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30 - Special Guest: Jimmy Butler


Hello welcome along to special edition of the two podcasts. Beware in Miami Florida for latest primarily Mornings Fan. I got the chance to sit down with four-time NBA all-star Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat. Here is a full interview with him discussing his passion for football. You didn't in place for a kid you know you in in Rio went to two thousand sixteen gold medal gay. So Brazil beat Germany Neymar to win the gold medal. For the host nation. Brazil right footed take the Olympic gold for the first time in their history and you had a connection. We believe with Neymar was he. The one that caught your eye the skills and the things guys these to go. He's the he's the first player that I actually had paid attention to and became a fan going down. I just used to walk around in his full in socks and everything and Brazil says gee whatever his his name to the death of me still still in and that was where you really start to fall enough of the game. South Park from Neymar stadium wins the gold medal match. What what was it about that? Game aimed at just you thought I want peace of this just the way that the crowd was constantly into the game. I think it helped obviously because it was in Correo Brazilian game but just everybody liked the energy and how happy everybody was trying to a big difference to the basketball crowd a bit. You know how many people were in this stadium like. There's no way that people could fit three of these stadium. You an explosion of emotion in America and there are so many people in their chanting and standing and jumping happy and doing everything while this matches going on. I've never been in something like that. And then that's what I was like. Wow these people really love this game really love this guy. Is it the single in China and the banks different to an NBA crowd or sports crowd. That there is something different but no yeah. I think that that one was because it was for a country like so all of Brazil was like the whole country was like shut down to to to wrap to to show love to these players and they play so hard. But I'm telling you just the way that you know you see everybody hugging each other through a goal and goals like we spore so when you score Goi and just like every time why is everybody is chairing everybody standing up. And it's like that. He won't arrive. Go over and watch Paul for Menu. It's like that everywhere that everybody is is so forcing them when you get a goal or when something big happened like the state of me rubs game in Europe when you went to you was much deny when the first game in Europe all year of. Yeah if it's before fears because of the name can natch still have a relationship with name. Oh Yes yes I talked to him yesterday before and after is championship game. Yeah he's I'm I'm telling you that to turn into a There's there's so many people in the game in Sport and I think we there's a bond because those guys love love basketball a lot is will it gives them something that they're not so good that they can try to try to master just like me in this football relationships the poor plumper. I'm in Senegal and I'm in the hotel and I see this lady walked by and I'm like I've senior before I don't know if I've seen you I've seen somebody that's looks identical to you fast forward a little bit of time. Talking is Paul's mother and she calls him on facetime and gives me a false parlor going back and forth and I'm based in London at the time working now a training all this though so I was telling them. It's like a two hour train or something like that. Yeah you gotta come to the game so I got to go watch menu against Chelsea or the first game I I think I saw it so I was. I was there at the game We went to dinner afterwards and then I had to get back but Everson's in the bond me and him have have continually grown as well. I actually have I made a what's What's it called like a soccer tennis football tennis court at my house in half of it is it is all like France number? You're going to have his name more but like those are those are my two geology. Recognize some kind of cullen things between you and Paul talked about how you know greatness or dedication. Do you recognize in another fellow amazing athlete. I do but the thing that I like most about Paul. He plays both sides of the ball. he he does everything and I would like to think that I do that on a basketball court. And then the passion that he plays with the way that he works on in just how he wants to win. That's that's his name he wants is to win. Anything you ask them to do is just let them win. I think that's what I respect the most about so an MBA. So we're having to go about it which NBA player. Do you think would make the best football football soccer star. I mean you're talking their guys in the League from Europe so they grew up planes so I mean Gore and can really play. Joel embiid can really play. I I can name fifteen other European. NBA Players Second. Probably play anybody. Anybody you play with supports the legal. Don't they watches as well as your and Gordon Does Gore and watches football five times as much as I do like. He's always coming and did you see this. Did you see this go ahead. You see this past. Did you see this celebration He Gordon Lousy to what you've been doing what's been fun about your time in Miami so far in a few months literally. I'm not saying this because I'm talking to you. legit football time dislike pickup. Pick up talker. And what if you're going to get something twisted ankle look only play one side of the ball. I'm not moving when you kick it. You told me I'm kicking it. I'm kicking at the golden because right now. I don't know exactly where the ball's GonNa go when I kick get so confused him. It's probably GonNa go what I'm saying and then I'm playing football tennis at the house like it's that's what it is and then I play paddle here and there but other than that. Football is a big part of my training regiment. It is okay that does it for this special condition with Jimmy Butler of the two of Paul cast for sure to subscribe and listen to every episode of the Tube. Ob podcast on Apple. PODCAST or anywhere while you listen to your post uh-huh.

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