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Carello everybody. You're looking live at fans Ville a college football utopia. With a rivers flow with ice cold Dr Pepper where every day is Saturday in. Everyone's a fan even babies and the seasons never change. Because the only season is college football season. Get a taste of fans Ville this fall during a college football game near you Dr Pepper the official Drake of fans Ville grab some today. Pardon the interruption? But I'm Joel Embiid. The producers wanted me to dress up as the flyers mascot. I said no because I have dignity. Ooh. What does that? A gritty what does that I'm the hockey mask? John. What wanted to do me a favor get off Snapface, Instantchat. No coach field. Welcome new PTI Halloween special going. What is so special about it? It's the same old junk. But it's in Cosco. And we begin today with the escalating top city is Jimmy Butler. The malcontents of the Minnesota timber wolves will sit out tonight's game against Utah. There are conflicting reports about Butler not playing one in the F letting says Butler is doing this deliberately to force a trade another by since this was part of a plan rest for Butler sanctioned by the team. We've on the situation there seems as volatile as ever what should the timber wolves do other way you ripped Jimmy Butler, Andre Drummond what you Rupe? Somebody in the NBA. Does not nearly my stature won't you do that Rippin Jimmy Butler. Now, this is as me Jimmy Butler is not going to boycott games. And that rumor has been out there that reporters, I don't believe that. I mean, I know you say it's toxic talk radio him or bring him in the office to say, we're not trading. We're going to keep you here. I'm gonna give you a stat. That speaks to why I think Jimmy Butler is much more valuable than you think these values. Late thirty games in his career. Guess lebron? James, what do you think is record in thirty games regular season against the brawn James is he's probably lost in thirty lost seventeen in one thousand sixteen and fourteen. Oh, he's got to win against liberal no-one has that. No, okay. So some of this stuff is just drama, and I'm tired of it. But I don't know what it means. Anybody says bodies tired of believed that he didn't have camp. He's being only missed one camp. We didn't have campus using the beach boys cut it Kim. Well, no, he said he wanted to be traded. And they should have told him report and play. There are people that you love. And if you will that's right time on Gumri was one of them. Was one of those all of these people do stupid things to defend him. You are the public defender all of these people you gotta move Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler is doing whatever Jimmy Butler is doing it is for Jimmy Butler because he said I want to get out of here. So even though he will play and he will play hard that circumstance there, you would just waiting for it to become untenable wanna have a player on your team who may be the only one in the league in the last fifteen years who has a better than five hundred record against LeBron. He has something to do that. I wouldn't want to have a fellow on my team who didn't want to be on my team asked for trades on Houston Rockets had the best record in the entire NBA last year. You love them to even better than golden. Thank you said they him then they added Carmelo Anthony your boy. And now if to losing a Portland by nineteen last night, the rockets. Are one in five DFL in the Western Conference. They've lost four home games by an average of seventeen points. And that's not all they've lost their coach Mike, Dan, Tony says they've lost their swagger. We've on. Do you see that as the main issue here who are you? Bobby clark. Avi cloak. I could I never saw Bobby that Kerik Lindros that can punch look the Houston Rockets. One reason I thought they would take a little slide. Tony is that defensively, you know, when you lose your defensive coordinator, and you lose two of your I don't know three best defensive players. And I'm talking about a reason, and by mutate, you, I don't think and Jeff Basell who we both know who was you know. I mean, he's a cool. He's a coordinator of defense, are it stopped at mascot that is what they've lost. I don't care about this swagger. You get your swagger from stopping people very often. And the rockets don't have that anymore. The personnels not there. Okay. Here's what the rockets. I it's so tempting for me to blame this all on camello Anthea. I'm not going to do. I will point out. He was too for twelve list. Well, that's a cheap shot. He was to twelve listening. The rockets are constructed they're not they're going to do fine. They're better than this. They're not going to be like Oklahoma City last year because Chris Paul is not the egomaniac. The Russell Westbrook is and he'll try to make other people better. I think you read them a lot more highly than I do. But he's a fine player. They are constructive. Now deliberately to look like Golden State. Let's not Golden State constructed Daryl. Issue. There are more knows what he's doing. You have to have shooters. But I'm just saying calculation that led to that if -fluenced him to let those three pieces go coach best Delic ace. Acis mop by Monday and a Reza Tony. I don't know if they can fully recover going to give you one statistic that is important what last year they were twenty five and five they didn't lose five hundred. Now, they're one in five is that good. That's why you know. That's not nobody has swagger like that. The rockets are keeping company Tony with teams like the wizard and I'm ashamed to say pick the wizards to finish in the top five in the east. Good job. It'd be kind of difficult since there. One in six second the Lassen differential and having gotten a single minute of production from their big off season acquisition. You boy, am I the White House had one Tony does this feel like a temporary Malays or something broken? Okay. So it's a little bit too early to say something is broken because they started out. It's a very difficult schedule. When you go on a five-game eight. And they haven't had Howard yet. Howard is the guy they have in the middle. The he doesn't score. So how they're going to be better immediately with Howard who is going to play well, thirteen rebounds. So Howard for a month or two will be good until everybody in the locker room hates. Now. The significant problem with the weather love to is the construction of the wizards they are guard oriented team with wall and Beal get four get kief. They are guard oriented team with wall and Beal and wall and Beal every night complain about other players who complain that they don't get shots. And you know, why they don't get shots. Tell us why. Well because wall and Beal get all the shots. Wall. And Beal to give most of the shots. I do wanna see porter better. Be some resentment. I don't if say like been in the top on the top three point shooters in terms of percentage in the last few years. Well, don't like them. So what are they going to do? They're not a franchise to eat millions of dollars free. Do how they they don't play any defensible. Wall. And Beal complain about all the other players. They have a coach who says after they lose every single time. They lose he says this is unacceptable, but it isn't because he plays the same five guys. The next twenty do the same rotation here. Even though you wearing that Philly junk, what do they do? I think Mike I think you would agree with this. If they want to try to get to the top they're going to have to trade one of those guys, it's not working. And you know, this is true tell tell them, it's true. The first college football playoff rankings were nounce last night. No surprise at the top Alabama. No surprise the next. Clemson mild surprise next, maybe one loss. LSU ahead of unbeaten Notre Dame them numbers. Five ten or one loss. Power conference teams, unbeaten central Florida number twelve. We'll bundle the committee get it. Right. I feel like if Alabama head me Joel and being they would be unbeatable. No, they would be taller. They would simply be taller, and they would be on social media so much that they'd be shutdown. LSU Simmons went there. I don't like LSU the committee doesn't matter. Whether they got it, right? Because it's the first week as we gave you it doesn't matter. They got depart wrong when they put LSU ahead of Notre Dame. Their name is undefeated with a terrific win over Michigan. I realize LSU has a terrific win against Georgia. But LSU also has something Notre Dame doesn't have which is a loss. It doesn't matter. The Notre Dame controls its own situation. But Notre Dame should be three LSU before. And then after that the other zone, I'm gonna tell you why I think they did that put LSU three with one loss because I looked at the same when you did because Notre Dame by the way if they're undefeated theory in there. Okay. If they have one loss gonna get in they put LSU three. So that if LSU if Alabama loses to drop Alabama's right? You don't have to drop them. That forecast is that they want. It's an agenda. Agenda. They wanna protect Alabama raw Michigan and Georgia. All right where they should into say a good losses. They do mine, Georgia del issue suppose, Elias states, lay in the weeds at ten suppose. Notre Dame loses Saturday to north western noise. Go you know, where to go. I can't imagine they're going to do that. Westerns not that good. I told you Eric Lindros who will you Joel Embiid. Now, the let's look back a couple of days at the medicine housing, Brodie van wagon wagon as their new GMC for you to say is before taking the job. He had to resign is Jacob degrom agent. But he's still knows what he knows about the ground. Right. And the Graham knows he knows. So how is that relationship going to work? You think the Graham should trust this guy? I think he has to trust. Why I think because they've been together in a contractual relationship before. And this guy has worked hard for degrom. You have an agent trust your agent if he went to work for the network and to Goshi against you. Got to see how it goes. So I trust I've a lawyer I trust my lawyer if they name my lawyer the head of ESPN immoral trust. My look this is a wonderful story fraught with nuance in it. I love it. But I think I don't think the Mets higher in wagon and wake just the shutdown his own client. I feel like we need a twig twenty. Okay. So the Denver Broncos just traded a perhaps a guys good. Guys got to marry his Thomas to Houston. Right. They play Texans against this week. That's right. He thinks that the Denver team the guys in that locker room still trust to marry his cousin shop. Doesn't shop passes them wins another talking about arguing against what you just I think van wagon in is still on the degrom team. Again. I don't think that degrom and the other VIN wagon clients will be unfairly suppressed to win the Cy Young. He's due to get some money. They may suppress other people would not that because the pain. Look, Scott Boris is out there ready to collect clients is already taking shots wagons. He won. Is he wouldn't do this? He says it's a great conflict of interest, by the way, it's a massive conflict of interest. Nobody I've forest all this be close. Always Kornheiser say killed him. Yeah. Let's take a break. But coming up front killed a minute. His Lincoln Riley ready to make the leap from coaching Oklahoma to coaching in the NFL. Stupid. Look like the Burger King. We're going to Steve Young when you don't. Few Stafford should feel about the lines trading away his best receiver. Did you throw that hair? Or is that is that? And now I fought from Geico motorcycle, he took fifteen minutes to purchase the gas station egg salad. Eat the gestation egg salad. And regret the gestation summit as you presented numbers to the board. Insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen ellett minutes, which your motorcycle insurance to gyco. Geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance. Time to dig into NFL issues is one of the grittiest players. I've ever seen hall of fame quarterback can Philo private equity fund founders Steve Young. I gotta take these dopey glasses in order to read and put on regular glasses. Let's go the Browns fired you Jackson and Todd Haley. And now there's some speculation into what once was unthinkable hiring college coach with absolutely no NFL experience. Do you think a coach like Lincoln Riley and Oklahoma would have a hard time transitioning into the NFL why would say impossible before but the college game and the pro game pro games falling back to college. We've talked about it many times before Tony. She think about it three. What chip Kelly was at Oregon. Remember the time with all eleven guys would look to the sidelines. They'd hold up a, you know, a cardboard thing, and it'd be a Lincoln and a chicken and the planet earth and their point to one of them that was the play the NFL's getting closer. And so yes, I think that college game that relates more the RPO's the. The way that they're playing at the slip screen all the screen games. So it is more college. Like, so. Yes. But you gotta understand pro football players making a living. And and in an alumni and all this stuff in college. They are still dramatically set apart from you walk into a prof- locker room and be able to dominate and say a look all I can take over here. So you've got to be super careful about college straight to pros. Steve what advice would you give Baker Mayfield with all this nudist in terms of what he could push for me. He's got a sort of the early junior partner in this. I mean, but politically and practically what can he lobby for for himself? You gotta be careful you do not want to be perceived in the public that you're out there trying to manipulate things. I think even LeBron's run into jam that way, I used you want to be that person thinks that you can pull all those strings underneath that though. I think as a young player you can and should and I probably learned this lesson too late to be able to have more influence on who's doing the job. And what it means? You gotta be careful with your teammates. The thing that football so many guys you can get into trouble. But I think the Baker mayfield's should be able to, you know, let people know what works for him, and what doesn't work, but you gotta do it very carefully because you don't want to be the the mass manipulators young player is going through a lot of interceptions. You're gonna lose some games. You're going to be under the gun the jobs too hard. You do not want to add that to the rigor. Let's go to Matt Patricia who's coached about six games already in his career as a head coach. He told the lions that management trading. Golden Tate showed how strongly believed in the players in the locker room. Sorta sounds like. But if you're Matthew Stafford how will you feeling about the team trading away your leading receiver? Well, you're actually still in contention. The lions I, you know, you don't know the dynamics in the locker room, you don't know. What who was you know, there's creative tension. I always talk about all that time and that tensions positive. It's productive and this toxic tension, and that's unproductive, and you need to excise it. And so maybe there's something there that we don't know about that. We can't understand but on its face. It doesn't make any sense at all on us player. One thing about pro football players. They are like at the cutting edge of everything that the coach says, and they have a truth meter, BS meter, right? And every second they're making judgments, and they'll tell each other. There is no no one's fooled. When coach comes in and says, something it doesn't make sense. Trust me. This is a good follow up. Ten. The Packers traded Tom Montgomery was leads me to ask you in. Your time is quarterback particularly in Europe say Super Bowl year. Steve did you ever walk in and say we this guy seriously? He's gotta go. Did you ever do that? Did you ever feel needs? Aaron asked me for advice. Every once in a while is there and the biggest mistake I made was later my career that I didn't use more influence to try to get off into Lyman drafted to. I didn't want overstepped my bounds. Remember, Tim McDonald? And I went when Eddy DeBartolo traded the team, and it was like this time when Carmen Policy gone away, Tim mcdonagh needs to go up the GM's office. We'd have lunch. They're put our feet on the desk and go, okay. What should we do dream about? It can actually be kind of productive. You guys can get in that place. Aaron Rodgers is ready to do that. And that's what I told them. You don't want to be perceived the guy that's going to make this happen. But make sure that you know, your voices heard. And you know, yes, I think he's powerful enough to make something happen. And I think he should at some level became ill. But also make sure that you get taken care of the things that you know, that need to happen on the field even coach's son two feet away from the field. Don't know exactly what you need to be successful. And I think the let them know what you need is really important. I would get you out of here on this. We've talked about everybody else. Now, we're going to talk about you yesterday was the thirtieth anniversary of you. Great game winning forty nine yard touchdown run against the Vikings. Which is incredible to watch. I know you can see it in your mind's eye. How did it feel doing that? Well, you gotta put it in context. You remember Bill Walsh? Pitted. Joe in my and against me tickets each other and kind of said, well who's going to start in here? I am. I mean, he's already won two Super Bowls and Ronnie Lott in Roger Craig everybody in like who's this guy? Who's kid? I get a chance of play. I'm desperate. I'm like, I gotta make it happen. And I sucked. Most of the game has like if you go back and watch that game like, and I'm dying. Unlike literally we and this is a playoff run we have to beat the Vikings. If we don't beat them it we drop below. I can't remember exactly how it was. But it was a key win. And so as I'm running I'm like, I I'm desperate like like in a does raise you can understand. It's still vital by the time. I hit the end zone. I collapsed. Just like the greatest thing ever had like how did that believe me? There was no plan other than pure absolute unadulterated desperation to try to keep a job and have a chance of maybe stay on the field on the great runs ever of all time. Thank you, Steven. I might furry lion like hands which. Seriously. You're going to be itchy itchy. Let's take one last break, but still to come Larry drew wants more money for coaching fab, wouldn't you? What are the chances? He gets it zero. And on the heels of the blow out of the bulls. How many points of the war is put up tonight though? What Twitter I I think I should apologize. We should apologize to Steve. Because of the way we look, and we ask them these apologize to I I don't feel like I apologize to. Well. That's right. You don't have to Riyadh should apologize to the after like. Yeah. Should apologize to meet? Now. You know, you know, what I'm saying? I do Joel Embiid very mouth. Time people happy sixty seventh birthday, Nick Sabin. It is very hard to believe a single word that Nick Sabin says I know this because I've been lied to personally by Nick Sabin, though, not wearing this outfit. But for the sake of argument does anyone believe saving when he said today that he did not know that Alabama was ranked number one in the first playoff bowl. No not last night. No. Course, that's not, you know, great coach great coach not believable. Happy birthday. I feel like you feel like about Nick Sabin. Like, I do Hassan Whiteside. You hate him. Yeah. And if you were wearing the Celtics acidity affiliate you'd be in trouble have the anniversary managing nobly on this day nine years ago. You swatted down a bat that had flown into the arena and delayed the gay kiss. That incident pest control company term Knicks or frontier nobly a bat removal job right after he declared his retirement in August. In addition, the Spurs just announced they will be retiring number twenty jersey in March a bat anniversary on Halloween. How great is that? Also, not would come back and play some game. Games this year because they could use them with all the injuries they've got. And by the way, didn't have to get licensed a tetanus shots for that. I don't know about rabies tempests may be happy trails Mike conduct after giving up two first period goals, and then giving up this ridiculous short-handed golden dorm could've stopped the auto goalie was pulled against the coyotes. Micon is played in only two games this year. He gave up five goals in the first month. Be as you saw that yanked after three in. This is the Ryan Madson or the Nathan Peterman of hockey goalies. And today he was cut having nice day. I feel like I can skate you. I'm sure you could just definitely out scape in spacing. You won't be hysterical to watch big finish. Let's Larry to wants more money to being the acting coach of the Cavs. So you're going to get it. He should get it or just walk. Why do you need to Costa calf that can help your career at this point? David price is not opting out of the final four years at one hundred twenty seven million dollars of his contract with the Red Sox. Why would he of course, he's getting thirty two million dollars a year? Now, they actually lied himself. Their star guard Kyle long out six to eight weeks for the bad footage is a big blow to your bed. He's the best lineman sister covert day Van Horn Hilton Berg Gorth guys back in the dictators. This the big blow scrape player the Bill met barking sixteen for him in. It's two thousand sixteen your thoughts. What do you want him to do? Derek Anderson as a concussion the backup for the Peterman. Last one pelicans warriors tonight predict the final score one forty four one thirty one. That's a lot. But we're out of time. We'll try to better the next time and underneath the sun. Tony corner. I'm Joel Embiid. Same time tomorrow knucklehead you can get the PTI podcast on the ESPN app or apple podcasts. I am put to ten down a rim.

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