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94 - Indiana Jones and the Monkey King, Part 3


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Why does Jeff get second billing? Fuck you jeff. I think he flip flops. Also just the we have this conversation. I'll tell you exactly why. Act Say expected this conversation earlier. It's because by the time I had the guy record it. He had a new Mike so he had trouble matching the audio and it's less notable noticeable in that position. Oh Okay Oh is it was like Sean mcvay Josh Baker. Yes Louis I'm Lisa Bowl in this position as well you bitch. 'cause you're on the couch if you could see he's standing over me trying to Lord over me he's standing over me too but I'm not sitting. He stands over all of us Who are you people down there doing this? PODCAST those Tony People. So we're we're heading into parts three of Chris Columbus Indiana Jones. Three and I don't know what's going to happen. We finally got to basically basically the sort of meat and potatoes of any need Indiana Jones script. You've got Nazis got quest. We got an annoying girl. Aw with a useful taxi driver named scraggy and we got a sweet sweet heartache. Sean with the barrel betsy check this out previously on table Riemersma and so we started with indie taking a vacation to an episode of Scooby. Doo which gives us a first acts that appears to be one hundred percent divorce from the rest of the movie because then we pick up with Jones in his normal day job which as we all know is professor of fucking we. Two of his students students and some normal art archaeology students as well most notably among them. Betsy the student. He's currently banging until he's convinced to chase he's after a mythical monkey king and Africa which prompts her to attempt suicide three times in a span of five minutes before packing herself up into a banana barrel Darrelle for three weeks in order to surprise Indian Africa. which doesn't help his chances with the anthropologist? He wants to make his new bang. Buddy Dr Clear Clear Clark. Meanwhile unbeknownst to the whole Indie Entourage Evil Nazi named Gutter Bug has planted a radio transmitter on indie feed in no more recaps. Because you just made it sound really good. You don't like professor of fucking mill of saying that you made it sound better in your recap. He was hitting all over. He was professor zero fucking Dick one girl so try to killers and she was like really trying to. She was not to be dissuaded. Alright right Interior Hotel Gutter Gutter bug walks through the dimly lit lobby filled with dusty tacky not African furnishings. He turns a corner into a narrow decrepit hallway. He stops at the last doorway room. One thirteen he opens the door with a key and enters interior room. A small musty hotel room. It is furnished with a single bed sofa two chairs and fireplace too. Bizarre African statues adorn the fireplace Mantel. Gutter bug carefully locks the room door. He walks to the fireplace. He tilts one of the African statues forward. There was a mechanical creaking sound. Suddenly the SOFA begins to move it slides a few feet revealing an opening beneath the floor. A staircase leads into the opening. Gutter bug descends the stairs interior opening looking at this page. It looks like you guys are like starting the day with the vacation. It's interior opening. Goater bug enters a large brightly lit room. We are inside of a secret. Nazi headquarters which is of course built into a hotel in Africa Does anybody have any questions about how that was achieved. How do we know it's a secret? Nazi headquarters like what does that. Look like. It's wants to goes on the walls. If you're going to turn the other way. When he walks in he just as the pigs are out he looks? He looks in a mirror ooh ooh. The room is filled with various communications equipment. I'm and radio transmitters. Several Nazi soldiers are seated before the equipment monitoring various radio signals. An enormous glass panel covers one wall through the panel. We see two speedboats long sleek high-powered Mahogany hulled. Both both speedboats are adorned with a swastika. Paws are their speedboats in nineteen thirty seven. I I mean the Nazis were cutting edge of technology. So maybe they're the ones that started the whole motorized I better see fucking Nazi on a Jetski also. Quick Secret Nazi headquarters. They drive their swastika. Speedboats Right Aw Right Swastika. Speedboats they float in water. Like a boat. Does you mean in an underground ground. Manmade Chamber directly beside the speedboats parked on a stone incline are two automobiles. The cars are enormous beautiful woody's equipped with these isn't the only beautiful. What do we get in this? I'm Monday to banana equipped to the running board. wood-paneled sides the cars glisten brand new go to bug turns to Klaus a hulking Nazi who stands in the corner pointing to classes feet. Gutter bug shouts in order. Klaus Camera Pounds Hounds Pans. Two classes feet. The Nazi's boot is untied. A long string dangles to the floor. The embarassed Klaus kneels meals and sloppily retirees. His shoe go to turn to a Nazi who sits at a radio receiver. The Nazi wears headphones listening for transmission. Shen the long frightening shadow of a man overcomes got a bug. He turns fear covers but gutter bugs face the the shadow raises its arm. Heil Hitler Dutta Burden also raises his right arm but a bizarre mechanical squeak is caused by the movement of his arm. Lieutenant Verner von. I'm GONNA guess that's supposed to be physio. I'm just going to stop. Yeah the next the next time. Oh Yeah Typo. When it's introduced? Marc staal Lieutenant Verner von Mephisto stands before for Gutter Bug. MEFISSA was nutsy. Nightmare is faces. Thick and bullish is bulging. Eyes are Reddish Brown giving him the appearance of a demon from Hell. He has no facial hair no eyebrows no eyelashes completely bald. His body is thick muscular. He is over six feet tall. He glares down at Gutter Brook. You'll successful gotTA. Doug gives a timid nod with trembling fingers. He reaches over and turns up the volume of the radio transmission. The voices of Indiana. Betsy Clare Erin. SCRAGGY ECHO through a tiny tiny speaker system manages a pleased grunt keep record of everything is that it said Gutter bug nudges the officer before him. The officer Hurriedly Begins To scrawl a manuscript of the radio transmission Mephisto nods ever since our battle arc fuzzy lost Ark. The fuel has been very interested in the event of Indiana Jones very interested arrested exterior zoological compound a miniature zoo. The peaceful compound is surrounded with small manmade handmade lakes and palm trees. There are countless metal cages filled with various animals. The Tigers Lions Gorillas and other violent creatures are kept behind bars but the llamas drafts deer and various tame animals are free to roam the compound grounds Indiana enters with Clare. Betsy in scraggy the persistent betsy is annoying indy. She attempts to snuggle closer to Indiana pushes. Her Away Betsy tries to hold his hand indy shakes her loose. scraggy watches all of this giggling to himself. We hear singing a high pitched beautiful voice. Ace Claire Walks to the foreign of the compound toward the singing. The others follow. Betsy walks by Bonzo a large chimpanzee as betsy passes the chimp catches a familiar smell. I'll Bonzo begins to follow betsy. Clare Opens opens the door of a large metal cage. Here the singing is louder. Claire enters the cage. Indiana follows scraggy blesses the cage then enters CBS. Betsy moves to go inside but bongos large hairy hand reaches out and grabs betsy pulling the girl offscreen interior cage filled with handmade wooden and bamboo furniture. Tiki the adorable pygmy from Marcus's film is inside Tiki is dressed only in belted. Leather loincloth and sandals is perched on the floor working at a large tapestry. The tapestries depict a colorful picture of clouds. The buildings of a large city reflected on the clouds tiki pleasantly sings as he does his work upon hearing the cage door open tiki looks up. He sees Claire. A joyous. Smile covers his face the pygmy runs dick flair. You're giving her a big a huge hug and kiss. Claire Introduces Tiki to the others. Tiki this Dr Jones Tiki extends his right at hand. He Shakes Indiana's hand. Indiana is charmed by the civilized display of friendship. Indy smiles at Clare. He's a real gentleman just basic manners. What it takes most men a lifetime to learn tickies accomplished in two weeks? This guide scraggy Brier and Miss Bets Clare Pauses noticing that betsy is missing glare suddenly breaks into a laugh. She points off screen. Everyone turns man man. They're better be a monkey. fucking her hair exterior compound. Bonzo is being extremely affectionate toward betsy. The chimpanzee Panzi pulls and grabs it. Betsy it is all very similar to what betsy has been doing to Indiana Betsy wrestles with Bonzo calling indy for help interior cage. Everyone troubles at vets dilemma is that bones was attracted to miss tough. It's perfume oh Dave Banana Peel Tiki has gone back to his artwork fascinated. Indiana looks over the pygmies shoulder. Where did you find him about ten miles from here? We were on a photographic expedition in the thick of the jungle ahead. Sounds wimpering moaning. I took a few steps and found kon-tiki he was lying shallow swamp semi-conscious a high fever nearly dead from exhaustion. He'd obviously been traveling on foot for many any days of countless miles so I brought him back to the compound. Nursing back to Health Indiana stares at the pygmy. A skeptical look covers his face. Ace Claire I. I hate to quibble with your anthropological abilities quibble but if this little fellow is over years two hundred. It's supposed to say two hundred this little fellows over two hundred years old. I mean what Account Spurs youthful appearance is vitally player opens a door at the rear of the cage. H It leads into another room directly behind the cage. Clear in Indiana enter scraggy stays behind. He the exchanges of friendly smile with Tiki. Meanwhile in the background we see Betsy. And the chimpanzee they roll by on the ground still wrestling close up piece stone. A FRUIT FOR FRUIT FRY a fruit fly crawls along the peach pit's surface tiki was wearing wearing this. When I found him camera pulls back we are in a small sterile room? The peach stone rests on a table. Indiana the Anna Claire Stand over the stone. Indy picks up the stone examining it. An annoying fruit fly buzzes around. Indy's head camera pans down onto Indiana's trouser leg. The radio transmitter is still attached to his pants. The tiny bugs is blink. Red Cut to Sergeant Sergeant Gutter Bug. He stands inside of Nazi headquarters huddled over the radio. The voices of Indiana and Clare Echo over the speaker gutter the bug furiously transcribes the conversation about to Jones. You're obviously familiar with the legend of Sun Kings now now it is kings things. It's supposed to be come right. Dr Jones you're obviously familiar with the legend of sunroof comes garden of immortal peaches. A bite from the fruit of that peach tree would give a person eternal life. Make them forever. Young full ravel young the vicious gutter bugs smiles camera pans into his notebook. Got Her underlines the words forever young so he's writing in English speaking German titles. This whole time just writes starting English song studying the peach pit the fruit fly in my bed. No you're good. You're that's it cut back to. It's it's not dialogue my pieces. That part's it's not dialogue fucked up by that's mad formatting bad formatting cutback to Indiana studying the peach pit the fruit fly continues to buzz around Indiana's head. There's nothing unusual about this nothing to indicate that it's from Sun Wu Kung's garden the fruit fly lands on Indiana's neck indy smacks the fly. Killing it. SHOCKED CLARE RUNS TO INDIANA. She grabs his hand. Handan gently removes. What remains of the fruit fly? She glares at Indiana furious. This fruit fly has a normal life span of twenty see four hours as an experiment. The fly was put in this room alone with only the peach stone to sustain its existence. The flies data life was three weeks until now she flicks the fly against the wall. Indy gives an embarassed. Shrug Shrug sorry. Indiana and clearer suddenly interrupted by the sound of scraggy antiquites laughter. This is followed by the two of them having a discussion. Well this discussion. All in caps with an exclamation point more in foreign tongue clear an indie exchange shocked glance and dash out of the room. Interior cage can we address the fact that this dudes kept in a cage is clearly intelligent and he. He's an adult or yeah at adult. What is what is carry around a knife and stabs people? That's sometimes beef with Clare like making a scene. So she's like yeah. This fruit fly. It only has a lifespan of twenty four hours. That was three weeks ago. GEICO and you killed it. He's like right. When did the experiment the end by your logic immortal Shoulda died? I had a long time ago. Yeah I am merely putting things right here is a success. It is like you did it. You're good Fucking Balk at me. Bits she just left on a steamboat and shit like were alive when I come back the flies lifespan is already twenty one sometimes what it should be which is far in excess of flames life span of CPA. TV's not twenty. One years or twenty-one in lifetime's at two hundred years old he's maybe four lifetime. Yes yeah and I mean. That's that's being generous at four. You're like I don't know what's the average lifespan of Do Ninety effort half fifty years. I'd say maybe Max good the buck. Yeah so like four lifetimes anyway. But I don't know why they're keeping that cage that cage has is in adjoining room doesn't win the experiments and she's like I heard he lives forever. Lewis what. Let's see how how long before he starts aging when we take his fit away from the beach. I can't believe you kill that fly. Now let's watch this human die in this cage but multiple experiment was going on every room of this cages ages experiment with the monkey fucking. They're not fucking. He's excited about the banana peel. Smell interior cage scraggy antique. You're having a conversation. Clear points to scraggy giving a puzzled. Look to Indiana. He understands him. SCRAGGY Grega knows hundreds of languages is the best guide in Africa S Tiki. Where he came from scraggy nods Tiki Tiki answers and points? The painting of the clouds bragging translates you say. I come from land of city on clouds. What the Hell's that supposed to mean? Can you take us there. Wait to to best been scraggy asks Tiki Tiki answers he inscribed you laugh hysterically. statically scraggy looks at Indiana. Say if he could he would go back. I mean we'll let you out of the cage. Take us to the city in the clouds. We killed his fruit fly friend tiny immortal man tiki offers. Some information to scraggy groggy. scraggy translates he say Pie. Choco may help you. Indiana's eyes widen startled old amazed. Claire looks at Indy puzzled. High Chow the secret proverbs. Writings of Sun. Wu Kung is disciples are always always carry the pipe show with them scraggy asks Tiki the pygmy nods and removes his belt we see that the thick belt actually Salihi unravels into a cloth. Scroll tiki kisses. The scroll and gives it to scraggy scraggy nervously opens the scroll. He didn't blessed I busted. Yeah it is filled with countless ancient Chinese writings proverbs Indiana stairs over scratchy shoulder shoulder. Can you translate scraggy. Nods Indiana's is anxiously scan the document. He is breathless excited. The Soundtrack Soundtrack Music Soars. Can we count. How many times he says that in the script? 'cause I think this is at least three. I know it's at least three possibly more anyway. Why don't you guys do do the thing for? When that line is the soundtrack music scores source? I don't think that's the one I think it's the the happy Like like the one that the piano is I know. It's always dented. Aunt Join Betsy. And the Chimpanzee Fall into frame on top of the scroll where Bonzo straddles betsy to move his lips toward hers hers. She is screaming. Oh Yeah it's me your Harley get him off of Bozo moves its lips to betsy and gives her a big kiss. She's going to reject him then he's going to try to hang himself three times. The opposite this is GonNa try to go back to the cage smack Betsy grimaces finally clear begins to make bazaar mcgeehan motions and sounds bonzo turns. He understands Clare. She continues to communicate with the chimp until until Bonzo turn. She's amazed scraggy can communicate with a human and then she turns and starts talking to a chimpanzee. This is some Rudyard kipling level fucking racism going. This is some bizarre Shit Shit. She's like Oh. It only took US two weeks to teach him how to shake hands. He's almost as smart as a dog. He's two hundred years years old. Like this is actually a Prequel to Congo. He's looking is a far better movie and Hunga was not a great movie. Amy Sad he maybe crush emmy cry. That dude was fucking neck. Carrillo laugh moving on. She continues to communicate with the chimp until Bonzo turns and runs out of the cage. Indiana and scraggy exchange and impressed glance. Betsy see wipes the kiss from her lip. Just as an aside. A chimpanzee has like three times the strength of a normal man like she would he. There would have been no contest. Could twist turn around in a inst- without even thinking this was reckless is. He could get to trying to ask for consent one tenth of my. Tim Powers the Big Oak. Yes well at least. He extended that courtesy by UCLA. Manners and in human feces to favorite thing. Love those and I love you. I'm GonNa eat you and throw you. What People Amy Horny the cut to close up a flashing neon sign? It reads deshields American. Bar It adorns. The front of a stylish Alicia Mozambique nightclub interior deshields bar dimly lit smokey filled with cloth covered tables and and ornamental African furnishings. A nine piece jazz band plays swing tunes a few couples sway on the dance floor. The place is swarming arming with Nazis. Cedar is make that line swarming with Nazis or German bar. That's why it's a secret nuns. They named it amazing. American bar is poppin Johnson Germany. They wanted facilities such better here. Oh Shit I'll jazz musicians plsy ecology and it's very strange. Sad Cody Jazz. Establishment in many are seated at the bar others are scattered at various tables throughout the restaurant. Some standing corners lurking in the shadows. They are all looking in one direction. Attention watching one man. Indiana Jones indies sits with scraggy Clare and betsy at a table near the rear of the restaurant. They are eating dinner but in describing clear or more interested in the stone monkey scrolls very nervous. Hey we've got to translate these ancient scrolls let's go down to the Nazi bar. We'll do it there. Mayor Footsie bar the smoky dimly lit place. That's the best place to look over some ancient scrolls to translate them. We you know if you have too much light light it'll make it too easy. I'm not sleeping in her hotel room. Indiana goddamn down to the pub we need to turn these lights astounding get some fucking Nazis in here very nervous. SCRAGGY translates translates Indiana wearing his spectacles takes pages and pages of notes. Searching for a clue an interested Clare they are reads over Indiana's shoulder. Betsy tries to become included in the discussion. But everyone ignore her ignores her scraggy continues to translate the Sun will come run like he journeyed to many monkey land to build his final empire whose son will come many monkey land. That's a definite reference to Africa Africa. He journey to Africa. That confirms our suspicions that he may have formed this civilization here what civilization. Betsy keep your trap shut got. This doesn't concern you fine terrific. Who cares about this stuff anyway? Ruining nightclub we should be having fun to moines indies. Andy what stands later. Boorda point. You stiffs but you can't dance to Claire that you I can't dance quite the contrary. I spent several months studying dance. Oh Yeah what do you know the funny hop the hit a bag the Bunga the the doon Gamero grow African tribal dances of them of course knocks the beyond the spectrum of your microscopic like world man like you. Betsy is naturally hate. But he's working to make clear hateful and he doesn't even vigneault. Yeah she's supposed to be like this. Could be nice to betsy and we would hate betsy. More is bad at this. Study the DAB. The floss insulted. Betsy gobbles down her glass of wine and turns back to Indiana who is still deeply concentrating on the scrolls under the table Betsy foot reaches across the floor mobile it rests on Indy's leg betsy begins sir. Rub Against Indiana's trouser leg. The Red eyed mechanical bugs still attached to Indiana's trousers. Indiana glares at betsy clear reaches for her cup of coffee. She notices that. The Coffee Cup trembles slightly clear glances beneath the table and sees betsy rubbing living in these leg. Claire is disgusted above the table. Clear shoots a scowl of disapproval at indy. A flustered indy tries tries to explain but is suddenly interrupted by hand on his shoulder. That's another thing I've noticed a lot. This episode is A lot of the direction telling telling us that people are speaking without us actually like hearing getting any of the dialogue was like muttering offscreen. Come the feedback about a It is dashiell the swath handsome owner of the restaurant that she'll gives a charming smile to everyone down at the table. Enjoying your dinners. Can you make it a little more. I dunno fruity little more. Tim Curry Fine Owing your dinner. The swamp I can't make I don't know how good swells going for fucking. You're lucky. He showered ship. Uh enjoying your dinners rate quit was that you took credit. Join your dinners Enos. Everyone nods expressing their things. Dashiell Leans close to Indiana and whispers. Accent makes me guilty. Watch yourself L. Self Sport. Most of the talking tonight is about you and it isn't good Indiana's eyes DART around the room. He sees the various Nazis. He's watching him. Indy gives a confidence smile. A WORRIED DASHIELL CONTINUES WHISPERING TO INDIANA. I don't know what you've done to the Nazis. All teams were there are certainly no friends of yours. Tin In reading return of it is word from our sponsors. What's up dachshund dockets Trevor Thompson the looney tunes critic here and if you like old cartoons and watching online reviewers reviewers dissect them then? You probably said the same thing I did about two years ago. Hey what the mayor can't like every Saturday morning. Do a brand new commentary of Warner Brothers Short all throughout the month they do video. Essays examining the history of these cartoons. Catch my videos on YouTube dot com slash bears wheelhouse too or just use the HASHTAG tunes critic. Now here's Eric. Thousands of the new voice of bugs bunny critic he is. 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So you seem did stuff to the Nazis like you seem to have upset the radical hate group is on Komo Yo Jerome what did you do to the KKK semen happiest per not stoked about you being here. This the American bar a fine American jazz establishment there were something like forty million registered registered members of the Nazi party in America until nineteen thirty nine registered. Yeah Oh yeah. Until until they invaded Poland people were like yeah. Sounds like a good political movement going on over there. He's fascists. Great was like a box. You checked when you signed in Dr Life was like being a Vegan was just like you you are a Democrat. Republican Democrat Republican self identifies a Nazi. They come up with like. Would you like some filet thank you. I'm a Nazi the out of their hand out of my face a Franks for that. So let's let's find out why the Nazis are so upset fade in exterior. We're so logical compound dark silent. Many of the animals are asleep in their cages. A security guard keeps watch on the compound. He stands outside of the metal gates. There is a sudden sound. The guard turns the figures of the three men stand before him in the shadows. The nervous guard places a hand on his holster. WHO's ler guys tend to retain your Lord Order? Who Do we hear a Mechanical Creek? A man's leather gloved hand and extends from the shadows. The Hands Fingers pointed at the security guard close up various animals the sound of a rapid rapid machine gunfire throughout the camp camera records. The animals shocked reactions. The security is he telling us that the film camera with which they are filming. This movie is recording. The animals shocked reactions. There's not another camera hammer here. Right get some good gasp other that Goat Soria. He's telling us the camera records animals. That's the cameras hammers job to record stuff. That's you know. Give me some direction. That's Chris Zarre bizarre the way he said it to do not we see. It's not the camera lingers on it's the camera records that I can't read it any other way. I'm tryin Brian. That's the only way I read it as he was telling them to record shot three accent like make sure to get beat role he may as well have said camera points at in your camera man points. His camera talking animals are afraid. They're not shocked this the thing animals don't get shocked. Yeah we'll get scared by the noise but this is if they're going like oh no he. They killed Kenny trumped by cell phone. Do these security guard. We did you see they killed Gomer pyle security card okay. I mean I figured it didn't read. It didn't matter how I read him because he was about to die. Everything was guard you you were. His name is guard. He's Around the compound in the dark I mean living his character they may as well have been jeff character. Yeah that's true. I sort of read them. Start overthrew just read them read them in your broken Asian voice. The security guard lies on on the ground. Dead that's own sentence. His body riddled with bullets. The shiny black boots of the three men pass his body. We notice noticed that one of the boots shoelaces are untied. That's like guys whole like character. Defining trait is. He can't i. Anti is never learned how to tie his right shoe. That's definitely a jeff character. They use that in Kenya Crystal Skull when he when he gets out of the car. And they're like where's your papers. He bends down to ties. You and everybody like steps out like thing shooting everybody that actually reused that shot. I have no recollection of that. I don't know what the movie you're referring to is is the Academy Award winner where he did his own stunt in the refrigerator. I don't I don't know anything about refrigerators. Oh come on. I'm John was when he whipped through with the monkeys on the vase. Yes do he. Who Indiana Jones signed Indiana? The key to this. Are you referring to the Young Indiana Jones. Chronicles that's I think you're confused. Oh whatever movie you're referring to clearly does not exist river Phoenix Tiki. He stares into the dark night or you. You're already. It almost drowned on his monster. Fear covers his face. He is seated inside of his cage. A candle flickers beside him. TIKI hands rest on the beautiful tape tapestry tiki listens. He Hears Footsteps Coming Toward Award his cage Tiki reaches to his side. He grabs a stone dagger. He does have a dagger a dagger and a candle in a tapestry indicate gauge. I don't get I don't get any of this. I feel like after two hundred years would realize that stone dagger sucks but he could get a regular fucking dagger like like like from humid like us the stone dagger to stab human with a real real gun suddenly a lewd gunshots. What is Lewd? And it's gone shots. Shot a luke gunshot. Gotcha maybe maybe it's still like. He's stuck in Scotland mode gold show also salute gun show. Yeah I mean this this what I assume there's loud gunshot reads like someone saying that on Scottish people. Twitter Sulu suddenly a lieu. Don't childhood and gunshot the splintered lock from Tiki cage goes. It was spinning across the floor. The cage door creeks open water. Bugs stands in the doorway to Nazi soldiers helmets and Cleese who we met earlier clutches so close to Claus Claus. I think he just had mini strokes as he was typing. This classes brother are beside you. Gutter smiles his right arm extends from his side his leather gloved index finger is pointing ahead Tiki growls at the Nazis. He stands raising the stone own dagger over his head. Looks Finger begins to rapidly fire. Bullets chemical arm is actually machine gun another best movie I give up this now. Indiana Pratt Pratt. Talking Inspector Gadget Walk through the Com- shutterbugs and I thought Alien Skulls was stupid and Indiana Jones. Movie Wrong Long. I mean I don't know a movie. I'm talking about what he does the bullets tear through tiki tapestry. They make crooked tattered line through the beautiful work destroying it a terrified tiki cheeky watches. shutterbugs stops shooting bullets. Go Oh here we go he removes the Empty Cartridge from a slot in his mechanical arm arm and replaces it with another he points the deadly finger at Tiki a trembling tiki drops the dagger the three Nazis walked toward toward the helpless pygmy. Hate the so that was amazing. He didn't so that's one of the animals were shot. He's got a gun for old cut to interior deshields bar. Indiana scraggy and Clare Continue you too excitedly. Study the map a neglected. Betsy pours herself the last of the wind. She is very drunk. Singing along with the band's version of Cole Porter's night and day no white and yeah that's not in the script just wanted to do it to madness beneath the table. Betsy continues to rub her foot against Indiana's leg for like an hour straight. Our you know what you should do. Jeff it just occurred to me that we could do Foley like when there's a lot of the stuff we can have four legs have some for. You can have shoes pickup foliage fully. Well it would be like it would like edge edge shape to it wrong girl. You want to be in the movies. Indiana tries to ignore. Betty's playing scraggy continues to translate the scroll all with his golden hooped rod and it's powerful lightning. Rays Sun will come build water curtain water curtain cave where he lived a five hundred days. The Golden hooped Rod heavenly staff with many different powers most notably it had the ability ability to transform itself into hundreds of objects it remains the most priceless treasure of some who comes empire. And what is the the water curtain cave I'll come on. Sun Wu Kung's legendary hideout an enormous secret cave hidden behind a running waterfall son. mccown his Batman then ended each night the peach. If only my parents had a clear again reaches for her coffee the Cup and saucer are still trembling numbly player peaks under the table and again sees betsy foot rubbing against Indiana's lake. Claire gives a revolted grumble. Indiana excitedly sided leaks translation. This proves that the water curtain cave exists in Africa. Does it mention anything about some movie. Kung travels that's like saying I'm reading the Bible and going this proves that the garden of Eden is over there over there in that vicinity Montana only place called twisted snake water. Disarm busy river has reputation for its deadly water snakes it could have been so mu comes logical path it would have been even you know it will also be our logical pass player smiles beneath the table. Betsy foot continues just to Rub Indiana's leg. Finally Indy reaches down trying to slap. That's his foot away for indies. Hands stumbled upon something else. The mechanical the buck. Indy tries to remove the bug but the tiny device won't budge above the table. Indiana's hand is buried beneath the table struggling to remove the buck to clear it appears as if India's playing with that's he's foot. Claire gives an incredulous. Look to Indiana. Please try to control that monstrous Libido of y'alls Yuck very fucking God Him Indiana finally removes the Mechanical Bugs. He lifts it above the table. Examining it's clear is about to ask a question Indian the cates gates. For her to Sh- he covers the bug and whispers to the others. You have to get back to the compound Tiki may be in danger. Indiana Clare and scraggy groggy. Hurry from the table a tipsy. Betsy follows Indiana passes the jazz band. He nonchalantly drops the mechanical bug into the trumpet. Players Horn born. The Trumpet Player Hits a Piercing high notes to Nazi headquarters. The Nazi wearing the radiohead phones. Emits allowed screen eardrums bursting with the trumpet sound. Okay I did it. Cut to Interior cheerier compound daughter Bug Klaus and helmets lead the bound and gagged Tiki. Out of the compound. They keep their Luger's and finger at his back suddenly Klaus trips over something. A fawn Klaus growls. He shouts German order to helmet. who grabs tight? Hold hold of the baby. Deer Klaus aims his Luger. The fawns head gutter bugging helmets exchange a chilling laugh tiki stares in horror. Dr Klaus Clicks the Luger. Ready to shoot. There is an earth shattering. Crack a wish shoots into frame. The whip wraps itself around the Luger tearing the gun out of classes hand the fun breaks free and runs off. The Nazis exchanged shocked glance. They turn and see Indiana Jones. Dan I thought was appropriate. He stands a few feet away. Way Holding the whip Indiana points to tiki angrily shouting to the Nazi start. Sure Hands off him Gutter Brooklyn laws. Is this lunges maybe laughs. Oh Gutter bug laughs key. Points his finger at Indiana. I fucking hate this. I love this India's puzzled the finger begins to shoot rapid machine gunfire indy dives for cover faster than a speeding bullet. I gas the finger begins to shoot the best. That's the that's the tag for you. This episode everyone. Everyone ninety something finger begins to see. That could be the byline for this. You'll believe a man can fucking fucking shoot a woman buried when it's not even GonNa bug shoots. The finger begins his addiction he's L. A.. No control over his just the what is the trigger. Is it his and obviously. You can't ever been that finger. You don't have articulated barrels. So He's walking on think he needs. He always odors one of everything. Anything the hammer though. Google dummy that favor remember why holding tiki captive. The Nazis turn and begin to run out of the compound. Indy gets to his feet. He lifts his gun ready to shoot. But the Nazis are running behind several rows of cages filled with animals. Indiana can't shoot. He dashes back outside. They're not cities like I feel like a deer is worth accidentally hitting to kill a Nazi right there. Nazis uh-huh with bullet fingers exterior zoological compound located on the waterfront countless rows of long wooden. Docks line the Marina. The Nazis run to below a rotted ancient dock here one of their speedboats votes. Weight's motor running Rudolph. A pudgy not seen never was there there. Such a thing Colonel Klink oh Colonel Klink see there you go. It's true I MM-HMM PUDGY. Nazi is at the wheel. The Nazis hurriedly climb into the speedboat pushing antiquing inside with them. Indy runs to scraggy model. T. scraggy sits in the driver's seat betsy and Clare sit in the rear. A drunk betsy. Betsy still sings night and day. Indy leaps onto the sideboard he sees the Nazis ahead climbing into the speedboat. Indy motions for scraggy to drive fast toward the dock. The Nazi speedboat shoots forward moving beneath the dock. SCRAGGY Model T. follows above along longman shaky dock Indiana rides the CAR's rusted sideboard. He sees the speedboat below through the wide opening and the dock's slated boards slatted slatted. Slated slated boards. Indy begins to shoot at the Nazis. Gutter bug raises his mechanical arm. Firing shots back at Indiana machine gunfire splinters. The dock boards slicing through the Model T. The side mirror is blasted to pieces the floor beneath betsy and Clare flare-ups with flying bullets just missing. The girls player is horrified. Betsy laughs hysterically. The Model T is less than twenty twenty feet from the end of the dock if they continue ahead the car will plunge several feet into the water. But scraggy doesn't take his foot from the gas gutter. Doug smiles seeing the vast ocean ahead knowing. He's almost free as he dodges. Bullets Indiana sees the end of the dock ahead. He he shouts to scraggy. When I tell you hit the brakes? SCRAGGY nods and the end of the dock is only a few feet ahead getting closer closer. The clear club covers. Her is between hiccups. Betsy laughingly sings. Indy looks to the speedboat. Back to the approaching dockage he pauses waiting for the right moment. He screams now scraggy scraggy foot slams on the brakes. The Sudden Jolt Sends Indy flying into the air. The speedboat shoots out from beneath the dock. Indiana lands directly on top of this speedboat. Uh spectacular stunt if I do say so myself. Helmet opposes gun at Indy Indy. React to the swift kick to helmets. Jaw the Nazi hits the deck out. Cold Claus comes for indy. They begin to fight in angry. Gutter bug tries to shoot but Indian. Klaus move too quickly. Gutter bug can't get clear shots. The Model T has come to. I'll stop safe. It's front wheels. Teeter over the DOC savage scraggy betsy and Clare get out claire catches her breath breath. Knees shaking betsy is still laughing about time. We had some fun. A worried. SCRAGGY sees Indiana fighting with the Nazis. ABC's bad spirits have indie him trouble. Big Traum scraggy runs off screen. The Nazi speedboat is headed toward the side of an enormous oceanliner shutterbugs radios for help Indiana and Klaus continue to fight rolling along the deck exchanging exchanging punches abound tiki watches with wide eyes helpless. The speedboat makes us sudden sharp turn avoiding a collision with the ocean liner Indiana and Klaus Tumble off the boat. Okay it's Indiana and Klaus Tumble off comma the boat exclamation point into the water exclamation point tumble off the vote in the walk. Underwater Indiana Klaus continue their battle. They wrestle only a few feet from the ships large spinning steel propellers propeller a suction force drawing Indian clouds closer closer toward a spinning death Indian. Klaus grab hold of Dangling Steel Anchor her preventing their bodies from being sucked into the propellers Klaus pulls a switchblade from his pocket he okay. Prediction Untied Shoelace shoelace trails. Back to the propeller gets tangled. Sucks Claus in. What do you think pretty likely to Nazis in the same mm series I did and he pulled a fucking blade earlier boy Klaus pulls a switchblade from his pocket? He Attacks Indy's clenched fingers with a knife life. India begins to lose. His grip is body inches toward the propellers Klaus raises the knife to finish off Indiana but clauses untied edged dangles beside the propellers. The shoelace catches a spinning blade. The shocked nuts is pulled into the propellers Indiana turns turns away holding tightly to the anchor a blood red cloud surges through the surrounding water. Indiana climbs the anchor to safety. They did that in the first. But instead without bad Nazi sorry the shocked Nazi Kinda Boat. Vote has an anchor dangling that far next to their propel not a speedboat. Is this the ocean liner. It has an anchor at the front multiple. How many anchors they do not know how? Many anchors mine oceanliner house my downfall always tell the Nazi. I told him to tie his shoes socks all day. I dream about genocide is an. Im genocide genocide the genocide. That's my job above Water Indiana Indiana surfaces taking a gulp of air. Suddenly the water in front of him erupts with machine gunfire dodger bug ooh he has parked the Nazi speedboat. Only a few feet away gutter smiles pointing his finger at the helpless. Indiana sitting duck cutter bugs smiles goods nights. Dr Jones there is a loud gunshot shutterbugs. Mechanical arm is hit by a bullet pieces of spring metal and sprocket S- fly from the wound. Yoder bug turns furious dashiell deal the nightclub. Owner is a few feet away he is driving a sleek speedboat cited Dorn with the American Flag Doc- The Shield points a pistol at gutter bug ready to take another shot with a roar the Nazi speedboat drives away. Sorry I need to change that music. Toward a cluster of Docs Indiana it climbs into Dashiell speedboat scrawny. Said you may be needing some helps for feel hits the gas tearing after the Nazis a frenzied high speed chase. Oh Jesus how long is this going again. A frenzied Thais beat chase begins through the darkness beneath the row of Docs Fox. This speedboats face countless obstacles they swerve around a virtual forest of wooden poles which fly by breakneck speed. The men duck and dodge dangling fish hooks and nets pads the big obstacle. Why are they? Why aren't they in the water holding their hook? Four feet above the water. Marquette's me and not fishing officiant for Nazis that's better movie on the Mozambique things our peak outdoor life network's many paths are blocked the wooden rafts and rowboats note. Because of the darkness these obstacles appear only when they were a few feet ahead of the speedboats. This makes the chase completely surprising and scary scary causing a fun house. Oh my God I hate this throughout the Chase Indiana and the Nazis. He's continue to exchange gunfire. That's also the worst band name. Ever which one Indiana and the Nazis Nazi gunfighter. I'm Indiana these are my Nazis frustrated gutter but can't shoot his mechanical machine. Gum machine gun arm rendered useless by deshields bullet. He could like grab a gun with his other hand. How can I suit someone when my gun hand is can you still like articulated fingers and you made a good point? You can't really like fold a gun barrel okay. Maybe it's very very high quality machine gun finger. It has an engineering. I've never I heard of a low great machine gun. Just like finding fancy gets you cobbled together machine-gun hand for this Nazi gutter but I'm trying to save us yaws. BMW Ruge he continues to Radio Nazi headquarters for help that she'll catches up with the Nazis. The two speedboats travel side by side there. Edges scrape scrape together sparks. Fly there. Recovered helmet aims his Luger Indiana but indy leaps toward the Nazi the to fall rolling tumbling struggling for the gun. They fight between the two speedboats the crack below them slightly opening and closing up ahead. An enormous stone pole appears to avoid a collision. The speedboats must separate roll out. Hold on I had. I had a line line first. Dashiell scream and be allowed. Indy frees himself from helmet and rolls back onto Dash eels. IOS Boat Helmet looks up. He sees the stone poll ahead coming at him. Helmet tries to move too late. The two boats separate separate helmets smacks into the crushed dashiell turns away from the wheel. Looking at Indiana. Euro case for Indiana begins to answer then sees something ahead he screams deshields turns back. The speedboat is headed straight for a solid wooden wall a sign on the wall reads Federman's fishing warehouse the Nazi speedboat has already made a sharp turn avoiding the warehouse. There's no time for deshields. Turn Indie hit the deck the Speedboat Arches Upward at an angle crash the speedboat speedboat blasts into the warehouse splintered wood splatters through the air fade out in this guy writes some bizarre and nonsensical action sequences. Everything since the dude. This has been amazing too bad. I should have been very adamant. He's trying to write a James Bond movie. Now they're kind of does if connect- yeah. I was a kid had this on. VHS I would always just fast forward through the beginning part and just start at the Anna. The banana part. The year the he's like writing this going Joe Bringer uh-huh and then you know Dash. His American flag boat is basically basically just Felix to indies bond. True just trying to be a retired guy here Tehrik Inbar. He's got his bond girls the dumb one the smart sophisticated one. WHO's a bitch? It's wait. Which one's the dumb one scooby Doo James Bond Mash Up? Yeah Scooby Doo. Plus James Bond Equals Indiana Jones. Everybody knows that it's funny to see because this this was supposed to be the third one right yes so it's really funny to see all the things they took from this one like this speedboat seeing that that was in raiders of the third goal. No third one glass crusade the Laskar say there was the speedboat apart and that one the member with the Colt or whatever that was like protecting the Oh yeah and this has a peach stone of immortality the same way that the thing where they took a lot of the ideas that weren't garbage and then just put them into the actual third one that they came up with. Yeah so they basically found like eight scraps out of the shredder been and went. Oh let's use these waiting for Sean Connery. Also James Bond We're SEAN CONNERY GETS HIS UMBRELLA and like scarce seals and crashes the plane. It's betsy but with with bananas. Maybe Betsy was supposed to be his dad like the character that he's constantly annoyed by. That's Kinda on a slowing down the thing because he was always like. Yeah that's true. You remember the scene where Sean Connery tried to kill himself. Because he wouldn't fuck him anymore. We named the Dog Indiana all right so as usual all jets got nothing. I'm a normal person. He has no Internet presence fuses dialogue prove I mean while Joshua Baker. I do some stuff on the Internet. I can do voice over I can do videography for are you Yeah Joshua Baker Dot Com. Contact me directly in me me at Joshua Baker Dot Com Uh and if you want. Some more table reeks. We're on instagram. And twitter at the table reads on facebook at facebook. Dot Com slash table reads You can find us on Youtube at Youtube. Dot table reads PODCAST DOT COM. And if you want to know where you can listen to us on any platform at all just just go do Timorese podcast dot com slash. Listen and all of it. Is there so tune in subscribe. Describe some get you some awesome us in your ear holes and we'll be back next week until then you know we're going to miss you. PODCAST was created by Sean Bean For more visit table reads podcasts. Dot Com cut to black introducing the capital one walmart rewards card earn unlimited five percent. Back on everything you buy at Walmart Online. It's the perfect card for all your family family of hints this holiday season like five percent back on the

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