Mason and Ireland HOUR TWO


Alright ESPN LA. Hey, look who it is the great Rick. Fox's here. Redwood Whitson co FOX jacket on you told us years ago that when you you went into the video game busy. You don't need them. Yeah. Yeah. We're just gonna talk to you God. But you said I remember we looked at you. And we went you're what you're buying a video game. What are you crazy? And you went I think it's going to it's a growth industry, and boy were you, right? Well, I don't know if it confirms me not being crazy. But it has been quite the ride the last three years, and well, these guys Rickard like real athletes now, I met the Lakers gaming team two weeks of Mason, ain't even tell you this. I met these guys. Yeah. And they're like, you know, they they went through a draft with like David Stern reading their names. And and they're they're they're cocky like play. Athlete is it right, right? It's surreal, man. The debate rages on on on their acceptance in among traditional sports as athletes, which is fine. I I kind of removed beyond personally move beyond defending them. I don't think they need to be defendant. When you're. In right and entertainment guard us of what the outside world believes, they believe it. That's all it matters. You know, like I heard you say something interesting the other day, he said somebody asked him. Do you think you guys can beat the warriors enduro Maury said we'll be honest with you. I don't know. But I know this that James harden, and Chris Paul think they can be. And that's all that matters. You know, what's interesting, the weather there athletes are not you know, I was involved in a did you ever do the Toyota celebrity grand prix? No. But I I followed it a couple of times. So there's there's just as much skill involved in driving a race car as there is in playing east sports. And so from that perspective, and there's an endurance factor that goes on. I mean to me it it's clear, then there's an experimenting with it as an Olympic sport. And I think it should be. It's it's gone at a lot of debate. And I think we won't see it. I think in twenty twenty maybe not even in twenty twenty four but east sports being LA being the hub of e sports. I think twenty twenty eight you may see well inclusion, and I know you're here talking about lifetime. We'll get into that too. But I know that all our call Mark. Thank you. Mark is a step up for life told Mason, Rick I told me since earlier that if you go down Michael Thompson, and I have gone down the hallmark rabbit hole. And once you go down it you can't particularly at Christmas. Yes, you can't stop. And I know the plot of every movie it's girl meets a really good looking guy in the beginning. He turns out to like lie cheat or steal from her. Her life is ruined. Then she meets a better looking guy twenty minutes in it looks like it's all going to ingrate. Then some obstacle comes up that you don't think can be solved it gets solved happily ever after. I know exactly what's going to happen. And I can't because it's real it's real we're all think living a day to day existence. Where we connect with the characters are we see characters, but in our life that resemble these individuals, and you sound like like, you might be ready to write a couple of scripts for paying a holiday for hallmark go. Well, here's the thing. Lot of Canadian actors man, you got Candida in a lot of Caen. Michael claims you for the Bahamas. He should because I claim me for the Bahamas, right? By the way, explain that you were born in the Bahamas. Michael claims you as a Bahamian. The other way around was born in Toronto Canada. But my dad after nine months, we moved home, my mom and my dad, but dad being Bahamian so natural naturally being a son of a Bahamian makes me behavior. But I grew up a little grew up. I don't know if Mike tells you I grew up a couple of blocks for Michael's house. So seeing his his climbs meteoric climb out of the little island and ASA into into you know, Miami and Minnesota and onto the Portland trailblazers. And then eventually the Lakers where he won championships. He was my role. I was your roadmap. So I do to. And that is you know, he's been he was brought a lot of hope why young men like my. You ever heard of this? But whenever we do a game where we have buddy healed or de'andre eight and in the game. So they said Michael do either one of these guys have a chance to to pass you up as being the most famous basketball playing Bamyan he said Ireland they can pass me, but they'll never pass. Tell, you know, Mike is you can't when you the father of a of a nation in the area of Mike and also the way he's gone on to actually represent the country through his as a father through his sons who we still try to cleanse. Well, I it's I think he's just been he's done a lot for our country. How you're listening to Caspian Los Angeles. We'll talk about your morning show mysteries coming up here. Yes. I want to ask you about the the Lakers and the really really difficult season that we will finish tomorrow night. I was gonna say isn't over yet tomorrow night. Finally, it comes to an end four more quarters, but who's count. How do you how do you view? What's the what's the big picture as somebody who follows the team? I like to look forward I like to look forward. And and think to the next coming months could could be for us as as a franchise knowing that the pressure is mounting from the execution in free agency coupled with. I think the improvement of the young players, and I I know the damage that was done through the the trade process maybe to their confidence. And and and the value. They may see what the organization, but I don't think it changes the summer can change a lot as long as they recalibrate their thinking, maybe and learn from the business of of of the NBA and trades are part of that trade deadline brings up. Do you ever get traded? I remember you signing as a free agent a couple of times you ever get. I was I was fortunate to be valuable enough to always be in the conversation of trades. And but valuable enough never to be trailing. So it's where you kind of want to be if you're on good teams. Right. There's a couple of bad teams. I was on. I wish traded from. So being traded his annoys necessarily being talked about in trades is in a negative thing. I mean, it it it's a part of the business. But it also you want to be desired you want people to want you. But it sounds like you think that that that there there's truth in the narrative that could mess with their heads. Oh, and when you're young player in this league. I remember the first time I got brought up in trade conversations. It was I think it was to Indiana at the time, and it was shattering. It was because you come from a college environment, in some cases, a lot of these guys only had one year in college. They don't develop the longstanding affinity for the you know, the team you're playing for in college. And then the team you get drafted by you have there's an naively that comes with feeling that there's a purity nothing nothing negative could ever happen to you. But again, if you look at a trade as negative negative thing that happens, then you're not really seeing the toll totality of the business, which is it can be positive, and it could be you see players. Now, they want out of situation call for trades. Right. So you can't have it both ways. Right. If if you want to be out to power as a player to say, I wanna move on. Then you also know that the owners are also going to have that power to move them on. So what's your take on LeBron James first season unfortunate the health? I I was watching that game in Golden State when his Christmas when that kicked in. And and I didn't know how it looked, you know, more a little more serious than maybe I thought, and and then it did torpedo. I think the momentum they had going there for a couple of months, and when he returned it was right around that trade deadline when you know that conversation then sucked all the oxygen out of of the unity. I think in in kind of making a run at that point. I felt it was it was pretty much going to be the demise of of of our chances, playoff wise. But individually himself, obviously went healthy and on the floor. I mean, it's still like, you know, he's he's the best player in in our game getting older, which is always a challenge. But even when he came back I thought. Man, maybe that little stretch of a couple of months got him, healthier more arrested. And and but now, you know, leadership wise only we question his leadership in terms of being able to get a group of men to rally behind the vision of of fighting for championship. I think he's done that enough times. It's getting those young men and the individuals that will come in through free agency to still follow his leadership. Rick Fox is with us in studio. And one of the reasons Rick came in was to talk about these hallmark movies. Now, explain to us your role in this are you acting in the movies? Are you hosting a show? What's your role, these these you you mentioned that hallmark dominates the Christmas season? Right. You've gone down the hallmark Christmas for a you've seen probably thirty movies in two forty movies. Thirty. Engineer. Mike, Julie for the Laker games works there on their morning show in told me, they're green-lighting forty New Year's miss B's nineteenth enjoy them. And so what we now have also hallmark. It does a movies and mystery channel where they have a number of series one being morning show mystery produced by our ochre fellow behavior, our executive producer and Holly Robinson, Pete and myself are the two lead characters in this series. We're on our you'll see series movies. Yeah. Five of them. Now, we'll go on to make I think another three next year or this year. Sorry for next year is airing. But here in April on starting next this coming weekend for the next three weekends. You can watch the next three episodes of morning show mystery good guy or bad guy to say, I'm up. I'm a police officer detective. I'm a detective that has a history with the Billy blessings character, which ALI'S character. Her father was a detective, and he was my partner, he was my mentor. And so we go all the way back to our high school days where we were two ships passing. We couldn't get it together in connect. And now we're finding ourselves back in a in these scenarios where we're constantly having to solve murder murder mysteries. But she's not a cop. So she always always a step ahead of me having the genetic gene of a father who was a cop, and I'm constantly trying to keep her from impersonating a cop. Now, did you go all method elec- did you go out on Dr drive? I. Shaq's jerusalem. All of those. I've been doing that for a number of years. Now, the first time I've played a police officer. But to your point I was just riding from opening day of the Yankees game. The other day, I was in New York, and I happened to be driven by police officer who does number of shows where he fills in and and acts or resembles a police officer for the production of that show. And I started grilling him and ask him questions. Sit in the cart me like why are you asking you all these questions? I said I need to know got shoot play a police officer. So it's interesting that cry detective work on the scene. You know, when they go in and they do their work. It's it's nice to know what they actually doing. So it's, you know, the thing about the thing about you that that people may not know is that after your career ended you kinda soom you're going to be you're at the top of the mountain. You assume you're going to be at the top of another mountain. And instead of that, you really went to work you learned how to act you. I know people that were enacting. Passes with you like you really worked at it. And study it's there's a craft to it. And there's a level of respect. I know that you you pay it, and there's a level of respect that I try to definitely pay on a daily basis. It's one thing to be talented. We see a lot of talented players make a professional career based on their height or their speed or their athleticism, and they're dubbed a talent. Right, right. Perspect- know prospects that are talented. Well, you know earlier on I was fortunate to get a foot in the door off of my talent alone as an actor. I did I had no idea about the craft of it. And then sure enough, you know, when you when you reach for me playing here in LA, I reached the conversation that is prevalent here in the city because there's a lot of actors, and and I started to realize there's a craft to this. And I need to respect it. The same way I spent twenty years building my basketball skills and to spend the same time building my acting skills. So what do you do? You put yourself in a class. You get yourself with mentors and teachers and students that are doing the same journey, and I spent ten years in retirement doing that. And you know, I've been. Acting for twenty five years long. I played basketball. And so it's it's it's my skill set. It's what I do. And it's a blessing to be received in the community into a working actor. We're talking with Rick Fox. It was nice after come in studio who's as he outlined for you there in a series of hallmark mysteries. Now, there's a hallmark channel. And there's a hallmark mystery channel right there moving. Okay. So this is this is the tone channel where we can see you later later this year. I think it'll be a hallmark drama channel. Wow. So it'll be making drama movies. In is they're good at it. Digitally. You can go to hallmark now to and my mom I bought that channel for my mom, and she literally watches it every night, she has access to all these hallmark channel. So she dreams it like, you would do Netflix. I think you've got it for your mom, my mom while everybody's mom, watches hallmark. Yeah. Ev literally end, Michael. Yeah. That is. Tell there. Can you hang around? Rick Fox is in studio with us. Yeah. He also he also owns echo FOX, the the gaming team that that we talked to him a little bit about. And I want to I want to ask when we come back. There seems to be this narrative out there that people are scared to come or don't wanna come play with maybe Kobi or LeBron or come to play Rick came willingly, and it paid off. And then some so we'll get into that coming up to Mason and Ireland ESPN LA. So I just told Rick I took the his Carolina tar heels in my bracket. Listen to my friend, James worthy. I went crashing and burning up. Mason you one, but you didn't really hit the final four, right? And this station bracket Virginia getting this far. And that was enough for me. I want enough early games. But that's his out of Texas Tech. That's three years in a row. I've I've one to two years ago. I was second last year was I this year. I'm I again, really, Mike trout Vacaville system. Okay. Did you ever play in the final four? I did similar similar pain story. Pain point there for me. Career. Yeah. Dean got thrown out of the game. Technical was not how it's nineteen Ninety-one. Your Duke beat Kansas and do pit UNLV. And Ryan again, you were at that. You were the game Trudeau member. That was Indianapolis. Right. So who else was Carolina team that we would kick rice P P cut, George Lind's. He Davis entre. Okay. So you had a lot of NBA guys. Yeah. That was so cool. I took my dad to that final four and my my dad my lake dad. It just him being at the final four. He'd never been there before in seeing it through his eyes was incredibly cool and RIC it's weird now too. Because even then like some of those names, you mentioned wouldn't stay for three or four years in college neck, these guys are like even at North Carolina and Duke and places that used to gain and Mike shoshefsky used to say, look, we want you to stay so weekend. You know now if you don't take one in Duns, it's hard to compete. It is you're you will compete probably as a team if you have a group of seniors later on maybe in the NBA w started like, Texas Tech. Does anyone in done actually, nobody in the final four had a one and done? Okay. Well, there you go. Yes. That says something for a young player with a pro career. Usually, you're one and done guy if you're gonna if you're a lottery pick if your top first round pick, a you see in the second round picks, you probably get more veterans more senior eligible players that have grown and maybe more prepared for the NBA. Okay. So there's this narrative out there. I think it's it's probably put out there by people who don't like the Lakers and Lakers polarizing because they've been so good for so long certain players. Don't wanna come play with LeBron when you are free agent. You actually signed up to play with shack. Why first of all do you buy it that people don't wanna play LeBron? If so why do you think I don't think it's an attack on LeBron's skill or his I think if I look at maybe strategically why younger player may be concerned about joining the Lakers at this stage of LeBron's career. I mean, there'd be a window of opportunity there to win with him. You'd want the best out of your coat, you know, your counterpart your hall of fame counterpart, I guess, and we we've seen now he the miles are ticking up on his body and he had an injury this year. I don't know if it was just a a an injury from wear and tear, or if it was a fluke injury. I hope it was more fluky than anything seemed to be fine going into the remainder of the season when he came back. But I think that's the probably the greatest question in the mind of a young player is how long will I get to play with them. And how healthy will he be? You don't think it's people don't wanna play with him. Now that you'll have you'll have those maybe that who's contemporaries that maybe a year. Or two or three years behind him. That may look at him as someone they've battled and measured themselves against and so Georgia. They don't want to be part of the LeBron show. Like, there's there's a whole big on show if you have any. Yeah. If you have an ego in that regard, and you want your own show then. Yeah, you're not going to come to LA, but you love so much because of LA not wanting to play an LA because you want your own show. Sure. I remember asking you once when you were playing I said, well, you know, you guys have one seventeen at eighteen games. Why? And you laughed in to check and Kobe making everybody look good. And but you seem to like you and Robert orienteer- Fisher seemed to figure out that. Hey, if we do our jobs, we could build something here and win a lot of titles. He'll something special. Right. And you did that's how I would think of it. I would never run away from great player. I'd run towards him. Respectfully of all the free agents that are out there on the market right now. As much as I would have liked to have been one of those that could demand the attention of an LA market in regards to the type of contract. I'm sure all Halse hall of Famer and all star. We'll be looking for. We don't we can't be in the conversation for the to the for the next here. Right. If we're going to change things, and so the guys like myself and Robert Derek in Brian Shaw, and all of the all the pieces that are I think necessary and mandatory to have to win a champion's championship. We can't we can't start there. You kind of have to build those through your youth or you have to build those through, you know, the the second wave of free agents free agents that you grab we need. A we need one or two guys that can join LeBron that are of his caliber that that can move the needle for us and take a leap forward in the next season here of the expectation level, quite frankly that we're used to having around here. Now, there's a crisis of confidence in the front office. Magic Johnson and rob Pelinka. And there are. A lot of moves that have been put under the microscope the signings over the course of the summer, and whether that made sense it just to put the the way the trade deadline was handled in the potential Anthony Davis trade in the way, sort of everybody got hung out to dry. What's your view of the way magic and rob Pelinka have operated so far? Well, I think they've done a very good job of keeping insulated, and, you know, working amongst themselves and really probably taking the wave of criticism without responding to heavily to it. Look magic delivered and rob delivered on LeBron's presence here in LA the youth going through that experience at the trade deadline was something that I think they were all going to eventually have to experience in their careers. I can argue getting it all out of the way in one clean swoop. Maybe healthy. Now, they can go back to work and realize that it is a business there. I thought Brandon Ingram handled exceptionally well thought he was the one individuality. Oh, he took it took it to another level. And that told me everything I need to know about him. Now, we need him healthy the the signings of the core. Veterans to one year deals a ton of them. I think was to keep the flexibility, which I thought was wise the impact of LeBron's ability to drag a group of guys that may, you know, may not offer together in age and experience and skill sets to a playoff a level caliber team. I thought we were well on our way to do that until. Injury. So we're it's easy to judge the group, and and and quite frankly magic in Rob's year in the decisions from last year on the results presently, right? It's what have you done lately? Right. It's the setup now is for the coming months here where they're going to go back into a sales capacity of getting free agents to believe in Elliot's a destination of success for them not just with LeBron. But going forward for them long term. I think we need one or two guys that aren't two or three years left in their careers where we need to future of the Lakers. And we and they need to see LeBron is someone that they can actually learn a lot from and actually like in a Kobe Bryant fashion. I mean Kobe at the end of his his career play till know twenty years in the NBA. I think years fifteen sixteen seventeen when pretty darn good yet. So we're gonna get that from LeBron as well. You just have to know that if I if I'm an up and coming guy that's going to get the baton pass to me in the city of LA where I can have it hall finish out. Career as a hall of fame player. I wanna talk to you know. Arguably one of the greatest player to ever play the game and see what that's like and play with him and learn from him as well, it looks like the warriors of the team to beat again this year. And it reminds me of the team you played on Rick that went to the finals four times in five years. You guys won three in a row, but you went seven games a couple of times back then including that one Sacramento series, which was a knockdown drag out. What's the biggest challenge of when you've wanted? And you you you competed as a one time champion issue ten champion than a three tem champion before San Antonio. Finally, knocked you guys out when you've won it. And the other teams have never wanted. So you would assume just naturally their hunger is is a little higher nears. What's the biggest challenge for the warriors to try and keep this going this year? Over-confidence being comfortable a level of arrogance that can seep in relaxing for five possessions in a game, right? The determined a game relaxing thinking that you have enough at any point in time to overcome. And and what you what you what seeps in is because you know, yourself so well, and because you've had such success you start to rely on your presence alone. Being a an an a force as you enter the game. And when people are hungry teams are hungry enough. And it'd been chasing you for years case in point Houston Rockets, which I think are going to be hungry again after right here. They are coming with the level of intensity that quite frankly, even the defending champions of two years can't won't be able to match. Do you won't be able to match it? So what they can't do that is they can't be careless and give over possessions and leave a team like Houston leave a team that's hungrier than them. You know, an opportunity to steal steal possessions. And and take take a series from them because that's going to happen. I think this is going to be the toughest road road for Golden State to win a championship this year. And I honestly think it's going to be it's going to be the hardest thing for them to do. You think you would you pick them if I made you wouldn't you think they picked picked up. The one thing I knew when I didn't know how your dynasty would end when you guys won the back to back to back championships. But I knew San Antonio was sick ASEAN you win and in that fourth year of you guys beaten them like a drum. They were ready and you guys had played deep into June three years in a row, and they hadn't and that series. I think it was the second round series in two thousand four when they came for you that you had beat them so badly in those swept them once you beat them four to one. Once I think that that was what you're talking about. The rockets may be so sick of hearing about the warriors today may not sleep for two weeks and be single line so sharp, and so you I mean, I think the Kenneth for read addition massive. Healthy healthy. And now you gotta name healthiest. Well, there's there's a group when I watched the Houston Rockets, I see a team that by the way they've won every game in the last night. And I'm telling you there on there. They they are going to be on all cylinders, and I think they're going to be the biggest challenge for the warriors. And I would not be surprised to see them. You know, get over the hump. All right. Well, listen, we'll let everybody know morning show mystery premieres next Wednesday at nine pm on hollow hallmark movies and mysteries channel. If you don't have it get it. And and then because you'll get it for three weekends in a row. Three movies. We've done three in a row. So you watch all three of them. Excellent every week. All right, Rick. Thanks, man. All right. Rick Fox with this Mason and Ireland ESPN. I thanks to Rick Fox, by the way, screwed up the time of his movie. It's Sunday night at nine pm on hallmark mysteries. Channel. I'm telling you. Rick, fox. Yeah. Once you go down, the hallmark rabbit hole. It's very hard to get ever been there never been there. Well, if you watch Rick fuck, I'll I'll watch Rick. But I don't believe I'll be down some radical still no word on the UCLA coaching job. Although Rick Barnes, the head coach at Tennessee. Ben bolt bolts LA times reported yesterday that he said he's been told that Barnes would accept the UCLA job. If formerly offered it, and my understanding is that an offer has been made. But now Tennessee's countered it. So he's trying to decide between UCLA and Tennessee, we could know by the time the national championship game tips off tonight. The national championship game is tonight. Six o'clock in Minneapolis, Texas Tech against Virginia a lot of conversation over the weekend that Virginia is in this because they got a huge kiss from the officials. I don't understand people who don't think that was. A foul. Yeah. At the end of nine understand the double dribble one. I I looked at. I thought that's that's not a fell what? Right. You go back and look at it. You've got to give the kid room to land on the enemy anywhere near him. And boy, I'll tell you. I was feeling it for that kid to the free throw line. You're gonna make all three. And here's the weird thing. So he makes one. Yup. He makes the second. Then they they basically do the Bruce Pearl does the ice that kicker routine. Yup. And CBS goes to a commercial. Oh, did they really in the middle of the three free throws come on? What is happening here? Wow. Yeah. It was a it was a now the one thing I will say is the double dribble that they missed was legit. That was a double dribble, but are calls missed. And I watch them talk about whether or not now. Now, you're big proponent of instant replays financing replay that would have prevented that herbal dribble. Yeah. Because there was a stoppage right after that. So you could have used one of your challenges there. But here's one thing. They have to change a rule in college basketball in the NBA. On your fifth foul. The other team goes into the bonus and shoots free throws. Yup. But let's say you get to the final two minutes of a game. Yeah. You've only committed one team fell. Right. But you're trying to foul to get them to go to the free throw. Right. You then have to commit four fouls on purpose in college basketball in order to get to your team to the line with the NBA. Does is they have a I in the last two minutes rule. So you're allowed one if you have a foul to give your loud one foul, but on the second foul in the last two minutes the other team shooting. So it keeps these unnecessary. And here's what happened on the double dribble. They were all the officials knew that. Virginia needed to foul. An or Texas Tech try and say one of the teams needed to foul default who get the other team to the free throw. Right. So they were committing fouls on purpose. But because there's no I in two the bonus. The first thing you'd have to do is go to quarters, right. They do in women's college basketball. There's some confused like I don't understand why women's college basketball quarters. I also don't understand. Why is there thirty second clock? Why why don't they have a twenty four second clock in college? They be more when member for a lot of it's a thirty five second class, maybe fibers at thirty Craig would is it thirty five or thirty in causing thirty five. I think it went down to thirty two. We'll remember as recently as ten fifteen years ago, they were playing the four corners, right? So that went why you went kicking and screaming to anytime. Right. Why not make it match the NBA because the game. I mean, I'll be honest. The game is like tonight. It'll be a slugfest. It'll be slow. Virginia's the get the best scoring defense in the league Texas Tech in the country. Texas Tech has the best defensive efficiency mean it's going to be a slugfest. But a twenty four second clock would make that game. A lot more entertaining. And and do the first in the last two minutes thing too. And that way, you don't have a team committing five thousand purpose in the referees are distracted. And I think that's why they missed the double dribble. But the foul at the end that everybody was g- was Twitter exploded. It is. Afoul any league it at any level. That's a foul. You got to give the guy room to come down. If you don't want to get whistled for don't go anywhere near. Yup. And and so I had no problem with the fat and for the kid to make three free throws under that condition is ridiculous. You know last night in the women's final four the women's championship. Gam? Notre Dame's best player got fouled down to with five seconds ago. And she missed the first one. Yep. The second one and the second one. But I that that kid that made three in a row was that's as Bill Raftery is nice onions. Yeah. Kit at onion, not -solutely. All right. Coming up for you next. John coming up for you next. We've got this game of thrones pool. Yeah. I filled mine out did you? Yep. Do you want? Do you want to explain it next? Sure. Okay. Cool Mason and Ireland ESPN LA. Everybody loves a pool. A good a good pool. Everybody loves so so many around here, Greg. It's you I'm assuming have started. Is it just you do you have help on this in this game of thrones have lots of help I have all promotions. Helping okay. So here's the deal. We're doing a game of thrones pool around it can listeners do it. Yes. We will be having listeners do it as well. Okay. Good. So they have a list of characters probably not everybody, but probably twenty. Of characters on the show and Mace you have to guess, I've already filled mine out, and you're you have yours in front of you. Now, you have to get win game of thrones ends which will end this season and ends in. May it starts this Sunday. And then it ends in may when the season ends will these characters be alive or dead. And if they die will they become a white Walker. So for example, when the show ends, do you think John snow will be alive or dead dead? All right. Do you think it'll become a white Walker? No. All right. So you just click dead. And that's all you do now sons up alive or dead Dead Sea. I think dead also g think she'll become whitewall. No. Yeah. I don't either. All right now, you so you just go down and they have every character listed now. I only picked one person to become a white Walker, and it's a strategic play on my part because if you miss if you predict one of them will become a white Walker you hit docked points or act. So who do you think I picked to become a whitewash? Offer. You'll only picked one person I did on the whole list on the whole list. Number one. You have to you have to assume I think they're going to die. Yup. And they're going to become a white Walker. I predict you'll say. I predict you'll say Jamie, Lancaster. Wow. Is that one? Yeah. That's it. That's a crazy one. Anyway, you think that also I don't I'm just I said I predict on say, yeah, you're right. That's the only guy because I think that'd be good. Plus, nobody's afraid of a one armed light Walker. Well. Then then I think the play is he becomes a white Walker. And does he will he kill Serse because remember earlier in the show? There was a prediction that he would kill certainty. So I think that that's what will happen. And by the way, I think he's getting it eventually to pick her to die. Do you pick pick her to dial? So she's definitely die. But I wouldn't about half and half where you going. Are you going most people to die? I'm going. No. I'm about half and half. I'm me too. Now at the end, there are bonus questions says no chance what did I do Davos? I said lives. I don't think he's important enough to kill. I think he's dead dead dead dead. I think both the hound and the mountain go down a few of these. I don't even know who's Braun. What do you mean who's Brian? You watched the show John. No, new gingery. Is you don't know who brought him in Henry is really hard for me to figure out who he was who's Braun Braun up. Ran no Braun is Tyrian was Tyrians like was his basically his best friend and then switched over to a Jamie. And he was yeah. He's a visa main care. No, he's dead. He saved Jamie already. I can't think of who. He was. Oh my God. Yeah. Brian meals, your more montes's. Yeah. I do the guy that had the scales going up. Yeah. Oh, yeah. By the way, if I'm predicting that the night king is wins at all at the end that it's going to end negatively if if I was predicting that the night king was going to be killed. I think it would be Giora that kills them. Like the Nike is about to take Khalil out. And you know, he's his whole life. He's devoted to Khalidi. And I think he finds a way to save her by killing the night king. But that's not my official prediction. My Fisher prediction is the night. King stands at the end. No way like kings that is. Okay. So here are the moments questions. Are you ready? Yup. Is deniro pregnant you get one extra point. If you get this, right? Yes. Greg says, yes, I say, yes, I say, yes, also. Yup. Okay. Who kills the night king? Greg. Would you say John snow Mace? I am going to go. Sam. He's got the dragon glass wall have dry. No. But he's got the one he stole from the mantle. I think he's gonna be the surprise hero. Okay. Mine. Mine. Mine is nobody kills the night king. And then who holds the iron throne at the end, Greg. Would you go with gingy? Nobody even knows who that is. If you watch the show apparently know we do watch the show we show before. It means that you understand enough to get the to get the throne. He he's Robert breathy and son. Yeah, he's not a big enough character to get the throne may. So you're going with I'm going with Tyrian. I'm going tonight king. Yeah. I I will thrown. I don't think it'd be the injury is the right answer. I'm not alone. No. He's the betting favourite zero. Increase the betting favourite. I'm like, I I would be disappointed. If I can't tell you which one is gender as you guys think anybody dies this Sunday. Yes, Honda, no lake made somebody on this list. Hundred percent somebody big is going to die in week one. I agree hundred percent who do you think's going to somebody big? I'll say Jamie Lancaster's did that right off? No, no too soon. Now, no kill Onta. He's only got one arm. How dare you can't kill sons in week one? She is the lady of winter fell for well. Not. No, it's like, it's like one of the great joys is gonna get it. You know, somebody not important Yarra. I hope it's not theon. He said such a rough go reek. They took his good. Yes. He can go. No, they took everything from. And by the way, that is everything everything you're on could go I can see your ongo. Well, you're on is is reckless. He'll he'll do something to get Milla, Sandra. I thought she already died. No, I've got her as a white Walker. How many white walkers? Did you make so far? Just one Mellon. Sandra grey grey worm is is going to get is they took everything from him. Yeah. For all the ones everything how come you didn't put the hot girl on here. I didn't make this list. If to be honest, we stole it from read it somebody made it unready. Yeah. What is what is Natalie Emmanuel's characters name, though it? She's she's the handmaiden for collegiate MRs grade you MRs MRs MRs grey, warm. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they can't kill her. She's too good looking but day. What is it Masan day? Yeah. No, she doesn't she doesn't rate. She's not on three three. And a tarp is going to get killed probably by Jamie brianna. I hope she makes it pod. Her living padraic is an important enough to kill Padre. No Padres going to you guys. See SNL this week. Yeah. So here's what jumped out at me about the open for SNL. Jon snow kit Harrington was the host of SNL. He was funny. He did a good job and in his cold open in the beginning. He's talking about how he will not and cannot reveal what happens on game of thrones. Right. So all these people are popping out of the audience asking him trying to come up with different clever ways to ask him to it and Amelia Clark who plays collegiately. Is in the audience at SNL, and she pops up, and if you ever seen an actress look less like the characters claim it like she went nothing like my gosh. That's that's kalihi. But she has dark hair she's tiny. She's not bus shorthair. Like Khalid is. Yeah. Yeah. It should not blonde. Yeah. On. Yeah. If you like you're doing a double like, no wonder if she has her anonymity in Venice where you live. She can walk down the street, and I don't think anybody's doing. Has any idea who she is? She doesn't rich not like she's riding a dragon through Venice. Yeah. She put it. Also. I'm really doing is talking to a stick with a tennis ball. So I don't know what's going on. It's. I coming up next is is fast track. All I'm locked and loaded with fast-track today. I have I have many fast wrecks as well, including it's like on jeopardy. A video daily double Evie video fast track that I will. Hardy doing the radio, but we'll do it.

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