. The talent develop in trouble shooting software. Have kind of come in handy and troubleshooting problems with cold cases. I came to know this case because of an investigation discovery piece. That was done on it and then i began working with Retired police detective. Who told me about the case. And i reached out to christina is shelby's sister and she was open to talking to me about the kings one of the frustrations of this case and this is this is really typical for most coal cases. And i'm sure you probably know. Is that open case release. Really don't wanna give you any information because they think that it might hurt their case but in the case of shelby thornburgh her detective. The one who's assigned to this case in the very beginning is very open. He's willing to talk to you and he's willing to give you his thoughts on things but he never crosses the line where he'll give you documents you have to go through the proper channels to do that and so far. I've just been denied over. And over again by harris county but he will talk to us and now let us ask him questions. So that's what i've been doing this case. I've been spending a lot of time talking with detective. Crowder and with christina trained. Get i guess. The ins and outs of the case. So probably the best place to start is tell you a little bit about shelby. She was raised in dysfunctional family. She and her sister were taken by child protective services multiple times during their years growing up they were placed in different homes and sometimes with relatives and sometimes not and they just kind of grew up in and out of the foster system china's sometime use in communication with their mother but most of the time they will only had each other there they did have some close relatives cousins and an their grandmother that they really loved but but it was. It was a rough upbringing for sure. Shelby from all evidence. That i can see was always a bigger girl. She was just he was just a bigger girl and i think that her self esteem was probably very low because of all the things that combined against her growing up struggles with her weight and then struggles with the lack of stable home and sometime in the in the years before her death and you got serious about losing weight and and she did so according to her facebook page took her about a year and she started out three hundred pounds and by the time she died. She was a hundred and thirty seven pounds. She ended up losing over one hundred sixty pounds during that last year. From is at the time which was really her sister but there was extended family as well. They knew that she was working. As like a high priced escort. And if you look at pictures of shelby she was really a beautiful woman. Young woman she is. She's really pretty even from the time when she had lots of weight on her she was always a beautiful girl but they're the end of her life. She really was a beautiful girl. Look at her family thought that she was an escort and they thought that that didn't mean sex. That just meant go on dates with rich guys so the death somebody that go casino west and she really convinced your family. That's all she was doing but the reality wise she was a prostitute and she had a criminal record. But i was able to find. She died in november of two thousand fifteen her first arrest which she pleaded no contest to happened in april two thousand fourteen somebody year and a half before she died up in dallas county and she served a little bit of time for pay the pay the fine for it and then she doesn't have a criminal record again until june of two thousand fifteen when she again was picked up for prostitution so in the case of the second prostitution charge she then had a prior so this was kind of a second strike situation and she made her bond and the case never went to trial and when i asked detective crowded about it he said you know that kind of stuff happens. All the time arresting officer doesn't show up to court or or something like that so it was dismissed. Now when you talk with her family they tell story that shelby told them that she was working with her lawyer with police to she wouldn't be convicted and so her story was that she was like trump kind of informant than points. At least that's the way they took it so. That case was dismissed the month before. She died in october so on november. Four two thousand fifteen. She made a date with an individual called her. On an ad she put out on the internet on backpage dot com and according to police. This person who she made date with was calling. All sorts of prostitutes have had ads out there in houston that day. They all tend to be blonde. They you know they were all type anyway. He made a date with shelby. The date was our apartment in houston. I should stop here until you that. In a lot of the stories that are out there on the internet. They describe her home. It's like a luxury highrise. But when i talked to police that is definitely not the case. It was not luxury at all. It was a part of town was known for prostitution talk. You can go on the internet and look for prostitution in houston and it will always show up right in that area that is like prostitution alley so is it common for prostitutes. Have their clients come to their home at seems especially dangerous. I would think that they would mean in a motel room or somewhere safer. I've been in contact with several of the girls that work at the same time in the same area shelby behind the scene pimp. It was pretty typical and show these apartment. It was set up. I kinda feel like that apartment building was originally a hotel and you know how all hotel rooms tend to be about the same size rectangular shape her apartment look like they were to hotel rooms right next to each other and the one side was like the kitchen at and the living room going out to a balcony and on the other side was a bathroom some closets and her bedroom in her apartment she had a bedroom there in the back but in the front room living room there was a twin bed setup for her work so it was like she was separating her work life and her personal life by having those two beds. I'm with you mark. I think that catchiness as crap you know. I don't think i would bring strangers into my home if i were a sex worker. It's dangerous thing to do anyway. But that's what she'll be dead even had a method of getting payments from her client from her john having them go to the bathroom and then she had a hiding place for money so that they wouldn't know where it went. If something happened the other thing that i learned. She had a mechanism wearing. She would call him to let him know that everything was okay or not they had like a seaport and and she called him and gave him that faith word she like everything was okay do you know how long has she was involved in prostitution while living in houston to me. That unclear what i do know is that she was arrested in dallas in april. Two thousand fourteen so she had been working as a prostitute for about a year and and unclear to me when she went to harris county. But here's the thing that is not out there. If you look at any story that is out there on shelby you will find that. She had a quote unquote boyfriend named mark b. m. d. e. in fact mark de was not her boyfriend. He was her pimp but she was his top girl. She was the the top of the heat and so when you go onto her facebook page. It appears that they have this relationship like boyfriend girlfriend. That is confirmed with police and with her family that no he was not her friend. He was her pin and she managed the girls fact. I've i've spoken to a couple of other of the girls that that she managed and they described her as being the bottom bitch. That's the term that was used which means she was the one in charge if she was killed by a client. Wouldn't the noah's identity. I mean i don't necessarily expect the pen to do a background check. But don't they lease know the identity of these men or is it about them just taking the guy's money and then leave it at. That seems to me from all the evidence that i looked at to him she as a product and nothing more so i don't know that they vet them now. Martini did know she had that clement. Facts he the one that called police he he dialed nine one one and told police that somebody killed quirky girl right so my girl is dead. Killed my girl but when police got there. The money that that john paid was not there was gone so mark. The went up there. Foundry dad made sure to get the money and then and then call points. Can you give me details about how shelby died. Shoe was cut with a large knife across the neck and left to right the way that the crime scene look. She was on her knees on the right side of that twin bed that was in her living around facing away from her john he was behind her and he reached around with his right hand with a large knife and colder the across wrote. And there's cast off on the law from the knife and she felt forward and led out on the floor on the other side of the bed so she was. She was like lying across the bed with her basically from her knees she. She wasn't a very tall person. She was only five foot one so from her knees to basically shoulders going across the bat and then her neck and head hung over and she just bled out on the floor. What was the motivation. Why would anyone want to kill her. Could have been a robbery. There's nothing missing. So i have a couple of theories. One of them is the theory of the that. The police have. When i when i talked with houston pd their theory after consulting with an fbi. Profiler this is a serial killer he meets the criteria for somebody who's a serial killers and knows exactly what it is he's doing. The moment walked into the lobby of that apartment building so the time he walked out with seventeen minutes and at least a couple of those minutes were him sending times feed on the couch while shelby came down the elevator. to get. If you take into account let's say three minutes in the lobby. Maybe a minute to get up to the the apartment then our four minutes a minute to get down and walk out. That's five minutes. He was in her apartment had sex with her murdered her in the space of twelve minutes. When i first saw this story and watch the video of the killer i realized myself that this is probably not his first saw aside. He's done this before. Oh here's a problem. one slight. No you didn't have to do anything that were answered wounds on her hand but appears that was when he wraps his arm around during that. Put the nice there. She put up her hands to try to grab it so he sliced you know her hands and neck at the same time and it was deep enough to go into her spinal column. That's theory number. One that's the theory of houston pd along with the fbi. Gebbie theory that. I have and i'm not saying it's a better theory. I'm just saying that's possibility is that she was indeed cooperating. Yes a coffee attrition task force in houston and it was a hit shortly after her death there was a big ing and houston and a lot of people were rounded up in that sting. The could possibly be that it got out. Shelby was working with police and her pam or competitors decided to get rid of her. And if you look at the video of him walking in and out that dude is built. He looks military or ex military. Look kareem louis. Adept at chilling. Looks like somebody who can can get that job done. I mean there's no hesitation in it. I've never been in the military but i had a. I had a roommate who was in the air force and he showed me how he was instructed to march in the air force and the kind of had this way about doing on the outside of the foot where they would roll and it was almost like this silent walk but he showed me this where he'd roll his feet to the outer edge and he would just kyoto he just roll on that out at outer edge. You could barely hear him. That's the way he walks in that video. He's not like clotting along like a like a normal civilian. He's walking so that nobody notices him. Do you know if the killer left any trace evidence behind. Yes there is a so. She confided in me that the scene was not jerry locks down when martini when the pimp called nine one one and said my girl has been killed. What you had assume what happened is this is a murder scene right so get homicide on the way but what they ended up doing was dispatching one or more uniformed officers. They went to the apartment. They found that she indeed was dad. And before homicide investigators there. The apartment was chock full of houston. Pd personnel that one to grab a peek at the scene. Because it was so so it was john melee of people in there so they didn't like look for shoeprints or footprints or anything that they could identify. They didn't find in finger invents because he was just so contaminated by houston police. And then when -tective did get there and crime scene investigators got there. They were able to lift some dna off like it was a skin left. They put tape down on her skin. They're able to lift. Dna off of their now. Most of that dna remains untested. There were able to test the dna of hair of it was on shelby and iran. That through this and you know their local national databases and they didn't get a hit but most of the dna evidence elected office shelby. They have not tested. Is it possible for houston. Pd to run the dna through genealogy testing. Yeah i think that they have enough sample they. They don't have seen or anything. It was just a hair and then contact skin. I have a friend who i consult with on this kind of stuff. There are multiple ways to amplify dna and to map it. the way that it's mapped for kotas is a different way than they map it for genealogical testing they would need to amplify another dna sample using what's called a snip system. They called snip. I can't remember what it stands for. But it's the way that they amplify the dna for genealogical testing so far. They've not on that. The reason that i've been told is just don't have a bunch of part in two thousand fifteen the way that they would collect. Dna there's a very specific way to collect the n. a. and by two thousand fifteen. They were doing well. So the dna that they did collect should still be viable. What's the status of this case right now. Do you think it's going to be solved anytime soon. Or do you think authorities or far off from solving it icing. They're pretty far away. We've been told through christina. That police have told her that they do have a person of interest is in another state that they're gonna go and interview and requested. Dna samples from but they've declined to tell us why. That person is a person of interest so from what i can tell. They are still working on the case. They have detectives assigned to the case. But you know we'll get solved. I don't know but there is video of the suspect walking through the lobby very low quality. But it's there and so if anybody would like to see video and see if they know somebody that they recognize the person that would probably be something that we'd want him to do On november four my aunt shelby about sixty To talk to your shelly countdown down. I basically gotta go to work. I'll talk to you later. Hung up the phone that were communication and four am on november four. I got a call asking me. Are you christina scott. And i say yes. Ma'am i am. She said well. I'm sorry to bomb you that your sister has passed away. So what do you mean. My sister passed away. She said that's all. I can tell you is that your sister passed away. I said so. You're telling me that my sister was martyred she said. No my i cannot tell you that at one point i asked her i said was she found just as she was found in her and we went back and forth with her band and she kept telling me now she told me that was that i knew i shall be was killed was taken away because it wasn't because of this sure was killed. Now why did you automatically assume that someone had murdered your sister. Was it because of her dangerous lifestyle. I had a bash truly from the time when she second shelby. The something's not going to happen. I had a dream not a habit and they do. And i told her she'll be your killed. Please come to my house. they just leave. Come stay with me. She said sister. I can't kasur. i can't kill me kill me. I can't have to wait the right top her. Do she was dead because they live person on the phone told me whereas the quarters office or call them then i can explain more to you so i called them and they told me that out to meal. They found shelby's body at her apartment and she had a cut on her throat. Didn't tell me how deep it was. They told me anything. And then after i found out what had happened. I called mazda. They Four thirty five. Am on my husband. He was at work offshore asleep on the radio and they had to go away. she'll bust. I lost it I don't miss the bay killed. Yes they did have like. I told him no because there wasn't nothing we do nowadays later. After i talked my call the rest of my family and shelby was gone. That later by the reagan. We went the houston. I walked into the funeral home. The funeral director pulled me off to the side and he asked what do with her body. Title shit. I don't have the money here. Don't bury her. Don't even have the money to cremate her. He's a go ahead of her real holder ashes until you asked me. Do you want to see her before anybody else total. Bia even told me. I shouldn't. I walked in there. He said We'll tell you she doesn't look like herself. She's learned that. I've ever had that where you can hold it a haberdasher covered where you can't stop that everywhere. Estela toby how the president. He said they took her head off a civil she. Kinda where else he says. You have one cut out bread where she put up for selfish. It walked over it. I his four daughters shopian. You're not gonna give us stock. The pulled out the title that was runner turkeys and turkey. Legs they take. The street heard backup who it pretty still about two inch between each. That wasn't there would lead to kiss her forehead. Her head lead to the list or the rock they'd be header to help out what her a few days later. I went to her apartment and i cleaned out her apartment. I wasn't gonna get oliver stuff. Walked into a bloody mess. How there was a bad twin has bed with Shades the red pele keister. I think it was a red blanket on it. It was covered in blood. What do you to match or so mattress and supposed to be flat but for where. She had the where the blind headset order. The badgers before where the blood was roger down. I couldn't stay in there because the smell was awful. It's i can't even describe it. All i can say it's worse than the day. It'll road is a hot job for a day. It's like that. I had to get it out. I think it's a match for good say because it was bad so after getting done i cleaned on her apartment in the kitchen the away. Hey i guess you could say where she had written down to a classic surgeon to have breast implants. Toby talked out. I've got to look at it to it and it was the day that was killed today that afternoon. She went eleven hundred or something like that down on and having a play to the talk and that they took it from me. My sister that they're all the way to know. We only had each other retard each other on a regular basis or the other. We were calling each other where you were texting or texted each other. We're face whatever the case maybe we're talking to each other. every retire. Their last words. We fed was i love. You would never let it go by that. We say i love you. It kills me because even now this man out there on the street and wait. I don't know his name. I don't know where you live. I don't know anything about brother where it looks like and i've here cross talk is true. I will fight. I will do everything. I can't power to get you. Break justice tour feel like our kelly does because it's almost six years later and here we are. We don't have him. Isn't there a dna sample available. There is dna but there's not enough dna who wrote in the best juicy hit their causes third answer oracle for that. They can't they don't offer that they have. What makes me so mad is after cleaning her apartment. She had a red flag outside of her door ever apartment. I took that road. I took everything. I took the couch that had daughter at this point in time paying for couch at how back and forth to houston actually not. I don't have the money to pay for. My couch is so. I had to take my sister's out and clean it up. I could get off of it. I mean i couldn't get the off of underneath that has had a paper stuff. That's i took the. But i did manage to get the blood off the christian and so i'll tell you everything and when i got that rug home that red road out of her front door. I had noticed that there was a lot darker than the rest of the carpet. 'cause her apartment. You wouldn't really see it because it was so dark. Call it's like one of those Disgruntled the inside of our apartment when you go in the double doors. When you're walking into the building. I of course i mean you can see them and surveillance video and how it's laid out. He's got your elevator. The elevator another set of stairs doors coyote. The other side of the devils award. You the elevator on the left hand side and you come out the elevator you have to know to the rat and then it comes to a dead end you have to go to the left iraq and so it's dark there's no windows or anything it's it's worse than what a hotel is and had these damn yellow lights that would you would use for your hall. Lots i guess. And so you wouldn't say this fight. I'm talking about all of this rook apartment. Because it was so dark in my opinion they should have taken this rug anyway because it may not where you never know. I got home and play out in front of my front door to match to her couch. 'cause it was right on black and i had very good lighting in my house thought that was darker than the rest of it and i went and got a q. Tip i'll let the internet. And i stuck it almost by it. Know it was blood. I called the attack does not the department. Hdd and i told him what i found and told me they can't take it just saying not use it so i'm like okay and got dirty at one point. I had to wash the road so the come out of it and then it got ruined and away. That's on a blood that rudd telling me it was either shelby's wanted his blood and his blood. Yeah they might not have been able to use it court. They could have used it to help. Try to find him or they all because the spot of bread is gonna be enough. It's gonna be more than a hair so they could have ran at the end. I profile office but they take it and this new detective. I think name is alex. Had told me yeah we could take. We just got it gore. We could use it legally as far as legal standpoint go but we could use it to help try to pinpoint who he is where he also found hot roaches underneath her account. I had found her laptop two or three other cell phones that she has laying around the house. I found hard idea found her birth certificate. I found her social security card. All this stuff. And i found lubrication the dinner saying or whatever you wanna call it like on the couch with how you played on one of those and so there was and there was no right and you take the lubrication. Why didn't you take all this other stuff does say just didn't match up to me like why did it take all this stuff and especially that rug outside the front door. I mean it kills me. Because they just don't i feel like now those being done about it but i don't know what else i could do. I'll reach out bunch of people. Have you shared the photo of the killer and with the public. I viewed this footage a few times to me. He looks like he's either military or possibly a police officer. The police have released a photo one time to the news station. Alex told me last year. Less than things release again after the new year after the election. Let's news release so after the new year. I contacted them again. And i said hey. Look whenever you want to do this. He said soon. Like in the next week or two. So i got on facebook and i raised money to get down there. We're going all of a sudden it. We have a suspect. We're going to get in from new york and this and that like let's talk to me so you know we on right. They just went and got the dna for this guy because apparently york has. They're wrong. I if you have a word for somebody in texas. You can't just go to new york and pick this person up. You actually have to get a war in new york as well. Apparently trying to get a war in new york is hard. It's hard to get a warrant for somebody. That new york has an issue so he finally got arrested. I guess that's what they were waiting for. And they went down there the other day and he consented to do. They not automatically tells me if he's going to give you the his day he didn't do it guy understand. He's got a violent tennessee to live and he's been arrested for this kind of stuff. He's got great. You said she was in houston at the time of the murder he was matt. But why would he consent to give it a day and night so I'm like he. He didn't do it because they've done this a couple of different times. Hey we've got us. We're gonna get dna and all times. It comes back not him. Because i consider did. Can you share the latest update about this case with me. The latest date is just what i said. I just got from that guy your other than that haven't saved anything other than what alvin tells me and it's not really plans. We're trying to get place records and autopsy report and phone records. And we're trying to get everything and galvin had said. Hey look crowder. Austin are on top of it. So we're their supervisor. Now you need to reach out to the attorney general and talk to them. 'cause i wanna make sure that we're not after the h. Meaty where just wanting to try to help may not turn out to go after the hp. But if something's not done soon. I mean i feel like i need to go after them rather i have. These records are not. Especially if i get these ranker's and there's something so obvious that just plain as day or something that you should have seen dana detective. I have people telling me that he looks military or cop or something. And i believe he may be a cop or maybe somebody in the community that they're trying to protect because he's somebody that's got money or somebody that's not really the or whatever. The case may be an especially news. The cop hey. Pd it doesn't matter. What he they don't know that information out there they don't want to look like the bad guys. I don't understand why his video and fisher hasn't released by them even more than what. It has been released. What tom i am told that crime stoppers releases and they article every so often delay the very first interview. I don. I still air shelby story all the time. There was somebody the other day. My my area i had never met. I had met my husband and before she Who he had seen me on. Tv what shelby story. And wishing at my husband she added facebook and she told her because she's lesbian she had told her girlfriend. She's been. This is the girl that was on. Tv her sister was killed. She's superior but our sister was detected so she come to the house. She started talking to the conversation that brought up as shelby and she said yeah. They still area all the time. I watch it all the time. And there's people all the time most may run the fourteen shelby on facebook. There's people that message me all the time. I'm so sorry about your sister. I never heard of this story. I seen it on. Tv or thing. It was and i just podcast or whatever it is whatever it is. I'm so sorry about it. I'm so sorry. I seen it on this on that. It's not it's not the newspaper. it's not idiots that's around. Houston trying to get it out other things that i have tried to get out. I do. Extensive research for the podcast. Mo newspaper column. I'm always reviewing the crime stories and updates on unsolved crimes. I actually have about fifty different facebook page crime pages that i often review. I will say that. I rarely see anything about shelby's case from houston pd raglan. I mean there's nothing like they don't both anything and it's only any anything that it is. It's what i've done is not trying to help what person do do i'm not saying i'm poor but i don't have extra money. I don't have money to hire people or guarded. Houston me like hey. I need to do this news article. I need to do this for my need your help. I don't have that money. I'm on different pages. And other things. I where not on houston pace about killings and stuff i what are they gonna win their actual page paper from the detectives or whatever in there and say. Hey look we need help or this case but nothing of my sister. Nothing on fortunately after reviewing so many crime stories interviewing people in law enforcement i feel like many homicide cases are investigated based on social status. For instance think about all the drug addicts people with lengthy criminal records and prostitutes. They get murdered. Many these cases never get solved but if someone were to murder say the daughter of your governor or a state representative than that case is most likely going to be solved. Even as i didn't have a picture or video of secular. They didn't have dana. they would have already had him. But it's not being taken a serious. I feel and that's what i'm getting at. I'm not saying that houston. Pd has placed her sister's case on the back burner. But i just can't help but wonder if it's not a high priority. Because she was a sex worker. I mean there is. Dna in an excellent photo of the killer in this case has gone unsolved for nearly six years. I just wonder about the priority level of houston pd. In solving this case. I tell them i said look i. I feel like our nine properly because of what she was considered. I said it does not matter what she was considered. What she was doing. It does not matter choosing normal human just like everybody feeling like everybody else and she has really out there that love and care about her and one of the justice done something needs to be done For everything that you're doing to get justice for your sister. I would also like to suggest that you reach out regularly to houston media to do stories. On the anniversary of shelby's death. I would also suggest that you create a document with key facts and photos and sending information to various true crime. Podcast just to help them get the word out. You have an excellent picture of the killer. I think that the more we get that photo shared the better. The chances are that we will find someone who can identify him exactly. And that's not. How important is a shining wanting to do anything. And i've always said it just person. I mean i'm sure there's already people who've seen but they're scared of him but you get that one person that's not scared of how it's going to be done right so you just have to keep moving forward on shelby's case your sister you loved her. I admire you for your nasty. And getting justice for her so my final question for you is for anyone. That's out there. Listening to the podcast. What would you like to say to anyone who might know something about this case or the identity of the killer that scene in the video i would say come forward with any information you have whether you're one hundred percent we're not when underbush war This may be not come forward. Even if it's using similar person released its permission because it's been almost six years. He was my only sibling. I lost my father. When i was eighteen i just turned eighteen and it was ten days after i got married. I lost my mother. My sister polly struggling. I lost my sister and four weeks at the day. Losing my i want my grandmother so shall was all i had. As far as a media family is losing all media. Family is taken everything. So i i'm looking for that information. Just come forward. It doesn't matter whether you know them for sure as it or not. Just come forward and call. It will help tremendously. It will give us lease and that includes the story shelby thornberg. You know what happened to her. Who killed this young woman and wa- high her sister christina is desperate to find her younger sisters killer. unfortunately it's been a challenge because she lives in alabama. She has traveled to houston to find out what happened to her sister. Fortunately there is dna and a video capturing the killer for now that killers dna is an codes but the video images are clear. It's difficult for me to believe that someone does not recognize this killer. I ask you to visit the link to the video. I will share it in my podcast notes. You know anything about this killer. Do you recognize him. If you know anything about shelby thornburgh saw aside please contact houston crime stoppers at seven one. Three two two two tips if you would like additional information about this case please visit the support team. Shelby facebook page. And if you want additional information about gavin fish. I will also provide his contact information and included in the podcast episode notes. If you are a parent. Law enforcement official friend or relative seeking justice weren't unsolved homicide case. Please visit my website and complete the contact form or contact me through facebook. Thank you for listening

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