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757: Blessings and Gratitude


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I A P P dot com forward slash D sl for more details the dental for Noor podcast. Okay doctor. It's time to put down that hand piece. You're listening to the show. Dedicated needed to helping dentists get their lives back. It's time to decrease your stress increase your bracket ability and regain your passion now introducing your host. Dr Mark Mark Kostas Low. I WANNA welcome to another episode of the dental podcast. I'm your host Dr Dr Mark Kostas for those of you. Guys that live in the United States. Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you. We have listenership and over one hundred fifty countries but here in the United States one Thursday in November every single year. We here in the United States take the time to close everything down and get our friends and family together and eat some Turkey and Pumpkin. Pie and pecan Pie and watch a little bit of American football but more than anything else just It's time for reflection and gratitude gratitude for everything that we have in our lives Some people are really good at expressing gratitude and being self reflect a reflective and some people not so much but here at the dental podcast. I gotta Say I am so grateful all to each and every one of you for helping this podcast to become what it is today. What started in two thousand fifteen as just a little project project? A little labor of love has blossomed into one of one of the biggest Donald podcasts in the world with some of the greatest listeners listeners. And what I consider the greatest audience in our profession. So thank you guys so so much. I'm grateful what a great time to mm-hmm show my gratitude to each and every one of you For everything that you brought me the joy that you brought me The the incredible five-star reviews The the gracious compliments that I've gotten over the years for the podcast and and the warm welcomes that I've gotten when I'm speaking all over the world And you guys have come up and told me that your listeners of the podcast that your fans so thank you guys so much. I hope that no matter where you are in the world listening to my voice you take the time today to quietly reflect and show gratitude for all the great things that are happening in your life if we are members of the greater raise profession in the world and I truly believe that this particular clip is live on stage from From a summit that I was speaking at speaking in front of the public but as well well in addition to some of our private mastermind clients so It is about gratitude and it is. I think very appropriate for the day Americans those here in the United States. Happy Thanksgiving and for those of us all around the world. I'm grateful for you and I hope you have a wonderful day. We'll talk to you guys very versus so my blessings. I count my blessings every single day right. I'm very very lucky to be the person that I am. I don't want the irony to escape Eh. Any of you guys so most of you guys because I talk about it all the time I lead with my weaknesses and I lead with the challenges that I've had in my life. I don't want the irony. Two two escape the fact that I'm speaking in front of all of you guys here today. I am the least likely person in this room to be speaking to me today and I'll tell you this right now. That my my blessings that I count are more about the challenges that I've had than anything else right. I have so blessed I I won the lottery with my parents right and my parents are immigrants from Philippines and they were smart enough in the late nineteen sixties even though they had a great life and they came they they both came from very very Great Families There in the Philippines. They were smart enough to know that there is opportunity here in the United States allow. They left really great jobs. Cashews families to make sacrifices for their not yet born children and I am the recipient of of their Their foresight so that that does not escape me and I'm very very grateful for them. I'm grateful for my wife and end all of all of the blessings that I have but my by biggest blessings I have to say are the challenges that I had so this is this is part of my gratitude journal. Actually that I wrote down the other day and I'm going to just go over what. What my blessings lessons wore that I wanted to thank the universe and the higher power in God for so my blessings? I'm so grateful that I had a learning disability. I'm I'm so grateful that I that when I was growing up that I didn't know that I wasn't able to comprehend the written word I had to have my exams. Read to me. I'm so grateful hateful. I had that challenge of so grateful that I had that I have and had. Add so grateful that I struggled in school to the point where I was failing all my classes all throughout throughout school until they realized they had to read my tests to me and then I thrived so grateful for that. I'm so grateful for this because remember the story. That's me. I'm so grateful for this. My very first ever varsity baseball game I ran into the fence lost my forefront teeth Dr Jason Campbell. Just a month ago finally restored these two implants and I have a brand new bridge bridge. I'm grateful for that. This change the trajectory of my life. Dentistry was not on my radar until I ran into this fence. Spent Sixteen sixteen months restoring this grill. They put they put a bridge in eventually failed thirty years later Dr Campbell fixed it. Ironically it it broke broke off at the gum line Saturday night of the summit two years ago on a cold French fry and I had to drive home in the middle of the night to get to Dr Cable's office. Can you imagine if that would have happened. The date earlier not at the summit back would have been bad. I'm grateful for this. I'm grateful that this happened. I never if this this didn't happen on March eighth nineteen eighty eight. I would not be standing here today. I would not be a dentist. God knows what I'd be doing. I'm grateful grateful for that. I'm looking for my teeth. And that's that's my coach helping me off the field there that was on the front page of the Times. I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful for my first ever academic counselor in college. I was a college football player and her job was to make sure that the football players maintained a C. average so that they can stay eligible to play football. I told her that my dream was to be a dentist someday and she told me that based on my high school transcripts that there is no chance that I could ever get through that curriculum. There's no chance that I could ever get into to dental school so grateful that she told me that she gave me a chip on my shoulder. So grateful that she didn't believe in me. I'm grateful for my twenty failed attempts to get into dental school because a built my character enough and my tenacity enough that it shaped my character. It's shaped the whole rest of my life the fact that nobody believed in me that twenty colleges twenty dental schools didn't think that I was a capable candidate to represent their school. I'm so grateful for that. I'm grateful for the three years that it took me to get into dental school because I bought my own business. And I learned about entrepreneurship. I got into the executive. MBA program. If I would have gotten in the first year or the second year and I would have gotten in the first just any time within the first fifteen attempts I never would have met my wife. I met my wife one month before I left for dental school. I never would have met her. I I tell my kids that all the time. If I wasn't such a failure you none of you. Three would've ever been born so so grateful for that. I'm I'm grateful that I had a breakdown after my first six practices. I'm grateful that I didn't recognize that. There is such a thing called delegation systematisation. I'm grateful that although my practices were successful I was a failure in every other area of my life. My Future score was zero out of ten for mindfulness for meaning and relationships for might my fitness level and movement but it was a ten out of ten for my finances chances. I'm so grateful that I had that opportunity. I'm grateful that I sold four of those practices and had seven figures of cash in a bank bank account and I didn't know what to do with it. I'm so grateful for that of so grateful that I lost several hundred thousand dollars by car washes and residential actual real estate and trying to be an options trader. I'm so grateful for that experience everything that I've done every failure that I've had every re-challenge that I've ever experienced has led me to this point right here today. Speaking to you guys today. I'm so blessed that I failed so many times of so blessed for all my challenges. This is one of my favorite books. The obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday Inn it's a primer about stoicism MHM STOIC philosophy. His one of his one of my favorite quotes from the book in life doesn't matter what happens to you or where you came from. It matters what you do with what happens. And what you've been given that's by Ryan holiday so every single person in here guys right now you are somewhere you want to be. He's somewhere else. We all live in the gap between where you want where you are now and where you want to be part of where you are right. Now is a bunch of challenges oranges and frustrations and expectations. That you haven't lived up to yet in your life everything that you guys have in your your life right now. That's not exactly where he wanted to be is a blessing is a blessing and the more challenging. It is the bigger blessing you have. I just interviewed a guy. I don't know if any of you guys heard his name. Was Steve Lawton guys here. It he just wrote a book called headfirst. Thanks for falling. podcast guys appreciate it was it was last week Steve Lot and he wrote a book called headfirst. She was skiing down a black diamond and he came out of his skis. Somehow and he hit a tree going forty five miles an hour head first. He broke basically every bone in his body is brain was fractured action. He had bleeding in the brain. It was a very very very traumatic injury And basically wiped him out for six months couldn't could see he couldn't hear could talk could walk for about six months and eventually because of his positively will to live he came to the other side of that and he says that the biggest blessing in his life was that accident. Sometimes our biggest challenges are biggest opportunities in our biggest blessings lessons. So I want you guys to focus on any challenge that you have going on right now in your life and remember that. It's your biggest blessing. I honestly you believe it. Dental students come to all the time they're like cut. You are so lucky. I'm like yeah. I am lucky. I'm so lucky that I'm such a failure. That's has fueled every single thing in my life to this point in this episode is being brought to you by the fourth annual voices of dentistry summit over four years ago. 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Dr Kevin Fryer Doctor Mack Jones. Dr Zach Myers so for those rosy view have never attended this conference. Unlike you've ever experienced all of your favorite podcast recording live in our podcasters lounge. You'll be able to hop on your favorite podcast. You'll be able to watch your favorite podcasters interview experts live. It's Super Fun. So there there's more networking and mixing than at any other meeting and just a fun collaborative and relaxed environment. The date is January. Twenty fourth and twenty fifth at the Hilton Scottsdale Tale resort and villas in Scottsdale on. Just go to voices of Dentistry Dot Com and pick up your twenty percent off registration while supplies last last and they will go fast voices of Dentistry Dot Com for twenty percent off. Can we see you in Scottsdale and that wraps it up for another episode dental poor podcast look for to reconnecting on the next episode. Thank you so much for joining us today. 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