Feelings missing the gut, this time


Welcome to extra extra presented by sports. I'm your host Vince. Douglas Gregory no filter a recent survey. Who I just. I just got to see it. I just have to say it because if I don't say you will not believe me if I don't say it out. Lau that is if I don't say it aloud it would not be believed even though even though I could care less about the believability of it I could I could. I shoot and I possibly would. How ever have how ever it needs to be needs to be said? I'll allow it needs to be said out loud. It needs to be said allow for everyone to hear it just needs to is just something that has to be done. It's just one of those things that has to be done. I am a little under the weather. No definitely not sick indefinitely. Not Ill even though no. I wasn't I wasn't going to be a go. I wasn't going to be good that that wasn't going to be good so I just let it. I just let just let the time go by that time. Space continuing go by inches. And just let it. Just let go. I'm a little tired. Definitely not under the weather definitely not sick. Not even ill. Not even you reason being reason being when I usually get Jhirad year. I'm getting into Jira because I got places to go. I got people to see. I got things to do or some combination of the two or multiple choice answers or some combination of other answers. That's not that that has not been included for obvious reasons. I'm trying to get somewhere but in the process of getting somewhere. I want to be entertained. I want some kind of entertainment some form of entertainment in the form of entertaining entertainment in a way of being entertained at this moment. Since it's only me within the G Ri- It is to go with the flow or putting putting my Music put in my music saying dance. Make my chest pop and do all the things that make me happy and by now you should know all the things or most of most of the things that make me happy and singing and dancing in the G. Ride is one of the things but I. I don't. I don't think that some of the news. I don't think that any of the noobs have have heard me have heard me say I've been singing and dancing and the g right and making my chest pop and just having a good old time. Some of the news haven't heard that yet and I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Good some time or how to do it and I do it with a smile on my face because come on the smile is where it's at so I'm delivering his bad news. There will be there'd be no me saying that I was singing dancing in a g ride and having such a good grand time and basically doing the things that make me feel good and doing the things that make me happy. And I wasn't even doing the happy dance off in Deji ride see and here is the thing for whatever reason. I just can't quite place my finger on it I just can't figure it out right now. I just I just don't know and this is where intuition and gut feeling supposed to kick in and help me out. But intuition and gut feeling it hasn't kicked in and it hasn't helped me out. I've just been thinking about a lot of things I've been thinking about a lot of stuff. And these things that have been thinking about these items. Been Thinking about these ideas that I've been thinking about all of these moments that I've been pondering all of these that. I've just been waiting to let go and release Lego and release. Well here is. Here's another thing his two here's three. Here's four here's five key town but I don't believe I can count hard and five. I don't believe I can count higher than five or I can. I can recall. I couldn't recall. Tell you what the number is at the Fi- right about now? It's it's one of those moments is one of those moments. I'm still trying to figure it out it. I'm thinking about it intuition and gut feelings. They left me to fend for myself. They've left me alone to do as I must is. Not a real good feeling. It's not a real good feeling because I was able to just go about my routine and you know I feel about routine you know. How Filipino routines? So I was able to go about my daily that means they end out or every day you pick you pick your venture you pick your own adventure because there's nothing like me just depending on my intuition depending on my gut feeling. Tis just get me throughout the day to just get me throughout the week. There's just get meet throughout the month. Just give me throughout the year and so forth. Just make it possible. Just make everything a little bit easier. Just helped me out. Not necessarily the pather least resistance. Just give me give me an advantage. Give me an advantage when it comes to the daily. Give me l. leg up when it comes to a routine. Just help me out. Help me out please. When it comes to everything intuition and gut feeling. I don't know I don't know where it's where it's where cons where when he comes back or anything to that but I'm finished for myself right now and I'm using my mind thinking logics and processes and all of that stuff and let me tell you this. I didn't think it was so hard to do. I didn't know thanking was so hard to do. I've been thinking so much that I actually slept for more than eight hours and when I get more than eight hours of sleep is like I got no sleep whatsoever. And if he's got no sleep whatsoever. Everything's just messed up. From the beginning to the end from beginning to end everything is just messed up when I get more than eight hours asleep and I notice. Sounds like a pariah. Bloom burswood problem that is and let me just beat a one to tell you is well known that anytime. I get over. Eight hours of sleep is not good. It's not good for me. It's not good for anyone and it's definitely not good for everything it makes me feel like singing dancing in a g ride and depending on intuition and gut feelings. I don't think the I don't think I don't they come back around. I don't think they awaken. I don't think they woke like me. I don't think they are all of the other things that are associated with being awake wakened woke. I can keep going. I can keep going. And what boy bowl wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-what pushed me to this. What were what pushed me. Just me to this in push me in a direction is I left something behind. I love something behind. A my intuition and gut feelings didn't kick me in and let me realize or let me know something was afoot. Something was about something was up. Something was not right. Something was incorrect. Something was abnormal. Something different. Something was peculiar. Something was just totally totally. Strange intuition and gut feel unusually alert alert. Alert something's wrong. Something's wrong well intuition and fill. It didn't alert me to any any any of that any of that. And I guess that's understandable why I can just get into cheap rod and not saying and not dads and not make my chest pop. I just got in. My jira turned on the radio. The radio listen. Listen listen listen to the news now. The News I don't do the radio you can go and fine and figure out which store document points to the. I don't do the radio but I'll give you a headstart. I don't do radio so from from this point on if you want to know the in depth detail story of that. Hey choose your chooser journey. Choose your journey or pick your own adventure or ignore. It's cheap. It costs nothing. I don't do I just don't I don't do the radio I don't do too radio. The radio has commercials commercials. Something I want to avoid commercials is something I don't care for. Commercials is the root of all evil. And I stand behind that one million percent in. Please tell me that. There's no such thing as one million percent please please. I am here all day every day for this and that is the thing. Intuition cut feeling was Roy way off or just not around and just letting me down not singing dancing in Jhirad and more important or most importantly I listening to the radio. I am listening to the radio in G. Rye and I don't do too radio. I don't do commercials and there's a lot of things I don't do either foot but for the sake but for the sake of time for the sake of my my my capacity and the sake of your capacities in the capacities of a capacities. Time has been save. Time has been saved. I don't do radio. I don't do commercials but sets the sense. I've been thinking more often than not. I've actually been getting sleeps on Donovan. Team no sleep. Things aren't keeping me up at night. I'm actually getting breast and I'M NOT SAYING AND DANCING. And the G ride or making my chest pub or doing a happy dance or doing the things that make me feel good because if you can't do the things that make you feel do you show should be the things to make you feel bad or make other people feel bad. Psa P. S. You go ahead and put that on Grand. Put that on a cookie or to each his own to each's oh. I want to just get back to singing dancing in a Jhirad. I feel I feel as though at the intuition and gut fill and have to get back on track though because this is not. This isn't the only occasion isn't the only thing that got me. I'm impasse rattle. I'm on thin. Ice A MON steets on thin ICE SKATES STRANA. Stay away from the AOL train because in the snow you just don't know you just don't know you just don't you just don't know and I just did no and I don't know when I leave behind on leaving something behind but right right win. I'm about to leave something behind. Right win them about the walkout and something has been left behind. There's just the little there's just something it just something within. There's just something deep deep deep within just it's like a it's like a. It's like a feeling a feeling undescribable feeling. Just deep inside is undescribable fillings. Let me like wait a minute. Something's a little bit off something a little bit off and not right and right before about the leaves something right before. I'm about to walk away right before about to just continue doing what I need to do. The bills and whistles alarms and everything goes off and intuition and gut feelings. Let me know wake up you about the Lee something behind and here. We are intuition and gut feelings. You you didn't do that for me. You do for me but I don't I still don't want I still don't want smoke. I still don't want no drama. Definitely definitely not not what the chaotic moment right. Now I'm I'm just trying to. I'm just trying to figure some things out. I'm just trying to figure some things out and get back on the right foot and just make life a little bit easier and I need the help of intuition and gut feelings and better yet. I want to sing dance. And the Giradi make my chest pop. 'cause I wanna be able to tell the news of the year the news of the decade that. I'm just saying I'm dancing. I'm off in a G I and everything is all to the. Gd everything is you know that would be something. I'd like to do in this foreseeable future but the way things are looking. I'M NOT GONNA hold my breath but one can hope.

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