Aerobatic Champion Rob Holland


So this shows legit. Did Mark Harmon. That's how you know. Pick up your number one now big lingering dot. Nod, God guns. Hello and welcome to another episode of the green dot is podcast for anyone and everyone who loves aviation, the green dot sponsored by GE aviation. My name is Hal Brian, and I one of your hosts, I'm senior editor for print and digital content and publications here today a normally on my left. It's Chris Henry, but we have somebody who has transitioned from guest to host. So what's your name? Son Dennis Dunbar? So denniston bar director of flight operations director of flight operations said he a Dennis. It's good to have you back on this, but in here here for the first time on this side of the table. Yeah, my back to the dorm, not really comfortable over here. That's good as we don't want you to be comfortable. And of course, across the table dump sharpen tier government relations director. Excellent. And Dennis you, you got us a guest. You've got somebody who was stranded here by weather and rather than just letting to sit around and hang out on, wait for the weather and focus on his cross country flight home. You grabbed him and said, come beyond. This podcast, that's right. Commandeer allow me to introduce the eight time consecutive u s national Arabic champion Mr. rob Holland, pleasure to be here. Let's. Use this time then and help people get to know you a little bit better. I always somebody like you who's who's of all known figure aviation. I was like to take a few minutes to go back to back to the beginning and and say, did you did you come from an aviation family at all year, round it as a kid? Were you, were you it out there building models what your early experience aviation? I did not grow up in a flying family only person. My family actually flies except for my wife. Now she flies at school. Honestly, what kicked off me. It was probably two things. One. I went to the very first style wars old enough to do that, and I thought the millennium falcon is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life and you're my new best friend. And then when you guys can just go, we've gotta talk Star Wars Star Wars now. Okay, you can stay to all right. Then. Then we can all stay continue, rob. And then when I was three, my mom actually brought me to the local airport. They had a penny upon for kids to go flying, and that was my first actual flight. So as far back as I can remember, I've always been interested in aviation. Did you? You went on that first ride? Any idea what plane that was in your opinion? A long. I don't know who is Cessna or something, and I was three. So. Did you did you do the out of the model route at all? Did you get into that? I built model airplanes lots tweet places anything to do with aviation. I was excited about it, but then when I was a little bit older, my dad brought me an air show. I saw people flying upside down and that was it. I was hooked all the models were hanging upside down from the ceiling after that. I knew I had to fly some two. That's fantastic. So what was your path them to go from the kid with the upside down models to your first flying? Listen. What was your flight? Trans like actually went to Daniel ups a college, which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore, but that's where I got on my ratings and my degree in aviation in New Hampshire after hip. That's right. Learned to fly and. My freshman year. I met a gentleman at the airport. I was just walking around checking out airplanes names. Annette Crowley. Still to this day, had a beautiful Steen skiable. So I ask them if I could take a picture of it, news washing it and he's like, yeah, but we'd rather go flying. Yes, I actually upside down an airplane edges. Wow, reinforce everything I already knew. That's what I wanna do first time inverted. Was it something open cockpit? It has opened cock, and experimental and experimental. That's fantastic. So no apprehension about that at all? No feeling hanging from the strand different. That's very cool. You mentioned your dad took you to in their show your your. You remember who is at that her show by chance Leila Lodden slugger Leo is not at that one, but. So actually what sparked all that I was home sick from school watching TV like I wasn't supposed to van Halen dreams came on with the thought that was so cool. And then a few weeks later I saw an advertisement for the Rhode Island air show in the blues are coming to town. So I got my dad to Marie there. And when I showed up in people flying upside down the blues sues that this summer of eighty six when they were flying a force the last year they flew a force was eighty six eighty seven. I don't know, but they were if eighteen at the time. Okay, just eighty seven. Yeah, my reason I asked my my first airshow summer eighty six and they were the fours and van halen's dreams. Video is interesting when I when we walked into gates, the very first thing I saw was a fourteen and a special name doing a canopy to canopy pass. And I took a picture that I still have that picture my desk and years later I found out that the Tomcat drivers Dale snodgrass. Ask if that was north drive was a guy named Jim Parker, who's an old guy who's both from our really good friends now and years later, I was able to photo shoots with both canopy to canopy. So the pictures next to each other, that's the good stuff. Yeah, that's awesome. Cool. When it comes full circle. Well, we probably know why mentioned Leo Latin slogger, but airshow edge in in Arabic competitor seven time, and you just surpassed his record of he had seven years, national airbag championships, and now you've got eight. What was that? Like? It's pretty surreal. I never really set out to do this. Try to break any records, Ryan thing like that. I just set out to just keep trying to push myself to be the best that I can be just compared to myself, not anybody else, and it's been a long road and I just had managed to eight of them. So I mean, Leah's amazing seem fly twice, but if watched videos and stated him a lot, I used. He's definitely hero growing up still a hero now. So to surpass ad, it's, it just happened. It's a little survey. So it still hasn't quite sunk in yet use a hero to many of us, but I couldn't think of anyone better to break that record. So good on you. Thank you. That was it really interesting dense. Before we poor, we got started today and before you Shanghaied robbed, come join us. You said that that that very thing. And I think that's worth worth emphasizing that if it was just sort of, you know, some random person who came along and you know, kind of lucked into breaking the record. You wouldn't necessarily feel good about it, but but then it's very, very, very adamant that that robbed that you're somebody that everybody would root for and you're somebody that that we would all look at as as fans spectators and friends and say, you know, this is a guy who's who's earned it and deserves it. Appreciate, thank you. So let's back up for a second and talk a little bit about how the robotic competition works because I think. There's a lot of people in aviation, even very familiar with it that don't really understand how Inara a competition necessarily works. Can you talk a little bit about what the format is what you're scored on and then more importantly, how do you work up to that? How do you practice throughout the year and really have a routine that keeps you at that high level for now? Eight consecutive years. So Cup Tichenor of addicts. Hits the comparisons actually judged a lot like figure skating and it's made up of three different programs that explains the outfit. See him everybody, but. That's not even what it was going to say. Now it's been about three different programs. So there's what's called a known sequence, which is a sequences published digging the year for the category. Everybody flies the same thing as a free which you design yourself. It has to meet certain criterion. Number point, certain figures required and there's an unknown which you get twelve hours before you fly it. Nobody can practice just have to study it and go do it. And then the the combination of all three of them determines who the winner is. And as far as preparation assist, flying coaching, haven't people watch you in just, you know, just staying at it. I mean, it's it's, it's a pretty tough sport. So how do you, how do you do the coaching? Do you have somebody like come out to your practice box and you know, just just observed from the ground, give give you points back to the cockpit. So I've been pretty lucky these past few years. Like to know a really famous French coach name's cocoa and I bring him over from France, and he coached the French team years. They've been very successful. And yeah, he sits on the ground with a radio, and I mean, you brief everything before you fly and you go fly. He coaches you through the radio, get on the ground debrief it and go to again and try to do it better. How many Tony flights are how many hours do you think you practice per year. Exclusively this. I know you also have the air show progress. So I mean, a typical year for me is I spend the first three weeks, three or four weeks of the season usually in March time period. And I'll fly every day three times a day just to get back and flying the work up an issue, teen work, a little bit competition stuff and try to work on new things that I've been having the back of my mind in, then I practiced for every show practice in between shows were, can I love practicing? I mean you get better practicing, get better flying your shows, but then I'll take three weeks a year and dedicated to just competition practicing airshow flying in competition. It's similar but really two different worlds. It's figure skating anti skip aids really afford just won't go away. Well. So they're show is the icecapades. Fortunately, yes. Yeah, we gotta work on. Yeah, we got a better, but you know, I, I love it and I've never gonna let. So, yeah, take three weeks a year in just dedicated to competition practice and trying to get ready for the national or the world championships if they happen to be there. So between the world championships and your and your show routine, is that is that fulltime work for you? Yeah, that's all I do. I just lie shows for living. So I guess competition, technically, kind of hobbies, don't make any money out of. That's excellent. So. This year there was somebody had mentioned you may have flown a different airplane. Yes. Let's talk about the airplanes flown over the years. And then what led you to flying something different this year. Well, for afloat, a lot of different things have been pretty fortunate. But as far as issues start off in a special in us to see that I moved to a big engine ultimate by plane. Then I ended up in an AmEx to two seat, which eventually got a single seat, AmEx s now back in the two Sita mix too because my IMAX kind of died, but. I was taken off out of any kings rule. Beginning of this year, I just finished near show. There was set up to Louisiana in the engine blew up actually blew into two pieces Conaway Lecco. So I had the dead, stick it down to what I thought was a private. Stripped her not to be an abandoned strip knowing then, but an airplane here since nineteen ninety nine and is in Texas. So hurricane Harvey had left a piece of somebody's roof on the runway still had a direct TV intent on earth am. I can't be oil so I couldn't see. So I touched down. It was actually pretty good landing, but then I t boned that piece of roof landing gear ripped it off the airplane and slid to a stop. So I walked away. I was fine. Plane did his job and protected me, but the plane is no more man. That's tough. So I sold my ex to to mardi floor. No, he's in near battle competitor in two thousand twelve, and he was nice enough to let me leaseback airplane so I can finish out the season. That's cool. Any any challenges or any issues obviously you have, you've. Airplane quite a bit before, but anything tough about practicing in one airplane and having that that in being your mind, then having to switch airplanes unexpectedly kind. I mean, these places become an extension of you after a while. I mean, it's like a comfortable pair of pants, you know everything about it and for that plane go away and have to jump back into something else even though I've flown a previously, it's still been quite a few years. Sure. Yeah. Kind of had to relearn how to fly. We, my air show. It's a fantastic airplane, but it's not like single seater. CG's a little bit different on it. So it took a little bit of jesting when maybe Dennis give us back into more of the competition stuff in a second. But you mentioned as I've been very fortunate to fly things have certainly seen seen pictures of you and social media things you've, you know, you're at an air show and you get invited to fly with some cool stuff. Some pretty cool stuff. Give us a couple of examples just just enough to make us jealous but not enough to hit you. Again, I've been, I feel honored. I've been very, very privileged, but I've gotten a vita right in fifteen strike eagle. I've been at snowbirds twice up the blue angels once in could fly with under birds couple years goal, so so that blue strip in particular must have been pretty spectacular when you're talking about that early influence. Oh, yeah, yeah, absolutely. It was amazing. Now, have you ever ice skated to van Halen because for the other. No, you don't wanna see ice skates that don't turn over. But skis were as long as on airplanes only been at skews my feet. Once I made it about one hundred feet down the hill, broke my leg into places, and that was the end of that. So no skis my feet, excuse me airplanes just fine. So flying, safer, skiing. I, I time he signed someone off the Selo is on skis. Yeah, I I was on skis Todd, a little airport, Hampton airport, New Hampshire, two thousand foot grass strip, great place destruction there. We had to cubs extra to l. force, but we take one put on skis one would San wheels only plow half the runway knows flying a student intake off lanes on skis, doing great. Like to get this chance, go solo. I wonder how many times has happened over the years. That side of maybe Alaska seem rare to me offsets, especially your first student. That's very cool. I'm trying to talk rob into coming up here over to winter. Do some ski playing trading for for us to be very, to get back on some. It'd be great. But over the winner. Because this year you'll actually be stateside in the winner. But once tells a little bit about your wife as a pretty awesome job and what you do in the winters for last several years. I have a pretty awesome wife. Yes, she doesn't good job. So pass three, almost three and a half years. She's been a quadrupling and the Marshall Islands doing some important stuff out there work with military ballistic missile tracking space surveillance. And that's only the stuff she can tell me about, but I've spent the winters out there with her and then try to go out there like once during the summer, and that's pretty amazing. There's no flying, but the scuba diving is incredible. Show me some pictures this morning at breakfast with some unique fines. I think interesting story there. This really cool airplanes in that lagoon the end of the war, it was cheaper to just dump stuff in the water then bring it back. So within a small area, there's a whole squadron of PJ's is pray about fifty SPD donnas corsairs Wildcats hell cats TM's this three Martin Mariners down there. It's really cool on the southern side, ligament is operation. Flint lock was the big battle. Does lots of Japanese wrecks ships in airplanes some really cool rare stuff looks like some pretty amazing. Diving down there. It's unbelievable. Yeah. The water's eighty five degrees in hundred thirty feet down still eighty five degrees. Toast a little bit about how you would design a air show routine. That would be diff- I know there's many differences, but how would that be different in some ways from the from the competition routinely do. It's completely different. So with competition, it's all precision straight lines in trying to figure as perfect as you can quote, unquote, classically robotics and trying to impress the judges with pug you can be with their shows. It's to show you try to entertain people trying to inspire people. So it's not. I mean, there's precision there, but it's it's more about some of the flashy stuff in the tumbling and trying to hopefully show people things that didn't know an airplane can do. You're looking for stuff that that that visually impressive still requires quite a bit of skill, but as as has more of the welfare actor than you know a perfectly, you know, perfectly round loop or something like that. Exactly. Exactly. That makes sense for somebody who's interested in getting into competition aero Bex. Seems like there's a few barriers to entry there. What's the easiest way in for for somebody who, let's say they're, they're fairly new pilot. They're they're interesting in getting into into Arab Addicks. So there's a lot of really good airbag flight schools out there. You can look up if you go to icy or call him, go on the website. They actually have a list of constructors near Vetik schools that are out there. But yeah, that's the first step is funding. Constructor finding Medicare plan. You can rent to get some lessons in and learn from someone good of how to stay safe and how to do things. Right. And then it's just a matter of doing it building experience getting time in the cockpit, get involved in the icy here national club come to some regional contests, and there's different categories to sports. The first categories called primary, which is just the real basic fundamental maneuvers. The next step is sportsman or it's kinda sane, but as more figures to do in the sequence than this intermediate, which they start adding more elements. The figures like just loop might be a loop of the role on top of it or stop real advanced gets more advanced and pushing more snap roll type stuff than there's unlimited flying now, which is just kind of all out as hard as you can get. So particularly in the in the kind of primary and sportsman category, they're a lot of folks who are either in a club or partnership or something that makes you know having access to an aircraft like that easier. Yeah, there are some. There's a lot of people don't airplanes Locklear partner planes that people just rent airplanes from the school that they happened to be at you in d. has a flight program and they have a decathlon that they bring to some contest. A lot of their students come down and participate. They were here for the US nationals. So this does multiple avenues to to get involved, just have to find the one that's right to you. I think a lot of people have sort of surprised. You know certainly here locally you know the local community finds out that we're having the the national erotic championships, and so they'll start calling us. They wanna come because they want to come see the air show. And I think people are surprised that this I don't wanna say it's it's not a great spectator sport, but it's really not designed to be a spectator sport. Would you agree with that? Yeah, that's a big difference between an air show in a competition to the air show you watching however many acts fly different type acts and different elements of aviation or the competition. You're gonna watch for particular category, maybe thirty pilots findings axiom thing and it just who flies a better. And what are your minimum altitude in typical aerobatic competition? What's that dimensions of a box boxes thirty, three hundred thirty, three hundred thirty. Five hundred feet tall. Okay. And the floor of it depends on the category. So sportsmen and primaries fifteen hundred feet unlimited. Twelve hundred feet advances. Six hundred sixty feet and unlimited as one hundred meters. Which ends up being like three hundred and twenty eight feet. So even the even the lowest is still obviously nothing like what we're used to seeing? Yes. Airshows down the dirt else to right, which there's a lot of very obvious reasons reasons why that's the case. So. After the the national championships now, does this what position does is put you in terms of of international and world competition? So I made the US robotic teamed again because placing because I came in, I actually makes me captain of the team. The next world championships will be next August in a Chateau, ru, France. So now it's up to the team to stop practicing, getting ready and make the preparations go over there and see what we can do enough idea how many countries send teams to the the national. There were typical varies, but typical world championship is usually about sixty pilots from about seventeen or eighteen different countries while. Who were the ones who are the really the ones to beat the French. Really? Yeah, the French outstanding. Interesting. They have a very good program over there. After team is actually military and their their fulltime. Military job is to be air about a competition pilots. That's hardly seems fair. But what the Russians Russians do these days the Russians used to be outstanding. They still have a couple of really good individuals on the team, but as a team itself and not as strong as it used to be interesting. Was there any sort of mentor who helped bring you up there about IX. A lot of people actually. So my first airbag job was actually teaching our bags of my Julia flight school and Bedford mass. And from there, that's what I learned you could flare banks have other people pay for it. So I ended up starting my own airbag school, and that's what snowball detail shows and everything else. But. Lots minute. I mean, I just I've always approach people s questions and. I think what of the biggest things I did. I've always tried to watch everybody else. And then as far as actual like the issue teams not do what they do seems like everyone's always trying to copy the other guy, and I didn't wanna fly out of a base was final and apply something different. So there's a lot of good lessons. Lot of good procedures you can learn from these people, but it was more about, okay, he's doing that. So what can I do this different? We'll you certainly have several maneuvers that are your sort of trademarked if you will route Holland specials. U. n. a. had, how do you come up with that? How do you do that process? It's a disease. I mean, I got the luxury words, my fulltime job that I can think about fulltime. I don't have to think about going in the office or anything like that. But you know, you wake up at two in the morning with a thought, and you had gone on your plan can do whatever. So I'll just think about it for months before even trying to airplane the dynamics gyroscope IX what could go wrong could go right to inputs, and then eventually go up really high and try airplane in nine times ten of going, no airplane. Ken. But every now and then you stumble upon something and then just have to work in grow it and make it safe, make routine, and then you can stick your show. It's it's interesting. You mention Guliani earlier because I remember when you were a newer in this business and Mike was helping Geico and and I remember now watching Mike watch you fly and it's fun to see that relationship and how you guys have been able to stay type through the years Salata. Anybody knows Mike, you knows he's just a person, so he's helped a lot of folks get started his list, credible pilot. Absolutely. But one of the other, you know, we also we, we do get to have some fun in this business and never talk about us to civic maneuver that we did this Air Act if you will, that we did this year Nash cash down this kind of fund the atom, which believe started in Jacksonville a couple years ago, we were talking the pay. Patriots. Bill Stein. Take us through heavy atom came to be in what it is all the actually start off as the the ribbon cut, but. Again, just kinda came came later yet is just trying to think outside the box is something different. There's a lot of air show performance do ribbon cousin verdict knife-edge, and it's all cool. But how do you take that to the next level but safely? So I kinda thought, well, what if you hung a ribbon between skydivers cut it that way? And then Bill Steiner's, Amy, south thing, but more. So what if you hung did opposing between skydivers? So we work at the patriot jump team. They're fantastic. Worked out all the, you know, the routine to it and how to do in the safety and introduced gosh. So you have three guys with two ribbon strung between them and parachutes about five hundred feet. They'll Stein. I come in opposing each other knife, Asian, cut the ribbons between those those fun to see two years in the making that actually work at the Scott. Very cool. We'll have to do that again. Okay. That was that was absolutely incredible. And you see something like that as a spectator, or at least a non-participant and. My first thought is, well, I would love to have been in the room when this was first suggested and where people was anybody laughing. Did anybody look at this and say, well, that's right after the raccoon attack. For another podcast. Usually it was something that comes up. People do kind of laugh. And then after a while they like, actually, you know, that might be something might actually work. I've got no recruit attack. Is that, oh, it's me such code for something or if there wasn't actual raccoon involved will in two thousand four, there's an actual raccoon. But this was there is a simulated raccoon evolved in the tack that occurred two years ago. All the raccoon one. Let's just the other hot cast their. Getting your subtle hints here, Dennis drop the record. Still. A little bit a trivia for you. I. I don't know if you had worked out yet, but on a previous episode of the green dot after we momentarily forgot our chemistry. We figured out that you were recreating a helium atom. Okay. About two electrons that make sense. And did we get on the episode? Yeah, I thought it was oxygen originally, but yet helium each. Yeah, but there was action. So how many protons neutrons are in that? Oh gosh. So you only got three. Well. Gosh, you're put me on the spot for like chemistry. I remember fifteen years. We'll have to figure that one out but will include a diagram of the helium atom in the blog post of the company. Yeah. And then we let the listeners sort of figure out which. You know which person plays which component? Absolutely. Yeah. We always, you know, part of our job here DA's to advocate the kids going to science and math, and I always tell the kids to not fall my example. Interesting because Thomas seriously, like when the smartest guys on the planet, it's a very, this is I'm a taking. I am not and watching Tom, not quite have the, here's something I don't see often. So Tom is is not actually a chemist. But he excels it, everything else we throw them into. So that's true flattery, but. Up next on that we love Tom, our. Well. The coming back to to to earth for a second here. The previously the airbag championships were held for a long time in Texas. Correct. And then for the last two years, we've had it here in in Oshkosh kind of kind of bring it home to to door headquarters here, obviously, being a division of EA. AA. He just flying wise probably aren't too many differences. Maybe a little bit weather as you're experiencing right now. But any other big differences between the two venues as it has been working out pretty well here in Oshkosh? Yeah. I mean, there's there's differences in this. I mean, Texas was a great venue and it served the icy well for a lot of lot of years. Eventually the report, I mean, just getting built all it's getting more busy, so it's hard to have a competition there. So we had find a new home and what better home for the I c than Oshkosh, which is home. So I mean the facilities, a great people. Great people very welcoming. Last year, there was a couple of small hiccups that we worked out and it was much better this year. But I mean, even with that last year, a completely successful championship. We had another successful one this year. So I think it's been great, a love the facilities, the venue. So now that the competition behind talked a little bit about going to the world championships. Now, this position being captain the team. What are the details of that look like? Do you? Are you getting team together to be practicing together? What is what does that actually mean? And steps through those details from now until that competition, France. So we already have a team. It's turned by the top placers in the unlimited category if they try out for the team. So the team established and now it's a matter of hopefully trying to a little bit fundraising. So it's not so much pocket because it's mostly out of pocket to get there. And yeah, we'll put together some training camps train as a team, have a coach over to train us and then trying to get airplanes over there and do the competition. Now when you competing as part of a team, we're still talking about flying individual performances, correct? Yes. It's not like formation. So it's it's a bunch of individuals competing individuals, but the top three places per team, this scores get combined to have the team standing. And where the judges come from, are they all French? Because especially not all French, there are their international judges. They're supposed to be independent from the teams as a US judge that goes over there. So this usually seven to nine judges from multiple different countries. And you know that that raises the question. I've always wondered about two as we talked about the altitudes that in any competition, these are flown higher, I think than than a lot of people might expect all the judge has done from the ground. Are the judges all expert aerobatic pilots or is there a different skill set involved? Can you be? Can you be a really good judge without necessarily being able to to be the best pilot out there? Absolutely. It's a complete different skill set. I think sometimes actually being a really good about being judgment a little bit of bias in there because, but I mean that's a different conversation, but yet there's there's some really good judges. They tend to see all things. Supposed to see. Unfortunately. But yeah, I have a question arrest. Every country used arrest. He has the dander international standard and maybe our listeners some not know what arrestees arrested is way of drawing figures and air back maneuvers into sequence. You can look at and Bill kind of sight read as you go. So every nation uses arrest. -i as standard arrest. He could be considered the language that unites the world. That's that's pretty tennis, but aviation in a sense could be the bridge to bring world peace. Well, pilots away from we all speak the same language, right? That's right. But I hope actually, you know what enough of the world peace. I hope you guys go over there destroy and when. Say, I didn't think that Dennis of all people would be. For very long. Last long I tried to be comfortable for me in the words of Clint Eastwood, shut your face hippie. Nobody's ever said that. The first time for everything. Yeah. So rob, you flown airshows you flown aerobatics both very successfully is, is there one or the other that you that you prefer doing that you have more fun doing or is it kind of different aspects of different of of either kind of happy? I actually had asked that a lot. It's really good question. And I, I really liked both of them equally. I issues I love the the creative side of it. I like trying to come up new things trying to push the envelope trying to just really evolve the sport to make it better, hopefully in the future than it is now. And with the competition, I enjoyed the the discipline of it, the perfection of it in the self improvement of trying to make myself the best pilot that I can be. So it's I don't like one more than the other. They're, they're different, like a multi. That's. That's awesome. I mean the the competition side at imagine there's a lot of, like you said, there's a lot of satisfaction and getting, you know, getting something mastered. And I guess the flip side of that is that nobody really knows that you have that mastery except for, you know, kind of the relatively small aerobatic community while we're as the air show side is completely different. Let me give the mastery. I asked it breakfast today. If eight and done anything more to prove you're going to go for ten nice round number. What did you say rob? Well, I never really set out to prove anything except for the myself and how good can I make myself compared to myself. I don't as as long as it's fun. I'm going to keep doing because at the end of the nets, really it's all about if it's not fun, what's the point? So you know, I'm gonna go into the world's, and then I'll come back to nationals again and whatever the results are. They are, but as as long as I'm having a good time doing l. keep competing. That's awesome. That's fantastic. And then tell us about here. What do you know about your upcoming airshow schedule? Have anything fall more shows left this year? I'm trying to get the Prescott Arizona, which is why I'm here. I now trying to get there and then I have Fort Worth, Texas, Jacksonville, Stuart Florida. Okay. And then do you have a good idea. You're for next summer. Does that all just happen that I cast? I usually most of my schedule. It's not all of it done before cast. So I had most of the next year. We do know that you can see rabbit. I sky should do thousand eighteen next excellent. Invited back early. Y'all heard it here. First of of any particular feature traction at adventure, twenty teens, the triumphant return of rob Holland. I like to put that trial. Again. Yeah, anyway. So we one last question for you. Rob, it's it's it really resonates with me. You know, they give you as a kid and having these early experiences and that seeing the blue angels and that being a thing that really, really hit you an inspired you, do you ever stop and think that now you're the one doing the inspiring that that there's kids out there that are watching you and saying, I want to do what that guy does. I mean, that's kind of part of two awesome is trying to inspire. So I was inspired as a kid and I got to follow on film. I dreams I hit a planet, never had a plan b. People fall back on plane beaks easier. Just don't have one just plan a, then you have to do it unless you're flying across country or something. Have it alternate. That's okay. Yeah. Well, plan as the be safe. Right? So to stay with safe that. So yeah, to to just try to get back, inspire people to pursue what they wanna do, whether they wanna fly or whether. To be a firefighter or a doctor, whatever. Just if you you have a goal and dream just gopher, don't lending until you otherwise. Do you talk to kids after you fly inertia performance? I do try to get to the crowd line, shake in sign autographs, Dr kids. Absolutely. That's gotta be pretty rewarding. Right. That definitely definitely. Excellent. All right. Well, we can't thank you enough again for for coming in joining us today, especially on such short notice it's, you know your loss with the weather was definitely our gang. It's pleasure being thanks and and Dennis thanks to you for for being the first to officially transition from from guest to guest host this. It's yeah easier. You're not on the spot. You just make him human the questions to talk as much. Well, done. Well, speaking of thanks, thanks to everybody out there for listening. Thank you for the great reviews on I tunes all of the feedback that we get on our blog posts and on social media. Keep on listening out there, subscribe on Google play or Stitcher, itunes, wherever you choose to consume your podcasts, keep that feedback coming in. If you'd like to just Email us directly, you can send it to feedback today dot org, and with that and our ongoing. Thanks. We'll catch up with the next time when you're clear to land on the green dot.

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