The Madness of Waiting Three Weeks


The covering sports in the midwest. It's the mid west network and wfan dot net episode two six of the cincinnati and dayton sports podcast and after a three week break is time to give back to local sports. I up a big splash in the coaching ranks. In high school. Football the efforts of the cincinnati bengals and this year's free agency a new name for historic high school team college baseball hit state and it's march madness. Baby all that and possibly more on the local syndey sports podcast episode two six welcome to the cincinnati and dayton sports. Podcast with lee w wing. This is a weekly audio podcast. That covers all sports in dayton and cincinnati ohio and covers areas from northern kentucky and the ohio river up to lima in allen. County richmond indiana and the surrounding whitewater valley region to mass county and surrounding areas. If you want local sports this is your source defined your favorite way of listening to this podcast as well as visiting the public and red bubble shops and find the latest episodes. Please visit syndey. Pod dot com. This opening theme was created with the splash app. It's time for another episode. With your host lee w allen. It's great to be back on the cincinnati dayton sports podcasts. This is episode two. Oh six syndey pod dot com and sunday pod on your social media channels in case you're wondering why such a long break no. It was not planned but some good news in my family's life my fiance and i are moving hands. It's not very far. We're just getting a town home so can't wait to move into that this summer and there's been a lot of cleaning and packing and everything so this podcast had to be set. Aside didn't plan to be weeks there was only supposed to be a week and then another week happened. Another week happened. So that's why there is such a delay. But i can guarantee you. There's probably a lot more local sports and this podcast in that show on radio that dares call itself local sports in dayton. But let's begin. There is a big splash in the cincinnati. High school football coaching ranks. As you might know. Mike daniels took a job with army west point with their football team so the princeton vikings had an opening for the head football coach and making the os so long drive from the woods school district to princeton. Is andre parker. Now this higher really excited me. Because andre parker has been outstanding with witton woods in his ten years. I think the warriors missed the playoffs. Once and i know that was because the warriors didn't have ten games there was only nine so and it was down two week tan but audrey parker has done a great job with the whitton woods warriors and now he'll be entering twenty twenty one as the head coach of the princeton vikings. Now i know. I don't get to talk a lot about coaching changes. Just because of the fact there are a lot that go through the high school ranks but this one affects me because i do broadcast for the princeton. Vikings football team on espn media. And i can't wait to see what's in store for my second year with the vikings so this argos from msn dot com but it was released scott springer of the inquirer about a week ago. Parker's been the successful head coach of witton woods. He was a grad of win. Woods back in the late nineties wasn't ninety eight. Possibly nine hundred ninety nine is the head coach of wooden would since twenty ten when then coach troy everhart resigned took a job at uc and parker was the defensive coordinator when when woods woods won the state title in two thousand nine in division two in the video. That accompanies this article coach. Parker mentioned this is probably the toughest decision he's ever had to make. It is adult life. I mean he's jumping in from division to division one mean it just pretty much princeton's a bigger school district then win woods but i don't think by much but anyway i mean coach. Parker was very excited to take job. Great job great facilities. Great kids and he mentions. That's going to be good. Coaching and fast and aggressive. So i can't wait to see how parker's influence effects the rest of the vikings definitely a higher that once i saw i was stack about just because i've followed high school football for a while and like i said coach parker's done mazing job woods. No no state titles. There was a runner up in. What was it to seventeen yes. In division two to state semifinals. And six postseason appearances. I was only off by two okay at wouldn't woods. Parker was seventy seven and thirty. Seventy seven wins of course and some of the warriors he coached in the nfl from louisville dominate brown also coach mike edwards. Who just won the super bowl with the tampa. Bay buccaneers george. Brown with the miami hurricanes. Chris oats of kentucky david long west. Virginia noah list of michigan. State's anthony take booker maryland and a gray shirt commit to maryland. Andrew bam booker for by daniels. He went nineteen and twenty with two postseason appearances at princeton. Although the vikings forfeits for games and two thousand eighteen because of oh hsa violations. So what does that mean for. Cincinnati as a whole in terms of ice school football and the greater miami conference. I'm glad you asked. I have a feeling that that could be two teams that constantly. Battled for the top of the gmc and will be tom. Bulletins lakota west. Firebirds and andre parker's princeton vikings now. I know i broadcasting princeton. That makes me sound like a homework but just hear me out like i said parker seventy seven thirty. He did a lot of great things with winton woods. Football and in fact. Yeah it's one of the teams. That i was happy to see you. Go in the sec. Just when you think high school football win woods is probably one of the few teams that you think about right at the top of your head just goes how consistent the warriors have been. And you know what i think. He's going to do the same job with princeton. He's going to make them consistent top of cincinnati at. I think he's going to do a great job. So what does that mean for witton woods. Well i don't believe the warriors have hired a new head coach yet. There are few possibilities interior. I think chad murphy's name dropped a couple of times. But i think they'll still be fine. I just i. I know when you leave somewhere that you graduated from and you coach for last decade. You know you accustomed to the kids. The players the parents and the community. Yes i know wouldn't woods is right next door to princeton which i'd never really thought about until now bought a new beginning and i think coach parker will rise to the challenge and i think he'll do some great work with the princeton vikings now already. There are the two thousand twenty one football schedules on the yuppie sports message boards yappy dot com. That's why a p p i dot com and we're gonna go ahead and pull some of those up. of course. I can't go through all of them. We'll be here all day. And i wanna make this episode quick as i can. I know i miss about three weeks of stuff. But let me tell you a little bit about princeton. Twenty twenty one schedule so the vikings will start off august nineteenth at home against the anderson. Football squad moore anderson later than traveling to loveland now one year broadcasting loveland football. I did not get to see anderson. That was the game because of a prior engagement. Although anderson wanted sixty. Three to eight. And i think they had to call the game. Four minutes to go because of fights going back to loveland. I love love love. And i love my year covering the tigers yes. The tigers didn't win that year. But i still appreciate the opportunity to be. The voice of loveland tigers. Football and i was back in high school football in cincinnati. So yeah def so. That's a trip. I look forward to making back at home for princeton on september third against hamilton to open up. Gmc play and then week four. Probably the game. You're gonna watch closely princeton at lakota west. Yeah like i said. I think i'm not saying parker's first year that prince is going to be battling for gmc title. Although i think princeton has the capabilities to do it. I just think you know established and but we'll see yeah week. Four at lakota west week five on september seventeenth home against fairfield september twenty fourth at oak hills october first at middletown and then the last three games are at home against sycamore. Mason and week ten has coal rain now. I believe we're going to back to close to normal in two thousand and twenty one meaning that not every team's gonna make it however if you remember before the coronavirus struck that talks about oh. Hsa expanding teams make the playoffs from eight to twelve. And then i think they were talking about twelve to sixteen at one point. But i don't know if that came to pass so a little bit more wiggle room for all divisions but still. That's that's a tough schedule. I mean at lakota west home against rain. Those are probably going to be the two games to watch especially since princeton knocked off. Coleraine on the road. I win against the cardinals since one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. So definitely looking forward to that sycamore. They're always strong mason's a great team well coached team to middletown they're going to be rebuilding so i can't wait. See how the mideast do and also barnett's stadium can't wait to visit there again. Oh kills. I think they'll be better than last year fairfield. They're gonna get a year of experience under the belt better. I re- talked about lakota. West hamilton gave a real nice battle at hamilton against princeton week. One in two thousand and twenty. So i think that'd be a good game. I think love will be improved. And i think anderson will be tough. Although losing jackson coon the pass the passing quarterback extraordinaire. Something like four thousand yards. Had felt like you have four thousand yards. But yeah anderson's is going to be losing that quarterback so yeah. I think. Chris has got tough schedule. And i can't wait to get back to the grid iron to talk princeton. Vikings football and see the first year of andre parker leading the vikings ship. Speaking of anderson is time to announce the new mascot for ahs please welcome the raptors this article from wwl wt channel five cincinnati also. On msn dot com anderson high school has a new mascots as the raptors with the redskins logo being retired after eight decades of use. School officials said the decision was made after months of planning researching and collaborations was students. Staff and alumni anderson high school officials called a raptor. Strong bold courageous traits found. Anderson's al-matar. Now i up raptors definitely unique because really i think about all the high schools cincinnati dayton area and even northern kentucky and eastern southeastern indiana. I really don't think there's one that space off a dinosaur so definitely creative there. I also liked the new logo. I i don't know of raptors have stripes. I never met a raptor okay but it of has stripes like cincinnati. Bengals does so. I like that little touch. I like the new logo. Originally i thought raptors. Okay parsley. It would have been grave. They took the barents name. Because amelia high school used to be the barons before merging into west clermont glenis. But i do like the raptors name. I know there's gonna be a big fight saying doing the kids'll culture p lou. Well yes the mumblings correct but you know what getting out of you know. People's opinions on it. I i do like the change. And i think it'll be you know something that anderson hang their hats on for quite some time. The three stripes across the nose are representative of anderson's three pillars academics art in athletics. Wait three stripes across knows. I can barely see him on this little picture. But you look towards the snap can see that there are they talking of. That's four on the back of the head. I guess i don't know. But it's a raptor colored orange with thin black stripes teeth because you know. Most animals have teeth since we began. We've been overwhelmed by the level of community. Parents support for our transition efforts where excited to continue the rich tradition of excellence in the areas of academics the arts and athletics and anderson highschool for years to come go raptors as anderson high school principal. Rob fellow said so. I can tell you the day that mike dyer shared it on twitter. There are several comments complaining about. Ooh i already mentioned cancel culture and everything like that but i will definitely say that as we grow more evolved and we gain a higher. You know higher learning of respects. Okay i can hope that. But yeah definitely i i like it. And maybe they'll start trend. There's some schools that have already said they're not gonna change which you know so be it. That's fine but the ones that do they're thinking out of the box. And i do really like that. I mean i've mentioned west claremont the wolves. That's very unique to just because of the fact that again going through all the high schools. I don't really think there's a wolf wolves wolf pack. Although i can tell you since name sports media definitely obsessed with right state having a wolf as raider which get over it already butts. Yeah i like it so can't wait to see the raptors therefore football game again at princeton. And that should be really fun one. To i know the quarterback i mentioned he's graduated and gone but we'll it's a well coached team and it's gonna be fun. Same raptors vikings. You know what month is as joy were march madness. Baby sweet sixteen. Boom actually boom is part of the ref never mind. It's time to talk about the big dance. That's right and this year. There's not a lot to talk about because none of the southwest. Ohio teams made it in no wright. State raiders no dayton flyers and the big dance now miami redhawks cincinnati bearcats. No xavier musketeers. No norfolk north. So why am i talking about on a podcast that talks about local cincinnati dayton sports on glad you asked why not my podcast and go through some the picks and some of my upsets. Then you can also call me haters or whatever you'd like to do but should be very fun brackets i. I've heard ninety eight percent of the conference. Finals did get through unharmed. That is nice but let me tell you. Some of my upsets. I've had will start with these south division of the march madness brackets. I had fifteen seat at our roberts upsetting number two that team in columbus. I know you're gonna call me a hater. But i base it on the fact that that team in columbus really choked as of late. And yeah you can say the made the title game whoop de do but look at the regular season ending. Just now i. i don't see that team. In columbus going far i also have winthrop which is led by pat kelsey. You might know him as a cincinnati native coach of the eagles and also rumored to be the next head coach of xavier. Before travis steele was hired for that job back kelsey worked with chris mac for very long time before taking the winthrop by the white mac. Now with louisville cardinals. I had that beating number five villanova and that was tough. Pick for me. Villanova's got a couple injuries Their point guard was chris. Gillespie he's out with for the season with. I think in acl tear so they're missing couple of key players and i think that's prime opportunity for an upset. Let's see who else did i have by the way i four starring tonight. It is super weird. That's not going to be at. Ud arena but everything's in indiana. Indiana farmers benchers life hosting some. I think indiana us cut some all of its in the hoosier state is basically what i'm saying i wanted to go. Hi over virginia. Because hey the cavaliers did fall to unbc unbc. I think that's what it is. I'll find him on twitter. There's still you know one of the funniest accounts out there. But then i thought no. I think tony bad's going to have his team. Ready to go against the bobcats. Not saying that's not going to be an easy battle. No but i had virginia going over. I also had whereas it on this brackets technically not an upset but i did have loyal chicago. Getting over georgia tech. I think the ramblers they've done so many great things since leaving the horizon league for the missouri valley. I mentioned it on tom. Green's podcast which by the way you listen to now find it on my twitter at the league wwl in you can listen to them from there. I mentioned on that podcast would loyola was in the horizon. League did really do much but now in the missouri valley. They've been competitive. They've been consistent and they've been really good so i like seeing that it's just too bad. It didn't happen in horizon league. Maybe it'd be a multi bid league. But i digress. So technically not an upset. I all said wisconsin over north carolina which is nine over eight. I i just think the last few years have been the last. Few seasons have been rougher. Unc i know roy williams coach not taking away from them. But i do have wisconsin. Edging out the tar heels and i think that's really all the upsets when i fill out the bracket i realized that i did have all four number one seeds still alive and i was like crap. It's not trying to look like that at all. I fill out brackets total. I think a winning the national championship in one and michigan winning the ever want i. I do think the national championship will come from that. Final four battle. But who's to win it. Who's to say that's not say the baylor in illinois are slouches. But that's what i have so that's a little bit about march madness bracket i'm not going to bore you with all the details. I don't really have a lot of upsets to talk about. But i can tell you. When i was working the dayton baseball game when we were filling out brackets just for fun The a lot of people were calling me crazy. For or roberts. Beating that team in columbus. Ohio or roberts has been a solid mid major program in the summit league. I think they can do it. So we'll see but yes march madness now. I mentioned that. There's no southwest ohio teams to talk about door you however there is one team that did make the nit. And that would be your dayton flyers the dayton flyers of the season. they'll take on the top seed memphis tigers team that really balanced strong in the afc. You know i. I was surprised. I'll be honest with you. I was surprised. Because the flyers losses to fordham saint joseph's and lasalle those teams ended up finishing bottom of the eight ten table now granted dayton did have a couple of great wins including knocking off regular season champions and the eight ten tournament winner. Saint bonaventure at saint bonaventure. But i mean. Yeah i mean. It's it's heartbreaking to think that dayton had a shots i at least had dayton going to the final four last year whereas you know this year. Yeah it's a little disappointing. I mean but still tournament to win. And i think dayton flyers can do it but they do have a tough customer in the memphis. Tigers is nice for jalen crutcher and the seniors a shot to play in the playoffs before they leave you. D if they are leaving you d. I should say this corona virus. I think seniors can stay one more year. Look i think most of this will be taken place in texas by most. I mean all of it. The championship will be held at the american center. In frisco texas dayton's game will be in denton. Texas at the was it say the u. n. t. coliseum home of the mean green so on the left side of the bracket you have colorado state and memphis as your top seeds. The rams will get the buffalo bulls davidson. We'll take on. Nc state two and three winner of that game gets the winner of colorado state buffalo. If dayton moves on against memphis they'll take on the winner of boise state or smu on the other side of the bracket you have a couple more eight ten teams. I think there's four eight hundred team state in davidson st louis and richman. Which by the way richmond has defeated toledo by ten last night. So try see also saint. Mary's western kentucky played last night too but richmond. The two seat knocked off the three seat toledo rockets and they'll get the winner of number one. St louis number four mississippi state on the bottom side the right side of the bracket you have number to saint. Mary's against number three western kentucky again. They played last night. I don't have a final score for you. At number one old miss going against number four louisiana tech the nit goes on until march twenty eighth in the championship will be played at noon on. Espn the third place game is actually after the championship game. That doesn't make a lot of sense. Why would you put the third place game last. Never mind that's your. Nit in the dayton flyers will represent southwest ohio. There is one more tournament to talk about the twenty twenty one college basketball invitational which only has eight teams and no there is no local teams. The closest team would be bowling green and they have stetson. Coastal carolina has bryant. Longwood has pepperdine and bellman brand. New division fit in louisville kentucky. You might know them as a team that plays out of freedom hall now they got army. All these games are on flow sports meaning pay per view per month. I believe and starts march twenty second. Now i'm not the one that likes to make excuses. I mean if rights stayed didn't blow a twenty. Yeah we have to talk about eventually right. Stay blew at twenty four point lead with seven minutes to go and lawson. Ot and the semi final game in the horizon league tournament to milwaukee which coming into that tournament. i thought who milwaukee's gonna give us a good battle. I mean i was surprised. Right states swept both those games. But panthers did a nice job taking that game away from right states i. I'm just disappointed. That right state didn't get an offer. I t's not going with the automatic bids if you win your regular season title. But don't get the tournament title too. But i i think that's a shame right. State was ranked so high and such a great year ended on a sour note. Like that just out loud. Love does come back but now it's up to him. I mean if he thinks that no year right stable doom good. That's great if not then definitely a heck of a career leading rebounder. The most wins for an athlete individual in history of right state. So yeah. I have a little sad. That right state didn't get into the tournament. But i am happy to see the dayton flyers fight on for another tournament no cincinnati xavier and. I think that's the first time since the seventies since that happened. It's been awhile since they had a rough season and one time was last in the afc. But the way they came back without keith williams in the semifinal game against wichita state to knock off the top seeded shockers mean that that's heart and soul. I don't think i'll forget that fight. Then houston comes in steamrolls. You see again. Houston's got a really good squad. They have cleveland state in their march madness battle by the way which i have the cougars winning. I know i'd like to see the vikings pull off an upset. But i just i don't see it happening cleveland. State's been really strong since you know being outscored forty nothing one span against ohio. But as i see the vikings in the tournament however yeah just now of you see facing somebody. Athletes transfer going into the transfer portal man. I have no idea. I think there's what four scholarship players. I hope coach brennan gets the ship rights for next season. Save your on the other hand. What a great start the had before biggies play and then it kinda fell apart from the muskateers which again they control their own destiny and just blew it in their big east tournament game. So yeah. it's it's rough to not talk about. Southwest ohio teams in these tournaments with the exception dayton but it is what it is march madness. It's time for basketball baby. You know what's back in dayton and cincinnati. Ohio college baseball and softball baby. Okay stop making that reference. Yes college baseball and softball have had home games in the southwest ohio region. And it's time to talk about them. We'll start with the wright. State raiders remember. Ws you no longer carry softball. Hopefully though bring it back soon but let's talk about the raider gang eight. Oh start and horizon league play. Just there's been one close game. One and the raiders have looked dominant since then. The raiders have swept four games against northern kentucky and youngstown. State both of those series at home initiate stadium and now a true test awaits in chicago as the raiders make the way to the university of illinois at chicago. The flames and the raiders start their series tomorrow march nineteenth at four zero five doubleheader saturday single game sunday all in the afternoon and saturday and sundays offerings will be on. Espn plus for those that. Want to catch it raiders. Eight and five overall again. Start off the season with series at number to vanderbilt and number twenty three alabama did not pick up a win in either of those games although the series at alabama yes it was a sweet but very very close games at the biggest win for the crimson tide was eight to four whereas vanderbilt had their way in the first game against right state fourteen to one. But the raiders lost one. Oh to vanderbilt and to alabama the close out the series. So like i said. I know i mentioned this before. Where law people saying rip right state. Feel bad for the raiders. No raiders wanted competition. They got it. And i think they played quite well was just the one blowout loss. Get really hate on that definitely. I can't really say anything about that either. As let's check out the horizon league standings in baseball now. The horizon league standings. I've been keeping tabs on it. Wehrley has the records wrong for wright's state. in fact it says that right stay. Naugatuck played five times which stock correct. They fix good. The raiders. eight. Nope second-place uic milwaukee to end to and fact. It looks like milwaukee's first wins of the season came against you. I see the flames have lost two in a row. Darva kentucky three and five. They took the series three out of four against oakland youngstown. State three and five. They were swept by right state on the road. Oakland one in three and purdue fort wayne one in three and that's your standing seven teams playing baseball in the horizon league. So right now. Right state swept n. k. u. in youngstown state at home and you i see awaits them on the road now. Let's talk actually real quick out of curiosity. let's talk about these standings in softball. Yes right state doesn't offer the sport anymore. But currently oakland leads the horizon league three and one youngstown state. Green bay robert. Boris detroit mercy. Cleveland state produce far wayne kentucky to and to a. Up one in three. I know it's early. I know that's one series because we're doing four game series now for conference play. I know it's early. But never have i seen so many teams tied cut to into that is crazy. And i i think right state would have had a great year in softball. And it's a tough decision. I know that you know wasn't one that celebrator sports. They'll show everyone but let's talk about college baseball at ud. And i have seen a lot of games at ud. The flyers are three and eleven. They were recently. Swept at home by north dakota state a team that looked really good. Pitching wise hitting wise. Just that's a complete team in the summit league. They're picked to finish third. I think oral roberts was picked to win or they were down by a vote for second place. In the summit lead the flyers they were swept at south carolina. I think their right number eighteen and they dropped two out of three at campbell. A good big south team. They split the series at home against ten to one to open up home plate lost in a seven inning doubleheader to oakland five to three in two to one that beats the golden grizzlies in walk off. Fashion has designated hitter. Alex bregman headey high bouncers shortstop with no chance to throw out the runner at home in the flyers took that since then the flyers dropped the series to north dakota state. Five to one nine two one four to three and nine to three. So what's next for you. D in the fly boys while a four-game series at home against central michigan. And i think the chippewas are having a pretty good season thus far. They have former oakland. Golden grizzly in mario Mileti who was a great player for the golden grizzlies. Now he's put the chippewas. The series begins. Friday march nineteenth at three double header saturday starting at noon and a single game sunday at one o'clock now before you ask at. Ud no it's not general mission. You have to be part of the players past less meaning they have to name you in order to get into waterfield at a. Es ohio stadium man. That's so weird thing. As ohio we still live in a world without dp and l. What is yes. I know deep emails still paying their now. As ohio we still have electricity. We haven't had to go back to fire very weird if i had to do that for podcast but never mind so. That's your next series at home. Eight ten play won't begin until next month. When the flyers visit davidson april ninth tenth and eleventh for four now seven. I wanted to share about the dayton flyers. Baseball team. the fact that they're getting a chance to play a air ballpark. That is awesome. I really comp to announce their yes. I know i announced that ballpark. Before but it to see the dayton flyers and get to announce them. I'm really excited to see these games. This'll be the first ever nighttime dayton flyers baseball game that i've done which is a home game for your d. I'm not counting the ones. I've right state because again. Not home game for you. Deep flyers will get george mason university april sixteenth. At daya ballpark at seven pm enable twenty four. It will be an early morning. The double header against saint louis april twenty. Four ten one. Yeah slough in town and you get to host matt dayton's premier ballpark which is really awesome. I wonder if saint louis is a chance to play at busch stadium. That's us question. That's not me poking fun at slu. Spoken fun at slow. I would just say hey. Remember when you film travis for your head coach. Men's basketball rolling down a hill for no reason he. Yeah that's fun. But i can't wait. Mean three games at deir ballpark. You visit dry. Skews me dragons baseball on twitter and there's a link to get to ticket master. Use promo code you d and you can come in. Watch that game. I think the general public's allowed as long as you get your tickets that way and yeah. I think they'll be a good opportunity to catch your fly. Boys against george mason and saint louis so the standings in the tent looks something like this as we pull them up real quick and we swap over to softball because yesterday dayton flyers our foreign aid on the season. I'm not sure if they played any home matches yet. Actually i think they have. But let's talk about standings. I so far. There is baseball. Norfolk baseball south. What that's new so in the ten. There's baseball north standings and baseball south standings and there's only two teams with conference records thus far lasalle and george mason above one in one to lead the north and the south respectively south six thousand six st joseph's for no fordham seven and one fordham picked to were. They picked to win the eight ten or the second one of the rams has picked first. Let's say that. Fordham seventy one rhode island eight and five umass four and three saint bonaventure yet to play and baseball south. George mason two and six richmond and five and three. Vcu nine and seven. George washington five and five davidson. Six and eight. Saint louis foreign twelve in dayton three and eleven and that's her standings in the ten again. That's a big shock. Seeing baseball north baseball south that'd be interesting to see what the championship looks. Like an actually. Go back and pull up that tab. But first let's talk about dayton flyers softball foreign eights owen. One at home. The one home match was a loss to bowling. Green sixty five was supposed to be a doubleheader but they start that around five thirty and it was suspended due to darkness so there you go flyers currently job four in a row at the mt u. invitational beat illinois state to open up play then fell to middle tennessee. North dakota state. Illinois state and middle tennessee wants again. What's next for the flyers softball team or whatever they go by fly. Girls made the baseball teams to fly. Boys makes sense. I don't know the flyers will be at kentucky and then back home march twenty four wednesday at two against the miami redhawks for one and then eight. Ten place starts next week. Ed at home against saint bonaventure spoke the championship. Hopefully it doesn't take me to like last year's where got cancelled up bartsch twice seven twenty nine th twenty twenty one baseball championship. It's going to be at the campus of the highest seed location to be determined at all these will be streamed on. Espn plus so there you go. The atend championship will be a fourteen brackets so pretty much. The top to the north and the south will play. That's what i'm guessing. Yeah normally it's top eight butts cova so there you go. Let's go back to the softball standings in the eight. Ten loads vary slowly and this one's got softball central softball north dayton's in the central george mason currently leading all two conference record. They beat saint bonaventure in both games and the patriots defeated seven zero. George washington eight and six saint louis five and nine dayton four eight and saint bonaventure at o. And four in softball north fordham. Six thousand three saint joseph's five and five umass. Oh and to lasalle and three and rhode island. Oh and nine now. It's time to talk about miami. Red hawks baseball and softball. Let's get some action and move over to the redhawks sites and this is going to be the second last softball team. We talk about remember since savior. Do not feel the sport. Shame softballs a lot of fun. We'll start with softball. Actually for the red hawks. In the mac and for the redhawks again they're supposed to be at. Ud soon by emi seven and six overall and no conference games yet. Drop the series at mississippi states split at tennessee swept georgia tech on the road. Loss at georgia lost set without. Excuse me one at georgia state lost at kennesaw state and so far. No home games yet for the redhawks for that scheduled to change this weekend as western michigan university comes in for four. And then the flyers. Welcome in you. But then back at home for miami softball though hosts central state for four and then hosting eastern kentucky for two to close out the month of march standings and softball look like this toledo six thousand five miami seven six bowling green eight and seven ohio four and five ball state six and nine northern illinois. Five and eight western michigan four nine kent state three in ten central michigan two and seven buffalo tune. Eleven akron one and eleven. So let's move over to baseball now. And the mac redhawks should have another great squad. Great start last year and squashed by cova. Of course do the standings. I currently akron foreign one. Not sure of that. One loss is gets whittenberg because wittenberg did beat akron on the road. Yes it is. That's the one loss and so far. Try mercy. Hurst is d one score not not one games yet for accurate. But that's gonna change. As this weekend. These zips will host eastern michigan. Why talk about akron baseball while it's because of the fact. That's it's chris. Sabo leading the charge. For the zips and the resurgence of akron baseball. So that's why i did that. Akron one kent state four and three miami seven six such biscuit to and to having the you. Ud tomorrow ball state. Six and seven eastern michigan four and five ohio one to bowling green two and seventy a nine northern illinois. One nine in western michigan is. Oh and three for the red sox. They're listed at seven seven not seven and six like the standings have it. They've lost two in a row. Have the hawks. And that was a series loss at memphis took down the tigers nine. Nothing in the first game but dropped the next two five to two and four to two toledo flies into mckee field at hayden park for four and then for four games on the campus of miami. You before taking off to visit eastern michigan again for four. We're going to talk about the kentucky. I mentioned softball. And the norse were one of many. What of like ten teams tied at two and two. But talk about the norse program for a little bit. I for softball really. I missed that series of rights state at kentucky softball. Miss the baseball series two however there is always the chance to see rights. They go down narva kentucky. It's not that far bound our maybe so far for the north softball program. They split the series with the green bay phoenix at home. The north won the first game. One nothing lost the next game one. Nothing beat the phoenix. The first game of saturday's doubleheader three to two loss in next one four to three so the north will take to the road to visit oakland for four and that visiting youngstown state for two for coming back home to take odd cleveland state for four. That is weird. That series at youngstown state is to only but then you have youngstown. State coming in for four is that horizon league. Ans- that's right link. So there you go. So that's norfolk kentucky softball. They're splitting series at home against green bay for baseball. I mentioned the north fell right state in four but then took the series at home against in three best of three. I should say what's next for the north milwaukee at home should be a very good series. Todd is lan announced before the series right state. This will be his last season. He's in his twenty first and final season leading the north. So it'll be interesting to see the coaching. The coaching search looks like four n que. You really exciting to see what they do. So north. Have milwaukee at home this week and that off next weekend to start off april. At purdue for wayne purdue fort wayne's first series was against youngstown state and was at defiance high school. I don't know why it was at defiance high school but it was. So that is your look at nova kentucky baseball and softball's we make the jump back up to cincinnati to talk you see and xavier first up. We'll talk about s- the american athletic conference in the cincinnati. Bearcats baseball squad remember no softball for either the cincinnati institutions but for cincinnati. They're six and seven on the year winners of three in a row and the next series. Well it won't be a american and american athletic conference series. It will be the skyline chili slam. Thaad have both teams have wrestling. Be a great name for it. No it's across town. Chewed out the showdown between xavier and cincinnati. First game will be at the uc baseball stadium. Friday at four. Then the series moves over for two at xavier at hayden field saturday to sunday of one and back over to you see monday at four. It'll be the musketeers. And the bearcats for four and swapping sites in the middle after that for cincinnati. It'll be a series. Three game series against st louis a game against louisville in a place starts at ecu. Let's look at the baseball standings in the american athletic conference shouldn't be any conference games in a no there isn't i can tell you though. East carolina is on top of the afc at thirteen and three pretty good pirates baseball program. There houston tenants. Six wichita state seven five. I believe they're still led by. Which is all state alum. And former cleveland indians and seattle mariners. Skipper and eric wedge to lay nine and seven south florida's seven and seven cincinnati and memphis. Six and seven. Ucf seven and nine more standings. Why did you lie to me. I thought there was more standings and now we go to big east baseball. Standings and load up go xavier's website. I already told you. The opponent for the musketeers will be at cincinnati at home for the next two games and back at you see but to tell you about the musketeer season. Three and seven thus far for xavier. Baseball and the musketeers has dropped four in a row at a sweep. Nope excuse me while. Yes. it is a sweep in the hands of baylor in waco texas and then to close off the series up wolfert. The market tears fell seven three eleven to four ten. Nothing at baylor as muskateers. Now prepare for battle against cincinnati. What's next for the musketeers. After you see well next weekend. The xavier team moves to evansville and then to open up april. It's the battle of xavier and dayton. Yes i know. You want to see that men's basketball but can't wait. Xavier will host dayton on april fools day than april second and then the flyers will walk them in xavier. Saturday april third for double header. Starting at noon. Look at the roster. It's been a while since. I've seen xavier baseball so the roster is probably completely different but it will be nice to see again. Billy o'connor took over as head. Coach of xavier baseball wants scott. Gugans make the jump to uc. So it'd be nice to see dayton and xavier. Get it on the diamond. Your standings in the big east again. No conference games yet. Georgetown yet to place saint. John's seventy three villanova foreign to creighton foreign three butler too and two seton hall and xavier three and seven and yukon foreign ten and that closes off d one college. Baseball cannot wait for the season to continue on here in southwest ohio. And that will do it. That is about three weeks worth and still in our man. I have no idea how these last long again. For the three-week interruption. Although i guarantee there's still more local sports in this podcast than what that show gives you in dayton. I can almost guarantee also actually that's not it. There's one more topic and it's free sits. it's now it's a cincinnati bengals in free agency and to file a close out episode two. Oh six time talk about something. That's been happening this week. Nfl free agency the free agent chase for the bengals. Now if you're cincinnati bengals fan. What's the one thing you want. Fixed the top thing. You want fixed offensive line right while. Unfortunately i don't have any news for you. Of course with my luck we will have offensive linemen signing with the bengals. Would i upload this episode. yeah i could add a segment on. But now but i will tell you. Some of the moves that the bengals are making riley. Ref- is visiting. The bengals is formerly of the minnesota. Vikings i think that'd be very nice. Pickup bengals signed former cleveland brown. And larry gun joe by leave. That's how you say that. A major splash in the expense of their in state rivals. A standout defensive linemen which is another thing. The bengals really need to work on both lines. One year deal and more help for the defense for cincinnati. Which yes i know. Offensive line protects borough but that defense while alright had a lot of shreds hair on it so third round. Pick by cleveland and twenty seventeen played college football at charlotte high level production and athleticism made him a day. Two pick sixty games played with the browns forty seven starts registered fourteen and a half sacks one hundred and eight solo tackles and twenty nine tackles for loss with eleven those sex coming in two thousand eighteen and twenty nineteen turning twenty seven years old never became a consistent force for the browns. But i think these additions in the defense. There's no excuse for defensive coordinator now you know what. The signs of the bengals are making defense. Deavere do better or hit the road for twenty twenty two. Now there's rumors. That's john joe by by by not sharp butts is good friends with gene-o atkins who still on the bengals roster for now so. Gino might be stick another year with the signing. Maybe a friend's work together on defensive side. So that's a good sighting mike. Thomas has been reassigned wide receiver at a two touchdowns last season with the bengals but bad debt. So look at the other. Signings are still tight ends and of lyman available. But i think the biggest signing has been mike helton of formerly the pittsburgh steelers quarterback and the bengals have lost a couple of. There's i think jackson left for washington. I think i could. Just look at my twitter timeline. Can i so. Mike helton moving over from pittsburgh cincinnati again. Taken some free agents from afc north foes. I like it. Ben baby who writes for the bengals on. Espn also does boxing. Match that the bengals free agencies shaping up a lot like last year where didn't do much day y day. Two's when the moneybags flew out for reader. And wayne's hopefully they will contribute more this year and avoid the injury bug but trey hendrickson was the first free agent signing cincinnati replacing carl lawson with while the nfl leaders and sax last season. So i think that was a pretty good sighting. There and i think is value were were they would have paid lawson for his. You know i think. The value speaks for itself there to adobe a was wuzzy formerly of the dallas cowboys three year deal. Cincinnati another cornerback as cincinnati like the former second rounders athleticism and consistency consistency. Who love that word mentioned. Mike helton already while the top cornerbacks in the free agent market. I i still hope that the bengals look through offensive linemen and signed one or two or a couple today but why seeing the bengals are getting some free agents in and i like that now will the free agents how. 'bout that's another thing to see. We gotta wait a little bit until that happens. So this is from blake jewel. Nfl covers the bengals for sports illustrated. Now in all angles. It's while the sources that have been using today along with cincy jungle tweets at three. Am so i'm just talking to myself here. But reef and golladay and sewell round one impacter jones round two on top of what the bengals have already done would be damned there a off season. That's the great a not a or pay but you know i still think the bengals have a good shot of getting golladay. Which by the way that was on the first take which scrapped but the bengals might have kenny. Golladay in their sights bagels have offered him a one year deal and the new york giants for he's visiting at the moment have often been a multi year deal. Now that might sell like a no brainer. Take the multi year deal get consistency get money. However wouldn't it be better to get a year deal. Show what you can do in cincinnati. Take the higher paid money per year and then offer your services again in two thousand and twenty two who knows i think cincinnati could land golladay. It just really depends how big of a contract since they offered compared to the giants if the giants give them no. Let's say one hundred mil and five years. Be twenty mil. The bagels offer like twenty one for one year. Then you know take the twenty one and then see what you can do and twenty twenty two now golladay time last year. Eleven games. In fact. All i played five because of his hamstring injury and i think hip injury to but back to back thousand yard games fact evac thousand games. That'd be impressive. Back to back thousand yard seasons in two thousand eighteen twenty nineteen for the detroit lions so definitely interesting. It'd be an interesting addition to the receive. Record led by tyler. Boyd and t higgins. I think that's three gray receivers. They're that stuff to cover. If you're at a secondary so yeah like that. There's also a reciting by the bengals backing up joe mixon and really shining bright towards the end of the season. Some ozzy p ride at believe. He resigned for two years doubt. Yes two more years for p. Right he spent the last two years in cincinnati. Two year deal fifth year player. Twenty twenty one for round pick by the washington football team back in two thousand seventeen also played with joe mixing at oklahoma. You with the fellow bengals running back. So if makes it can healthy p ryan really. Nice rb two in there. You got yourself a nice rb. One rb to battle out of. It's better than the rb. One two combo that the brown savon chubb and hunt. But i think it's right up there. I think if vixen has an offensive line to run through with pollock coming back fixing the line i think nixon's due to have a good year in p. Rhines there to help clean up when he needs. Twenty twenty p ryan played in all sixteen games rush for three hundred one yards three touchdowns on sixty three carries p rushed for ninety five yards and two touchdowns against houston texans week. Sixteen so no touchdowns for p. ride but it's still you know like. I said he did a better job. Towards the end of the season now with nixon and p rhyme this also brings up a good point about giovanni bernard one year on bernard's contracts left for four million me. That's a pretty stacked running back corps. You know that'd on three. I believe but i like what the bengals are doing. I still want to see more work in the offensive line. But i'm not upset at the moment though. The bangles aren't getting tuning. He signed a five year deal with kansas city. At yeah i wanted to come to cincinnati. It'd be a great homecoming. And i think he'd do a great job on the line but there's more offensive linemen out there as long as they're better than bobby heart which. I don't really think there's a lot that isn't there the bobby hard this point. It's still a good shot for the bengals to be competitive for twenty twenty one. I'm not seeing a to fourteen. I'm not seen another five eleven to one last year. I've not seen that. What i'm seeing is a bagel steam. That'd be more competitive albie a lot fun to watch so let's look at the five winners and losers for the first wave of bengals free agency still more work to be done. But who's benefited. I mentioned the dc lew abbott ruto. He's got dj reader. Trae wayne's now hendrickson belle. A woozy mike. Helton bengals went defense. I again at really if an aroma can't produce this year i think he's out the door. After this season that the names i read off. They can avoid injury. That's pretty nice defense. Defensive line still needs work. But i just i don't think defense is going to be a crutch but the bengals can lean on. I just don't trae wayne's also listed as a winner but with hilton hosie that a company in the secondary and wayne's is the highest paid cornerback on the team now going number one ford and has a promising supported guests xavier. Su'a filo and bobby hearts are winners because emphasis on defense means the offensive line has not been touched. I still think the bengals touch on that today. Maybe tomorrow but that draft still coming around i. I can't see the bengals. Just say oh. Yeah the offense great. I can't see it. all in tate. Also listed as a winner john ross. The third moved on with the new york giants which of that deal that they gave not bad. That see what ross can do when healthy very speedy but just in workout cincinnati. Which stuff happens like that. Aj green now in arizona. Karnal which. I think. I mentioned august. I take i love the fact that green always cared himself of class represented cincinnati. So well i broke my heart. When he got injured in dayton. Now there's a lot of media members down south so do bird welcome stadium to the ground like now it happens but odd tasteless says a winner right now the unofficial next man up higgins and boyd i figure even with golladay citing. He'll be a wide receiver in that piece. So it'll be a nice core of wide receivers who lost borough and mixing did again the offensive line. This is from the first day my new the offensive line hasn't been touched yet. But i think frank pollack also on that point to mackenzie alexander. He's yet to find another team and sparring. Starting spot was just given to a former divisional. It could be tough. Slot corners on the open market but alexander. Put some solid play on tape. Last year he'll get shot elsewhere. Just don't know where or when darius phillips he's even compete for a starting job or already back as cornerback number four with the cash given to the new signees. It's safe safe. Phillips is going to be a spot starter for the coming season which is ideal for the defense. But for darius phillips. It's going to have to keep battling for snaps in his fourth year. That's your winners and losers again. Written on cincy jungle dot com by john sheeran. John underscores chevron on twitter. But so far. There's an article saying that shawn o'hara thinks juju smith schuster should signed with the bengals. Now you know about juju. Smith schuster dancing on the logos. You don't dance on the logos. Full stop dancing is fine. That's fine always liked juju. He always seemed like you know a good guy but the dancing. The logo is just take that somewhere else. you wanna. Why von bell gave you such a leading on monday night football. It's probably because of that. That hit that coughed up the ball. And since they end up winning with ryan finley. Yeah remember that steeler fans. I do just wish we could beat the cleveland browns. At least once both games were close. I'll give you that. But let's see what twenty twenty one brings. If smith schuster sides with the bengals. I mean that's a nice signing to if golladay does pick the giants over cincinnati. But i don't know. I should also mention mike. Thomas gets another one year deal with. Cincinnati is wide receiver five. I believe there's an article written this. Morning is the end near for bobby hearts. He's look like you could be a cap casualty remember. He had that three year contract long ago. Jim turner never lost faith. Bobby heart but remember is not here anymore. So he mentioned in september with sports illustrated out all my players. Bobby hardest the most underappreciated player the most picked on player by everybody in the media to whoever wants to talk football You sure about that you sure about that. Turner the way he just slid believe. It was at miami. The way just slid open like a sliding door to let that sac. Forget it was allen or finley wasn't burrow burrow This point no. No no no no no dow course if it does become a free agent were gets cut by the cap you know. Watch him grow his game like eric. Flowers did once again the new york giants. He was pretty fine but they got frank pollack. Now has the opportunity to run that line and going through the article again mentioning that hearts for a season with the bengals nothing short of terrible allowing ten sacks committing eleven penalties and according to pro football focus fishing a great of fifty seven point one. I don't know if they go by the hundred grade scale. But that's enough. That's no good. The grade raised by point five and twenty nineteen allowing six sacks seven penalties last year finishing with four sacks allowed and three penalties. Apparently his overall gray was higher than kevin zeitler. Who signed elsewhere. Already signed baltimore. That's right site with baltimore. Those another name. That bagels fans are running back. But it didn't happen. So bobby. hart no surprise not really a fan favorite in cincinnati. But you know maybe. Maybe he gets better. I don't know so. Let's see if there's any more news before we site off like i said riley rafe visiting the bengals that'd be an nice signing that line and like i said outside the lack of offensive line signings i. I like what the bengals have done. I think that there is hope. I don't see the bengals going. So far below five hundred. I know there's a lot bengals fans i've already said. Oh it's gonna be a fly of twelve seasons like okay. What proof do you have on that. But bengals assigning people and it's looking interesting so definitely will talk more about this next week when free agents chases finished the bengals spending money again if it helps them out. That's to be determined later. I will say you know. I really want the joe burrow. Come back there. Is someone in the area. That's had the audacity to share pictures. Borough getting hurt and celebrating it. Because you know the bengals haven't done anything with the offensive line so you know there's that that's classy good on you for that. I guess and people have called him out on it. Which thank you because of the fact that you know just because you don't like the bengals doesn't mean you have the basham every time. Yes i know. Bengals should be getting offensive line. Help and i think they will do it. But there's no reason to you know share pictures of borough getting her. What what is your problem so with that little nice bomb drop. Now do it. That's episode two. Oh six we cover a lot of local sports. Probably a lot more than what's been on that radio show in the past three weeks. I will go ahead and mention from here until june twelfth when we get everything settled in the new place actress june twelfth. When we move to the new place if there are breaks in this podcast. I'm not quitting. I'm here to stay. I'm here to prove that you know. I'm hearing improved employers that not hiring me and not you know telling me why not hired is a mistake so definitely looking. Forward to continuing this podcast. Hopefully there won't be that long of a break again but like i said getting closer to time. It's gonna be hectic. I started broadcasting champion city. And the king's late may dragon start up in may and man. I can't wait i. I work a very busy spring. But it's gonna be a great spring. So i'm i'm happy. Stay busy but just to let you know if there is a break. I'm not quitting the podcast. It's just that i have to get ready for this new move. Unfortunately i don't think there's going to be a space for me to have a podcasting room in my own but it's two floors several rooms. I got plenty of places to record. And i'm looking forward to more space so now do it episode two. Oh six this isn't dayton radio. It's on the local sydney sports podcast. And it's great to be back talking. Cincinnati dayton sports review. Catch you up on two of seven where we crown boys basketball girls basketball ice hockey state champions and talk about more happening in southwest ohio. Until thank you. For listening to this episode of the cincinnati and dayton sports podcast with lee. Wwl win be sure and bookmark. Syndey pod dot com the official website of the local sunday sports podcasts. From there you can find your favorite way of listening to future episodes on platforms. Such as apple podcasts. Google podcasts tune in andorra spotify the iheartradio app and more. You can also find the red bubble and t public shops there too. We're all podcast purchases. Go to help the podcast or follow on social media at syndey pod and the lead w mountain on twitter facebook and instagram. This closing theme was created with splash. This w and saying thank you again for listening and we'll talk more. Local cincinnati and dayton ohio sports next time.

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