The Great Gildersleeve 50-05-03 (365) Bronco Disappears


The Kraft, foods company makers of Craft Quality Foods Presents Herald Perry as the Great Gildersleeve. Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the Kraft Foods company makers of the wonderful new craft deluxe slices. Everybody's talking about. Have you discovered this marvelous new way to buy cheese in slices craft? Deluxe slices are different from any sliced cheese. You ever had in your life before they're perfect. Slices cut wrapped and sealed by craft a little later on. I'll tell you all about the amazing new craft deluxe slices. Well. It won't be long now. Just a few more days and the great guilder sleeves knees. Marjorie heads for the altar to become the blushing Brian of. Thompson. Say. Isn't this the great man coming up the street? Sure, is I- golly the water commissioners home from the office early today. A wonder what's up. ME. That's. You. Wedding rehearsal tonight, can I ask. let me go I've never seen a wedding with. This isn't going to be the wedding, my boy, they're just gonNA practice. I've never seen that either I ought to go along. It'll be part of my education education. Sure every little bit helps. Photographers magazine and going to be. They're getting ready to shoot pictures. The wedding I suppose you should go boy kane anchor as good and see how your little sisters getting along. After you. Oh, thank you, Leroy! What's happened to the boy? I'm Hamburg he wears Marjorie. Bedroom. Way Down been working today. Just been sailing around here. She's excited. Yes, She'd been zipping through the kitchen out to the garage, zipping back in zipping. I've ducking. Gio on any help. Getting Ready for the honeymoon DRIPPIN's. You ought to do it ourselves off Brian. A see wrong. Oh beaten up slacks. Sweatshirt hairs hanging down or is boy. Bronco should see. He joined the navy. Even scared me. Is that you? Here she comes. Well, when you get home, monkey. Liro. Him nothing pay no attention to a my dear just making fun of your. What an outfit! I've been working on. Key can expect me to wear evening gown. When I'm digging suitcases out of that dusty old garage, so. I don't know why they had to build a garage. Way Out in the back seems like I had to lug those suitcases a mile. Look at my shoes. Those are shoes. It is quite a ways back to the garage. She could only see her now. Oh, stop it, society, flesh laundry to the blushing bride, was devastating and Gorgeous Prune colored slacks decorated with. A new ankle length sweatshirt courtesy uptown. Bowling. Alley. All Right, we roy that will do. BRACCO all die. Smarter here he is modular dead. Why can't let him see me like this one? I'm going to do go stand in a corner. We'll tell them you'RE A up. Had you fund, not go outside. Go on Scott. And he was so polite before Marjorie. Mr Broncos hear well. Tell Them I can't see him Birdie. Do anything of the kind brady. Being very childish about this Marjorie after all Bronco isn't here to pick you up for debate, this is the man you're gonNA marry. There's a difference but I never seen me like this and these terrible old clothes. What Lee! My goodness, miserly Broncos, marrying you not a three piece ensemble from. If he loves you. He won't care if you wearing a gunny sack. Awful sweatshirt from a bowling alley. Nothing awful about it. I want to tournament and that's what. Own Bronco. She'd be there in a minute. I suppose you're right Akiko shouldn't make any difference source that my dear fact. Here's a chance to prove yourself. The Bronco really left. She'll just wash a little face. Powder your nose and come in just as you I. Hope you're right onto right. Silly girl worrying about Bronco getting cold feet. He so crazy about he doesn't know which way he's going. At boy is numb with love. Well. Hello, Brown a home. MR, killer sleeve saying I'm glad I caught. You taught me. I'm on a merry go round Mr Gildersleeve. Boy The groom is always a little dizzy before the wedding. Oh No, it's not that the fellow who is going to be my best man has gone out of town. Mr Gildersleeve, do you suppose judge Hooker would stand up for me the judge why he'd be tickled to Death Ronco Gobert houses afternoon and ask him oh thanks Mr Gildersleeve. Kinda mixed up. I've watched other people get married, but gosh this time it's me. It's you all right Mr Gildersleeve. You may not believe this, but my heart just stops beating every time I think about Marjorie and. How beautiful she is. Beautiful, and now we I feel like I'm marrying an angel with stars in her hair. Yeah, Gossamer gown of Purest Gold Zeke. Bronco. Darling Oh March I. mean. Marge. Don't I look dreadful Bronco. No. I mean you refine wonderful. What happened? Bronco Marjorie has been working hitting little suitcases ready for your honeymoon trip. He's not a cute little sweatshirt. I'm sorry Bronco I shouldn't have let you see me like this, and just before the wedding rehearsal too long. That's all right, marge, look just like you always do. Bronco I. Mean You always look good to me? Do I-. BRONCO, sure boy genius! He slipped out of that one. Well I have to hurry and get dressed. The rehearsal starts at eight o'clock, and we have to be at the Church at seven thirty rock. Oh, GOSH! That reminds me Mr Gildersleeve. Joe I forgot what I came for I'm on a merry go round. Well, stay on at my boy. Maybe you'll catch a ring. Yeah thanks. Mr Sleep. I came to ask if I. Borrow your car. My back tire blew out and I've got to be at the railroad station at four o'clock rotation yet to pick up Hazel, Hazel Hazel Hazel McCoy. She's a girl. I used to know a kind of a friend of the family. Clear from Miami Beach for the wedding. Isn't that swell? Yes, that's very nice. Certainly good to have friends that wedding. Yes, sir, your the keys. The studebaker boy in the garage. Thanks MR killer sleep out. See you later, Mar.. Choke it. That's funny. Never told me about girl named him. He probably forgot my dear. He's on America around the. Why didn't you tell me about her? Oh, for module. You can't expect him to tell you about all the girls you ever knew. A man forgets I. Know Lots of girls that I remember. I wouldn't mind so much. He hadn't Siemian awful outfit. Herkel, MORT! What are you supposed this Hazel McCoy looks like where she's probably as plain as an shoot mightier. He said she was a family friend. Probably a book collector like Mister Thompson wonder if she's a blond Nah. Why was he in such a hurry to pick her up? He didn't want Mr train now March. We don't start getting any silly ideas. I guess you're right, ocoee. I am being silly broncos safe. In never have to worry about that. Boy, you up and get ready for the rehearsal. I go over and see judge booker why Judge Hooker for the wedding. My dear, he's going to be the best man. Oh, that's wonderful. What a combination, a Bronco in an old goat! y'All day I simply don't know what to say. Don't say anything judge, just be their. Course you may have to hold Bronco up during the ceremony I'll take care of them. I'll bring along my acid bag. It has great restorative powers. Such occasion us the rehearsals at eight o'clock tonight. Judge over at the church. You can count on me, Galley. Ma I have never been so deeply touching. What finer gesture friendship than to be invited to stand at the side of one about to catapult himself into the tossing, sees of matrimony. A wedding, not a shipwreck. It's a great moment. A young man's life guilty. I should be proud to be standing on the deck when they launched their little ship upon the Sea of like, oh my goodness. I was Marjorie standing up under the approach of the Great Day LLC's little upset at the moment judge very cute, though she's worried about Bronco and another girl little jealous I think. Green Monster. Bronco barred my card to go to the depot. He's picking up an old girlfriend who came up for the wedding. No girlfriend render the family judge. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE GUILTY? Every girl is a friend of somebody's family. Starting on this for us, and I'm sure. Madre has nothing to worry about. That's what I. Tell Her judge, but when Bronco came over this afternoon, Marjorie had been working and she looked like well. She wasn't dressed up. And you know how girls are judge Oh indeed. I kept telling us that this friend of broncos was probably the plainest creature imaginable, no competition whatsoever why signal now if she looked like this look at this evening's paper Yelich. What's this? See the picture of the girl on the front page? The woman the bathing suit. Yes! broncos old girlfriend looked like that magic might have reason to be concerned. He what a blonde fire hazard. Don't have my glasses guilty. Who is the leading Oh? Probably some movie star see what it says here Miss Everglades of Nineteen forty-six arrived today. It'd be guest of Broadmoor residents. Miss Hazel McCoy all semantic out of the way judge. You GotTa get home and snagged evening paper before my I don't understand you know this blonde bombshell I don't know the bomb judge, but I'm going to. It's falling right on our little house. ooh! Courses. The Great Gildersleeve will be right back. You know they say seeings believing and that's why I'd like you to stop at your grocers. Derek case when you were shopping tomorrow and take home a package marked craft deluxe slices. Then you'll see for yourself that a package so neat really can hold eight big easy to separate slices of cheese craft deluxe slices. Here's really fine pasteurized process cheese that's cut into generous slices wrapped eight big slices. Do each need half pound package. 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Mike's let Rocco mustard. Line thing day wedding rehearsal. All almost passed the house. No paper too late host. Hazel McCoy I mean. Where's evening paper? Leroy cannot. What's the excitement wouldn't understand my boy. Anybody seemed Bronco just in the bribe. Who? Good, old Bronco. Yes sir! There's a car back in the garage. What's going on around here today? Everybody's Margot never mind. My boy is going to be all right. You want along now. I'm going back and lockup garage. Didn't do over-the-counter running. Silly to getting upset of Morocco and that girl. Just a family friend like you said. Well, it's all part of the goes of the wedding. Maija probably in the pop right now billion cu. Bronco working, up an appetite for dinner. I lock up the old garage, relax. Oh brother what an afternoon! That you miss guilty. That's right pretty whereas Bronco. That's what MS module liked to know it. What is not here Nelson? You better go in and see Miss Marjorie. She's on the wallpaper. Birdie the cars in the garage. Maybe the cars in the garage, but you better go see Miss Marjorie that's a girl at just seen and paper. BIRDIE BRONCO has to be here maybe has to be here, but hey, you nothing ever even Abela. Yes birdie, but oh, Miss March ready to get married and yet comes even paper nobre. SMART. Good. Sake no sooner. Get off and Mary. I'm right back on it again. gumming. Piper uncle more. Yes, Martin means nothing to get excited about the cars in the garage. Broncos here no use these on where with that bloomed everglades in nineteen, forty, six lost in the swamp. But he can't be my dear the cars. He probably just walked out of the service station to pick up peace car. You think so on key certainly. Right my dear if you're gonNA MARRY BRONCO YOU GOTTA learn to trust him. That's the most important part of a marriage all right Anki. Man and his wife have to believe in each other Marjorie faith and trust is just as important as love. But. What. Wrong. Hi Bernie. Trump up behind me like that. What wrong we got in this house. I thought she was Mr. Bronco Alcorn shake, hasn't he showed up yet? No, he ain't. Margie piece nothing down looking out the windows. Mr Guilty leave pacing up and down is going to be Golden Church for the wedding rehearsal I no list of article he'll come back on. It's dinner time policy. Bronco coming up the street. Rumson bullard with his alligator briefcase. Six o'clock Wears Bronco. Marjorie he'll come back birdie starting dinner. He's bound to be here on the night of our wedding rehearsal. He leaves me Marjorie please stop. Wailing probably had to wait for his tire to be fixed. He's only been gone a couple of hours. That blonde from the everglades. Why didn't you stay there NAM? Idea that girl means nothing Bronco. How could he be interested in her? Look at the picture. I mean. Why should he I mean he wouldn't I'm not even gonNA think about. The girl comes back. He'll come back if he doesn't. He doesn't s the spirit, my dear but okay. Just a quarter of seven. What happened the loverboy? Must be somewhere. Rocky gotta be somewhere. Why don't you call a gas station I called the gas station. He's not there well too bad. He flew the coop. Mr Banker Ms Margy not yet burden. He's Gone Leroy. Stop saying he's gone. How do you know he's gone? He's. Gone. What a household! DARNED BRONCO ANYWAY! Where is that boy? See, maybe took everglades, I mean he's back abroad. Marred was family shoe. Think Solanki, certainly the telephone call dear mother Thomson. Bullard on the line. They could go on all night. Excited about Leroy go sit on the front porch. You wait here Marjorie. Down a PBS show and use the pay phone. At home, Marjorie. Don't tell me I know. Bronco Hello PV. Demand from look. Magazine tells me they're going around a Lotta pictures. You might Jewish wedding next week. That's. Like me, shapes copies for about twenty. But right now just WanNa, use your telephone. We have a little problem at our house. A couple of Nichols please. Tune Echoes Mr Galaxy I gave you a dying PD? NO HARM IN Of I. Get into this Dr. Can getting into. The booth is right next to the perfume counter. TV Lodge man got in there the other day and sneeze what? Broke two dollars done right? TV I didn't get in here to sneeze I've got to make a very important phone call. I go ahead. Operator get me broadmoor to to Eric King Alright at home I don't know pb. broncos disappeared yuan, saying yeah, he went down to the depot to pick up an old girlfriend that miss everglades on the front page of the newspaper Oh. It's not that at all. Young man like Bronco, look twice. A girl dressed like she was. Get Your Party together. They probably left for the church. You Man, are you getting out of the phone booth? Now Mr go to PB. quit worrying about your toilet. I'm not going to sneeze. Dying operated didn't give me my nickelback. Sometimes a nickel down and people don't hear it, does I find quite a few Nikko got we? Can't see in this coin slot. Dusty. Always holding onto divided. Go home and tell my I couldn't find him the Harry Jacket House. Human thank you. Can understand this why the boy should drop suddenly out of sight this way. TV If you went out of the depot to pick up a girl like Hazel a friend of the family. Where would you go? Well no use Mitha guilty. Peavy doesn't have any friends like that. All right goodnight. Know Useful Morton, I'm going to call. Off The wedding rehearsal. My, dear, it's only seven thirty I'm going to call off the wedding to. Can't call off now. I took my. Boy Go out in the kitchen with Birdie out there comedy. Come in here with you. I'll never get married. I'll never trust another man as long as I live. Be Fair something must have happened to the boy what happened. He got cold feet. Leroy go out and sit in the front porch, sitting on the front porch. Go sit there some more Alpha corns. STARTED, when I walk into walked into this room when Rocco saw me and Los Terrible Clo-. When he went down to the depot and saw that, but bathing beauty largely Bronco wouldn't leave you. I wish I knew all. I know my ears at Bronco up show. He wouldn't push you aside for bathing suit dial face. Marjorie if you say that once. Met Marjorie, any word Mr Bronco not a word Birdie. Omits. This is the end uncle mort. I don't care what anybody else says. I'm never gonNA speak to Bronco Again, never going to see him again. Marjory I'm going to pack up and leave. How go to Washington and be a census taker Just. Don't try out of anything I'm through. Walk. Up Everybody. Scott, what's that? Mr Gildersleeve! On here Bronco Marjorie, it's. A large Circle Thompson. What happened to you? Goodness, Sake, look at your close by you look like you've fallen into a threshing machine I had to crawl out a window. Cry Out a window, Oh you. Take, it easy module Ronco Thompson. Where is that Blonde Blonde Oh Hazel? O.? She and her husband and the two children went to a hotel. See. I was right all the time. Rock aware of you've been. Been I've brought your uncle's car back and drove it in and I was sitting there for a second thinking and somebody locked the garage. The Garage Ronco Baby. If you've been in the garage time, yeah I yelled and yelled, but it's way back there. Nobody heard me all Bronco. You poor darling yeah. Yeah. PUT The dinner on! Broncos, back for the wedding. Folks startup the merry-go-round again. A. Great Lee will be with us again very shortly. Simply amazing. That's what women are saying about. The need package marked craft the slices, and it is simply amazing. How one package so neat holds eight sandwich sized slices, our whole half pound of wonderful pasteurized process cheese, and it's mental, good cheese that's cut wrapped and sealed right in the SPIC and span craft plant, so every slice is clean and sanitary and absolutely perfect craft. Deluxe cheese slices are easy to separate to really quick snacks and sandwiches tomorrow. Look in your grocer's dairy case for craft deluxe cheese slices. Today. The rehearsal went well. Oh! going. To be a beautiful wedding. Hey, hank! But is it my boy look at margin Bronco out on the porch. Standing there saying good night for half an hour. Commute must be going. To say good night fifty times. Someday you'll understand my boy. Takes a lot of good nights to say good night when you're in love. Nine. All Boy This is our last time to say good night on the porch. Next week they'll be married. Mayton. Mobile, friends will join us for the wedding. League is played by her own parents. Goal was written by Paul John Elliott, an Andy White with music by Jack, meeting included in the cast or Walter Mary Lee Robb Lillian. Randolph Earl Ross, Dick Grant. This is Jim Doyle, saying good night for the Kraft Foods company makers of the famous line of craft quality food weddings. Be Sure to listen in next Wednesday for my wedding on the Great Gildersleeve Show and folks. There's another treat in store for you next Wednesday on NBC MR and Mrs Ronald Koeman starring in their fine program. The halls of ivy written by my old friend Don Quinn join our Wednesday night entertainment lineup. To welcome the Coleman's and invite all of you to listen to the halls of Ivy two good night. which suit your taste mustard? 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