REShow:Marques Johnson - Hour 2 (07-23-21)


This is the rich eisen. Show this nice with guests toast. Ben lyons like water. But i'm cold the rain. Nobody thought i thought why. Do you think the knicks winning your lifetime. Absolutely not live from the rich eisen show studio in los angeles earlier on this show college football writer for the athletic andy staples coming up time. Nba all star in bucks in. A-list marcus johnson musician action bronson and now sitting in for rich. Here's ben lyon scree hanging out here on the richeisenshow then filling in for rich. Tj space timing wilmer valderrama national. Not lines and amazing. No he facetime me. He's got the biggest heart in. Hollywood does with that dude. Remember that sundance event. I saw you. I got a free washer dryer. Exactly by robert redford started the festival. Nothing says independent film getting to and one spin cycle. Man gonna miss you guys Happy birthday brockman. Tj guys what a week. What a week for marcus johnson. Right five time all star. He's the bucks legend. He's calling the gains for the box. It was just a coronation of the history of bucks basketball celebration of of all the great players who who have been a part of this franchise and now to see yanna on top of the world is incredible this week. It was so much fun to be able to watch. Nba finals and nothing gave me as much joy with the exception of once. Nick always nick. Bobby portis being an nba champion. But nothing gave me as much joy at seeing. Marcus johnson going down the street and milwaukee with his shirt off doing the jr smith incredible. How and he's kind enough to join the show right now. Shirt is still off but we appreciate you making some time. That was incredible man. What was going through your mind when you're going down the streets in milwaukee with no shirt on well you know it was just kind of a spur of the moment just going with the flow kind of thing but what really happened. Was that Brandon jennings the author of an originator of books and six. He was like a car ahead of me and he was. He was slamming beers. He must've slammed about twenty beer. That's where the guy maybe just and he was taking his shirt off and to the crowd. Brigham another shirt. He put it on slammed with you will be so he kinda got me into spirit. You know with with the exception of the slamming beers part. I don't drink anymore. I could probably out back in the day anyway. So i started taking my shirt off and you know it just good to me and and i was playing some like the bottled water. But i'll i can handle at my age and But but but you know it was just a fun time and we had a ball. I mean i don't know how many hundreds of thousands of people estimated was out there but but it was just ducks and it was. It was so much fun and my family. My wife and particularly headed had probably more funding. The guys and the people were on the sidelines. Cheering us on ladies and kids and all that so we had a ball. We had a was great. Pj tucker talked The team was full of dogs. They just didn't know that they were dogs. Are you a dog. Do you know that your dog do you need. Pj tucker to help you become a dog by while y you peo. No i you know i don't need. Pj's health is not a dog in my own arena. Now just the broadcasting acting writing tele arena just tedeschi to go out there and getting the tough and get knocked down back and and get up and keep coming you know. And that's the pj means and so pj for me was one of the key acquisitions. And i told john horse that just on stage on as we went to the deer district Right after the parade and the throng pants and tell john horace look man you know that was a cute bringing on. Pj of course you holiday great acquisition but but in terms of this team's ed's pj gave. His people walked on stage with two magnum bottles of champagne. And he's you know he's he's within spitting. he's he he was post them on twitter. I think we get off the air man. He was more animated talking to dip team. Did the he was playing. I mean he was just out of his mind but but what a great great guy talked to his mom at the championship celebration in the locker room and i just got a lot of respect for him because you know he understands his role better than anybody maybe in nba history and he didn't get out of his role. He does what he does and he relishes doing what he does to perfection. Marcus johnson joins the show. He might still have a shirt off after the milwaukee bucks parade ben lines for rich on the rich eisen show Such a crazy scene out there. It's incredible story the milwaukee bucks winning an nba championship. You have a special place of course in your heart from a walkie having an all-star there for many years. So what's it been like for you to connect with the older fans the ones who have been through the rebuilds and the terrible seasons losing and the getting close and the conference finals and all the moments throughout the history of milwaukee bucks basketball. What's been like for you to connect with some of those die hard older fans who are getting to experience this and i just give you kind of a an example. Would he put a is down to my broadcast party. Jim paschi thirty five years as a milwaukee book announcer got there after new championship years. Obviously and then. I'll tell you what the lear walking He contract with kobe. Nineteen a couple of weeks ago still dealing with the sentencing and participate in any of this. How how crews payton for having that happen to him but yes. We're the t shirt with a heart on one side and did paschke's image on the other every fun. This is the answer your question but all the fans Who were from my era the oldest fads or they do it to jim jim. But it but it. But it's such a strong connection. Because as you mentioned franchise seen some good teams. I mean michael. Bid baker got to the conference semi finals. Michael rare those guys. I think they've got to. They've got to the finals or bucket. Short gets the sixty one year. Whatever it was a lot of close calls along with my my era. With the with the larry bird and the doctor j. six hundred celtics could never get until it was just a a vicarious kind of a thrill to be able to experience this with these guys when i was on stage with the guy. This is kind of how i really felt. I mean i just took. I took a seat back garvan ham and and people were like. Oh no come in. And i just know i just wanna sit back. The two dads enjoy the moment but just allow me to be a part of it and that's kind of how you know that's the could've kind of how the oldest fans feel. This is your young fellows but man. We sure are enjoying the moment. And thank you for that marcus. Johnson joins the show milwaukee bucks analyst like to introduce him as the father of cy johnson. That king of mba twitter ufologists. I of course at king asya fifty four. what was it like to experience. Nba finals with your son. And you guys had a chance to go out to a couple games together. Had a great time. I came out though is good in creative partner. Michael stare dory of the biggest joined us in milwaukee modus. Chris was there that was for game. three increase state over for game. Four and then. I went out to vegas to see my daughter when the national championship for eleven and under that we came back my daughter and my my youngest son and My second youngest he was on the ball hills. Tv show whatever back to us back pretty we. Also we all were there for game six the clincher and milwaukee and so we back in the locker room and the champagne celebrate i mean they. Was you know to experience that what you what you kids and again. That's all posted all that stuff on twitter. Just such a such a a just a monumental kind of a moment in and i know in my life it is and i can imagine something that they would just never ever forget. Being able to to experience all the deal be on the basketball court down a book based sure that we have access to everything there courtside with item sober and an address talking to chris. Who right there we're experiencing everything and it was just one of those moments that i'm so glad my wife love for the parade. She was gonna pass on that. And she's like i don't know what i was thinking. She had so much fun at that parade so just experienced that with the family. It's is what it's all about man just to be able to share in the moment and shared these kinds of lasting memories man that That will be indelibly indelibly imprinted on on the consciousness of my kids minds forever. Marcus you've been a hollywood guy for a long time. Now you've had a lot of success in film and tv as a writer producer as well. What if i picked you a story about a kid from greece. He used to sell trinkets on the street. Who ten years later came to the united states and became a basketball. God would you believe. Yeah well you know. Probably not you know. Had to share a pair of shoes with his older brother because they couldn't afford to parents and he got one parent and two or three of them. Shared those shoes together The mom and dad did tremendous job. They did. Dad passes away at a young age of four years ago of a heart attack unexpectedly. And you know and all this kind of stuff just happens. For this two brothers those two brothers that shambles pair of shoes on the same team. This you're able to share this moment together. I mean it is such a a wonderful wonderful american success story and then you talk it. All often. Janas cookbook as humble. You know he's got he goes. Don't get me wrong. he's not he he's got an ego you don't have that kind of greatness and not have ego but he is such a wonderful person genuine person to be around and it's a story that's going to get made i you know i tried to. I tried to talk him into a friend of mine. Michael star decides buddy A great writer write the story but he'd already gotten to buddy on board to have that him but you know then the past is now trying to make make that story and what a fitting not the end of the season but but it's one of the cry back to his his life of his career and So just just beautiful. the way. it's worked on fifty years since he wouldn't championship. He dropped fifty exactly in the closeout game. I mean you. You couldn't have scripted it. Any better marcus. We got the birthday boys in studio here chris. Brockman and tj jefferson trying to put down where we now affectionately called the jaanus which is a fifty piece of nuggets and half sprites. Right half lemonade. And they're not even getting through ten or twenty let alone fifty in markets. It's not going down. Well i i appreciate the thought but the execution going to be really really tough. Doug his duggan now that the parades over there is a fight. That is leaving milwaukee today a direct flight to tokyo and it's got devon booker jrue holiday and chris middleton on it a very uncomfortable flight i would imagine for devon as drew and. Chris probably still smell like champagne. Yeah what was going to ask you. What was it about those two olympians that you just enjoyed watching throughout this entire bucks run. Well the mini. I enjoyed devon to. Don't go don't get it. Twisted devon was. i mean he was just approved But for most of the playoffs kinda cooled off get in that game six but Do and and chris. Obviously it was game. five In phoenix yeah. That was the game and that was a game. But you know the drew took over in that second quarter. Chris took over net third. You know and and and they've done it all throughout the playoffs. Even though drew and one point had the lowest affect google percentage of any player with a certain minimum of goal attempt so he was struggling. Knock down shots and i told us pops i was like look sean. I'm loving with you. Bring it to the table. He he's gonna hit show at some point but even if he doesn't what he's doing defensively and distributing the basketball and and the to court and then christmas. We're he's another great story he's a he's a guy that was you know unheralded coming out of college. Second round pick went to the g. league throw in in the deal from detroit that That brought into the walkie. And here's a time all star. nba champion. so i i'm so Just elated for him to have the kind of success he see. This championship is going to going to really help a lot of these guys in terms of feeling so good about themselves. Whether belong pantheon of nba greatness that it's going to have residual positive after. Thanks for years to come a career and postal for these guys. It's just a monumental accomplishment that that has so many benefits Concurrent in down the road the walkie bucks analysts and five time. Nba all star. Marcus johnson joins the show ben lines filling in for rich on the rich eisen show. You never know what rumors to believe. In hollywood marcus. You never know what's shoe. You hear whisperings about projects. But i've been i've been hearing about a project in the works for a long time. It's a it's a spin off. White men can't jump with raymond. It's a brain sequel. Where's raymond right now. I don't bad you know that's what we were going to go on the parade route and it was so many raymond moore. You know there was so many that those kinds of comments going on. But you even seriously thought i was blake different. Somebody was trying to get up sequel going but hadn't gone anywhere but now they took that thing and make it about wjm in the microwave and what he's doing now and and You know i can. i can give some. Their rations deals. Google the young fastback with me get a crack man. We'd get cracking. Raymond may be dedicated. His life to a higher power to face has gone down the greater path right now but his demons him he sober he spiritual right now but he's still got that edge. You know what i'm saying. You don't wanna mess game still. You still carries a blade though in the name of the lord but he's still carry cut. Marcus johnson joins us show van lines filling in for rich on the rich eisen. Show marcus i. This is tj here. I just had a quick question for you Michael jordan while recognizes the greatest basketball player of all time head your picture hanging up in his dorm room and north carolina and. I'm sure you've probably talked about it a million times but never here on the rich eisen show. I just want to know what that felt like that. The guy who millions of basketball fans around the earth adored had you on his wall. Well look i. I'll tell you a quick story. Was she the movie space jam and he invited a bunch of the. Ucla kids out. My son chris was one of them was hanging with them every day on the space space jam Bubble or whatever it was along with barclay and grant hill and juwan howard and dentist by which is one of the greatest love history. So we're planning a little on three dean. Cain superman of is on one team and me and michael and everybody's playing after we get through plan oreo game point i think i catch it inside and do a little gung so michael's like bill man. Hey man w trying to dug out. They'll be trying to dug out here too old. You never did that when you play. W would you play. Well look at michael. Whatever i did. When i played you have my poster on walden in college brothers so i must have been doing something he just he just got all just bears a blessing. You read about that. I'm game but i love to give you a chance to kind of went up. Michael how many people can say that. That you could went up michael jordan. You know so that that's always always highlight of my some with the district in life. You know just being able to one up michael jordan so yet so that's something incredible basketball journey and it's going to be a fun summer i would imagine for everybody. That's part of the bucks family mark. We appreciate you putting on a share in joining the show. Any time manager. Good next step stealing still. I'm on cloud ten. Forget about cloud man. I'm still doing cloud ten minutes. I wanna come down. it's gonna dutiful. Send your cya my best. We appreciate you jumping on the show. Man we'll do. Thank you ben. Marcus johnson five-time nba all star shirtless at the parade. Hell yeah that's amazing. What a great story to just dunk it on michael jordan. Space jam bob. All those runs were absolutely legendary. Marcus johnson good stuff dunks on his birthday every year. So this at all school eighty-eight for the folks watching on peacock dumps. He on on his birthdays in his sixties. Now throwing it down this year with a mask on tastic in his all star jersey by the way got a wonderful cactus in the backyard their southern california. Living marcus johnson. Wow good stuff. The john's gray got action bronson in about an hour off looking forward to bam bach. La beautiful man. It's got the cavs bonner and the mustache don mattingly. I'm so excited to have action bronson on the show. I got time for nancy story coming up next the on visiting rich the rich eisen show. Do you own or rent your home. Shore you do. 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Don't miss a minute of the action and go to peacock. tv dot com to sign up right. Now i'm here with laurie. Hernandez two-time Medal winner at the two thousand sixteen rio olympics for the television audience. That's gonna stick around. Would you mind teaching me. The most basic gymnastics maneuver upset. You know of absolute. Because we discussed this before the show. Chris brockman and i and chris you suggested cartwheel pretty basic not basic come on now is pretty basic. What do you mean pretty involved at that involves balanced strength and the ability to not kill oneself. There is a land must be stuck. Isn't there a maneuver. That does not require a landing. If you don't stick it then it's not need. I remind you you fell off a skateboard once with tony hall without hurting myself by the way got landing. Why don't we hanson. it's not as bad. That's i think that's the way harder than carl does not require some sort of upper body lordships alost zooming. We have a solid core. That were we could do. Why don't they teach gymnastics landing proper landing. We'll do that whole thing is. I'm going to be in your capable hands when we come back. The television audience radio audience. If i'm not here you'll know something very terribly wrong happened. Thank you laurie You're about to teach me. What are you about to teach me. That is the most basic gymnastics manure. Youth the can handle as a forty eight year old man with children. I'm going to teach you how to properly lynn a skill. Okay and how to finish okay just to finish at the i for the most part every skill plans like this man on two feet bent legs arms kind of in front of you. Yep that feed together. That's a deduction from east germany over there yet. I'm a jersey girl and the new wanna finish this nice fingers. Yeah yep oh okay like that. I'm sure natural. Jump off jump off this land on the rich. Eisen show symbol. I i will watch my brockman jesse feet together plant and then like together feel you know. Keep your knees bent when you in absorb into the ground. Here we go natural mic. Please plays across the board. Jean holloway reference here in the commercial break. The rich eisen show love that ends in for rich on the rich eisen. Show the show rolls on marcus johnson. What what good character in the nba. The nba is filled with so many unique. Personalities is with wildlife experiences wildlife. Experience marcus johnson. He's so hollywood too. I love it so showed the best i mean. He was an assistant coach for western u. In blue chips with nick nolte like come on we asked. We asked marcus about a raymond. Spin off a raymond. Prequel from white nankin jump. Where's raymond now thirty years later and it got us thinking about other characters from films that we love offering tv shows. You mentioned blue chips. There's been rumblings of a blue chips to for many years. Apparently tony will pass. Tv this time. And i tweeted out yesterday. At i am ben lyons we need a teddy. Kgb prequel the same way. we're getting a tony soprano's prequel you know. Sopranos pre teddy kgb. Look to the cookie. I how did he become obsessed with cookies. You learn the game an eighteen year old Russian mob guy mobster plane and underground poker games in in moscow in nineteen seventies. That sounds like a good show. When you think about you know everyone's been bugging. Our good friend comes on the show. Brian koppelman dave of being. They're doing billions right now. They've done a bunch of other cool stuff. When you think about that rounders world they bugged about a sequel a sequel. What's mike mccarthy and worm up to right now. I am less interested in that than i am about a teddy kgb. Prequel when you think about the world of rounders the possibilities and the places you could go with like you said a seventies eighties not like how does teddy kgb come to land in new york city in an underground poker room with all these giant russian like brutes around him like unbelievable come. He's manny how did he come up with the idea for the poker chip his locally. Let's go it sounds tremendous mandela in the backdrop of the cold war. Yeah you know the fall of the soviet union. You got a lot of social political things going on teddy. Who's teddy sister. Who are as parents a lot of questions that i would watch like three seasons of that. Show like let's go. Who plays eddie though. If you thought the scene in the in the bath houses of that vigo mortenson movie where we're terrified right remember that one the name of course escapes me but i think he was nominated eastern promises. Yes yeah. I feel like a whole tv show of easter promises with teddy kgb. Play poker kurai the glue. The whole don't again. I'm totally in on the be solid ben lines in for rich on the rich eisen show happy birthday to To brockman you're part of the seven to three clubs. I'm part of the seven to three club along with shadow. Woody harrelson monica lewinsky. The dude who played harry potter daniel radcliffe birthday new radcliffe man. I love that dude. I i once saw that dude naked on stage with a horse. Whoa hey pause. Wait for like what. I thought seriously in the play. Now nomar garciaparra great. He's legend don drysdale and yon- young up and comer and future mba superstar. De'andre eight and shout out to the seven to three calls andrea in the third best center in the nba. Right now behind yokich enjoy and beat at a great playoff run dueled with yokich played solid for the sons throughout. He's gonna come up for an extension. The attention trae. Young and luca. Gone that draft. I think karl anthony towns might have something to say about. Karl anthony towns. Just kinda ran. Do you think drains better than not as good as karl anthony towns. I think cat better overall. Yeah maybe right now. But maybe in two years i mean forgetting how good karl anthony. Towns is not a big anthony. Towns like superstar supporter. I think that he put up. Great numbers but i wouldn't want him on my team. Feel like a change of scenery would do well. I feel like getting out of that. Minnesota situation hasn't really worked out when she's there and jimmy and wiggins and it just move on. I think we're talking to somebody who should probably join up with damon portland. It's karl anthony. Towns haven't heard that one anywhere. How does that happen. I'd like to see some package for. Cj some houses worked out somehow and make it happen. I think five eleven four dimes. At gamely come on. Yeah he's got handles offensive player than than andrea. Didn't see this on the run down today andrea. Eight and karl anthony towns match up more than in seven pm. Marlin land's club and served slash the glove. Gary payton we got a nice little crew. He's tom inskeep. Part of the seventy-three clubs know bruno's all mustache team on nineties. Mustache team to tell you tom for nancy store. They're really sums up through. My history is a sports fan. Let she's sort of know the household. I grew up in Helped me become the sports fan. That i that i am. Today i have affectionately talk about my father many times this week. And and how. He's such a big red sox fan and i think you really appreciate this brock. Now this is the summer of morgan's magic urge joe. Morgan coach red sox manager not the cincinnati reds. Joe morgan but as my father affectionately refers to our joe moore. He's the manager at the time and my dad was good friends with joe. Morgan phillies to this day. And we went for early hitting. This is the time at the ballpark before batting practice. Right so batting practice usually around. Five thirty is around three o'clock in the afternoon. I'm the only person in fenway who doesn't have a jersey on ten years old amazing running up and down the right field left field line. Getting foul balls is a kid's dream. I mean how lucky am i. Boom here the crack of the bat. I turn left feline next thing. I know. there's a tom. Burr manzke line drive in my stomach. No way you could see the stitches of the ball. Chess miss my spleen by half an inch years old drop. Boom jeff reardon dennis lamp. Clemens are running. Wind sprints in the outfield. They see a ten year old impaled by a line drive. They stop working out. They jumped the fence. Help help a ten year olds just been hit with a baseball. Wow the winds knocked out of me. They send the stretcher down the left. Everyone stops what they're doing. I'm okay. I'm shaking up. I'm i'm crying for nancy jumps. The fence gives me the bat making sure that he didn't kill a kid in the stands. Insane dr foley loved dr foley. Red sox doctor gives me an ice pack. You'll be fine kid. Put an ice pack on it. There is a photo on peacock. Look how much. I love sports. The hosing hat. The charles barkley shirt at the red sox game the way fired up by the way i had that hat. The ones with the autographs on saco had alison. Kim griffey junior one. Just like the ice pack on my chest. The friendship bracelet on my wrist peak eighties. What a great time in sports by the way the nine hundred s. that's amazing. How nancy a mustache list brunei. Its lead off the bat. He gave me but the story continues. It wasn't just that. I was hit by a foul ball and the guy gave me his bat. No that would be pedestrian. We stayed at the game. Most fathers would take their ten year old. Who might have internal bleeding to professional doctor but my father thought it was a good idea to continue to stay at the ballpark and we were lucky that night to have seats by the dugout. Joe morgan's throwing me ice packs in between and down the red sox one two three. We'll be back for the top of the fourth as they throw ben and ice packs sitting by the dugout. The game goes innings. No way again probably wouldn't keep a ten year old. Who might not who might have internal bleeding game. Probably wouldn't keep a normal ten year old at the game through innings on july night. Jack clark hits his third home run of the evening around one seventeen in the morning. Eight as a walk off. From jack clark homerun number three. We leave the game the next day my mother finds out about what happened at the ballpark where her firstborn was impaled by. Tom brunelleschi line. Drive it's the only time from my parents. Forty eight year marriage. That i remember them fighting but i thought oh. Something's going on with mom and dad the most loving couples supportive but my mind gave my father and rightfully so the business that day and then about ten years later i'm at mustangs on second avenue on the upper east side. I see roger clements. Go up introduced myself. Hey how are you rodriguez. Let me see your stomach. Do you still have the bruise from the ball. And he said that he remembered because when else does a ten year old almost died during early hitting at the game of course he remembered so i showed him my stomach. Do not have the stitches of rawlings baseball on it. Like it did ten years earlier. And that's my tom brunelleschi. Story to to tell the tale sums up my father's relationship with the red sox in compared to the health of his his only son found the article. Ben that was august first. Nineteen ninety jack jack clark. It a walk off in the fourteen th inning see. The story gets embellished outs in the fourteenth as boston beat oakland. Eleven to ten. Yeah there you go. At fenway bruno. I'd love to chat with tom for dance. You sometimes get his thoughts on that epi remembers that remember almost killing me. My dad said he came up to me ben yet a glove. You're getting autographs in your glove. You heard the crack of the bat. Why don't you do anything. Why don't you react daddy. Sit in to twenty. I didn't know he can reach me. What i said at the time man. I got a lot of great stories from pound around with my dad. at fenway. over. The years i remember being at the urinal and the press booth as i think i got ten or eleven year old in in walked misra october. Wow reggie jackson this one of the great sluggers in the history of the game the other day and the home run hitting contest when peter lonzo said. I'm the greatest slugger in the game. A you ain't reggie jackson. That's a slugger right reggie jackson's at the urinal next to me. I'm eleven years old. Hey kid who's your favorite player. Well mr jackson. I wasn't old enough to see you play. But i love wade boggs. Reggie looks to his friend in the left. Hey wade boggs freaking sucks crushed by the way wade. Boggs probably hit three seventy that year. Wade boggs at two hundred hits thirty doubles fifty-six beers on the flight ain't nothing but chicken went for winstons every game at seven seventeen. Reggie jackson hakin wade. Boggs freaking wait fox favorite player wade boggs in nineteen ninety. One in three thirty. I was i was at a basketball camp as a kid. You guys remember. take george. Yeah oh yeah. Hit a big shot in the ncaa tournament. Uconn take george lecturing a basketball camp. How many kids think you're gonna make the nba. Jim force sweaty. I goes up. Let me tell you. George says every hand that's in this gym that's in the air right now is not making the nba spray my camp five hundred dollars and he'll play keno down the street state. Yes seventy stories from sort of realizing that your sports heroes. Maybe weren't the avengers that you thought they were. Maybe weren't the superheroes that you immortalized. I could tell you. The story of clarence weatherspoon hitting on my girlfriend at a nightclub. Are there any stories you guys have or your athletes became mere mortals. Man i guess. I guess in a weird way i was lucky. Enough to not have those types of interactions. I remember being disappointed. When i heard someone cursed when i was like oh man curses on a love you anymore. Jose can saco yeah. Follow him on twitter. He says lots of bad allusions of grandeur. When you're all eight. You know what i mean like can say getting another shot on the show. We talked about him the production meeting today some gilbert arenas the nba version of. Jose can saco. You guys aren't gonna let me play. None of you guys are gonna play. I'm just taking my ball and burning this thing down. I remember a funny bill. Buckner story that. I had just i dunno. It could have been anywhere from second to sixth grade. I can't really remember but we took a field trip to pittsburgh and river three rivers stadium and they take us to the dugout and were standing there. And we're allowed to kind of you know mill around in the pirates. Play in clubs. And i've got this yellow pirates batting glove and me being me because of always been like this. You put me on the field. I see bill buckner. And larry bowa having a catch. I stroll right up to the two of them and ask them. Hey could you sign my glove. And larry bowa signs in that gupta bill buckner and he looks at me and he looks at the dugout and he sees my entire class of like thirty kids. He goes not signing for all these kids. I think the only one who's unafraid. To come up here. And he was like all right so he signed a glove and gave it to me and him boa went back to having a catch and then a few years later he gave me one of my greatest sports memories of all time as an eighty six mets fan. So thank you man. I told you my memory of that event day was my dad. Passed out the shower to sleep with shower setup twenty-seven musclemen and he was knocking down one by one. All my musclemen action figures. My father had a whole table and he swears to this day. In land in orlando there was one muscle man that is still standing on that desk on that table. Pass down the shower. That's he's asleep over the to. His credit came back to play for the red sox again. I believe after that happened in eighty six buckner should be in the hall of fame. Let's be honest brockman hall of fame as such different ideas hall of fame. I mean you right. You can't tell the story of baseball without can also never struck out three times in a single game lifetime three hundred hitter. Almost three thousand hits bill buckner hall of famer but remembered for one thing. Wow bill buckner had almost three thousand hits. Yes that's impressive. I used to be one of those. Holy grail numbers in baseball. Right i would still is. I think three thousand three thousand hits might still be the last holy grail. Maybe three hundred wins. It's hundred home runs. I mean that's that's everybody. Twenty seven hundred against kenley jansen and the dodgers is. What was that last night. I will say that was ridiculous. It was ridiculous. But i will say kenley jansen kinda got screwed. The dodgers got hoes last night Should have been a called strike. Three on a non a check swing first base. Umpire wasn't having it. Dave roberts immediately tossed and then jansen proceeded to give up a two run single right after that but dodgers got hose but they do have a closer problem. I don't think we can be the closer going forward. I was always having dinner last night and mala buna restaurant that it looked like it had half the real housewives of every tv show up forty five dollar chicken and i heard the scream from the bar and i thought of vendor pumpad dropped martini kenley jansen given up another own run you really ran the game with your with your meal stat. Rock and culver city. Locke's making the rounds. I'm like picking up. I'd the from the numbers went to rocco making my house last night. Oh the dodgers didn't cover who's lying. She's running numbers right now. Notice there's one of us who's not eating this piece in the studio today getting cold to in a row though for kenley so as a real issue going on yeah. That's honestly like baseball. I really feel like is the one sport you have to find the moments of magic things to rally around the game. It's such a grind. It's every day. And for the for the san francisco giants to take three out of four from the dodgers in. La commanding first place. Lead big for the giants. The opposite end of that spectrum was last. Night at fenway park. I'm sure your dad texas you about it. It wasn't a ridiculous game. Suddenly boston can't score any runs against the yankees. All of the sudden about to lose their third straight to the bombers. After winning the first seven to begin the year kiki hernandez has an amazing it. That after alex do go and bobby dall back get on base boom tie game three three miraculous tenth inning win after the yankees score one in the top half just tremendous in those types of things not that the red sox needs turn around by any stretch of imagination. But it's something they've done all years. Come from behind win games and just another one against your rival. Let's propels you and helps bury them. It was awesome last night. What goes in the end of the year highlight tape when you if the red sox win the world series and they make a documentary about the season. You have to have moments like last night to fill out the tape. Yeah so it's only july got action bronson calling in and a little bit about forty minutes or so away from bam lava very much looking forward to that beautiful man olympics begin tonight live from tokyo on. Nbc plus stream the biggest moments from the games right here on peacock get live coverage original series daily highlights replays. And more when you sign up go to peacock. Tv dot com slash olympics get started. South's out to my buddy salima. Masekela going to be covering the surfing over in tokyo before to that and talk olympics next ben lyons rich on the rich eisen show. How did you get into beach volleyball. How did you get into that. To begin with. I grew up in santa cruz. I went to stanford playing into revive my whole entire life. From when i was baby and santa cruz till iowa's stanford. I avoided beach volleyball. Because i look like an idiot. I was so ashamed to my skills. I felt good indoor. And but i played in the in two thousand and then i didn't want to go play in europe and so misty may trainer misty. May at the time was looking for a new partner. She was my idol. Anti said i might as well put my ego and check and give it a try out and one tryout changed my life. I met my future husband that day and met my future partner. Who changed cy. Swear to god. So who's the best athlete. That's not technically beach volleyballer. That you've been around. Try it and who could be really damned good at it. Oh have you ever been around like another basketball player or somebody here in the south bay. Luke walton plays a lot free. Yeah he's he loves sport so they're down. I don't know what street they plan. But they're playing all the time we used to have pickup. They got their buddies out there. We used to have t. v. Tuesday night volleyball pete carroll be out there and all of our friends. Richard jefferson plays south bay. So you know all the nba players like when they retire. They should come out to. Our sports is because they're so physical obviously as long lawsuit. Pete cowl was out there. We play right in front of his house in hermosa and ghana has wife had come out. It was just a good time. That was when my boys were young. I haven't done it in years. So no kidding sunsetting yes. You're you're hermosa glistening over the pacific ocean party and then all of a sudden pete carroll's wife comes out with some played six on six. She was back row superstar. She's really good about the mindset and the enthusiasm yeah and we'd have like these special. It always felt like there was a celebrity athlete guest. We had some track stars. come out and Yeah our sport is for everyone. But i really do like when the ball basketballers. Come out and play. I know that all the nhl who live in the south bay and the kings. They love our sport. It's like the ultimate cross training plus ultimate lifestyle. And it's a blast. It's a blast. We need to get you out. I just don't know if i have the the hops. Well then you have to be craftier. Always work around. How can i be craftier. Is it a-. Well you might get my service game going or something you gotta get serve. I mean just like with anything if you have the fundamentals down so you need good ball control ball control than you can just be ninja place. The ball serve. That's a good start. Okay but you just gotta be able to pass the ball from my best. Part of my game is rotating the substitution part in the armor with us attitude. We got going on right now because right now you already defeated so i will have you coach. And but not play deadlines here on the show for rich on the rich eisen show had an absolute blast this week. Radio making tv trying to find musical moments after two thousand five hundred. Press mike del tufo sports moment in the eighties. It just really didn't happen. Saw moment last night. Kinda west in the mercedes. Benz stadium Well let's he wearing was breakdown conde's outfit last night bill where he had a man. He's been he's been masked like we all should be for for when we're in public but he's wearing the full max. Signers took the keys on the red. I love the minimalist approach to it last night. He's out at the fifty yard line just danson mercedes benz dome down in atlanta man. I missed everything last night. Apparently a miss jensen. I miss like the ida blackout in my set too much. Fun with that Pepperoni knowing's combo rocco's today from my block had a blackout from seven. Thirty to about eleven thirty was the perjury i had. I had my own version of lucille baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire by the door. And my party skirl the villain. Old school mask ready. I was ready to go. But it's weird man just sitting in the dark it's weird. That's weird nothing. That's the only place that stuff right before the birthday to emotion. Like should i should i drive said passes your garage somewhere but no the garage doors open. You can't get out so lily and your bike got stolen. Stolen go anywhere. Then though. Yeah and i and i looked out my people my door and it was pitch black in the hallway. I said you know what i'm cool. These three candles and sit here and wait. What did you think jason from friday. I'm down for whatever mike i'm down for. Whatever like if. I was going out swinging. That's how i i had home home alone. Booby-trap like the balcony. The front door the windows dancing in a football stadium miss kenley given up a bunch of home runs even though the dodgers today coming out and saying it's our guy who are in a ride his kenley jetson thing out roberts the second game in a row and and you miss this news about michael thomas. I will surgery An interesting june. July surgery. Decision for michael thomas going to be out for the foreseeable future for the saints. What you what are your thoughts on that brockman. You're making lots of kevin. Durant contorted faces over there know. He's the newest addition to the seventy three. He is welcome k. D. to the seventy three cub tj. And i welcome you with open arms or you're making kevin dairy. Kevin durant faces over there. You could well when i when i think about michael. Thomas actually gonna look at this from a pure fantasy point of view. One of the most prolific wide receivers. We've had since he's come into the league factual not so much. Last year obviously missed a lot of time with the with the high ankle. But then you look at drew brees gone. He was drew brees. His favorite target hit hit him on those ten yards. Slants in the red zone. A beast davis winston. I don't know what that's going to look like in new orleans for twenty twenty one. So when you look at michael thomas and you think about it from a fantasy point of view now. He may miss part of the beginning of the season. How many weeks is that. Is that all of september. That bleed into october. Not sure think. I'm passing on michael thomas. And letting him pass by several rounds. If at all figured take a step back from a fantasy point of view because like you said drew brees not under center and then you throw this on top of it but just from a a real football point of view a real football point of view. Why are you waiting so long to get surgery on your ankle. If you knew it was jacked up wouldn't have done that in january so you could be ready for the start of the season. So does that mean. He's on his way out. We have another because there was rumors. He was disgruntled. To begin with kind of in new orleans. Interesting we've had a lot of mobility from the high profile received was in recent years the odell change teams. Julio changed teams. Now you might see. Michael thomas change teams. I don't. I don't know if i don't know if the ankle getting operated on in july is anything other than the fact that maybe they tried to rehab it and get it right. Probably is really makes acupuncture water. I dunno meditating crystals just being more holistic and healthy. Yeah trying to do it though. I mean anytime. You can avoid surgery. That's a better course of rehab thousand thought process. Perhaps but add it all up to what's been going on down there. The last couple of seasons. Not a good recipe for mike. Thomas future new orleans. Just clears the runway for another season of tom. Brady domination now. Michael thomas out in new orleans yacht. Big question marks carolina. This is just in the division. You've got kanye west dancing at the fifty yard. Line for the falcons if anything i. It's probably good news for atlanta. Now that they can kind of move up to a to slot in the division with kyle pits tight and older more continuity New head coach new offense coordinator like let's go down there trying to find another team in the nfc that i get really excited about to challenge. Tampa bay well. Let's presume that i mean. There is devante atoms in green bay news but like let's assume that him and aaron rodgers are back for twenty twenty one at least just one season. Why aren't they contenders again. Can we run that back. I think because you know being present is is the key to success and if these guys already have a foot out the door and yeah they're running back for one more year in. The news broke today. That the i guess. The contract negotiations with with adams have stalled so to have them back for one year knowing that it will be their last and they're already thinking about what's happening next year. I don't know if that's the the recipe for success as feels like very combustible a lot of ways. They are the only contender. I can think to challenge tampa bay in the nfc. Not not in love with seattle. Not in love with the ram. No the rams lose can't makers you don't know what that stafford's gonna bring you. You think it's going to be better than golf. But you don't know there's so. Many question marks their their division is the toughest division in football. You don't think san francisco bounces back. I mean they were. She stay healthy well huge question mark if they are crafted his replacement. Who's sure so you got a rookie now. Running that running the show seen them confidence. Tom brady and his white pants and july. No nobody okay. Why do that. i'm fired up for dallas. T. j. fired up for these cowboys. This year always payment always know. Here's the deal. A lot of people wanna like crap on any sport fan who act like no. My team's gonna win my team's gonna win even though you might not. I kind of look at it like this. If you're going to so much your time and your money and just your emotions into sports like you said. Do you think the knicks win your lifetime but every basketball season. Are you hyped. Are you ready. Are you excited to watch them. Do you go. Expectations are tempered. I'm just hoping for no former legends to be arrested in the oscar winning directors to be allowed to sit in their seats. Thank you know things. Like that is what i cheer for. I mean i do. I believe every year. We're gonna win the super bowl. I mean no. But am i going to say it every year absolutely because football and it's fun in it sports and we're supposed to be fanatics and we're fans so yeah. I'm gonna the grizzlies draft. A guy who on draft night has rock the vote on the inside of his jacket and the knicks draft guy on draft night work as fortnight on the inside jacket really gets me fired up out to kevin knox. He's still on the team. Think so probably go in the wormhole rich. I actually like as soon as i saw this man have a fortnight blazer. I draft night. I said nope another kinda andrews he does he does. But the thing about ben's he's still a fan still watches the game. He'll thinks that they're going to win. Yeah there's a lot of people the basketball world who are disappointed with the olympics. Finally here in canada's run not getting all the way to tokyo. We're not gonna see rj on that olympic stage again. The rj barrett. Stand going on right now and it was born the day i graduated high school. It's destiny it's in the stars. My dad was leaving. i got my diploma. Because pedro was pitching in the bronx somewhere in canada. The future of basketball was being born. You don't minnesota. I'm just trying to think washing richest big on washington. Just huge on washington. But we had peter rosenberg whose a member of the seven to three club. Happy birthday peter out. I heard i heard your interview with him. On the radio on the cubbies riches. Absolutely crazy fans know that their team will never win. It's the people aren't offended that team. Who have high expectations chatting with action. Bronson about twenty minutes or so looking forward to that. It's been lines in for rich on the rich eisen show. It's i think the bucks are probably gonna win the super bowl game. And i don't think it's a foregone conclusion inside quarterbacking forty nine years old forty three years old very old. It's going to be some question marks there. But i mean they just they. They look like they're ready to go. They're going again. They're ready to go. They just we said that the taking the bucks to the super bowl. Now it's gotta be. Brady's gotta play so everyone is back then already too. So it's like okay magin if something does happen to brady that bucks. D is one of the top diesels league that why receiving core of godwin evans in ab who. Let's not forget you know. He had a few missteps. But if you were to tell me a b. was the best receiver of the two thousand ten to the twenty twenty then i. I'm not gonna argue that that point with you so you have those guys who have gronk. You have the defensive of the line. Maybe they could survive for a few. I'm not saying they could win the super bowl without brady but maybe you know they could have little stretch there. If something were to happen to tom. I think that they could keep that. That's ships. their division is so bad for them that they're going to have six games right there that are that are very winnable. Easy games You know they didn't get last year. They lost in new orleans You know this year obviously going up to new england which is going to be a a great night of football. That is much watch. I think that's the most anticipated regular season. Nfl game of all time anticipate nfl guest of my lifetime. Something does not know the story in eighty two. The fact am nervous. But i'm trying to think of more hyped up. What the results. Not the fact that michael vick on his first monday night game look over. The eagles look like a video game. Not the not the outcome but the actual anticipation leading cabrini on back especially if both teams are three. No do you think mark wahlberg. Oh come out and introduce the game like he did a few years ago in a very ill-fitting tight. T shirt promoting is protein bars. When you're net. Jack is anything ill-fitting high performance gonna come out there and how long patriot time like jfk. How those pets love walberg the phone with him to open up a grocery store and screen patriot day. He has a protein bar company with draymond green. Until that's next lions in barich. Richeisenshow there about a million podcasts. About money the bad with money with gabby done is the one we're finances meet social justice elizabeth warren senior senator from the commonwealth of massachusetts. What would you say to friends of mine. Say i'm gonna die with my dad. We can change that because this is when we need young people to be part of this economy and the best way to get in is cancelled. Fifty thousand dollars. Student lime bad with money with gabby done listened wherever you get your podcasts.

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