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Talent Acquisition & Inspiration In Music City (with Shawna Moore)


The Old Hi everyone Daniel Ramsay here the CEO of my out and the host of scale. The podcast this podcast is dedicated to having conversations to unlock the exact formula and strategies these multimillion and billion dollar companies use to scale their business. You can visit me on our website at scale the PODCAST DOT COM or listen to this podcast awed cast on itunes or Google. Play everybody Danny Ramsay here and today day. We've got a really special guest one. I got to meet you a couple of months ago and it was fat nominal and we got Shana Moore who actually actually has a position at a company one of the only companies. That is doing it in my opinion right. So that's a good. That's a good thing. I think we've got more here. Shana thanks for joining us today. Hi everyone thanks Daniel for having me yes. It was a pleasure to meet you in person not too long ago. Oh and phenomenal conversation. And I'm so happy that you invited me to be here today. Yeah well the reason is because you're kicking some but with some virtual assistance and long and that's what we're going to talk about today so I'm super excited really get to know Shana. But here's the let's start off with just who you are. What's your origin in story? How'd you get into the business like just a little bit of WHO Shana is? If that's who I am. Well first and foremost I'm a Nashville native which For those. That aren't aware what's going on in Nashville right now. There's almost a hundred people moving here a day so yeah. I'm considered a Unicorn and Nashville is home for me in In in so yes little little fun fact when I started actually I I think at a younger age finding myself in positions where I had an opportunity to Higher talent and lead lead in and managed people birdied with interns. And now you know all the way up to to basically attracting and hiring talent On people who want to be entrepreneurs of their own businesses all the way to the virtual professional. There you go and in your role right now so everybody knows that's listening. Like what is your day what you do. And what your role at your current company while I like to consider my my twenty percent sent like the things that I focus on. The most are recruiting attracting and hiring talent Coaching in consulting Our top producers and then also Training so I do teach a lot different topics within our office and And then also do a lot of consulting with others in the industry. So we're going to have to break down your twenty percent and we're everybody a guide because you're actually using virtual assistant to help you attract talent so let's start with that how you know. Let's talk about your process and what what you do and how you use a virtual system to do that. Yeah so in this in in the piece of it when it comes to attracting and hiring talent on there are a lot of things that can be done behind the scenes that I found wordperfect for virtual professional. Okay and I was very importunate through my out to find a gentleman who had a background in kind of that role in sales associate right and so what that person who has a track record of success in in those types of responsibilities. They focused on basically inputting the leads in referrals into the database setting them up on the appropriate follow up plan You know in finding out who's ready to to meet in person you know who's far along the process logos schedule appointments though. Confirm Appointments They help with sending out broadcast messages. Passages I mean the list goes on and on I do a lot of marketing and so The virtual professional helps get me teed up for success for those events you know tracking who's attended getting my sign in sheets together. I mean the list goes on and on and and what I found is I can start small and then I can kind of build on that list. Once those foundational Task task are are being done at a high level so okay so the for the audience who is currently says okay. We're GONNA break down real quick if you're in business right now. You're hunting two do things. You're hunting business right. New transactions or or revenue and. You're also hunting talent so those are the two things right and everything. Yeah so when you're thinking about hunting talent I mean are your virtual assistants are they having conversations and dialogue with potential talent and if so what does that typically look like. Well I think a lot of it comes down to for me. I wanted to make sure there wasn't gonNA be any language barrier or or anything of that nature and I look for course when you're hiring for certain roles and that could lead into a situation where you're allowing them to talk to the potential candidate so with the virtual professional that I'm using now now There there are not language barriers. They are so we basically. I just gave him the scripts that I'm using now and in why not so so. Oh he's using those same scripts to be able to To call people not necessarily he's not doing any of the cold calling right now but you know definitely talking to those warm leads. People who'd be the raise their hand or they referred to by someone else and being able to uncover. Okay is this person Zain that either I or someone else on our talent task force should be meeting with or diseases require phone. Call at this point based on where this lead is in the process Wars back on the conversation. Is this really someone we want to move through the process so you you mentioned that they were using the same scripts that you are so i WanNa make sure Everybody who's listening has an idea about what that looks like. So you've been. I'm doing it a long time and obviously had to train your virtual professional up rate like there had to be And you mentioned that there was no language barrier so I wanted wanted to dive deep and all those things like no language barrier plus. You had to get them up to speed. So what does that look like in. Yeah well in here. I think a something that may be others aren't taking into consideration when they're hiring virtual professional and basically that is you've got to treat them just like you would a part timer fulltime employees that sitting next to you in your office right. How do you do you that though I mean yeah well it starts with with time blocking you know and what I did is In that first week week definitely the first week in it depends on. Obviously how much you're having that I do but so I come time lot the first week that my virtual professional was going to be on the job To make sure that I had time to train them in so we use the technology. Like we're using right now right videoconferencing and and sharing of screens and just made sure that I'm taking the time to set this person for success And basically really it starts with. I'm doing it right in. And they're watching their shadowing they're getting a chance to ask the questions Then there's an move into that we are doing it phase. We're doing it together I'm you know inspecting when I'm expecting making each other. There's no questions or got along the way. And then eventually we take those training wheels completely off and they are doing it right. And that's what's that like when I mean 'cause there's a a let go of like control right you like oh my goodness. I'm going to let them do this now. And this is part of my I requirements or my responsibility. So what happened for you your first time having a virtual assistant take you know when you let the training wheels off. Well Alsace. I did have a miss so the first time I hired for this particular role in which. You're talking about I I wasn't wasn't quite sure. What the job description needed to include and I made it pretty broad and just kind of you know? Let's it's thrown out there and see what sticks you did. You did the kitchen soup method where you looked throat everything. Let's thought up against the wall and see right. Okay so you know I through that process in in what I've learned over time. Is You know Slow slow to hire quick to fire. No take your time. Make sure you feel really good about the candidate In but if you if the the same mistakes are occurring Auburn over Other issues are popping up right. Let's not be afraid to cut ties. It's just not the right person the right role you know so my first time I did I I kinda missed but so I knew what to to really look for the second time around and I was able to get a lot more specific on the job description. So clarity is key and then when it came to yes that process of letting go because so oh hard for most people it came down to again inspecting what you expect so think of it like you know. High the accountability at first and as they start proving themselves with those key task Then star. You're letting you know letting the reigns loosen up a little bit and then start moving into a lower level of accountability to aware. Now I check in with my actual Professional every Monday we have a video conference call in. We talk talk about you. Know what's the priority for this week. We look at our schedules. You know they know what I'm going to be in her out of the office and we kind of map out. What our gang planas? Yeah for the week Hey everybody Danny Ramsay here and I wanNA tell you about an extraordinary extraordinary offer to take action and start scaling Your Business Right now. You know I get a lot of questions about how to grow your business generate more revenue and reduce expenses and the answer is simple. It's my out desk virtual assistance. My out desk offers five star virtual assistant services to thousands of business professionals across the United States and making our clients over one hundred million dollars in net revenue every year our customers. I absolutely love our virtual assistants and I want to give you the opportunity to learn exactly why simply text the word 'em od od. Maude two three one. Nine nine six. And we're going to give you a free double my business strategy. Call where you work. One one on one with one of our business grows specialists to design an action strategy for growth and cost savings in your business. We're going to give you over over. Twenty growth and strategy guides a market force personality indicator and important business checklist and hiring guides. My my out desk admins can help manager office your sales you're marketing pipeline. And even help you lead generate and follow up and during this. Call your learn exactly glee how you can put them into your business right now. So Again Techs M. O. D.. Two three one nine nine six and get a free double my business strategy call right now and learn how can transform your business to day That's interesting and and in those meetings you're likely saying we're on track off track. Or what do we need to you. Know what barriers ears are you having or what does that meeting look like so we did talk about goals. I'm a very goal oriented person. Well being yeah uh-huh right so very very goal driven so we talk about okay. Where are we on track to hit our goals or you? You know whether it's this week this month the year Howard pacing and then what are the opportunities. What can we do to to stay on track to hit those goals? What are we not thinking of? What are we not yet completed or tried So that's part of the conversation another piece of the conversation is again talking about scheduling. You know I'm I'm out of the office quite a bit or I'm tra- I'm training and consulting with people in it so just kind of looking at at the schedule and it in. It's not always like hey what can you do to support me. It's also what can I do to support you. You know. How can I not you so that you have the tools and resources says and everything that you need to be successful in your role? I love it. If you're listening right now we're talking with Shana. She's recruiting with a virtual assistant. We're GONNA have a lot of opportunities for you guys. Ask Questions Mike. Thanks for the first question. I really appreciate you. We're going to go through a little exercise of a shot where we talk a little bit more about what you can and can't outsource to or delegate to a virtual professional. What's really important? The Shana is sharing with the entire Haier Group. Which I really appreciate you for doing your your weekly kind of goal sheet? So we'll talk about that at the end she'll give it away for free for you guys as well L. as a job description for this particular person a talent acquisition person who happens to be a virtual professional so I really appreciate you for doing that. The answer if you're listening and you WANNA give more questions. Now's the time I'm going to ask them a as we go through. Shana so watch out here they come. LS Mike Mike. How do you schedule and track tasks? Meaning what software do you use in order to make sure you know you. And you're virtual assistant. Listen are on point with all the tasks that they need to get done for you There's a couple of different programs that that I'm currently using the SIERRAN. Erin that I'm using is called recruiting bridge and so that's been a fantastic tool for us in. That's what we use like. You would think of normalcy era right. So so that's what that virtual professional is doing to basically do their their piece of the work and you contract phone phone calls and emails sent in Lake Follow Up tests and all that is that right exactly. Yeah phone calls texts emails all the notes I see what programs where they put on the right Kuala what program etc So so that program has a great dashboards. We see what's on tap for the day. What follow what's needed to be done? And basically the goal for that urge will professional every day is to get to get through all the follow ups that were on point for that day and so that's one piece of software We also use slack so slack is a great internal communication tool on that you can use with your teen gene or or just you and that one person so we have We use lack for some internal communication where it gets it out of email and into into some different channels so it's not cluttering up the inbox as the whole office because you you have a pretty large team you work with including including some virtual professionals as a whole office on Slack Annette. Currently there there are a few key members who are on slack. And it's definitely the program Now we'll say prior to the role that I'm in now When I was also managing a another large team that office did you slack? So that's when I was first introduced to it so you just like it and you use it. I like it. I use it. I think it's a great internal communication tool and we found ways to utilize it for certain key message points. I got it and and in there like you might be texting with your virtual professional and you might use like we're right now on zoom call might use that to do face to face conversation right. Well what I use is Google hangouts because we are also chatting throughout the day through Google hangouts and in. That's more for quick messages. Maybe things that are more urgent things that you know either merge will professional or I need to be aware of at the moment versus slack is something that we can check you know morning mid day in at the end of the day. Is it just some of the things that we know that we need to keep up with throughout the week. So it's like slack is your informational channel where you might drop something. That's not urgent Google. Well hang out or Google chat is like I need you now or this is this you know we got a hot one. Who wants to talk to somebody like? That's the spot that that's exactly. It's like hey so and so basically just responded to our tax. Let us know that they're ready to join in. So I okay great. I need a pick up the phone and call this person. Yup Okay We have an going into that the The video conferencing on channel of Google Hangout. What used for that? Those conference calls that we do each Monday. And you can share screen and great tool and you can be face to face which is a huge upgrade. I mean I think something more than half of communications misunderstood and when you think about written communication mutation it's seventeen percent verbal. It's thirty seven but that's like fifty seven percent is understood when even when you're face to face right exactly exactly it's crazy. Okay we got another Michael Everhart. Asked two questions. What about hiring a virtual assistant to cold call and probate niche? This would require a lot of trading. How do you make it so a? Va would would understand. Yeah probate so great and this is Shawna. This is one that I answer answer if we talk about it together but probate so great lead source and I would simply. I would say we've done a video actually On how virtual systems can do probate but it's similar to Shahnaz world you need a crm. You know The one that we did we had a guy named Chad on on. Who's with all the leads and they have a probate system where you can actually purchase pro bates leads and it's a crm a phone dialer so ten of our virtual assistance are doing that? But I think and just answer your question Michael. The the reality is any position can be filled by virtual assistant assistant. It's all about the system and process that you put in place and that's what we're learning from Shauna today. Is that as long as you have training process in place. And there's there's a crm that you can track activity and then you have communication regiment like she does where you're meeting every every week and you're doing a bunch of stuff then I think anything is anything is possible is actually do you think. That's fair Sean. Oh Yeah I I. Yeah I definitely think that's fair anything that doesn't require someone to physically be present to do. I think one hundred percent it could be done by a virtual professional you do have to have those systems the processes the communication channels in place. And you do need to treat them just like you know like I said someone who would be present Taking the time to train them and in coach with them. You know there's another point here. I asked you this question at the beginning. Because you had done recruiting for this role prior to deciding to hire a virtual professional and and I think this is a big upgrade for Michael or anybody else that's listening we've clients all the time who are like. I want to try this out and you know the try this out mentality just typically fails. I mean I'll just be honest with you so in my world you know. We typically try to stay focused on the things that you're already doing thing at a high level if you're generating leads in a particular space and you already know what you're close ratios are how many inbound outbound leads like you you'd WanNa WanNa have a system or or process. Set up that you're already currently doing before you hire a virtual assistant to do that is that is that also. uh-huh you feel. Shana I think that a fair statement. Yeah I didn't earn the right to be able to add virtual professional to my world until I was already consistently meeting my goals and had had the process in place and Dan yes however by having the virtual professional is allowed me the mind space in time to think of other creative ways and I lean gene on that virtual professional and collaborate with them to help me think outside the box and then implement the new things that were talking. Yeah Yeah Yeah okay. So we've we've covered a lot of ground here I think it's important for the audience to hear about results. And you know Oh like true. Live real actionable results. What what could you share with us about the system that you've set up and the results of that system has created? Yeah if if you don't know we'll have to your goals and and then you have to track them consistently right so those two things are i. Think the the key components there in so when it comes to the virtual professional. I understand if if if I'm not reaching my goals then is it. Is it because of something I I'm doing or is it a lack of something that they are not doing or both. I'm so just kind and I'm going back and re evaluating. How are we both spending our time? Are we focused on the things. That are actually going to move the needle forward if if we're both doing that and we're still not getting the results that we want than than maybe it's a it's either a mismatch in the raw all. We need to add some additional training. You know to the mix and if that fails sales than than obviously maybe we just don't have the right person what I love about what you're saying and I don't know if ever there's a nuance what China's doing right here. She's saying if we're not hitting our goals goals then we need to reevaluate. Am I supporting my virtual professional correctly. What are they doing every single day? Let's make sure that what we're doing on a daily basis is aligned with what our goal is meaning. Are we spending our time on the most important things. Why is that the first question that you always ask? I think I mean it's so easy to get distracted. You know we all want. We all gravitate towards with easy and what comes natural to us right and There's there's some Center for principles that we talk about within the organization. Asian of affiliated with in one of the key principles to success is this concept of e Two p being entrepreneurial versus purposeful stressful. And doing what comes. Naturally in entrepreneurial is the fun thing but we're we're going to keep hitting a ceiling every time we we do that. If we're not being purposeful so it comes in really thinking about are we are operating in our twenty percent and if you know are we being purposeful. Can we break through that ceiling so I love what are what are some of the things that user virtual assistant for besides the recruiting piece. Like when you're out there in the world what's something that you rely on them. Heavily as a talent recruiting earning person. Well we have a very multifaceted office and we actually have three virtual professionals as part of our team team exactly and it and it really did think. Take US thinking outside of the box you know so we have like we've already talked about this virtual professional helping out on talent acquisition. We have a virtual professional. That's helping us with more of the contracts compliance going behind the scenes in reviewing everything that's been submitted by our associates. Making sure it would be the is regarded the teaser crossed. It's a combined it's a compliance slash. Apr Role Is that right. Is that what you call it exactly. Yeah and then a third professional is helping with the kind of day to day administrative task. That don't require someone to be here. Basically UH horse data entry content creation organization. All the things and those three folks folks. I'm just kind of curious if there was a crazy event tomorrow that yanked all those three people away what that what would that do to your internal staff like like how would that change your day or your week or month or even your year like if they disappeared. I don't even want to think about that. Are they indispensable and your guys is world a is it like at a point. Where like you guys can't imagine operating without this team? Now you know I can only speak for myself but but yes I mean I I feel like oh my gosh we whatever my next next move is like I wanna take my virtual sessional with me. You know because I'll tell you daniel it really has given me the leverage that I need To to grow and expand then some examples of that In August in September timber October announced. Remember there were at least Four Day four to five days in which I am out of the office and a whether it was for training events or or vacation and work I really have built up enough trust with my virtual rational that that person I've given them access to my email. Now they get into my email they are looking for. What can they take off my plate so that we keep things rolling you know behind the scenes in? It's as if I was never out rain down so at this point you know to me. It's I can't imagine them not being in our world what what about for the perspective talent folks that you're hunting I mean. Do you typically tell them. This is my virtual professional there in the Philippines. They're not in our our office or do they even know most do not know Now the only time that that my virtual professional reach out his win they're confirming coming appointments and Or when I'm on vacation in completely unplugged and they're keeping everything rolling from me. He you know their Their email account you know says that. Hey they're the talent acquisition coordinator Riley and it's just like earn the team and people just don't have an idea or a clue right. Yeah it's kind of an interesting concept ray. And the reason I ask because this it's happened to me I was. I was closing a real estate transaction and my tc who happened to be in the Philippines got a thank you card in my office and no this is back in two thousand nine like that. You know the agent on the other side who is representing the buyer had no idea that she wasn't in my office because she had a local phone number She had a company email. And you just call them or text them when there was a problem or something happening so it's it's pretty wild how people have no ACLU right. It's a blended model it. Yeah it. It's you know an I would be okay You know if they if they did know it would necessarily bother me thing that Maybe along time ago there was maybe some stigma about yes overseas virtual professional. But when you have someone who's talent and They they're they completely are or speaking the same language in terms of not. I don't mean language literally. I'm talking about their their mimicking. The same message right value proposition is the same the objection handling the same like they understand your system and process and so they can convey the value. I love it right exactly. What is what's interesting is I wonder and guys? This is the time to start asking questions. We're going to be wrapping up show with with Shana on a soon and we're going to dive into the to the what you're giving away in terms of the job description and the cashcall will talk about that real quick towards the end of this but I wonder her From a perspective of like what like what's the highest and best use you think. Four virtual assistant in this talent recruitment space. Like if you could have twenty people doing this job for you and money was no issue. What exactly would you have people all kind of use a virtual professional for? Oh Gosh well you know the the things that we talked about earlier. One hundred percent. It's Right now my virtual professional is basically in inbound sales associate you know so Inbound leads it's come in virtual professional gets the injured into the CRM. Nee are putting them on the right follow up program. They are making making sure that we are moving through the process You know as needed. They're helping out with Tracking wits or key key projects young again very much an Roi Hey is our what we are the things that we're doing actually moving the needle so I've found that I can use a virtual professional to take all his data in put it in a format so that we can start tracking results in metrics So in addition to that though like if I could add more virtual professionals to mitee start moving into outbound sales efforts right right you know figuring now in in pulling together list And you know start dialing and reaching out to to Toledo that we haven't yet been introduced to and actually start procuring new leads that we can get him relationship with what is the so okay. You've delegated that down. What does that freed you up to do in your career like and what does that allowed US space to do that? You have this like partner helping with the acquisition question piece of Your Business and are you asking just with the one or if I had the it's just so what have you been able to accomplish because you have somebody in the seat in this role helping you really grow and expand the opportunities within the business. What does that look like? Okay so aw one of the biggest things that it's helped me accomplish is identify other talent in office. You have a desire to grow grow in their leadership skills in this art of attracting and hiring talent and so by knowing that my words will professionals keeping up with the day to day AAC follow ups. And I'm handling the sensitive. You know urgent pieces to it. I can go out and identify these other associates associates. That WANNA get that. WanNa learn how to do what I'm doing you know. And so now I've trained three to four other associates in our office us on how to hold recruiting appointments Gotcha into basically building in more leverage team in general and so. That was the first thing that allow me to do. So as deepen your bench of people who have can have similar style of conversations so now you don't feel like You're the only one in the office exactly so when I do into what that does is it will allow me to keep moving forward with my growth and development so being able to take time off and completely unplugged because not only do I have the follow up in the the inside sales piece of it rolling. I now have the team in office. Who can keep pulling appointments even in my absence sense right? Now you've created legacy in your own position so that you're not tied to one kind of job role or job function exactly exactly and and so that that allows me to do those other two things that I mentioned that I talked about where my twenty percent which is the coaching consulting and training. Meaning of course take time off and you actually enjoy coaching and the training and the consulting. It's like you've got a lot of passion for that I do I I it's I loved us to see others uncovered they're limiting beliefs and really achieve things that they never thought were possible. Oh and I've found that through coaching and consulting and training If I can share a little bit of of how I have failed cord and what I found to help me and that helps them great or just help them solve. Discover things along the way. Sal Yeah there you go okay. Let's talk about your free giveaways and let's put the link let's Alvin let's drop the link. Alvin is here with us. And let's talk around around the job description in the coaching document. Exactly why are you giving those away and why is it such value for the for the folks that are attending today. Yeah so like I mentioned with the job description. The first one I created it it was all over the place. I mean I just I mean I was looking for leverage any way possible. He's told me I don't care where just helped me right exactly and but by I do not the you know the pool of talent that I was exposed to weren't the right match right so I just felt like by. I sharing a job description that truly helped me find the right person with the right skill. Set to to do what it is the next year with you guys today today. That would have been valuable if I had had that at the beginning. So there you go if you're looking for talent. Recruitment Virtual Professional. Sean is sharing the the job description right now which is great. Let's talk about what's the cash talk. What is that look like that? How do you how do you actually coach somebody through that? Yeah so the the caches is an acronym and what that stands for. Is Knowledge Attitudes skills in habits. Got It okay. And so there's a series of questions that are you'll see in that particular form which are helping you as a leader assess is how they're doing in those four key areas in what I found in using this with virtual professionals in the past is again it was kind of one of of those Ways to measure right are we. Are We on track and without actually being tied to maybe these specific numbers if you will sure because I do find that as a virtual professional Someone from another country There's there's there's cultural differences. There could be language barriers but at the end of the day. Like the answer. You get from those questions are going to give you a true snapshot into what's going on on that's beautiful so it's a way for you to have a performance conversation that isn't only. Did you hit the number. Did you hit the number. Did you hit the number. We're talking talking about all these aspects. That really contribute to hitting the number. Exactly what's going on behind the scenes because you might uncover something in that conversation where it's like. Oh my gosh. The light bulb goes off. And you're like no wonder we art you know hitting the numbers or you know something hasn't happened yet because I think sometimes we just have to remember like we're all human and In the virtual professional they poured into just like the rest of us. Yup Yep said the conversation and that's what I would consider it right it's just a conversation But those are the answers that you can use to basically facilitate cassation. Will there you go. I hope that's a lot of value for you guys. I really appreciate your time today. Shawna what's the what's the advice that you'd like to leave the group with and as we close out we've got the links in the thing for the sample job description and also the cash Talk which is a a coaching platform tool. It's a really cool thing. So thanks for giving that away and what would you wanNA leave our audience with as we walkway. Well one of the questions questions that you and I talked about In our conversation is what do you look for when you're recruiting and I think whether it's a virtual professional or again a whole time employees some of the things that Are Key for me is alignment with culture. Yes I feel like there's on an alignment there that it may not be a long-term bit so a line of a culture. I think you're also looking looking for track record of success and to me. Success also includes failure you know. Are they willing to talk about that. And Talk to you about what they learned through that process in or do they really show signs of Grit and passion and perseverance Do they have experience Syrians in the twenty percent widow. So that's why I told you that. Job Description okay. That's the twenty percent for someone that you want it to get started in your world or if if you're doing what I'm doing Another key component. We're looking at talent. Versus non talent is is do they have a language of accountability. More is their language more from a victim mindset. You know one of my favorite Somebody asked me the other day. How do you know when somebody because in in a job interview? I love salespeople right sales people are the best ah selling a product that they know intimately. We'll guess what they know themselves really well so you know. I often laugh with colleagues and like the best. It's time a salesperson. Presents is when they're presenting about themselves right so one of my favorite questions you might ask is what are some of the. What's some of the self-talk the you know like you? Tell yourself when things are dark and that's another way of finding out. Are they in victim mentality or or are they an achiever. Somebody who really strives for continuous improvement. And so that's a that's one of my favorite. What some of the self talk you have you know and that'll open up the conversation very yeah very much so in that last thing that you said was also a thing around out some of the key things that you're looking for is you? You know. Did they show signs of being learning based do they already know it all or are they willing to to learn and take on new challenges and have they shown a pattern of that. Ah You out there. You know professional history. So when you're recruiting folks you're you're recruiting real estate. People are people who want to own their own business and learning is a piece that really matters for your organization. So how do you. How do you uncover that conversation in your in your recruiting space right? Well I think you know when you're there are signs of people again. Who in the language that they're using are they someone who bit they already know it all right or are they talking about Ahmed asked like okay. What books are you currently reading right? Hey what's your favorite podcast. I'm kind of maybe asking questions. Is that are related to help me uncover that answer. That's that's scold. All Right Shannon Moore. I really appreciate your time. Your recruiting talent Eylandt with virtual professional. You've you've given your heart and soul today and we so appreciate that guys. We've got a true professional here sharing her secret sauce. I I really just again. Thanks for being here today with us as for how this was awesome and maybe we can do it again sometime. I love that idea and guys. If you're listening jump jump on Before we leave. We're going to give away a copy of our free book so Shawna. We wrote a book which is Super Cool. And all you have to do is text text the letter S. VP of scale with virtual professionals. So S.'s. And Sam visas and Victor. He isn't Paul to thirty one. Ninety nine six EXC and you'll get a copy of the free book you know we're going to start selling it soon. So this is a pre release copies again electron version you can get it on Kendall or PDF. Or I think there's another version kindle. PDF Oh and E book. ooh Yeah on your phone but guys guys definitely get a copy of the book. Shawna everything you've talked about here. I can tell your master at what you do really appreciate you sharing today and thanks again for being here. Yeah thanks for having how many guys

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