PHI/TOR and POR/DEN Game 4s; Free Agent Power Forward Outlook


It much to get to here with spend tastic Philly Toronto game for, but I I want to remind you that if you ever stopped at a railway crossing and signals are flashing. Just don't cross the tracks. Okay. Maybe you don't the tray and haul. It looks like it's moving really slowly. Or you're thinking you could get across the tracks before the train comes just don't do it in twenty eighteen along two hundred seventy people killed at railroad crossing. So if you see the flashing lights just stop because the trains can't while potentially a franchise saving moment for the Toronto. Raptors a one a one ninety six win over Philly and co I Leonard was unbelievable thirty nine points. Thirteen of twenty from the field five of seven from downtown, fourteen rebounds, five assists, seven turnovers, and the biggest shot may be it'll turn out to be. We'll see what the how the series turns out at other season turns out, but in raptors franchise history that fadeaway three pointer with under a minute to go as the shock goes expiring over Joel Embiid with the raptors up one to basically clinch the game will end the mechanics of that shot were really impressive eat. You did a good job of this. We I was not a part of the the NBA cast. For this. But he wasn't the normal quiet on balance shot, you know in rhythm. He was on his toes is heels did not touch the floor. It was late in the shot clock. Basically just needed to get it off. And did and you brought up coy being five of them from three but overall on on shots outside of the pain eight of twelve he was three five from mid range as well. And not only can talk about the counting stats and everything like that the massive difference in Toronto's attack when Kawai was on the floor. And when he was off which made one of the story lines of this game whether Toronto would be able to tread water when he sat for what ended up only being two minutes of the fourth quarter. They ended up that that two minutes was they were they I think they were down one at the end of that time and that helped lead lead them through because Philly wasn't getting as many shots. And this was a really fascinating game. Yeah. It was an allot of big changes for trout, PASCAL Siaka had been doubtful likely it appears that he suffered a Bruce. Calf when trying to trip Joel Embiid and getting a flagrant foul after Joel blocked one of his shots. So not the smartest play there. And he clearly was limited only played twenty nine minutes instead more of goose ole and evocative together. Baca thirty two minutes by far a high in the series, and he was way off from three point range but got a couple of nights Hoke shots off a high low action at twelve points gazelle thirty nine minutes for him. He did much more in this series as well VIN fleet. His role was really minimized Powell's role was really minimized. And a lot of those minutes just went to Bacha. Instead Vince lead has been awful in the series. He was negative six in his seven minutes. But they went to that GU Seoul and lineup together with Lowery running some pick and roll to start the second fourth quarter, and they were only negative to during those periods with the Kuwaiti out. And I thought that that as you mentioned was massive for Philly, really a struggle. And probably that starts with Tobias Harris. And Joel Embiid Joel Embiid was sick. That was the Browns said that during the broadcast, and he didn't look quite like himself. You know, I it was still impressive that Embiid was on the floor four thirty five minutes and fourteen seconds because they did not look good with him off the floor. You know that you get into all those issues and Greg Monroe has had a better playoffs than expected. But he has struggled in that role in the they tried Mike Scott later on but Embiid while he was a forced defensively in, you know, he he definitely brought some positives offensively. It wasn't the all around dominance that we've seen from him through a lot of these playoffs on the offensive end eleven points to a seven from the field doing almost all of his damage from the line. But then you brought up to is Harrison Harris, I thought was one of the big explanations for why Philadelphia losses game because he had a lot of really good looks and just couldn't sink them and wanna was a huge one of those late in the game wide open corner. Three could have cut the margin to one and those you want him to. To those are like, yeah. You wanna make those shots? You also wanted to create and do a lot of other things and going to for thirteen from three not getting to the free throw line at all. Both of those are big problems for this. Philadelphia offense that overall in the game put up just a one oh four point three offensive rating. Yeah, it was really the struggle in the first half. I thought that sunk them Ben Simmons also did not particularly impact the game negative sixteen in his thirty minutes. Part of that is because he was matched up a ton with guy who is awesome in Hawaii has just been absolutely unstoppable in this through four games. This is one of the greatest playoff series that we've ever seen but back to Simmons. He missed a number of pretty good layups that that roping Toronto's defense was a lot better and having to rim protectors out there, Inga soul any Baca for a lot of the time really helped with that. To force Philly. Mrs around the room at one point there only seven out at twenty on shots. A around the basket ultimately finished thirteen out of twenty seven while Toronto didn't get their bunch. But there were thirteen. Out of seventeen when they did. And so I thought they were much better contesting at the rim. And we saw the Toronto defense that we saw in the first two games and throughout the season. That was just missing in game three just more active hands forcing MRs the room more pressure. And that to me was probably the biggest difference is that they're actually able to stop Philly in this game in part because really couldn't hit the three-pointers late. And you know of Harris shoots door percentage of me were having a different conversation with Embiid. I mean, it's tough, right? Okay. Was sick this game. You also look to shrugging a lot more of his knees when he came down from a dunk he landed pretty bad on that left. Knee looked like with the kind of more extended than he wanted to grimace after that play. It's definitely the landing people with need tendonitis. We'll tell you. It's the landing more than the jumping that really gets you. And I mean is this what's normal for him in the series three out of four games where he's done little offensively. Or can he get back to doing what he didn't game three? It's a big question. I mean now that Philly has lost him quarter. Advantage, which they they had after winning in Toronto. And in this game Jimmy Butler picked up a lot of guys. I mean, I thought he he had a great offensive game. Also made some ridiculous ones. I mean that shot that he hit after Lowery tipped the ball away. And he basically just grabbed it turned and flung it got a banker in was ya was really impressive. But overall, I mean Butler nine of eighteen from the field three of seven from three made his free throws both. These teams Toronto did meaningful better. I wanted to talk about that a little bit at the line. But I thought Butler made a really big difference in this one. And there have been a couple of games in this series and overall in the playoffs where the narrative, which it seems like is built on a couple of different things about how Tobias Harris is more likely to be seventy sixer than Jimmy Butler next year that there on the court issues off the court all that stuff. But if they lose Jimmy Butler, the Sixers are going to have to replace a dynamic and incredibly high ceiling player when he's engaged and contributing to this offense particular. Yeah. And I mean, so the place that he made when he. Missed a three pointer and sprint it in to get on. This wasn't like oh bonds out to fifteen feet. He missed the three. And then like out jumped two guys at the rim to get the rebound. I think that set up a another mystery from Harissa if I recall correctly. Yeah. His pick and roll game has been really good. They've taken advantage of soul reasonably well. In pick and roll. I thought Toronto took advantage of Embiid pretty well and pick and rolls. Well, that's part of why how Lowry was able to do more in this game. I'm happy you brought up Larry because I thought one of the other differences that you don't really necessarily see in the box score a little bit in his in his line. I felt out reattached earlier in the clock and was work recive. And it's such a an important way to help an offense to just just get things going little bit earlier. Maybe you don't go get something in that early action. But you still have enough time to pivot do something else. And it can also keep the team engaged. And I thought Toronto showed more life in transition, even though PASCAL Siachen was not himself. Yeah. Siaka missed four corner threes in the first quarter and ended up with a couple of dogs, but I really appreciated what nurse did to try to get him going and take advantage of that. Embiid guarding him alignment again me with Embiid, not quite being himself. CRM just for whatever reason I even thinking about taking an above the break three with Embiid just not guarding him out there. But they did some things that really help. They used him much more as the screener and pick and roll they had impact to the corner for those corner threes that he was able to make maybe that calf issue was causing him some problems. Taking the three pointer and he's been good from the corners less reliable above the break. They ran a couple of plays. Where even if Embiid was in the lane they actually had Lowry screen for him. And James NS never helped out. That's how the outcome. Got one of his two dunks Lotte DA Joe's to Leonard and Larry with Embiid not guarding him out there. So I thought they did as much as they could really and Siachen just wasn't able to take advantage of some of the looks that they were getting him early. But it seemed like it was something that they worked on and head some pretty good ideas on. So I think Nick nurse there rumblings. Oh, he's getting out coached. He's got to adjust Phil do adjust in game three. And I thought he was able to find some things getting them to push the ball more as well. One of the biggest stats in this game. Toronto ran on thirty four percent of their defensive rebounds. Philly ran on twelve percent of their defensive rebound. That is basically as slow as you can get and this was another super slow paced game. Zach Lowe noted that other than. Than Boston Milwaukee three of the four series. That are going on right now are played at a pace slower than anyone has played in the regular season. Part of that. I think in the Denver Portland series is one of those things are slow at number two four overtimes slow your pace, Donald. But, but I think the fact that guys are playing a lot more minutes makes it more difficult to run. So we'll also effort. Yeah. More engaged defense throughout the game. A big factor in pace, and that's why in predictable and other places are separating out offensive and defensive pace is that there's only so much of it that is exerted by the offense. And so I and also teams getting back in transition defense playing with more energy. And I think the prize me too. If there's more offense of rebounding in these playoffs than there was at least in Denver, Portland. There has been that's for sure. And and this one St. Houston as well. Those things been getting more at least one of them has been getting more offense rebounds than usual of this game. This game did not feature a lot offense ruin. But I think, you know, Toronto did a much better job Lee, Nick nurse said, hey, the number one thing we ought to do before any adjustments. And he did make Justin says who just got. One hundred and they did play a lot her with both the transition game with the number of shots that Philly missed the rim, especially in the first half to not give up that many offensive rebounds. Because those are easy shots. Too. Often have rebound was impressive as well. And Embiid having zero offense of rebounds. I think was indicative of the lack of activity that he hadn't game we haven't he had zero Jimmy Butler had five he had some big ones and a couple other. Sixers talk about briefly Redican hit a few big shots had one really nice late, and he can be a life. Preserver if Phillies offense is a little bit flat often, he does his damage in transition to. But also, I thought it was another solid not as good game from James Ennis. I thought he played pretty well. And then I know you've got to ask defensive mistake. Yeah. He did. Well, he was better in game three to me than he was here. But he's still still value. Add and we we talked about how decrepit their bench has been just from personnel perspective. And some of that also ties in bovin is functionally out of this series of them being inbound defender Monroe make sense, and he's done a better job in these. Playoffs than I ever expected him in the parallel with with him and his Kenner, both those guys just exceeding my expectations. But he didn't have a great game and Philly eighteen in eleven minutes per navy. And that was why Joel Embiid was plus seventeen in a game. His team lost by five despite playing thirty five minutes, and eventually they did go to Mike Scott, but you can understand why Brown is concerned about that Monroe brings different strengths. Mike, Scott, defensive learners is not a strength or neutral. It isn't clear negative for him and rim-protector ill. There are a lot of other things that he doesn't bring to the table. And it's I I heard on this sometimes, but I think it's really important that going small, theoretically, and in with my Scott's case it has the advantage of opening up things for the offense. But if you don't have players who are capable of putting together, a cogent reliable in some ways defense, then you lose a lot of the benefits that you could theoretically gin, and that's why it's so hard to replicate what the word is done in. What let's say last year's rockets. It was some of the. J Tucker center lineups. Couple other small notes here. The refereeing I thought was pretty inconsistent especially in the fourth quarter. Just a lot of bad touch. All those even doubt know Butler got one where it should have been a jump ball with with Kawai on a drive to the basket. Recycled free throws, then Kawai got touch falls right back with Embiid. Trying to slide with him that I thought probably each of those should've gone in favor of the defense of the raptors did probably get more of the benefit of the doubt early in the game. Philly wanted files on a number of those mislaid that they had in the beginning of the game at one point midway through the second quarter. Toronto Headey sixty one offense rating in the half court but headache two hundred offense of rating in transition and where he will run on thirty one percent of their possessions early on Danny green got to charges in the first quarter. And then he got called for a charge and write the next play takes charge tradition in Butler, which is about again, I'm not a huge fan of the charge. But I am button. Cler basically went right through his sternum. And I it seemed like it was just like deficiencies have this kind of internal scoresheet in their mind of like, all right. We can't give this guy a third charge in the first half like and he ended up not getting that one. I thought he should have raptors still very little pick and roll at Radic. They did it twice, and it didn't really work that while the one time they did it. They tried to throw it to agree, but Dini green didn't really pop to the three point line. He just kinda rolled into space in two point range and Joel Embiid came over and actually got a steel and then Danny green fouled him. Which is we'd noted that he's had all these dumb gambles in the back court in this series for no reason, Fred van bleak. Just cannot get his shot off that was he tried to pull up at one point for a pick and roll jumper. I got it blocked immediately. It was surprising to see Nick nurse briefly turn to Patrick McCaw, two time NBA champion, Patrick McCaw. Egypt. Look like he has really as a place in this series. And that's that's not a huge surprise. But sometimes for a little short stint. You could see coach try that. Yeah. Well, that'll tell you mean, the we didn't see. Any of been bleeding Lowry together. The call was getting than bleeds minutes just in that set. And he's too little to guard Butler the only way to go at it for a couple of possessions. But if if that matchup happens, again, a expect Butler to just go right through him anything else out to you hear what what do we expect going forward? Maybe. Yeah. That's what I was. That's what I've been kind of thinking about. So I think especially if it's due to illness that Embiid will be better, though, as you said, we're at three out of four games where he wasn't the overall, you know, just like the offensive offensive monster. So I expect to see another competitive game in games in game five I think Toronto is gonna win. It is still I think they can win the series. But the case for Philadelphia to me is absolutely still there the way that they played in game three they they did. Well, a say overall in Toronto. So this is far from done deal. Sometimes when a superior seed wins game four to tie series to to you think that's restoring order. And it's you know, it's a six game series, maybe seven or, but you think you know, where it's. Going. I don't feel that way. This time to the retro are back to being the favorites for sure just based on having to the next three at home. But I I would predict that this is gonna go seven and these teams one each team has had a blow out each team has had a close win on the others floor. So it's a about as close as you can be through three games. Philly certainly could consider maybe changing things up a little bit on letter though. I thought overall they defended pretty well in the fourth quarter, Leonard hit that crazy shot. But that's one that you're okay with him taking it's the one where he's on balance where you know, it seems like he's able to just get his shot against anyone. I'm guessing that was something. Yeah. Sorry that was sending on mentioned Philly was five of Twenty-one from the field and three of fourteen from three net. Fourth-quarter? I if they hit just even a couple of shots and granted Toronto's defense. I thought did a good job making a fair number of shots harder. But they had opportunities to win this game. Yeah. On one of those threes was that crazy Bank via from Butler, one of the three that they made. We did. One advantage perhaps of the two big alignment is you can throw some unlikely Baca on Simmons put Leonard at the end of the game on Jimmy Butler to try and take him away about Leonard when he was on there. And he didn't get switched off. At did a pretty good job. You know, Danny green. They're probably not gonna ever put him on Rennick, but he could guard Harissa as well. So it does give them a little bit different of a look defensively. You also might even consider putting Siaka on Ben Simmons of Philly to there. I think they took advantage of gazelle or of hypocus- help instincts to get some open looks for Harissa. And he just could not get on me. It's funny. I was like band twice hers did nothing in this game. And then I went back and looked and he led the team in shot attempts for twenty three. But by quite a bit. You know, he just doesn't dominate the ball the way some of these other guys too. So you expect that he's going to play better. They did not go to any Embiid post ups, the only one I can remember it was when he turned and face on console and got up very dubious foul call on him in the fourth quarter of but. Embiid had a stretch where he missed three straight free throws early in the fourth the backup center is going to be real interesting for Philly going forward Monroe had been good so far. He couldn't missed a couple layups in this one. I thought he actually protected the rim. Okay. I'm not gonna say that that negative eighteen was all his fault necessarily, but certainly putting him in pick and roll trying to guard. Kawhi that's going to be an issue if the has to get out on the floor, are they gonna go more with Mike Scott at Senator that really hurts them defensively that in those minutes Toronto is really going to be able to cook. You know, it's really the defensive impede the trans had major problems with like Baca got a couple of dunks blocked around the room by Embiid, for example of convincing get going again in the offense of glass will be another one to me. And I think we'll see more from Philly of Harris trying to move off the ball. If he's guarded by Baucus setting some screens for Harris, the two main game between him beat and Radic when gazelle is guarding Reich. They got a huge three out of that late. When Gonzalo is just gonna struggle to get out on the floor even in emerging. Situation against radical Inc. Will see even more of that? And I mean, but a lot of it comes out. It's quite Leonard gonna miss a shot at some point in the series. I mean, it's just he's at seventy percent shooting in the series. It's unbelievable. And it's all self created. It's absolutely incredible. And I think a great way to to end this to put a cap on a fascinating for a stat from John Shuman surge Baca and Marcus oil played a total of thirty one minutes together in the regular season. They were plus raptors were seven in those minutes in the first eight playoff games. They played three minutes together in game four twenty three minutes and twenty five seconds and the raptors were plus seven in those minute, and you can get away with that a little bit more. When both those guys can shoot Gonzala can pass. They did a really nice job of getting that high low action of soul posted up on Jimmy Butler or I'm sorry of Baca Pozzo Jimmy Butler. And by those guys also familiar with each other. They both played together on the Spanish national team when he Baca was playing the four mostly and Bacchus release played four plenty. It is career and Philly doesn't have the shooting to really stress out Ishak on the other end necessarily. So I that's alignment that could work and just Bach is a better player than front van bleed. It, you know, at this point and a better player the Norman pollen. So whatever you can do to shift minutes in his direction away from those guys. It seems like it was pretty smart. And so well, and it's something else stat in. It's a lot easier to pull that off against the Sixers who have a bunch of guys that can't you or that you don't they don't worry about that as much as opposed to certain other opponents that maybe have one guy on the Ford any given time granted, I think about Ganga sold can can do a better job than some of their compatriots in those circumstances, but having been Simmons on the floor. I think makes it makes it more palatable as well because you can provide help you can you can move around a little bit differently. The certainly a series that is living up to its billing and we'll see whether Milwaukee in Boston follow suit in the next game in the Eastern Conference tomorrow night. We'll get into Denver Portland. But I want to tell you about liquid. V which hydrates you two to three times faster and more efficiently than water alone. With an added bonus vitamin C B three B five beat six N B twelve liquid IV. The fastest growing wellness brand. You can find them everywhere. Either online or even at Costco, and part of the reason I like it is when you're trying to hydrate does not having to drink as much water is nice, especially like a go up for a quick day trip to ski we get there. The night before you're at altitude. Maybe I had some caffeine will dehydrated to stay awake on the drive up. 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Go again to liquid IV dot com and enter that cap space code that's liquid IV dot com. Cap space code don't forget to use that aluminum. No that you came from us. It's get to Denver and Portland another really fun game between these two teams, slow paced. But not a ton of defense in the slightest one sixteen one twelve nuggets victory and that obscures just how much offense of gain. This was because the teams played it. So slowly Denver thirty nine percent, offense rebounds, Portland. Thirty four both were over forty percent offense rebounds in. The first half. But I thought the biggest thing that I took away. Here was that Portland. Just could not get stops down the end they're scoring well Dame lowered really got going and high pick and roll they're setting the screen really high on the floor. He was driving. He was finding people. But they went with a really offensive lineups since South Korea played wall and heartless was in foul trouble. They're playing South Korea at the three and just didn't quite have enough defensive our part is stop this. Really good nuggets. Semen? We'll Barton struggled overall. But made huge shots down the stretch. When Portland was forced to WTI. It was completely ridiculous offensively down the stretch. Joe-marie missed a three pointer with three minutes and forty eight seconds left in this game. That went at that time Denver was up ninety nine to ninety six from that point until we'll Barton missed a three with thirty seconds to go every single trip down the floor for both teams produced points. And most of that was I shot points. And most of those were made shots Lillard hit a couple of free throws. But I was stunned e despite the offensive capabilities we talked about how this was gonna be a fun popcorn series and all that stuff just partially due to personnel and partially to me due to execution both positive execution from the offense a negative execution from the defense. Just how incapable these two teams were of stopping each. Yeah. And whether I thought at cantor head a few moments defensively, but he took a little bit of a step back. Zach Collins couldn't get a defensive rebound had a few good verticality plays. But his light in the shorts to garden in the post. And really it seemed like everything that Denver was doing was working. Well, Paul Millsap by had another extremely efficient game Yokich had another triple double Jamal Murray at thirty four points. Although some of that was padded a little bit by intentional fouling late in the game. But he hit all of his eleven free throws in. I said this at the outset of the series that I think Denver when they are going. Well, just has a little bit more than Portland which has Dame they've got CJ, but it's going to be attacking off the dribble with those guys. His possibly get the ball to their hands. Sometimes finding that third guy for Portland can be difficult. So it just seems like Denver has so many holes that they can poke at in this series. And especially when they're getting every offensive rebound is they're just extremely difficult for Portland to stop, right. And I thought a key part of that was mammary Murray who lost his legs a little bit. After the second e in the second overtime and then beyond in the four overtime thriller on Friday. I thought that he really provided a big lift for Denver on a mix of tough shots and easy shots. I thought he was one of the more one of the more positive authentic players out there on the floor. He was six of twelve on jump shots, which was striking because he was four of eight inside the paint. But he was sometimes it was Murray getting to spots. He also took a few ridiculous the most memorable shot for me that he took in the game. Was I believe it was his first shot, which was the completely ridiculous. Basically. Over the backboard shot that he kind of he was fading out to. Decide on the baseline, and he has that capability of just being audacious. And and Portland doesn't really have the pieces to counter that. Now, there will be times that that audacity works against mammary that he takes bad shots or that he throws passes that he probably shouldn't or make silly mistakes. But he also has after noons like this one where he can carry a part of the load, and obviously Nicole Yokich was wonderful again. So it wasn't like Murray had to do it all by himself. The other thing is that they're going to need Dame to have a ridiculous game. And he had what ultimately turned out to be a solid game. But they're gonna outscore this Denver team. They need lured to be really really good. And he was only solid and. Yup. Portland scored pretty well. In this game here, I'm not gonna put it all day Millard having not the greatest shooting game. If the team is scoring well, and he's drawing double teams, and he's distributing and starting sequences that lead to getting to on the ball. He's doing his job. So to say that he's been shut down. In this series is not accurate Portland is scored very well. And three of the four games. Ironically, they won the one game which they didn't score that. Well, but it's just a they have no means to stop Denver on the other end until he's gotta shoot a little bit better from three. He also got a little bit of friendly whistled towards the end of the game. When when he got to the line more, but missed three free throws which ended up being pretty critical at an head. That's part of why Portland was in such chase position and his opposite. Number murray. Did not miss any free throws. I wanted to talk about something that I thought was an important stretch of the game. And it's a mistake that I was surprised Terry Stotts made. So that Collins had done well in bench heavy units. Be contested him shots had some verticality. But at the eighth thirteen Mark of the fourth quarter. Denver is up three Millsaps at the free throw line and Mike Malone brings back in Jamal Murray. And Nicole Yokich Terry Stotts has a series of starters in most notably Damian Lillard and Alfred amino and NS Kanner. I would I'm not sure they were at the ready. But I mean that. For a game of this stature may would have been a reasonable time during the minute specially since Yokich Murray were at the table like even showed them on the broadcast, and it took another minute for those guys to get in Denver expanded the lead a little bit during that time. And also that was important because it led to in the time actually after Lillard and Amina came in Collins state in for an extended period time, I thought Yokich absolutely beasted him. And that's when Zack Collins picked up his technical foul. And that one point you know, that affected a many pieces of logic in terms of how the late game mechanics of this worked out, you know, if you're down three versus down for if you're done tube for his down three those sorts of decisions changed dramatically and Cullens just he he can be useful in certain matchups in this series. But he cannot stop Nicole Yokich, and maybe they should have been more aggressive with doubling or or series of other things. But it seemed like Stotts was more comfortable having Collins defend Yokich one on one. Then he should have been. I told. Understood Collins beefy, he probably gets a raw deal from the referees. Louis does fall a lot. And on that play. I thought he barely made contact with Yokich jumped relatively vertically only hit him with his chest. I didn't think that was a foul. But we saw this in the Philly game two guys who are just like not even that important players getting technical falls. It's like your yours at Collins. You're not gonna throw a tantrum. And now the referee is going to be more favorably disposed to write like if it's the star. Or it's the coach I still don't think it's a good idea. But at least you can come up with some sort of a rationale that you've enough stature that you're going to influence the referee going forward Zach Collins or James NS in the first game are not going to do that. We saw Evan Turner for twelve minutes. He somehow was plus four in part just because Denver's units without Yokich and without Murray. I think they've really missed Murray in because for much of the year they would bring Murray back to start the second quarter and play him alongside Monty Morris. And they just haven't had enough. Without those two guys together and Yokich out of the game as well. But Evan Turner still. I think that was a big time negative Paul Millsap was guarding him. I thought Denver actually should've gone to Millsap against her in the post more than they did. But then I mill sap is their best help defender and Evan Turner is just standing in the dunker spot, but he can't really dunk and the every once in a while when he gets it and he's opening he doesn't take the shot immediately as well. So really heartlessly played seventeen minutes. I know he was in foul trouble in the second half. But he could've come back for the fourth quarter with four fouls. Amina thirty five minutes. It could have been extended maybe a a little bit more as well. I might even say that Meyers Leonard would help more than Turner at this point Rodney hood, only played twenty four minutes that he was playing at the same time as Turner a lot. So to be no reason to play nine guys Turner just hasn't contributed at all in the playoffs. It was a reminder of just how few players with heft. This lasers team has you know that they don't really have that many guys to turn to if Paul Millsap is go. Because Nicole Yokich is priority one in those minutes. And so that means you can you can do a couple of different things. And maybe you can try to gimmick on one of those two guys. So I was I was struck by that in this game. I probably should have been when Alfred commu couldn't handle Millsap early in the series. But it was another reminder here, and I want done better lately. Yeah. I I would say better than any other matchup has killed them. Right. Exactly. And so if you only really have one option on a player that guy gets in trouble or is just having a rough night, it it can swing and a lot. But I wanted to mention a stout. I'm frustrated with myself that I forgot to do this during when we talked about the first game but compelled and brought this up before Sunday's both of their contests had this characteristic that the info the the weaker seated team was a head to to one that means they're hosting game for and in those series since nineteen Eighty-four if the higher seeded the superior Sita team wins that game they win the series seventy nine percent of the time. And if the inferior team wins wins the game, and then goes up. The lower the lower seeded, I always with lower and higher. It gets visa because it was like a one versus eight. But if if the team that's hosting that game wins, then they have a three one lead. And they win the series eighty nine percent of the time. So it can be a gr that, and of course, those are overall numbers that doesn't mean just because these series went that way, the Portland Portland's going to win this series eighty. They've an seventy nine percent chance of winning or the Denver hasn't seventy nine percentage winning it. But I do think that's a good encapsulation of why these games are so import the I mean, this was my second favorite scenario playoffs. Here's my favorite scenario playoff series is the higher seed done three games to two on the road for a game six, but this is my second favorite the higher seed down two games to one on the road for a game. Four Yokich did suffer what appear to be a calf cramp late? But hopefully, that's not something that's going to stay with him. At all. I in some of the passes that he through late in the game that play as the shot clock expiring. The back door to Gary Harris guarded by South Korea. Who by the way, it was just. A little bit too small to stop that play and had zero points in the second half space the floor for Lillard to be sure that was part of why he was successful. But that was a questionable decision to have him in their annoy his head that sixteen in the first half. But but in Harris, a great job with that play competing to get all the way around and the Joe for the backdoor, layup yoga just heads. Unbelievable pass this Lillard heads unbelievable passes in the first half as well. But it really seems like Portland is just had no lock slowing down Yokich all because he's such a good passer you double team him. And he just absolutely eats that up and you have to hope at some point that Denver is gonna miss shots. But they went eleven to twenty five through three point range here Portland wasted their own forty three percent three point shooting in this game one ridiculous stat. And I'll explain the context of this Denver went sixteen of thirty five in the restricted area. But they grabbed a ton of those misses. So it doesn't it's not as catastrophic. Also, they got to the free throw line twenty eight times. I think some of the some of those turned into points on a second chance. Opportunity as another field goal tempt some of them as shots. But it is pretty remarkable to see a team shoot that poor percentage in the restricted area and still put up a one twenty three offensive rating actually had about a league average shooting. But they didn't turn the ball over. They got a ton of offensive rebounds. So that's how they put up an effective very effective night. I'm not sure that Portland can do much about that other than maybe putting more size on the floor with ARCO's than who. Does. Maybe part of the reason he didn't play was with the that ankle injury being an issue, but Millsap is just too strong and Portland. This is we saw this in the first two games with Golden State, Houston, not being a running team. They tried to push a little bit more in game. Three had some success Portland is also not a running team. And so Denver hitting the offense of glasses. Specially with all the enclosed misses that they had there's not really much of a price to pay in this game in the pace was very slow and yet Portland off alive. Rebuts? They only ran sixteen percent of the time which would be near the bottom. Of the NBA Denver ran even less at Portland got plenty of their own rebounds as well. And then Mosa Portland's running was for three pointers that didn't happen to go in on those plays. Another big problem for Portland was turnovers that really killed them in the third quarter in particular, and they stopped turning it over in the fourth when they scored really well, but they only scored fourteen points in the third. They looked like they were in control early in that third quarter. And then they had a stretch of nine points in eighteen possessions where they had six turnovers during that period. And this isn't a Denver team that forces a lot of turnovers and Denver had seven steals and they averaged a two hundred offensive rating went off turnovers. So that was a massive killer as well at Gary Harris, it had a breakout steel at what I thought Harris, by the way, his defense continues to be fantastic, especially on Lillard, but also on CJ Mike below definitely wishes. He had two of them at this point Craig really struggled to guard Lillard again, and I thought justified the only got seventeen minutes. I think Bologne figured rightfully so that if Craig's not gonna be able to prevent a straight line drive from Daimler d-, you might as well just throw Barton in there. Anyway, can you think of anything that Denver can do to prop up their bench units? I mean, if it weren't for the time when Morris was in the game, he was negative five publicly was negative sixteen of the part of that was playing alongside of Yokich at Morris was one out of six is there anything they could do to prop those up little more. It might be time to consider reducing or eliminating Morris his role. But the problem is now that Barton has a larger role outside of the second unit. It's a little bit harder to make that work. You want it? I think at this point considering how well he's he's done against Lillard. You wanna tie Harris's minutes to Lillard as closely as you can he's not providing as much of an advantage outside of that. And so it's it's it's an easy counter in then Jamal can't play all forty minutes. So maybe you put the ball through Barton in those situations. I like having to ball handlers on the floor. But also Morris is so small that there there isn't necessarily a good. Hiding place for him either as flawed as the second unit is and somebody else gets into you know, when Evan Turner is on the four you could theoretically do some things there. I don't I don't worry too much about Evan Turner. Posting up Morris, but you can make better advantage with somebody else. Like, you talked about Millsap because he's such an adept help defender. So they could try something more in in that vein. But figuring out those rotations. Maybe it's shifting the guard. Regards a little bit around maybe using Tori, Craig a little bit more there. I I don't know exactly what it is. But Morris doesn't really have much of a place for me in this series. Yeah. Well, it's tough because I think Jamal Murray because so much of what they do relied on him. Sprinting around off the ball off those the HBO's with Yokich the back doors same thing with Harris. And then you consider the defense of loan of Harris. And the fact that Murray just can't guard anyone at all when Seth curry hit three threes in a row in a minute Murray was guarding him and all three of those plays. And just was not good enough on those boys. But I don't think you can extend their minutes that much maybe Barton could play more although below. If he's going to start playing Bart Maury played thirty minutes tonight. But I think he played only two stints for those thirty minutes. So if your bones got to be careful to get him arrested, maybe moving back into the starting lineup. Just more Millsaps in the post is probably where they've gotta go. Maybe you take Morris out and have Barton run the offense a little bit your maybe trying to Barton and Millsaps as kind of your engines on the the non Murray units that could be worth doing. And also, I think Jamal marine and Yokich have such good chemistry that putting the trying to tie their minutes. As Malone is done. That makes a lot of sense to me. So, yeah, maybe then that's Barton Barton and Millsap could be a combination could lead you could login little bit. There could run into some problems. But I at least you'd have a better chance to festively, and it's not like that Portland bench heavy unit is dominant. Like, they they shouldn't be effective as they've been in is. I mean, obviously, it was some of those guys Rodney hood is having a nice series. And I'm happy for him considering how he struggled in playoffs in recent vintage. So I do think that's one one thing that they. Can do is just trying to try and reduce that and more says how to wonderful season. And it's not like me Beazley's an amazing defender either. Let's be clear on that. No. He he was really bad. I thought as Denver was in control in the second quarter. And then he lost CJ a bunch of times. Let him get open for a couple of shots and let Portland get back into the lead during the second quarter. He really is defense. I mean, again, I lament the fact that they just have completely given up on Hernan Gomez. Because maybe what you could say is will go some more size and shooting with being that'd be an option. Yeah. And then you just make Bart in the point guard and don't play Morris. It really is is amazing. This is something we should think about more of just traditional backup point guards in how they just don't really seem to be able to succeed in the playoffs when they're going up against Moore starters. They're just not athletic enough or they get taken advantage of defensively. And there's kind of a re I mean how good you have to be to succeed as a player who's six two or under this deepen the. Playoffs. I mean, you gotta be like Dame or CJ level player or an Eric Bledsoe type of athlete or or I mean, it's just it's very difficult. And a lot of those a lot of the teams this is coincidental. To to the fact that those teams a lot of them have like much bigger main creators until they don't even necessarily have to play a backup point guard at all they can just go with bigger units with the second group will also. Yeah. Think about how a lot of the good backup point guards. The reason they're not starters is because they can't reliably create separation. You know, if they could if they could get hoop against anybody. They would be starting. And so when the alternative is to play a bigger guy, let's say on Fred vanfleet. He's not gonna kill that matchup. And so you have to go into different direction and also run into problems because almost every player who's bigger than point-guard-size who can really run the show those players start to. So it creates real challenges and having quality point guard play capable point guard play for forty minutes is extremely important. It is almost mandatory in the regular. Season. But the thresholds change. I mean playoff NBA basketball. It's not a different sport. But it is a very different version of the same sport. And I think we've talked another years about being able to create your shot and some of the other ways the play as well. It's different. I think you're right to talk about point guard play as one other ways that we can think about this. And it's for the teams that are considering themselves in the elite the best of the best whether a player can fit that test or cannot is a big problem. So it looks like the series is trending the direction that you. And I both pretty you predicted Portland and seven I predicted Denver in seven and it does look like Denver in seven to me. It seems like the most likely outcome feeling you change you feel differently. You think Denver Denver's impressed you enough to change your opinion. Yeah. I think that I mean, really the games two games in Denver. Did that to an extent basically that their offense is harder to stop to me than Portland's? And that's really where the rubber meets the road in this series because neither team has enough horses defense. Wli? So yeah, there will be games in Denver has this unusual propensity for a team with as many good shooters as they do to just have bad nights. And so I could see swinging the other way I mean that game seven against San Antonio was closer. I would say that it should have been considering their relative talent levels and everything else that series. So I am not for closing the logic that I used is still there. It's just not as strong because to me Denver's offense has lived up to the billing more than Portland's has which isn't entirely surprise. It was just a Portland looked so great in that series against Oklahoma City. And they're well, I got news few Oklahoma City isn't very good at least. Yeah. I mean it and it happens in the playoffs where you see one series. It makes you think about a previous one in a new light and gaming think about with Oklahoma City. I was working on an off season thing with them as well recently how far away like they got they got. I think you could make an argument depending on how you see Denver Portland that they got the most favorable or second most favorable of a lower seeded team. And yet they still got run and they're a repeater tax team. And they can't really make many changes for next year that out go on with with not spoil their off-season brief we could just count that as their off-season preview. Yeah. It's not gonna be too extensive. It is that. Well, this has been an awesome series. Toronto Philly that's been a an awesome series. And if you decide on a whim that you want to go see a game in person either those series seek it is the way to do it other than seeks ticket industry hasn't changed in a long time. Some of those big companies that are not that great to deal with. 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If I said the, but nonetheless, she really enjoys which the mid west in part because of see Keith my listeners if you haven't tried seek he yet which be surprising because they'd been a sponsor for quite some time now. But if you haven't tried them yet, you can get ten bucks off your first Iki purchase for sports comedy, concerts, anything that has a ticket basically seek it is your first place to go use that cap space code get the ten dollars off your first seatgeek purchase. And don't forget that cap space co to let them know that came from us, I time to get into the free agent power forwards and the big guy to talk about here. The only one I have in these star category. No superstars this year is twenty six year old Tobias Harris about his young as you'll get. For a guy with his level of accomplishment. You know, borderline all star type of player to be an unrestricted free agent, and certainly Philly you and imagine given the resources that they put in to get him the day will becoming what they very very significant offer. And now Harris is a little younger. Would you agree though, that it's probably giving him that max contract for five years or even four years at the max starting at thirty two point seven million dollars this off season with raises coming after that that that is not going to be a positive value contract. I don't think that it would be a positive value contract. Now, I he's game might age reasonably well. It's worth mentioning that Tobias Harris Joe true shooting percentage has risen most years in recent past meat. So he went from fifty six to fifty seven then stated fifty seven then all the way up to fifty nine this year. Interestingly enough, he was more efficient as a clipper than as a seventy sixer simple size. And they're a couple of the reasons why why that's the case but players like him don't hit the market, very. Often. I just worry him we've seen this. I talked about it a little bit earlier sections podcast in in the series against the raptors is how scalable he is on a team with real expectations. Now, it's different on the clippers. When making the first round is is a successful thing. Like the Sixers want to win a championship and to me in that sort of circumstance, especially because of his limitations on defense. I think of Harris Moore's like the third or fourth best player on a team, that's competing. They're probably fourth given how great most championship teams are in the modern era. And as a practical matter unless you have somebody on a rookie scale contract giving that third or fourth guy a thirty percent max, even is a massive massive commitment. Because the you have to have the other guys in prison with your championship. Pretender you you are going to and that's that's hard. And so maybe there are certain teams where the those monetary thresholds aren't as important. Maybe they can't get as many great free agents. Like, I think there will be offers out there for Tobias Harris, just because functionally speaking. He might be the best player available for some of these teams. But Philadelphia IB, you wonder should they hold themselves to higher standard. But then the point you're like well who else could they throw their money out? There aren't that many options as year? Sure, if quiet Leonard says I wanna play in Philly by all means sign him. But I don't expect that to happen as you're going through ranking the free agents he's atop kit ten guy and low and behold, there's about ten teams that have mex- base this off season. And he plays the position where offensively he can fit in with just about anything can run to pick and roll play off the ball shoot shoot at okay passer defensively, as you mentioned not that great of effect. I think it is difficult unless you have an elite rim protector or another really good wing defender next to him to structure any could play the the three also, but he doesn't really defend well enough to guard the best guy in the other team. So you better find someone who can really defend next to the team that they had with the clippers with him in Gallo starting at forward. Yeah. You know, that's a nice regular season team. Pretty. Difficult to stop. But you know, there's nothing about Harris. It's like, oh, man. We just we can't find an answer for this guy. You know, he'll have his twenty three twenty four usage and shoots and threes. And get some plays in the in the flow of the offense me run a pick and roll every now and again, but he's not gonna just absolutely take over game. And really make you scheme him and get to players on the ball and be the engine of your offense. But like you said number one where else you spend your money this year number two where else are you spending your money next year when the free agent class is even worse, and at least you can expect since he's only twenty six they will provide solid value throughout the contract. And especially since a lot of his value is built on his shooting. And I mean, there's we need to go through him. But if Philly doesn't give them the oppor- there's going to be ill have five other max offers out the product, right and that gets into something. I wanted to talk about before we get into all the potential starters at this position is all of the people in this category. That we would have starters are on competitive teams that do not have adequate replacements. For that player. Should they choose to leave that often leads to those guys getting overpaid in years dollars or both? But also, even though they aren't super inspiring. I could you'll eat two studies young to me as I really thought he's doing I think he's a wonderful player. But a lot of free agency is about falling in love, you know, that can be from the players side that can be from the team side because you're choosing that person or that team over everyone else and presumably you're gonna have other competitive offers. So I don't know that those guys this Frisian group power Ford's inspires that. But the sense of urgency can kind of force a can force a relationship as well. Because you can't lose these guys. I mean think about I'll go back to that young the Pacers. If they lose him and do not replace him there a substantially different team next year. Yeah. And you know, they would have money to do. So the next group we can talk about them, Nicole miratec, twenty eight Paul Millsap has a team option for thirty million bucks. I expect the especially the better Denver plays. And if they get to the. Was finals. I think they probably picked that up. That's that's where I see that going to just in kind of the same thought as when they just made Yokich, they declined Yokich team option. And yeah, they ended up having to pay a lot more this year because they did that and and gave him pretty much max contract, but they took the conservative approach, right? And with Millsap the conservative approaches, let's hold onto him. We're not going to be a cap space team. Anyway, certainly not enough to get a player as good as what he is going to give us next year. I think they could maybe get like fifteen million in room, if they declined that team option, and maybe there's a thought that oh we decline it with an agreement in place, and we get him for a longer term deal. But it really it would shock me if he is not a nugget next year. And if he is I think it would be pretty bad mismanagement by them. So I don't think he's going to really be on the market. Thaddeus? Young as an interesting one. It's at thirty one. It's really going to be the years for him. Yeah. Am great defensive player should. I think he may all defensive second team this year. A great anticipation has the ability to switch strong enough to hold up in the post against a lot of guys. You know, he gave Kevin love big problems last year in the playoffs, for example. But a limited shooter his post scoring is gonna wane over the course of that. So is it two years. Three years. Is it go four years, and what's the money? You know, it seems like for him something in the thirty five to forty million dollar guaranteed range is my expectation of where he ends up in. You know, see how many years that's over? I is that the feeling you everything. It's Lord may. We may value him more. He obviously opted into thirteen million last year. But it was such a tight market. I think it's probably a little bit lower also because young at thirty one. He's probably not as interesting on a longer term deal to some of these younger teams that have cap space out there. And so when you narrow his potential suitors, and you could think about I I'd be very interested to see like what his it would be on. Let's say the Utah Jazz. But I also think he's such a good defender. And they're they're really go bare Centric team, he would help you. But they can't just can't shoot. It will right. They need more often. So like for me, if if I'm if the jazz decide to go away from Derrick favors as that are starting four, I would be looking more at Nicole, Amir, which I think that's a more interesting wrinkle for them. And so if the jazz aren't super interested the nets, I think, Thaddeus, young would be no return. There would be a fascinating fit. You could if you could help give them more of a defensive identity, but they've really valued shooting. He's a little bit older than the rest of their group. You might not age particularly well as everybody else is getting into their primes. So I could I could imagine teams like that just not being as interested. And then once you really start working it down. Then there aren't as many suitors that really make sense. So I see him ending up back in Indiana. But you brought this up with you didn't bring this up with most you easily could have their parallels between Denver and Indiana that I could imagine them kind of taking care of their guys. And I could imagine both that he's young and Paul Millsap getting contr. Acts that we think are overpays that they the player did not have the leverage to admit offer community. Another really interesting one in Portland and immediately has a lot of earth until the can shoot three well enough of and can defend either forward position against most guts and to have just some two way ability at that position. Especially when you know, let's say you have a boy unbooked out of its type of small Ford who isn't going to be able to guard the best threes on the team. He amino is not like a dead bang supper, but he holds up there. And the you can't say that for a lot of guys especially at the powerful position. I mean, you could look at him as a three potentially as well. He's twenty eight I mean that was a great great contract that Neela Shay signed him to is one of the first guys assign in twenty fifteen free agency, but the blazers have some tax concerns year to be sure maybe they do have guys they can move or stretching in Turner and Meyers Leonard who are make a combined thirty million bucks in. Let's say don't give them quite that level of production. And maybe they could bring it back. You know, I think it me new, you know, maybe even can get in the forty five to fifty million dollar guaranteed range, given his age, and the fact that he's just a solid starter on a playoff team. Those guys are are not necessarily available and sure his shooting. Always can wait. You know? I mean, that's the that's the question with a lot of these guys. But he's he's a good solid player. You would imagine that Portland, especially where you know, he was given a starting role basically right away and blossomed, and they really can't take a step back by losing him. They have no way to replace a I don't know that I see a cap space team giving him that type of deal. So maybe that will reduce his leverage some, and he'll be looking at mid level type of offers from other teams, you know, he doesn't make sense for your a lot of these younger cap space teams like you're saying, especially if the those teams are not trying to take the next subject. So I do think, you know, he'd be a nice fit unlike Dallas as they're trying to to move into playoff contention. And I was about to bring them up. I think that the fit of him with Porzingis would be really fun. They could go. In some good directions. And I think it me news in meaningfully better fit. If they wanted to go there, then then Thaddeus young partially due to age just the offensive through rotation. Guys. Fascinating. Julius Randle has a player option. You had to imagine. With just the raw points and rebounds said he put up this year that he's going to opt out of that. That's a player option is for a little over nine million. Yeah. Randall great example of a player who I'm confident we'll get overpaid. And I have absolutely no idea who's going to do. It's a player that I've Al you less than other people. I mean, he's I don't see him as the starter. Despite the numbers that he put up because he's just so bad defensively. And then he also has not only the bad defensively, but he just is such a tough fit defensively when you really need like an Anthony Davis type next to him or you gotta be committed like the Lakers were two years ago to just being able to switch everything. So, you know, he's really kind of more of a sixth man type of guy. Although as a big we're seeing more bigs that kinda fall into that role now. So it'll be interesting. I mean, I could see him, you know, New Orleans didn't trade him. So you could. See him maybe being back there. We'll see what they get back from a D. The could have space to go beyond just the hundred and twenty percent for him. I mean, we could maybe even see depending on what his market is you'll maybe he ops out. And then they use those non bird rights one hundred twenty percent of what he made last year to ink a long term deal. But it's hard for me to see him getting to, you know, fifteen million a year over a lot of years. The that's he's just too limited. You know, maybe a team that's kind of towards the pot will see him as a young player they can develop and be seduced by the points and rebounds. But I think the league has a decent idea of where he is a another shingle Rudy gay at thirty two with the Spurs baby ends up going back there. The Spurs cap space is limited this off season. So he would be guy that if they don't pay him they wouldn't really necessarily be able to replace him. He and they can pay him up to one hundred seventy five percent of the ten million then he made this year. So maybe it could be something like a two year deal Spurs also generally of take care of their own your two year. He'll at like eleven million a year. Maybe you could see something like that happening for Rudy gay in San Antonio, Marcus Morris is had a really good year shooting the ball. I think he's slipped a little bit defensively, but still has the size to guard. Some of the more power wings is a little slower onto the perimeter. But you know, he's had success guarding guys like LeBron in the past so someone who can shoot and a guard's position like that. It is going to be a valuable thing. A lot of it is how much your team's going to buy into the way shout the ball this year from three one his timing is going to be a real challenge because I'm guessing Boston in many circumstances would like to have him back, but they're looking at some pretty big fish as well and not to say that Anthony Davis is mutually exclusive in many ways actually getting it than you Davis. Because of what they would have to give up probably opens the door for Marcus Morris to come back. But in Boston's case, I expect that their ducks will be in a row by July first that they'll know one way or the other on AD, and they'll know on Kyrie relatively quickly. So and they're not going to do anything that requires cap space. So right. So he wouldn't. Have to give up his capital. They can always resigned. I think it's just a question of the price at and he was extension eligible, you know, unclear whether those talks were serious at all or progress very far. But you know, I think they're probably would would be Morris is a little follicle. Not sure that he's like, you know, the greatest influence in a lock room, that's kind of had some tumult. But nonetheless, he's a good player, and they wouldn't another guy that they wouldn't really have a way to replace, you know, they're going to be likely looking at a just the mini mid level as a way to replace them. And I expect him to get more than that. Some other names that are interesting Taj Gibson at thirty four still played power forward. Mostly. I think you'd be a solid backup center for a lot of teams that a good culture guy. Maybe Minnesota will be interested in having him back though, they do have some constraints as far as the tax look like they'll be about fifteen million below the tax going into the summer, but they're going to want to resign Derrick rose as well who they'll have a early bird on ties. Jones a restricted free agent. But they do have gorging Jiang under contract as well. As more of a backup centers. And I'm not sure I mean Gerson Rosa's coming from that Houston system. He's acting to be too interested in playing some unlike Taj at the four who's down to three point shooter more of a believer in that at and maybe we'll try to turn that job over to a Dario charge fulltime. So maybe we'll see Gibson on the market. I see him as more of a backup center at this point. Now, Betsy played power for less, your that's ROY had him on any of these other guys kinda stand out to you. We can go through the list quickly. But there's no one else on here that I I look at it as that sexy. Yeah. I see it. There's a step down after them. But in terms of choice, Jared Dudley fascinating to me. I've been so happy to see him after those years in Phoenix. And remember how crazy it was the Phoenix basically partially salary dumped him for drill. Arthur who is meaningfully worse than was basically gone from the team immediately. But to see Jared Dudley on a team this good was really exciting. And. I don't know what offers are going to be on the table for him. But for selfish purposes, it would make me happy. If he was on a good team, again, joy green has made himself a so many. He someone who I think team might consider bringing in as a saris been much more aggressive shooting the three with the clippers. A lot depends, of course, on the clippers cap space, the aspiration ju-, if they just get co I Leonard maybe bring back Joe, Michael Green is something that they might want to consider, you know, his capital is not too big. It's about ten million, and he is making about seven or eight million. I think he could get something again in that range as maybe a slightly poor man's off Ruge commute type of player. Michael Gilchrist is going to pick up his player option. Marvin Williams gonna pick up his player option. Almost certainly ain't never. No, no. You know, and Markeith Morris really struggled this year had that neck issue. Just was not the same player that was a quality starter for a lot of his time in Washington only twenty nine though, so, but I think he's going to be in a situation where you know, it's going to be a three. Or four million dollar two year deal. Prove it type of thing or three or four million dollars per year. I should say two years MAC doesn't seem like it's going to be on their Wilson Chandler's seems like he's kind of trending towards ninth man type of money that that similar sort of area. Especially at thirty two is anybody more disappointed in Ernie Grunfeld getting fired. I was gonna say then Jabari Parker. I guess maybe Trevor REEs is. But I kinda looked like there were some signs being Jafari averaged fifteen and seven for the wizards in twenty five games. It kind of looked like it was good, and they could still retain him. Even if they declined the option, which they damn will better because Dr Parker is not a twenty million dollar player new and using bird rights when a guy had makes a lot of money. Non rights actually are pretty advantageous. So Washington could bring him back without having really dip into much and they should be able to avoid the tax. But I have massive trouble calibrating what his market could be should be. We'll be. I mean, I think it's something in the, you know, maybe part of an exception. Five million a year for a couple of years to score off the bench type of player. I think he played much better in Washington. Looked better athletically still terrible on defense, but it using a fishing score off the bench. And there's a lot of. I mean a team like Orlando could really use someone like that. Right. Just someone to create offense on that second year. There are a lot of teams that are it's so funny going through this now because we've been in this playoff crucible and doing the NBA Cass where we just every mistake and every failing just pops out so much on the screen, and oh my God. You can't even play Fred vanfleet like he's unplayable, and like print vanfleet is, you know, probably a top thirty five point guard in the NBA and he can't play in this series. Right. It's just now we're going back and talking about some of these guys. And you think about all the weakness or like. Yeah. Well, you know, there's you got fifteen roster spots across thirty teams. And you gotta fill them. So. Yeah. I mean, there are plenty of teams that need some scoring off the bench at think would be interested in him. You just you gotta have the right personnel defensively around him and the right culture. Yeah. Jeff green had a nice year in Washington word is they won't really have much in terms of bird rights to retain him. But the the DC native a flourish there for a time tilled off a little bit towards the end of the year. But where it is. He may wanna stay. There is a lot of people's apparently want to stay in Washington. A Reza green of Anthony taller is probably closer to a fringe guy. You know, he didn't play as much guts were run under rhinestone zoom played some at the three due to his shooting ability. But still a guy who competes great locker room guy action the players association and has really deep range on his three balls. So even at thirty four I think you'll get some looks. But you're probably not quite at the level of that one year deal for over five million that he got in Minnesota last year. Yeah. I would say that's fair and television could be getting down to the point where he chooses to take a little bit less to be on a much better team. Like, I could see him, theoretically as a a minimum guy on T, Mike the warriors where it's like would you rather take three and a half somewhere or take two? Five or I don't know. Exactly. What the? Yeah. Those would be about it. Yeah. So for the federal minimum see him do that with any number of teams because remember that in this in this league year where the a lot of the top players are probably gonna sign with cap space these elite teams are going to have incredibly thin rosters. So the Knicks could be an example here there could be a lot of them. We don't we don't know who's going to get all these free agents. But they're they're going to be playing time spots for guys who were willing to take a little bit less. Icy tall over somebody at age thirty four who is going to be willing to do that going through the more fringe guys to me. The most intellectually interesting is is Carmelo I don't think he's going to have another spot. But the guy that I think is the most likely to contribute next season is well dang, I still really like all dang. And you showed some signs in Minnesota. And if you're not asking them to do too much not ask him to to to work too hard. You know, not gonna play him thirty five minutes a game anymore. I think he can help Ryan Anderson has a small non guarantee out of his over twenty million dollar, and everybody's money on the table kids netter. Eighteen point six million guaranteed. But you could potentially see him getting stretched to help get Miami out of their luxury tax issues. Maybe that wouldn't happen until later, you know, they'd have until August thirty first do it and still have it count on the welding twenty cap. It would accept that. There's from I just wrote a stretch provision preview for the athletic. I think it'll probably come out on Monday or Tuesday. But there are a few of these players and Ryan Anderson is a really good example of this. Where normally that's what would happen, but because their contract is partially guaranteed. It pushes up the time line a little bit. And that. Oh, yeah. Yeah. When is his guaranteed. Thanks for joining that. He's guaranteed eight is July tent up aren't so. So you'd imagine then unless Miami just like can't get anything done at all that he could get. So he could be available. I think he is only thirty one and obviously struggled a lot last year struggled apps that ankle injury two years ago. But was good before that. And I mean, you really got like eight games in Phoenix sreet. -ation before they just decided to go young. I mean, if he played like more than fifteen minutes or something in Miami that I'd be surprised so and then the other two will just mention briefly a pair of twenty two year olds the sons twenty sixteen draft boulevard of broken dreams. Markey's Chris and drug and bender. Chris head some playing time in Cleveland. Maybe you could see them bringing him back on a very small deal of. But you know, I didn't think he showed much there and then bender again, it was a struggle for him shooting is only twenty two percent from three this year after he shot at much better earlier, he had some passing ability smart help defender, but you know, as an on ball guy has never really developed into the sort of switch versatile defender that they hoped he could be in they declined option. So both those guys, of course, are unrestricted. The restricted group is very interesting. I I have a moxie Cleopa at the top of that group has as a rotation guy at twenty seven I think he's a good enough player it in terms of what he's shown so far to be a starter. But it just. Question. How many minutes he can play is up and down last year. We haven't seen him in that thirty minute a game role quite yet. But I mean, he is one of the better block right again, the top ten block rate in the NBA the ability to switch. He can either roll or pop shoots it well enough from three not like a knockdown guy. But enough that he has to be respected out. There really doesn't have a lot of weaknesses in his game. Maybe strength post defensible. But if you're playing the center, but he's got a lot of versatility good fit with the some of the guys that they have there now. Yeah. And so I really like Mexican Eva. I think you're he's if I were general manager in certain like, you know, obviously, everything changes based on how much gaps this job. I could imagine that I would be a GM who give him an offer sheet. But the problem, and what could really Kerr tale. His value is the specific circumstances with Dallas because he has an extremely low capital Dallas has the capacity to match with him with bird rights. So would you save that money or time? Yup. That money if you're completely confident that Dallas is just going to match. Anyway, it's I think that's gonna tame ten tamp down market it could theoretically lead to Cleveland taking a shorter term contract. I mean, I'm alive morally opposed to older free agents me he's already twenty-seven having to go through restricted free agency. But them's the breaks. I could see a team that's younger and has space. He would be a big target for me as research vision. Now, he he is load or two at twenty seven. So the idea of having him build with your group necessarily, but I think because he's so versatile. He would be a really nice, but not you would imagine douse the is going to match, but you also and that they will try to do their other free agent business. And but maybe especially if they don't get anyone this year. Then I think in offer sheet to him might be more successful because they'd be trying to rule the space over to future years, and they might not want him on the books at such a big number. But if you look at some of the teams that could use him that can afford to wait that aren't going to be in the mix of the top two your agents bowls about fifteen. Millions base. I think you'd be a very nice fit. Their teams teams that really need to get better. Defensively. Atlanta has forty one million in space. That's probably not gonna be burning a hole in Travis lengthy pocket. But it's definitely, you know, he would be a really nice fit there either at the four or the five th the type of player you might wanna have next to John Collins, or if you're going with a more traditional salary could play the four they're really sure up your defense with his first Attila eighty at Sacramento is another team that I think could really use someone like him. Now, you know, he doesn't have the pedigree has played that many minutes. He's twenty seventies. Restricted so certainly I'm sure we value him more than the lead does. But the question is just how much and what would Dallas be willing to match for him. You know? I mean to me, you know, ten million dollars a year easily. I would I would pay for him as long as I knew he was healthy. But I think there's it would surprise me. He ends up getting that much. I think it could end up beyond the seven or eight million range kind of like, you know, 'Davis per-tonne type of money, maybe a little premium on top of that. Even though I think he's a much better player. I. With you one other team. I wanna mention Brooklyn. I really like his fit there. Yeah. They just they just can't wait though. I know that that's where I think it's for them. It would be more if they strike out and just just have it there, then then you can go after somebody like him, and I would be very interested in electorally. I don't see them doing this at all in a in a cleaver. Jaren Jackson frontcourt, and Memphis, then you could go a little bit more Avangard offensively. And I think defensively that group would be really really fun, and they still need a lot of work spending on what what happens with Conley and drill right and few other things, but I that's the type of move. I would consider making even though I think they're timeliness further out because the opportunity costs for Memphis, isn't that high? Well, other than the tax. I mean, I think they might I think they'll be able to personal. Yeah. Well, but then it wouldn't be a big enough offer. I think to get him out of Dallas coaches, right? Even if they waive Bradley, I'm looking at them having only about eleven million dollars in room under the tax to fill out the roster and has some new group that and that doesn't include this surly that includes. Dan writes, cap hold. But you know, and he probably will fall right around that range on the seven or eight million a year range, but it's it would be tough for them to to fit him in couple of other guys. I I agree. He'd be a diversity that front court would be great. And that's why I really like because he could play four or five he could be even if he's not gonna start Cleveland can be your backup for and your backup five and be a quality player and you kinda kill two birds with one sewn there. Bobby Portis at twenty four will be a restricted free agent. Famously turned down a fifty billion dollar offer. From the bulls are any does get points and rebounds. He shoots the ball. A lot very limited defensively, you know, he'll run the floor, but to slow laterally can't protect the rim doesn't really have a position at either the four or the five so, you know, another kind of backup microwave type of score, you know, a guy I see in the four to seven million type range personally, it could be he could be a guy might be overvalued by the league. Compared to what we think of entreat Lyles fell out of the rotation completely dinner at a much better year last year, did not shoot. The three ball while this year seems like he'd probably wouldn't get a qualifying offer from Denver. I could see him going into the unrestricted market same thing with Rhonda Hollis Jefferson who was in and out of the rotation in Brooklyn. And finally they sold on just playing him only at the five because of his lack of shooting reign as a backup five at six six. Great wingspan, but it's got some defensive ability the ship is probably sealed at twenty four on him becoming an adequate three point shooter that just hasn't developed as part of his game of at. I'm not sure that the nets would want to give him a qualifying offer in fear that he might take it and his cap hold will eat into their cowboy. So I I would expect that he will end up becoming unrestricted as well aren't anything to talk about here before we go people can read my analysis of words rockets game three that's up on the ethnic and that stretch provision preview will be out with the next couple days. It ended up because I I went into some depth. It ended up being two thousand words, it's very long piece, but I really enjoyed going through some of the hypotheticals. I also. Thought it like three other pieces I wanna ripe because that end then keep keep keep an eye on the NBA schedule as we work through this extremely fun and exciting second round of the playoffs. And I gotta tell you something to how about you stop at a railroad crossing when you're driving your car. The number of collisions involving a train at railway crossing is actually down eighty three percent from its peak in the nineteen seventies. So we are a lot smarter. But there's still more than two thousand incidents a year of vehicle train collisions the gates come down when they do for a reason. So when you see those gates make sure that you stop because trains camp.

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