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Free and easy do kyle did today get yourself a pair of kovas cowboy boots at Kovas dot com slash. Best E. C. O. V. A. S. DOT COM SLASH BS. If you love the watchable we put up one Sunday about contagion which had turned into a disturbing and fascinating rewatch given everything. That's going on right now. We are also putting up godfather three on Wednesday night so be ready for that one godfather three seen as a bust it's definitely a worthy installment of the flawed re watchable series. That we're doing right now. Not as bad as I remembered in a Lotta ways actually has some really good moments. It was a worthy rewatch. You can guess what the flaws in boys at a flaw but we talk about that. C can check that out coming up. We're in talk to Joe House for a little bit about everything going on right now with the corona virus and sports and everything else. And then David Chang my old friend. Who HOSTS RINGER PODCAST here? On the Ringer podcast network. He's talking about his new Netflix. Show but we were talking about cooking trends it it gets super weird. Got Weird Meta Kyle loves when it gets weird. That's why they your is when it gets super weird in the room. This one gets weird in a good way So that's all coming up. I are friends from all right. Joe House is on the line having talked to him in a while. I haven't talked to him about all the stuff that's happened in the last two. Plus weeks here. I think we're heading toward a day. That might even be Wednesday but I think it will probably be this week when the NBA announces that They're not gonNA have fans in the arenas for these games. I think there have been slowly paving the way for this announcement I with the media stuff. Then you saw Lebron really came out it was like I'm that if there's no fans in the plant then he backtracked that big time today and was like oh I actually didn't understand. I didn't realize they meant NBA Games in the arenas of no fan. So whatever whatever he did I think it's all leading to know fans in the arenas and I gotTa Say. I don't think it's the worst idea house. What do you think of course? It's not the worst idea. It's fine like we. We will all manage to continue to live our lives Successfully and hopefully corona virus free if all of us our engaging in in behavior that Minimizes social contact for a little while so rackets just sit at home and watch the Games with nobody there? That's fine I could. I'm happy to be home. I'm happy to watch the game. The MAPPI that they're still playing the games. Yeah talked to my dad who went to assault the game on Friday and the guy I guess behind was coughing and every time this person coughs that everybody kind of stiffened in my dad's row and it's like when it starts getting to that point where you know and people are afraid to touch and my dad's like everybody's being so careful not to shake hands and duo bombs and then you go to the bathroom and there's drunk people pissing all over the place and I think probably putting twenty thousand people together for any reason isn't a great idea. Now I am in the way way way better to be cautious and say after the fact. I'm and we've probably went a little overboard there then. Not Be cautious enough so I I'm good with all this but at the same time we're getting really close to the reality now of watching sports that we love with no fans and fans not being able to go to games and south by southwest got cancelled last week and the Ivy League tournament cancelled today. Colleges are sending home sending people home it is like the manifestation of where things have been headed the last twenty years where everybody is at home that interacting. Now we're actually going to be living it out. It seems like us. That's I mean you're you're right. We are all very well versed in living a life on screen some combination of computer screen phone screen television screen. I will say the thing that I'm wondering about is what about like just going out to get something to eat. Are you going to do that? Like if you're not gonna go to a thing where there's going to be a thousand people and that seems to be the bright line that experts are drawing. Let's not have any community gatherings of that size. I can live perfectly happy and comfortably if I have my screens and the Internet works the Wifi good to go and I'm allowed to go up the street to Popeye's that's my standard well. It is funny that we're drawing Stan. Drawing lines in this right like well if I go to this game you know. Maybe that's a bad idea. I could I could get sick here but I'm GonNa stay home but then I'll order post mates and then this random guy shows up at my house. I have no idea who is his touched bag with my food. I'm taking the bag from him like it's at some point there's a line and I don't know what the line is aware but it does seem like congregating. Large groups of people is probably not a great idea until we can contain this. What happened with in the speed that everything spread and how scary that was. A now people you know basically the whole country The Empty Arenas thing you know. It's going to be surreal to watch. You know everybody that people like us our age. You're like well. This is what the what it was like to watch basketball in the early eighties. You see like a pacers game or nets game and there is nobody there. That's you see the pictures from back then. And there's nobody in the background. I can't imagine how it's GonNa Affect the energy of the Games and the players themselves because basically we're talking about pickup giant stadium which I've been looking at the play at Staples Center a couple other and be arenas when there's nobody there and it's just big cavernous the site perceptions where 'cause there's nobody in the seats and I guess that's just what we're going to have but again. I think this is what they should do. And I think this is where this is leading but when you talk about March madness now we're talking about the NCAA. Now we're talking about a governing body that has always prioritize money over any other rational decision right. It's like what is the highest cash figure. We can get. Who Can we exploit? What what what ways can we just maximize profits at all times and now now? Potentially we'd be canceling the final four or having an empty stadium would apps march what happens with people flying to different locations and things like that it would seem like if the NBA was going to cancel out you know fans coming to arenas would seem like March madness should follow that house are you do. Bs that they would actually do that. Well I don't think that they're going to have the opportunity to make the decision because I think State and local officials will be making that decision for them. They think I saw in today's news feed that the governor of Ohio was already either putting a moratorium or strongly strongly strongly recommending against gatherings of more than two thousand people and You know they're they're a bunch of NC double A. Tournament stuff. I think like the what do they call the first four. There's a couple of games yet. There's there's definitely suspects to be happening in Ohio and for House. It's called the Shitty for before he hits that's the only a holy cross. Ncwa win in the last fifty years. So let let's listen this eighty four. We actually have he asked we had. We won a game like five years ago. It was one third as many games as one this year and the entire season when we went three and twenty nine so it was a great memory Interrupting you I did. Yeah well but I think you know the NC Double A. Will be able to say. Look we respect the decision of the governors of these states that say yeah? We're not GonNa let you come in here and have twenty thousand people. I expected them to still play the Games And for like parents and so forth to be permitted but maybe like you know the stands have three hundred or four hundred people in them At most like some school officials some parents and and the players and my guess would be that they're going to try and go forward with the Games and people pretending their parents so they could be at the game. I mean I would do that. You know. There's there's all these other dominoes falling from this beyond the whole. What happens if there are no fans that these games and all the conversations? Everyone's have him but first Bryan Curtis word about with these new media things that have been implemented already where you know they're trying to limit as much contact as possible to in the media and the players which basically means eliminating any sort of access the media has whether that becomes the new norm once. That's in place Dan. It never goes back to normal because you know like for instance two thousand eight writers strike that Happened twelve years ago once. That strike was in place. Hollywood reset how they do pilot season and before they were buying you know dozens and dozens of pilots and then just throwing shade against the wall and hoping a couple of stuck when they had to Redo the whole concept pilots and because of writers strike and they had less shows they were like await we were ordering too many shows and then it was just never the same than ever ordered that many shows again. I wonder what sports once we have. This media thing him in place and this is what Brian laid out. And I thought it was a great angle Will there's just become where we are and well? I think we ever again. I haven't had the chance to read Brian's piece yet but with respect to the observation it does seem like there could be a sensible and efficient way to do post game sports interviewing that doesn't have the journalist crammed into a corridor or crammed on the you know into the entrance way of locker room like if this has the effect of basically like creating every team needs to come up with a space where the the journalists can sit and ask their questions and the players and coaches can go to a podium and be ten or twelve feet away and as a. Smidge more organized. That sounds kind of sensible to me. The access is still crucial though. Because we still as fans and and you know the the publications that that have incentive to report on what happened. We still want to know what guys have to say you guys and girls about their the games and the same from the coaches. So I don't think the access is going away. It's just going to change the dynamic and I it seems like that. Make sense honestly. Well we have it in the NBA playoffs right. That's who they sit at a at a table able with with chairs. Mild THING IS I. Don't I don't feel like we're getting a ton out of the access that at least we can see. I think a lot of it happens with the The one on one stuff and you know sneak into the side and things like that. That's the part that the good journalists are gonNA lose. I just wonder so much of the stuff is spin now. And there's eat especially with sports and especially with the bigger athletes. I wonder what kind of stuff we're actually getting from them. Anyway you know an in what are what are we actually losing compared to like. When I'm just saying like in the seventies when we were growing up in you read the newspaper that was really the only way to know what was going on with your team you know. Now I feel like we're so much more connected to the players to the sports. The teams day to day. We have a real feel for what's going on and those kind of moments just don't don't seem to have the same weight that day nineteen seventy-eight you still get guys And and coaches. Who in the moment is still in the kind of the heat of the moment? Have THE DISAPPOINTMENT. The tastes the bad taste in their mouth. That sometimes will you know gay deliver. Something happens frequently enough that I think there's still value I. I'm interested in seeing you know Disappointed coach acts throw player. Y under the bench like true the the entirety of of Zach Levine Post game commentary on Boylan. This year. That all by itself is worth. Yo folks going into the locker room or wherever it. Is that the bolt. Have people meet to hear what the Levin has to say after Games true? I think the athletes are so much more careful now because a lot of times. They're just getting videotape by somebody's phone and if they whatever they say can be on twitter and twenty seconds you know and so. I think there's a lot more tap dancing. The maybe we stab the stuff from the seventies and eighties is incredible the candor that guys talked with back then so anyway. I think that's GonNa be one thing that reset so hopefully when When we get this thing under control God knows when that's going to be the other thing it having allow people talk about this a friend of mine who were re as payments. Tell me about it recently. Like the whole concept of just televising sporting events where you have hundreds of people you have broadcast teams flying in for the Games if that turns out. Maybe that can't happen anymore. Then they would have to use people that were on the ground in the Games you know. I think there's a creativity level that's going to have to go way up. I don't think it's a situation where you know Mike Breen and Jeff Van. Gundy are just going to be flying around from city to city. I I don't need that if this deteriorates and it feels like it's going to keep deteriorating The whole concept of how this stuff is covered will will change obviously odd. This stuff is small. Potatoes compared to the potential pandemic. We have right right right well. That's we're just talking about some of the curious impacts in the permutations of this. I mean. Obviously we're not making light of any of the serious nature of The challenge that the pandemic represents but like we. I think that would be cool if you use the local broadcast teams in the local broadcast infrastructure. Every city every major city that has a professional basketball for instance can host college basketball and there are plenty of broadcasters in each city for for both college teams and and Proteins. I think the infrastructure there they just you. You mentioned the used word creativity. They're going to have to get creative. And deploy those folks and I mean there's definitely a way to do it my question to you speaking of things that. I'm curious about our we. GonNa Gamble on this. How am I going to game on anti crowds like his home? Court advantage gone game. Yeah well first of all this is all new territory no matter what no matter what happens this is something we've never experienced before as fans and then it's like do the she. We've been thinking this way that that's a part we're set unite. I and I'm sure a slew people listening this. We're so conditioned to the psycho of sports which is something. Brian Phillips wrote about for the ring this week where it's just like oh it's march. March madness is coming. Hey the masters around the corner hey. Mba Playoffs is coming and we just kind of move from thing to thing and that's what we love. That's why we follow this stuff and now that this is not only being threatened but you know is in real jeopardy of of of just going away for God knows how long or being completely changed in a way that we can recognize for us to talk to wonder what that's GonNa feel like. I don't feel like that's narcissistic. I'm sure some people would but it's hard not to think about this stuff. Sports is a huge part of my life of yours and it's going to change all decided out of nowhere. We're fifty years old both of us and it's just going to be completely different. What's I kind of feel like I don't know If if there's no sports on TV. And I'm not coming downtown to my job Then I'm going to be at the driving range so my golf game is going to get Veggie really good to see. She's going to be driving my handicap well to work work on my handicap while you brought up golf of nervous to bring this up. Uh-huh the Masters Yeah April. It's like April tenth yet ninth Tenth Eleventh Twelfth Stretch. I would say not. Realistic people will be going out of their way to WANNA fly in to Georgia and connecting different fights and things like that the amount of people there will be the lowest ever. The question is what if there are? No people would if it's just all these golfers playing just with their caddies and like you know spouses in that said An. It's an empty Augusta. I think that would be one of the most eerie weekends in the history of television. Empty Augusta I. I'm surprised to hear you say that I think for the most part it will not be that dissimilar from how we consume golf because golf already is quiet for the vast majority of broadcast. Excellence when there's a big when somebody makes a big shot that would be the that's all right the roar on sixteen and it's just not there and there's nobody around the green. It's like every battles board digi either way. That's I mean it's it's like the Apocalyptic movies that that You Know Arba sort I I don't think that there was. There is a recent example of this In Two thousand twelve. I think there is a tournament out at Congressional Country Club here in Washington. Dc and the night there was this weather phenomena. Have you ever heard of a direct show? Now you're not familiar the Dorito now it sounds like a Renzo fast food. It IS A. I'm going to botch this. But at the at the guts of it. It's a windstorm. It travel super fast and has with a super high power high energy wind and it kind of behaves almost like a like a tornado. But it across. It's a weather front so there was a director that move from Chicago to Washington. Dc back. And I think it was two thousand twelve and the tournament that was occurring in Washington at the time. It congressional the the the retro took down a slew of trees and they couldn't get all of the tree debris out of the way to they could get it enough off the course to permit the the guys to go play but they couldn't get enough to permit patrons spectators to onto the grounds that they couldn't ensure the safety so they didn't let anybody on and the guys played the the rouse with no fans. The the and I it was at least one round. I don't remember if it was two rounds And it was just a quiet golf round on television great for a nap. If that's if you're looking for a Saturday afternoon nap well. I've certainly played a few Radzi golf without fans in my day. And Yeah and it's it's very. It's very peaceful for the Golfer Right. I wonder I read that. Somebody shoot like fifty nine years. Somebody might like a fifty nine with the with the no fans. I don't think the fans are the thing that makes golfers anxious one way or the other. I mean you know. It's the pressure of the situation. Well has this is. I don't know I've had this podcast thirteen years. This is certainly the strangest the most surreal thing. That's happened since since Since launch podcast we was at six years before or six years after nine. Eleven happened I certainly hope we don't remember all of this the way that I think we remember nine eleven but it's really scary and you know I think we're heading toward a situation where kids are. GonNa be home from school I don't know what happens to youth. Sports that's another thing that You know that's been that slip through the cracks a little bit here where you know. My daughter has had tournament last week and she has no the tournament. This weekend were on the sidelines. After goals you know kind of touching elbows the parrots and not the and then. Her team scored the winning goal on Sunday with three minutes. After all like high fiving into like it's hard to not be a human being you know like you're GonNa Forget you're gonNA laugh under every iteration though. I think that's fine. I don't I haven't seen any of the public health experts. Come out and say you can't go see ten people. You can't go be in a place and especially outdoors. You can't be like you know in a place where there's fifty people are sixty people. It seems like the critical mass is around a thousand people with the where the threat in that environment. You just described like your daughter's soccer game you know all those people. Yeah you don't know where all of them have been. But you know you have kind of expectation that all of them are being safest can't as they can be and they also fitting a demo. That's not the risky demo right. They're not Elderly they're not Extraordinarily vulnerable to You know long lung issues cardiopulmonary issues. So like if you're doing some risk weighting right it's probably okay to keep going to the soccer games. Thanks cancelled the soccer games. But you'd think like think our parents are probably high lottery picks for this virus. Just like the thing. That's the that's the part. That's really frightening. Yeah you meant long in coronary staff in. It's like Jesus I mean they canceled the Indian thing here in Palm Springs. Which is you know has a really old clientele and there's a lot of old people that go to the event. They were like fuck this and they got rid of it. That's a good idea now. It's pouring rain. I don't know what that means but yeah I guess we'll see how it plays out it's weird Russillo and I we briefly talked about it on Sunday. I think I've talked about in every pockets of ad since last week. It just feels weird to do podcasts. And not talk about it. You know and I don't really have anything amazing to say but it's and usually I think the stuff to talk about on a podcast especially this one. Is You know what's going on what's on what's on my mind. What's on my friends? My and this is what we talk about. This is what we're talking about every single time quickly before we go the honest Lebron thing. You had a huge. Mvp Bet it seemed like you could just start spending the money even two weeks ago. And then Lebron made the late charge. Resilin I covered all the narratives and all the reasons why Yana should still be the. Mvp with eighteen games laugh depending on what happens but you know who knows could Lebron swing this etc etc. How nervous are you for the Jaanus bed or did you already hedge? I already had? I mean we. We had the conversations among ourselves as scrupulous You know Thought full better in this arena. Cousin Salam I compared. Some notes exchanged some lines that were out there and we did a little bit of forward thinking and and you know basically Lebron at plus odds and in any kind of interruption was the sensible play as of this before they played the clippers. Because that's what it felt like. It was going to switch and we're basically like this is the most value. You'RE GONNA get Lebron right here this moment the Saturday before. They play the clippers because if they beat the clippers than values off the table. You'RE GONNA have to get the pay is going to be pretty close to even odds or or just a little bit above even odd so that was you know the the sensible move and the thing is at that point in time in and we still don't have clarity around it. If you're honest Mrs most of these last eighteen games and the Lakers overtake the bucks. Then I don't even really have that big a problem with Lebron winning the MVP is doesn't really break. My heart I mean we're we're we're past the point. Where through the looking glass in terms of underlying metrics analytics? You know doing the job of swaying the voters. The voters are media people. Immediate people like stories and Russell. Westbrook led a team to forty six wins and one playoff win in a series that that his team lost four games to one but he won the NBA MVP. Because he averaged a team facilitated triple double and that to me was like okay. This is a joke. I perceive had to proceed cautiously. It's all about. The story is not about the underlying metrics hardened James Harden has a legit reason to be pissed about that. Mvp being stolen out from under him that season. And so you know buyer beware. That's the the order of the day as far as I'm concerned when it comes to. Mvp Yeah Oscars are a little like this to the best narrative usually has the best chance but I think with MVP especially when Janas one last year so now people don't feel bad about farm again than the bronze getting up there in age could be. His last stand could be his last chance. People start thinking about that stuff versus the actual production. But the big thing that's changed. Is Milwaukee seem like they were going to be way ahead in the win last thing and potentially going to be in the seventies for wins and now you know the Lakers met either? Catch them or come close to catching them. So at that point. And it's at that point where we're moving when Lawson which is going to our player versus player impact. I is impact who season mattered. More all the stuff. We always talk about this stuff. There's a case to be made for Lebron again. I said this Sunday night. I'm going to repeat it We don't WanNa hear about your vote yet. Anyone out there. There's eighteen games left. Let's let's let this play out. Don't don't rush to vote when there's you know you a week from now in their sixteen games left like just settle down. It's okay we can wait till the final week of the season to make a decision. We don't have to give our thoughts. You know whatever but it's a two man race down and and it's shocking users. No no foreseeable way. Two weeks ago that this was ever happening All because the the bucks looked unstoppable and and were winning in every kind of innovation of of Milwaukee them with Janas without yacht as they were they were dominant. And he is his continued impact on the defensive end. was to me the thing that had him tipped over but if he misses some games because of this injury and the Lakers catch him. Then I don't have any issue with it. Lebron leading the League in assists this year is is incredible and it's not an inflated stat. Right I mean and now it's he's gone out. He's dedicated to it. He's earned it. I Love Lebron as facilitator and if he wins the MVP it's deserved because he's he has four. I love the company that puts them in if he gets to five. You know the Alzheimer's That that that have five Mj Five or six. I don't remember in terms as five. Kareem is six. Mda's five in a in Russell's five so it would so there you go. Yeah belongs in that company. I have absolutely no issue whatsoever. And it'll be a very compelling case only be like Oh jaanus was cheated. The honest will not have been cheated if the Lakers and up with a game within a game or two of the same record as as the bucks for the season or even if they surpass them then then it really compelling well Lebron's also he's as we're taping this. He's played fifty nine. Games thirty five minutes a game basically. So we're talking. I mean we're talking. It's been it's more game than Jaanus Ya. We're talking over. Two thousand minutes headed toward maybe twenty four hundred twenty five hundred something that plus another eight hundred two thousand in the playoffs. Potentially this is Zan pace for thirty five hundred minutes season which I I don't think you know at the level that he's played an hour hardee's played especially lately on both ends. It seems a pretty crazy. It's my favorite brand season. And while he had a six month rest. He took off the lack of last season. You know what though he needed it and he did defend him on that one because it goes back to. What Steve Kerr said with this whole thrown away worrier season when we needed it. It's really hard to go to the finals every year. It's really hard to play for eight to nine straight months year after year and I think I wonder last year Lebron once. He realized that that team didn't have it. You just start thinking like all right. Long-term I want. I want to make two or three more runs at this. It's not a bad idea to reboot and resting. Get my back. But E- even definitely feel it in his play this year. This is as strong and as consistent Physically as he's looking at really since the two thousand eighteen playoffs which was about a five six week thing when he really on the jets you know and and now he's been able to do that for this entire season pretty much. I'm totally fine with it. The one I will not be fine with that. I'm glad Charles Barkley The the guy from bleacher report Have a quote from Charles. Charles is GONNA GO INSANE IF Zion Williamson wins the rookie of the year over. Jamarat I on the record. Right now that if Zion Williamson wins rookie of the year over Jami rant. I'm GONNA drink for six hours and I insist that I have a platform on this podcast. I need just ten minutes dresses back. That's cows favor guesting Williamson. Beats out job mirant. I'M GONNA look up that list of people that voted for. Do they publish? Who voted for who? But that was like. When people voting for embiid that year he played like thirty one gays. It's like what are you guys dealing obvious two thirds of the season. I'm going to go name by name. And there's a there's going to be slander going to be liable. There's going to be bad words on both threaten anybody. But I'm not GonNa say Nice things I'll tell you that much. Well I'll promise I'll promise America this because if this corona thing if if it just keeps getting worse and we hit a point where people can't go to the office raised stuck in their house etc etc. We're going to have to bring drunk house. We're GONNA have to find it very hard. We have to find a way to entertain America as things are getting canceled. Left and right and They're watching games an empty arenas and all that stuff. The world's going to need drunk house. I think willing to do it for you. I'm willing to do it for the ring are willing to do it for America. Well we it would be my pleasure. You and I might not see each other for like six months. Who the WHO. The fuck knows we neither of US getting on a plane. Any attempts doesn't seem like it although you know You'd you'd there. Are these stories out there about you? Know except spotify and the ringer so far the private jets are still pretty clear. What what do I know? All right I'll get on a jet. I'll work on that house. A keep your house. We can hear you on fairway role in making your Players Championship. Anything this week or now. What do you mean anything this week? The Players Championship is the single deepest. It's the strongest field in all of Golf. Every single season there are one hundred forty four players in the in the in the Players Championship. One hundred and ten of those players have won an event on the PGA tour. All of the top seventy five players on tour are in the official World Golf rankings are playing this event except for Tiger whose back is hurt and Lee Westwood. Who wants to gamble on horses in in England? Which is kind of fucking awesome. But Yeah it's I we. We have Pat Mayo Yan with PAT from Mayo experience. He's got a whole bunch of pixies golf a gambling analyst of the year by the way. I didn't know he came on. And we have Matt Wallace who is a player from England? Who's physically at the Players Championship this week? He gave us a little bit intelligence. On what what the conditions are like and what he's kind of expecting so if outstanding fairway role in we give out about probably like ten names. It's a perfect players championship preview. Alright so that's coming up. That's probably by the time people hear this. You could've just said have a new fairway role in podcast. We preview the Shaffi chip. He should listen to it. That would have been the other way to do that. Or you know for Saudi straight seconds for about the guy. I liked to tease it. What everybody has something to sink their teeth into has a pleasure as always stay safe out there? Dc tuck descend. Let's all stay safe out there and bet the unders the empty arenas bet the onder. Okay talk to Hey. Today's business challenges are bigger and more complex than ever before every company progress. Just can't wait. Thankfully helping to accelerate progress in Google clouds DNA. Google cloud lives for the opportunity to help customers. 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David David Chiang his hair taping this on a Friday morning today that A delicious sees came on Netflix. But we're not running this probably till I'd say Tuesday range unless must who knows who knows what will happen Congrats thank you congrats on that. You actually were dumb enough to put me in this one of my favorite scenes of the entire season. Some people say Joan. I didn't have a high enough usage rate in the series. There could have been more. I could see that I might WANNA spend us off into our own show. It was certainly one of the funniest things with him when he whipped out that knife. You didn't know this knife right now and it because I was the fee watch. I'm Bending Nancy get a Napkin that fell off my lap and I look up. And he's holding this j knife and I'm like what's going on. Why is this happening? So yeah what were the four. You did one about kids kids episode. We did Indian food we did. Vertical Spit cooking foods from the Middle East region and My God was other steak steak. Yeah there's a lot to talk about stage. You're in the stake episode. Yeah I was GONNA say I didn't know when we're going to run this podcast. I was thinking about dry aging it and running at three hundred fifty days from now. And it'll give everyone diarrhea. We've talked about this on the hottest your vehemently opposed to dry state not vehemently opposed. I just don't get it you you tell me you claim that it's life altering to do it and I'm just like you know. It's getting flaming young. I put some a one sauce. It tastes delicious when I love. A one sauce bothers you to. It's okay you a one sauce on French fries. Pretty good not on steak. No you know. What my favorite thing is lately pounded breaded chicken. Wait really pounded pounded in various. Well let's get back to know the now this has to be spoken about. How different is the pounded chicken breasts to any other chicken breast achieving? That you love chicken farms the same thing. I like when it's pounded to the point that there's chicken but there's bread and it's just there's there's some flicker Schnitzel I don't I like Schnitzel. I don't like when it's too fat. I don't like the unfounded chicken breasts. That's breaded it's like. What are you doing? It always feels like it's not totally cooked to enough. You make chicken that major Domo. What is that like a boil? It's the secret best dish on the in the whole restaurant. But it's it's boring. Nobody would be like. Oh let's actually people wanted to quite a bit do that. Yeah well because you feel like all right. Why could get this crazy? Short rear back Agom At Chicken Chicken Zoe's like pushed to the side as like a fun order. But this is it's a it's so this boil chicken neck. We Brian it before we boil it number one. So it's IT'S A and we don't technically boil it we cover it in a pot and we steam it so it's basically boiled and steamed but and then we serve the breast meat and then we make a soup better the leg meat. It's delicious you you love it. I like when multiple things are happening with the same dish dishes going in four different directions. Now I have to put a Schnitzel on the menu. I have to haven't been. Have you been Austria? No that's the home of Schnitzel and there's like a North version of the Schnitzel and a southern version. So the Germans didn't steal the or they know the Schnitzel. I don't think the Germans and vendors Schnitzel. Maybe it's but feel like it's a German thing but the Austrians. Yeah and the the like I think they cook it in some butter and some pork fat but ultimately it's delicious. I think if you don't like Schnitzel that's one of those foods that we can't be friends. Let's go through every country and say what they're single best dishes. Oh I like this rage. People so Austria the Schnitzel ostrich Schnitzel Germany. The brought worst Sauerkraut bratwurst. I'd say the brow the bratwurst with the Sauerkraut French sauerkraut not only just completely underrated but also the levels of Sauerkraut underrated because the high level Sauerkraut. If it's really done correctly nephew kyle had a a a funny look on his face Sauerkraut. And you know I mean if it's between Sauerkraut and bratwurst would you say bratwurst? Yeah Yeah powers but with the SAUERKRAUT okay. We can make that amendment together together okay. What kind of mustard are you looking at that situation? I'll be honest. I'm not a huge fan of mustard and journalists. I like rainy mustard. That's another face whilst is great but not all. Mustards are the same. Yeah I know so I liked that brown mustard dirty brown mustard with a little kick to it. There is what I want with my Sauerkraut in Canada. I'm GONNA say the best muster in the world is from Canada reinstalled 'cause licks it is outstanding truly outstanding must and they have all kinds of muster. Can I order it online? You can oh. This is great information. You've already made by PODCASTS. I mean that's I mean I'm a if I'm GONNA eat mustard. It's gotta be like very very good and obviously if you're going to make a salad dressing I guess. Great proponent something like that or Dijon's fine but caused in candidate to me is the best food in Canada. Chinese food in Richmond British Columbia but Chinese food in general and Canada's amazing Chinese food in Canada. Duda yeah unbelievable. The some of the best cats an east food is in British Columbia with the answer. Would IT BE CANADIAN BACON? It's called P. Meal Bacon now Canadian Bacon in Canada. You don't call Canadian Bacon you. Call it chemo baking. What's the best food in the UK single best dish? I mean shepherds by. That's a key American cafeteria food. I think it's gotta be fishing ships right but it's got to be the the British food like fish and chips is such a low ceiling. I think you've had it bad. I mean you're from mass. You'd probably fine. I think you've not had a fried fish. Another challenge for your Frat Niagara Fall for this. That's just a moving to Italy. What are you GonNa say Pizza or Pasta I mean you know. Fill by the deep ball. It's got to be Spaghetti then right. You'RE DOING PASTA PASTA PASTA SILVER. So now you're right policy. GotTa be Pasta with the meat. Baugh if I'm really going to Italy but as you know I love the chicken Parmesan as we took this focus. 'cause we grow forever. What's let's break up America? All right New England. What is New England the regions so a lot of people would say the lobster roll here lobster roll or Clam Chowder? I personally would say the lobster roll as a higher upside than the clam chowder because clam chowder. They try to ride the reputation of the clam chowder throughout New England. But it's not necessarily that good place to place. What do you think? Kyle more lobster Bisque type. A guy but that might be wrong a region. No no this is the right reason. Just wrong as I think. It's probably clam chowder if it's a good clamps yet but we're just talking like let's assume it's the best right. I feel like we're making your pyramid of food in America. Bright What's New York then? Farc scored one hot dirty water hotdog yet or or someone say auditor or the Army slicer pizza. I don't think it's New York philly's got cheese steak Chicago. People just automatically gravitated deep. There senator enough. That's a writer. Hot dogs are fantastic in Chicago. Yes cogs are great. Everything in Chicago has Garrett's popcorn. I was just there. I know you made. What is that you like that fake flavored popcorn? I like watching them. You do the mix thing and it's got the The sugary side wherever that one's called and then the cheese side then they put it together and they shake it up and make your macaroni and cheese. I just I just like it. I like seeing in the airport. It's the only thing I've ever bought the airport that I'll actually eat. Dc Baltimore Middle inex- crab cake You get to the south. I'd say it's barbecue right. It's all anywhere in their fried chicken. Shit my favorite thing in America. I would have to agree with you fried chicken. I mean you can put the divvy up the south between Barbecue and Fried Chicken Florida couple. Times would count as a Sunday night. Podcast get dinner and a couple times football too. We got the cute you on the show. John John Coach on the Fried Chicken. It's the happiest I've ever seen him is. Are you chicken nuggets or chicken tenders fingers man? you can only one the rest of your life. What's IT GONNA be decide nuggets or fingers? I'm a bonus like strips of finger finger. I like those McDonald's nuggets. Do you like those. Wendy says the Best Wendy's spicy by the way just because it's something that I can never forgive the ringer for. Yeah when a few years now it's the history of Russian interference or something. It's crazy how could you live with yourselves living that be out the world like the two thousand three? Nba finals of Ringer. Moments is really bad. We don't talk about it. The most upset I've ever seen jailhouse. He'd never even fully waffle fries so bad so bad. It's it's it's right up there with one of the worst takes them all time Israel bad. Yeah what is what about California opinion best food. You Go. Some sort of fresh fish type situation break-up California it's different. I'm not too aware of the cuisine of Northern California but if it San Francisco would you say San Francisco? It's fisherman's do. It's funny because people would go Chinese food but the Chinese food scene actually isn't that great not so strong. Yeah 'cause that's such a giant Chinatown but actually how many restaurants in Chinatown would you actually be like super excited to eat at San Francisco has arguably the best fancy high end dining in America but in terms of an actual food to rally around? I don't think they have. I don't know I don't think they have one thing. Don't they have the like the sour dough bread bowl soup thing? That's the guy that's got to be a bill. Simmons like Red Bull again. Have I have strong I Love San Francisco just to go visit. It's one of my favorite places. Spent two days in but That baseball park when they built it and all the food a French fried just just going in that whole after they built it in the outfield and the third base side and they just had it was like. Oh this is cool. There's actually good food in a ballpark. Why why you like San Francisco? It's the Boston of the West Coast. Yeah I've heard that I've heard that I like cities where you go when you murder for. Now they've we but we get on the water. It's it's when you go. There's a specific downtown and there's specific places. Everyone has Boston as the best downtown for a terrorist. Because you can basically go to four pockets and get a feel for everything. Boston has one of my favorite seafood restaurants. Neptune you've been there that place unbelievable. I love like two hour. Wait every time now I know well gotta figure out a cut in line. I think the two hour wait. Thing is one of the best Marketing tools we've talked about almost say you can hire a hundred actors and just have them standing outside and do it for a week and people back. I gotta get into that. But I've actually done that you think. So what's the food of Los Angeles then the Taco Soko out has such a diverse place. But I I would say best represents Los Angeles I think it's gotta be the TACO but you're not a huge guy. You eat them. No I I am a huge TACO. You is that a true statement. He's seen me quite often. He's seen me dea talking to my Jane Larchmont. But no I think Koreatown has really thrown away on your because now so much good food is now happening in creative the the symbolic food of Los Angeles will always be Taco. I agree I think. That's fair Cheeseburgers every class food L. as the southern California is the the like it's Nirvana for a fast food so that was the thing when I moved at her. No To to to fast food options were the immediately the most shocking to me like it was just such a higher level of fast food with your fast food of choice. Why now you know I love. I Love Chick flicks I told you how would would chick-fil-a got cancelled for like nine months. I snuck in a couple of times. My hat pulled down said just like a drug addict as chicken nuggets. Said if you take away their shitty politics and their stance on people in general if you just look at the sandwich it's really not that good really is not that good there are there are versions of it now. That compete pretty heavily. I just like it. I like the VIBE. Like a facet as 'cause he's of the younger generation. What are your thoughts Kyle to Philly Flair? Also chick-fil-a sauce. Good really good milkshakes. For Fast Food Polynesia I gotTa Change that name and twenty twenty last night What else are we could go on Texas Barbecue Texas Barbecue. Just point blank right. I like when you said you take away their shitty politics. What was the other thing? He said take their people tech ago for about twenty companies. Right you're right. We can't just say about but chick-fil-a their food just isn't that but maybe I'm just projecting my jealousy of their crazy success. You know you'll ask fast enough. That's really the tagline. We did your version. She did well. It's doing great Barclays. But I think it's a better. We serve dark. This is a thing. We serve dark meat. Where now transitioning more white meat? Because Bluebird does here two at staples dark on dark meat only for the chicken tenders. And I'm like I'm not a dark. Mink guide sorry all right. I know you are sleep. Will I don't want to sound like a racist statement but if you had to divide the world American White Americans Love White chicken breast meat the rest of the world for the most? But there are certainly exceptions. Kyle is obviously one of them but uncle bill likes white breast meat versus dark. The rest of the world seems like dark meat. This is another my son. Ben Simmons like stark me 'cause Kasese he's a different kind of cat he's different kind of coolest guy in our family's been introduced to a lot of cool things and he's got good. Pallet. He also eats three day old Sushi or just saying earlier. Yeah I wanNA talk about that. That's unacceptable. We got sushi on Friday night. I always over order because he eats it in the morning the next morning for breakfast then he aided again for dinner. 'cause WE OVER ORDERED. I thought so it was gonna be home and and with their friend and they ended up going to dinner and then Sunday morning bad. Eleven o'clock range so this is forty hours after the Sushi had been delivered. He was back in eating the tuna on top of the rice cakes plowing that home. I'm not it seemed. It seemed questionable. It's not questionable. I don't think the only thing that's questionable is. The Rice is going to be hard and not very good to eat the rice at so he doesn't care but you think the fish itself vicious fine. Most of the fish you eat in Sushi restaurants is frozen anyway right. You've fixed by area spots. I think so. You've been on my part in a while with what's the biggest food trend where two months and the two thousand twenty. It feels to me like the impossible. Burger beyond Burger Vegan. Thing has been the biggest thing that's changed over the last twelve months even if you look at their posts caviar sites like they have a ton of Vegan options now at least. La Spread to the other cities yet. I think it's probably been one of the bigger things obviously beyond going public and going bananas and then coming Back Down to Earth a little bit In the war between impossible beyond obviously I have to refer impossible but I don't think that's the biggest story. I think the biggest story is the rise of food delivery but that was last year to its. You'd think it's exponentially bigger. That's going to be the story of the next ten years. Yeah I really what it does to restaurants it's GonNa completely decimate the business. I think. Yeah so your theory is almost like with movies where it became harder and harder to get people to go to a movie theater unless it was a movie you had to see in the theater otherwise people will just wait till Zahedan or they could rent it or whatever. The stay home with their night's T- they. You're worried that the food delivery business is now undercut in the restaurant business in a way. That is no longer good for the restaurant business. Yeah I mean if you just look at the numbers I mean. I'm just going off the top of my head like an average restaurant if it's a profitable restaurant which is hard enough. I probably say it ranges anywhere from five to fifteen percent and if you really chugging its like eighteen to twenty percent net. So if you're doing five to ten percent that's your sort of bottom line. I think you're losing that five to ten percent at minimum right now with delivery as a competitor because now you're not just competing against one restaurant you're competing against the entire city. Yeah and it's not a every meals being ordered in but I'd say three or four per week now so three to four per week pretty much adds up to five to fifteen percent of the of the market in my opinion so I think I'm concerned because I think that it's not gonNa go away. We have to figure out how to make it work because it's sort of could be indentured servitude It's a model that has to improve for the actual restaurants. I don't give it too much. I don't care too much about the the delivery service but you know I do. I use them. Yeah do I post made stuff? Yeah but I'm trying to figure out what the model is because a lot of these services take at minimum thirty percent topline of a restaurant without going into too. Many specifics is just as a model. That is not gonNA work long term. So I don't know what the future holds but I have a lot of concern. Quick break to talk about simplisafe home security two ways two ways. I repeat two ways. You can go about protecting your home. 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So we need to see like you know a Jordache was exclusive with John. Vinnie's when a deal like that happens. What does that mean to be excluded? Have a restaurant be exclusive to service the restaurant if Dornoch asked us. I'm sure we probably would have to say yes to driving so much traffic and Jordache benefits. Because they're getting you know the brand recognition of John in vinnies right so it's a win win. I'm when I say people are GONNA lose. It's not the proven players like John vinnie's right. That's like a a conic. La Institution now. It's all the restaurants that are trying to be like John vinnie's. That won't get the opportunity that gives me concern right so I don't know I'm not a economics expert but I think that the model is not there yet. I know a lot of people are working on it. But DC world in which there's less tables and more of the restaurant is geared toward food delivery but also we have some tables to but maybe half as many tables as we used to have. Yeah I've always actually sorta thought that because that's why I started to get into food delivery myself the two things that we started a few years ago because there's going to be some kind of better balance of a restaurant delivering food but also serving food in the four walls restaurant but I don't know what the future restaurants look because it's not gonna be in the four walls of restaurant which means restaurants aren't going to go away. They're just going to be specific kind of restaurants. And we've talked about this. They're going to be shit that you can't deliver ultimately but You know we all WANna go out to eat but do you think that we've lost the meaning of going out to dinner. If think about twenty years ago that I still love me. We went out to dinner two weeks ago. That was great. But do you feel that? There's a generation or just diner's in general now with so many options is food so good right now across the board for most people not everyone that it's not a specialist as it used to be like getting to with you and you know 'cause building the my Asian American club he's a I've cardmember right. We go out with Chou and Yang and Chris Chan like. That's the thing 'cause we rarely get together. And that's what's a special thing. Recently we went to parks barbecue. Which if I walked in by myself they would just stare at me for three hours. We don't have any special thing. But what if you want to wind up going there without me and you start getting that treatment and you get it every day. That's the true Asian Card if I if I pull that off but I feel like that people are getting a little bit desensitized to it because it's like too much right. I think so I still love going out to dinner. I love sitting across table and catching up with somebody and like in that case the parks barbecue. Where we've been there a couple of times. That Stu they have you know you kinda go. Granted it's like seeing Lebron person after fifteen years like. Oh Man I forgot. Lebron is fucking incredible. I'm glad you brought up and I'm glad you like this STU. Do they have a parked called coach? Joan g-get so you know a lot of the Korean barbecue shops. They don't get as much credit as they should for their broths. Right your big soup guide. All the BEE's craps turn into amazing beef beef soup and they add that with coach. John which is a Korean fermented Chili paste and a few other vegetables. And you basically like a the best. Korean chilly of all time. Some vegetables potatoes but SAUSALITO good. I think it's the best dish consistently best dish in Los Angeles for me. I think you're sort of on that same wavelength run. What was the other one we went to that you blew up in the shopping center. Oh Sung yeah because that was the other one that had the Great Sioux the I say they they don't give me any fucking time of day you would like to. I like it but Yeah they're like the NBA referee. That's not impressed by any superstar. Let's say for sure now. That was a travel. I'm calling it. I was talking to a chef. I won't blow up. But they were saying that this whole world of food and food media and just access to good food and people sort of getting their dopamine levels up because they're constantly just eating good shit. Owings is like a porn addiction for everyone with food. They're just at a point now where they're just like well. That's not enough. I'm just more shit. That's crazy way to think about it but I think there's something there and that's what I'm afraid of is dining has lost like that sense of like I don't know what that is. You know what I mean. 'cause knows Savita Porn Addiction. You'RE GONNA categories in your just hanging out whatever your predilection is and if you like. Where's your house? When you need 'em Kyo has is the perfect person these these conversation but with food. It's I just love chicken parm where I'm at. Where am I getting my chicken parm? But that's the thing is you're constantly can for the best chicken parm so you could be chicken. Potentially you think could you well? I had went to Madeo again last week or this week and had the That the Ville Chop you can ask them to Parmigiana style. I still waiting to me. It's it or chicken pork very I'm very as you know very squeamish about the viewers right especially when it's in a chop thing because I think it can go wrong I don't like I don't like rolling the dice. But you don't want chicken parm with exception. Chicken parm is is more reliable. You probably Bahij Fan math Italian. My mom made Pasta Zule yesterday. She never other than the banana pudding thing that you made. It's going to happen. I'm making it happen. She's she's reconciling her feelings about show after seeing some of the ugly delicious cut. She's not sure he's yeah he's a little are rated. She's she's she's wants to make sure. I vouch for him. You Trust me but Yeah she made the Pasta Fizeau which is I don't know where you stand on that. I don't even know what do what is possible. Zoll it's basically like soup right. It's a soup but it's got pasta in it. It's always piping hot. You put cheese on the top. Some people put like little tiny meatballs than and other people. Don't and it's just delicious. It's basically like Spaghetti Stu little round little if you had it every day or like every other week it lose it sort of luster. Well that's one where you have cowed Avid Jambo of it. Then he would go on the back and sit in massage chair and pass out because it's just like a it's basically like eating a coma but kyle if you had it every day you get sick of it right now. I don't know you wouldn't get sick of Jamie's food not you eighty. Jim Be a bit of an ingrate at times. I think you know it's but it's every day I'd be like yeah but I think that's what's happening with food in general it's becoming commoditised and I don't know if that's good or bad thing but it's getting harder and harder for restaurants to be like this is. What's you know. This is what we're going to do to keep you interested so I don't end some crazy. Shit thing is some stuff just doesn't travel well. With food delivery one hundred zero well pizza's the best Chinese food and fried chicken or two and three fries. They have not been able to figure out because it's not possible fries die in the vine after ten minutes and there's just no around is just the way there's there's someone I know that's trying to make food in general in the vehicle as it gets to you. Oh Wow that's how far as happen. Yeah interesting so yeah so for Twenty Twenty. You still have food delivery as the number story right now it will. There's two things I feel like political talking about fighting for its food delivery and it's GonNa be environment in terms of how you can get ingredients in three is going to be like you know Labor Issues. Because they're just too. Many restaurants is just too many fucking restaurants you should do. This should be like a Bernie Sanders type talk. You put fear. There's too many restaurants we need to have more people with a state at the table. One of my favorite things in the world is when you do impersonations in general distant Bernie's when the only ones that can do But Yeah I don't know much Sushi. The SUSHI out of the hands of the sushi chefs. They need to sit at the table. I don't know what's going to happen but the thing that I think we're all worried about as the crow virus and I just think other than washing your hands and keeping employees home if they happen meal like that's the thing I'm I'm really worried about as it affects not just restaurant business. It's like everything right so we'll see what I mean. We're taping this on a Friday bedtime people on Tuesday. It might be three times worse. We have no and I don't want to talk too much about it because I don't want to incite panic or anything but I'm a paranoid person in generally on a really good day so this has me up at night for sure. How old is your son right now. Just turned one. What kind of food would what are the staples now is in the Mac and cheese phase yet? He slowly eating pasta so I cook almost all stuff on for the most part. She eats like a real champion. This is where you gain probably eight pounds right now from one to one and a half points start eating they start eating more fun stuff but they only finished like one third of it and you say oh man. What a waste of MAC and cheese I. I just got to finish that for him. Well it's you're right. This happened like as breakfast like Yeah the difference is I can make some things that maybe north of chance. I was like I was like. Oh you know what? He wants to eat bread. But it's GONNA be off. I was like Oh. I'm just GonNa make crepes because pancakes will be too thick for him so make crepes and put some spinach and some Parmesan. It's great you talk about somebody who's going to be desensitized again. I'm actually worried about the status of girls a fact it's crossed my mind for sure but he he's You know it's awesome. I actually love making his food and I wish I instead of actually opening restaurants I just got an a baby food or pet food. I wouldn't have to do with fucking customers ever. That'd be a blessing. What would you? How would you change baby? Food will ris or three moves it just the the store shit is not tasty now. I've tasted them all. Yeah some of them are okay. If they're fruit puree but my my my two cents is. I don't I haven't tried one. That is compelling enough. You Know Jennifer. Garner has her brand once upon a farm. I'm learning all the ship so that's pretty good. I guess for for pure as and such but for the most part. It's pretty easy to make it yourself as you just freeze it but you know. I'm not gonNA go until whole less than Outta make baby food but maybe one day babysits ever so for dinner. She go eat salmon. Salmon Turkey chicken or beef. Usually some rice. You blend in that stuff up or not boil down was with some cooked rice and And Avocado breakfast. He eats a soft boiled egg. He doesn't eat hard boiled eggs. He's already turning into a food. Food Weirdo and yogurt or some oatmeal. And then lunch is a vegetable tray and then dinner is some kind of salmon rice type of thing. He's really well. It's like some kind of Diet of but Most Dad's dream of having like that. I catch with their kid a new like that that I yeah harks. Barbecue Stu that he can find without it. Cinching his intestines. How old is at all you have to be like eight I. I'm trying to figure out how to give yet in spicy food. Ate Him in the spicy? I don't know I don't know when to do that. And I try to sneak food to him while my wife's not looking 'cause she's like You can't sue salty to me. He likes salty things. But I guess they're making you just put like little taste on his tongue. Get Him you don't do it. That's what I've been doing. She doesn't know that she is now she does but like. I can't believe the kid thing I get to do. Actually do like para corner stuff with you. So it's it's like best. You had the one year birthday partner as well. The the you have like multiple parties during that I wonder day is a big one. Learned that Asian Carter about the Koreans getting better and then the the one years called the Dole and that's where they get dressed up in the Korean traditional clothing and usually mostly families there and they choose like you know a pencil paintbrush money and that's like a basically some kind of fortune telling what they might do. My son chose stethoscope and I was like Kinda Happen. Dr. Chang's we don't have that day to the screaming patients professional gambler. Yes I could see that. Oh you know. We have talked about this last time. I saw you in a podcast about parasite winning seven Oscars greatest the greatest moments since Lin Sanity for the Asian American community. You know man it was. I can't believe it happened. I'm speechless but I have to say he parasite and director bond fucked it up for everyone else. Whatever you do in the non lawyer financial academic centers. If you try to do something in the creative feels like well you have to win four Oscars now you think tiger mobster parasite so now. I think Korean parents aren't going to take the kids off the Gulf. I send them to like films film school. And it's like you better win five Oscars because that's your measurement that your measure of success now. Yeah unbelievable who who can ever guest. I certainly couldn't I just. It's weird that it happen. I'm so happy but I can't believe it up. I mean what do you think in your whole five year rule? Is that something? We're GONNA look back on me like that was worthy or should have been a lot of people love that movie. My initial instinct was that once upon a time would be the five year but I really think people love para say and I think people are watching it too which is especially when it hits like. Hbo CINEMAX or whatever. It's on Amazon on Netflix. I think it I think it does have a rewatch ability to it. So we'll see you know my wife's not a huge fan of me saying it's too because like everyone I know. That's Korean is like they love it. It's the best. I think it's a great movie and I know I'm Korean. I need to be saying it's the greatest movie all time. I'm one hundred percent overjoyed and I wanted them to win everything I just? I'm not at the level to say it's like the best movie anyone's ever seen and that's to me the hyperbole and I think warranted because we've been waiting for this moment. Everyone thought we're GONNA have a Black Panther. I just don't think anyone thought it would end was going to be this. So that's what I'm excited about but like I wanNA make sure that it has lex right so for this to really have the impact culturally. It's gotta continue to be the best in class where you can't really say maybe once upon a time in Hollywood was the maybe overall better move. I liked it. I didn't love it but I saw it on my TV with subtitles harder to read because it's on TV versus the giant big screen. I think if you're chapin the theater it and it was would have been a different experience. It's dance and you know a lot of repeating themes throughout his movies and it's just. It's a brilliant movie i. What's what's the Pantheon. Now whereas Bong Bong in in Asian culture right now yes he number one. He's number one. He's got the championship belt. There's not there's no one even close right member on Steve. You had the belt. Well Steve. This has been an amazing year for Korean actors and directors. Steve is coming out with the movie. eight twenty four is coming out with it. Nari. Yeah that's anyone's dance. Yeah and it's basically a story about trimmer going to. I think Arkansas as chicken farmers in that whole story and I think Steve is just an amazing actor. And I'm so happy that I think this is gonNA crush for him and the Director. So Walking Dead Dad when they killed them off not watch the episode since I was. Nah I never out within a couple episodes. I couldn't believe that was the one guy I would not have killed but the only thing that's walking dead inspired me to do is I've been looking at Tanah. Blake on Amazon. You need that I really have. It's Joe Bat. So who did who did take the championship belt from no he making it from you know. I think he might have again Korean. Don't rally around me. I'm just too wide for us. He's a real career and I am a fake. You know I yes. He's like the real deal whether he's a fucking genius. The best thing is he was. He was talking the talk as he was winning the trophies. Going oh you could just tell us like. I'm really partying tonight. This is going to be a really fun night. And then that sort accident happened. He got should face. It was a legendary party. What was going on? Yeah Which is an amazing restaurant. And I'm so happy that they went there because now a lot of people in Los Angeles are more aware of what has been already accepted but that was like a seven o'clock night right was all night. Yeah they reopened From what I heard but Yeah me you weren't here. I wasn't here. You missed basically the Asian Super Bowl. My but here's the thing my Cranston. This is the redskins winning the Super Bowl for this. Yeah but I would've felt weird like years ago. Ten Years Crane was pretty good now that she has children's books basic Korean books were learning tasks together. It's pretty embarrassing. Because I never speaking. It's like a whole muscle memories dead. Have you met bomb? I have not met. We gotta get on your podcast. I know I got through my Korean. We just get the L. I guess that'd be tough because we need the translator. Listen to us. She could talk to me. I could respond back in English pretty well. I think but that would be weird. He's he's a he's a genius and actually now with spotify they'll probably be able to click a button right Doctor Bong. He's he's older so I had to call them like Chung or something like that. What's his wha-? I wonder what his next thing is doing. Parasite is that actually going to happen going to happen. Do you think that happened in the sense that like? We didn't think it was going to be. I feel like the ban in that. Now I don't think so because the movie is so big now it's like he can't do the TV version of the movie. Now that the movie clean things of that movie. I don't know how that translates but that's not up to me. You know that's GonNa be there figure out how translates to like American culture. Let's take a break. I want to tell you about two podcast. On the Ringer podcast network one is in exclusive to spotify hosted by Chuck. Closer and Chris Ryan. It's called music exists. It's excellent deep dive conversations about music and its role in society culture. Sports you name it. Last week's podcast was called. Where do sports and music meet? I think this is really good. You've heard both of those guys on this podcast. And if he liked them I promise you'll like music exists as well. The other podcast about against all odds remember our old friend cousins. How he shows up on Sunday nights does guest the lines of me do it for twenty two straight weeks and then he disappears so he can do his other four jobs while he still has a podcast for us. It's called against all ads and last week. He did a whole thing about Brady's future. He had the doctor who's on on twitter all the time breaking down. Nfl injuries. Dr David Chow. Yeah he had that guy and he had the super seventy sports guy on wrestling every week. Something's going on and this is really went south thrives when there's no football and he can just go out of his way to find the most ridiculous bets on the planet to Breakdown. March ban is coming up in a whole bunch of other things hopefully but check out against all odds with cousin sow and the TRIFECTA. Two of the many podcasts. We have here on the podcast network not to mention David. Chang's why should check that out to back to the POD? Tell us about your book. Yeah Nineteenth Random House Clarkson partner would love for you guys to preorder this right now great It's it's something that was signed like four or five years ago and I just delayed doing it until I couldn't delay it any more And I it just weird you mean you wrote a book but it was a book basketball. It's not about your life right. This is my life and it's weird and I don't know how to feel about it. It's very strange. It's a memoir to memoir. Yeah you know but people followed your career. They'll have a general gist of some of the things you're hitting you're going pretty deep and some of them. Yeah I don't I mean it definitely talks about a little bit of my upbringing but not too much because that talks about food talks about like mental health but it sort of covers sort of Momo to present day and I I'm nervous because letting that out in the world is for yourself out there. You're like fuck out of here. Actually I would say the one of the trends of the last five six years I think with writing is it's gotten way more personal. Yeah and a lot of it as like. Here's what happened to me like. Here's here's the story about this. One damage thing that happened to me and how it shaped me to be the person I am now. Here's here's how I battled this thing and I got through it and now I'm here seems to be like an actual genre now. I mean the Players Tribune over and over again has pieces from athletes. Where it's like I'd hit rock bottom and then I came back. Here's my story. Do you think that started that sense of like twitter. Twitter took off like now players are just completely open about their anxiety and depression or the highs and lows like that never happened ten years ago but it didn't happen five years ago. Who's pretty recent Kevin love advanced a little bit. I think that long it was three years ago to your years ago. I think a tipping point was in when I did the Song Conference of that last year and he was so open about being concerned about the players and their and their mental health and stuff and that I felt like made it more real that the commissioner of the League was like. I'm worried about the of my players But Aso I worry about the stuff that obviously we have a lot of young people work here and it's just like you know I I think social media. I think all this stuff makes me nervous and people online all the time and or checking stuff and constant feedback and the instagram culture. I think about all the time with kids. Well that's a sort of the same thing I was talking about. Food is just too much right. How do we find a way to is? Is that thing? That's an? I'm not the first one ever made this point but the thing that scares me about the instagram and especially seeing when my kids you're always trying to present the best per version of your life at all time and that was what that movie Eighth grade which I think last year did really well. Where it's like just along Padre? Yeah and this girl has is really sad kind of life but has just instagram version of it. That seems like it's a little more fun and I. I think there's I think a lot of people have trouble finding that balance of I'm constantly trying to pretend I'm having more fun doing better than I actually am. You know and that that's where it gets dangerous. This is going to be like we'll probably too serious for the show but now lately I guess this is something. I've been thinking a lot about it and we do. We actually talked about it at some length in the St episode for this ugly delicious and at this ties into the concept of what been talking about food like too much access to something like Do you feel that we are eliminating suffering and pain of trusting the process more or less the best way to describe it and editing all of that just to show this perfect plastic sense of perfection? And that's fucking everything up. It's like instant gratification society. Yeah but the idea of happiness to me weirdly. And that's why I think we have the cover of like a rolling up the hill on the book. Which is called? Edp is that maybe happiness is doing the hard work and not the actual moment of happiness right because that's always fleeting and the way I described with food. Steak is and this is weirdly the analogy that. I've been thinking to myself as if the three of us were here in California forty thousand years ago and we were hungry and we had support our family. And Kyle's a terrible hunter but you're awesome and whatever we knew it would be that way right like we've been hungry for thirty days and then we kill some woolly mammoth. Yeah and then. We're like dude. I'm going to start the fire and it's GonNa be the best right. You got the salt. You got the knife and we're going to feed like thirty people of our closest friends and family that night where everyone's hungry is going to be the best day of our lives. We're going to remember that. And then we you know we process it. We've tried to store some of the meat but you know a month goes by. We're out of all the meat and we're like all you're thinking of Asha. We're going to do this again. This sucks right but if that was every day we're not gonNA really appreciate that moment of eating something and I think that over time meeting because the world over even if you're Vegan we all came here because we ate meat you know in in the steakhouses like bill the bill the butcher time in gangs of New York. If you WANNA go eat steak was called a beef steak house you literally walk through the carcasses. Yeah and it's a celebration. We all celebrate over meat or not everyone these days right for environmental reasons or whatever. Can you imagine going to restaurants today walking through carcasses of cows hanging and they'd be like yeah I'm GonNa have that cut there and I want to bloody AP L. Does but like those are vestiges of it? And I know this sounds crazy. You can edit the shit out but like now. We don't edit the best but now like even when you into Morton's they would bring out the steak on a cart and tell you this. Is The this cook for you? Yeah we now go to a steakhouse and not even know that you know like cow died for it or it was age before. Today's bill's favorite. And we've just like that's what I want and give it to me now like we've completely eliminated the process of like you know this fucking cow. Whatever whatever or it's so expensive so the suffering in my opinion has now been translated to you know cost or whatever. I'm I'm losing. My Mind. Spoke Pot or something but it's like. I can't quite figure out. How do I know where you're going because your impatience? But how do we get back to a point and eating where it's like that moment? Where like this is fucking awesome. I'm so glad to be breaking bread with you. Let's get fucking drunk. Let's remember the good times. This was so fucking hard to get here. And that's what I WANNA do with restaurants restaurants going to go away. But how do we get it too? It's like like that. You know what I mean. I don't know what I just said. Let me like what the fact I actually followed it kyle yet. I think when you talk about things being fleeting that's kind of a side conversation what you just said but like if you achieve something achieve it the whole what do I do next some people. Some people kind of fold from the moment other people like the process of it's the process that is attracted to them not the actual winning new look at like any of the great athletes. They win the title. They celebrated for five hours the next day. They're in the gym checks like okay we won. Thanks Brady's famous quarter by. What was your favorite? Super Bowl is like the next one. Those are like somebody like Steph. Curry wins two titles and route. He's at the gym the next as soon shots. And Yeah you cover this all the time on your podcast when you talk to athletes. It's like the Super Bowl hangover right. You've experienced it like I don't want to work as hard now. That's the problem is. How do we commit ourselves to fucking work harder? I don't think it's possible. I think people don't want to because why would someone want to experience like intense suffering unless you're a crazy person like coby or Michael Jordan? Kobe had some interesting thoughts about this too. Big about And it's funny. Because when Kobe was alive he was like a little bit of a character with some of the stuff in the Mamba and we would kind of make fun of it and then after he died and people were reciting some of the stuff that like he really believed in. It seems so much more profound and this was one of the things that he talked about. He was like it's about the day to day. It's about every day treating what you do with the proper manner respect and dedication and that's how you win. It's not about oh I did this. It's about do you have the will day after day to try to work towards something way more than Jay. No but it's like that's a real thing and I do worry about that with Especially younger people when because you know the all the jokes about the trophy generation and the participation trophy generation all that stuff but you know the people that still are GonNa make. It are the people that put in the time. And don't expect things are gonNA get handed to them after a certain amount of time. It's the people that are like I wanna be great at this. How do I become great? Why do I keep putting hours? How do I learn from people how to listen to people? How do I keep adding things year after year? Those are the people that make it like I. I always love it when you talk about. You know now that you have the podcast the book basketball and in all your writing about the secret and it's not about you. It's the team and being sort of empathetic and after teammates. All these things and it's not a surprise to me that all the athletes that have historically one year after year they always talk to all these people and they have the same work ethic. Why is it that it's not clear to everyone else that this is what they should be doing? That's what I don't understand. One thing I learned not saying I'm you know unlike the master this or anything but 'cause I I had obviously some failures but around like oh six and it wasn't intentional originally but I realized like every year I want. I want to add or at least try one thing that I didn't do the previous year and I want to at the end of the year. I WANNA look back and be like all right so that happened this year and the first couple years. I didn't realize it but by like two thousand eight or nine. I was like all right. This is every I wanNA approach sway. Where at least I roll the dice in some way with something. I think that's a really good that that's probably some of the best advice. I could give to people who are thinking about what I want to be some day. Or how do I get from point? A. Point beer point data point e wooded you add over the last twelve months. Are you in the exact same spot that you were twelve months ago and if you are is that a good thing or are you satisfied with that and I don't? I don't know a lot of people think that way because some people they hit a certain point in their head. And that's it and that's fine. I don't begrudge that but if somebody's talking about they really WanNa be something you have to keep adding trying and you can't be afraid to fail. I don't think you sound like Kobe. Bryant who every off season I gotta work both failed in high profile as a few times. Yeah was it a bad thing? No at the moment it sucks. It's a moment in your life set name but you look back and go all right. There was no I learned from that I had. Can I take those three things I look at like? Hbo Show failed. I learned three really three or four. Really good things from it you had. What was your biggest failure? Nishi probably and you you learn from that you learned to double down you. You figure it out. All the reasons didn't work and then you pilot Realize Hey my my game plan doesn't work anymore. You know I felt like Sean McVeigh. Yeah I was like fuck. I can't be Sean. Mcveigh right now. And hopefully McVeigh's not Sean mcvay. He turns into something else. But you know I was just thinking about our favorite Crean Brother David. Show and Qadam guys like some kind of weird wisdom savant or something because this is how he's phrases it and I think even talk to Howard Stern about this on on the stern podcasts. Not No show years ago. He he phrases all of this these hard moments in life. Whether they've happened to you or you are the reason for it is post traumatic growth or post traumatic stress disorders and most people choose post traumatic stress as an not an excuse but as the logic and reasoning as to why they're not going to push harder or You know not try because it hurts too much and I I. I don't think you can blame anyone. Feel that way and I don't know what the rhyme or reason is for people be like well whatever obstacles in front of me that's going to propel me. I don't have any rhyme or reason and I wish I could because I would cast he's GonNa React. Yeah I don't mean a single somebody out but this is a positive so Kevin O'Connor who's been on your pack love him so we hired him in two thousand. Sixteen Celtic Blogger. I call him cock not cock so for next two years he really worked at. He listened to us. He really worked at his writing. Figured out how to get better and become a better reporter at that Santamaria. We gave him a pass to through that atom. He figured out what his voice was. I would say this. He went up on the PODCASTS. At the same time he has all this personal shit going on has dad unfortunately just died as he's talked about his data lattice data cancer in the last year. He had a really rough ride. And you know he passed away and he had all his personal shit going on and he was able to balance that And be there for his family but also really kept trying to get better and thinking about how to get better as about as proud of of that as anything burnt you know and I know you are because we talk about it. Because he's gone so much better read and he what what I found to be incredibly like not just vulnerable. But that's what it was like. That's maybe what dudes need to be talking about more that strength the strength seeming like. I'm really at a loss. My father passed and by the way. If that's your reaction that's fine. I'm not I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Every it hits everybody differently. I think when you find when you can find strength in adversity like that and actually be like compartmentalize a different way and come out of it in a place where you're like all right. This happened but I'm gonNA respond this way like you really learned something about somebody at that point and I wish I could figure out how to just be like. Hey this is how you how it happens. But I don't I don't think there's a rhyme or reason as to when someone's like yeah this is what's going to. This is why I'm going to get through this right. And maybe it's a coping mechanism. I have no fucking idea because you know but you know when you say that it's like if someone chooses not to get better at the job either. It's like that's not bad either. You know what I mean. That's what I'm at now. And I. I just wish I could better prepare people including myself as to how to deal with all this shit. Because you know. Shit's getting more complicated harder than ever. Before the thing is people control their own destiny a lot more than maybe they realize. Sometimes you know and it's like if you're sixty percent earth whatever then try try go at one hundred percent or if you're not happy somewhere maybe that's not where you should be or if you went down this path and it's not working why isn't working How how can you flip it in a positive but problem solving I think is its own skill? And it's something. I was really bad at for a long time. It sounds like shit like we're doing like a whatever. What are we doing personal I? I'm growth package sponsored by no but look at so when I was ready for the Boston Herald and I felt like I was better than all the people there or at least the people I was competing against and it wasn't happening for me and I was double now's trying but then you know I submarine myself 'cause I instead of being like all right I'm GONNA keep my head down. I'm just GONNA be better than I'm just going to keep doing work and eventually someone will notice my attitude was like. I'm better than these people. This is so frustrated and can't believe this and you get caught up in that and then you're not doing as good work and I didn't realize I was doing that. You spend so much mental energy not working just being mad and just being like why. Isn't this happening? Why is that happening? This guy and you get caught up in that so I think of what social media is like now and I. I do feel like you know you could feel it. Especially after the trump presidency with young people with. They're mad about that but then they're going on social media then there's other people that are mad there and then it's just as tornado everybody mad about everything and. I don't know if that's healthy. I don't talk about like mental health. Wise you go back to the original question. Why are there more and more pieces about People talking about this is what happened to me. And here's I got through it. I think it's all part of the same thing I think. I think social media in general if you're on and all the time it's a d there's not a happiness factor from that. That's GONNA payoff. In my opinion I totally agree and I you know the one thing I can remedy social media sort of you. Know UNI mind. Unique voice is like just being honest. And if you're afraid of making mistakes then you're never gonNA learn and you're gonna just make decisions like everyone else and there's a group thing too that I think it's dangerous. Here's the thing what's a drug. A drug is if I try to remove this from my life a miniature notice and not be able to function and I'm GonNa think about how I don't have this thing so it's like caffeine. I don't have coffee in the morning at fucking discombobulated but I also love coffee. Coffee's not bad for me it's Okay. It's okay to be addicted to that. I feel like but coffee cocaine. The cocaine or cigarettes. Like if you're if you're smoking cigarettes and you wake up in the morning like I need a cigarette will cigarettes are bad for you. That's a bad place to be if you can't live like two days without looking at twitter or instagram like I. I honestly worried for my daughter if I was like. I took your phone away. You can't look at Tick Talker instagram. For today's could she function? Yeah but I think she would the first six hours she just reflexively looking at her hand where the phone would be. It's like is that a good thing now so all the stuff I I. I do worry about this stuff but I don't know if I'm the old guy I think we're the old guys. We sound like the old guys. We should go back to flip phones Internet cafes. I think the great. Kyle's a rare rare twenty two now than instagram. Like a year. Kaya would much rather be at a bar hanging out with two people shooting the Shit. I know service at the dark room. I don't have a choice. Yeah Kyle's like let's go have a cigarette outside and we'll have a moment here for the next ten minutes and then then he'll get all sappy. It's my move and be like Chang Man. You mean a lot to me. I just WanNa tell you I'd love you got me. You Got Me Chang. You guys are kind of so this is GonNa take another weird route. But let's go. You talked about the masters and how amazing it was. Besides the Gulf itself was the fact that you guys weren't a vacuum of information no cell phones no running no bullshit and then the year after I went and I was like. Oh my God this is heaven on right in everyone's following orders and if you WanNa meet someone you're like hey. That tree over on the fifteenth. Let's just beat. They're like when wear like we'll we'll just see you there. Yeah and that's how it used to be or you re run into you run into somebody again that you didn't think you're gonNA again and it was like super exciting exactly like going too far back in the day you're like. Oh Shit and then that doesn't happen anymore we've been I like to watch shows ripe for a fall asleep and lately. I've been watching melrose place which is on the CBS all accents. Your favorite of the female cast members Courtney. Thorne Smith first of all up. So glad you asked Ab- so glad yes it is a murderer's row. It is it is the ninety two Dream Team of female. Let's go through but Amanda Woodward Aka Heather locklear. That's that she comes in halfway through the season. The show's dying. That's when we started watching it Rewatching recently she comes in and is immediately love triangle with bill in Allison and and she's throwing a hundred and thirty five miles an hour. It just phenomenal. But it's interesting to watch though because people it's they're having converse there's no phones. Nobody there's no social media there's no way 'cause nineteen ninety-two and people will be like you know. Jake and billy they'll shooters just start talking about their life for twenty minutes. Something like this never happens anywhere. Kyle's not like hey Jim Cunningham with Kanana's shooters I've tried. He's not into it. Yeah his fuck you cow. So basically we're saying the cell phones ruin live. Snow is just. It was an interesting way to watch people interact. It was also way more flirty like melrose. His you watch it like. Oh who's the band? So culture were not willing. The doctor was the worst character right. Well see that was his name. The last twelve episodes of season one. He starts cheating on his wife. That's right and the whole show takes off because it's got that and it's got the London now right no she just starts dating other people so we'll have to watch this thing is there is a great. There's a great stocker subplot. 'cause Alison's boyfriend it becomes like a villain and that part was good but anyway Watching it just seemed like simply because it's GonNa be watchable. Nine nine really could be I nine. Oh Two one zero right which ran melrose place. Yeah because Brenda was dating someone. Brennan would know is Kelly Got Bobby G. That's right glad was talked about this. Melrose place was a cultural phenomenon. Thank there is everybody in a twelve year. Age Rangers watching it every Monday night without too now just the way when. I don't think there's shows like that now but anyway it was. It was a simpler time. It was fascinating to watch people like. Hey Wanna get out of shooters and get a beer sure. Now that person would just be online. People aren't even drinking anymore. I know I'll do you think people are drinking less and spoken more pot. Yeah I think so. I think it's way more pot which you save money right. Let's hangover. I guess but I don't know that good. Have we normalized pot too much so I say this is somebody wants onto bonk? That was four feet tall graphics for football so great. It was unbelievable. We had a name for it. I can't remember the name of it. Oh man I I I mean. I don't even know what we're talking about it anymore. I will say this whatever the Deepak Chopra Type Shit. Whatever the fuck we've been talking about happens to be some of these things that are in the book So I don't know yet. What would that that was how it came up because you think about mental health. You were you. Were pretty open about that earlier than just about anything. I don't know if I talk about it if Tony doesn't die thousands. Yeah that was. How much Tony's in the book just a couple bits here. That's still to offer you now. I talk about it but it's also like I don't WanNa seem like it's like benefiting from it by talking about it more or less. There's talk about one one thing you know with him but he was like he was a big figure in my life so the thing. I have to think about was and the reason I decided to talk about it then On on my podcast was like Shit. I was always in situations where I only took from. Tony you know what I mean now. It's like man I never asked to pay. How's everything is anything I can do. Whatever whatever and me you just started thinking about that it's like shit that would be the dumbest thing in the easiest thing to do is just like ask someone right. So that's maybe just that also maybe help me decide. Just read the book Way It is right now so so may nineteenth. Yeah and a peach is the name of the book Bills Given me three quotes. I gave you three choices for a blurb of them made fun of you in some way. So I don't know what they picked and probably just edited the joke part. Yes good part because each one was a David Chang so great but then insult savages kept the cut the itself and You know hopefully it does well. There'd be a bookstore but you know people may forget book of Basketball Number One New York Times bestseller. You're how many how many weeks just the first week that was it. Yeah but that's an impossible thing for anyone to reach it was I I. It was for the nonfiction which was the hardest one to catch a battle. This is Aaron Rodgers talking about all the all the quarterback see the drafted ahead of them. What are all the books you beat? He's gotta remember? He knows she didn't remember. I just come on. I didn't remember it was like Super Freakonomics came out the same week. Mitch albums book had been out for a couple of weeks. It was like the Tuesdays with more sequel. It was like Wednesdays with Bob. I don't remember. It was called and then glad while had his book which was at that point multiple months on the list but still to crush. That's an insanely hard task was late October. Now I figured out a whole plan for and then. Espn books did their best to try to screw it up and I still did it. It was it was like I had the coach who was calling for the for the fourth and ten not punting throwing the Hail Mary into three people but it still happened. It was good that was another thing whereas there is this one day where it happened. Super excited had a dip. My Dad hat was in San Francisco. He found out as with some friends from high school. And My dad was there big dinner and it was and then the next day you wake up and I'm like all right. What sex your like Belichick? You're like all right now now. It happens only doesn't feels good for a couple of hours. But that's the name you'd think that would be the moment that I finally did it. But you're like you gotta gotTa work harder. That's what's so stupid about this whole you think he'd work less can yeah. I gotta find the suratis quote. The journey is better than the end. That's it but but that's how different is that. The Iraq survey come on Poncho So we got that. We got this season two and then Hulu show right now with Chrissy Teigen The name is still a work in progress but There's a lot and this. La Thing is happening. But we're we're here we're GONNA get here permanently. You'll see even here and then and then you've got to take the belt from the PAROUBEK grabbed that I gotta start making it a step it up feature films. Don't be satisfied. That felt back. Man fucking David Chang. A pleasure as always thanks bill. Thanks to house. Thanks to Chiang. Thanks to Ziprecruiter. Thanks to simplisafe everything you need in a home security system. An army of highly trained security experts dispatched police to your home in a moment. Stone is twenty four seven you can set this system up all by yourself go simplisafe dot com slash BS. Go there get a free simplisafe security camera normally hundred dollars go today. It's free simplisafe with two is simplisafe DOT COM slash GS godfather three watchable. Tomorrow and then This pods coming back. One more time on Thursday seen so.

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