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78: The Costco Haul Episode (Fall Edition)


Phone it's a WHO Ooh I'm so hungry. Hey people it's me Lisa. Lillian also known as hungry girl. I am here at hungry land yet again with Mike and Jamie for another exciting installment of hungry girl. What's chewing right well? How dramatic should we so remote a remote episode? We're always say live from Hungary lands. We'll maybe we should just do it from like the street. Maybe we'RE COSTCO. Oh well they would have. We sat out. We could well this. This week happens to be a Costco Hall episode. But could you imagine if we if we tried to test the foods at Costco. We could only sample sample either. The things that they're sampling already where you need to know that you need an adult. If you're under a certain age you have to have an adult with you to a the Costco at Costco to tends to sample just raw and then also we can also just sample the foods they sell. Which is like the Big Pretzel? That doesn't sound diane giant sliced cheese. Anyway where were we relents. We might do. I don't know. Should we do remote. I don't know it's really Hungary. Land is fun in fact we always tell people they can come visit us. And isn't somebody trying to visit us. Yeah I have to reply back to her. Yeah she'll be let her. I think we should college college student. She's going to get into the health sciences. So yes we should okay. Visit ORCA approved. Yeah he got a text the other day from someone who wanted great to see pictures of us and he sent the worst picture. We were in our Halloween costumes. You picture with or Penny Dog and Baltimore cat. All in the same came out for Halloween. We just had weird head rats following. I couldn't even tell what you guys for Halloween. I mean it was it was clever. Jamie makes candles. Yeah we could link out to how you by Jamie's candles and we'll put up a picture of you guys dressed in our society. I could not tell we should put up. You know what put up a bigger of me as my I was a Barista uh-huh and I had to Pacino's lawyer Bam Bam were Pacino's. I thought we were more obvious. But you know what some people were like. What the heck are you so you know? It's not always obvious unless you're like a clown but want to be a cloud happy clown or scary clown. They're all every clown of scare smile or frown sounds. Sounds are awful and terrible. Everyone of them and I apologize. If anyone out there is like a clown at children's birthday party I know you mean well. But they scare the heck out of annual now. Do you agree. Yeah I think clowns are pretty scary should not see. The joker movie never seen a movie in like Thirty Years Penny. Yeah we're not GONNA happen Anyway just businesses take care of we want you to subscribe to this podcast. It's so important there have been some changes. Changes made to apple podcasts. I don't even know how they work. But maybe Mike does. Maybe you don't even need to know. But subscribe subscribe. Subscribe to the podcast. Yeah it's easy apple podcast asked you instead of I tunes. Now it's apple podcast. Just you know type. In Hungary grocery the right thing and then click that subscribe button. And you'll get it every Friday when we Debut it and if you don't think you have have the podcast APP on your phone. Just go to the search section and it'll come up and you'll be like I have that on my phone guarantees. That's the thing I swipe it's just live. And then enter podcast and the apple pop up in the APP is a circular purple looking thing just for a permit. We've taken taken you as far as we can. We're going to come to your house. Subscribe for you As I mentioned today is another Cosco Hall. It's a fall hall. Is this a fall Cusco. Hold Yeah Love it we love COSCO. Some of our most popular episodes like one of them. Almost fifty thousand listens which is It's a Cock Aku episode and the other one is doing really well. This is our third Cosco Hall and I'm excited about it and addition to tasting all kinds of yummy foods from COSCO. We you have some some big Some big doings going on over there right All right. It's that time of the year for advent calendars. I remember. We talked about this last year. Those are like counters. Were twenty four days on them so you can have a different thing every day so costco is getting into the spirit. LITERALLY WITH COSCO go wind advent calendar there. They they're getting into the spirit. Li got it when you said it the first one so it's a box with twenty four half bottles of wine from all over the world and it only costs one hundred dollars so for twenty four bottles so I do the math. It's Four dollars and seventeen cents a bottle if you're doing the math and rounding it it all the way up and if you like beer they also have. They've been doing this for years. The beer advent calendar and so the idea is on December. I you know I guess corker open Your first bottle of wine and you have a wine for every day every day. That's really cool. I love that. And what a bargain four seventeen a bottle and love and their health models but so to me. It's a bottle blonde size versus another but yes this leads me to why I love this story. The most is I've been telling us for years because I I like drinking wind. Jamie doesn't and I can't just drink. I drink one glass a day and I don't like the way wine tastes after two or three days so I've always said why don't they come out with half bottles and now they here. They are Mike for Holiday. Bigger all right and speaking of the holidays we have our our rose gold Holiday tree right in in the middle of it is where who who sent it to us. They just sent us a tree. Some rules goals day. When you're us you get trees mail to you just like liked? Usually it's food today. Today was a trade. Wait I have breaking choose. You do ask. Jimmy's always surprising us with breath. I know So Lisa's Pacino. Bam Rambam now. has her own instagram. Page called Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam and she is the main door she really is but they can look that up now it was just Bam the baby co Tom. Tom And I changed it on a whim so it might. We might keep changing it but you have to find her. She's the past. She's so cute. We'll put a picture up. We can winker instagram page. Yeah we should. She doesn't like sixty followers now. I b. m. and she's in her adidas a dog sweatsuit tonight to talk so so you could see her picture she wears it. Well okay Onto Costco you guys went to Costco several staffers. It was actually Mike an Erin. Glad on they're like a team they scour shells and they came back with a whole slew of things that we cannot wait to try to say. I don't think I've tried any of these. Oh me neither not one. So we're GONNA jump right in with some fridge fines from COSCO first. Step Three Bridges Spinach and bell pepper egg bites so three bridges bridges. They made something else. We tried last time that we liked. I don't remember what it was. Gosh I remember and these look like the Soobee. Doug Bites from from What's McCall at starbucks that place and one package you get two bites? Two hundred and thirty calories seventeen grams of fat. That's pretty high fifteen grams of you've protein. Eight smart points. Why is it so high in fat? Is that a lot of cheese. Probably but I think they use. I could be wrong. I think they used to have egg ones. That weren't egg whites so oh and they were like three to four hundred calories so I'm glad that they came out with egg white. I they from Pittsburgh you're asking US questions we originally hold on. It's so funny because these are egg whites but I guess just me beloved with fat and cheese. Oh like all cheese I'm having flashbacks. Maybe we did try tastes like butter and cheese but so royal lines tastes like these tastes way more decadent what was the color on that To thirty for two terrible I mean it's delicious Jamie doesn't know what hitter I know my head's going to explode. It's like a big mouthful of like buttery creamy cheese but it's delicious. You're right but if you took one of those and put it over a bed of spinach and more veggies like I don't I don't know that's pretty good. Do you think two of those could fill you up or no. I think they'd be really filling. I mean I don't know maybe because of all the fat but I I don't know seems protein. Yeah the right fifteen grams of protein. It's not bad. It's just a lot of fat but you know these days. Everyone loves fat. You're embracing fat. That's where it's at but they taste incredible label. So I'M NOT GONNA I'm GONNA knock these. You gotta try them. I enjoy okay. right up there with breakfast and eggs. What else do you like sausages? We have sausages judges by Amy Lou. Organic we love chicken breakfast sausage. We had her regular sausage. Okay sausages by Amy Lou. I don't know who she is but I think we've tried her stuff up. Four three links one hundred calories four point five grams of fat thirteen grams of protein. So these are pretty low. We each have our own link if we wanted to do it. The only thirty three calories each so low lease made of these kind of sausages little gland land chicken. They make a big point of saying free. It's really funny because I think I said they were chicken. Sausages trying on a set myself up. They're pretty good. I like him chicken spices brown sugar Parsley Oliseh. Extract of Rosemary Don't taste the parsley or the Rosemary. It's very very mild very sausage. You they would please any sausage. I think they're pretty authentic. They're a good good size. I would I like the fact that you don't have to commit to eating all three. You can just do one for thirty three. Which is what I have done? I like them at first. I thought it was bland but now I'm going with mild. It's just like it's very. I think they would go well with One of our hungry girl pancake recipes for sharp or an egg mug. uh-huh yeah and and and Too Smart points which is also good if you eat three of them next up. Are we ready for the next item Cedar Lane chunky chicken and seven vegetable soup. I love how they they have to say. There are seven vegetables in the soup. That's it I mean. We can try to identify them. I don't know if it's a good use of for time but one that smells good. Hang on it smells great and how that smells really smells like homemade soup everyday sniff so this this is a chunky chicken and seven vegetable. I love a chicken soup with vegetables. So I am rate soups when I saw this Immediately Texas Jamie. I'm legged. Your new favorite sue has arrived. Let me tell you some stats. One Cup has one hundred thirty calories five grams of fat twelve grams of protein. That's a lot of protein Mary and for smart points so we got that taking care of. I'm GonNa sit this now for Chunky All that's the chicken kickin broth. Is Everything here and slightly spicy. It has a little bit of heat to it. That is so flavorful and different. There's something different about it. I can taste all seven seven veterans that it's so fresh tasting. Wow Oh my God I love it very garlicky And it has literally has he if you like despise spicy food. You will not like this because it's Kinda spicy but I don't think it's too spicy. We should run by GINA. Who's our resident spice? Voyeur I feel like it's just a hint of spice. It isn't as vice is it's very it's just. It's got a tiny bit of heat. But I'm telling you if you're expecting vegetable soup you're going to be like it spicy but let's make. Let's hold Gina Down Maker taste it. Uh All right up next east-west cuisine beefsteak appetizers barbecue. These are like skewers I was. I'm these because they look so good on the present. That I'm unwrapping look at this thing. There Lake Decadent. I mean it looks like what you'd serve at a party. It comes on the sticks. I love the goes. It looks decadent it's a big slab of I mean. Come with the sticks what we added those sticks they will. They'll just like the ones box. Look exactly exactly like does do you. Don't Cook with the sticks. The sticks see I'm separately but that says separate finishing thank sauce sesame seed topping packet and bamboo appetizer skewers included. Lisa has tasted it. My eyes are lit up. This tastes like it almost tastes like I know it's beef but it tastes like Chinese banks exactly so so good three skewers. One hundred and forty calories six grams of fat fourteen grams of protein. Four smart points. These are like an a plus plus wait so each one of those but we we should say they're not skewers skewers. They're like their baby skewers. It's one piece of meat on a stick my head to and it fell on the floor and I'll take another one please. Okay so so. It's forty six calories for each of these like one inch chunks. So it's not low low but I you know it looks like it's almost announce beef. You think yeah. I mean they're really really delicious. Hey lally I dropped this. You want some. That's incredible like we have a lot of luck with COSCO's be frozen and be products super. Lean to yeah only six grams of fat. And it doesn't taste fatty love. Love love those cool all right we are moving on we have. This is a free. Oh that was a fridge product. That was not frozen. So That's interesting. That's why I came with the sticks. It came almost Exxon. Okay so the next fridge product before we lived a frozen baked blood orange RICOTTA. What does that mean by Peterson Company? It's funny I had been eyeing every time I go to trader. Joe's they have this blood orange with chocolate chip ricotta and I finally broke down and bought it and it was good Erin texted and said I found the blood Orange Ricardo without chocolate chips and the calorie count so much. Better forty five calories. I don't even know what it is when I think of her cod. I think of a spoon -able sometimes sometimes it's not looks more like cheese wedges Well it was like a big wedge that you cut so it's like you can eat it as a dessert cheese and we'd today are serving it with apples grown from our apple tree at Hungary. What do you do do with it? You read it. You read it on a Graham cracker or an apple or he'd alone. Jimmy's not from the cheese. Okay so we've got Amazon. Ram Crackers Slowly Moulay. Lisa's is jumping right in here. I don't want I taste something I don't love to taste it necessarily on something else. 'CAUSE I want to judge it alone. The flavor is so sunshiny. China is amazing I love ricotta. So this is like it's not a ricotta that would use a recipe. It's more of a dessert cheese. Cheese but for forty five calories announced two grams of fat. I would eat this all day long. Yeah that's amazing. The the oranges so like authentic and bright. I Dunno it tastes like Sherbert to me but I didn't like the best possible way if that was an appetizer at a party like on table I would eat that whole thing and nobody else would have any here. Finish this plate. Okay actually. This is way better than the trader Joe's version with the chocolate. I am going to officially say that all this is so unique I would never even. I'm so so glad tasting it because I would never think to pick this up like I didn't really know what it was but now we can tell people like you described it as a dessert cheese. So it's like a cheesecake achieve advent calendar to a Costco William. Well more breaking juicer Okay moving onto the frozen section of Costco. We have a frozen item. This is Caesar's Caesar's CK kitchen lemon chicken picado with cauliflower. Rice comes in a giant like it's a giant box so they individually packaged in there. Or let's see it says four servings microwave or skillet Philippe might come separately. Yeah so the serving size is half of an entree. Trey Trey A lot of trees and half of a rice trae. So it's a tray of rice chicken and then you mix them great and two hundred thirty calories as for the half a tray. Ten grams of Fat Levin carbs twenty one grams of protein. Seven smart points. That sounds it sounds. It's exciting because I like chicken but we'll see how it is. Sometimes you get these dishes with frozen cauliflower. It's a little watering this. Press and seal is proving difficult. Yeah we might need not presidencies future. They stay nice and toasty. That's true in warm. Say this errands GonNa know. You're talking about her and she obama. She likes it creamy that lungs spoon or we could hurt their. We'll serve these food. Mix the sauce up. All right overselves. Sure Blah there's a chunk of chicken chunk of Cauliflower Rice Jamaica new serve me curse. We'll see sometimes dishes. Sometimes Pakad is too many for me. This is pretty woman you a little sour. But I think I'm GonNa like it when I try very very very lemony I feel like I love the concept of it so much that it's I feel like I don't need the taste to be perfect perfect perfect but it is a tiny mid sour with the lemon. I mean I feel like I would I would level it out like I'm big on taking things that exist in making them better. I'M NOT LIKE A. It's up perfect out of the box. I'm okay with that. I would add garlic and salt. That would help. This reminds leads me of my mom. Used to make lemon caper chicken. And so they added caper solicit. I would be amazing. That's a good call. Wait it is. It says is chicken and eliminate lemon butter sauce with capers cauliflower needs more Gabriel so I would add more capers. See The capers. I like chicken. Yeah the chicken is is like they're nice big chunks of white meat breast meat if you will and I feel like the rice is almost risotto. So do we because it's An office and I say yum but you have to like lemon lemon move on That was the only frozen item I know we have one at the end. That was the only real frozen item now. We have shelf stable so these are things that are just off the shelf off the regular aisles. I up cinema. Gourmet butternut squash organic pasta sauce. We're going purists like Lisa does and and we're just tasting it witherspoon or tasting the sauces of sauce. So this is is it like a red sauce. Now it's like an arm saw so it's truly like it. Looks like soup butternut squash organic pasta sauce. Let's see what's in it. butternut squash tomatoes carrot onion. Yeah it does look soupy all right. Look soupy and sixty calories for how much hold on a half cup soup all right. I'm just everyone. Take a spoon and pass it on. No no that's totally a soup. It's totally a delicious soup. I would eat super. I would totally does the sauce to though yeah I don't I I would be okay so sauce a little mild but it's it tastes like soup up to me. It's good but it would be a good sauce on like chicken. It might be too mild for like Pasta. I'm thinking like what would you. What would you use? It doesn't suit -als with some cracked black pepper. I bet it would be good What if you don't want to crack pepper if you just want black pepper and it's not cracked okay? I said okay. Sure although nowadays it's so easy to have cracked pepper because they come already in those crackers bottles even trader. Joe's does that now trader does does everything Okay we're moving on to another shelf stable item. This is something like I'm a skeptic when it comes to beverages that have a lot of calories and this is a container. How many ounces is this container hold on thrown because there's a paper clip in one of our tasting ramifications like don't drink? This is Kirk Lynn Signature organic chocolate banana almond milk with plant protein. So we're big on almond milk. We love the Banana Almond breeze. That's not big on protein so this is a protein infused version of that. Of course comes with calories this one for eight point. Two five ounces has one hundred twenty calories three eight point five grams of fat four grams of fiber and ten grams of protein so and its workers rights. It's chocolate banana. The banana is what ninety calories a cup eighty. And it's just it's just like a different breed. I love that I love you. Jamie and Lisa both have little little tiny little one ounce shots. Give me more because this is to die for. Here's what it's incredible my God. This is what Aaron I were thinking about this. I mean you could have it as a drink. But we're thinking maybe it'd be good to add a coffee or something. Yeah that's what I always do. But I'm GonNa tell you something. This is to die for amazing. I want to swim in this tastes. He's like the best chocolate. Banana middleweight. Amazing I love that it has protein. It's worth it totally worth it. Well I'm glad we have a big giant COSCO OSCO case of it. Yeah four points and worth every one of them wow holy moly whilst. I'm not even like a chocolate milk. Person Sleeper head you you you have the milk mustache off. Aw stick a picture of that. That was amazing. Worth four points as Jamie says And I would add that into rotation in some in some fashion. The new morning iced coffee. That's going in Yum all right next. We have another product by Kirkland now. This is exciting because when we did our first to our first Costco Hall we found those protein bars that they had in the variety packs. They were such a bargain. They're like an answer to bars. But now they have new flavors so we're trying chocolate peanut butter and cookies and cream. Which is exciting because these bars have one hundred ninety calories between five and six grams of fat sixteen grams of fiber vertu grams of sugar? Twenty one to twenty two grams of protein and only four smart points. I can't remember what the sweetened do they come in one box with two flavors Yeah I love the cookies and cream. One is like blondie almost here. We go Tastes like cookie dough Just psychology. Oh it's a little teeny. I don't like it as much as the. Yeah we really liked the other flavors. But let's see how this one is peanut in a better one. I have higher hopes that cookies and cream ones out my twenty one to twenty two grams of protein and only two grabs a sugar. Do we say that We did. That's why I was asking what it was sweetened there. I go again not paying attention right food so this one I wanNA know o way better mhm better just like a peanut Butter Cup Chocolate peanut butter chunk chunk because it it has like slight saltiness Gluten free made with real peanut butter no artificial flavors. This is better than a lot of the ques- flavors from my opinion. I still like the cookie cookie dough one mind. Yeah but to me. It's cookie dough. Oh yes cookies and cream. It just tastes like too much like protein. And isn't the other one cookie dough not the ones we try before it was tweeted. It really was cookie Officially product the cookie dough recipe and just added some Oriole or something to doing your thing and made it lighter not as Tan. These are good because these are a bargain. I don't know how much the box was. But it was so cheap compared to how how much you like if you go to. GNC Or if you go anywhere by quest bar. They're expensive so this is a great way to say makes breaking out his received. He's looking he literally. HAS HIS COSTCO receive in in his pocket. He carries a close to his underpants boy. Oh boy it's only because I just submitted it for reimbursement how you expect to be paid back back for this one. We thought you like your job. Seventeen thousand nine. For How many bombarding twenty come in there right. So it's less than a dollar each what we know. It's more than a dollar each no but that's so chee how can be. I think it's twenty. We'd have to look at the box. I think it's twenty hope. It's not like three. It's it's a big box though. It is a bit box so it is a bargain. Okay very excited about this last product. I don't WanNa say we're we're saving the best for last because nothing we don't know but but it's called slim chillers skinny Freezer Vodka Martinis so this year. A whole slew of companies came out with those like alcoholic. Autre pops for lack of a better description and these are the ones from COSCO that we've been waiting and waiting and waiting to try and we finally found them how they come at the end of the the hot seat so weird they come in a bunch of flavors their vodka. Martini doesn't Apple. Teeny a lemon. Drop a watermelon lemonade and the very very sad cosmopolitan which does not freeze. Apparently because they've been in our freezer for two who full days and the COSMO is liquid. Yeah all of them frozen solid which is how they're supposed to be like an otter pop frozen solid they're really Sashi okay. There are a little slush but the the red one is complete juice. We'd how can we even try these. Because we can't cut them they're all like they're almost liquidity take flavor I was gonna cut the edge off and then you can each like take a a little bit and put it on all right. We're GONNA I'M GONNA I'm holding. The apple teeny really the way to eat. These is like to just put it in your face right. We had these is in our freezer for like three days and this is all right. There you go on that first step. We've got the lemon lemon drop Mike. You're going to have dogs. I was GonNa do you hate lemon drop though. I like lemon drop. This is Mr Clean Gross. That is the worst thing I've ever tasted. Let's young skies. Oh that's I don't care how drunk you what you need to have. Four of the taste. Clean up taste clean accidentally. You might. That's one hundred calories of sadness. You a shot you choose your flavor like these. Each come individually comes. Is it a big big all together to give give that one to the people. You don't like it your party and actually I do know what so tastes like parents may meets open ahead so upsetting out. Your parents like all right nowadays using watermelon lemonade pleasant uh-huh but also kind of bitter but pleasant. I liked a lot sweeter. This wonder threes once apple teeny. Is someone going to drink the cosmo no really. I really liked the pink. Lemonade apple to these little. You know I think that this product is a little more style over substance like I wanted to be way better than it. Is there like intensely sweet. The alcohol makes it too bitter. They're not they're not impressive. You know what it is. They probably use bad Ouaga. Maybe that could be way to have a good story. My cousin Kayla was dating a guy who had a company like this. He's a young guy in college. He had this new company. I was asking him questions and he could've gotten a shout out but he he broke her heart so just just really. So we're GONNA SHOUT OUT WE'RE NOT GONNA give you don't know what the name of the company we don't know oh PA. He broke her heart. And nobody messes with Kayla. That's the best one. COSMO is good Ya. That's the best one. Both all the fruits combined. Do you WANNA drink at Lisa lips absolutely. Oh that's okay. I don't care I don't care about your cooties I've had enough it is like Sangria even though it's it has like a Sangria connotates to it I do like Sangria. Yeah you should just drink that whole thing. I wonder why it doesn't freeze too much. Alcohol could be too much alcohol. Wow that's a lot anyway. The thing about these. The problem is it's one hundred calories a serving but isn't each of these two point. Well no it's it's like forty four calories disturbing but each one hundred dollars so the the whole pop is better okay. So the way it's listed on the by Dr but we did the fancy math and we're pretty sure these are four smart points each because you have to like separate the vodka and the regular calories but that's not bad but if you have a regular shot like if you do like a hungry girl drink that hundred calories probably less because there's no sugar in it and this is sugar whereas it all sugary. Oh so it's the same thing so this probably like crystal light for lack of a better option basically and it's probably less alcohol than it's not like a full shot great. Okay thumbs down all right here. We we we do have to say I'd like them except for the lemon. I think if if you're at a party and that was an like maybe a pool party where it's hot and that was in the chest cooler. Whatever I would think those would be Hit yes they might be except the lemon. Throw the lemon out right and they might be you know at those types of parties. I you know we have a lot of slush recipes and I like making slushies but rather than stand over the blender under for three hours and of course it's fall so we won't be needing those for another four or five months maybe it'll be frozen by them okay. Today's Costco. Aw I think it was a success. Huge Success I think we're GONNA see a lot of high numbers in these rankings. We'll see only time will tell all right. Let's take a trip to the fridge section for three bridges Spinach and bell pepper egg bites. I those were too delicious to not give a high mark but the calorie and fat counts are a little high. So I'm GonNa give them a seven point seven five very specific. I've never done that before. Lisa how did you feel about sausages by Amy Lou Organic Chicken Breakfast Sausage judge. I liked them. A lot of those eight solid sausage. Now don't get Swayed by the number Cedar Lane Chunky chicken and and seven vegetable soup. Do you give it more than seven. Yes I give it a nine. I thought that soup was absolutely delicious. And I'm going to say it again like I. I'm not vegetarian but I love a vegetable soup so the idea of chicken vegetable soup really excites me and this just tasted perfect. I agree it's definitely going. Mike added to the list. Tell Alexa cler alert okay. Then we had the east west cuisine beefsteak appetizers barbecue flavored. I have to give those ten wows. I'm like listen this. It would've been my favorite food of all time as a child. I was like the child that would go to like the Chinese roster on see the poo poo platter little sweet Meat Bites. Battling takes me back. That's a ten. We have a recipe. That's like sweet hot staked bites that I think is kind of the same but it's not barbecue but it's this this is better you saw did hours is good hours good. Did you like the paper rupturing and even though it was an aluminum afraid to eat the foil was not my favorite. But that's my favorite thing in the whole world always like dark meat chicken. Yeah we'll we'll share a POOP poop ladder. I don't like the shrimp temper trip. So you can have two two new friends go bring a friend. Jamie won't eat the fragile. Who would in our world all right? How did you feel about the baked blood orange? RICOTTA I give at nine that was solid and the reason why it impressed me so much as I've tried a blood orange cottam before it was not as good and has twice as many calories So for forty five calories an ounce like I'm. I'm going to buy that yeah it was so like citrusy like exploded. Love it all right. Our Loan Freezer L. Item. We had the Caesar's CK chicken lemon no sorry Caesar's CK chicken. No still not right. My mouth is not doing wreck. It all right one more time. She's drunk she all. She did was squeezed. The pop she's drunk. Caesar's kitchen lemon chicken picado with cauliflower. Bryce she did it partic-. CK's the Caesar's kitchen. I think it's just threw me off and I read it wrong when we were I read. I literally read it anyway. I give that about seven and a half. You Know I. I would have to doctor that up but I think people would like it especially especially you like lemon Shelf stable. We had the cinema gourmet. butternut squash. Organic thinks it's pasta sauce soup right. It's pasta sauce that really. It's like a soup and I liked it. I'd give that also a seven and a half tasty. I doubt to Jimmy butternut squash soup but she makes her soup dome an about now. Because we're just doing family stuff seventy calories for full cup and this is sixty for half but it's really thin. It's the trader. Joe's better not go. They mix them. Mix them yeah okay then we had. Oh this is going to be good Kirkland signature organic chocolate banana almond milk. I'm giving that innate. If I drank rank calories it would be a ten but despite the fact that it's a drink with one hundred twenty calories. It gets an eight because higher good for coffee mixer. True if it'll it'll work but yeah to add some protein to your coffee and good flavor yes okay. Then we have the Kirkland signature protein bar in the new flavors chocolate the peanut butter and cookies and cream. I give the cookies and cream six. I did not enjoy it but the chocolate peanut butter gets eight so I think someone some of US enjoyed the cookies and cream one more than others might like it But it just you if you are a person that each protein bars and you like the taste of protein. You'll like it. These tastes a little little protein but the chocolate peanut butter to me was better so we would rate the products because they come together in one box of seven. Yes then we had the famous multi multi pack of Slim chillers Skinny Freezer Vodka Martinis. I didn't really love them but I know like Mike did love them. Jamie didn't try them. I would give them like a six six but Mike Mike give them more like a seven and a half. Yeah I mean for the purpose of what they're four I'd give them a seven seven and a half. I figured so. I don't WanNa be unfair fair. But they're not my favorite but I would still have a girl slushy over that any day now. Yes that was a little style over substance but up ad and to fund if it's an assessed melted vodka drinks in your chest so it would be willing to bet that if we average the average score of all these items it would be higher any other hall. We've had you think do although there were some where. We had a lot of nines and tens. But we had I feel like the median that you call it like there were so many that were like eight really good. Good yeah excellent. I'm sad it's over to me. I'm GONNA eat all the stuff on the table to drive. Sober up one tablespoon clooney for whatever Anyway thank you guys for tuning in. We are Lisa Mike and Jamie we love you guys. We appreciate your reviews your comments. We appreciate especially Mike appreciates when you text him. It'll five three eight. Oh Eight oh seven five and we love having you as part of our community on facebook. It's the what's chew and Community Jamie's Ms on the community all day ever sing in the morning last thing at night and then we also want you to sign up for the daily emails. Because they're great and that is the heart and soul of what hungry girl is all about been sending daily emails every single Monday through Friday since probably early or late April. Two Thousand Four. So if you don't get them you're definitely missing out and of course you should subscribe to this podcast tune in every Friday when we have new episodes and that about wraps it up right okay. Great Delicious Fall Hall. Thanks again. Thanks guys and thanks for tuning in. I am Lisa Lillian. Also known as hungry girl till next time. Chew the right thing.

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