Little Hedgehog and Bebe Under the Same Sky: Part One


This is Ria. Welcome to little stories for tiny. I have is to you. It has been so long and I know some of you have been slightly Vac St- shall we say by my absence? Okay. Let me explain I I was carried away by dragons to the enchanted forest. Then they dropped me onto a ferry on its way to fairy islands and then Okay that's not really what I've been up to, but that would have been interesting right? The truth is not as interesting. The truth is it has been very challenging to find the time and space and why it's over these last few months to sit down on my metal stool in my studio with my studio spiders scowling at me from above. Fair. And speak lots of words into my microphone. Like I'm doing right now. Life does not always follow the pattern we imagine it will. If any of US didn't know that before this year. He's certainly know it now. But I really missed telling you stories. So I found a way. Let's just get to our story. It's part one. Of Little Hedgehog and bb under the same sky. Take it away a dem- aliko. There are no pictures you have to imagine the pictures in your mind. You can imagine them however you want. Okay. Here we go. New Luck fantabulous able. If we can get a critical mass of hedgehogs to use that word, we might be able to get it into dictionaries within a few years, but we will have to document this conversation. Also, we have to commit to regular usage of it in our own personal lexicon soon. And thank you for the compliment. Little hedgehog and bb her best friend volt time we're in little hedgehogs borough. It was a Wednesday two minutes earlier. Little Hedgehog had suggested that she and beebe trade clothes for the evening. Bb Do you think we can fool my dad do you think he will believe you are me and I am you I believe we could fool my neighbor sues because she is not observant. We do have different colored goals though so I'm not sure your dad would believe but little hedgehog convinced her to try now bb stood before her decked out any blinding yellow me on vest knee socks printed with smiling monkeys a tasteful Paisley scarf and a Unicorn wristwatch little hedgehog do you think these accessories? Clash also I do need to leave soon, remember my mom and I are about to go on a survivalist. You Never WanNa be too matchy matchy beaten. The goal is not to impress it is to confuse if my dad is staring at your accessories, he won't notice that you are not me that makes perfect sense. I get it now now it's my turn little hedgehog quickly removed her sparkly headband, her sequined Vest Bright Blue Bowtie, purple socks and her jangly bracelets. Okay. Vivey now tell me I look van Deb your durable. Okay BB. You'll look Fan Tab Eudora. Seeing Q.. My mom tells me I look competent and effective every single day. That's my voice. Little head shock and BB GIGGLED MR hedgehog popped his head in the room. Hey. What are you up to? Oh. Hello Dad said BB HELLO MR hedgehog little jog Mr Hedgehog blinked he took in a strange scene before him and then decided he wasn't going to engage with all that look don't know what's going on here but doesn't really matter bb don't you need to get going soon your mom wanted me to get you home for a survival expedition. Did I hear that right? You're correct Mr Hedgehog. I cannot be late for departure. It is not every night that along with ones, mom one gets to take part in a long standing family tradition of being dropped in the middle of nowhere and having to quickly establish a borough access to water our supplies and other critical aspects of survival in the wilderness using only ones with and skills honed for years of careful practice. Dad squinted. Dow Jones. Von. Busy thrilling adventure I am so excited for you to go on your survivalist expedition. Maybe you will discover an underground cave with a magical sparkling lake filled with Moore jogs. Yes Moore hedgehogs, underwater hedgehogs with fish tails instead of pause. My mom says they don't exist but I choose to believe little hedgehog and BB giggled Phoebe I'm wondering why you haven't mentioned this very exciting family tradition before. By my count have mentioned it forty seven times over the last several years. Little head shock would you like to gaze upon this postcard? My Aunt Merle letter sent me from an undisclosed location in the wilderness during her survivalist excursion. Yes please little HEDGEHOG WILL To try these berries gathered by my cousin clements, our family has a tradition of doing survivalist excursions and he had some pigeons deliver these from his undisclosed, off grade location. Yum theories. THANK YOU BE A. Little Hedgehog I'm getting excited. Can you tell my own survivalist trip with my mom is only two years in seventeen weeks away plan is part of our long standing family tradition of being dropped in the middle of the wilderness with only our wits and skills honed from years of careful practice to serve. US. Well V. Aim just getting air member is taking a stroll down memory lane with you. As they prepared to leave the burrow little hedgehog disappeared into her closet and emerged holding something behind her trickles bb. Do you remember last month when we got up super duper early at sunset and we went to the pond with our paints and you did that mouse's portrait I believe his name was Jim, Burson Hefley he was upset I didn't paint him with more for, but he did not have more for, and I aim for realism in my artwork. Remember after you painted Jim, Persson League we big flowers together and the way home you asked me little hedgehog or are your plans for these freshly picked blossoms and I said, Oh baby you'll find out some day. I, remember well, it's someday now. Little Hedgehog revealed her paws. She was holding an enormous book. She passed it to bb BB, opened it and flip through pages and pages filled with dried pressed flowers. It's my latest collection. I want you to. You can flip through and remember speaking flowers together. This delights me. I will pack it in my backpack alongside my survival handbooks and my first aid kit and my wine. Little hedgehog clapped her teensy pause together and did a twirl. It was dad I. Think it's time we get home already did to trill Mr Hedgehog. The two friends alongside little hedgehogs dad stepped into the darkness and scampered towards species borough as they left beebe glanced over to the precise spot where they had hit in their time capsule weeks earlier, she smiled to herself noting the ground looked undisturbed. She sniffed the air satisfied that there were no crows in the vicinity. The forest was quiet except for the sounds of night creatures. More. When they reached beebees borough. Bb gave little hedgehog a hug. I will miss you baby and I shall miss you an equal measure. Don't worry little Hedgehog Levy said as they let go of one another I've already brainstormed several reliable ways in which we can maintain, and perhaps even enrich our friendship from a distance bb gave a small bow in Mr Hedgehogs Direction I'm GonNa Miss. You baby won't be the same without you appearing out of the shadows when I'm least expecting it don't worry Mr Hedgehog I have my ways dad gave in uneasy smile. Beebees mom appeared at the burrow entrance bb and her mom were not begun hugging instead upon reaching one another day launched into their secret handshake. Who was complicated? Little Hedgehog in her dad watched with great interest as the mother daughter pair completed their elaborate greeting ritual. Used to be longer. This isn't a bridge I. Dad Put a CAU-. Around the head shots trickles as they watched bb and her mom wave disappear inside their borough. Hedgehog and dad turned to go. Little Hedgehog I have something for you. Baby. You scared me I felt your inside phoebe smiled air little hedgehog I have one too. It will help us remember how much joy we experience together bb handed Little Hedgehog a photo book. As she flipped through it she saw page after page of photos of them laughing and. Together. Think you be little hedgehog wiped a tear from her eye. Then be turned and scampered her borough her glow in the dark neon invest growing faint in the darkness until it disappeared altogether. At the end of the night. Dad Little Hedgehog in the bed she looked out her window. She could see the sky turning pink at the tree line. She Yawn. Yes little hedgehog. BBS looking out her window right now. Could be. I like that we're both under the same sky. Me Too. Little Hedgehog watched Z. Pinkish grey cloud drifted above. Dead, dead dead cloud looks just like a lizard with Pat. Do you think BBC's it. I bet she. Yes. Dad. down. Little Hedgehog. Was Asleep he side watched his funny little daughters, chest rise and fall. For the first time, he noticed the photo book BV Had Given Her. Tucked tightly beneath her paws. Dad's smiled and kissed little hedgehogs forehead. then. He slipped out of the room. Off To make himself one last cup of tea. Before. This story is not over. Little hedgehog and bb we'll have to figure out how to deal with being far apart. That's something many of us have been going through for months. There are no easy answers. It can be hard. We will take up the story at some point and see how they've handled the distance between them. This story is coming out in August of twenty twenty. This month marks five years since I started little stories tiny people. I want to thank all of you for listening for appreciating my work and for sharing it with others five years ago. I had no expectation that anyone would listen to my stories. I. Simply wanted to create a place where I could put all of my ideas. Right focus my imagination where I could grow my story garden and I kept going. Many listeners have reached shouts me saying that my stories have inspired them to write their own stories. That is so rewarding to here. We need people to be creative. We need people to tell their stories. So please keep making your own things keeping creative, keep writing, keep drawing, keep recording your own podcast. And if you love doing it don't stop ever. Little stories for tiny people is written performed and produced by me Pector my in House Tech Director Peter K. runs my website and puts my stories on the Internet for all of you to enjoy. Special things to Edina liable for the super important reminder message at the beginning and thank you to Cohen Evelyn. Milly Henley and Lucy for providing the nearly professional quality. Sound effects used in this horry. If you love the PODCAST, please share it with all nice. That are in want of more I anyone named Jim Burston all wilderness enthusiasts those who both live off grid but also have an Internet connection and share it with your friends who might just need a good story. I'm going to be putting out new stories as I am evil to. Thank you. As always. For listening in.

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