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Join us. The shops asked offers or gel them twenty nine, gene. We're going back on all losers in DSP of wins in the freemen novices hurdle on day. One of the festival that's free bet refundable twenty or twenty pound in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland shops, not your home the best value for Cheltenham festival twenty nineteen eighteen TS and CS apply. AP radio news. I'm Ed Donahue, the vote is in from the British parliament on Brexit. He is to the right to g to the nose to the left three hundred nineteen one of defeat for Prime Minister, Theresa may. I continue to believe that by far the best outcome is United Kingdom leaves the European Union an orderly fashion with a d. And the DA we've negotiated is the best and indeed the only deal of edible maze. Parliament will get to vote between a no deal Brexit and delaying departure from the European Union opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn has another vote in mind. The prime minister's run down the clock on the caucus rain run out on her written is supposed to leave the European Union. At the end of the month. Stanford University says it has fired sailing coach John van damore. He's accused of taking part in a widespread bribery scheme to get rich kids into elite colleges to Hollywood stars, Felicity Huffman, and Laurie Laughlin are also facing charges Joseph bona blanquita is the FBI special agent in Boston some spent anywhere from two hundred thousand to six and a half million dollars for guaranteed admission. Their actions were without a doubt, insidious selfish and shameful Wake Forest university suspended its head volleyball coach the entire European Union grounded the Boeing jetliner involved in the airlines crash or bandit from their airspace. Other countries have done so as well the US and Canada have not Utah. Republican Senator Mitt Romney hopes there is a change in the US to do is just to ground these aircraft. So that the the airlines that have them would be able to adjust schedules on Capitol Hill. Robert lighthizer, the top US trade negotiator is suggesting the US and China are nearing an agreement that would end trade tensions between the two countries. He did not say when that could happen. This is AP radio news. New York and federal prosecutors are joining to get some one hundred thousand rape kits tested around the country Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus. Vance says his office has spent thirty eight million dollars processing rape evidence kits in jurisdictions around the country. I was convinced that investing this on a national basis would in fact end up solving New York as this New York sent money to test fifty five thousand rape kits. Justice department program is tested, forty five thousand more between them they have netted a thousand arrests and hundreds of convictions. New York cleared its own backlog years ago, but there are still an estimated one hundred fifty five thousand kits around the country in which evidence has been collected. But not tested, Warren Levinson, New York and appeals court is upholding in Ohio antiabortion law that blocks public money for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood says the funding has helped provide tests for sexually transmitted diseases. Cancer screenings domestic violence education and efforts to reduce infant mortality. I'm ed. Donahue, AP radio news.

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