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Civivis New Folding Bowie and Cleaver, Spydercos 2020 Reveal #5 and Several SOG Knives The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 111)


Welcome to the Ninth Junkie. Podcast your weekly dose of Knife. News and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your host Jim Person. Involved the knife Junkie DEMARCO. Hello fellow knife. Jackie and welcome to episode number. One hundred and eleven. That's one one one of the knife Janke. Podcast time jump person. And I'm Bob Demarco. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for joining us on the knife. Junkie podcast the place for knife newbies and nine junkies to learn all about knives and knife collecting our mid week supplemental episode as we like to call it where we get a chance to dive deep into knives talk about knife stories in the news product drops let Baba kind of talk about new knives. Do some knife reviewing and today. We're going to talk about the ultimate Steel Promo as well as Bob's instagram knife auction coming up tomorrow night. If you're listening as this Show drops on Wednesday may thirteenth that auction coming up tomorrow night. And that's a also going to benefit knife rights couple of stories and knife life news talk about a new folding. Bowie or buoy. However you like to talk about it. That also has a cleaver from city so as spider coz twenty twenty knife reveal. And we're GONNA be diving into Bob's state of the collection was new knives from songs. So Bob a lot to talk about buddy yet. Yeah it's always like Oh this Wednesday supplemental just a couple of things to discuss. But then I started going right but a couple of topics on the paper and it looks like Three minutes worth of stuff. But there's a lot of stuff behind each of those topics. Yes well these are deep important things. The first thing I wanna I wanNA mention and we mentioned this on every show right now is the ultimate steel promo. We just had On this week's interview show we had Doug Ritter Talking about a knife rates in the age of Hove it. And what nights has been going through not to mention. Also the release of his new mini R. S. K. mark-2. That's the Awesome Ritter Grip now made by. Hoke writes in the ultimate steel Is now open season so that means they are now taking donations for this several long fund. Drive and you have the chance to win some amazing custom and production knives depending on what level you you donate in it. And then of course we here at the knife junkie are going to be auctioning off the items that were donated during during the April. Eighteenth townhall Some Bob tercel items going out in one lot and a super. Cq Seven CQ see seven. Excuse me by Emerson going out in another lot. So the proceeds from that auction on instagram will will also be going to the ultimate steel. Please check out knife rights checkout Doug Ritter and his amazing knives that he has right now. Oem by Hogan they're just killing it. Yeah just want support them Jim. I just want to mention them every chance I get because it's because them that so many more people in this country for instance right now can carry an automatic knife. He's been working hard in our state. Our state has been has been A very stubborn. But I know he'll breakthrough so I wanNA keep supporting him and maybe a change of administration will help as well that might have to be what it is all right but again that's a knife rights dot org or go to I think ultimate steel dot org or in your favorite search engine. If you'll just type in ultimate steel twenty twenty you'll go to the ultimate steel knife rights page right there and Lada. Great stuff to have a chance to win a lot of Donation levels if you feel like giving twenty bucks or five hundred bucks or whatever there's lots of different breakdowns and with each level of donation you get an increased level of entries for chances to win and back and listen to episode one ten. Which was this past Sunday than I've Chunky? Dot Com slash. One one zero again. Bob Said you'll hear that interview with Doug. Ritter more explanation and details about The knife rights organization. It's amazing to me. The the level of of product that makers manufactures donate to this very cause to to raise interest in the ultimate steel. Because they understand that Doug is fighting for the for their for their very right to exist basically to manufacture. Make these things. So I mean you'll get you have a chance to win some incredible custom knives Oh okay I'm just going on. Just check it out. Ultimate STEEL ULTIMATE STEEL DOT ORG. And check it out. Okay so yeah great. Great stuff there from Knife rights and Bob Today is Wednesday or Thursday. Night show comes out every Thursday. Which is I eat Tamara. In case you're listening today when this show drops if all that makes sense but Last Thursday night knives a really great show. I enjoyed it. Spirited whiskey was the guest co host what a breadth of knowledge just a a great co host. I thought yet. Excellent a great guy Really excellent taste and an incredible collection kind of on the very high end but we had an interesting conversation and and we landed at You know the effectiveness of all these Chinese. Oem's like best tech we rea- etc and how that market is thriving in China. And how perhaps that market could be thriving in the United States to and we started talking about. What if there was a more robust? Oem Community or market here. And what if that was some sort of collaborative I dunno you start the word? Collaborative start sounding like communism and things are GONNA get unfair but but basically or either woo. Yeah Yeah Yeah Right. We're all GONNA get together and it's GonNa be combined but but but the point is like. Is it possible to be making some of these incredibly manufactured? Oem Knives like say that we are react makes but here in the states and it was a topic that We kind of locked onto and people were responding to so if you have any thoughts on that email us and just let us know. I'm kind of interested not that I'm planning on starting an opium but it's It is an idea whose time has come here in the United States and I think the current climate really underscores that. Well we could certainly be involved in the promotion and marketing end of this new American made against us right. That's right so if you if you do have thoughts about that and yeah. It was an interesting conversation. Email Bob Bob at the knife JUNKIE DOT COM war. Give us a call on the listener line. Let us know your thoughts. We'd love to play him back here on one of the podcast or he'll join us on Thursday knives. We can continue this conversation. Bokova the listener line at seven two four four six four four eight seven that seven two four four six six four four eight seven. Let us know your thoughts about the American. Oem you're listening to the knife Junkie podcast and now. Here's the knife junkie with the knife. Life News so yet again. Severe has a couple of new knives that we're going to discuss and I know that leading does not sound enthusiastic but actually these are pretty cool but this is all coming from the perspective of a single severe owner. I own the shredder and I like it for. It's for the qualities that it's lauded for however it's not quite my thing and I think I'll probably be moving along but these two new Savi's that they have they have a new Bowie model called the dogma which is kind of an interesting well. They're both interesting names and then the and then they have a cleaver or or Yeah it's like a cleaver shaped folder called the mini bull mastiff which is Kinda Funny. Many bull massive. These are interesting for two different reasons. I'll start with the low hanging. Fruit the mini bull mastiff will be the first severe cleaver blade and Though they are not for me. I don't have any cleaver shaped blades. This is a nice looking one. It's got a deep fuller that runs down the top in lieu of a hanging hole if you will but This is an appealing cleaver shape blade but on the whole I I don't I don't generally tend to go there and has a nice sort of gradual belly. It has a very high flat grind. That's what I think the real. Us This knife is going to be besides the look of it and the shape. It's that the blade is very broad and it's flat ground all the way to the top. So it's going to be a hell of a slicer no doubt and and you have the severe legacy behind it. And that's what they pride themselves on thin thin fins lacey blades so The other knife is the dogma. And this is a Bowie Blade. And it's it's just under three and a half inches. Which makes it just that less tempting to me. Well before you go on. Explain that because if folks are new or relatively new or knife chunky listeners. Why does that not fit in your wheelhouse? I Apologize You're right. That is one hundred percent my taste I like foreign i. I prefer the four inch blade and we'll go down as low as three point five but three point four six just got to draw the line somewhere man. Well it depends on how sweet it is and to me. This just isn't that sweet. It's it's your Standard d. Two and G Ten. You know no doubt an awesome. It will be a great knife for those who who need this kind of Hollow Ground Beautifully Hollow ground in thin behind the edge Sivy The thing that interests me about this knife though the dogma of Bowie the new one they have coming out. Is that the handle itself a it looks neutral and very comfortable but it also mimics The the way they have milled the g ten it mimics a bolstered blade with jibbed bone handles. And so you know me. I'm a sucker for the JIG. Bone handles on my case knives in my in my greatest eastern cutlery knives. I love the the traditional treatment of of bone. Or you look at Tom Crying. One of the small fixed blades by Tom Crying. He does the same thing. It's beautiful something about that is really evocative a of an older time to me and so to see this new severe bowie. And by the way that Bowie blade has has very It looks almost like a shredder. I guess if you if you take a shredder and give a little bit more of the clip treatment up front It looks a bit like that. But you add that handle and and it really is kind of a cool looking thing if it didn't do that with the handle of severe didn't give it that traditional treatment in the milling. I'd say it just looks like a a variant of the shredder. Does your opinion. It is my opinion a MB. They're collectors of all things. Some people can't believe I love Emerson knives. There's some people can't believe I love cold. Steel knives and they'd say look at the severe. It's way less and it's it's way more refined and I get it but you know there's no accounting for taste But this is a pretty sweet. I gotTA say these two new severe kind of our kind of compelling okay so moving from severe to Spider Co. we've got to only as we said two stories to cover a knife life news this week A lot within the one Five New Knives from spider. You want to go over well or not. All of them are well. This is volume five of over twenty twenty reveals. Remember him This is their reveal five nine zero five. Yes but you know what it was. My my lack of the use of comments in my notes to or or commas should put a comment would would've known what I meant see. Kids punctuation Yes so so. Twenty twenty is the first year that spider code decided to do their reveals in steps so that they weren't showing everyone all the amazing new knives in January that they weren't going to be able to get till December So they wouldn't have to feel those emails. I guess so. They've been they've been giving us drip feed of their new twenty twenty knives and the and the recent one. The recent reveal is awesome. I'm going to start with the Poach Cheesy. Poaching means dog or puppy in In Japanese and a Kazuyuki Sakurai Who's a a a knife maker designed this tiny little knife with a one and a half inch? S Forty Five. Vn played in the body of the knife. That looks like a little dogs body. It's not it's evocative of a dog's body With the flipper tab in the front and then a little Bird's beak at the back of the handle. It looks like two legs the stubby little one and a half inch blade. Looks kind of like a a dog's head and then you have the eye of the the opening hole of the spider is the dogs I and then a little tail thing pops out of the back. That looks like a tail. This is such a small to finger knife that that little tail thing. That pops out gives you a place to add a third finger for purchase. Kind of like how? You might hold a straight razor so very interesting knife if cute as hell okay. And when I saw it I was like my daughter is my nine year. Old is almost ten and she. She's very much looking forward to getting her first knife. It's going to be a Swiss army knife by the way but I thought how cool would it be to get one of these coaches? Let's see how much this sucker cost. So the the the MS RPM is to eighty five so obviously I will not be getting this from my daughter who can't hold onto anything so but you might be getting it for yourself to give to her when she's older and to to queens down cool is it is. I only need pictures of this. This idea not need to own but what I do need to own is also on this release and it is called the jumbo yes. That's right Michael. Janitors is Jimbo to getting the four inch blade workout and it looks awesome so check it out go to the spider co website and check out the jumbo. It is a four inch. Yo Jimbo to it has all the same styling cues except sort of elongated and the handle makes up for that. I mean they didn't just blow it up by whatever percentage they obviously Spent a lot of time. Reworking the economics of this to make it work better in a larger format one of the one of the greatest two parts of the Yo Jimbo is how the hand how the handle kind of disappears and Nestles into your hand. Well this is a much larger thing so they had to rework the economics and it looks awesome. I am very excited about the jumbo so excited that I actually did a preorder and I never ever ever do. Wow one for the history books yes. It's so interesting that they will be writing this down in history to two more to more to tell you about the other. One is a warrant cliff. It's the Kansas and this thing is cool it is it's got it's got a crazy looking. It looks like a two can to me. You know the the fruit loops bird. It looks like a two can blade or the blade. Looks like a two can head and it's got this really crazy. Switch carved into the top till to lighten the blade but it gets fat towards the tip. It's a very low flat grind. It looks almost like a scandi grind with a edge and an incredibly ergonomic handle. Beautiful looking handle that I I mentioned this on Thursday night knives last week. Any sort of blade. I could see a number of different blade shapes coming off of this handle and just looking stupendous. It looks like a like a great platform for the hand. The one thing I don't like is it's got the Pew applied carbon-fiber now that's a little tone deaf spider co because first of all things carbon fiber doesn't look that cool that you have to fake it a and B. There's carbon fiber is like you're seeing real carbon-fiber on some cheap cheap knives so come on to seventy five for for carbon-fiber over g ten is I think that's a little much there you go. That's my rant for the day but the KENNESAW. Wow what a cool looking knife and I know that it was designed by a gentleman whose name I don't have in front of me but Who who is a law enforcement tactical and so this is meant for all of that kind of stuff and you know since I live that kind of lifestyle. Twenty four seven Daddy. Oh this looks like the night for me all right. And lastly is the marching slash designed sway. Back sluices uses the guy who designed the Bowie. The the Spider Coast Leash Bowie. That is much beloved and much sought after now on the secondary market. And then of course the Spidey chef which has gone through two iterations now with Spider Co and also the The techno techno knives he designed. Well this I guess is his fifth spider co knife and it's called the sway back and it is the traditional slip joint sway back pattern. Iterative in the modern titanium frame locking a well think sleep buoy except with the sway back treatments. Way Back Design. It's got the contoured of beautifully contoured and treated titanium handles. It's got X. HP CDs X. HP worn cliff blade three and a third inches long. I believe and this thing will no doubt. Be The next spidey chef the next slash buoy and people are going nuts over it. I I have not I have no designs on it but Looks very very very sweet. And why do you think everybody's GonNa go crazy for it? Because everyone went crazy. Everyone goes crazy for all of his designs for the techno very popular small little knife. And then the Spidey chef which I know you've heard a lot of people are crazy about and they continue to see they've done like I said at a equality upgrade of that through spider co so they keep making that and upgrading that and then this leash buoy which was cancelled which which they discontinued a little while ago. And I believe that was only to make to IRA because everyone loved that knife and it was expensive and people were buying it so this will no doubt this looks the most like the buoy and the boy is is the most heralded of all of his Design with Gotcha makes sense accents. I've Chunky podcast episode number one. Eleven knife Junkie podcast episode number. One eleven thank you so much for listening if you have questions or comments again. Please call the listener line at seven. Two four four six four four eight seven seven two four four six six four four eight seven comment on anything. You're hearing here. Give us some feedback about the show. We're just leave us. A question or comment that we can play on an upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie. Podcast and now that we're caught up with a knife life news. Let's hear more of the knife junkie. Podcast okay back on the knife junkie. Podcast again episode. One Eleven. You'll find at the knife. Chunky DOT com slash. One one. One that I've junkie dot com is what you'll find all the podcast as well as links to Bob's videos Thursday night knives and all that kind of good stuff. We'll talk about Thursday night knives a little bit more. Here's As we come up but now it's the state of the collection time where Bob really gets to Have Fun and talk about new knives in his collection? And I guess we SHOULDA call this one. The the smog show. Because you've got several SOG KNIVES YOU WANNA talk about. I do I do I recently We recently interviewed Jonathan Wagner the man responsible for the rebranding it sock and it was a very interesting conversational becoming out on the knife. Jackie podcasts Sunday. Edition this coming Sunday. And he sent along some knives so that I would be informed during our conversation because part of the rebranding at Saugus is taking some legacy knives like the Aegis in the flash and the Trident and updating them and taking them away from the silver and black kind of Walmart knives to something a little bit more that not just people who need knives to work want but knife people want they did a whole bunch of Kinda hold onto user feedback and kind of really took the temperature the knife market and then went about their rebranding. Insent they sent me three knives and One of one of which Jim In Carolina blue sending over to you through the mail shortly will of course go tar heels so they sent the the aegis and the flash and the key coup and they sent the key coup because I think they know I have a a real soft spot for my Carta and real High speed low drag knives and that that's one of them But really I wanted to focus for just a second on their rebranded aegis and flash now these are legacy knives with sog and I think it was so smart not to just scrub everything and start from new start from scratch but to take these very popular knives and dress them up a little bit give them a little bit better steel these are now using cryogenically treated heat d two and give them nicer give them some colors give him a some treatment. Get get rid of some of the branding. The SOG folders just had soggy everywhere written everywhere literally both sides of the Blade on the clip. Here they're kind of molded into the texture of the plastic is sucks out and I think everyone sog included thought. It was too much. And so they kind of like made these knives more tasteful but didn't get rid of the of the of the now. I'M GONNA shift into talking just about the Egypt because this is the one I've used yours have not used their hands off of they have kept the same profile of the handle and the same profile of the blade but just upgraded and men so this past weekend on Saturday I took The Aegis A. T. A. T. stands for assistive technology Out INTO THE BACK. Nine or back quarter if you will and used it while. I was cleaning up in the backyard and it was great. Vine cutting is the thing I do most with my knives in the back and it chewed through the vines They weren't there and then I cleaned it off and then later I ended up using it in the kitchen for apple's and butter so if you know what the blade looks like. They kept the profile. It looks kind of like a mini. Chef's knife I gotta say and It's on some very thin blade stock in its fully flat ground so this was great at doing both Cutting real fibrous Kind of rough materials like Virginia creeper vine we have in the back and then later on. It was great at cutting butter cheese. Things that that are notoriously difficult to cut because of their stickiness and And then apples sliced really nice leak. Get really thin without wedging through so. I'm really excited about knives. I I have to be one hundred percent honest. I had written them off completely. And then when I saw that they had Over this past year gone through a whole not just a a revolution in their redesign but also in their thinking. You know if you've read any of the material on their website. Their their whole approach is changed. You know to considering the user and the purpose of the knife and then designing from there and the the small. I have of this legacy brand. I once loved I. I'm really happy to see what they've come back with. Okay so turn you around yet has. I'm not saying that I'm a one hundred percent convert. I'm going to continue to thrash on this Aegis and see what happens But so far it's great and you know what I am. I am so over. Assisted knives but this these. Jim You'll find this. It almost jumps out of your hand. It's like a pro tech except assisted. It's a the the assist on. This is awesome right. Just say so. Is it just a combination of the and I don't WanNa say small but a combination of every little thing they did the the decreased bill boarding the colors? The you know the difference of steel is at all those little things that they put together. That has really helped. Make this. I think so because I had a long time ago. And it fit the basic form of this current Aegis but the quality all of those things that you mentioned plus the quality of the bill it just feels like a solid knife The the SOG folders have not felt like solid knives since the early nineties. They feel solid again. I mean this thing I've I've been fidgeting like mad with it and they're still no blade play and and with assisted Knives fidget with them. Long enough. They'RE GONNA THEY'RE GONNA. It's GonNa Start to affect the pivot where I haven't experienced any of that yet. I'm quite impressed. Wow Okay we'll reviews of course coming on all three of these knives from SOG and not yours because you can do review on a Bob. I'll do a gentle. It is. It is a beauty yours it. Jim is getting the flash. The flashes another legacy model from Saga and the treatment they gave the flash is great. They made it a little bit bigger. It's a three and a half inch blade Oh that's my wheelhouse inside joke there folks listening in a Bob's wheelhouse has got to be over. It's gotta be limit their exactly three and a half or so. This fits right right in there. And it's got a nice a high high saber grind and they I. I asked them to send one of the knives with rations and they sent the Flash Airlines and they look great. Haven't used them yet and probably won't until I buy my own because I don't want to sully gyms blade But great jumping up Up a quarter of the handle and a nice beautiful canary blue color and solid as hell. This thing whips out and just really solid. They've done they've done some great work here. Deep carry pocket clip that subtly says song on it and another very universally useful shaped usefully shaped blade. Will you call it canary blue? I like to call it. Carolina Blue for Maya Carolina Tar heels. So and not for an I got. I got into one more thing. Everyone will notice. They have a lock on the spine that sticks up and when I saw it I was like that doesn't look comfortable and I have not yet found a way to to turn into a hot spot. It's amazing how they placed. It is actually utilitarian in a Saber grip as a thumb thumb catch And then in any other grip I just don't feel it so The lock is not a non-starter will again ula see review video reviews of all these knives from SOG on Bob's YouTube channel. That's the knife chunky dot com slash youtube the knife chunky dot com slash YouTube. If you are not yet a subscriber please do do do so. The knife chunky dot com slash. Y T subscribe and Bob. That gives me a quick chance to congratulate you on a mini milestone if you will two thousand subscribers on the Youtube Channel just cross that earlier this week so yeah. Congratulations for the two thousand subs many more in the future and thanks to everybody for subscribing. Thank you thank you. Yeah it's Cool. It's a it's a. It's an interesting milestone each time you cross one of those numbers like when we did one hundred podcasts as like like yeah well so many people have done so many more but I'm not so many other people I mean one hundred that's pretty cool or two thousand. That means there are two thousand people who are willing to listen to my voice and as everybody's listening to the podcast. No our favorite word we like to say as bloviate. Bob The bloviating about knives and we appreciate you listening to Bob Blow. V8 ABOUT KNIVES. So thanks again for for all the subscribers and please if you have any feedback us On the youtube videos Be sure you thumbs up or comment or whatever. Give a question on the knife Junkie Youtube Channel and of course. Don't forget the Thursday night knives live. Show where you've course can interact with Bob show comment and that kind of thing but also you have the ability to come on the show if you have a Webcam even a smartphone. That has the the video capability which smartphones today. Which one doesn't you can join by smartphone for just a few minutes. Show off a knife that you have. Maybe have a knife you want to sell. You can come on and show it off and maybe you get somebody to buy it and all that is right there for you. Every Thursday night at ten pm eastern on Thursday knives. I also WanNa add if you have a point you WanNa make in the conversation. We're having also that's a great way to chime in and you don't have to be on for long. That is actually how we how we how we got. Spirited whiskey was commenting a lot and then come on. Come on do it come. Just come on the show and and and debate on the knife fight. And he's shellacked me. He came on out debated the hell out of me. It was awesome. So That's how we've That's how we've met some of our friends so even if you just have a comment you WanNa make an argument or in a line of conversation chime in and then dip all good absolutely and Mentioning Thursday night knives. Of course. That's coming up Tamara. If you're listening to this podcast when it comes out on Wednesday may thirteenth tomorrow. Thursday may fourteenth another episode of Thursday night knives again ten. Pm Eastern Standard Time but tomorrow Thursday may fourteenth is also the knife Junkies instagram auction with all proceeds going to knife rights. And that's going to be on his instagram channel which you can find the knife. Chunky DOT com slash instagram. The KNIFE JUNKIE DOT COM slash instagram. So Bob Again I know folks have heard it before but Why don't you Kinda give us the details about the auction? How folks can bid and again. That's going to be Well I'll just let you go. All the details. Well we're auctioning off to lots that were donated to us during the April Eighteenth townhall our good friends STU from stone and steel up in New England donated an Emerson Supersede. Qc seven which is a great Chisel Ground Tanto Emerson to us and also Bob Chirs. Wola donated a copy of his new book. A beautifully milled out a dragon. Head logo cap lifter an titanium and and anti bright green and also the compact tactical folder that he designed and that we made in that drop distributed. So that's a three product lot. Both of those lots the as well a lot in the Emerson. Lot will be starting at one hundred dollars. One hundred dollars and each bid will be You'll be going up by ten dollar increments and each time you bid. It has to be a new comment in the feed that way. It is time stamped and I can tell who the very last person is to bid. Now it's only open from ten. Am To ten PM on Thursday so when we start Thursday night knives. We're going to rate at the very beginning where we're going to be figuring out who the winner is and will announce it right then and. I'm expecting it to be a bit of a Charlie Foxtrot and that's kind of exciting right. Yeah because you'll be Trying to start a show and in auction. Yeah congratulations to you on trying to figure that one out you'll be witnessing the genius in real time right or not. I love auctions and I go to a used to go to a lot of physical auctions of course but do Thanh of online auctions and this is kind of the same thing. The instagram auction. You have to leave a comment with your bid amount in the comment and You know it's a great way to hopefully win one of the two great knife packages but also to raise money for knife rights. All the proceeds go to the organization knife rights. So you definitely want to bid early yet that low bid and follow it during the day. So that when you get out bid you can go back in and get your Your your winning bid hopefully could in on the on the auction so definitely a cool idea bob for this instagram knife auction. Thank you and I'm going to add details in the INSTAGRAM post about sniping. I'm not I'm not a I am not a huge auction goer but I do know that. Some people Wait till the very last second and then and then just drop something in and and I know there are ways to avoid that and I've done a little bit of research on like five minute time-lag at the end. I don't know I have a feeling we're all pretty cool and no one's getting no one's going to be doing that but I don't know just just be cool and we're gonNA look for it. Well I think the thing you mentioned is that the time stamp is going to be critical. So that if a comment with the bid comes in at ten oh one that's that's GonNa not be counted right right right exactly so you to kind of have to watch your time and everybody's times are different. You know your computer time may so something different than your phone time so true. Don't be waiting till the very last second folks if you want one of these loss go ahead and get your bid in nine fifty nine as close as you can. If you're if you're one of those likes to wait till the end but but my suggestion go ahead and bid high and bitterly that way you gotTa have a chance to Potentially get it so not for nothing but I have checked out just for quality control. Both of the knives in both lots and Well they're sweet. Let me just say the you see seven. Emerson does not have a box but can tell from the g ten and the clip. It has not been carried may have been pod over a little bit From a at a knife show or two but it's in beautiful perfect condition and the same thing with the drop knife. The the compact tactical folder biters Wola. It is every bit a we. But it's also every bit attorneys will amend you put it in your hand. It feels great and it's got that beautiful beautiful look so really check them out and And Bid bit early and bid often. Because I don't WanNa have to buy that but I don't know but I just might just say and it will. It is fair and above board if Bob Decides to Comment you know ten fifteen minutes on before the Thursday night lives show. He makes a bid and a comment on his own channel. Two to win. You know it's all above board. We're not trying to sneak anything in here for. Oh no way just Make the announcement like when I would go to live auctions. The people working the floor the ring men. They were calling it. They would try to find bids in the crowd. Some auctions they were not allowed to bid some auctions they are allowed to bid but the auctioneer always stated our ring. Men are allowed to bid in this auction so ring men hear me and Bob. We're we're allowed to bid in this auction. We're not trying to drive the price up but We're we're wanting those lots so you may see a bid from the knife newbie or the knife chunky. So we're we're we're we're trying to get them just as much as your well you know to to. It's like my mouth was working faster than my brain. Because they didn't really stipulate when they gave us those things that we had to auction them off but it's sort of popped out and I was like now I gotta do it now. I can't just keep it. Thank you so much right right all right again. That's a Thursday may fourteenth ten. Am TO TEN PM. The instagram knife auction on the knife junkies instagram channel. That the knife junkie dot com slash instagram Chapman to be catching this podcast after Thursday may fourteenth. Who knows maybe some Instagram knife auctions. Later in our future here on the knife donkey Youtube or knife chunky channel. Yeah you know what Jim that might be a good way to light. Lighten my light and my collection and kind of continue to send money to writes in the off season because it's kind of like food. Donations like people who need food. Donations don't just need at the holidays. They need them year round kind of the same thing with nitrite. I thought you were going to say do some knife auctions for yourself so you could buy some more new knives. No no not now trying to be all trying to be all that all cool. Yeah sorry boy. I think we've covered a lot of ground here on the mid week episode of the knife. Junkie podcast any final thoughts from the knife. Chunky Bob before we wrap it up. Well Jim I guess I'll just say it right here I was just speaking with Mr Slicing Dicey and it seems the Emerson. He recently he recently Ripped bought and reviewed is just not living up to his standards or it was just not to his taste. I guess I should say and so I'm going to be helping them out. I and I think I'm going to be taking that. Appalachian off his hands giving me a nice deal so those are my servant. Yeah Nice of me thing on hand that goes without saying well just so benevolent. I am a big guy and Yeah so Emerson Appalachian Beautiful Slender Bowie knife. Coming my way shortly you can talk about that some time. We'll talk about that and of course we'll await the the video on the knife. Chunkys YouTube channel. Enda just kudos to Bob for getting back in the saddle on the video production that a lot of new videos coming are coming out and coming up on the knife. Chunky channel The knife donkey dot com slash YouTube. So for Bob. The Knife Junkie DEMARCO. I'm Jim the knife. New Person Thanking you for joining us on this midweek supplemental episode of the Knife Junkie. Podcast thanks for listening to the Ninth Junkie. Podcast if you enjoyed the show please rate review review the PODCAST DOT COM for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website the night junkie dot com. You can also watch our latest videos on Youtube. The nine joke dot com slash. Youtube Coutts great night photos on the knife junkie dot com slash gg instagram and join our facebook group. The KNIFE JUNKIE DOT COM slash facebook. And if you have a question or comment email them to bob at the knife jokey DOT COM or call twenty four seven listener line. That's seven four. Four six six four four seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the Ninth Junkie Podcast.

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