Caddie Special: Sam Saunders


The now on the t. it's mattie and the catty. Here's berry and michael college of batty mcadoo. This is anti mattie show catty only this week but there's no no need to worry because i got very special guest with me who i've known for a long long time but we've never got to sit and just like chat for a while which is amazing amazing because in just a few days we're recording this on wednesday september fourth and next tuesday the the tenth of september will be a day that we celebrate ninety years of arnold palmer. Who is his grandfather it. It is my distinct pleasure to say hello to good friends sam saunders what's happening in my brother not much. Is it talk to you. Thank you for <hes> for having me on honor. He had no man otters vine dude. We've known each other for so long and have seen each other. We've been on the golf course together with you. Plan plan to meet caddy and it's like this in a long time coming to be able to sit and talk and happy to report. Both of us live in florida on the east coast. Both the bus good to go as far as work. Hurricane doreen left us alone right yeah. We're not too bad. We're kind of just writing it out here in atlantic beach right now <music>. I'm i'm that guy that you see going down to the beach <hes> running around in the background. I love watching these things roll through. I mean we take it seriously but <hes> you know we've been pretty lucky so far big time you know what i blame this whole thing now for everything that was in florida or wasn't in florida. I blame the weather channel they. I'll never forgive two nights ago. There was somebody stand on the beach. There were two foot waves and this person was like the catastrophic waves are starting talking to two feet and then a surfer ram behind him. Just take a bathing suit and no shirt and i was like why are you putting out fake panicked like that it crazy surfboard yeah i mean i'm born and raised already and i've been through a lot of these storms and we've seen some bad ones wants but you know it you kinda i i. I worry that someday when we actually do get a bad one. You know we're all not gonna take it as seriously as we maybe should definitely thinking about those people down in the bahamas because that's no joke i mean that's all my god. Their lives were lost home. I mean every home down there. It was destroyed so you know when when it's time to get serious it is but i agree you know sometimes. They're they're showing what six feet of storm surge is. Gonna look like here and that's just not going to happen so we <hes> you know i it's tough. You don't wanna you don't wanna down play but at the same time yeah it's <hes> watching people go into panic mode. That doesn't do anybody any good well. That's the part of the problem that was always part of the problem for me was that we weren't seeing anything coming down to the bahamas pictures wise when it was going on and all we had was people stay a. and beautiful weather up and down east coast saying what might happen and the possibilities are and that's just i don't know just drives me nuts but yeah not to take anything away from anything horrible that happened in bahamas and at just to let everybody know full disclosure. Look my my sister-in-law brother-in-law live in freeport and i have been in contact with them. They are okay <hes> and thankfully. I don't know how but their house was okay as well so moving on from the hurricane to mm-hmm another you have been through some shoulder. I don't even know how to describe our one yeah trauma and drama. That's a good one world. Did you do what you did to your shoulder. And how would you explain that to everyone well. Here's the thing i i just know me as golfer but i grew up in orlando and i've always been a little bit of a risk taker. I mean i grew up skateboarding surfing irving <hes> wake boarding water skiing just jumping out of trees climbing stuff i just at i've always been an outdoors guy and i always liked to <hes> like to do exhilarating things and you know when i lived in colorado for six years i ski and snowboard all the time mountain bike i just i like to get outside right and live life. You know it's very important to me. It's how i itala always lived my life. I don't wanna i love being golfer but i don't wanna just be golfer. You know i i like aac. I like having a well rounded life and <hes> you know when i was back home here. I was riding one wheel which is like a electric skateboard board basically with a snowboarding on land when we have ways in florida and you don't have snow but you want to get outside and ride on a board and feel like you're surfing or snowboarding. The one wheels the way to go. I mean it's an awesome awesome. I'm fat too right yeah exactly but pretty dangerous and <hes> i wouldn't recommend going twenty miles an hour on the because <hes> the board decided it didn't want me going that fast and it launched me off and <hes> i landed on my shoulder and basically exploded my clavicle collarbone. <hes> i had a open fracture so the bone actually kind kind of popped out <hes> i had to have emergency surgery basically the next day and spend a couple of nights in the hospital but <hes> i'm feeling great. Now i my arm. I can't really move it yet. I got a couple of weeks left of of not moving my arm and then i got eight weeks of physical therapy nassar that and and i'm hoping to be able to come back and play it off in january. <hes> you know hopefully get a few spots out on p._j. Tour but i'm i'm making the most of it you know i i don't i'm hurt. I'm not broken. I've been active in working out trying to <hes> spend as much time as i can get my myself better ready for when i get the chance to come back and <hes> <hes> you know i i kinda. Look at this as a positive for me in these sound because i <hes> you know our schedule is so grueling out there. We play so much golfing. We're going all the time and i i tend to neglect certain things that i you know shouldn't whether it's my body or my my my health and i've had rough year healthwise. I've been sick a lot. I've had an infection in my mouth that i've i've got a tooth. Actually i'm having surgery tomorrow morning. On a on a tooth rhea had an implant yeah when i was like seventeen years old <hes> and it sailed and i've been easy to get it out for a couple years now but just haven't had the time to do it because you need to be basically home for about a month and that just doesn't who knows where it did stubbornness comes from route one but uh you know i'm i'm finally getting the time at home to enjoy my family and and you know take care of myself and you know look forward to coming back stronger longer than ever i i i think for the first time in a long time when i when i get back to golf i will actually be a hundred percent which <hes> which is gonna be fun to see what i can do that and for people who want to see what the shoulder looked like on instagram sam salter sam saunders golf. I'm just saying thank goodness. It's it's an x-ray because if that would have been all color gas i mean i popped right up after i fell and i my wife watch me doing. She was so mad adamy. 'cause i'm full disclosure. I was not wearing a helmet which is really everybody is not worth phone. Zeal lebron doesn't so yes. I i <hes> i will wear a helmet next time but popped up and said all i'm fine. I'm fine and she said no. You're not <hes> we've done on my shoulder and <hes> let's just say it looked like football keno plus out of there it was not it was not good. I'll fight will ferrell. Oh you know what she's i get better i. I'm a i'm a helmet on but i'm gonna get right back on that one wheel. I may not go as fast but i'll <hes> you know. You can't be afraid of things like that see. This is the hardheadedness bra. This is what i'm talking about but i will say this about golf. This is what i love to even when you said you spend so much time grinding and then playing at say. Let's say eighty five percent ninety percent. 'cause you have those injuries and you'd like i just gotta play through it because i want. I gotta be out there. It's amazing what happens when you are forced not to to be allowed to go out and play and there's nothing you can do about it and you learn how much you miss the game right. Oh absolutely you know that's the thing i you know physically yes. I feel like i'm gonna come back better. 'cause i'm gonna have time to you know get rid of those problems that have been bothering me but but mentally you know it's it's exhausting. I played nine tournaments commits in a row this summer you know by the by the end of it. I was playing golf with the results. Were were not there. I was just kinda struggling on the weekends. 'cause i've just so so you're so tired of playing that many tournaments in a row and it's not that you're not enjoying it but you just you mentally fatigued and you and you don't focus like you should enjoy yeah. That's it's hard to enjoy it and then any kind of little mistakes will set off because you're like. I'm already at the end of my rope. <hes> exactly and you can't do that when you're playing your best and your you know the tournaments were i've played my best and had chances to win you. You're you're just level. You know don't get too excited with birdies. You don't get to down with the bogies then and when you're fresh and you feel good you're able to to have that mentality but when you're when you're tired and you're worn out you just. Are you know you act like a like a ten year old kid. You know you get real excited. When something good happens then you lose your mind when something go your way not that bad. I know i know what that looks like. I always always wanted to ask you this to dude. What in the world made you decide to. You know what professional golf i'll do that like that's almost the you you are in the exact same boat as like what gary nicholas would have been in. Where was there anyone around you. That was like buddy seriously. You bowling darts a lesson. Hey you you'll appreciate this. I mean i was so let the twelve. I was probably twelve or thirteen years old. I was playing a basketball and i was. I was about five eleven thirteen eighteen year old so i was i was tall ios big and i was good at basketball so no i was not going to be a pro golfer. I was gonna play in the n._b._a. But unfortunately <hes> as a four man. There aren't a lot of <hes> six foot four guys in the in the n._b._a. I wasn't going to happen so the next best sport. I was good at golf. I never really stated in a stoller <hes> <hes> i have a business mind but i don't have the patience for spending hours and hours at school so <hes> so golf was it and i good at it and i think the best thing and i had going for me unlike the nicholas boys as i didn't have the last thing so i was able to fly a little more under the radar at times <hes> and and those those guys i mean i'll tell you what people just i. I look at guys like craig stadler who made it out there and had success on the p._g._a. Tour and you know gary the necklace doing what he did even though to most people they would not look at that as a successful career just getting out there i mean nobody's going to hand it to you at a certain point and the fact right you know they they were able to to make it to the level that they did and and <hes> you know i i feel i feel fortunate that i've been able to play for five years on the p._g._a. Tour because you know there's thousands and thousands of people out there trying to make it and just because my granddad was arnold palmer just because you know his dad was jack nicholas it didn't it didn't really matter you know he had to go out there and perform and i've had to go out there and and and just beat guys and that's the only way you get out there so i'm glad that i've been there and hopefully we'll be there air for the duration of my career yeah. The irony is that the golf ball doesn't know the golf ball knowing who your family is from yeah. I wish i wish magic but unfortunately it's not and it's cool to that we because we're so deep in the game that that we under we measure success in a different way so you look at like the statler son or tway son or nick. Listen listen or you and go a lot of people would go. Oh man it's so much easier and i say bull bleep that it's a harder because once people figure out who you were now they start heaping expectations on you that you would never put put on somebody who came from wherever yeah no i mean there's been weeks where i would love to just be a normal guy guy and not really answer any of those questions and do all that but in the big picture it's been. It's been an amazing thing for me. I've been i've been given so many great opportunities and gotten to to be around so many great people who just love my granddad and and loved you know who he was and and they respect what i've been able to do now so it's been it's opened some doors for me no question so i can't i can't downplay the benefits of it but yeah absolutely there's times where i'd love to just be able to go out there and play golf and and just just focus on that because even the bad week sometimes you're reminded of it and you feel like you have have to do a little bit more than than the average guy on tour but <hes> you know with with with a little bit more responsibility. Sometimes i get. I get a little bit more opportunity already so it's you know everything's a trade off and i know i consider myself extremely lucky and more than anything else. I just didn't extremely lucky that i got to grow up around my grandad who was one of the best players that ever lived and learned from him and get to become friends with him and spend time with him like i did because <hes> you know. Everybody just just got to see him on t._v. And as as the figure that he was but i got to i got to have this personal relationship with them where where i understood what he did and he understood shit what i did and <hes> you know not many. I don't think many grandfather grandsons have the exact same career and can can really relate on that level so yeah it was <hes>. It was really cool. I i. I'll cherish those those times that i got to spend within forever man when he was a little kid because kids don't understand fame. When do you remember going wait a minute my grandpa that's me like do you remember a moment or something something where you were just like hold up my grandfather people i think it was i you know my first memory of kind of being like wow so this is a this is a really big deal when i was about sixteen years old and i was getting to be a pretty good player high school golfer and i played in the sunny hannah amateur amateur up in johnstown pennsylvania which is really big amateur event. I mean you. You know. Obviously there's the u._s. Amateur the northeast and <hes> the the you know the southern the western sunny in amateurs right up there with all those i mean these are the best these are the best college players best amateur players in the world <hes> and i was playing are there and and just going through the clubhouse and seeing all these pictures of him and then having all these older guys that were you know the best amateur players in the world that guys that i looked up to in respect they always wanted to talk to me and they always wanted to talk about my granddad and i kind of hit me at that point like wow. These guys that i think are so cool and so good at golf. They're coming up to me and they just wanna talk about my granddad all the time and these were these were great players so it just kinda hit me how much respect he she had amongst the best players in the world. Whether it's junior golf amateur golfer at a professional level i mean he was he was the guy that they all look to and and it just kind of made me realize how lucky i was to to get to to learn from them and at that point i think i tried to stop being quite so hard headed when he gave the advice that i was a little bit more see. That's what i was gonna say. Sixteen is the old that's a long way. You know to be to to for it to take that long for it to finally kick in knowing and the guy who has a twelve year old at home who now thinks. I don't know nothing like i'm just dumb yeah. I'm not stupid guy in the whole world. I can imagine like where everybody else was going. Hey did you hear what your grandfather you would. I think what does he know. He don't know third and you like were telling me what to do. Grandpa yeah there with some tough love at times where i was. I was like i don't wanna hear this. I'm just gonna do it my way but he he created a little bit of that monster to that yeah yeah he. He made it very clear. That wasn't listened to anybody other than him and i took that very seriously to a point where i said well. I'm not even gonna listen to him so so but i figured it out eventually i once i once i got in my early twenties. You know really needed to to start making a career this thing we that's when we really started working together and i listened to everything he said and took took in as much as i possibly could but it was <hes> you know it. It's tough up as a young kid growing up you you wanna just go out there and have fun and enjoy it and i. I was very fortunate that my parents they almost close. I don't wanna say shielded me from it all but i was i was very naive to to whom i was and and the level of success that he had i just i grew up in normal okay and orlando florida playing with my buddies outside you know i didn't think that i was any different than anyone out there and not you know we all put our pants on the same way and and <hes> i was lucky that my parents you know raise me in a way to to not think that i deserved anything different than anyone else you gotta go out there and earn it and work for it so <hes> i'm fine blood. That's also that's also that blueblood mentality man yeah big time yeah. You gotta be that way. You know it's <hes> i. I don't don't believe anything's handed to you got to go out there and work hard for it and now it's fun for me to get to be raised in two boys and my my ten year old is is at that point where he do you know he wants to be a pro golfer and he wants the n._f._l. And oh yeah undesired he's either going to be a pro golfer <hes> major league baseball player or playing in the n._f._l. I mean and i'm the last thing i'm gonna tell them. You're not gonna make it because you want your kids to strive dream whatever they want but now you're at that point. We're saying hey buddy listen you. You may be big and fast but the only way you're going to be better and everyone else out. There is to work harder than so you know those those conversations that you get to have and explain to them that i didn't. I didn't make it on the tool or just by wanting to be out there. You know you gotta gotta put in the time. That's so funny man. Well you know what at least for are both your son and from my son. Neither of them said basketball so that's good because you got bad challenge verdict down. I can introduce you to spud webb that don't mean you gonna be him so we don't have those genes we know but yeah and that's the thing that's so cool about your about where you came from is that it's like people would think oh my gosh. There's no way that you could have a normal life but that's not necessarily true you. Did you had a pretty regular life growing up now as you got into golf later then it was when you became appro then you then. It was one of those things where you go. Oh yeah you know what looking back man. I'm going to have to grind really hard to to to be able to get where i want to get but that that's that blue collar work mentality of i'm curious to who was the who's the coolest person that you think you've gotten in to meet so far kind of through that connection. There was one person that even made you rely. Coach can't believe your submit. I that's a that's a really good question because i've gotten meet some some really cool athletes. Whether whether it's you know i've met wayne gretzky michael jordan <hes> gosh. I've gotten to to meet some really some presidents of i've got picture sitting on <hes> president. <hes> george george bush forty three <hes> sitting on his lap as a little kid. I've met really so yeah yeah. I mean it's <hes> it's been been pretty cool to to meet some people i have but i i honestly i. I've never forget when i was. I was twelve years old and i was huge basketball fan. I mean i had i had a you know you have your notebook full of cards that were regular collect and we you know we trade basketball football cards and then i had my michael jordan collection and i had about sixty michael jordan cards in a little spiral three ring that i was i was keeping all these cards and i was a huge michael jordan back and <hes> when i was about twelve years old he came in played at at the arnold palmer imitation and he played with my granddad and the program and i remember braga to go out on the first heat and meet them and i just i remember shaking his hand. A little twelve year old kid wrapped completely around. He's basically shaking his own. Don't hand it up at him. I mean it was incredible. So i'd say that you know at that moment almond meeting michael jordan. I was completely geeked out. I was always biggest sports fan as you can get meeting somebody. That's so awesome now have you. He's a huge golfer as as you know. Have you gotten a playground for them. Since i haven't no i have not gotten to play wh- michael so i i love the do that some day but you know he's he south florida lorna garman guy now so we'll <hes> we'll have to see if i can run into each other at some point but yeah com jamba too so. I can't afford to gamble with him. I am but i i feel a little bit. I'll get hooked five bucks five bucks. You know why because if you beat him out of the five they you have to get him to sign that at five dollar bill because you know you'll never spend it. You got to clarify on the first tee though when you say hey yeah let's play for five when i say let's play for five dollars lose. That probably means a lot different. I'm gonna have to say a five dollar bill right yeah. There's a decimal point right after the five immediate. It let you know some bad bets out there when you don't clarify how many zeros behind that front number let's play for five and when you get to the end. It was like all right so you're down fifteen jeez. Wait what no man i was. There's only two zeros heroes and there's a decimal point in my five on the exactly so funny i would. What's the what was the best part what's what's the best part and was the hardest part about being arnold palmer's grant grandson the best apart honestly the best part for me was was when i got to i got to. I knew him like nobody else else. I mean at the end of the last ten years of his life he had. You know you know what it's like. When when you meet these world famous celebrities they've got a very small group of real friends because everybody wants to be your friend. I mean i hate to say it that way but everybody wants and and and maybe maybe a handful of people really wanted to be his friends so that they could be as friendly rest of wanted to be his friend so they could tell everyone. I'm friends paul farmer bomber. You know that's just how they wanted something yeah yeah exactly that's real yeah that's real and he had a very small group of people that i think or or truly his his friends and and i i honestly feel like the last ten years of his life. You know i was i was an old enough guy and we we understood each other and i was one of his friends. I mean i could talk to him in a way that that nobody else. Could you know i didn't i'll be real. I didn't have to kiss his ass. You know what other people did and i didn't. I was i i said things to them that you know i stood up to him at times and i made i made fun of them. Sometimes to his face and we're able to you you know we were able to needle each other back and forth and not many people do that. Roe i cherish that memory with him where where we were actually close and i was one of his guys. You know that you to write like oh yeah all the time all the time. He wanted me to yeah you know i i told him i knock him out one time ooh oh he was he was three were just being him. I was in my early twenties. He was so hard on. I mean he just he he could. He couldn't say anything nice. I mean it was it was all out of love. I don't think he was being seen. It was all out of love and you're in your early twenties so he had to show you testosterone sorolla to boy yeah and he he just he want. He knew he knew what i was going to be dealing with because of him he he knew what he was setting me up for <hes> <hes> if i if i was going to be a pro for do what i was going to be getting into sometimes so he he had this you know this idea that he needed to help me get some thick thick-skinned because i was going to deal with some some stuff sometimes that was going to be tough and i was on the range one time with down at bay hill and he just he had you know we're working together and it was great and i was probably twenty two years old and he <hes> he was just focused on the and we were we were really making some good progress out there but as as always happened people would come and want to talk to them and take pictures and sign autographs so and he always obliged so this group of people from that were saying saying logic bay hill came up and started talking to him and he was signing autographs and taking pictures and then he started talking about me and he said yeah this kid. He's got some talent but he's gonna end up digging ditches. He doesn't listen to me. He doesn't want he doesn't wanna make it. He just go on and on and on and on you know just kind of laughing happen. I'm going along with it and although slightly annoyed right then finally he really takes his next level and he gets up in my face and he puts what's ethics fish over and he says what are you gonna do boy. If i pop you in the nose you know a very old way of saying that but if i pop you in the nose and in front of this group probably six seven people that are complete strangers. I got right in his face and i said i will knock you out and i'm in may you may have used an explosive words. I'm not going to say here but i said that to them. I told them i was gonna knock him out and <hes> he looked right at me and i swear he tears of joy in his exactly what he was tested me and it was exactly what he wanted me to say because you know he was waiting for me to just kind of crumble up and say i'm sorry i don't know sir and you know i i always showed him utmost respect act but in that moment i knew he wanted me to to stand up to him a little bit to show him that i had a backbone even the strangest too that's probably why he was most proud yeah exactly and they all. I think they all were kind of shocked like oh my gosh what was it goes down right now but he he grabbed my shoulder and got a big smile taste and he said good. That's what i wanted to say and i said i know and that was kind of a changing honestly a little bit of a changing point for us. He he kinda. It was at that moment where he basically said. You know what you finally understand. Why <hes> why i am the way i am too and we had a we had a mutual respect from that point going forward man. That's all what do you miss the most about this getting to talk to him getting getting the hang out laugh with them and and and see 'cause advice to you know i've had plenty of times where i'm driving back from golf tournaments or or flying somewhere sitting in an airport and i'm alone and i you know i used to always call him. I call my other granddad. <hes> bob saunders my my my dad's dad because i get great advice from both of them and they both passed away way <hes> you know within two months of each other actually and it just they were. They were role models to me. They were <hes> men that i looked up to and it's it's tough not being being able to pick up the phone and call <hes> either one of my granddad. You know just just just to have that advice and just just have that person that you can you know bounce ideas ideas off of and <hes> that that's that's definitely the toughest part. I'm one hundred percent behind you man. I'm just i feel the exact same way about my own grandfather man because that's <music> half remember all the lessons but you know you remember all the times and you remember all the things you say so you don't necessarily need the conversation but it so you just miss actually being able to hear that voice yeah or else or just being able to have them close by to go. I see you and i see where you're at. We're going like just that sometimes. They didn't even have to say anything just the look that they would give would be fantastic. I'll never forget so i'm caddying for kevin stroman filming and we're at the arnold palmer invitational writing and he comes up on the driving range and my little guy was out there and just major was. I don't know maybe thirteen fourteen months old. He had me just start walking not too long ago and right before i came out major was hitting shots on the driving range and i freaked out because i was like oh my gosh notice kids aren't supposed to be up here like i'm totally get drawn looking at that's exactly yeah finally get kicked out by this day was cutting and your grandfather's wrote up and just looked adding adding some swing saum hit the shot and then gave me the thumbs up and that was it and i was just like it was the biggest sense sense of relief also the biggest moment of pride. It was just like the greatest of emotions washed over because in that moment to you know he could have just been like you know. He's not supposed to be up like it went from. I know i'm supposed to be in trouble but it was that that it was a grandfatherly moment which was phenomenal man. It was phenomenal all right so going to college now. We need to find out more about you and your teams pros who you do with football season who you follow. Who's your team 'cause orlando. You don't have a team right so you know go. I i was happy to watch the golf season. Come to a sad. I couldn't participate but now we get to go over for a week though yeah exactly no off offseason yeah but you know now now the college football season started. It's definitely my favorite <hes>. It's it's my favorite sport to watch john t._v. <hes> i'm big. I'm a big florida gator fan born and raised here. Obviously my dad actually was a walk on backup kicker florida because he didn't make the golf team so you know we we've got. It's just in my blood. The florida gators are but i'm also big clemson tigers fan because i went to school there so i've got pretty good options yeah yeah. It's not bad i would no. I would have a tough time i know i know this isn't going to happen because i know clemson's probably going to be in the national. Don't championship this year. I'm not so optimistic about my gators but if they were to ever make it in that matchup i i it would be a tough call for me. So <hes> you know i got. I got plenty plenty of good football to watch this year. I'm a big pittsburgh steelers fan ben rothlisberger friends so i always offer yep. He is played with me. The <hes> the program at the unabomber invitatinal couple years ago and <hes> i haven't been in touch with them as much lately but i'm always always pulling forum and the team's success and and and you know honestly now being a jacksonville area native living here in atlantic beach <hes> we've become good friends with one of the <hes> offensive coaches <hes> for the team so we you know you always pull for that home team so i'm definitely optimistic and hopeful that the jaguars have a good season. <hes> 'cause you know you. You know it is when whenever you're in a town that has an n._f._l. Team or any sports team and they start having success brings people together and people excited and area so i love love love. Seeing people do all and excited about the jack success. You're welcome. You're welcome just wanted to say. You're welcome because you know the eagles fan yeah yeah. I bet you all right yeah yeah we are. He's <hes> he's a good leader and i think that's i think that's that's really important for <hes> for any program whether it's college football team n._f._l. Teams or you you know you need a leader out. There and i think paul's going to be a a good leader for the jackson. <hes> you know you look at what trevor lawrence is doing for <hes> for clemson i i think he's despite being as young as he is. He's poised he's he's you know quiet and and he's good so it's the harry. That team is just a little bit yeah. I'm telling you if they cut his hair not going to be as good no. We're in that hair. There's something some kind of our in his hair clay matthews if i mean he did you know every time you see one of those guys adams who i bet he's good looking at hair yeah yup i was i was gonna ask 'cause we joked about the season of the be the tour season which has a week off before it starts again after korn ferry knows and whatnot. How do you feel about it because it's i. I laughed at the fact when they were like hey this is going to be great because we're going to end the season and not have to compete with football but they forgot to tell everyone well kind of because the season actually is starting the second week of the enemy yeah it it is a lot of golf and and you know i don't have the answers there. There are a lot of really smart people out there trying their best to to make it as as good a schedule as they can and and there's big business side of things as well and the bottom the good thing is is the p._g._a. Tour is is in a mode of great success and they have a lot of sponsors and they have a lot of opportunity to have golf tournament so so we have them. You know which is a great thing you you would hate to be in an opposite position. Where are we can't find enough sponsors and enough t._v. Opportunity to only have twenty five tournaments a year. That would be a real problem playing too much. Golf off is a good problem to have but <hes> but it is tough you know that that if you're one of those top fifty guys in the world that can really pick and choose your schedule <hes> and play the majors and the w._g._c. events and the invitationals and then kind of pick and choose the <hes> the quote unquote regular p._g._a. Tour events and and i and i use is the word regular and not smaller because i hate. I hate when any p._j. Tore event is categorized as as not a big event. I mean every single week <unk> out. There is a huge event and every single week out there. Somebody's got a life changing opportunity so <hes> i don't like sometimes when when certain events or devalued <hes> but it's tough to to to think about playing the twenty twenty schedule here in you know september i basically it is it is a tough. It is a tough thing to grass. It's tough to explain to people i. I wish you know personally. I wish that the start of the twenty twenty any season was was it. The sony and hawaii like used to be <hes> the wraparound schedules tough for for me and for any any guy out there. Who's you know whether you got a family or not. <hes> that that adds a whole nother element when you're playing golf leading into the holidays <hes> but you know even the young guys it it. It's tough to just play a thirty five golf tournaments a year if you if you if you have to especially guys now coming off if you had a full season on the korn ferry tour and you went in the finals you there's a party like you said when you played nine inroad. There's a party you that goes but i'm playing good golf. I gotta keep going but mentally exactly on a friday or saturday on the thirteenth or the fourteenth. Oh there's that little guy on your show going. Why the blank did you. What are you doing yeah yeah. Can we go take a movie starring in seven minutes we can be at it's so true and i tell you what you're starting to see a little bit more of it now. The korn ferry files guys have started to realize 'cause there's there's there's an excitement to the fall series about seeing all these new fresh faces guys that are coming and out of college also the korn ferry tour guys that are finally you know earned their p._j. Tour card but they're starting to realize that that you know once you've got your p._g._a. Tour card locked up those korn ferry. Finals are are great opportunity if you need to get it back but some of the guys that were in the top twenty five didn't play all the events because the the fall series has become more important for those guys playing out of that new category because that's when they're going to reposition themselves through the also also that when january does roll around they they're getting into those tournaments because all of the bigger names start playing and if your way down on the list of the priority rankings of the korn ferry tour one through fifty if you're if you're in that back half you might not be getting starts to come january february march. If you know chef awhile yeah yeah yeah. It's really important to to rather focus rather than focusing on your you know playing well in the korn. Ferry finals is if you got your your card you gotta save your energy and you gotta go out there in the fall and and make hay because that's really going to set you up for the for the you know the calendar your season seaman. You're talking like an experienced guy not like one of a little bit on a twenty two year old guys. I'm just gonna keep playing correct. The old veteran at this interesting creature inhabits the flat arid plains of many an automobile dashboard the bobblehead it's most agreeable and will not along to anything despite having no brain function but when the bottle of head here's how gyco not only saves people money but also gives them access just to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone or not even more grisly because he knows you should switch because yes switching to gyco is a no brainer you can get whiplash. Is this true. Do you have a head cover on your driver. That was made from an alligator. You call it yourself or is that bull well. That's true it. Contractually i don't use that head cover because it doesn't say calloway on it and i like to keep people happy that keeps me happy so <hes> i use as a callaway head covered but i have alligators. Don't write checks no they don't they do not but i did komo. I'm sorry to all the people out there but i hunted it. It was a sport. I <hes> but my dad taught me. I grew up a little florida redneck to you know i from a a young age though my dad if you're going to hunt and kill something you gotta eat it and you gotta use it so i eat the gator. I got his head here. <hes> <hes> you know it is delicious <hes> and and i use all of ladder for all kinds of different things my wallet that i will carry for the rest of my life is made from that gator so <hes> yeah a little bit of did a little bit sport hunting there yes no. It's not sport if you're eating it. That's that's right yeah. That's it's true. I tell you what he's been ten and a half foot gator <hes> about five hundred and fifty pounds so it was <hes> it was fun. It was something you you know well i don't. I don't think i'll probably do it again. Not that i'm against it. I just i once in a lifetime opportunity and it was cool to do but <hes> no. I'll be using the yeah. I'll be using my head covers from this point on for sure we gotta find if there's a way to get the callaway logo on the gator head cover i could do that. I bet i bet if they'd make that happen. If we wanna do that would be awesome yeah awesome debbie fantastic and the other thing that i read read <hes> and i want to know if it's true if the sport of golf had never been invented so there's no such thing as golf and there's nothing that goes along with golf. Would you do for a job. It's a that's a tough question <hes>. I don't think i that would be playing a sport. I i mean i guess golf in general isn't this so building. Golf courses designed golf courses not in the picture because that thing i so i would. I would be working. I probably would have started by career doing some form of construction or manual labor <hes> because i liked getting getting dirty. I like working with my hands. <hes> and i would have tried to work my way up in that system but i've always had this weird business mind i. I don't know what it is is but i'm i'm always looking for opportunities where i feel like there's a there's a chance for things to get better whether better whether it's in like retail or or you know stuff around the house i just i've always got ideas. I've always looking for that next billion dollar idea. I'm an adventure so i'm thinking i would invented something or develop. Some type of business that you know met a need that was out there for people and i. I'm kind of working on something right now actually. I'm i can't really tell you what it is but i'm i'm not just sitting here. Yeah i know i'm sorry but i'm not just sitting here <hes> waiting to to get better and golf. I yeah no. I'm working on my health. I'm i'm trying to you know work out as much as i can get stronger while i'm in a sling a lot of the strongest yeah. I'm gonna have the strong stomach on tour man. I'll tell you what really going to have yeah. I might not have a keg anymore. I might turn it into the big fat. I don't know we'll see what are you doing. I didn't go fast working at it. I got the time so you know what i think i might as well try having a you know having some muscle strength frank. I'm working on that but i'm i'm actively doing other things because you know i realized that at some point whether it's through an accident like this or or by choice i might not be able to play golf for the rest of my life and i'm not unfortunately i haven't made fifty million dollars on the gulf war so i'm not set for life so i'm i'm always thinking about you. Know what am i gonna do to support my family when when i can't do it on the golf course anymore and i obviously plan on not fat not being an issue i i plan on being able to play for the next you know five ten fifteen years if i want to but there may be a point where i can't and or that i don't want onto and then you gotta have you gotta have wind up yeah exactly and i i'm not gonna. I'm not just going to sit around and wait and say okay well. I'm not playing golf anymore so now what because then you're way behind the eight ball you know too late 'til i. I'm working on some things. I'm excited about some business opportunities that i've got <hes> you know outside of just playing golf so i'm. I'm you know dollars here. I have a billion dollar idea. You can help me with this. Change everything it will save it. Potentially could save lives sarcasm font think about about social media just think about text messaging think about how many messages have been misconstrued because there's no no such thing as sarcasm font absolutely you gotta listen. There's certain text messages that if you don't put an exclamation point at the end i i mean you're you're done. It's the smiley face. Yes exactly you're right. I like it. What we know worth yes us now. What would that be worth if we came up with a font that everyone recognized as sarcasm. I listened billion people out there that can do that. You got the idea now. You just got to find the right person to put it on paper. You have what you know more people than me. I don't no no you're. You're networker man. You're out. You're talking to people. I'm just chasing all white golf all around now for a little while. Though now you get to just drive your wife crazy sitting at home at the kick me out yet now. She's actually somehow. I don't know that is one thing why this of people who travel for a living when your home for too long they start going. Hey when you when you leave it they say but i get it. You know we were doing. We were doing a lot better before you here. I had a routine and now you just monkey arrange the whole thing. There dude exactly yeah we we. We've got this all under control. We don't need you to come in and tell us how to hey their supervisor so you know when they say that tone. Hey their supervisor uh-huh yeah yeah man hate sam. This has been awesome. Dude thank you so much. I always love catching up with you and i i hope i hope it's on the golf course pretty soon next time. Yeah man hopefully so nice thing. Now is is that because of dorian left us alone. <hes> the golf courses should be in pretty good shape when you when you be allowed to even swing like just chip <hes>. I don't offer honestly. I don't really know i've got i've got another week and week and a half where i'm not supposed to move my arm really and i mean i've been doing as much like grip stuff little movements that i can write but i've got eight weeks of physical therapy after to that and i i've from everything i've talked to and and understood from everyone else who's been through something like this is. You've got to be patient and that's going to be the biggest challenge for me is is that you know. I'm gonna wanna push a little harder than i should probably and you gotta be patient 'cause that first day where they say all right. Lift your arm up. You can't even do it. I mean <hes> it's it's gonna be frustrating to to see how much strength i've lost but it will also be rewarding when you see that you know the strengths are coming back and you get that full mobility <hes> but i i'm optimistic. I think i'll be swinging a golf club before the before the end of the year but you know i i. I definitely got to be patient and not push too hard. I need you to put a sign. Sign up that you see every day and do this for me and then you can thank me later yeah. No athlete has ever come back too late. This is true right. When's the last time you heard someone from an injury especially a golfer especially ago you have. I've never heard a golfer say. I waited too long and came back too late. No you're right. You're right so i'm all right. I'll put it yes because that way you holding that trophy. You're gonna be like a little sign up im- him my spot and part of the reason this trophy right now you want out. You know just saying to sign. I'll know it was me. Put that idea in your head but if you just saw a reference to the scienc- that's me getting a shout out without getting a shoutout subtle all right see no our little secret. Just saying that i hey i'll do it. Hey we'll do this again soon. Man this is awesome. Yeah got it brother. I'll do it anytime at <hes>. Take care of yourself and thanks thank you appreciate you do really appreciate you. Sam saunders grandson of arnold palmer who on september tenth hint will celebrate ninety years of arnold palmer there. She's talking about ninety ninety which will be really really cool. You bet i know you hear format talking about his butcher box stuff all the time but see you didn't know i got one two year i did. I mean these steaks and bacon taking everything that's in. This box is ridiculous. I mean it's ridiculous thing about this. Every month. Which box delivers humanely raised one hundred percent percent grass fed beef free range organic chicken heritage breed pork and wild card to your door. You ain't gotta do not in. There's no <music> added hormones or antibiotics in the last box. I got came with all kinds of good stuff. Y'all know how i feel about making right. Steaks and bacon really like come on man. That's what it's all about. That's how i absolutely loved it now. I did things two different ways. I'm a guy who likes to put baking in the oven and put a little bit of maple syrup on it and then bake it at three fifty for a little while and then i'll take the stakes throw them on the grill a medium rare type but dude the elleray know how i feel well. Everyone else loves fillet but i'm a rib i do so like that's just my thing marveling a little bit fat. I can barely even get through this. My mouth is watering just talking about it but look here's what you need to do because we've got a special offer for you. Bush bach butch box butch your box is offering new members twenty dollars off your first box plus free ground beef for the life of when you sign up your subscription so as long as you stay subscribe butcher box you get free ground on beef. How about that one right there. Here's what you do go to butcher box dot com slash mattie. I know it's not the caddy we're. We're still doing this for mattie but i'm hating on because it's delicious coming to your door. Listen but your box dot com slash mattie m. a. t. t. y. And you are gonna get all this great meet right to your front door plus if you use that code m. a. t. t. y. Twenty dollars dollars off your first order and they're throwing in two pounds of that free ground beef yeah. That's coming to butcher box dot com slash mattie folks. I know you hear grill here it. Oh yeah no your mouth is watering to you're welcome. Don't act like y'all did not enjoy matty addi in the caddy without mattie. I did is that wrong. Don't tell him i said that i know you will but regardless sam saunders just awesome awesome just the great great dude and it's funny to hear some of the stories that he was able to share with us to us especially that driving range where where his grandfather put the fist up to his face and <hes> said what he said and then his grandson salman knock you <music> out front all these people just all that was so fantastic what a what a fun special episode it was and thanks again to sam saunders for hanging out. Definitely we will be having him back again. As a guest on the podcast we'll let me jump in on some of the on buttons until then this has been a special edition of mattie and mcadoo featuring grandson of arnold palmer and had a great dude in his own right sam saunders having this during the off week or what weight off season awfully up off-season seven days. Thanks for listening to madina caddy checkout more great e._s._p._n. Podcast on the e._s._p._n. 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